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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 26 of 95)
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mainder, in failure of issue male of his
body, to his next brother, Henry, and the
heirs male of his body. Sir George d. imin.,
and was succeeded, according to the remain-
der in his patent, by his brother,

II. Sir HENRY, who succeeded his bro-
ther, according to the special entail in the
patent, m. Diana, sister to Charles Butler,
of Coats, CO. Lincoln, esq., by whom he had

1. Sir George, 3d bart.

2. Henry, m. Anne, da. and co-h. of the
rev. Eaton, by whom he had,

1. Henry, d. uiim ; 2. Bryan, d. unm.

3. Ralph, d. iinm.

4. Anthony, who m. and left issue.

5. George, d. itnm.

3. Anthony, d. without issue.

4. Sarah, d. young.

5. Catharine, m. Gervase Eyre, of
Rampston, co. Nottingham, esq.

Sir Henry d. 1689, and was succeeded by
his eldest son,

III. Sir GEORGE, m. Catharine, da. of
sir Godfrey Copley, bart., by whom (who d.
1703) he had issue,

1. Sir Bryan, 4th bart.

2. George, of Doncaster, m. and left

3. William, d. young.

4. Henry, in holy orders, rector of
Stokesley, twice m., but d. without issue
about 17'50.

5. Alexander, M.D., d. unm., 1757-

6. John, of Doncaster, m. and left issue.

7. Sarah, d. young,
ii. Diana, d. umn.

9. Elizabeth, to., 1726, Richard Acklam,


Sir George d. 18 Oct. 1732, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

IV. Sir BRYAN, m. Priscilla, da. and
co-h. of Robert Squire, esq., by whom (who
d. 14 Feb. 1/30) he had issue,

1. Sir George, 5th bart.

2. Sir Bryan, 6th bart.

3. Priscilla; 4. Catharine.
5. Elizabeth, all d. unm.

Sir Bryan rf. Dec. 1734, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

V. Sir GEORGE, m. Catharme, da. and
co-h. of Jolm Sunderland, of Doncaster, co.
York, esq., by whom (who d. April 1792) he
had 2 das., his co-heiresses,

1. Priscilla, d. unm., 1800.

2. Catharine, m. John Cooke, of Lon-
don, esq., and had issue,

John, m. Harriett, da. of sir George
Cooke, the 7th bart., and d. 1827. leaving
4 das., 1. Harriet; 2. Charlotte, m. rev.
Jonathan Trebeck ; 3. Louisa ; 4. Mary-
Sir George d. 16 Aug. 175G, without issue
male, and was succeeded by his brother,

VI. Sir BRYAN, m. Mary, da. of col.
Foley, and had issue,

1. MARY,rf. unm., 30 May 1825.

2. Sir George, 7th bart.

Sir Bryan rf. 4 March 1769, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

VII. Sir GEORGE, nu, in June I77<>.
Francis-Jory, da. of sir John-L?mbert Mid-
dleton, of Belsey castle, co. Northumber-
land, bart., and by her (who d. Dec. 1796)
had issue,

1. George-Augvstl'S, b. 22 Oct. 1780,
w., 18 June 18(i7, Elizabeth, da. and co-h.
of Charles Mellish,of the Blythe, co. Notts,
esq., and rf. without issue, 5 May 1800.

2. Sir William-Bryan, present bart.



3. FftAJfcES-EiiiZABETH, m. rev. John
Ramsden, vicar of Arksey, who d. 1807.

4. Katherine - Priscilla, b. 1772, d.
unm., 15 Nov. 1824.

5. Sophia, d. unm.

G. Harriet, »j., 1798, her cousin, John
Cooke, of Bedford Square, and of Maltby,
CO. York, esq., who d. 1827-

7. Charlotte - Biu,stroi>e, m,, 1821,
Bryan Cooke, of Owston, esq., who d. same
year, s.p.

8. Louisa -Lucia, m. sir Charles-Miles-
Lambert Monck, bart., and d. 5 Dec. 1824.

9. Georgiana, »m. admiral sir George
Eyre, K.C.B.

10. Julia.

11. Sophia-Anne-Eliza.

Sir Georj^e m., 2dly, Harriet, da. of James
Farrer, of Baronborough Grange, and wi-
dow of Thomas Hewet, of Bilham, esqrs.,
but by her (who d. in July 1814) has left no
issue. Sir George d. 2 June 1823, and was
succeeded by his' eldest surviving son,

VIII. Sir WILLIAM - BRYAN, present

Arms— -See Plate 10. Or, a chevron,
gules, between two lions, passant, guardant,

C)-o.9t — Out of a crown, embattled, ar-
gent, a demi-lion, issuant, as in the arms,
gorged with a ducal coronet, or.

Seat— At Wheatley, near Doncaster, co.

ASHBURNHAM, of Bromham, co. Sussex.

15 May 1661.

Sir WILLIAM ASHBURNHAM, Baronet, succeeded his father, sir
William, 21 Aug. 1823 ; born 21 June 17Gli ; married, ^ July 1825, Ju-
liana, 3d da. of the late rev. William Humphry, rector of Sele, and vicar
of Kemsingj co. Kent.

This family, denominated from the town
of Ashburnham, anciently written Esse-
burnham, in the co. of Sussex, is of great

Bertram de Ashburnham , son of Anchitel,
son of Piers, lord of Ashburnham, was
sheriff of the counties of Surrey, Sussex,
and Kent, and constable of Dover Castle,
temp' Harold : which castle he defended
against William the Conqueror ; wherefore
William, on his accession to the crown of
England, caused his head to be struck off,
t(^ether with the heads of his sons, Philip
and Michael de Ashburnham.

Philip de Ashburnham had 1 son, from
whom descended, in the l!>th generation,

L Sir DENNY, created a baronet; he
was a commissionerof the excise, afterwards
victualler of the navy, and member of par-
liainent for Hastings ; m., 1st, Frances, da.
of John Ashburnham, esq., lord of the bed-
chamber to king Charles I., and sister to
John, lord Ashburnham, by whom he

1. John ; 2. Denny.

3. Dennv ; 4. Laurence.

5. Anne, all d. in their father's lifetime,

6. Bridget, m. rev. mr. Bradshaw,
rector of Pett, and vicar of Gostling, co.

He ?n., 2dly, Anne, da. of sir David Wat-
kins, knt., by whom he had,

1. Sir William, 2d bart.

2. Fleetwood, d. an infant.

3. Sir Charles, ;jd bart.

4. Honour, d. unm.

Sir Denny d. 1G!)7> and was succeeded by
his eldest son,

II. Sir WILLIAM, one of the commis-
sioners of the alienation-ofHce, and one of
the chamberlains of the cxcheciuer, m. Mar-
garet, da. of sir Nicholas Pelham, of Cats-

co. Sussex, kut., but by her (who d.

174:2) had no issue. Sir William (/.

17jG, and was succeeded by his bro-


-, and had.

1. Anne, d. young,

2. Denny, d. young.

3. Sir William, 4th bart.

4. Bridget.

5. John.

6. Charles, in holy orders, d. in 1800.
Sir Charles rf. 3 Oct. 17(52, and was succeeded
by his eldest surviving son,

IV. Sir WILLIAM, who, in Nov. 1741,
was promoted to the deanery of Chichester;
in Aug. 1753, appointed canon residentiary
of St! Paul's Cathedral ; and in Feb. fol-
lowing consecrated bishop of Chichester.
He ?»., 17(J(), Margaret, da. of Thomas
Pelham, of Lewes, co. Sussex, esq., by
whom (who d. 29 Aug. 1780) he had,

1. Sir WiLL[Ai\i, 5th bart.

2. John, rf. xinm. 1763.

3. Margaret; 4. Fraxces.

5. Catharine., w. ■ Fitzgerald, an

officer in the army.

Sir William d. 4 Sept. 1797j and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

V. Sir WILLIAM, m. Anne, da. of the
rev. Francis Wcodgate, of Mountheld, eo.
Sussex, by whom he had issue,

1. Sir William, present bart.

2. John, in holy orders, chancellor and
prebendary of Cliichester, b. 2G Dec 1770,
m., 4 July 1804, Fanny, 4th da. of William
Foster, of Hollington, co. Sussex, e.sq.

.3. Dennv, fc. 29 INlay 1773, m., July 1802,
Nancy, relict of T. F. Bancroft, esc)., aMd
only child of Joseph Dickson, of Calcutta,

4. George, b. 12 Aug. 1774.

.'). Alicia, b. 10 Jan. 1777, m., Dec. 1804,
J.imes-Elridge West, of Poston Park, co.
Kent, es(|.

Sir William rf. 21 Aug. 1823, and was
succeeded by his eldest son,

VI. Sir WILLIAM, present bart.
/(/•;)i.v— See Plate 10. Gules, a fess, be-
tween six mullels, argent.

Crest— Ont of a ducal coronet, an ash
tree, proper.
Seat—\i Bromham, co. Sussex.



GLYNNE, of BissETER als Burncester, co. Oxon.

20May 16G1.

Sir STEPHEN-RICHARD GLYNNE, Baronet, M.P. for Flint, born
22 Sept. 1807, succeeded his father, sir Stephen-Richard, 5 March 1815.

Thts family claims a descent In the male
line from Ciltnin Dioed Dtv, chief of one of
the fifteen tribes of North Wales in the 9th

I. Sir WILLIAM, 1st bart., (son of sir
John Glynne, knt., serjeant-at-law, who d.
1666, and grandson of sir William Glynne,
of Glynllifon, co. Caernarvon,) m. Pene-
lope, da. of Stephen Anderson, of Eyeworth,
CO. Bedford, esq., by whom he had,

1. Sir William, '2d bart.

2. Sir Stephen, 3d bart.

3. Catharixe, m. Thomas Lister, esq.,
cup-bearer to queen Mary.

4. Frances.

5. Penelope, m. mr. Arnold.

6. Elizabeth, m. mr. Crackenthorp.

7. Anne, m. Edward Hill, esq.

Sir William d. about 1G9<), and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

II. Sir WILLIAM, successor to his fa-
ther, 711. Mary, 2d da. and co-h. of sir Ed-
ward Evelyn, of Long Ditton, co. Surrey,
bart., by whom he had,

1. William, d. iinm. before his father.

2. Mary.

Sir William d. 3 Sept. 1721, without issue
male, and was succeeded by his brother,

III. Sir STEPHEX, m. Sophia, youngest
da. and co-h. of sir Edward Evelyn, bart.,
by whom he had,

'l. Sir Stephen, 4th bart.

2. Francis, rector of Hawarden, co.
Flint, who d. without issue.

3. Sir William, 5th bart.

4. Sir John, (ith bart.

5. Sophia, ni. Henry Belasysse, esq., d.

6. Penelope, rn. sir William Wheler, of
Lemington Hastang, co. Warwick, bart.,
d. 23 Jan. 1739-40.

7- Mary, m. John Welden, of Ireland,

8. Catharine.

Sir Stephen d. April 1729, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

IV. Sir STEPHEN, who d.vnm. in Sept.
following, and was succeeded by his next
surviving brother,

V. Sir WILLIAM, who d. unm. in Aug.
1730, and was succeeded by his only sur-
viving brother,

VI. Sir JOHN, m., Aug. 1731, Honora,
da. of Henry, son and h. of sir John Con-
way, of Bo'adrvdden, co. Flint, bart., (by
Margaret-Maria, da. and co-h. of John
Digby, esq., only surviving son of the cele-



brated sir Kenelm Digby and lady Venetia
Stanley,) by whom (who d. 10 Feb. 17(i9)
he had issue,

1. A son, who d. young.

2. JoHN-CoNWAY, m. Sarah, da. of Charles
Crewe, esq., and d. May 1774, without issue.

3. Sir Stephen, 7th bart.
William, d. unm. I'JTi.
Henry, who d. an infant.

7. Honor A, d. unm.

8. Sophia, m. John York, of Richmond,
and d. I766.

Penelope, m. William-Earle Welby,
of Denton, co. Lincoln, (created a bart. of
Great Britain, 27 June 1801,) andrf. in 1771'
10. Catharine, d.unm.', 11. Anne.

12. Frances, m. the rev. Randolph
Crewe, and d. 25 Nov. 1814.

13. LrcY, m. James Gordon, esq.

14. Mary, m. Simon Gordon, esq.

Sir John ?»., 2dly, in 1772, Augusta Beau-
mont, by whom (who re-m., 1780, Peregrine
Courtenay, esq.,) he had no issue.

Sir John rf. 1 June 1777> and was succeed-
ed bv his eldest surviving son,

VII. The rev. sir STEPHEN, who, in
Aug. 1779, m. Mary, only da. and h. of
Richard Bennet, of Farmcot, esq., (who d.
1 June 1812.)

Sir Stephen d. 1 April 1780, and was suc-
ceeded by his only and posthumous son,

1780, m., 11 April 1806, the hon. Mary Ne-
ville, da. of Richard-Aldworth, lord Bray-
brooke, (by Catharine, sister of George, 1st
marquess of Buckingham, K.G.,) and by
her had issue,

1. Sir Stephev-Richard, present bart.

2. Henry, b. 9 Sept. 1810.

3. Catharine, b. Jan. 1812.

4. Mary, b. 22 July 1813.

Sir Stephen-Richard d. at Nice, 5 March
1815, and was succeeded by his eldest son,


Arms— See Plate 10. Quarterly, 1st and
4th, argent, an eagle displayed,' with two
heads, sable ; 2d and 3d, argent, three
brands, ragule, sable, fired, proper i on an
escocheon of pretence, argent, a human leg,
couped at the thigh, sable.

Crest — An eagle's head, erased, sable, hold-
ing in the beak a brand ragule, sable, fired,

Seat — Hawarden Castle, co. Flint.

CLAVERING, of Axwell, co. Durham.

5 June 1601.

Sir THOMAS-JOHN CLAVERING, Baronet, born G April I77I,
succeeded his uncle, sir Thomas, 14 Oct. I'id-i ; married, 21 Aug. 1791,
Clara, da. of John de Gallais de la Bernardine, (by his lady, Petronella,)
the count de la Sable, of Anjou, in I'rance, by whom he has 6 children.


-2. Clara-AxxA"

1. James, b. 12 Feb. 1793, rf. 23 Jan.
IMartha, b. 7 Feb. 1794, m., 12 Feb. 1820, general de Knyff, of Brussels;

3. Agatha-Catherixe, b. b Aug. 1795,

m., 8 Feb. 1821,

the baron



Thomas-CharleSj b. 5 Oct. 1796, d.
Augustus-George, b. 24 Jan. 1799, d. March

de Montfaucon, of Avignon ;

17 June 1802; 5

1802; G. WILLIAM-ALOYZIUS, b. 21 Jan. 1800.

Eustace, a noble Norman, was the first of
this ancient family. lie had 2 sons, who
came into England with William the Con-
queror; the elder was Serlo de Burgo, who
built the castle of Knaresborough, and d.
without issue.

John Monoculus, the 2d son, heir to his
brother, had 3 sons, 1. Pagan, who d. with-
out issue; 2. Eustace; and 3. William;
these 3 brothers were living 1133, 33 Hen. I.,
and were witnesses to the royal foundation
of the priory of Cirencester, in Gloucester-

From Eustace, the eldest surviving son,

1. Sir JAMES, created a bart. 5 June
1661, m. Jane, da. and h. of Charles Mad-
dison, of Sutwell Side, co. Durham, esq.,
by whom he had 13 children, whereof only
2 survived and m.

1. John, to. Dorothy, da. of Henry Sa-
vile, esq., and d. in his father's lifetime,
leaving issue,

1. Sir James, 2d bart.

2. Sir JoH.v, 3d bart.

3. Sir Francis, 5th bart.

4. Sarah, m. Edward Harrison.

5. Dorothy, m. Charles Waite.

6. Anne, m. Hawksley.

7. Elizabeth, d. unm,

2. James, of Greencroft, co. Durham, m.
Jane, da. and co-h. of Benjamin Ellison,
esq., merchant, and had 2 sons, sir James,
6th bart. ; and Benjamin, who d. an infant ;
and 6 das., of whom Jane, the eldest, m.
Thomas Liddell, esq., father of Henry, lord
Ravens worth.

Sir James was succeeded by his grandson,

II. Sir JAMES, the eldest son of John,
m. Elizabeth, da. of sir William Middieton,
of Belsay Castle, co. Northumberland, bart.,
by whom he had 2 sons, who d. infants,
and a da., m. Nicholas Fenwick, esq. Sir
James dying without issue male, was suc-
ceeded by his brother,

III. Sir JOHN, m. Jane, da, of Robert
Mallabor, by whom he had,

1. John, d. an infant. -

2. Sir James, 4th bart.

3. Alice, m. lord Windsor.

4. Elizabeth, m., 21 April 1737, .lames,
viscount Dunkerron, only son of Henry, 1st
earl of Shelburne, and rf. 11 Aug. 1742.

Sir John was succeeded by his only son,

IV. Sir JAMES, who d. abroad on his
travels, 1726, and was succeeded by his

V. Sir FRANCIS, m. Susan, da. of

.Sells, by whom he had no issue, and dying
31 Dec. 1738, was succeeded by

VI. Sir JAMES, eldest son of James, 2d
surviving son of sir James, 1st bart., h. 1
Sept. 1676, m., 1st, Catharine, da. of Tho-
mas Yorke, esq., by whom he had,

1. Sir Thomas, 7th bart.

2. George, of Greencroft, h. 19 Oct. 1719,
TO., 1st, 1746, Elizabeth, da. of ■ Brow-
ell, 2dly, Mary, relict of sir John Pole, bart.,
who d. 3 March 1776, by whom he had issue,

1. Sir Thomas-John, present bart.

2. Catharine, d. unm., 29 April 1785.
He m., 3dly, 1777, Peggy, da. of the rev.

John Ellison, and d. suddenly, 23 May 1794.

3. Sir John, K.B., lieut.-gen. of his ma-
jesty's forces, col. .52d rcgt. of foot, 2d in
council and commander-in-chief of the forces
in Bengal, and governor of Berwick; he to.,
9 Nov. 1756, Diana West, da. of John, 13th
baron, and 1st earl Delawarr, by Charlotte
Macarthy, da. of Donogh, earl of Clancarty,
(which title is extinct,) who d. 1766, by
whom he had issue,

1. Charles, who, 'n 1800, to. Diana, da.
of Robert Adair, esq., by whom he has 1
da., Diana, b. 18(11, m., 30 Sept. 182(»,
lieut.-col. James Elphinstone, 3d son of
the hon. James Elphinstone.

2. Henry, brigadier-general in the army,
m. Augusta Campbell, da. of John, 5th
duke of Argyle, and has issue, Charlotte-
Catharine, sole da., m., 27 Dec. 1817i Miles
Fletcher, esq., advocate.

3. Maria-Margaret, m., 13 April 1784,
Francis, 7th lord Napier, and d, 29 Dec.

4. Charlotte, m., April 1783, sir Thomas
Pechell, bart.

5. Caroline, w. the right honourable sir
John Borlase Warren, bart., G.C.B. and
K.C., and d. 30 Sept. 1815.

Sir John m., 2dly, Catharine, da. of Thomas
Yorke, of Richmond, esq., by whom he had
no issue, and d. at Calcutta, 30 Aug. 1777.

Sir James m., 2dly, Elizabeth, da. of Lionel
Vane, of Long Newton, co. Durham, esq.,
who d. 1747, by whom he had no issue. He
d. 18 May 1748, and was succeeded by his
eldest son,

VII. Sir THOMAS, LL.D., to. Martha,
da. of Joshua Douglas, of Newcastle, who
d, 16 Aug. 1792, without issue. Sir Thomas
d. 14 Oct. 1794, and was succeeded by his

VIII. Sir THOMAS-JOHN, present bart.
Arms — See Plate 10. Quarterly, or, and

gules, a bend, sable.

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet, or, a demi-
lion issuant, azure.

Seats — At Axwell, Whitehouse, and Green-
croft, aU CO. Durham.

STANLEY, of IIooton, co. Chester.
17 June IGGl.

his brother, sir Massey, in 1803 ; mcwried, Jan. I8O0, I\lary, only child of
sir Carnaby Hagcjerston, of Llagtrerston Castle, co. Durham, bart., and

has issue, 1. WILLIAM-TIHyjMAS, L 1807; 2. Maria-Frances,

b. 1808, m., 2 Aug. 1832, sir Richard-Bulkeley AVilliams-liulkeley, bart. ;

3. Rowland, h. 1809, took, by royal sign manual, 2G June 1820, the

name and arms of Erriiiylon only, pursuant to the will of Henry P^rrington,


of Red Rice, co. Southampton, esq. ; 4. John, 5. 1810 ;•

b. 1813, d. at Syra, in Greece, 15 Sept. 1834.

-5. Charles,

Thi3 is the elder branch of the house of
Stanley, earls of Derby. Sir William
Stanley, of Stanley, temp. Edw. III., had
2 sons, 1. sir William, who acquired the
estate of Hooton by marriage with Mar-
garet, da. and h. of William de Hooton;
and 2. sir John, K.G., ancestor of the earls
of Derby. Eleventh in lineal descent from
sir William was,

1. Sir WILLIA:M, 1st bart., m. Charlotte,
eldest da. of Richard, 1st viscount Moly-
neux, of Ireland, by whom he had,

1. William, d. v.'p.

2. Sir Rou'LAND, 2d bart.

3. Richard; 4. John.

5. Mary, m. sir John Gage, bart.

6. Charlotte; 7- Philip.
8. Ag.ves.

Sir William was succeeded by his eldest sur-
viving son,

11. Sir ROWLAND, m. Anne, da. of Cle-
ment Paston, of Bemingham, co. Norfolk,
esq., by whom {who d. March 1G93) he had,

1. Mary, m. Charles Harrington, of
Heighton-Hey, co. Lancaster, esq.

2. Anxk; S.Charlotte.

4. Sir William, 3d bart.

5. Rowland.

6. Dorothy ; 7. Elizabeth.

8. Winifred.

9. Rowland.

10. Catharine; 11. Agnes.

12. Catharine, m. Robert Blundell,

Sir Rowland d. ISlay 1737, and was suc-
ceeded bv his eldest son,

III. Sir WILLIAM, m. Catharme, da. of
Rowland Eyre, of Hassop, co. Derby, esq.,
by whom he had,

1. Sir Rowland, 4th bart.

2. WiLLiAai.

3. Elizabeth, who rf. young.

4. Sir John-Stanley-Massey, 6th bart.

5. Henry-; 6. Anne.

7- Thomas, in holy orders, (who took the
surname of Massey, being a<lopted h. to
William Massey, esq.,) and d. in 18U5.

8. Charles; 9. James.
Sir William was succeeded by his eldest

IV. Sir ROWLAND, m. Elizabeth, eldest
da. and h. of Thomas Parry, of Pyrthy-
mean, co. Flint, esq., who d. 1701, and left.

besides other children who d. young,

1. William, 5th bart.

2. Elizabeth, m., Sept. 1793, Charles-
Haggerston Constable, esq., who thereupon
took the surname of Stanley ; she d. 23
June 1797-

He was succeeded bv his son,

V. Sir WILLIAM,' m. Barbara, da. of
John Townley, of Townley, co. Lancaster,
esq., and dying, 1/92, without issue, was
succeeded by his uncle,

son of sir William, 3d bart., (who assumed
the additional surname of Massey, under
the will of the said sir William Massey, as
his 2d adopted h., and the additional sur-
name of Sfnnle!/, under the will of his ne-
phew, sir William) ; m, Mary, da. of Tho-
mas Clifton, of Lytham, co. Lancaster, esq.,
and by her (who rf. 21 May 1770) hatl,

1. William, b. 1750, d. s.p.

2. Sir Thomas, 7th bart.

3. John, b. 170<!, d. loun. 1790.

4. Mary, m. 1772, Thomas Weld, esq.
Sir John d. at Hooton, 24 Nov. 1794, and
was succeeded by his onlv son,

SEY, ?H. Catharine, da. of William Salvin,
of Croxdale, co. Durham, esq., and had

1. Sir William, 8th bart.

2. Sir Thomas, 9lh bart.

3. John.

4. Catharine, m., 25 April 1809, Wil-
liam Blundell, of Crosby-hall, co. Lancaster,

5. CHARLr:s, liu, 22 Oct. 1829, Barbara,
da. of sir Edward Mostyn, of Talacre, bart.

6". James; 7- Henry'.
Sir Thomas rf. at York, 19 Feb. 1795, and
was succeeded by his son,

SEY, d. a minor, and was succeeded by his
next brother,

SEY, present bart.

yj/ws— See Plate 10. Argent, on a bend,
azure, three stags' heads, caboshed, or.

Crest— \ stag's head and neck, couped,
argent, attired, or, the tongue hanging out,

Scat— Uooton, in the hundred of Wire-
hall, CO. Chester.


CO. Caernarvon.

17 June 1G61.

M.P. for Anglesey ; born 23 Sept. 1801 ; took the surname of Bulkeley in
addition to and after that of WilHams, by royal sign manual, 26 June
1827 ; married, 1st, 27 May 1828, Charlotte-Mary, eldest da. of William-
Lewis, lord Dinorben, by whom (who d. 11 May 1829) he had no issue.
Sir Richard m., 2dly, 2 Aug. 1832, Maria-Frances, only da. of sir Thomas-

Stanlev-Massev Stanley, of Hooton, co. Chester, bart., and has issue,

1. A SON, b.'20 Mav'l833.

This family is lineally descended from
Marchudd ap Cynan, lord' of Abergeleu, in
Denbighshire, of one of the fifteen tribes
of North Wales, who lived in the time of
Rodri Mawr, (Roderic the Great,) king of

the Britons.

Robert Williams, of Pen-yr-alt, near
Bangor, esq., tn. Elizabeth, da. of Griffith
ap John, of Cefnamwich, esq., sheriff of
Caeniarvon, 1590, by whom he had,



1. Sir Griffith, Istbart.

2. Catharine, m. dr. Hugh Griffith,
chancellor of Bangor.

3. Eleanor, m. Thomas Griffiths, of
LUvnglyn, near Caerways, co. Flint, esq.

His only son,

I. Sir GRIFFITH, of Penryhn, was
created a bart., as above, sheriff co. Caer-
narvon, Kiol and l(i()2, m. Gwen, da. of
Hugh Bodwrda, of Bodwrda, co. Caernar-
von, esq., by whom he had issue, besides
other children, who d. young,

1. Sir Robert, 2d bart.

2. Sir Hugh, 5th bart.

3. Edjiund, m. Mary, da. of William
Wood, of Tal-y-Uyn, co. Anglesea, and had

1. Gwen, 7n. Richard Sherburne, of Lan-
cashire, esq.

2. Griffith, who was a col. in the army,
m. Margaret, da. of Robert Williams, of

Rod, esq., and had issue by her, 1. Sir

Hugh, 8th bart.; 2. Dorothy ; 3.


4. John, d. s.p.

5. Griffith, d. unm.

6. Roger.

7. Eleanor, m. Robert Coetmore, of
Coetmore, esq.

8. Dorothy, m. John Jeffries, of Acton,

U. Catharine, 7)i. John Bodwrda, esq.

10. Gaynor, d. unm.

11. Grace, m. Cadwallader Wynne, of
Voelas, esq.

12. Elizabeth, m. Henry Rowlands, of
Llwynbedw, esq.

Sir Griffith d. 1603, and was succeeded by
his eldest son,

II. Sir ROBERT, m., 1st, Jane, 2d da. of
sir John Glynne, knt., chief justice of the
Common Pleas, by whom he had,

1. Sir John, 3d bart.

2. Sir Griffith, 4th bart.

3. Frances, ?h., 1st, Robert Lloyd, esq. ;
2diy, lord Edward Russell, son of the duke
of Bedford.

4. Anne, m. Thomas Warburton, of Win-
nington, esq.

5. Gwen, m. sir Walter Yonge, of Escott,
CO. Devon, bart.

Sir Robert, m., 2dly, Frances, da. of sir
Edward Barkham, of Norfolk, knt., but
had no issue by her. He d. 1678, and was
succeeded by his son,

III. Sir JOHN, d. unm., 1683, and was
succeeded by his brother,

IV. Sir GRIFFITH, who also d. a bache-
lor, and the estate of Penrhyn went to the
eldest sister, Frances, then wife of lord Ed-
ward Russell, and after her death was di-
vided between her sisters, Anne and Gwen.
He was succeeded in the title by his uncle,

V. Sir HUGH, of Marie, (M son of sir

Griffith,) m. Jane, da. of Vaughan, of

Pantglass, esq., (who was killed before Hop-
ton Castle, in the time of Charles I.) He
was succeeded by his only surviving son,

VI. Sir GRIFFITH, m. Catharine, da.

and h. of Owen Anwyl, and by her (who d.
1729) had,

1. Sir iioEERT, 7th bart.

2. Annk, m., 1st, sir Thomas Prender-
gast, bart., of Gort, co. Galway, post-mas-
ter-general of Ireland ; 2dly, capt. Terence

Sir Griffith d. July 1734, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

VH. Sir ROBERT, who d. a bachelor,
Nov. 1745, and was succeeded by his 2d cou-

VIII. Sir HUGH, son of Griffith, son of
Edmund, 3d son of sir Griffith Williams,
the 1st bart. as above mentioned ; m. Emma,
da. and h. of Thomas Rowlands, of Nant,

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