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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 31 of 95)
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len, da. of Thomas Griffith, of Panty-
Lundy, esq., by whom he had issue, 1. sir
Pi/ers, his successor, m. Lowry, da. of John
Conway, of Botroddan, esq., and d. without
i.ssue; 2. IVillkun; 'X Jane, m. John Eger-
ton, of Egerton and Oulton, co. Chester,
esq. IVilluim, 2d son, and suc(.'essor to his
brother, »/., about ir)40, Anne, sole da. and
h. of Henry ap Harry, of Bassingwarkc, or
Greenfield, with whom he ac(iuired the
houses and lands in the nciglibourhood of
Bassingwarkc Abbey, (which arc still in the
family,) and had issue, Edward, of Bas-
singwarkc, m. Elizabeth, da. of Edward
Morgan, of Golden Grove, esq., and had
John, of Talacre and GrecnfieUl, who by
Anne, da. of Henry Fox, of Lehurst, co.
Salop, esq., was father of

I. Sir EDWAIll), the 1st bart. of this
l)ianch, 711., 1st, Elizabeth, da. of Robert
D )wns, of Bodney, co. Norfolk, esq., by
whom he liad issue,

1. John, d. young.

2. Sir Pyers, 2d bart.

3. John; 4. Edwakd ; 5. Axdrew, alld,

Fettiplaee, esq.


6. Margaret, m.

7. Elizabeth; S.Anne

He /»., 2dly, Ellen, da. of Draycot, esq.,

and widow of Thomas Pool, esq. ; and .3dly,
Mary, sister of Richard, viscount Moly-
neux, of Ireland, and widow of sir George
Selby, but had no issue by either. Sir Ed-
ward was succeeded by his eldest surviving

II. Sir PYERS, m. Frances, da. and co-h.
of the above-mentioned sir George Selby»
by whom he had issue,

1. Edward, d. unm.

2. Sir Pyers, 3d bart,

3. Sir George, 4th bart.

4. Thomas.

5. Mary, m. John Hornyhold.
G. Frances, tn. John Dalton.

7. Anne, m. Thomas Culcheth, esq.

ii. Winifred; 9. Juliana, both d. unm.
Sir Pyers d. \5 Nov. 1720, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

III. Sir PYERS, who d. unm. 17^5, and
was succeeded by his brother,

IV. Sir GEORGE, m., 1st, Mary, da. of
Thomas Clifton, of Litham, co. Lancaster,
es(i., by whom he had no issue; and 2dly,
Teresa, da. of Cliarles Townly, of Townly,
CO. Lancaster, esii., by whom (who (/. 27
March 17(I()> he had issue,

1. Sir Edward, .5111 bart.

2. Pyers, b. 1 Jan. 1727,
.3. Charles, d. an infant.

4. Thomas, h. 2 March 17.32, m., 1773,
Mary-Catharine, eldest da. of Henry Roper,
10th lord Teynhain.

.'). Mary, 'm., 17-">2, Cliarles, 2d son of
George, l.'tth earl of Shrewsbury.

(!. Teresa, d. an infant.

7. ELizAriETH, fi. 21 July 1733, m. Henry
Blundell, esq., and d. March 17()7'

Sir George il. 30 Sc])t. 174G, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son.



V. Sir EDWARD, b. 27 April 1725, m.,
June 1748, Barbara, da. and h, of sir George
Browne, bart., by Barbara, da. of Edward-
Henry Lee, 1st earl of Lichfield. By this
lady (who re-m. Edward Gore, esq.) he had

1. Sir PvERS, 6th bart.

2. Charles, d. an infant.

3. Charles, b. 21 Nov. 1753, who, pur-
suant to the will of sir George Browne,
bart., assumed the name and arms of Browne,
and m., 1st, July 1775, a sister of William
Witham, esq., arid had issue,

1. William ; 2. Winifred, both dec.
He m., 2dly, miss Tooker, and had issue,

3. Charles, m. Maria, da. of Charles
Buller, of Ballyragget, esq., and d. 1811,
leaving issue.

4. Barbara, d. an infant.
Sir Edward d. March 1755, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

VI. Sir PYERS, b. 23 Dec. 1749, m., 1780,
Barbara Slaughter, of Ingatestone, co. Es-
sex, and by her (who d. 2 Oct. 1815) had

Sir Edward, present bart.
Sir Pyers d. 29 Oct. 1823, and was succeeded
by his son,

VII. Sir EDWARD, present bart.
Arms— See Plate 12. Per bend sinister,

ermine and ermines, a lion rampant, or.

Crest — 1st, on a mount vert, a lion as in
the arms. 2d, a trefoil slipped, vert.

^eats—A.t Talacre and Greenfield, both
CO. Flint.

STONHOUSE, of R ad ley, co. Berks.

5 May 1670.

(See STONHOUSE, of Radley, co. Berks, 7 May 1628.)

CROFT, of Croft Castle, co. Hereford.
18 Nov. 1671.

Sir THOMAS-ELMSLEY CROFT, Baronet, F.S.A., horn 2 Sept.
1798, succeeded his father, sir Richard, 13 Feb. 1818; married^ 9 Sept.
1824, Sophia- Jane-I^ateward, only child of Richard-Lateward Lateward,
esq., of Grove House, Ealing, Middlesex, and has, Grace, b. 3 June 1826.

It has been remarked that this family
" presents one of the very few instances in
which property has descended from father
to son for more than seven hundred years",
and that "in almost every generation, from
the commencement of the 14th century, re-
cords exist of the public services of its re-

The name is undoubtedly Saxon ; and in
Doomsday Book, Bernard de Croft is stated
to have held the tenement of Croft in Here-
fordshire, which continued in the possession
of his descendants until the last century. In
1274, Roger de Croft was sub-escheator for
that county. Sir Hugh de Croft, lord of
Croft, was created a knight of the Bath, 33
Edw. I. ; was M.P. for the county of Here-
ford 1315; and in a contemporary roll of
arms he is said to have used the same bear-
ings as have been borne by his descendants,
but his ancestors bore that coat withotit the

His son, Hugh, was a justice of assize
1338, and was succeeded by his son, sir John
de Croft, who was frequently employed in
negotiations in Flanders, between 1402,
when he was captain of Merk Castle, near
Calais, and 1404. By Janet, 3d da. and co-
h. of the renowned Owen Glendower, he
had issue William, whose son, sir Richard,
was one of the most distinguished soldiers
of his times, and a zealous partisan of the
House of York. At the battle of Tewkes-
bury he took the Prince of Wales prisoner,
and'having brought him before Edward-, the
young prince was barbarously murdered,
though without sir Richard's participation
in the deed. He was sheriff co. Hereford in
tlie loih, and knight of the shire for that
county in the 17th Edw. IV. In 1 Hen.

VII. he was treasurer of the king's house-
hold ; and at the battle of Stoke, 1487, was
created a knight banneret : at the death of
Prince Arthur, 1502, sir Richard was steward
of his household; and d. very aged in 1509.

His son, sir Edward, was several times
sheriff of Herefordshire ; and was one of
the counsel to the princess Mary; he d.
1547, and was succeeded by his son, Richard,
the father of sir James Croft, whose name
so frequently occurs in the history of the
reigns of Edward VI., Mary, and Elizabeth,
as governor of Haddington, and lord de-
puty of Ireland, 1551 ; deputy constable of
the Tower, 1552; governor of Berwick,
1559; comptroller of the household, and
privy counsellor, 1570 ; knight of the shire
CO. Hereford 5th, 13th, 28th, 29th, 30th, and
35th Eliz., and a commissioner to treat with
the agents of the king of Spain at Bour-
bourg in 1588, Sir James d. 1591. Ed-
ward, his son, was M.P. for Leominster,
1571 and 1586, d. 1601, leaving a son, sir
Herbert, M.P. co. Hereford, temp. Eliz. and
Jas. I., who had four sons, of whom sir
William, sir James, and Robert were colo-
nels in the service of Charles I., and were
conspicuous for their eminent loyalty. The
two first mentioned d. s.p. ; Herbert, the 3d
son, and eventually h. of sir Herbert, b.
1608, having entered into holy orders, be-
came celebrated as a divine and a scholar :
he Was appointed bishop of Hereford 1662,
and d. 1692. His only child,

I. Sir HEBERT, 1st bart., was so created
18th Nov. 1671, m. Elizabeth, da. of Thomas
Archer, of Umbersdale, co. Warwick, esq.,
aunt of the 1st lord Archer, by whom (who
d. 17<*9) he had issue,

1. Sir Archer, 2d bart.



2. Francis, of London, merchant, b,
1687. ni. Grace, da. and eventually sole h. of
Thomas Bramston, of Water House, co.
Essex, esq., by whom he had an only son,

Herbert, b. 10 June 1722, tn., 1st, 10
May 174!), Elizabeth, da. of Richard
Young, of Midhurst, co. Sussex, esq.,
who. rf. 1703, leaving, besides other issue,

I. sir Herbert, 5thbart. ; 2 sir Richard,
6th bart. ; 3. Mart/, m. Thomas Ryder,
of Hendon, co. Middlesex, esq., arid d.
27 March 1821 ; 4. Grace, b. 9 Dec. 1753, d.
1810, mint. He m., 2dly, Mary, da. of
Thomas Chawner, of Sudbury Wood, co.
Derby, esq., by whom he had, 5. Eliza-
beth, unm.; and d. 7 July 1785.

3. Elizabeth, b. 1678, nu, 1712, Acton
Moseley, of Enfield, co. Stafford, esq.

4. Margaret, »?., 1703, Richard Oakley,
of Oakley, co. Salop, esq.

5. Frances, m., 1720, Robert Dyer, of
Llangathan, co. Caernarvon, escj.

Sir Herbert d. 3 Nov. 1720, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

II. Sir ARCHER, b. 1683, M.P. for Leo-
minster 1722, and for Beeralston 1727, was
appointed a commissioner of trade and
inantations in 17.'J0, m., 10 Jan. 1723, Frances,
da. and sole h. of brigadier-general Richard
Waring, and had issue,

1. .Sir Archer, 3d bart.

2. Herbert, d. 1757, unm.

3. Sir John, 4th bart.

4. Frances, m., 1st, Richard Brooke, of
Chelsea, esq.; and 2dly, the rev. Seth
Thompson, of Kensington, and d. 1 Jan. 1810.

Sir Archer d. 10 Dae. 1753, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

III. Sir ARCHER, (who cut ofTtheentail,,,)
b. 1731, m., 24 April 1759, Ehzabeth-Char-
lotta, da. of Ashley Cooper, esq., one of the
clerks of the house of lords, by whom he
had issue,

1. George-Thomas-Hsrbert, d. an in-
fant, 1766.

2. Elizabeth-Charlotte, b. 1760, m.,
1778, James Woodcock, of Berkhampstead,
CO, Herts, esq,, who assumed the name and

arms of Croft, by roval licence 1792, and d.
his widow, 9 Sept. 1832.

3. Frances-Dorothea, m., 1784, Harry
Mount, esq.<>

4. Harriet, m. Richard Ryland, of
Tower Hill, London, esq.

Sir Archer d. without issue male, 30 Nov.
1792, and was succeeded in his title by his

IV. Sir JOHN, who d. 4 Dec. 1797, with-
out legitimate issue, and the title devolved on,

V. Rev. sir HERBERT, (son of Herbert,
son of Francis, younger son of sir Herbert,
1st bart.,) in holy orders, B.D., b. 1 Nov,
1751, m., 1st, Sophia, da. and h. of Richard
Cleave, esq., and by her (who d. 8 Feb. 1792)
had issue,

1. Sophia; 2. Mauy-Anne; 3, Eliza-
beth, all unm.

He m., 2dly, Elizabeth, da. of David
Lewis, of Malvern, co. Warwick, esq., and
by her (v^ho d. Sept. 1815) had no issue. Sir
Herbert d. 25 April 1816, without male
issue, and was succeeded by his brother,

VI. Sir RICHARD, M.D., b. Jan. 1762,
m., 3 Nov. 1789, Margaret, da. of Thomas
Denman, M.D.,sisterof Thomas, lord Den-
man, and had issue,

1. Herbert, b. 10 Feb. 1/93, d. 25 Aug. 1802.

2. Richard, b. 9 Feb. 1797, d. 19 Dee. 1798,

3. Sir Thomas-Elmsley, present bart.

4. Archer-Denman, b. 7 Dec. 1801, de-
puty to the marshal of the court of common

5. Joseph, b. 17 Nov. 1804, d. the same year.

6. Richard, b. 22 Aug. 1808.

7. Frances-Elizabeth, b. 16 June 1800,
m., at Lisle, 19 Sept. 1822, Louis-Marie de
Chanteau, member of the legion of honour,
knight of St. Louis, and of other orders.

Sir Richard d. 13 Feb. 1818, and wa^ suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,


Arms— See Plate 12. Quarterly, per fesse
indented, azure and argent ; in the first
quarter, a lion passant guardant, or.

Crest— \ wyvern sable, vulned in the side.

ST. AUBYN, of Clowai^'CE, co. Cornwall.

11 Dec. IG7I.

Sir JOHN ST. AUBYN, Baronet, F.R.S. F.S.A. F.L.S., horn 1758,
succeeded his father, sir John, 12 Nov. 1772; M.P., 1807, for Helston, co.
Cornwall; married, 1 July 1822, mrs. Juliana Vinicombe.

The family of St. Aubyn is one of the
most ancient in the counties of Devon and
Cornwall. Maugcr de St. Aubyn held the
manor of Mattingho, co. Devon, early in
the reign of Henry III. The pedigree in
the Heralds' Visitations commences with sir
Guy St. Aubj/n, of Clov/ancc, co. Cornwall,
knt., temp. Hen. IV. Ninth in lineal descent
from whom was

I. Sir JOHN, 1st bart., w. Anne, da. and
co-h. of James Jenkyn, of Tresseny, co.
Cornwall, esq., and had issue,

1, Sir John, 2d bart.

2. Anne, m., 1st, George, son and h. ef sir
Peter Killigrew, bart. ; and, 2dly, Thomas
Goslyn, of Westminster, esq., master of the
signet office.

.3, Elizabeth, m. Thomas Northmore,
of Cleave, near Exeter, esq. , who rf. 1 Aug. 1735.

Sir John d. 20 June 1714, and was suc-
ceeded by his son.

II. Sir JOHN, »w., 1725,Mary,da.andco-h.of
Peter de la Hay, esci., by whom he had issue,

1» .Sir John, 3d bart.

2. Peter.

.3. James, d. 28 Feb. 17.'5.3.

4. Mary, d. 7 Dec. 1729,

5. Martha, d. 15 Jan. 1770,

Sir John was succeeded by his son,

III. Sir JOHN, M.P. for the county of
Cornv.all, »*., 1725, Catharine, da. and co-h.
of sir Nicholas Morice, of Werrington, co.
Devon, bart., by whom (who d. 16 June
1740) he had issue,

1. Sir John, 4th bart.

2. Catharine, d. iinm.

.3. Mary, m. John Duller, of Morval, co,
Cornwall, esq., one of the lords of the trea-

4. Maroarrt, m. Francis Basset, e.jq.,
father to the present lord do Dunstanville.

5. Barbara, H(. sir John Molesworth, bart.



Sir John d 25 Aug. 1744, and was succeeded
bv his son,

'IV. Sir JOHN, b. 12 Nov. 1726, ???. a da. of
WilMam Win^field, esq., by whom (who m.,
2dly, 1782, John Baker, esq.) he had issue,

l'. Sir JoHX, present bart.

2. Richard-Thomas, in holy orders, m.,
Jan. 1813, Frances, 2d da. of tlie rev. Fleming
St. John.

3. Elizabeth, to. Humphrey Prideaux,
esq., A 21 June 1U04.

4. Catharine, m. the rev. John Moles-
worth, brother to sir William Moles worth.


5. Anne, m. Robert White, esq.

6. Dorothy, m., 1787, sir Thomas-Barret
Lennard, of Bellhouse, eo. Essex, bart.

Sir John d. 12 Nov. 1772, and was suc-
ceeded bv his son,

V. Sir "JOHN, present bart.

Arms— Sea Plate 12. Ermine, on a cross,
gules, five bezants.

Crest— On a rock, a Cornish chough rising,
all proper.

Seats— At Clowance, co. Cornwall; and
Wobum Farm, Weybridge, co. Surrey.

JOHNSON-EDEN, (late EDEN,) of West Auckland, co. Durham.

13 Nov. 1672^

Sir ROBERT JOHNSON-EDEN, Baronet, born 25 Oct. 1774, took
the surname and arms of Johnsok in addition, by royal sign manual,
1811, succeeded his father, sir John, 23 Aug. 1812.

This family was resident co. Durham for
several generations prior to the close of the
14th century ; and there is no reason to
doubt that the name is local, and derived
either from CaMe Eden, or Little Eden, in
the same county. We are unable to trace
the family to an earlier period than 1413,
when, by an inquisition of Thomas Lang-
ley, bishop of Durham, it appears that
Robert de Eden died possessed' of 3 mes-
suages and 10 ox-gangs of land, with their
appurtenances, in Preston-on-Tees, held of
the bishop in capite, by knight's ser%"ice.
He was succeeded by his son William, who
(L seised of the same estate, 1475 ; his son
and heir was Thomas Eden, father of John,
of Belsis, CO. Durham, esq., m. Elizabeth,
da. and co-h. of Perceval Lambton, of Dur-
ham, esq., by whom he had Robert Eden, of
West Auckland, and of Windleston, esq.,
where the family appear to have been resi-
dent from the commencement of the reign
of queen Elizabeth. He was living in 1575,
and 7n. Jane, da. and co-h. of John Hutton,
of Hinmcli, CO. Durham, by whom he had
John Eden, who d. about 1625, leaving issue

by Margery, da. of Welbury, of Castle

Eden, co. Durham, and coloiiel Robert
Eden, of V.'est-Auckland, and of Windle-
ston, who d. about l&r2, and was father of

I. Sir ROBERT, 1st bart., m. Margaret,
da. and h. of John Lambton, of the city of
Durham, esq., by whom (whorf. 2 July 1730)
he had issue,

1. Sir John, 2d bart.

2. Robert.

3. William.

4. Thomas, D.D., prebendary of Dur-
ham, and rector of Winston, co. Durham,
and d. without issue, 3 March 1754, having
m. the hon. Dorothy DawTiey, 2d da, of
Henry, viscount Downe, of Ireland, relict
of Robert Shafto, esq., who rf, Nov. 1734,

5. Lambton, d. young.

6. George ; 7- Henry ; 8. Lambton, ail
d. unm.

9. Margaret, d. 1727> unm.

10. Catharine.

11. Elizabeth, to, Matthew Whitfield, of
Whitfield, CO. Durham, esq,

12. Anne.

13. Hannah, sj. James Mickleton, of the
city of Durham, esq.

14. Mary, d. imm.

Sir P.obert d, March 1720, and was succeeded
by his son,

II. Sir JOHN, TO, the da. of Mark Shafto,
of Wliitworih, esq., by whom he had 1 son.

Sir Robert, 3d bart.
Sir John d. 2 May 1728, and was succeeded
by his only son,

III. Sir ROBERT, m., 8 May 1739, Marv',
youngest da. of William Davison, late of
Bemish, co. Durham, esq., by whom he had
issue, besides other children, who d. young
and unm.,

1. Sir John, 4th bart.

2. Sir Robert, created a bart. in 1776, and
d. in 1786 (see Eden, of Truir).

3. Catharine, m. dr. John Moore, late
archbishop of Canterbury, and d. 18 April
1800, leaving a numerous family.

4. William, who after Iia\ing filled many
diplomatic situations of great importance,
was created baron AucJtland, in Ireland, and
on 18 May 1793, was made a British peer by
the same title, (vide Debretfs Peerage of tlie
United Kingdom,) d. 28 May 1814.

5. Thomas, deputy auditor of Greenwich
Hospital, d. May 1805, having to. T>Iariana,
da. of Arthur Jones, esq., and had issue,

1. Thomas, ;»., 4 Jan. 1810, Frances,
da. of the hon. Jolin Rodney.

2. John, major in the ann'y.

3. ^Vithiir, assistant comptroller of the
exchequer, m. Frances, da. of John Thomp-
son, esq., and has issue.

4. Henry, captain R.N.

5. Robert, principal collector and ma-
gistrate of Tinnavelly, in the East Indies,
m. Frances, da. of Rowland-Egerton War-
burton, esq., and has issue.

6. Mary- Anne, m., 1st, John Spalding,
esq. ; and, 2dly, 1 April 1819, Henry, lord

7. Dora, TO, vice-admiral sir Graham
Moore, K.C.B,

6. Dulcibella, to, ^Matthew Bell, esq,

7. Sir Frederick-Morton, K,B.,create<.l
179.'), baron Hsniy, of Chardstock, in the
peerage of Ireland,

8. :Mary, m. Richard Richardson, D.D.,
chancellor of St. Paul's, rector of Elwick
and Wittop Gilbert, co. Durham., and in-
cumbent ot Whitton.

Sir Robert d. 25 June 1755, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

IV. Sir JOHN, to., 1st, 2G June 17G4,
Catharine, dx. of John Thompson, of Kirby-
hall, CO. York, esq., and by her (v>'ho d. 12
March 17CG) had no issue; and, 2dly, 9
April 1767, Dorothea, sole da, of Peter
Johnson,esq. , recorder of York, and had issue,

1, Dorothy, b. 14 March 1768, m., Nov.
1803, R. E, Duncomb Shafto, esq.

2. Maria, b. 6 Dec. 1769, to., 1st, 11 Nov.



1800, Frederick, 7th earl of Athlone; and,
2dly, sir William-Johnstone Hope, G.C.B.

3. Catharine, b. 10 Feb. 1771, »i., Feb.
1813, the rev. T. F. Wilson.

4. Elizabeth, d. 30 May 1780.

5. Sir Robert, present bart.

6. Caroline, d. April 1805.

7. DuLciBELLA, b. 25 March 1777, d. unm.

8. Morton-John, of Beamish, co. Dur-
ham, b. 30 June 1778, took the name and arms
of Davison, by royal licence, 26 Oct. 1812.

9. Anne, 6. 31 Aug. 1779, d. unm.

10. Emimeline, m. 31 Oct. 18(19, Thomas
Northmore, of Cleve, co. Devon, esq.

11. Eleanor, b. 2(j Dec. 1781.

12. Harriet, b. 13 April 1783, m., Oct.
1816, Robert-Kaye Greville, esq.

Sir John d. 23 Aug. 1812, and was suc-

ceeded by his eldest son,

V. Sir ROBERT, present bart.

Anm—^QQ Plate 12. Quarterly, 1st and
4th, Eden, gules on a chevron, argent, be-
tween three garbs, or, bound, vert, three
escallops, sable: 2d and 3d, Johnson, Per
bend, gules and azure, a rose, argent, and two
fleurs-de-lis gold between two bendlets, or.

Crests — 1st, Eden, a dexter arm, in ar-
mour, coupcd at the shoulder, proper, and
grasping a garb, bendwise, as in the arms,
bound, vert : 2d, Johnson, On a mount vert,
a lion, rampant, per pale, azure and gules,
and charged with a rose, argent, between
two fleurs-de-lis, in pale, or.

Motto — Si sit prudentia.

Seat — At Windlestone, co. Durham.

BLACKETT, of Matsox Hall, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

12 Dec. 1673.

Sir EDWARD BLACKETT, Baronet, horn 14 Feb. 1805, succeeded
his father, sir Wilham, 27 Oct. 1816 ; married^ 1 May 1830, Juha, da. of
sir Charles-Miles-Lambart IMonck, bart.

This family has been seated for a long
time in Northumberland, making several
considerable alliances, and spreading into
various branches.

I. Sir WILLIAM, was created a bart., 12
Dec. 1673 ; by the product of his nriines and
collieries acquired a very considerable for-
tune; m., 1st, Elizabeth, da. of Michael
Kirkley, merchant, by whom he had several
children, of whom 3 sons and 3 das. survived

1. Sir Edward, 2d bart.

2. Michael, m. Dorothy, da. of Barnes,

esq., and rf. s. p.; his wife re-m,, 1st, sir
Richard Brown, ibart., and afterwards dr.
John Moor, bishop of Ely.

3. Sir WiLLiAAi, who was advanced to
the dignity of a bart. 23 Jan. 1684. He m.
Julia, da. of sir Christoyiher Conyers, bart.,
and d. Dec. 1705; his lady surviving him,
was afterwards m. to sir William Thompson,
knt., recorder of London, and baron of the
exchequer. By her hehad 2 sons, William,
2d bart. of this line, and Christopher, rf. in
his infancy ; also 8 das.

1. Julia, m. sir Walter Calverley, bart.

2. Elizabeth, m. William, eldest son of
sir John Marshall, knt.

3. Isabella, (/. young.

4. Frances, m. the hon. Robert Bruce,
son of Charles, lord Bruce, heir apparent
to Thomas, earl of Aylesbury.

5. Another Isabella.

6. Mary, whorf. young.

7. Diana, m. sir William Wentworth,
of Bretton, co. York, bart.

8. Anne, m. John Trenchard, esq.

Sir William, only surviving son and 2d
bart., m. Barbara Villiers, da. of William,
the 2d earl of Jersey, (wh()m.,2dly, in March
1729, the hon. Bussey Mansel, afterwards
lord Mansol, who d. in Nov. 1750, leaving an
only da., Barbara, his sole h., when the ba-
rony became extinct,) by whom he left no
male issue, and dying 27 Sept. 1/28, the
title in this branch became extinct, and the
greatest part of the estate fell to Walter,
eldest son of sir William Calverley, bart.,
he having m. Elizabeth, da. and h. of this sir
William, and in conscujuence thereof took
the surname of this family.

4. John, father of sir Edward, 4th bart.

5. Elizaheth, m. Timothy Davison, esq.
(i. Isabel, nt. Shem Bridges, esq.

7. Christian, nu Robert Midford, esq.
Sir William m., 2dly, a da. of mr. Cock, re-
lict of captain John Rogers, by whom he
had no issue. He rf. 17 May 1680, and was
succeeded by his son,

II. Sir EDWARD, w., 1st, Mary, da. of
Thomas Norton, of Langthorne, co. York,
esq., by whom he had 1 son,

1. William, rf. an infant.

Sir Edward m., 2dly, Mary, da. of sir John
Yorke, of Richmond, co. York, knt., by
whom he had,

2. William, who rf. in his father's life-
time, having m. Diana, da. of sir Ralph De-
laval, bart."; had 1 da., Diana, m. Henry
Mainwaring, of Over Peover, esq., and was
mother of sir Henry Mainwaring, bart., so
created, 25 May 1804.

3. Sir Edward, 3d bart.

4. John, m. Patience, da. of Henry Wise,
esq., and had issue,

1. Sir Edward, 4th bart.

2. William; 3. Henry.

4. John-Erasmus ; 5. Matthew,

5. Christopher, m. mrs. Saville, by
whom he had 1 son and 1 da.

6. Thomas.

7. Christopher, rf. without issue.

8. Elizabeth, m. John Wise, esq.

9. Henrietta-Maria, ni. major Saville.

10. Alathea, m. Walgrave Tancred, esq.,
4th son of sir William Tancred, bart.

11. IsAiiEL, ni. William Norton, of Saw-
ley, CO. York, esq.

12. Anne, m. mr. Risdale.

l.'J. Christian, m. mr. Curtis.
Sir Edward ni., 3dly, Diana, (da. of George,
lord Delamere, grandfather of the earl of
Warrington, and widow of sir Ralph De-
laval, bart.,) by whom hehad no issue. He
rf. 23 April 17I8, and was succeeded by his son,

III. Sir KOWARO, in. a da. of the rev.
Thomas Jekyll, D.D., brother to sir Joseph
Jekyll, knt., master of the rolls, and relict
of Nicliolas Roberts, merchant. Sir P^dward
rf. without issue, March 1756, and his lady
in Dec. following. He was succeeded by his

IV. Sir EDWARD, eldest son of John, .3d
son of sir ICihvard, 2d bart., was M.P. for
CO. Durham, 1768 to 177-i; '"• Anne, da. and
sole h. of Oloy Douglas, of Metfen, co.
Northumberland, some time M.P. for Mor-
peth, and had issue.



1. Edward, d, young and umn,

2. Sir AViLLiAM, 5th bart.

3. Anne, m. lieut.-general Scott,

Sir Edward d. Jan. IWM, aged 85, and was
succeeded by his only surviving son,

V. Sir WILLIAM, m., 8 Aug. 1801, Mary-
Anne, da. of Benjamin Keene, of Westoe
Lodge, CO. Cambridge, esq., (only son of
Edmund Keene, lord bishop of Ely,) and
had issue,

1. William-Douglas, d. 1805.

2. Sir Edward, present bart.

3. Henry-Collingwood.

4. John-Charles; 5. Charles-John.

G. Patience-Maria.

7. Frances, d. 1 June 182(5.
Sir Edward rf.27 Oct. 181 (i, and was succeeded
by his eldest surviving son,

VI. Sir EDWARD, present bart.

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