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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 29 of 95)
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5. Margaret, m. col. Suckling.

6. Mary, m. Lane.

7. Elizabeth, m. Adam Banks.

8. Anne, d. single.

9. Philippa, m. dr. Edward Wetenhall,
lord bishop of Cork and Ross, and after-
wards of Kilmore and Ardagh.

Sir William d. 1677> and was succeeded by
his son,

II. Sir WILLIAM, who was knighted
1664, in the lifetime of his father; (he was
one of the tellers of the exchequer;) m.

Mary, da. of Hadley, esq., (sister to

the 1st wife of Arthur Herbert, earl of Tor-
rington,) by whom he had,

1. Sir Edmund, 3d bart.

2. Henry, d. an infant.

3. Hadlky, m. Elizabeth, da. of

Yallop, son of sir Robert Yallop, knt., by
whom he had,

1. Edward, m. the relict of Budd,

esq., and d. about 1732, without issue.

2. John, m. in .Jamaica, where he d.
about 1746, leaving a da., ?h. Cargill.

3. Sir Hadley, 5th bart.

4. Thomas, who d. in 1761, having had,
by Jane, da. of Richard Walker, of Pet-
worth, CO. Sussex, esq., 1. lid ward ;
2. Elizabeth; 3. Jaiie;A. Mary; 5. John;
6. Thomas ; 7. Hadley ; 8. Jane: the last 5
all d. young.

5. Mary, m. Henry Benfield, esq.

4. Rorert; 5. George, d. infants.
6. Mary.

He was succeeded by his eldest son,

III. Sir EDMUND, m. Dorothy, da. of
Philip Bedingfield,of Ditchingham, co. Nor-
folk, esq., (who d. 17 18,) by whom he had,

1. Sir Edmund, 4th bart.

2. William, d. 1737, unm.

3. Jane, d. young, 1699.
SirEdmimd d. Oct. 1760, and was succeeded
by his only surviving son,

IV. Sir EDMUND, who, dying in 1763
itnm., was succeeded by his cousin,

V. Sir HADLEY, 3d son of Hadley, 3d
son of sir William, 2d bart. ; he was rector
of Wooton and Felix Stow, co. Suifolk ; m.

Henrietta Maynard, da. of the rev. ,

Osborn, vicar of Thaxted, co. Essex, by
whom he had,

1. Sir John-Hadley, 6th bart.

2. Hadley.

3. Elizabrth, d. 26 Jan. 1818.

4. Catharine ; .5. Harriet.
6. Charlotte; 7. Anne.

Sir Hadley d. June 1765, and was succeeded
by his son,

VI. Sir JOHN-HADLEY, a senior mer-
chant on the Bengal Establishment, b. Jan.
1754, ?»., March 1780, Diana, da. of VVilliam
Rochfort, esq., brother of Robert, 1st earl
of Belvedere, relict of William Coats, of
Calcutta, esq., and by her (who d. 6 Sept.
li!()3) had issue,

1. Sir Charles, present bart.

2. Maynard, /»., 6 March 1805, Walter
Farqiihar, esq., youngest son of sir Walter
Farcpshar, bart.; who d. at St. Helena, 9
Feb. 1813.

3. ILvrrikt, »(. George Baring, esq., son
of sir Francis Baring, bart.

4. Maynard.

.'>. Joiin-Hadlky, magistrate and col-
lector of Midnapovc, in the East Indies, m.,
Dec. 1819, Charlotte, da. of Gcorge-Nesbitt
Thomjison, of Penton Lodge, Hants, esq.,
sonic time secretary to the right hon.
Warren Hastings when governor-general of

Sir John-Hadley dropped the e in his



name; d. at Calcutta Jan, 1818, and was
succeeded by his eldest son,

VII. Sir CHARLES, present bart.

Amis — See Plate 11. Gules, three bucks'

heads, caboshed, argent.
Crest — A buck's head, as in the arras.
Motto — Do no ijll, quoth (TOyle,

PENNYM AN, of Ormsby, in Cleveland, co. York.

22 Feb. 1663-4.

Sir WILLIAM-HENRY PENNYM AN, Baronet, succeeded his father,
sir James, 27 jMarch 1808 ; married Charlotte, da. of Bethel Robinson, of

Calwick, in Holderness, co. York, esq.

This family appears to have been settled
at Ormsby at "least as early as tne IGth cen-
tury. James Penn\Tnan, of Ormsby, esq.,
living 1599, had a natural son, William, who
was a master in Chancery, and father of sir
William Pennyman, governor of Oxford for
king Charles I., who was created a bart.
1643, but d. s.p., when that title became ex-
tinct. James Pennyman left also a legiti-
mate son, James, whose son and heir,

I. Sir JA?kIES, was created a bart. as
above, m. Elizabeth, da. and co-h. of Ste-
phen Nortcliff, esq., and d. lb'80, leaving
issue by her a son and heir,

II. Sir THOMAS, m. Frances, da. of sir
John Lov.-ther, (grandfather to James, earl
of Lonsdale, K.G.,) lord privy-seal to king
William, by whom he had,

1. Sir James, 3d bart.

2. John; 3. Thomas; 4. William.
5. Charles; 6. Henry.

7. Elizabeth; 8. Catharine.

III. Sir JAMES, his eldest son, succeeded
his father 1708; m. Mary, da. of Michael
Warton, of Beverley, co. York, esc]., (by
Susanna, da. of John, lord Poulet,) by
whom he had,

1. James, m. Dorothy, da. of dr. William
Wake, archbishop of Canterbury, and d. in
his father's lifetime, 1743, without issue.

2. Sir William, 4th bart.

3. Thomas.

4. Sir Warton - Pennyman -Warton,
5th bart.

5. Ralph, m. and had issue, sir James,
6th bart.

6. Catherine.

7. Elizabeth, both d. num.

Sir James d. 17 Nov. 1745, and was succeeded
by his eldest surviving son,

IV. Sir V.'ILLIAM, who d. unm. 17 April
1768, and was succeeded by his brother,

TON, ?h. Charlotte, da. of sir Charles Ho-
tham, of Scarborough, co. York, bart., by
whom he had 2 sons and 9 das., of whom

only 6 das. survived, viz.,

1. Charlotte, m. Francis, son of sir
Francis Boynton, bart.

2. Mary, »;. William Berry, esq.

3. Margaret, m. Henry Haister, esq.

4. Harriot, m. Henry Stapylton, esq.

5. Caroline, »n. Roger Gee, of Bishop-
Burton, CO. York, esq.

6. Diana, nt. general George Hotham,
(brother of William, lord Hotham, and
great uncle of Beaumont, present lord Ho-
tham,) who d. 16 Dec. 1769.

Sir Warton d. 14 Jan. 1770, without issue
male, and was succeeded by his nephew,

VI. Sir JAMES, served in 4 parliaments
for the borough of Beverley, m. Elizabeth,
da. of sir Henry Grey, of Howick, co. Nor-
thumberland, bart., and by her (who d. 14
Sept. 1815) had issue,

1. Sir William-Henry, present bart.

2. James; 3. Ralph; 4. Kenry-Grev,
5. Charles; 6. Frederick; all of whom
d. during the lifetime of their father.

7. Elizabeth; 8. Hannah.

9. Charlotte, ?n., Feb. 1805, Charles,
sen of sir George Robinson, bart. ; and
2dly, 1812, John-George Boss, esq., R.N.,
and d. 11 Sept. 1832.

10. Frances-Harriot, m., 1st, 29 Nov.
1808, Charles-John Berkeley, M.D., of Be-
verley, CO. York; and 2dly, 26 Aug. 182(»,
J. W. C. Robinson, esq.

Sir James d. 27 March 1808, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

VII. Sir WILLIAM - HENRY, present

Arms — See Plate 11. Gules, a chevron,
ermine between three half spears, broken,
the staff or, head argent.

Crest — Out of a mural crown, gules, a
lion's head, erased, or, pierced through the
neck with a broken spear, as in the arms.

Motto — Fortitei' et fideUter.

Seats — At Ormsby'and Thornton, both in
Cleveland, in the North Riding, co. York.

LORRAINE, of Kirk-Harle, co. Northumberland.

26 Sept. 1664.

Sir WILLIAM LORRAINE, Baronet, born 9 April 1801, succeeded
his father, sir Charles, 18 Jan. 1833.

Robert, the first of this family in Eng-
land, came over with William the Con-
queror ; and, as well for his service in
that expedition as afterwards against ISIal-
colm, king of the Scots, was rewarded with
lands CO. Durham. Kirk-Harle came into
the family temp. Hen. IV., by the marriage
of William Lorrahie, with Johanna, heiress
of William del Strother : the ancestor of

this Stiofher got the estate of Wallington,
by marriage \\'ith Joanna, da. and sole heir-
ess of Robert, of Wallington East and Wal-
lington AVest, as is expressed in ancient

I. Sir THOMAS, 1st bart., wi. Grace, eldest
da. of sir Vv'illiam Fenwick, of Wallington,
bart., and sister of sir John Fenwick, bart.,
who was attainted temp, William III. ; by

G 2



whom he had 14 sons and 5 das., d. Jan.
1717. and was succeeded by his eldest son,

II. Sir WILLIAM. He was of Lincoln's
Inn, and practised some years as a barrister ;
>«., 1st, Elizabeth, da. of sir John Law-
rence, knt., alderman and lord mayor of
London (who d. s.p.) ; he m., 2dly, Anne,
only da. of Richard Smith, of Preston, co.
Bucks, esq., by whom he had 5 sons and 4
das. Sir William d. 24 Jan. 1743, fet. 84,
and was succeeded by his only surviving

III. Sir CHARLES, m., 1st, Margaret,
da. of Ralph Lambton, of Lambton-Hall,
CO. Durham, esq., (who d. 30 June 1746,) by
whom he had,

i. Dorothy, d. an infant.
He m., 2dly, Dorothy, da. of Ralph Milott,
of Whitehall, co. Durham, esq., (who d.
March 1787,) by whom he had,

2. Sir Wii.LiAiM, 4th bart.

3. Charles, (who took the name of
Smith,) m. Elizabeth-Anne, da. of William
Skrine, of Westminster, by whom he had
two sons,

1. Charles-Crayle, b. 19 Feb. 1782, who
d. young.

2. Lorraine, b. 20 Feb. 1784.

4. Lambton, in holy orders, »?. Isabella,
2d surviving da. of sir Launcelot Algood,
of Ximwick, co. Northumberland, by whom
he had,

1. Dorothy- Jane.

2. Elizabeth, w. lieut.-col. John Bald-

.". Richard - Lambton, R.N., d. unm.
Sept. 1801.

4. Isabella-Charlotte.

5. Georgiana.

5. James-Thomas, m., 1777, Margaret,
da. of John Haigh, of Hightown, co. York,
esq., by whom he had,

1. Eleanor-Susan; 2. Jemima.

3. Margaret.

Sir Charles d. 2!) April 1775, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

IV. Sir WILLIAM, m., 10 Oct. 177C,,
Hannah, eldest surviving da. of sir Launce-
lot Algood, of Nunwick, co. Northumber-
land, knt., (who d. 17!>7,) and had issue,

1. Sir Charles, 5th bart.

2. William, of Newcastle, b. 10 Oct-


3. John-Lambtox, b. 31 July 1784.

4. Edward-Fenwick, b. 15 Oct. and d.
Dec. 1786.

5. Jane, b. 27 Nov. 1777, d. July 1789.

6. Isabella, b. 8 March 1782, m., 29
Nov. 1811, Thomas Eminerson Headlam,
of Newcastle-on-Tyne, M.D.

7. Anne-Eliza, b. 22 Dec. 1789.

8. Henrietta, b. 15 April 1793.

Sir William m., 2dly, 5 Nov. 1799, Frances,
da. and sole h. of Francis Campart, of Ken-
sington, CO. Middlesex, esq., by whom (who
d. 21 Oct. 1811) he had issue,

9. Henry-James, 6. 18 Sept. 1801.

10. Edward, b. 9 Nov. 1803.

11. Vincent, b. and d. 1806.

12. Frances-Vere, 6. 12 Aug. 1800, m.,
8 Nov. 1829, William-Henry Ord, esq., only
son of William Ord, of Whitfield-Hall, co.
Northumberland, esq.

13. Caroline, b. 28 Aug. 1802.

14. Emily, b. 16 March 1810, m., 15 Jan.
1833, Charles-Bacon Grey, of Styford, co.
Northumberland, esq.

Sir William d. 19 Dec. 1809, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

V. Sir CHARLES, b. 10 April 1779, w.,24
June 1800, Elizabeth, only da. of Vincent
Campart, of St. Marylebone, co. Middlesex,
esq., by whom (who d.5 Aug. 1829) he had

1. Sir William, present bart.

2. Isabella Elizabeth, 6. 14 Aug. 1805,
m., 19 Nov. 1828, rev. John Bell, B.A., of
University College, Oxford.

3. Charles Vincent, 6. 20 July 1807.

4. Henry Claude, b. 4 April 1812.

Sir Charles d. 18 Jan. 1833, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

VI. Sir WILLIAM, present and 6th bart.

Arms — See Plate 11. Argent, five lo-
zenges conjoined in pale, azure; in the
dexter chief point, an escocheon of the

Crest — A palm-tree proper ; hanging to
the dexter side thereof by a belt, gules,
edged and bvickled, or, a shield, azure.

Motto — haiiro scutoque resurt^o.

Seat— At Kirk-Harle, co. Northumber-

BIDDULPH, of Westcombe, co. Kent.

2 Nov. 1GG4.

Sir THEOPHILUS BIDDULPH, Baronet, succeeded his father, sir
Theophilus, 1801 ; married Hannah, da. of Edward Prestridge, esq., by

whom he has, 1. THEOPHILUS, w., 12 April 1825, Jane-Rebecca,

2d da. of Robert Vyner, of Easthorpe, co. AVarwick, esq.; 2. Charles;

3. Edwaiid ; 4. Chaklotte ; 5. Frances-Anne, m., 9

June 1810, Captain William Parker, R.N. ; 6. S1310N ; 7' Henry,

in holy orders, m., 1 July 1834, Enmia-Susan, only da. of J. Nuttall, of
AV'orley Bank, Worcester, esq.

This ancient family, originally of co.
Stafford, is denominated from Biddidph, a
village in the north part of that county, of
which they have been lords from the Con-

I. Sir THEOPHILUS, 1st bart., m. Su-
sanna, da. of Zachary Highland, alderman
of London, by whom he had issue,

1. Sir Mi( hael, 2d bart.

2. Theophilus, d. 20 May 1650, unm.

3. John.

4. Simon, of Birdingbury, co. Warwick,

m. Jane, eldest da. of Edward Birch, esq.,
serjeant-at-law, by whom he had,

1. Edward, whom. Anne, eldest da. of
Edward, 2d son of serjcant Birch, by
whom he had, 1. sir Thkoi'hilus, 4th
bart. ; 2. Kdirard ; .3. John ; 4. William ;
5. Charles; (>. Ja>ic ; 7- Anne,

2. John, m. Jane, da. of Thomas Birch,
esq., oldest son of serjeant Birch.

3. Michael, who had one da., Jane,
wife of the late Theoi)hilus Biddulph.

4. Charles, of London.



5. Walter, who had one son, and seve-
ral das. : one m. the rev. James Capper ;
another m. the rev. mr. Greaves; and a
third m. Samuel-Pipe Wolferstan, esq. ;
Susanna; Jane; Mary; Anne; Mar-

5. Elizabeth, m. sir John Napier, bart.

6. Susanna, m. sir Edward Littleton, of
Pillaton Hall, co. Stafford, bart.

7. Mary.

8. Rachel, m. sir William Basset, of
Claverton, co. Somerset, knt.

Sir Theophilus was succeeded by his
eldest son,

II. Sir MICHAEL, m., 1st, Henrietta-
Maria, da. of Colonel Richard Whitley, by
whom he had issue,

1. Sir Theophilus, 3d bart.

2. Sijsanna; 3. Charlotte.

He m., 2dly, Elizabeth, da. of William
D'Oyley, esq., who d. April 1740, by whom
he had issue,

1. Arabella; 2. Sarah; 3. Bridget.
Sir Michael rf. 20 April 1718, and was suc-
ceeded bv his only son,

III. Sir THEOPHILUS, m. Carew, da.

of sir Charles Lyttleton, of Frankley, co.
Worcester, bart., (ancestor of the barons
Lyttleton, in England, and Westcote, in
Ireland,) who d. 18 April 1741, by whom he
had no issue. Ue d. 16 May 1743, and was
succeeded by

IV. Sir THEOPHILUS, eldest son of
Edward, son of Simon Biddulph, of Bird-
ingbury, 4th son of the 1st bart. ; m. Jane,
only child of Michael, son of the above-men-
tioned Simon, by whom (who d. 14 Aug.
1818) he had issue,

1. Sir Theophilus, present bart.

2. John, m. Sophia, da. of the rev. sir
Charles Wheler, bart., by whom he has

3. William.

4. Jane, rf.

5. Susanna ; 6. Elizabeth,
7. Charlotte-Mabella.

Sir Theophilus d. 1801, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

V. Sir THEOPHILUS, the present bart.
Arms — See Plate 11. Vert, an eagle, dis-
played, argent.

Seat — At Bisbury, co. Warwick.

SMYTH, of Upton, co. Essex.

30 March 1065.

Sir GEORGE-HENRY SMYTH, Baronet, succeeded his father, sir
Robert, 12 April 1802; iom 30 Jan. 1784; married, 20 July 1815, Eve,
daughter of G. Elmore, of Penton, co. Hants.

L Sir ROBERT SMYTH, citizen of
London, b. 1594, was created a bavt. as
above, jn. Judith, da. of Nicholas Walmis-
ley, esq., brother to the lord chief justice of
that name, by whom he had issue,

1. Sir Robert, 2d bart.

2. James, from whom are descended the
Smyths of Isfield, co. Sussex.

3. Anthony, who rf. without issue.

4. Hester, m. Robert Fleetwood, esq.

5. Judith, m. Thomas Brand, esq.

6. Anne, m. William Palmer, esq.

7. Mary, m. sir Edward Selwyn, knt.
Sir Robert m., 2dly, Rebecca, da. of sir
William-Rowney, sheriff of London, by
whom he had issue,

8. Margaret, m. Granado Pigot, of
Abington, co. Cambridge.

9. Rebecca, nu William Robinson, of

Sir Robert d. 12 June 1669, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

II. Sir ROBERT, m. Jane, eldest da. of
John Traffbrd, esq., by whom he had isue,

1. Sir Robert, 3d bart.

2. James, of the Middle Temple, barris-

3. Jane, m. John Pyott, esq.

IIL Sir ROBERT, successor to his father,
was member of parliament for Ando\'er,
i695, and 711. Anne, da. of Henry White-
head, esq., by whom he had issue,

1. Trafford, of the Middle Temple,
barrister-at-law, who m., 1st, Conway, da.
and h. of Thomas Hackett, bishop of i)own
and Connor, by whom he had,

1. Sir Trafford, 4th bart.

2. Robert, who d. without issue.

3. James, who m. Mary, grandda. of sir

William Honywood, bart., by whom he
had one da., Jane, who d. without issue.

4. John, who d. without issue.

5. Conway, m. Hugh Mills, gent.
Trafford Smith, esq., m., 2cUy, Anne,

niece to sir John Whatton, knt., by whom
he left no issue, and d. Jan. 1731-2.

2. Robert, 2d son of sir Robert, was
vicar of Woolavington and East Dean, co.
Sussex, Hi. Dorothy, da. of Thomas Lloyd,
esq., of North Wales, by whom he had

Sir Robert, 5th bart.

3. Henry, ?n. Elizabeth, da. of Edward
Pattle, merchant, by whom he had,

1. Robert; 2. James.
3. Elizabeth ; 4. Anne ; 5. Jane.
Sir Robert d. 29 Jan. 1744, and was suc-
ceeded by his grandson,

IV. Sir TRAFFORD, who d. nnm., 8
Dec. 1765, when the title devolved on his

V. Sir ROBERT, b. 10 Jan. 1744, some
time M.P. for Colchester, m., 20 Sept. 1776,

, da. of ■ Blake, esq., and by her

(who survived him, and d. 4 Feb. 1823) had

1. Sir George-Henry, present bart.

2. Louisa, b. 1782, m. Thomas Este, esq.

3. Charlotte, b. 1783, m., at Paris, 1803,
Charles Este, esq.

Sir Robert d. 12 April 1802, and was suc-
ceeded bv his son,

VI. Sir GEORGE-HENRY, present bart-
^rm*— See Plate 11. Azure, two bars,

wavy, ermine, on a chief, or, demi-lion,
rampant, sable.

Crest— An ostrich's head, erased, with a
horse-shoe in his mouth, proper.

Sea^— At Berechurch Hall, co. Essex.



SHAW, of London.
15 April 1G65.

Sir JOHN-KENWARD SHAW, Baronet, horn 15 March 1783,
ceeded his father, sir John- Gregory, 28 Oct. 1831.


This family was originally of Cheshire.
John Shavve, of London, citizen and vint-
ner, and of Shawe's Court, Southwark, m.
Elizabeth, da. of John Donilaw, of London,
and was father of

1. Sir JOHN, who (besides other con-
siderable rewards) was created a bart., for
the assistance he gave king Charles IL at
Brussels and Antwerp, by lending him large
sums of money during his exile. He was
one of the farmers of the customs; he m.,
1st, Anne, da. of sir Joseph Ashe, knt., by
whom he had issue,

1. Sir John, 2d bart.

2. Elizabeth, d. unm.

He m., 2dly, Bridget, viscountess Kilmorey,
relict of Charles, 4th viscount Kilmorey,
of Ireland, da. and co-h. of sir William
Drury, knt., by whom he had issue,

3. Elizabeth, who rf. unm.

4. Robert, a merchant, d. unm.

5. Charles, of Lincoln's Inn, m. Eliza-
beth, da. and co-h. of Philip Harbord, esq.,
(by Anne, the other da. and co-h. of sir
William Drury, of Besthorp, co. Norfolk,
knt.,) and d. 20 April 1716, leaving issue,

J. John ; 2. Charles.
3. Elizabeth, m. King Gould, esq.
Sir John d. 1 March 1(380, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

II. Sir JOHN, m., 1st, Margery, da. and
h. of sir John Peake, knt., lord mayor of
London, by whom he had issue,

1. Sir John, 3d bart.

2. WiLLiAiM, d. an infant.

3. Sarah, m. William Smith, esq., one
of the six clerks in Chancery.

4. Elizabeth, m. Stephen, son of sir
Abel Ram, of Dublin.

Sir John m., 2dly, Sarah, da. and co-h. of
William Paggen, esq., by whom he had

5. William, of Cheshunt House, co.
Herts, m. Elizabeth, da. and h. of John
Blandy, of Inglewood, co. Berks, esq.

(>. Paggen, a merchant at Smyrna.
7. Peter, a merchant at Aleppo.
!). Judith, m. Richard Arnold, esq., de-
puty secretary at war.

9. Catharine, m., 1st, the rev. Thomas
^Davies Bovey; and 2dly, Jolui Spencer,

esq., paymaster to the E. I. C.

10. Mary.

11. Rebecca, m. George Coldham, sur-

12. Jane.

13. Anne, m. Samuel Tomkins, of Lon-
don, mercer.

Sir John d. 1722, and was succeeded by his
eldest son,

111. Sir JOHN, m., Sept. 171C, Anna-
Maria, eldest da. and co-h. of sir Thomas
Barnardiston, of Brightwell Hall, co. Suf-
folk, bart., (by fAnnc, da. of sir Richard
Rothwell, bart.,) by whom (who </. 174;{) he
had issue,

1. John, (/. an infant.

2. Sir John, 4th bart.

3. Anna-Maria, ;«. Peter Delme, esq.,
son and h. of sir Peter Delme, knt., lord

mayor of London, and d. 24 May 1740.

Sir John d. 4 March 1738-0, and was suc-
ceeded by his only surviving son,

IV. Sir JOHN, D.C.L., b. 22 Nov. 1728,
m., 4 Feb. 1750, Elizabeth, da. of William
Hedges, of Alderston, co. Wilts, esq., by
whom he had issue,

1. John, h. 22 Dec. 1750, and d. 16 May

Sir John »n., 2d]y, 1752, Martha, da. and
h. of John Kenward, of Kenward, co. Kent,
esq., (niece by marriage of the 2d sir Gre-
gory Page,) by whom (who d. his widow
1794) he had issue,

2. Sir John-Gregory, 5th bart.

3. The rev. John-Kenward, vicar of

4. John-Barnardiston, d. young, 1757.
Sir John d. 1779, and was succeeded by his

V. Sir JOHN-GREGORY, h. 25 July
175(5, ?n., 9 March 1782, Theodosia-Mar-
garet, 3d da. of John, 2d lord Monson, by
whom he had,

1. Sir John -Kenward, present bart.

2. Theodosia, d, an infant.

3. Charles, h. 18 Aug. 1785, R.N., rf. 3
May 1829; m., 20 April 1822, Frances-Anne,
4th da. of sir Henry Hawley, bart., by
whom he had issue, a son, h. 30 Dec 1823,
and a da., h. March 1825.

4. Catharink-Elizabeth, 5. 29 Jan.
1787, in., 29 Nov. 1806, sir Henry Hawley,
of Leybourne Grange, co. Kent, bart.

5. Henry-Thomas, h. 21 Feb. 1788, a
lieut.-col. in the army, d. at Madras, 20 June

6. Augusta-Anne, 6. 22 June 1790, d.
unm. 15 June 1833.

7. Theodosia-Martha, h. 28 April 1792,
d. young.

8. Lewis-James, 6. 20 Nov. 1703, d. 15
May 1807.

9. Anne-Maria, h. 12 Dec. 1705, m., 8
May 1819, Maximilian Dallison, esq., of
Hamptons, co. Kent.

10. Emma-Margaret, h. 18 Sept. 1797-

11. HoRATiA, h. 19 May 1709, m., 31 Jan.
1825, the hon. Walter Forbes, capt. in the
Coldstream guards, 2d son of lord Forbes.

12. Charlotte-Susan, h. 23 Feb. 1801,
m., 5 Dec. 1820, John Cornwall, esq., of El-
stead, CO. Surrey, commander R.N.

13. Caroline-Alicia, h. 22 March 1803.

14. Robert-William, 6. 4 Oct. 1804, in
holy orders, m., Feb. 1830, Sophia, young-
est da. of the hon. Mrs. Cornwall.

15. Harriet-Grace, h. 24 April 18<16.
Sir John-Gregory d. 28 Oct. 1831, and was
succeeded by his eldest son,

VI. Sir JOHN-KENWARD, present and
fith bart.

yly);?,s— See Plate 11. Argent, a chevron,
between three fusils, ermines.

Crust — Six arrows, interlaced, saltierwlse,
or, tied together, with a belt, gules, the
buckle and pendant or.

Motto — Vinrit qui paiitur.

.SVy?As— At Eltham Lodge, co. Kent, and
Coitshall, CO. Sulfolk.



DUKINFIELD, of Dukinfteld Hall, co. Chester.

16 June 1GG5.

Sir JOHN-LLOYD DUKINFIELD, Baronet, born 3 Feb. 1785, suc-
ceeded his father, sir Nathaniel, 20 Oct. 1824.

This family appears to have been seated
at Dukinfieid, co. Chester, at least as
early as temp. Edward I.

I. Sir ROBERT, 1st bart., was the son of
Robert Dukinfieid, of Dukinfieid, a cele-
brated officer of the parliamentary army, by
Martha, da. of sir Miles Fleetwood. He ni.,
1st, Jane, da. of sir Thomas Estcourt,knt.,
one of the masters in Chancery, by whom
he had issue,

1. R(>BERT, rf. unm. 1880.

2. Sir CharjuES, 2d bart.

3. John, a merchant of Bristol, ni. a da.
of capt. Andrews, by whom he had several
children, of whom sir Samuel, 4lh bart.,
survived him.

4. Elizabeth, m., 1st, John Molyneux;
and, 2dly, dr. Samuel Done.

5. Anne ; G. Jane.

7. Martha, d. infants or itnm.

Sir Robert m., 2dly, Susanna, da. of Robert
Thompson, of Culpho, co. Suffolk, esq.,
(niece to lord Haversham,) and by her had

8. Robert, to, Anne, da. and one of the
heiresses of John Brown, esq., by whom he

1. Robert; 2. John; 3. William.
4. Robert ; 5. Elizabeth.
C. Susanna.

9. Joseph.

10. Nathaniel, m., 1st, , da. of

John Parrier, a merchant in London, by
whom he had several children, who all d.
tmm. ; and, 2dly, Margaret, da. of mr.
Thomas Jolly, by whom he had,

1. Sir Nathaniel, 5th bart.

2. Robert, d. 1/81.

11. William, m., 1/30, mrs. Patten, re-
lict of mr. Patten, of Warrington.

12. Samuel.
Frances, tn. Thomas Butterworth,


Mary-Anne, m. dr. Coulton.
Susanna; 16. Jane.
Sarah, m. John Redish, of Man-

18. Elizabeth; 19. Catharine.
20. Judith.
Sir Robert d. Nov. 1729, and was succeeded
bv his eldest surviving son,

'11. Sir CHARLES, m., 1st, Mary, da. and
co-h. of M. Hollinshed, of Macclesfield,

CO. Chester, esq., by whom he had five chil-
dren, all d. He m., 2dly, Sarah, da. and h.
of Hewitt Parker, esq., and niece of sir
Samuel Daniel, knt., by whom he had issue,
1. Samuel; 2. Charles; 3. John.

4. Francis, allrf. young.

5. Sir William, 3d bart.

Sir Charles was succeeded by his only surviv-
ing son,

III. Sir WILLIAM, to whom sir Samuel
Daniel, of Over Tabley, left his estates co.
Chester; and who, by act of parliament,
assumed the name of Daniel; m. Penelope,
da. of John Vernon, of Hilton, co. Stafford,
esq., by whom (who m., 2dly, John Astley,
esq.) he had an only da.,

Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 29 of 95)