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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 17 of 95)
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esq., and by her had issue, Thomas, a
col. in the army; and adm. sir Henry
TroUope, K.C.B. Sir Henry was knighted
for a series of gallant services, received
the unanimous thanks of both houses of
parliament, and the merchants of Lon-
don presented him with a piece of plate
of the value of one hundred guineas.

4. Sarah.

5. Mary.
G. Diana.

4. William, fellow of Pembroke Hall,
Cambridge, rf. mim.

5. Marv, d, unm.

G. Anne, m. Samuel Clarke, esq.

7. Elizabeth, m. William Noel, justice
of the court of Common Pleas (brother of
sir Clobery Noel, bart.,) and d. 17(>7'

8. Frances, rf. MWOT.

9. Catherine.

10. Cranmer.

Sir ThoiTias d. in Nov. 1729, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

IV, Sir THOMAS, m. Diana, da. and
co-h. of Thomas Middleton, of Stanstead,
CO. Essex, esq., by whom he had.

1. Thomas-Middleton, )». Isabella, (eld-
est da. of sir John Thorold, bart.,) and d.
in the lifetime of his father, leaving by his
wife, (whorf. 1803,)

1. Sir Thomas-William, 5th bart.

2. Sir John, Gth bart.

3. Charles ; 4. Henry.
5. Diana; 6. Elizabeth.
7. Anne ; 8. Isabella.

2. Arthur; 3. William.

4. Anthony, in holy orders, n?. Penelope,
2d da. of Adolphus Meetkirk, esq., and had

5. Isabella; G. Susanna.

Sir Thomas d. 7 Oct. 1784, and was suc-
ceeded by his grandson,

V. Sir THOMAS WILLIAM, whorf. 13
May 1789, and was succeeded by his brother,

VL Sir JOHN, D.C.L., m., 24 March
1798, Anne, da. of Henry Thorold, of Crox-
would, CO. Lincoln, esq., by v/hom he had

1. Anne, m., 8 Oct. 1827, Thomas Tryon,
of Bulwick Park, co. Northampton, esq.

2. Sir John, present bart.

3. Thomas, rf. 29 Oct. 1822.

4. Caroline, d. 5 Aug. 1823.

5. Matilda; G. Laura.
7. Charles; 8. Arthur.

9. A son, b. July 1814.

10. Another son, b. April 1817-

Sir John d. 28 April 1820, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

VII. Sir JOHN, present bart.

Arms — See Plate G. Vert, three bucks,
current, argent, armed, or, within a bor-
dure, argent.

Crest— On a mount, proper, a buck, cur-
rent , as in the arms, holding an oak leaf in
his mouth, proper.

Seat — At Casewick, co. Lincoln.

KEMP, of GissiNG, CO. Norfolk.

14 March 1641.

Sir WILLIAM-ROBERT KEMP, Baronet, in holy orders, rector of
Gissing and Flordon, both co. Norfolk, born 14 Nov. 1791 ; svicceeded his
father, sir William-Robert, 11 Oct. 1{]04.

The ancestors of the baronet appear to
have been settled at Weston, co. Suffi>lk,
as early as the 14th century, and at Gissing
in the IGth. Robert K.emp, of Vv'eston and
Gissing, gent., rf. 17 Sept. 1527, and 4th in
descent from him was,

I. Sir ROBERT, created a baronet as
above, m. Jane, da. of sir Matthew Browne,
of Bechworth Castle, co. Surrey, knt., and
had issue,

1. Sir Robert, 2d bart.

2. Matthew, m., and left issue.

3. Richard.

4. Jane, m. Thomas Waldegrave, of
Smallbridge, co. Sutfolk, esq.

II. Sir ROBERT, 2d bart., b. 1G27, M.P.
for Dunwich, Kjai; »i., 1st, 1G,)0, Mary,
da. of Thomas Kerridge, of Shelley, co.
Suffolk, es(j., by whom (who d. Kwj) he
had no surviving issue; he m., 2dly, 20
Nov. 1G57. Mary, da. and sole h. of Jolin
Sone, of Ubbeston, co. Suffolk, gent., and
by her (whorf. 2') July 1705) had issue,

1. Sir RorjERT, 3d bart.

2. WiLLiAi-.i, m., 1st, Jane Colman, by
whom he had no issue; and2dly, Elizabeth,
only da. of Henry Shardelowe, alilerman of
Norwich, and rf. 12 May 1744, leaving sur-
viving issue by his 2d wife, (who d. 14 July

1. Sir William, nth bart.

2. Robert; and three das., all »j.

3. Mary, »i. sir Charles Blois, bart.

4. Jane, m. John Dade, of Ipswich, M.D.
Sir Robert rf. 2G Sept. 1710, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

III. Sir ROBERT, b. 25 June 1GG7, m.,
1st, Letilia, da. of Robert King, of Great
Thurlow, by whom he had issue,

1. Lktitia, rf. an infant.

2. Mary, m. sir Edmond Bacon, of Gar-
boldisham, bart.

Sir Robert »(., 2dly, Elizabeth, only da.
and h. of John Brand, of Edwardstone, co.
Suff()lk, and by her (who rf. 1709) had issue,

3. Sir Bo!;ekt, 4th bart.

4. Sir John, 5th bart.

5. Isaac, rf. tuin).

G. Thomas, in Iioly orders, rector of
Gissing, b. I70G, and rf. 17G1, liaving ni., 1st,
Anne Marler, by whom lu; had issue,

1. Anne, rf. an infant; and 2dly, Pris-
cilla, da. and co-h. of Thomas Ilolden, of
Penryn, co. Cornwall, by whom (who
survived him, re-m. Anthony Merry, of
Lindfield, co. Sussex, esq. and rf. 2 Nov.
1815, aged 84) he had,

2. Sir John, Gth bart.

3. Robert, rf. un»i.

4. Mary, rf. tiiun. 1784.



7. Edward, d. an infant.

8. Sir Benjamin, 7th bart.

9. Elizabeth, d. unin. 17G2.

10. Letitia, d. young,

11. Jaxe, m. William Blois, esq., eldest
son of sir Charles Blois, above mentioned.

Sir Robert m., 3dly, Martha, da. of Wil-
liam Blackwell, esq., of Mortlake, co.
Surrey, and by her (who d. 17^7) had issue,

12. William, d. num.

13. Martha, d. an infant.

14. Martha, m. Darell Short, of Wad-
hurst, CO. Sussex, esq.

Sir Robert m., 4thly, 9 July 1728, Amy,
da. of Richard Phillips, esq., and relict of
John Borough, of Ipswich, by whom (who
survived him, and d. 1745) he' had no issue.
Sir Robert d. 18 Dec. 1734, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

IV. Sir ROBERT, b. 9 Nov. 1699, M.P.
for Orford, 1730, d. num. 15 Feb. 1752, and
was succeeded bv his brother,

V. Sir JOHN", b. 19 Dec. 17OO, w. Eliza-
beth, da. of Thomas Mann, esq., relict of
John Colt, esq., but rf. without issue, 25
Nov. 176I, and was succeeded by his ne-

VI. Sir JOHN, son of the rev. Thomas
Kemp, 3d son of the 3d bart., b. 1754, d.
loun. 16 Jan. 1771> and was succeeded by

his uncle,

VII. Sir BENJAMIN, 3d surviving son
of the 3d bart., was a physician, b. 29 Dec.
1703, m., but d. without issue, 1777. and
was succeeded by his cousin,

VIII. Sir WILLIAM, (son of William
Kemp, 2d son of the 2d bart.,) b. 1717) '«•

ISIary, da. of Ives, of Colteshall, esq.,

and by her (who d. 1762) had issue,

1. Sir William-Robert, 9;h bart.

2. Thomas-Benjamin, of Swafield, Nor-
folk, m., and has issue.

3. John.

Sir William d. 5 Nov. 1799, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

IX. Sir WILLIAM -ROBERT, b. 1744,
m., 9 Dec. 1788, Sarah, da. of Thomas Ad-
cock, of Carleton, co. Norfolk, esq., and by
her (who survived him) had issue,

1. SirWiLLiAM-RoBERT, present bart.

2. Thomas, b. 14 Oct. 1793.

Sir Robert d. 11 Oct. 1804, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

X. Sir WILLIAM-ROBERT, present bart.
Arms — See Plate 6. Gules, 3 garbs within

a bordure, engrailed, or.

Crest — On a garb, a pelican ruining her-
self, proper.

Motto — Lv.cem spero.

Seat — Gissing, co. Norfolk.

WILLIAMSON, of East Markham, co. Nottingham.

3 June 1642.

Sir HEDWORTH WILLIAMSON, Baronet, M.P. for the northern
division of Durham ; born 1 Nov. 1797 ; succeeded his father, sir Hed-
Avorth, March 1810; married^ 18 April 1826, the hon. Anne-EHzabeth

Liddell, 3d da. of lord Ravensworth, and has issue, 1. HEDWORTH,

h. at Florence, 25 March, and baptized tliere, 22 April 1827 ; 2. Wil-

liam-Hexry, b. at Florence, 14 Oct. 1828; 3

burn, 1 Sept. 1833.

Charles, b. at Whit-

I. Sir THOMAS, 1st bart., suffered
greatlv for his loyalty in the civil wars, and
paid £3400 to the sequestrators for his es-
tate ; m., 1st, Jane, eldest da. of sir Ed-
ward Hussey, bart., by whom he had several
children, who all rf. young except three sons
and one da,, viz,,

1. Sir Thomas, 2d bart.

2. Sir Robert, 3d bart.

3. John, rf. unm.

4. Jane, m. John White, esq.

He m., 2dly, Dionysia, da. of William
Hales, esq., but by her (who survived her
husband, and rf. 1684) he had no issue. He
d. Sept. 1657> and was succeeded by his
eldest son,

II. Sir THOMAS, 2d bart. b. 1636, m.
Dorothy, youngest da. and co-h. of George
Fenwicic, esq., by whom he had no issue.
The estate of Monkwearmouth, which the
present bart. possesses, was given to the fa-
mily by this lady, who rf. 4 Nov. 1699. Sir
Thomas rf. 23 April 1703, and was succeeded
by his brother,

III. Sir ROBERT, m. Rebecca, da. of
John Burrows, merchant, by whom, among
other children, he had a son,

Sir William, 4th bart.
Sir Robert rf. 1708, and was succeeded by his

IV. Sir WILLIAM, m., 1st, 1703, EHza-
beth, youngest da, and co-h, of John Hed-
worth, of Harraton, co, Durham, esq,, by
whom (whorf. 1736) he had issue,

1, FEN\vicK,wasan ensign in the guards,
and rf. 1737.

2, Sir Hedworth, 5th bart.

3, William, D.D,,rf. in 1763, leaving issue,

1, William, rf, unm. 1782,

2, Anne, m., 2G Oct. 1782, Robert Hop-
per, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, barrister-
at-law, who assumed the name of Wil-
liamson, she rf. 28 Sept. 1829.

4, Henry, a lieut.-colonel, m. Sarah
Crook, but rf. without issue, 1769.

5, Avne. m. William Wingfield.

6, Dorothy, rf, unm.

Sir William m., 2dly, Mary, da. and h.
of William Fetherstonehaugh, esq,, by
whom (who rf, 17 April 1752) he had no
issue. He d. April 1747, and was succeeded
by his son,

V. Sir HEDWORTH, w„ 1748, Eliza-
beth, eldest da, and h, of William Huddle-
ston, of Millam Castle, co, CAimberland,
esq., by whom (who rf. 10 Oct. 1793) he had

1. WiLLIAM-HUDDLESTON, rf, 12 April


2. Sir Hedworth, 6th bart.

3. Rev, Thomas, rector of Stoke Dama-
rel, CO. Devon, rf. Feb, 1828, ?»,, and left
issue, of whom Hedworth Huddlestone,
lieut, 73d foot, youngest son, rf, 11 Nov.
1828, xt. 21,

Sir Hedworth rf. 9 Jan. 1788 ; his lady 10
Oct. 1793. He was succeeded by his eldest
surviving son,

VI. Sir HEDWORTH, w,, 10 Oct, 1794,
Maria, da. of sir James Hamilton, of Mo-
naghan, in Ireland, knt., and had issue,

1. Sir Hedworth, present bart.



2. Maria-Dorothea, b. 4 Nov. 1798,
m., 20 Oct. 1818, David Barclay, esq., 2cl
son of Robert Barclay, of Berry Hill, co.
Surrey, esq.

3. William-Hamilton, b. 3 Aug. 1800.

4. Elizabeth-Anne, &. 11 Nov. 1801, d.
unm. 17 March 1822.

5. Sophia-Jane, b. 21 Nov. 1803, wi., 6
Sept. 1823, thehon. Thomas Dundas, eldest
son of lord Dundas.

6. Robert-Hliddleston, 6. 5 April 1810.
Sir Hed worth rf. March 1810, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

VII. Sir HEDWORTH, present bart.

Arms — See Plate (>. Or, a chevron, gules,
between three trefoils slipped, sable.

Crest — Out of a mural crown, gules, a
demi-wyvern, or.

5e«<,f— At Whitburn Hall, andMonkwear-
raouth, CO. Durham.

THOROLD, of MARSTOif, co. Lincoln.
24 Aug. 1642.

Sir JOHN-CHARLES THOROLD, Baronet, born 2G June 1816,
succeeded his father, sir Jobn-Hayford, 7 July 1831.

This family is of considerable antiquity
in the co. of Lincoln. Richard-Thorold
was living fernp. Edw. III., and was father
of John, who w. Joan, da. and heiress of
Robert Hugh, of Marston, with whom he
acquired that estate. William Thorold,
lord of Marston and Blakney, ((ith in descent
from John,) d. 15(>y, leaving, besides other
issue, 2 sons, of whom the youngest, Ro-
bert, was ancestor of the Thorolds of the
Heath, co. Lincoln, barts., extinct, and the
elder, sir Anthony, was father of

William Thorold, of Marston, esq., who
m. Frances, da. of sir Robert Tyrwhitt, of
Kettleby, co. Lincoln, knt., and had issue
2 sons, sir Anthoni/, (whose only da. and h.
m. William, lord Widdrington, who was
slain in the royal cause at the battle of
Wigan) and,

I. Sir WILLIAM, the 1st bart., created
as above, received the honour of knight-
hood from king James I., when but l(j years
old. He suffered greatly for his loyalty to
king Charles 1., having paid to the se-
questrators for his estate, the sum of
i'4,4G0. He ?ji. Anne, da. of John Blythe,
of Sroxton, near Grantham, esq., and had

1. William, nominated by king Charles
II. a knt. of the intended order of the Royal
Oak; m. Elizabeth, da. of sir Robert Carr,
of Sleaford and Aswarby, bart., but rf. in
his father's lifetime without issue, and his
widow re-m. sir William Trollope, bart.

2. Anthony, m. Grisiila, da. of sir John
Wray, of Glentworth, bart., and d. also in
his father's lifetime, leaving issue,

1. Sir William, 2d bart.

2. Sir Anthony, 3d bart.
.3. Sir John, 4th bart.

4. Thomas ; 5. Robert ; 6. Bethel, who
all d. utnn.

7. Elizabeth, d. young.

8. Anne, m. sir Thomas Hodgson, of
Bramwith, co. York, knt.

9. Mary; 10. Frances; 11. Elizabeth.
12. Theodosia; 13. Catherine.

3. John, m., 1st, IWm, a da. of sir Wil-
liam Treadway, knt., and had issue, sir
William, 5th bart. ; he w., 2d]y, the re-
lict of Thomas Sanderson, cs(|., and had
issue another son, sir John, 7th bart.

4. Robert; 5. Thomas, both d. without

f). Elizabeth, m. sir Richard Wing-
field, of Tickencote-house, co. Rutland,

7. Margaret, m. William Beresford, of
Leadenham, esq.

8. Anne, m., 1st, Robert Rateman, of
London, esq., and, 2dly, Cutts, esq.

y. Catharine, d. unm.

10. Frances, m. sir Francis Leeke, of
Sandy-acre, and of Newark, knt. and bart.

11. Mary, m. Thomas Pechel, of Nor-
man ton, esq.

12. Penelope, m. George Lucas, of Fen-
ton, esq.

Sir William was succeeded by his grand-

II. Sir WILLIAM, the eldest son of An-
thony, 2d son of sir William ; m. Mrs. Gar-
rett, of London, but rf. without issue, and
was succeeded by his brother,

IH. Sir ANTHONY, m. the only da. of
Thomas Harrington, of Boothby, near
Grantham, esq., but also d. without issue,
and was succeeded by his next brother,

IV. Sir JOHN, m. Margaret, relict of
the hon. Francis Coventry, 2d son of the
lord keeper Coventry, and served many
years in parliament for the co. of Lincoln,
and for Grantham. He also rf. without
issue, and Thomas, Robert, and Bethel,
his 3 younger brothers, having previously
rf. unm., the title devolved on his cousin,

V; Sir WILLIAM, eldest son of John,
3d son of the 1st bart. He m., and left an
only son,

VI. Sir ANTHONY, who rf. a minor in
his 12th year, at school, 1721, whereupon
the title fell to his uncle of the half blood,

VII. Sir JOHN, 2d son of John, 3a son
of the 1st bart., high-sheriff co. Lincoln,
1722, m., 1st, Alice, only da. and h. of VVil-
liam Samson, of Gainsborough, esq., and
had issue,

1. Sir John, 8th bart.

2. William; 3. Elizabeth.

And, 2dly, a da. of William Langley, co.
York, esq., and had issue,

4. Charles.
Sir John rf. in Jan. 1748, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

VIII. Sir JOHN, m. Elizabeth, da. and
one of the co-hh. of Samuel Ayton, of West
Harrington, co. Durham, esq., and had

1. Sir John, 9th bart.

2. George, d. unm.

3. Samuel, m. the da. of Goodacre,

esq., and rf. 18 Jan. 1825, leaving issue 3

4. Isabella, »/.MiddletonTrollopc,e9q.,
eldest son of sir Thomas Trollope, of Case-
wick, bart.

.5. Elizabeth, tn. Willoughby Wood, of
Thoresby, esq., gentleman of the privy

Sir John rf. June 1775, and was succeeded
by his eldest s'on,

IX. Sir JOHN, h. 1734, whom., March
1771. J:inc, only child and h. of Millington
Hayford, of Millington, co. Chester, and



of Ox ton Hall, co. Notts, esq., and by her
(Who d. March 18(»7) had issue,

1. Sir John-Hayford, 10th bart.

2. William, b. March 1774, d.Sept. 1808,

3. George, in holv orders, M.A., b. May
1776, m.. May 18(i4, 'Elizabeth, only da. of
Benjamin Baiigh, of Portland Square, Bris-
tol, esq., and d. Sept. 1823, leaving issue (>
sons, of which the eldest, the rev. Henry B.
Thorold, m., 1 July 1829, Julia, youngest
da. of John Thomas Ellis, esq,, late of
Wyddiall Hall, co. Herts.

4. Edward, in holy orders, M.A., b.
Jan. 1781, m., June 1809, Mary, only da.
of Thomas Wilson, of Grantham, esq.,
M.D., and heiress of Thomas Bartholomew,
of Bardney, esq., and has issue, 2 sons and
5 das.

a. Jaxe, b. March 1783, m., Jan. 1812,
Charles Thorold Wood, ofThoresby, esq,,
and latecapt. royal regiment of horse guards

6. Hexry, b. Feb. 1787, d. Oct. 1804.

7. Charles, b. Aug, 1/89, rf. June 1807>

Sir John Thorold represented cOo Lincoln

in three parliaments, 1780, 1784, and 1790,
retiring at the dissolution in 179(j; he d. 25
Feb. 1H15, aged 81, and was succeeded by his
eldest son,

X. Sir JOHN-HAYFORD, loth bart., 6.
31 March 17/3, m., 1 Oct. 1811, Mary, eldest
da. of sir Charles Kent, of Fornham, St.
Genevieve, co. Suff )lk, bart., by whom (who
d. Dec. 1829) he had issue,

1. Sir Johx-Charles, present bart.
Sir John Hayford »«., 2dly, 12 July 1830,
Mary- Anne, da. of George Cary, of Tor Ab-
bey, CO. Devon, and relict of John Dalton,
jun.,of Thumham Hall, co. Lancaster, esq.,
(who re-)n., 10 April 1834, sir Charles Ogle,

Sir John-Hayford rf. 7 July 1831, and
was succeeded by his only son,

XI. Sir JOHN-CHARLES, present and
11th bart.

Arms—See Plate 6. Sable, three goats,
saliant, argent.

Crest — On a wreath, a roebuck, passant,
argent ; attired, or.

Sea?— AtSystonPark, near Grantham, co.

WROTTESLEY, of Wrottesley, co. Stafford.
30 Aug. 1642.

Sir JOHN WROTTESLEY, Baronet, M. P. for the southern division
of Staffordshire, F.S.A. ; born 24 Oct. 1771 ; succeeded his father, sir John,
23 April 17B7 ; married, 1st, 23 June 1795, Caroline Bennett, da. of
Charles, earl of Tankerville, by whom (who d. 7 3Iarch 1818) he had issue,

1. JOHN, 6. 5 Aug. 1798, m., 28 July 1821, Sophia- Elizabeth, 3d da.

of Thomas Giffard, of Chillington, co. Stafford, esq.; 2. Charles-
Alexander, i, 21 Oct. 1799; 3. Robert, b. 2 June 1801, in holy

orders, m., Aug. 1828, Georgiana, da. of sir George Pigott, bart.; 4.

George-Thomas, b. 23 Aug, 1807, d. 5Aprin818; 5. Walter,

b. 8 April 1810; 6. Caroline, d. 3 July 1797; 7- E^ima, d. 8

March 1804 ; 8. Henrietta, b. 10 April 1805, ttj., 10 Jan. 1830, H-

Strawbengee, of Spennithorne, eo. York, esq.; 9. Louisa, b. 28 May

1806, d. Feb. 1821 ; 10. Fanny-Isabella, b. 1818, d. 12 April 1829.

Sir John 7n., 2dly, 19 May 1819, the hon. Mrs. John Bennett, da, of John
Conyers, esq,, of Copt Hall, Essex, and vfidow of the hon. John-Astley
Bennett, R.N.

The name of this family is taken from
the place of their residence, which they are
supposed to have been possessed of ever
since the Norman Conquest ; sir Hugh de
Wrottesley was seated here temp. Henry III.,
as was also sir William de Wrottesley, 9
Edw. II. Sir Hugh de IVrotteslei/, son and
h. of sir Vv'illiam, was one of the knights of
the garter, at the foundation of that order,
and rf. 1380. 8th in descent from him ^vas.

Sir Hugh Wrottesley, b. 1573, knighted
26 Aug. 1(517 ; '"• Margaret, da. of sir Ed-
ward Devereux, bart., and sister of Walter,
5th viscount Hereford, and by her had issue,

I. Sir WALTER, Ist bart., suffered
greatly for his loyalty, and was f^ned ^'1,332
10.9. by the sequestrators. Hew. Mary, da.
of John Grey, of Enville, co. Stafford, esq.
by whom he had issue,

1. Sir Walter, 2d bart.

2. Edward, who m. Martha, da. of Tho-
mas Hewit, knt.

3. John, a merchant in Portugal.

4. and 5. Hugh and Richard, d. without

6. Elizabeth, ??;. sir Francis Woolrich,
bart., of Dudmaston, co. Salop.

7. Mary, m. sir Edward Littleton, bart.

8. DoROTH V ; 9. Axxe.
1(1. J.4XE, Adams.

Sir Walter rf. 6 Nov. 1G5&, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

II. Sir' WALTER, m. Elizabeth, da. of
sir Thomas Woolrich, bart., and had issue,

1. Sir Walter, 3d bart.

2. Ursila ; 3,

HI. Sir WALTER, his son and h., m.,
1st, Eleanor, da. of sir John Archer, of
Coopersale, co. Essex, knt., one of the
justices of the Common Pleas, by whom he

1. Walter, rf. unm.

2. Sir Johx, 4th bart.

3. Hugh, of Lincoln's Inn, d.unm. 1725.

4. Eleanor, rf. nnm.

5. Henrietta, rf, unm.

(). Elizabeth, m. Anthony Collins, esq.

7. Mary, rf. tunn.
Sir Walter ?»., 2dly, Anne, da. of judge
Burton, by whom he had.



8. Walter, m. miss Craig, and had a

Thomas, who m. his cousin, Elizabeth,
da. of sir John Wrottesley.

9. Margaret.

10. AXNE, m. mr. Hutchinson.

Sir Walter was succeeded by his eldest

IV. Sir JOHN, m. Frances, da. of the
hon. John Grey, 3d son of Henry, 1st earl
of Stamford, (by Catharine, da. of Edward,
lord Dudley and Ward,) by whom he had,

1. John, d. Nov. 1728.

2. Charles, d. 1724, both in their mi-

3. Sir Hugh, 5th bart.

4. Sir Walter, (Jth bart.
3. Sir Richard, 7lh bart.

6. Frances, m. Hei^liam Bendish, esq.

7. Elizabeth, m. Thomas Wrottesley,

8. Henrietta, m. Theodore-William
Inge, of Thorp Constantine, co. Stafford,

9. Dorothy; 10. Mary.

Sir John was M.P. for co. Stafford, 1703,
and rf. Oct. 1726. He was succeeded by his
eldest surviving son,

V. Sir HUGH, who rf. Nov. 1729, was
succeeded by his next brother,

VI. Sir WALTER, who d. in his mi-
nority, Feb. 1731, was succeeded by his
only brother,

VII. Sir RICHARD, in holy orders,
dean of Worcester, and chaplain to king
George III.; 6. 171I, m. Mary, 2d da. of
John, 1st earl Gower, (by lady Evelyn
Pierpoint, youngest da. of Evelyn, duke
of Kingston, by his first lady,) by whom
(who rf. his widow, 30 April 1771) he had

1. Sir John, 8th bart.

2. Mary, b. Nov. 1740; maid of honour
to the queen, and rf. 1769.

3. Elizabeth, m., 17tl9, Augustus-Henry

Fitzroy, 3d duke of Grafton, K.G .

4. Frances, m. admiral Pigot, brother of
lord Pigot, and d. 13 April 1811.

5. Dorothy, m., 1780, the baron Kutzle-
ben, minister from Hesse Cassel, survived
her husband, and rf. 2 Oct. 1822.

6. Harriet, who, as well as her eldest
sister, was a maid oi^ honour to the queen,
and m., 177!^> gen. William Gardiner, bro-
ther of Luke, viscount Mountjoy, and rf.
4 Dec. 1823.

Sir Richard was appointed one of his Ma-
jesty's chaplains, Dec. 1703, and dean of
Worcester, April 1705. He rf.29 July I7G9,
and was succeeded by his son,

VIII. Sir JOHN, a major-general in the
army, and col. of the 45th regiment of foot ;
he was master of the horse to his late royal
highness the duke of York, and member
of parliament co. Stafford; m., 7 June 1770,
Frances, da. of William, 1st viscount Cour-
tenay, maid of honour to the queen, by
whom (who rf. 24 Feb. 1828, aged 80) he
had issue,

1. Sir John, present bart.

2. Henry, rf. unm. 17 Feb. 1825.

3. Hugh, a lieut.-col. on the Bengal esta-
blishment, b. July 1782, rf. 18 Oct. 1830.

4. Charles, b. 8 July 1783.

5. Edward, b. Oct. 1785, rf. 29 July 1814.

6. Fanny, rf. 26 April 1814.

7. Caroling, rf. an infant.

8. Charlotte, >»., 14 Jan. 1822, the rev.
John Heylar; and, 2dly, 18 Dec. 1826, capt.
Gordon, R.N.

9. Louisa.

He rf. 23 April 1787> and was succeeded by
his son,

IX. Sir JOHN, the present bart.
Arms— See Plate 6. Or, three piles, sable,

and a canton, ermine.

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet, a boar's
head, ermhie, crined and tusked, or.

Seat — At Wrottesley, near Wolverhamp-
ton, CO. Stafford.

THROCKIMORTON, of Coughton, co. Warwick.

1 Sept. 1G42.

Sir CHARLES THROCKMORTON, Baronet, born 2 Nov. 1757 ;
succeeded his brother, sir George, 27 July 1826; married, 27 Dec. 1787,
Mary, da. of Edmund Plowden, of Plowdea, co. Salop, esq.

This family is descended, according to a
pedigree drawn up by sir William Dugdale,
from John de Throckmorton, lord of the
manor of Throckmorton, in the parish of
Flatbury, co. Worcester, 1130. His descend-
ants continued seated at Throckmorton till
the time of Henry VI., wlien John Throck-
morton, chamberlain and under-treasurer
of the Exchequer, m. Eleanor, da. andco-h.
of Guy Spiney, of Coughton, co. Warwick,
and removed to ('oughton. He had two
sons, 1. Sir Thomas, the eldest, ancestor
of the present bart. ; 2. .JoJui, who m. the h.
of Brydges, of Love, co. Gloucester; settled
there, and was ancestor of sir William
Throckmorton, of Tortworth, co. Glouces-
ter, who was created a bart. Kill, in which
title he was succeeded by his son, sir Bayn-
ham; he, by his son, another sir Baynham;
and he by bis 1st cousin, sir William, who
was killed in a duel 1682, without issue,
when the title became extinct.

Sir Thomas Throckmorton (eldest son
of sir John and Eleanor Spiney) was father
of sir Robert, who rf. 151(», leaving a son

and h., sir George, who m. Katherine, da.
of Nicholas, lord Va\ix, and had issue, sir
Robert, who, by his 1st wife, Muriel, da.
of Thomas, lord Berkeley, had a son and h.,
Thomas, whose son and h., John, was
father of

I. Sir ROBERT, of Coughton, created a
bart. as above, who, in the civil wars, had
his estate sequestrated, and his house at
Coughton plundered and made a garrison
of by the parliament forces ; whereupon he
was f^orced to secure himself at Worcester,
and rf. Jan. I(i50. He m., 1st, Dorothy, da.

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