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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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8 May following.

Sir George d. 10 Oct. 1815, and was suc-

ceeded by his eldest son,

VI. Sir GEORGE, who dying without
issue 23 Nov. 1833, ast. G8, was succeeded
by his nephew,

VII. Sir GEORGE-STAMP, present and
7th bart.

Arm.<<—See Plate 7- 1st and 4th, quarterly
embattled, gules and or; in the 1st quarter,
a lion, passant, guardant, or, standing oa
the battlements of a tower, argent, (being
a coat of augmentation granted to the 1st
bart.,) 2d and 3d, vert, a buck, trippant,
within an orle of trefoils, slipped, or.

Crest— A buck, trippant, or, collared and
lined, vert, the collar charged with three
trefoils, slipped.

Seats— At Cranford, CO. Northampton;
and Stretton Hall, co. Leicester.

ASTLEY, of Hill Morton, co. "Warwick.

25 June IGGO.

Sir JACOB ASTLEY, Baronet, D.C.L., M.P. for the western division
of Norfolk ; born 13 Nov. 1797 ; succeeded his father, sir Jacob- Henry, 2B
April I8I7 ; married^ 19 ^March 1819, Georgiana-Caroline, da. of sir Henr)'-
Watkin Dashwood, of Kirtlington Park, co. Oxon, bart., (sister to

Anne-IMaria, marchioness of Ely,) and has issue, 1. JACOB-HENRY-

DELAVAL, b. 21 3Iay 1822; 2. Delaval-Loftus, b. 24 March


Thomas de Astley, a baron in the reign
of Henry III., who was killed in the barons'
wars at Evesham, 12G4, was the ancestor of
this family. By his 1st wife, Joan, da. of
Emold du Bois, he was father of Andiew,
from whence are descended the Astleys of
Pateshull, co. Stafford. By his second wife,
Editha, sister and co-h. of sir Robert Con-
stable, of Melton Constable, co. Norfolk,
knt., he had a son, Thoimas, to whom he
gave the lordship of Hill ^lorton, co. War-
wick. Sixth in descent from this Thomas

Isaac Astley, m. Mary, da. of Edward
Waldegrave, and had, besides other issue,
2 sons, 1. Thomas, of whom hereafter; 2.
sir Jacob Astley, knt., who, having had
several military commands in the service of
foreign princes, and acquired considerable
reputation for his bravery and conduct
abroad, raised it to a much higher degree by
the eminent and faithful services done to
his sovereign Cliarles 1., to whom he re-
sorted in the beginning of the grand rebel-
lion ; in consideration whereof he was de-
sers'edly advanced to the degree of a baron,
by the title of lord Astley, of Reading,
which peerage became extinct in the 3d ge-
neration, in' 1688.

Thomas Astley, elder brother of the 1st
lord Astley, m. France-, da. and co-h. of
George Deane, of Tilney, and had issue 3
sons, 1. sir Francis, knt., d. s.p. ; 2. sir
Thomas, creatf d a bart., 21 Jan. lt)41, but d.
s.p. 7 Dec. 1659, whereupon that title became
extinct; 3. sir Edward, knt., w. his cou-
sin, Elizabeth, only da. and at length h. of
the 1st lord Astley, and by her was father of

I. Sir JACOB, who was created a bart., 12
Car. II., and upon the death of his uncle,
sir Isaac Astley, bart., became heir to his
estates, and also possessed all the entailed
lands of Jacob, lord Astley. Sir Jacob m.
Blanch, eldest da. of sir Philip Wodehouse,
barr., (ancestor of the barons Wodehouse,)
by whom he had.

1. Jacob, d. 9 June 1G81.

2. Sir Philip, 2d bart.

3. Edward, d. young, 7 Jan. 1672.

4. JoHX, m. but d, without issue in 17I8.

5. Blanch, d. num.

Sir Jacob d. in Aug. 1729, and was succeeded
by his eldest surviving son,

II. Sir PHILIP, yn. Elizabeth, da. and h^
of Thomas Brandsby, esq., who d, April
1738, by whom he haA,

1. Sir Jacob, 3d bart.

2. Philip; 3. Edward, hoth d. u>nn.

4. Thomas, LL.B., m. Anne, sister of the
rev. mr. Bedford, and d. 1743, without issue.

5. Elizabeth, tn. Caleb Eiwin,of Thirn-
ing, CO. Norfolk, esq.

6. Jemima, m. Christopher Metcalf, of
Hawsted, co. Suffolk, esq.

Sir Philip dying 7 July 1739, was succeeded
by his eldest son,

III. Sir JACOB, m., 1st, Lucy, youngest
da. of sir Nicholas Lestrange, of Hunstan-
ton, CO. Norfolk, bart., and co-h. of her
brother, sir Henry, and had issue by her,

1. Sir Edward, 4th bart.

2. John, in ho'y orders, ??;. Catharine, da.
of Philip Bell, of Wallington, co. Norfolk,
esq., and d. I3()3, leaving issue 2 das.

3. Blanch, ??j. Edward Pratt, of Ryston,
CO. Norfolk, esq.

Sir Jacob ?»., 2dly, Judith, da. of Isaac
Watlington, esq.; and 3dly, Sarah, da. of
Christopher Bedingfield, esq., but had no
issue by either, and dying 1760, was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

IV. Sir EDWARD, b. 25 Dec. 1729, m.,
1st, 1751, Rhcda, eldest da. of Francis-
Blake Delaval, cf Seaton Delaval, co.
Northiu-nberland, esq., and by her (who d.
1757) had ioiue,

1. Sir Jacob-Henry, 5th bart.

2. Francis, h. 1757, who was killed on
board the Arethusa frigate, in an engage-
ment with La Belle Poule, off the isle cf

I Bass, 1778, ttnni.
I 3. Rhoda-Editk.



4. Edward, both d. infants.

Sir Edward m., 2dly, 1759, Anne, youngest
da. of Christopher Milles, of Nackington,
CO. Kent, esq., and by her (who d. 171)3) had

5. Anna-Maria, d. 1768.

G. Edward-John, 1st guards, d. unm.,

7. Bernard, in holy orders, m. Anne, da.
of Edward Hase, of Sail, co. Norfolk, esq. ;
d. 1789, without issue.

8. Henry-Nicholas, in holy orders, b.
17(i8, m., 1798, Sarah, da. of Samuel Pitman,
esq., (who d. 1824,) and has issue,

1. Sarah-Maria, d. 1827; 2. Lucy.

3. Henry-Milles.

4. William, d. unm., 1824.

5. Jane, m., 1832, rev. F. Cubitt, rector
of Fritton, co. Suffolk.

6. Anne.

9. WiLLiAM-CoKE, d. unm. 1790.

10. Louisa.

11. Richard, both rf. infants.

Sir Edward d. April 1802, and was succeeded
by his son,

V. Sir JACOB-HENRY, b. 12 Sept. 17.56,
m., 20 Jan. 1789, Hester, youngest da. and
co-h. of Samuel Browne, of King's Lynn,
CO. Norfolk, esq., and by her (who d. 1811)
had issue.

1. Sir Jacob, present bart.

2. Rhoda, b. 1790, d. unm., 1808.

3. Anne, b. 1791, m., 2(i Sept. 1820, Tho-
mas-Potter Macqueen, of Houghton Con-
quest, CO. Bedford, esq., and d. 1833.

4. Editha, 6. 1793, m., March 1825, War-
den Sergison, of Cuckfield Park, Svissex, esq.

5. Blanche, b. 1795.

6. Edward, 6. 1799.

7. Hester, b. 1800, m., 16 June 1825, rev.
Augustus Dashwood, youngest son of sir
Henry Watkin Dashwood, bart.

8. Sophia, b. 1802, d. I807.

9. Agnes, h. 1805, m., 10 Sept. 1825, the
rev. John-Henry Sparke, eldest son of the
right rev. Bowyer-Edward Sparke, D.D.,
lord bishop of Ely.

10. Francis-L'Estrange, h. 1810.

Sir Jacob-Henry d. 28 April I8I7, and was
succeeded by his son,

VI. Sir JACOB, present bart.

Anns — See Plate 7- Azure, a cinquefoil,
ermine, wiihin a border, engrailed, or.

Crest — On a chapeau, gules, lined, ermine,
a demi-pillar, gules, environed with a ducal
coronet, or, out of which issues a plume of
feathers, argent.

Heats — Melton Constable, co. Norfolk ;
and Seaton Delaval, co, Northumberland.

BOWYER, of Denham Court, co. Bucks.
25 June 1660.

And BowYER, of Radley, co. Berks.
16 Aug. 1794.

Sir GEORGE BOWYER, Baronet, horn March 1783 ; succeeded his
father, admiral sir George, 6 Dec. 1799 ; married^ 19 Nov. 1808, Anne-
Hammond, da. of the gallant and much lamented sir Andrew- Snape
Douglass, (knt., who was capt. of the fleet in the memorable action fought
by admiral earl Howe, K.G., on the 1st of June 1794, and died shortly
afterwards, in conseqvience of a wound he then received,) and has issue,

1. GEORGE, b. 1811; 2. William, b. 1812; 3. Henry,

b. 3 Jan. 1813; 4. Mary; 5. Caroline; 6. Frederick,

d, young.

This family is a younger branch of the
Boiui/ers, anciently seated at Knippersley,
CO. Stafford.

Thomas Boivijer, a younger son, settled in
Sussex temp. Henry IV., from whom de-
scended Francis Bowi/ei-, an eminent mer-
chant in London, who raised a considerable
estate by his assiduous attention to business,
and acquiring the esteem of his fellow-citi-
zens, became sheriff of London 1577> 19th of
queen Elizabeth, and was afterwards elected
alderman thereof; m. Elizabeth, da. of Wil-
liam Tillesworth, of London, and d. 14
June 1581, leaving, besides other children.

Sir William, of Denham, knt., who m.
Mary, da. and co-h. of Thomas Pierson,
esn., and d. 1()16, having had issue by her
(who »(., 2dly, James Ley, earl of Marl-
borough) a son and heir apparent,

Sir H ENRY, who d. in his father's lifetime,
leaving issue 2 sons, Henri/, killed in the
civil wars; and

L Sir WILLIAM, the 1st bart. He was
particularly active in the Restoration, and
was afterwards elected a representative, co.
Bucks, in two parliaments; ?«. Margaret,
da. of sir John Weld, of Arnolds, co. Mid-
dlesex, knt., (son and h. of sir Humphrey

Weld, lord mayor of London,) and had

1. Sir William, 2d bart.

2. Thomas, rector of Denham.

3. Henry.

4. Alice, m., 1st, William Buggins, esq. ;
and 2(lly, to sir John Clayton, knt.

Sir WMUiam d. 2 Oct. 1679, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

II. Sir WILLIAM, m. Frances, da. of
Charles, viscount Cranbourne, son and h.
of William, earl of Salisbury, and by her
had issue,

1. Cecil, m. Juliana, da. of Richard, 2d
son of sir (ieorge Parker, bart., of Hedsor,
CO. Berks, and d. 5 Dec. 1720, in his father's
lifetime, having

1. Sir William, 3d bart.

2. Richard ; 3. Thomas ; 4. Orlando.

5. Frances, who d. 10 May 1783.

6. Charlotte.

2. William, w. Elizabeth, da. of the
above Richard Parker, estj., and had 2 sons
and 1 da., Richard, William, and Juliana.

3. Diana, m. Phillip Jennings, escj.

Sir William d. 13 Feb. 1721-2, and was
succeeded by his grandson,

III. Sir WILLIAM, th, Anne, da. of sir



John Stonhouse, bart., (who d. 22 May
1/85,) by whom he had issue,

1. Sir William, 4th bart.

2. Cecil, in the marine service of the
East India Company, who was drowned in
the East Indies.

3. Sir George, 5th bart.

4. Hen'ry, a lieut.-gen. in the army, col.
of the IGth regt. of foot, and commander-in-
chief of the forces in the Windward and
Leeward Islands, rf. 26 Aug. 1«()U.

5. Richard, who took the name of Atkins
(pursuant to the will of the late sir Richard
Atkins, of Clapham, co. Surrey, bart.) ; he
d. 21 Nov. 182(1, leaving issue.

6. Penelope, ni., 1st, George-John Cooke,
esq., son of George Cooke, esq., many years
representative in parliament co. Middlesex,
by whom she had several children ; and
2dly, heut.-gen. Edward Smith, and d. 9
June 1820.

Sir William d. in 1708, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

"IV. Sir WILLIAM, m., Sept. 1770. mrs.
Baker, widow of capt. Baker, R.N., by
whom (who d. 1802) he had no issue. Sir
William d. in April 1799, and was succeeded
by his brother,

V. Sir GEORGE, (who succeeded to the

property of the S^onftowaes of Radley,) en-
tered early into the royal navy, and having
served in all the wars of his time, lost his
leg, commanding as rear admiral under ad-
miral earl Howe, on the memorable 1 June
1794 ; for his distinguished gallantry in
which action he was created a bart., before
he had succeeded to the family honour. He
?»., 1st, lady Downing, relict of sir Jacob
Downing, bart., who d. without issue; and
2dlv, Henrietta, only da. of sir Piercy
Brett, knt., admiral of the white, by whom
he had,

1. Sir George, present bart.

2. William, b. 29 Dec. 1784.

3. Henry, 6. 9 March 1780.

4. Henrietta, m., 10 Oct. 1812, Charles
Sawyer, of Hey wood Lodge, esq.

5. Eliza.

6. Frances-Dorothy, d. young.

Sir George d. 6 Dec. 1799, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

VL Sir GEORGE, the present bart.

Arms— See Plate 8. Or, a bend vaire,
cottised, sable.

Crest— On a ducal coronet, or, an heraldic
tiger, sejant, argent.

Motto — Conteutement passe richesse.

Smt—\X. Radley, co. Berks.

STANLEY, of Alderley Park, co. Chester.
25 June 16G0.

Sir JOHN-THOMAS STANLEY, Baronet, F.R. and A.S., horn 26
Nov. 1766, succeeded his father, sir John-Thomas, 29 Nov. 1807 ; married,
11 Oct. 17J^6, lady Maria-Joseph Holroyd, eldest da. of John, earl of Shef-
field, and has issue, 1. EDWARD-JOHN, JM.P. for the northern

division of Cheshire, 6. 13 Nov. 1802, ?n. at Florence, 7 Oct. 1826, Hen-
rietta-Maria, da. of Henry-Augustus, 13th viscount Dillon, and has a da.^

i. 30 July 1828 ; 2. William-Owen, twin with Edward-John, m.,

14 Feb. 1832, Ellen, youngest sister of sir John Williams, of Bodelwyd-

dan, bart. ; 3. Alfred, h. 1808, rf. young; 4. Maria-31argaret ;

■5. Lucy-Anne, m., 24 Sept. 1833, Marcus-Theodore Hare, esq.;

6. Louisa-Dorothea ; 7« I-^abella-Louisa, m.,23 Oct. 1826,

Sir Wilham-Edward Parry, knt., capt. R.N.; 8. Harriott-Ale-

THEA ; 9. Matilda-Abigail, m., 6 Oct. 1828, Henry-John Adeane,

of Babraham, co. Cambridge, esq.; 10. Emmeline; 11. Elfrida-

SusANNA, b. 1813, drowned 1817.

This is a younger branch of the Statdet/s,
earls of Derby.

Adam de Aldithley, or Audeley, lord of
Stanlegh, co. Chester, and of Bagenhault,
CO. Stafford, temp. Hen. I., had two sons, 1.
Liulph, ancestor of the lords Audeley, of
Heleigh, and 2. Adam, whose son William
obtained the lordship of Stanley from his
cousin, Adam de Audeley, and assumed the
surname of Stanley. Sixth in descent from
William was sir John Stanley, K.G., who
obtained a grant in fee of the Isle of Man,
1400, and was appointed lord-lieut. of Ire-
land, 1413. His grandson, sir Thomas Stan-
ley, also K.G., was father of Thomas, 1st
earl of Derby, of sir William Stanley, K.G.,
and of

John Stanley, who m. Elizabeth, da.
and co-h. of Thomas W^eever, of Weever,
CO. Chester, and became possessed of that
estate, where his posterity remained for
several generations. Sixth in lineal descent

from him was

I. Sir THOMAS, 1st bart., m. Elizabeth,
da. of sir James Pytts, of Kyre, co. Wor-
cester, knt., by whom he had issue,

1. Sir Peter, 2d bart.

2. Thomas, m. Penelope, da. of John
Bradshaigh, esq., and had issue.

3. James, m. Elizabeth, da. and co-h. of
John Byron, and had issue.

4. Jane, d. mim.

5. Elizabeth, m., 1st, John Leigh, esq.;
and, 2dly, Robert Venables, esq.

0. Frances, d. nnm.

7. Mary, m. Peter Wilbraham, esq,

8. Margaret, m. Thomas Swetenham,

Sir Thomas d. 1072, and was succeeded by
his eldest son,

II. Sir PETER, m. Elizabeth, da. of sir
John Leigh, of Northcourt, co. Hants,
knt., by whom he had issue,

1. Sir Thomas, 3d bart.



2. Charles, m, Lucretia, grandda. of
lord Plunket, of Ireland, and d. without

3. Elizabeth, m. Weever, esq.

4. Penelope, m John Perrot, esq.

5. Mary, m. George, eldest son of sir
Henry Ingoldsby, of Lethenborough, co.
Bucks, bart.

6. Anne, d. nnm.

7. Frances, m., 1st, sir Thomas Fother-
ley, knt.; and 2dly, John Swetenham, esq.

8. Diana, d. nnm.

Sir Peter was high sheriff of Cheshire, 1078,
d, 1701, and was succeeded by his eldest son,

III. Sir THOMAS, ?n. Christiana, da.
of sir Stephen Lennard, of West Wickham,
CO. Kent, bart., and had issue,

1. Sir James, 4th bart.

2. Sir Edward, of the Inner Temple,
5th bart.

3. Mary, d.nnm.; 4. Christiana.

Sir Thomas d. 1721, and was succeeded by
his eldest son,

IV. Sir JAMES, m., Nov. 174O, Frances,
youngest da. of George Butler, of Balley-
Ragget, CO. Kilkenny, esq., and by Qier
(who d. April lyuG) he had no issue; her?.
March 1746, and was succeeded by his

V. Sir EDWARD, m. Mary, only da. of
Thomas W^ard, of London, banker, (who rf.
177'*,) by whom he had issue,

1. James, b. 1734, d. unm.

2. Sir John-Thoma.^, (itli bart.

Sir Edward d. 1755, and was succeeded by

his surviving son,

VI. Sir JOHN-THOMAS, a gentleman
of his majesty's privy chamber, m. Marga-
ret, da. and h. of Hugh Owen, of Penrhos,
in Anglesea, and by her (who d. 1 Feb.
1016) had issue,

1. Sir John-Thomas, 7^11 bart.

2. Edward, 6. 1 Jan. 178(1, in holy orders,
rector of Alderly, d. 5 Jan. 1834, having m.
Catherine, da. of the rev. Oswald Leycester,
and had issue,

1. Owen ; 2. Arthur-Fenrhyn.
3. Mary, and other children.

3. Mary, d, young.

4. Isabella-Elizareth, m.. If) Oct.
1812, Charles Gibson, of Quermor Park, co.
Lancaster, esq.

5. Margaret, d. young.

6. Louisa-Margarkt-Anne, w., 25 Nov.
1802, gen. sir Baldwin Leighton, bart.

7. Emma, m., June 1810, Digby-Thomas
Carpenter, esq.

Sir John d. 20 Nov. 1807, and was suc-
ceeded bv his eldest son,

VII. Sir JOHN-THOMAS, present bart.
Arms —See Plate 8. Argent, on a bend,

azure, three bucks' heads, caboshed, or ; a
crescent for difference.

CrMt— On a chapeau, gules, turned up,
ermine, an eagle, with wings expanded, or,
preying upon an infant, proper, swaddled,
gules, banded, argent.

Motto — Siiif: rhmif^er.

Sf'.ats — At Netlier Aklerley, co. Chester,
and Bodewryd, co. Anglesea.

SHUCKBURGH, of Shuckburgh, co. Warwick.
2G Jtme 1G60.

Sir FRANCIS SHUCKBURGH, Baronet, F.R.S., succeeded his father,
sir Stukeley, 21 July 1809; married., 27 Oct. 1825, Anna-Maria-Draycott,
only da. of the late Peter and lady Charlotte Denys, and sister of sir George

Denys, bart., and has issue, 1. GEORGE-THOMAS-FRANCIS ;

2. Charlotte-Georgiajta-Amelia, 6.21 Aug. 1826, and other children,
of whom, a Da., 6. 11 Nov. 1833.

This family is of great antiquity co.
Warwick, where Simon de Shuckburgh
held lands as early as 6 Edw. II., 1312.

Sir Richard Slmckhuri^Ji, knt., father to
the 1st bart., was representative co. War-
wick in parliament, 1641. Dugdale, in his
History of Warwickshire, relates of him
that, asking Charles I. marched to Edgcott,
near Banbury, on 22 Oct. 1642, he saw him
hunting in the fields ; upon which he fetched
a deep sigh, and asked, Who that gentleman
was that hunted so merrily that morning
when he was going to fight for his crown
and dignity ? and being told it was sir RU-h-
ard Shuckburgh, he was ordered to be called
to him and was very graciously received;
ui)on which he went immediately home,
armed all his tenants, and the next day at-
tended on him in the field, where he was
knighted, and v/as present at the battle of
Edgehill. After his majesty's retreat from
those parts, he went to his own scat and for-
tified himself on the top of Sliuckburgh
Hill, where, being attacked by some of the
parliament forces, he defended himself till
he fell, with most of his tenants about him ;
but being taken up, and life perceived in
him, he was carried away prisoner, first to
Nortliampton, and from thence to Kenil-
worth Castle, where he lay a considerable
time, and was forced to purchase his liberty

at a dear rate. He d. 13 June 1656.

I. Sir JOHN, his eldest son, in considera-
tion of his father's suffering, both in person
and estate, and his own zeal, in dex"ence of
the royal cause, was soon after the Restora-
tion advanced to the dignity of a bart. He
m. Catharine, da. of sir Hatton Fermor, of
Faston, co. Northampton, knt., (who, sur-
viving him, re-m. sir Roger Norwich, of
Brampton, co. Northampton, bart.,) by
whom he had issue a son,

n. Sir CHARLES, sheriff co. Warwick,
hi 1687, b. Nov. 1659; he was master of the
buck and stag-hounds to queen Anne. He
«;.,lst., Cathaiine, da. of sir Hugh Stukeley,
of Hinton, CO. Hants, bart., (by Catharine,
da. and h. of sir John Trott, bart.,) by
whom he had issue,

1. Sir John, 3d bart.

2. Catharime, »i. sir William Boughton,
bart., whom she survived, and d. in 1725.

3. Sauza, or Sarah, m. Charles Bentley,

sir Charles m„ 2dly, Diai^a, da. of Rich-
ard, lord V\ illoughby de Broke, by whom
(who d. 1725) he hail issue,

4. Charlrs, b. 1(!;)4, m„ 17I8, Sarah, da.
of col. Henry Hunt, and had issue,

1. Sarah, m. Jolin Cleveland, esq.

2. Sir CHAitLKS, 5th bart.

3. Richard, a lieut.-colonel, m., 1750,



Sarah, relict of captain Edward Bate, and

da. of Hayward, of Plumstead, co.

Kent, esq., a capt. R.N., and had by her
(who d. 1762) three sons, George-Augus-
Tus-WiLLiAM, (3th bart. ; Richard, a lieu-
tenant in the navy, rf. rotm. 16 Oct. 1794;
and sir Stukeley, 7th bart.

5. Richard, a captain in the army, d.
unm. 1724.

6. Edward, rector of Bromsall, co.
Stafford, d. Feb. 1/30, unm.

7. Frances, 6. 1G86.

8. Grace, m. the rev. Mr. Crabb.

9. Sophia, m. Francis Loggin, gent., and
d. March 173ft, without issue.

10. Mariana, b. 1700.

11. Diana, b. 1701, m. the rev. Nicholas

Sir Charles d. 2 Sept. 1705, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

III. Sir JOHN, b. Aug. 1683, m. Abigail,
da. of George Goodinge, of Latchford, co.
Oxford, esq., by whom he had issue,

1. Sir Stukeley, 4th bart.

2. Grace, m. sir Edward Houghton, of
Lawford, co. Warwick, bart, and 2dly,
Matthew Lister, esq.

3. Catharine, d. 30 June 1730, num.

4. Elizabeth, m. Charles Jeaffreson,
esq., and d. 1776.

5. Sarah, m., 1st, William Fielding,
esq.; 2dly, Henry St. Nicholas; and 3dly,
Francis T atum.

6. Margaret, 6. 1706, m., 1753, the rev.
Thomas Hall.

7. Jane, b. 1708, m., 1744, the rev. Gil-
bert Jackson.

8. Penelope, b. 1730, m., 1st,

Plaistow, esq.; 2dly, Bartholomew Hitche;
and 3dly, Robert Clarke, gent.

9. Rachel, b. 1710, m., 1st, Altham Pack-
hurst, esq.; and 2dly, the Rev. Slaughter

In. HoNORA, m., 1740, John Hasker, esq.

11. JoHANNis, b. I7I6, m. Thomas Plam-
pin, esq.

Sir John d. June 1724, and was succeeded
by his only son,

IV. Sir STUKELEY, b. March 1711,
who d. without issue in 1759, was succeeded
in title and estate bv his cousin,

V. Sir CHARLES, son of Charles, eldest

son of the 2d bart., by his 2d lady, as before
mentioned; b. March 1721, w., 5 May 1749,
Anne, widow of Campbell Price, of West-
bury, CO. Buckingham, esq., da. of Ro-
binson, of Covent Garden, esq., by whom
(who d. Oct. 1776) he had no issue. Sir
Charles d. 10 Aug. 1773; colonel Richard
Shuckburgh, his brother, having d. in 1772.
Sir Charles was succeeded by his eldest ne-
phew and heir, (son to the above-mentioned

LIAM, F.R.S. and F.A.S., m., 1st, 1782, Sa-
rah-Johanna, one of the two das. of John
Darker, of Gayton, co. Northampton, esq.,
by whom (who d. a few months after her
marriage) he had no issue; and 2dly, 6 Oct.
1780, Julia-Arabella, one of the two das.,
and at length sole h. of James Evelyn, of
Fellbridge, co. Surrey, esq., (by his 1st wife,
Annabelia Medley,) and by her had an only

Jclia-Evelyn-Medley, of Buxted Place,
CO. Sussex, m., 19 July 18]0,j Charles-Cecil
Cope, 3d earl of Liverpool, (see Debrett's
Peerage of the United Kingdom,) and d. 8
April' 1814.

On the death of Mr. Evelyn, in 17f»3, sir
George took that name in addition to his
own, and d. 11 Aug. 1804, was succeeded by
his brother,

VII. Sir STUKELEY, m. miss C. Tydd,
and had issue,

1. Caroline-Anne, who v/as shot in
Shuckburgh Park, in a fit of insanity, 26
March 1809, by lieutenant Sharpe, of the
Bedford militia, who immediately afterwards
shot himself.

2. Ajiklia, m., Feb. 1820, Thomas L. P.
Laugharne, commander R.N.

3. P. Augusta.

4. Sir Francis, 8th bart.

5. T.-Stukeley; 6. R.-Charles.

Sir Stukeley d. 21 July 1809, and v/as suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

VIII. Sir FRx\NCIS, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 8. Sable, a chevron, be-
tween three mullets, argent.

Crest — A Blackamoor, couped at the waist,
proper, with a dart in his hand, or.

Motto — H(ec mnnus cb patrinm.

Seat — At Shuckburgh, co. Warwick.

STUART, of Harteley Mauduit, co. Hants.
27 June IGGO.

Sir SIMEON-HENRY STUART, Baronet, bom 23 Oct. 1790, sue-

ceeded his father, sir Simeon, 14 Jan. 181G ; married^ 25 Oct. 1815,

Georgiana-Frances, youngest da. of George Gun, of 31ount Kennedy, co.

Wicklow, " ~~ - - -



esq., and has issue, 1. Georgiana-Fraxces, b. 18 Feb.

2. a SON and heir, b. 7 June 1823 ; 3. a Da., b. 24 March

4. a Son, 6. 27 Oct. 182G.

This family is descended from Andrew
Steward, who was great uncle of Robert,
1st king of Scotland of that house. Alex-
ander Steward (son of Andrew) was knighted
and received an honourable augmentation to
his arms from Charles VI., king of Franci^.
His son, John, is said to have heen the first
of the family settled in England; fourth in
descent from him was

Nicholas Steward, of Well in Norfolk,
who had a numerous issue widely spread in
the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, and Cam-
bridge; Nicholas Steward, his 2d son, was
grandfather to Elizabe.h Cromwell, mother

of the Protector; and Simeon Stev.'ard, his
4th son, was great-grandfather of

I. Sir NICHOLAS, of Harteley, 1st bart.,
one of the chamberlains of the Exchequer.
He )n. ISIary, only da. of sir Mibs Sandys, of
Missenden, co. Gloucester, knt., by whom he

1. Nicholas, d. v.r.m.

2. Mjli:s, m. Jane, da. of ISIr. Nicholas
Johnson, but d. without issue, 1670.

3. Charles, m. Cleraencc, da. and co-h.

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