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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 33 of 95)
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succeeded by his brother,

III. Sir WILLIAM, .3d bart., 6.
1674, m. his cousin Frances, da.
James Russell, and had issue,

1. Sir William, 4th bart.

2. James-Russell, m, but d.
male issue.

Sir William was succeeded by his eldest

IV. Sir WILLIAM, 4th bart., b. 1700, M.P.
for CO. Oxon, m. Catharine, da. and h. of Wil-
liam Paul, of Bromwieh, co. Berks, esq.,
(by lady Catharine Fane, da. of Vere, 4th
earl of Westmorland, and co-h. of her bro-
thers, Vere, Thomas, and John, 5th, 6th,
and 7th earls,) and by her ( who d. 27 June
1753) had issue,

1. Sir Thomas, 5th bart,

2. Catherine, m. sir James Wright,

Sir William d. 12 Jan. 1740, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

V. Sir THOMAS, 5th bart., b. 24 Feb.
1727, m., 27 Nov. 1765, Mai7, da. of Henry
Fane, of Wormeley, co. Oxon, esq., and
had issue,

1. Sir Thomas, 7th bart., and baron Le

2. William, b. 6 June 1770, gen. in the
army, ni., 17J'0, Anna-Maria, da. of the hon.
Frederick Keppell, bishop of Exeter, and d.
5 March 1H26, leaving an only son, John-
Horace-Ferdinand, m., 2 June 1814, Geor-
giana-Maria, da. of George, 2d lord South-
ampton (who d. .3 Aug. 1830).

—3. Jamks-Henry, b. 2(» June 1777-

4. Maria, b. 13 Jan. 1763.

5. Catherine, b. 15 Jan. 1769.

Sir Thomas d. 1781, and was succeeded by
his eldest son,

VI. Sir THOMAS, 6th bart., who, in
1788, was summoned to parliament as baron
LeDesnencer; (see Debrett's Peeraere;) b, 10
Nov. 1766, Hi., 1 July 1791, Elizabeth, da. of
Samuel Eliot, of Antigua, esq., and had

1. Thomas, b. 24 April 1792, m., 2 Feb.
1816, Maria Wynne, da. of Henry Bankes,
of Kingston House, Dorset, esq., and d.
Jan. 1829, leaving issue by her (who d. 15
Oct. 1823) an only da., Mary-Frances-Eli-
zabeth, now baroness Le Despencer.

2. William, b. 2 Dec. 1797, d- unm., in
India, 26 Sept. 1826.

3. MiLES-JoHN, in holy orders, rector of
Mereworlh, Kent, b. 21 March 1801, m., 2.9
Dec. 1820, Anne-Byam, only child of the
hon. Thomas-Norbury Kerby, of Antigua,
and d. 11 June 1830, leaving issue,

1. Adelaide, b. 25 Oct. 1822.

2. Anne-Bvam, b. 29 Oct. 1823.

3. Jane-Elizabeth, b. 14 July 1825.

4. Maria-Catherine, b. 3 Jan. 1827.

4. Sir Francis-Jervis, present and 7th

5. Elizareth-Mary, b. 22 March 1793,
d. 7mm. 30 Dec. 1823.

6. Maria - Frances -Catherine, b. 22
Sept. 1794, m. Robert, earl of Roden.

7. Emma, b. 27 Feb. 1796, m., 5 May 1825,
Charles Brodrick, esq., son of the archbishop
of Cashel, and nephew of viscount Midle-

8. Emily, b. 8 Dec. 1798, m., Nov. 1817,
the hon. lieut.-col. Hercules-Robert Paken-

9. Frances, b. 23 Jan. 1803.

10. Anna-Frances-Esther, b. 15 April
1805, nu, 3 Dec. 1828, Henry Maxwell, esq.,
eldest son of rev. Henry Maxwell, heir pre-
smnptive to lord Farnham.

Sir Thomas Stapleton, lord Le Despencer,
d. 6 Oct. 1831, when the barony descended to
his grandda., as above-mentioned, and the
baronetcy to his eldest surviving son,

and 7th bart.

Arms— See Plate 13, Argent, a lion ram-
pant sable.

Crest— Out of a ducal coronet or, a Moor's
head affront*^', wreathed about the temples
argent and sable.

Motto — Pro Magna Charta.

BUNBURY, of BuNBURY and Stan net, co. Chester.

29 June 1G81.

Sir IIENRY-EDWARD BUNBURY, Baronet, K.C.B. F.S.A., Lieut.-
General in the Army, succeeded his uncle, sir Thomas-Charles, 31 IMarch
1821; borni Mayl778; married, A A])ri\ 1807, Louisa-Amelia, da. of the hon.
Henry-Edward Fox, son of Stephen, 1st lord Holland, and by her (who d.

at Genoa, 1828) has issue, 1. IIenry-Edward, b. Feb. 1808, d. an

infant; 2. CIIARLES-JAMES-FOX, b. Feb. 1809; 3. Mary, rf.

an infant; 4. Edward-Herbert, b. July 1811: 5. Hekry-

WiLLiAM-St. Pierre, b. Sept. 1812; G. Riciiard-IIanmer, b. Dec

1813, R.N. ; 7- Emily-Georc.ina, d. young. Sir Henry to., 2dly,

2 Oct. 1830, Emily-Louisa, da. of the hon. col. George Napier.



The family of Bu)2bii)y traces its origin to
a younger brother of the Norman House of
St. Pierre, who came over to England with
the Conqueror, and following the fortunes
of Hugh Lupus, earl Lupus, 1st Norman
earl of Chester, obtained amongst other pos-
sessions the manor of Bunbuiy, co. Chester.
In the reign of Edward III. David de Bun-
EURY, 7th in descent from St. Pierre, ac-
quired bv marriage with the da. and sole h.
of David' de Stanney, the manor or lordship
of Stannev, still in the possession of the
family. Tenth in descent from the above-
mentioned David, was

Hexry Blneury, of Stanney, esq., m.
Ursula, da. of sir John Bayley, of Hoddes-
don, CO. Salop, knt., and d. 1(364, leaving,
besides other issue, a son and heir,

I. Sir THOMAS, Istbart., w., 1st, Sarah,
da. of John Chetwood, of Oakley, co. Staf-
ford, esq., by whom he had several chil-
dren, two only of which survived,

1. Sir Hkxry, 2d bart.

2. Ursula, w. Edward Green, of Pulton-
cum-Spittle, co. Chester, esq.

Sir Thomas m., 2dly, Mary, da. of Hum-
phrey Kelsal, esq., by whoni he had issue,

3. 'Priscilla, m. Edmund Entwistle,
D.D., archdeacon of Chester.

4. Lucy.

Sir Thomas d. 22 Aug, 1682, and was suc-
ceeded by his only surviving son,

IL Sir HENRY, m. Mary, da. of sir
Kendrick Evton, of Eyton, co. Denbigh,
knt., jud^e of North Wales : he d. 20 Dec.
1687, having had seven sons and one da., of
whom only two sur\-ived,

1. Sir Henry, 3d bart.

2. William, was attorney-general for
the county palatine of Chester, and m.
Sarah, da.' of sir James Eyton, by whom he
had six das. ; three of whom, Mary, Isa-
bella, and Susanna, d. young and loim. ;
Sarah, the eldest, m. Ed'v^-ard Mainwaring,
esq. ; Elizabeth, w. Edward Flemming, esq.,
barrister-at-law ; sherf. 12 Nov. 17.35 ; and Elea-
nor, the youngest, w. George Wilson, gent.

Sir Henry d. 20 Dec. 1687, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

III. Sir HENRY, m. Susanna, only sur-
viving da. of William Hanmer, esq., and
sister to sir Thomas Hanmer, bart., who d.
30 Sept. 1744, by whom he had issue,

1. Thomas, d. an infant.

2. Henry, d. in the lyth year of his age,
29 April 17:^2.

3. Sir Charles, 4th bart.

4. Sir William, 5th bart.

5. Susanna, m. col. William Handasyde,
3d son of gen. Handasyde, of Gains, co.

6. Isabella, m. col. John Lee.

7. Mary, d. unm.

8. Frances, m. Kyffyn Williams, esq.,
M.P. for Kent.

9. Elizabeth, ?n. gen. Armiger.

Sir Henry was, 17II, appointed one of the
commissioners of the revenue in Ireland :
he d. 12 Feb. 1732-3, and was succeeded by
his eldest surviving son,

IV. Sir CHARLES, d. unm., 10 April
1742, and was succeeded bv his brother,

V. The rev. sir WILLIAM, in holy or-
ders, vicar of Milden Hall, co. Suffolk,
7n. Eleanor, da. of Thomas Graham, of
Holbrook Hall, co. Suffolk, esq., (by a da-
and co-h. of Samuel Warner, of Holbrook
Hall, esq..) by whom (who d. 6 Feb. 1820)
he had issue,

1. Susan, b. 1737, m. rev. Henry Soame,
of Thurlow Hall, co. Suffolk.

2. Sir Thomas-Charles, 6th bart.

3. Annabella, 6. Feb. 1745, m., 1st, sir
Patrick Blake, bart., and, 2dly, George
Boscavven, of St. Peter's, Isle of Thanet, esq.

4. Henry-William, the celebrated artist,
b, Julv 1750, and d. 7 May 1811, having nu,
1771, "Catharine, da. of Kane-AVilliam Hor-
neck, esq., lieut.-col. in the army of Sicily,
and quarter-master-gen. at the battle of Mai-
da, by whom he had,

1. Charles-John, in the army, b. Nov.
1772, /;;. Frances Davison, (whore-m. Thcv-
mas Sydenham, esq.,) and d. at the Cajte
of Good Hope, May 1798, without issue.

2. Sir Henry-Edward, present bart.
Sir William d. 11 Jime 1764, and was suo-
ceeded by his eldest son,

1740, m., 2 June 1762, Sarah Lennox, da.
of Charles, 2d duke of Richmond, which
marriage was dissolved by act of parliament
in 1776. He d. without issue, 31 March 1821,
and was succeeded by his nephew,
VII. Sir HENRY-EDWARD, present bart.

Arms— See Plate 13. Argent, on a bend,
sable, three chess rooks, of the field.

O-es'^— Tv.'o swords, saltirewise; through
the mouth of a leopard's face, or, the blades,
proper, hilted and pomelled, gold.

Motto — Fir muni in vita nihil.

Seai— Barton, co. Suffolk.

PARKER, of London.

1 July 1G81.

Sir HYDE PARKER, Baronet, M.P. for the western division of Suf-
folk, borji 1785, succeeded his brother, sir William, 21 April 1830.

This family is a junior branch of the
Parkers, of North Molton, co. Devon, who
appear to have settled there about the end
of the 14th century, from the elder line of
which descends the present earl of Morley.
The immediate ancestor of the baronet was

William Parker, of Hoberton, co. De-
von, and Shoreditch, co. Somerset, esq.,
living towards the end of the 16th century-,
whose 6th son,

Hugh Parker, of Shoreditch, esq., m.
Mar\', only da. of Thomas Hutchins, of
Holway, co. Somerset, and d. 1C27, leaving
three sons, 1. Thomas, of Gray's Inn, m.,
and d. 1650, without sur^dving male issue ;
2. sir Hugh, 1st baronet ; 3. Hennj, of Lon-

don, m, Margaret, da. of John White, of
London, and d. 1670, leaving four das. and
an only son, sir Henry, 2d bait.

I. Si'r HUGH, the 1st bart., b. 1605, was an

alderman of London, m. Rachel, da. of

Brown, of Louth, co. Lincoln, by whom he
had no issue; and d. 5 ^March 1696-7, aged
89, was succeeded in the title, according to
a special limitation in the patent, by his ne-

II. Sir HENRY, m. Margaret, da. of dr.
Alexander Hyde, bishop of Salisbury, son
of sir Lawren'ce Hyde, of Dynton, co. Wilts,
knt., and by her (who d. 6 Jan. 1728-9) he
had issue,

1. Hugh, m. Anne, da. of John Smith,



esq., commissioner of excise, and d. 2 Feb.
1712, in his father's lifetime, leaving issue
by her, (who re-m. Michael, 10th earl of

1, Sir Henry-John, 3d bart.

2. Hugh ; 3. John-Smith.

4. Hyde, who d. umn.

5. Margaret, m. Thomas Nugent, covmt
de Valdesoto, in Spain, and major-general
in the Spanish service.

6. Anne, m. Austin Park Goddard, esq.,
knt. of St. Stephen, in Tuscany.

7. Sophia, m. Edward Cole, of Euston,
CO. Oxford, esq.

2. Harry, m. a da. of dr. Harrison, mas-
ter of St. Cross, at Winchester, by whom he
had no issue.

.3. Hydk, who was rector of Tredington,
CO. Worcester, and m. a da. of mr. Reeves,
and d. 24 May 1726, leaving issue,

1. Sir Henry, 4th bart.

2. Sir Hyde, 5th bart.

3. Anne ; 4. Beata.

4. Frances, m. sir John Pakington, bart.

5. Margaret, m. John Banks, esq.

n. Beata, m. sir Thomas-Cookes Win-
ford, bart.

Sir Henry d. 25 Oct. 1713, and was suc-
ceeded by his grandson,

III. Sir HENRY-JOHN, eldest son of
Hugh, m., 1st, 23 Oct. 1728, Anne, da. and
h. of Simon Barwell, of Leicester, esq., by
whom (who d. 1733) he had issue,

1. Margaret.

2. Anne, d. umn. 27 Jan. 1814.

Sir Henry m., 2dly, Catharine, da. of John
Page, esq., by whom he had issue,

3. John, d. 1767, in the lifetime of his
father, tinm.

4. Catharine, m. Chichester-Fortescue
Garstin, esq.

5. Margaret-Sophia, m. John Strode,
of South Hill, CO. Somerset, esq.

Sir Henry d. 1771, and was succeeded in
the title by his cousin,

IV. Sir HENRY, in holy orders, D.D.,
rector of Rotherfield Greys, co. Oxford,
eldest son of Hyde, rector of Treddington,
who d. 1726.

Sir Henry rf. unm. 1781, was succeeded by
his brother,

V. Sir HYDE, vice-admiral of the blue,
who distinguished himself upon many occa-
sions, particularly on 5 March 178", when
he commanded at St. Lucia, and in the me-
morable action with the Dutch on the Dog-
ger Bank, 5 Aug. 1781. The impression

made on the public mind from this hard-
fought battle was such as to induce the king,
attended by the prince of Wales, to pay the
admiral a visit at the Nore. In the follow-
ing year the vice-admiral was appointed
commander-in-chief of his majesty's fleet in
the East Indies : he left England in the
Cato, in Sept., and having wooded and
watered at Rio Janeiro, sailed from thence
on the 12th of Dec, from which period no
information whatever has been received of
the ship, which is presumed to have been
burned at sea. In 1734 he m. Sarah, da. of
Hugh Smithson, esq., by whom he had

1. Sir Harry, 6th bart.

2. Admiral sir Hyde, h. 1739, knighted
for his services in the American war, 21 April
1779, «'•, 1st, Anne, da. of John-Palmer Bo-
teler, esq., of Henley, by whom he has

1. Hyde, capt. R.N., m., 16 July 1821,
Caroline, da. of sir Frederick-Morton,
Eden, bart.

2. John, col. in the army ; 3. Richard.

4. Fanny-Sophia, m., 22 Feb. 1825, lieut.-
col. Robyns.

5. Anne-Catherine, m., 27 Oct. 1830,
Bernard-Court Granville, esq.

Sir Hyde w., 2dly, Frances, da. of admiral
sir Richard Onslow, bart., and rf. (admiral
of the white) 16 March I807,

Sir Hyde was succeeded in his title by his
eldest son,

VI. Sir HARRY, (assumed the title about
1783,) h. 1735, m., 1765, Bridget, da. of Wil-
liam Cresswell, of Cresswell, co. Northum-
berland, esq., and had issue,

1. Sir William, 7th bart.

2. Louisa, b. 1777> m. George-Robert
Eyres, esq,

3. Edmund, b. 1779, d. 1809.

4. Sir Hyde, 8th bart.

5. Sophia, b. 1787, d. unm., June 1820.
Sir Harry rf. 15 Jan. 1812, and was succeed-
ed bv his eldest son,

VII. Sir WILLIAM, rf. unm., 21 April
1830, and was succeeded by his brother,

VIII. Sir HYDE, present and 8th bart.
Anns — See Plate 13. Sable, a buck's head

caboshed, between two flanches, argent.

Crc'nt — A dexter hand and arm, in a slashed
sleeve, gules, with a little cuff, argent, with
the shirt seen through the slashes ; proper,
holding a buck's horn, erect, gules.

Sea^-Melford Hall, co. Suffolk,

IG Sept. 1G84.

Sir GEORGE DASHWOOD, Baronet, and C.B., succeeded his father,
Henry- Watkin, 10 June lo2(] ; horn 17 Sept. IT^iG ; married, ii Sept. 1815,

Marianne-Sarah, eldest da. of sir WilHam Rowley, hart., and has issue, ■

1. HENRY-WILLIAM, b. 10 Oct. L'ilG ; 2. George-Astley-

Charles ; 3. JMarianne-Georgiana; 4. Frederick-Loftus;

5. Emma-Piiiladeli'iiia; 6. Susan-Caroline.

George Dashvvood, esq., alderman of
London, younger brother of Francis Dash-
wood, of London, who was father of sir
Francis Dasliwood, of West Wycombe, co.
Bucks, created a bart 17'*7, (■•>■'"'' ffi"t title.,)
undertook (witli other persons) the fanning
the whole revenue of tlie kingdom of Ire-
land, trtii}!. Charles II., and afterwards was
one of those wlio farmed the whole re-

venues of excise and hearth-money in Eng-
land, so long as those revenues were con-
tinued in farm; and was (when they were
managed by conuiiission) one of tlie com-
missioners, till his death in 1()82. His eldest
son was

I. Sir ROBERT, 1st bart., was seised, in
fee-simple, of divers messuages, farms,
lands, &C. in Kirtlington, Blechingdon, Big-



nel, Banbury, Dunsten, North Aston, Bi-
cester, Wigffi'nton, and Tackley, co. Oxford,
and also of divers fee-farm rents, tenths,
and pensions, arising in the counties of Ox-
ford and Nottingham, as well as other
counties in England ; he was created a bart.
16 Sept. 1684, with remainder (in default of
issue male) to the issue male of Gmrge Dash-
wood, esq., his father, which favour was
granted in consideration that the said George
Dashwood had, for some time, in his pos-
session, a baronet's patent, which he did not
take out, as is fully expressed in the patent ;
7w, Penelope, da. and co-h. of sir Thomas
ChamberlajTie, bart., by whom he had issue,

1. Chamberlayne, d. unm.

2. George ; 3. Charles, d. infants.

4. Robert, m. Dorothea, da. and co-h.
of sir James Read, of Brocket Hall, co.
Herts, bart., and d. at Paris in his father's
lifetime, 1728, leaving three sons and one
da., who all d. young except the 2d son, sir
James, who succeeded his grandfather, and
was 2d bart.

5. Richard, of Leadwell, co. Oxon, esq.,
nu Elizabeth, da. of Thomas Lewes, of
Stanford, co. Notts, esq., and d. April 1737,
lea\ing issue,

1. Robert, m., and had issue.

2. Chamberlayne, d. u?inu

6. Margaret, d. an infant.

7. Pexelopb, m. sir John Stonhouse,

8. Catharine, m. sir Robert-Banks Jen-
kinson, bart.

9. A.vne, m. Anthony, brother to sir
Jonathan Cope, bart.

Sir Robert d. July 1734, and was succeeded
by his grandson,

II. Sir JAMES, D.C.L., high steward of
the university of Oxford, which county he
represented in several parliaments; w.,Feb.
1738-9, Elizabeth, da. and co-h. of Ed-
ward Spencer, of Rendlesham, co. Suffolk,
esq., (the other da. and co-h. m. James, 4th
duke of Hamilton,) by whom he had issue,

1. James, d. an infant.

2. Elizabeth, b. 2Jan. 1741, m. George,
4th duke of Manchester, and d. 26 June

3. Anne, b. 21 June 1742, m. John Stewart,
8th earl of Galloway, K.T., and d. 8 Jan.

4. Catharine, 6. 18 March 1744, m. Lucy
Knightlv, of Fawsley, co. Northampton,
esq., d. 27 June 1809.

5. Henry-Watkin, 3d bart.

6. Thomas, of the Bengal ciNil ser\'ice, d.
20 Dec. 1825, having m., 23 Feb. 1782, Char-
lotte-Louisa, da. of J. Auriol, esq., and had

1. Charlotte-Sophia, wi., 1st, 20 Jan.
1802, the hon. Charles-Andrew Bruce,
brother of Thomas, earl of Elgin (who d.
27 Dec. 1810); and, 2dly, 18 Feb. 1813,
James Alexander, of Somerhill, co. Kent,

2. Edward, b. Dec. 1783, d. 23 Dec. 1802.

3. Ehza, b. Jan. 1785, d. 28 April 1795.

4. Anne-Amelia, b. Jan. 1789, »?., 1st,
16 Oct. 18(t6, Charles Murray, esq., son of
lord George Murray, bishop of St. David's
(who d. Jan. 1808) ; and, 2dly, George
Warde, esq.

6. Louisa-Hay, b. Sept. 1791, m., 12 Jan.
1811, William Fane, esq., grandson of
Thomas, 8th earl of Westmoreland.

6. Thomas- John, b. 27 Nov. 1792, m.,
13 June 1822, Susan, da. of Thomas
W^odehouse, esq., and has issue.

7. Charles-Alexander, b. 29 May 1794, d.
22 Feb. 1795.

8. Alexander-Wilton, major in the army,
b. Sept. 1796, m., May 1827, Marian, da. of
Peter Still, of Harley-street, esq., and has

Sir James d. 10 Nov. 1779, and was suc-
ceeded bv his eldest surviving son,

in. Sir HENRY-W^\TK1N, 3d bart., b.
30 Aug. 1745, m., 17 July 1780, Mary-Ellen,
da. of John Graham, esq., a member of the
council in Bengal, and had issue,

1. Henry-George-Mavne, 6. 26 June
1782, d. 24 Nov. 1803.

2. Anna-Maria, b. 16 Feb. 1785, nu, 22
May 1810, John, marquess of Ely, K.P,

3. Sir George, present bart.

4. Charles, b. 9 Dec. 1787, lieut.-col. and
capt. 3d guards, C.B., m., March 1822, Caro-
line, 4th da. of sir Robert Barlow, K.C.B.,
and d. 20 April 1832.

5. Caroline, b. 31 Oct. 1790, d. 21 April

6. Montagu-Spenceb, b. 10 April 1793,
d. 12 April 1794.

7. Rev. Augustus, b. 25 Feb. 1795, m., 16
June 1825, Hester, 4th da. of the late sir
Jacob Astley, bart., and has issue,

1. Georgiana-Helen ; 2. Augustus.
3. Charles-Henry.

8. Georgiana-Caroline, 6. 16 March
1796, m., 19 March 1819, sir Jacob Astlev, bart.

Sir Henry-Watkin d. 10 June 1828, and
was succeeded bv his eldest son,

IV. Sir GEORGE, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 13. Argent, on a fess,
double cottised, gules, three griffins heads,
erased, or.

Crest — A griffin's head, erased, per fess,
erminois and gules.

Seat — Kirtlington Park, near Woodstock,
CO. Oxford.

BLOIS, of GiiuNDiSBiJRGH Hall, CO. SuflFolk.

15 April 1686.

Sir CHARLES BLOIS, Baronet, succeeded his father, sir John, 17
Jan. 1810 ; married, 30 Dec. 1789, Clara, da. of Jocelyn Price, of Cambles-

worth, CO. York, esq., by whom he has issue, 1. CHARLES ; 2.

John, commander R.N., m., 15 Feb. 1827, Eliza-Knox, 2d da. of the rev.

John Barrett, rector of Inniskeel, co. Donegal ; 3. William; 4.

Henry-Jocelyx, d. March 1817; 5. Thosias; 6. Frances-
Mary, ?«., 14 Dec. 1815, the rev. Eardley Norton, vicar of ArnecliiF, co.

York; 7. Clara, m., 14 Dec. 1815, WilHam Palmer, of Ladbrooke,

CO. M'arwick, esq.; 8. Lucy-Anne, w., 6 Jan. 1817, Joshua, lord





The name of Blois, said to be derived
from Blois, a city of France, is of great an-
tiquity in the county of Suffolk. Galfridus
de Blois held land's in Walpole, in that
county, in the time of Richard I. or John ;
their "residence was at Norton, co. Suffolk,
till the reign of king Henry VII., when it
was removed to Grundisburgh Hall, now in
possession of the present bart.

Thomas Bl<ns, m. Margery, da. of William
Styles, of Ipswich, d. 1528, leaving issue,
from whom descended

I. Sir CHARLES, 1st bart., m., 1st, Mary,
da. of sir Robert Kemp, of Gissing, co. Nor-
folk, bart., by whom he had,

1. Robert, m. Amy, sole da. of John
Burrough, of Ipswich, esq., d. 1728, without

2. William, m. Jane, 3d da. of sir Robert
Kemp, of Ubbeston, co. Suffolk, bart., d.
1738, leaving an only son,

1. Sir Charlks, 2d bart.

2. Mary, d. iinin. 176G.

3. Sir Charles, 3d bart.

4. Mary, rf. nnm. 1730.

Sir Charles m., 2dly, Anne, da. of Ralph
Hawtrey, of Riselip, co. Middlesex, esq.,
and had issue,

5. Anne, m. Samuel Thompson, of Uf-
ford, CO. Suffolk, esq.

6. John, of Gray's Inn, esq.,rf. unm. 1745.

7. Sir Ralph, 4th bart.

Sir Charles d. 9 April 1738, and was suc-
ceeded by his gi-andson,

II. Sir CHARLES, who d. unm., and was
succeeded bv his uncle,

III. Sir CHARLES, 3d son of sir Charles,

the 1st bart. He d. without issue 1761, and
was succeeded by his half-brother,

IV. Sir RALPH, m. Elizabeth, eldest da.
of Reginald Rabett, esq., and by her (who
d. Jan. 1780) had issue,

1. John ; 2. Ralph ; both d. infants.

3. Sir John, 5th bart.

4. Lucy, m. Robert Lawton, esq.

Sir Ralph d. 17<j2, and was succeeded by his
only surviving son,

V. Sir JOHN, m., 1st, Sarah, youngest
da. of George Thornhill, of Diddington, co.
Huntingdon, esq., and sister to Thomas
Thornhill, of Fincliley, co. York, esq., and
had issue,

1. Sir Charles, present bart.

2. Sarah.

Hew.,2dly,21 April 1772,Lucretia,da,of

Ottley, of the Islandof St. Christopher's, esq.,
and by her (who d. 11 Jan. I!i08) had issue,

3. Lucretia, m., 14 Jan. 1805, dr. Tho-
mas Turner, eldest son of Samuel Turner,
esq., and d. 23 Dec. 1826.

4. Lucy-Anne, m., 25 Sept. 1817, rev.
Charles -Thomas Johnson, rector of En-
borne, and Hemsted-Marshal, co. Berks.

5. Ralph-John, d. 1818.

Sir John d. 17 Jan. 1810, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

VL Sir CHARLES, present bart.

^/7M.s— See Plate 13. Gules, a bend, vaire,
between two fieurs-de-lys, argent.

O-es?— A gauntlet, proper, holding a fleur-
de-lis, argent.

Mntto — Je me fie en Dieu.

Sf/its — At Grundisburgh and Cockfield
Hall, CO. Suffolk.

WILLIAMS, (now M^LLIAMS-WYNN,) of the Isle of Anglesey,

and of Gray's Inn, co. Middlesex.

G July 1G88.

Sir WATKIN WILLIAMS-WYNN, Baronet, born 26 Oct. 1772;
succeeded his father, sir Watkin, 29 Julyl7o9; Lord-Lieutenant and
Custos Rotulorum cos. Denbigh and Merioneth, Knight of the Shire for the
former county, and Aide-de-camp to his Majesty ; married, 4 Feb. 1817,

lady Harriet Clive, eldest da. of Edward, earl of Powis, and has issue,

I. Henrietta-Charlotte, b. IG Aug. 1818; 2. WATKIN, 6. 22

May 1820 ; 3. Herbert-Watkin, b. 29 April 1822.

William Williams, of Chwaine Issa,
CO. Anglesea, esq., was the 14th in lineal
descent from Cadrod Hardd, or the Hand-
some, a British chieftain, who resided at
Tremadog, in the parish of Llanfaithley, in
the same co., and was lord of Tallyboiion,
about the year IKiO. Hew. Margaret, da.
and h. of John Owens, of Llanfaithley, esq.,
by whom he had two sons, 1. Ja/ui, whose
issue in the male line is extinct ;

2. Hugh, D.D., vicar of Llantrisant, m.
Emma, da. and h. of John Dolben, of Cae
Gwynnion, esq., and d. 1670, leaving issue,
two sons and two das., 1. sir William, 1st
bart. ; 2. David, m. Anne, da. and h. of Wil-
liam Maurice, of Llansilin, esq.; 3. Mar-
garet, m. John Owen, of Penrhos, esq.;
4. Emma, »i. Hugh Lloyd, esq.

I. Sir WILLIAM, knt., the 1st bart., was
a barrister, and recorder of Chester, which
city he represented in three parliaments, in
the latter two of which he was chosen speak-
er. In .'if) Car. II., he was tried for a libel,
in causing to be printed the information of
Thomas Dangerfield, gent. ; and althougli
he pleaded the law and custom of parlia-
ment in his favour, the court fined him ten

thousand pounds for licensing the said in-
formation to be printed, ,£'8,000 of which
sum he was compelled to pay. After the Re-
volution, thisjudgnient was declared by the
House of Commons to be illegal, and against
the freedom of jiarliamcnt. He was made,
by king James II., solicitor-general, knight-
ed in l(i87, and in I(i88 created a bart. Soon

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