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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 34 of 95)
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after the Ilevolution he was appointed one
of the king's coimsel. He m. Margaret, da.
and co-h. of Watkyn KylRn, esq., and had

1. Sir Wii-LtAM, 2d bart.

2. John, barrister-at-law, w. Catharine,
eldest (la. of sir Hugh Owen, bart., by whom
he left,

1. Elizabeth, w. William Owen, eldest
son of sir Arthur Owen, bart.

2. Hugh, who was member for Anglesea
in two parliaments, »i., ]st,Ursula,da.of sir

John IJridgnian, bart.; 2dly, , da.

of Kdward Norris, esq., M.D., formerly
M.l*. for I^iverpool, and d. s.j).

3. Kyflin, tn. Mary IJunbury, who d.
without issue.

4. John, a Welsh jud^re, m. Judith, da.
of alderman liennet, of Chester, and was



grandfather of sir John Willianns, of Bodl-
Tewyddan, co. Flmt, created a bart. 1798
(see that title.)

5. Arthur, archdeacon of St. David's,
and rector of St. Mary's, Chester, d.
Aug. 1737. unm.

6. Edward, m., May 1739, • , relict

of Richard, 5th viscount Bulkeley, and
da. and h. of Lewis Owen, of Penmarth,
esq., (by a da. of sir William Williams,
bart.,) and left by her three das., the
eldest of whom m. William Wynne, of
Wern, esq.

3. E.M.MA, ni. sir Arthur Owen, bart.
Sir William d. 11 July 1700, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

II. SirWILLIAM, 7?i. 1st, Jane, da. and
h. of Edward Tlielwall, esq., (by Sydney, da.
and h. of Williain Wynne, esq., prothono-
tary of North Wales,' and 4th son of sir
John Wynne, of Gwedyr, bart.,) by whom
he left issue,

1. Sir Watkin-William, 3d bart.

2. Robert, m., Margel, da. of Arthur
Williames, of Vstymcolwyn, esq., and d. s.p.

3. Richard, who m., 1st, Hesther, da. of

Thelwall, esq. ; 2dly, Charlotte, da.

and co-h. of Richard Mostyn, of Penbedw,
3d son of sir Roger Mostvh, bart., by whom
he had,

1. Richard, who d. young.

3dly, Annabella, da. and h. of Charles
Lloyd, of Drenewydd, co. Salop ; by the
last of whom he left issue,

2. Watliin, m. Elizabeth, da. and co-h.
of James-Russell Stapleton, of Bodryddan,
esq., and d. s.p.

3. Annabella, m. the rev. Philip Pule-
ston, D.D.

4. Jane, »u Robert Lloyd, of Swan
Hill, esq.

5. Annabella, m. Edward Gatacre, esq.

6. Jane, num. ; 7. William.
8. Charles ; 9. Richard.

10. Robert, who all d. unm,
SirWilham m., 2dly, Catharine, da. of Mut-
ton Davies, of Gwysanney, co. Denbigh,
esq., by whom he had no issue. He d. 20
Oct. 1740, and was succeeded by his eldest

III. Sir WATKIN, of Wvnnstay, co.
Denbigh, bart., (which seat and estate he
inherited from sir John Wynn, bart., in
right of his grandmother, Sydney, da. to
William Wynn, esq., as above mentioned,
and took the surname of Wynn in addition
to and after \\illiams.) Sir Watkin ?».,
1st, Anne, da. and co-h. oi^ Edward Vaughan,
esq., by whom he had several children, who
all d. young. He m., 2dly, Frances, da. of
George Shakerly, esq., who d. April 1803, by
whom he left.

1. Sir Watkix-Williams, 4th bart.

2. Wilham-Watkix, who d. 12 April
1759, vnm.

Sir Watkin d. 26 Sept. 1/49, and was suc-
ceeded by liis son,

IV. Sir WATKIN, w., 6 April 17G9, Hen-
rietta, 5th da. of Charles-Noel, 4th duke of
Beaufort, who d. the 24th of July following.
Sir Watkin m., 2d]y, 21 Dec. I771, Char-
lotte, da. of the right hon. George Gran-
ville, and sister of George, 1st marquess of
Buckingham, K.G., by whom (who d. 29
Sept. 1832, a-t. 79,) he had issue,

1. Sir Watkix-Williams, present bart.

2. WiLLiA.M- Watkin, b. 28 Dec. 1773, d.

3. Right Honourable Charles- Wat-
kin, chancellor of the duchy court and
county palatine of Lancaster, M.P. co.
Montgomery, P. C. D. C. L. F.S.A., for-
merly president of the board of control for
the affairs of India, and for a short period
secretary at war ; b. 9 Oct. 1775, m., 9 April
lJio6, Mary, the eldest da. of sir Foster
Cunliffe, bart., of Acton Park, co. Den-
bigh, and has issue,

i. Watkin-Henry, b. 29 June 1816, d. 9
July 1832.

2. Charles- Watkin, b. 4 Oct. 1822.

3. Charlotte, ?). 1(J Jan. I807.

4. Mary, m., 1(3 May 1832, Benjamin
Gaskell, esq., of Thomas House, co. York.

5. Harriot-Hester ; 6. Sydney.
7. Emma, d. 30 July 1824.

4. Maria, b. 24 April 1777, d. young.

5. Frances, b. 3 April 1778.

6. Charlotte, b. 9 Dec. 1780, ni., 13 Nov.
I80G, lieut.-col. William Shipley, eldest son
of the dean of St. Asaph.

7. The right honourable sir Henry Wat-
kin, K.G.H., b. It) March 1783, minister-ple-
nipotentiary to the Court of Denmark ; »?.,
3U Sept. 1813, Esther Smith, 4th da. of Ro-
bert, lord Carrington, and has issue 3 sons
and 3 das.

8. Henrietta-Elizabeth, b. 6 Feb. 1786,
m., 17 Dec. 1810, Thomas Cholmondeley ;
created 1821, baron Delamere.

9. Gbenville-Watkin, b. in 1787, d.

10. Catharine, d. in 1789.

Sir Watkin d. 29 July 1789, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

V. Sir 'WATKIN, the present bart.

Arms— See Plate 13. Quarterly 1st and
4th, Wynn, vert, three eagles, displayed;
in fess, or; 2d and 3d, Williajis, argent,
two foxes, counter salient, in saltire, gules,
the dexter surmounted of the sinister.

Crest — An eagle displayed, or.

Seats — Wynnstay, co. Denbigh; andLlan-
gedwin and Glanllyn, co. Merioneth.

MOLESWORTH, of the Island of Jamaica.

19 July 1689.

Sir WIELIA3I MOLESWORTH, Baronet, M.P. for East Cornwall,
succeeded his father, sir Arscott-Ourry, 30 Dec. 1823.

The family of Moleswnrth anciently re-
sided in the counties of Northampton and
Bedford, where they flourished in the reigns
of Edward I. and II. Sir Walter de Moles-
worth atiended king Edward I. in his expedi-
tion to the Holy Land, and was sheriff" cos.
Bedford and Bucks for the space of lo years.
In I.31HJ, when the king, on a grand Whit-
suntide festival, to augment the glory of his
intended expedition into Scotland, knighted

Edward, earl of Carnarvon, his eldest son,
the young prince, immediately after that
ceremony, at the altar, in Westminster
Abbey, conferred the same honour on near
300 gentlemen, the sons of earls, barons,
and knights, of wliich number was sir
Walter de Molesworth.

His descendants were of great note and
consideration, and at length the dignity of
bart. was conferred on two branches of the

H 2



family, nearly at the same time, both of
them being zealous in favour of the Revo-

John Molesworth, of Helpeston, co.
Northampton, temp, queen Elizabeth, left,
besides other issue, 2 sons, Anthoni/, whose
great-grandson, Robert, was first created a
bart. by king George I., and subsequently
made a peer of Ireland, (171'i.) by the title
of viscount Molesworth, which dignity his
descendant now enjoys (vide Debrett's Peer-
age ;) and

John, who m. to his first wife, Catherine,
da. and co-h. of John Hender, of Botreaux
Castle, CO. Cornwall ; settled himself at Pen-
carrow, in that county, and was father of
Hender Molesworth, who was father of

I. Sir HENDER, 1st bart., so created as
above, with limitation, on failure of issue
male of his body, to his elder and only sur-
viving brother, sir John Molesworth, of
Pencarrow, knt. Sir Hender was bred
a merchant, and settled in Jamaica, was
president of the council of that island in
the reign of king Charles II. He m., 1st, a
da. of mr. Mangey, a goldsmith, of London,
widow of Thomas Tottle, a merchant in
Jamaica; and 2dly, Mary, da. of Thomas
Temple, esq., and widow of sir Thomas
Lynch, knt., but byneither of themhadany
issue. He d. 1689, and was succeeded, pur-
suant to the above-recited limitation, by his

n. Sir JOHN, of Pencarrow, knt., m.,
1st, Margery, eldest da. of Thomas, son of
sir Thomas Wise, K.B., by whom he had,

1. Sir John, 3d bart.

2. Hender ; 3. Spark.
4. Mary; .5. Margery.

6. Prudence.

He m., 2dly, Margaret, eldest da. to Ni-
cholas Slaning, of Maristow, co. Devon,
knt., but by her had no issue.

III. Sir JOHN, eldest son and successor
to his father, m. a da. of John Arscott, of
Tetcott, CO. Devon, esq., and by her had,

1. Sir John, 4th bart.

2. Hender, d. 6 Feb. 1732-3, iinm.

3. Spark, d. at Naples, 9 June 1739.

4. Prudence; S.Margaret; 6. Mary,
all d. tuim.

7. Prudence, m. Hugh Gregor, esq.

IV. Sir JOHN, eldest son and successor
to his father. In 1728 he in. Barbara, 2d
da. of sir Nicholas Morice, of Werrington,
CO. Devon, bart., who d. 17 May 1735,

1. Sir John, 5th bart.

2. William, who rf. 9 Feb. 1762, having
ni. Anne, da. and co-h. of James Smyth, of
St. Audries, co. Somerset, esq., and had
issue, Frances, who m., 31 Dec. 1785, John-
Jeffreys Pratt, marquess Camden, K.G.,
and has issue.

Sir John d. 4 April 176fi, and was suc-
ceeded by his only surviving son,

V. Sir JOHN, m., 28 Sept. 1755, Frances,
da. and co-h. of James Smyth, of St. Au-
dries, CO. Somerset, esq., by whom he had
1 son,

1. Sir William, 6th bart.

He m., 2dly, 22 June 1762, Barbara, da. of
sir John St. Aubin, of Clowance, co. Corn-
wall, bart., by whom he had,

2. John, in holy orders, m. Catharine,
sister of sir John St. Aubin, bart., and had
issue, of whom Barbara, m., 29 Sept. 1830,
the rev. William Gilbee, vicar of St. Josey
and St. Aubyn; m., Jan. 1833, Isabella, da.
of Richard Waring, of Belfast, esq.

3. Hender; 4. Barbara.

Sir John d. 31 Oct. 1776, and was succeeded
by his son,

VI. Sir WILLIAM, in., 1786, Caroline-
Treby Ourry, da. of Paul-Henry Ourry,
esq., commissioner of the navy office, and
had issue,

1. Sir Arscott-Ourry, 7th bart.

2. William, in holy orders, rector of St.
Breoke Cornwall, m., 10 Feb. 1829, Susanna,
da. of James Buller, of Downes, co. Devon,
esq., deceased.

3. Frances; 4. Caroline.

Sir William d. 22 Feb. 1798, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

VII. Sir ARSCOTT-OURRY, 7th bart. ;
m., 7 July 1809, Mary, eldest da. of Pa-
trick Brown, of Edinburgh, esq., and had

1. Sir William, present bart.

2. A DA., h. 13 July 1811.

3. 4. A Son and a Da., twins, b. 4 Sept

5. A Da., b. Feb. 1816.

6. A Son, b. May 1818.

Sir Arscott d. 30 Dec. 1823, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

VIII. Sir WILLIAM, present bart
Arms—'iiee Plate 13. Vaire, a bordure^

gules, charged with eight cross-crosslets, or.

Crest — An armed arm, embowed, proper,
holding in the hand a cross-crosslet, or.

Motto — Sicfidem teneo.

Seat — At Pencarrow, co. Cornwall,

RAMSDEN, of Eyrom, co. York,
30 Nov. 1681).

Sir JOHN RAMSDEN, Baronet, succeeded his father, sir John, in
17G9; married., 7 July 17J'7i the hou. Louisa Ingram, oth da. and co-h. of
Charles, viscount Irwin, sister to Isabella-Anne, marchioness of Hertford,
(which title became extinct in 1782,) and has issue, 1. JOHN-
CHARLES, M.P. for Malton, w., 4 May 1814, Isabella, youngest da. of
Thomas, 1st h)rd Dundas, and has issue, a da., h. 19 IMarch 1818, and

John-Wimam, b. 27 July 1824, d. 23 A])ril 1830 ; 2. William, capt.

R.N., «?., Aug. 1827, Ififly Annabella-Paulet, eldest da. of the marquess

of Winchester ; 3. Hkniiy-James, in the army, w., 8 Aug. 1829, the

hon. Frederica Law, da. of Edward, 1st lord Ellenborough, and has a son^
b. 9 June 1830; 4. Chaules, in the army, w., 14. June 1828, Harriett-
Frances, da. of lieut.-gen. rt. hon. sir .John Ryng, (j.CB. and G.C.H. ;

S.Louisa; 0. Ehzabeth,w.,2 Aug. 1821, hon. Edward-William, lord



Hawke, and c?. 26 Aug. 1824; 7- Carolixe-Margaret, m., 18 Aug.

1831, the rev. lord Charles Paulett, 2d son of the marquess of Winchester ;
8. AxNE ; 9. Frances-Catherine, m., Dec. 1828, Lowther-

Augustus-John, lord Muncaster.

Robert Ramsden, esq., appears to have
been seated at Longley Hall, near Hudders-
field, CO York, as early as the reiga of
queen Elizabeth ; his great-grandson.

Sir JoHX Ramsden, of Longley and of
Byrom, was sheriff of \ orkshire, 13 Car. 1. ;
a noted loyalist and colonel of a regiment
in the service of that king: m. Margaret,
da. of sir Peter Frescheville, of Staveley,
CO. Derby, knt. (and sister of John, lord
Frescheville, who was so created, (j March
1664, but d. without male issue, 1682, when
the title became extinct.) Sir John d. at
Newark Castle, in the service of king
Charles I., leaving 2 sons; John, who d.
unni., and

William, the eldest, m. Elizabeth, da.
and h. of George Palmes, of Lindley, co.
York, esq., and had,

1. John, 1st bart.

2. Fkescheville ; 3. Peter, both cf.

4. Browne, m., 1st, sir George Dalston,
of Heath, co. York, bart. ; 2dly, Edward
Andrews, of Westminster, esq. ; and, 3dly,
sir Richard Fisher, of Islington, co. Middle-
sex, bart., and d. 15 March 1739-40.

5. Frances, nu Charles, 2d duke of
Bolton, by whom she was mother of 1.
Charles ; 2. Harry, successively dukes of

6. Mary, m. Thomas Wilkinson, of Kirk-
heaton, co. York, esq.

7. Elizabeth, m. John Anderson, esq.

I. Sir JOHN, the eldest son, for the
essential services and distinguished zeal ex-
hibited at the Revolution, was created a
bart., 30 Nov. 1689; m. Sarah, only d. and
h. of Charles Butler, of Coates, co. Lincoln,
esq., by whom he had 8 sons, all of whom
d. iinm., except the eldest.

Sir WiLLiAJi, 2d bart.
Sir John d. 1691, and was succeeded by his

II. Sir WILLIAM, m. Elizabeth, 2d da. of
John Lowther, viscount Lonsdale, and by
her (who d. lyW) had issue,

1. Sir John, 3d bart.

2. WiLLiA.M, d. 1770, unm.

3. James, a commissioner of the Wine
Licence Office, rf. 177<*> tinni.

4. Thomas, who was of the secretary of

state's office, and m. , da. of sir Philip

Meadows, and had no issue.

5. Robert, an officer in the army, who
served in Flanders, at the battles of Del-
tingen and Fontenoy, m. Elizabeth, sole
da. and h. of John Smyth, of Heath, co.
York, esq., by whom he had several chil-
dren, and rf. 1769.

6. Fuescheville, in the army, who
participated with his brother in the battles
before alluded to, and subsequently con-
tinued his services in Germany, under
prince Ferdinand. He attained the rank of
lieut.-col. in the horse grenadier-guards,
was several years equerry to his majesty,
and became lieut. -governor of Carlisle: he
m. Isabella, sister to Charles Ingram, vis-
count Irwin, by whom he had one son, and
rf. 1804.

7. Catherine, m. sir William Lowther,
of Swillington, bart.

8. 9. 10. 11. Four Das., all rf. unm.

Sir William rf. June 1736, and was succeed-
ed by his son,

III. Sir JOHN, ?n. Margaret, da. of Wil-
liam Norton, of Sawiey, esq., (niece and
heiress of John Lowther, of Ackworth, esq.,
and widow of Thomas-Liddel Bright, of
Badsworth, esq.,) by whom (who d. 1775)
he had issue,

1. Sir John, present bart.

2. Elizabeth, w., I77I. William W^ed-
dell, of Newby, esq.

3. Margaret, m., 11 Feb. 1774, Thomas
Reynolds, 3d lord Ducie.

Sir John d. 10 April 1769, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

IV. Sir JOHN, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 13. Argent, on a chev-
ron, between three fleurs-de-lis sable, three
rams' heads erased, of the first.

Ci-est — An armed arm, couped at the el-
bow, and erect, proper, holding a fleur-de-
hs sable.

Seat— At Byrom, co. York.

LEIGHTON, of Wattlesborough, co. Salop.
2 March 1602-3.
Sir BALDWIN LEIGHTON, Baronet, born 14 May 1805, succeeded
his father, sir Baldwin, 13 Nov. 1828 ; married, 9 Feb. 1832, 3Iary, da. of

T. N. Parker, esq., of Sweeney Hall, co. Salop, and has issue, 1.

Frakces-Christina, b. 24 Dec. 1832 ; 2. Isabella, b. March 1834.

This family was in England as early as
the Norman Conquest, as appears by Dooms-
day-Book. Sir Titus be Leighton, knight
of the Sepulchre, son and h. of Cuthbert,
giandson and heir of Totilus de Leighton,
was one of those who went to the wars in
the Holy Land, and at his return was a co-
founder of the abbey of Buldewas, Shrop-
shire. William Fitz-Allen, soon after the
Conquest, re-conveyed the manor of Leigh-
ton to sir Richard de Leighton, knt., son
and h. of sir Titus.

I. EDWARD, of Wattlesborough, co.
Salop, was created a bart. as above ; m., 1st,
1679. Dorothy, da. of sir Job Charlton, of

Ludford, co. Hereford, bart., by whom (who
rf. 1688) he had issue,

1. Robert, rf. young, 1690.

2. Sir Edward, 2d bart.

3. Job, b. 1682, rf. 1704.

4. Lettice, rf. unm. 1758.

5. Dorothy; 6. Jane; 7- Dorothy; all
rf. young.

Sir Edward /n., 2dly, 1693, Jane, da. of
Daniel Nichol, esq., by whom he had issue,

8. Daniel, b. lb"94, a lieut.-col., m. Jane,
da. of Nathaniel Thorold, of the city of
Lincoln, esq., and rf. 1765, having had issue,
1. Herbert, page to the princess-dowagei?

of Wales.



2. Edward, lieut. R.N., d. imm.

3. Jane, m., 1st, captain Catheart; 2dly,
Jonathan, eldest son of sir Jonathan Cope,

4. Another da. m. lieut.-col. Sabine
Daniel, d. 1765.

9. Frances, b. lOOG, lieut.-gen. and eol.

of the 32d regt. of foot, m. da. of

Pinfold, esq., and d. 1773, having had issue,

1. A son, who d. young.

2. Charlotte, d. latm., 1820.

3. Frances, m., 16 May 1783, Sir Hew
Whiteford Dairy m pie, bart.

10. Gerard, a captain in the army.

11. Jane, m., 1st, Thomas Jones, esq.;
and 2dly, sir Charles Lloyd, bart.

12. Frances; 13. Anne; 14. Elizabeth,
all d. young.

Sir Edward d. 1711, and was succeeded by
his son,

II. Sir EDWARD, b. 1681, w., 1st, Raehael,
da. of sir William Forester, (by Mary, da. of
James-Cecil, 3d earl of Salisbury, by Mar-
garet, 5th da. of John-Manners, fjth earl of
Rutland,) by whom (who d. 1720) he had

1. Forester, d. vit. pat.

2. Sir Charlton, 3d bart.

3. Baldwin, b. 1717, m. Anne, da. of cap-
tain Smith, by whom he had issue,

1. Edward, b. 1745, d. s.p. 1804.

2. Sir Baldwin, 6th bart.

3. Mary, b. 1748, d. 1771.

4. Ann, b. 1749, m. rev. Thomas Holme,
but d. s.p. 1820.

5. Thomas, b. 1751, gen. E.I. C. service,
m. Mary-Louisa Everett, and had issue.
Frauds, d. 1808.

'6. Raehael, b. 1753, d. 1757.

7. Emma, b. 1755, d. 1832.

8. Francis, b. 1757, d. 1808.

9. Burgh, b. 1760, m. Jane, da. of rev.
Thomas Holme, of Winstanley, co. Lane.

10. Victoria, b. 1762, m, rev. Francis
Leighton, but d. s.p. 1832.

11. Forester, b. 1763, m. Honoria, da. of
general Barclay, and had issue, 1. Furester-
Oiven; 2. Edward-Barduy, d. young; 3.
Baldwin-Francis, d. 1807.

12. Belinda, b. 1767, d. 1834.

4. Rachael, m. Thomas Jenkins, esq.

5. Burgh; 6. Cambray; 7- Mary; 8.
Dorothy; 9. Emma, all d. young.

Sir Edward m., 2dly, Judith, da. of John
Ellick, esq., sister of governor Ellick, and
relict of captain Thwaites, in the East India
Company's service, but by her (who d. 1764)
he had no issue. Sir Edward d. 6 March 1756,
and was succeeded by his eldest son,

in. Sir CHARLTON, b. 1715, m., 1st,
Anna-Maria, da. of Richard Mytton, (by
Letitia, sister and h. of Thomas Owen, of
Condover, esq.,) who d. Aug. 1750, leaving

1. Sir Charlton, 4th bart.

2. Anna-Mabia, m. N. Smith.

3. Honor, d. young.

4. Anna-Bella, m. William Childe, of
Kinlet, esq.

Sir Charlton ni., 2dly, 22 Oct. 1751, Emma,
eldest da. of sir Robert Maude, bart., and
sister of Cornwallis, viscount Hawarden, by
whom he had issue,

5. Sir Robert, 5th bart.

6. Emma, m., 1774, John Corbet, esq., and
d. 1799.

7. Louisa; 8. Charlotte; 9. Harriott.
10. Rachael; 11. Mary; both d. young

in 1765.

Sir Charlton d. 5 May 1780, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

IV. Sir CHARLTON, b. 1747, d. unm.
Dec. 1784, and was succeeded by his brother,

V. Sir ROBERT, b. 1752, d. tmm. Feb.
1819, and was succeeded by his cousin,

VL Sir BALDWIN, son of Baldwin, 2d
son of the 2d bart., a general in the army,
m., 1st, Anne, da. of the rev. William Pigot,
by whom he had no issue ; and 2dly, Anne,
da. of sir ThomasStanley,of Alderley, bart.,
and d. 13 Nov. 1828, leaving by his second
marriage an only son,

VII. Sir BALDWIN, present and 7th

Arms—^ee Plate 14. Quarterly per fesse
indented, or and gules.

Crest — A wyvern, with wings expanded,

Motto — Bread shame.

Seat— At Loton, co. Salop.

COLT, of St. James, Westminster.

2 IMarch 1G93-4.

Sir JOHN-DUTTON COLT, Baronet, born 8 Oct. 1772, succeeded
his father, sir John-Dutton, 1809, and is unmarried.

This family was formerly possessed of
very considerable estates in Suffolk and
Essex. They are descended from Thomas
Colt, of Carlisle, who was father of Thomas
Colt, chancellor of the exchequer, and of the
privy council to king Edward IV.

George Colt, and Elizabeth Dutton, his wife,
was advanced to the dignity of a bart. for
his services at the Revolution, with remain-
der to his brother, John-Dutton Colt, and to
his 3 sons, John, William, and Harry, and
other remainders over. He m. Cecilia, da. of
Francis Brewster, esq., relict of sir Thomas
Hatton, knt., by whom he left no issue:
she d. Oct. 1712, and sir Harry-Dutton, 25
April 1731, when the title and estate de-
scended, according to the remainder in the
patent, to his great nei)hew,

II. Sir JOHN-DUTTON, only son of
John-Dutton Colt, who was the eldest son of

John-Dutton Colt, esq., elder brother to sir
Harry, m. Mallet, eldest da. of George
Langley, of Goulding Hall, co. Salop, esq.,
and by her (who d. 24 Jan. 1824) had issue,

1. Sir JoHN-Dt:TTON, present bart.

2. William-Arnold, major in the East
India Company's service, rf. anm., aet. 35.

3. Edward- Vau(3HAn, b. 1775.

4. Thomas-Langley, lieut. 80th foot, d.
unm. in India.

5. Ja:\ii:s, rf. Nov. 1826.

6. Ann-Soi'hia.

Sir John rf. 1809, and was succeeded by his
eldest son,

HI. Sir JOHN-DUTTON, present baft.

^;v«,s— See Plate 14. Argent, a fess, be-
tween three colts, in full sjjccd, sable.

Crest — A colt in full speed, as in the arms.

Motto — Viiirit ijiii /iiititiir.

Seat— At Leomhistcr, co. Hereford.



THOMAS, of Wenvoe Castle, co, Glamorgan.
24 Dec. 1694.

Sir JOHN-GODFREY THOMAS, Baronet, ia holy orders. Vicar of
Wartling and Bodiam, co. Sussex; bor?i 1 Sept. 1784, succeeded his father,
sir John, 14 Dec. 1828; married, 1st, April 1808, Frances, da. of Stephen
Ram, of Rams Fort, co. Wexford, and Portswood Lodge, co. Southampton,

esq., by whom (who d. Jan. 1816) he had issue, 1. ED31UND-

STEPHEN, 6. 6 Feb. 1810; 2. Charlotte-Gertrude, b. 19 Oct.

1811, d. June 1824; 3. Mary, b. 14 Jan. 181.3; 4. Frances-So-

PHIA (twin with Mary); 5. Louisa-Elizabeth, b. 18 Aug. 1814;

6. Godfrey, b. 12 Dec. 1815, d June 1816. Sir John- Godfrey w.,

2dly, April 1817, Elizabeth-Anne, eldest da. of the rev. John Vignoles, of
Cornalier House, co. Westmeath, and relict of lieut.-col. Grey, and has

issue, 7' Eliza-Julia, b. 2 Feb. 1818; 8. Letitia, b. 24 Jan.

1819, rf. April 1831; 9. Julia, b. 28 Aug. 1820; 10. Caroline,

b. 24 Jan. 1822; 11. Paulina, b. 21 May 1823; 12. Godfrey-

John, b. 16 June 1824 ; 13. John, b. 28 Feb. 1826 ; 14. Charles,

b.lG Aug. 1828.

Jevan ap HARPWAYE.of Tresimont, co.
Hereford, m. Catharine, da. and sole h. of
Thomas ap Thomas, of Wenvoe Castle, and
took the name of Thomas, which his de-
scendants have ever since continued.

I. Sir JOHN, was advanced to the dignity
of a bart., with remainder in his patent to
his brothers, Edju'xd, 2d bart-, and WWJam,
m. Elizabeth, relict of the republican heut.-
gen. Edmund Ludlow. He d. 17 Jan. 1702-3,
without issue, and was succeeded by his next

II. Sir EDMUND, m. Mary, da. of John
Howe of Stowell, co. Gloucester, esq., (by
Annabella, 3d da. of Samuel Scrope, earl of
Sunderland,) and had issue,

1. Sir Edmund, Sdbart-

2. JoHX, a gen. in the anny, who m.
Sophia Keppel, da. of Amold-Joost-Van
Keppel, 1st earl of Albemarle, and left
Charles-Nassau, vice-chamberlain to the
Prince Regent, and other issue.

Sir Edmund d. 1723, and was succeeded by
his eldest son,

III. Sir EDMUND, w.. May 1750, Abi-
gail, da. of sir Thomas Webster, bart., and
relict of William, son and h. of sir Edward
Northey, knt., attorney -general, by whom
(who d. 1777) he had issue,

1. Sir EDMUND, 4th barL

2. Frederick, an officer in the foot
guards, and was killed in a duel, 4 Sept. 1803,
by the hon. col. Cosmo Gordon.

3. Sir John, 5th bart.

Sir Edmund d. 10 Oct. 1767, and was suc-
ceeded bv his eldest son,

IV. Sir EDMUND, d. xawu, 1789, and was
succeeded bv his brother,

V. Sir JOHN, m. Mary, da. of John
Parker, of Harfield Court, co. Glouc, esq.,
and had issue,

1. Sir John-Godfrey, present bart.

2. Frederick-Jennings, b. Feb. 1786,
capt. R.N.,;?)., 7 Aug. 1816, Susannah, only
da. of ArtJiur Atherley, of Southampton,
esq. (who d. 1828), and had issue, three sons
and two das.

3. Mary, 6. 1787, www-
Sir John d. 14 Dec. 1828, aet. 83, and was suc-
ceeded bv his eldest son,

VI. Sir JOHN-GODFREY, present and
6th bart.

Arms — See Plate 14. Sable, a chevron, and

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