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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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canton, ennine.

Crest — A demi-unicorn, ermine, armed,
crined, and unguled, or, supporting a shield,

Motto — Virtus invicta gloriosa.

Seat — Southampton-


near Richmond, co. Surrey.

1 April 1697.

Sir PETER BUCKWORTH-HERNE.SOA3IE, Baronet, succeeded
to the title on the decease of his fatlier, sir Buck worth ; married, 13 Oct.
1 830, INIary, da. of M' illiam Bradshaw, esq.

Sir John Buckworth, knt., an eminent
merchant and alderman of London, (son of
Everard and grandson of Richard Buck-
worth, of Wisbeach, in the Isle of Ely,) d.
Dec. 1687, leaving three das., who all «i.,and
one son,

I. Sir JOHN, 1st bart., m. Elizabeth, da.
of mr. Hall, a merchant, and by her (who

re-m. Hiccocks, esq., master in chancery,

and d. 20 May 1737) had issue.

1. Sir John, 2d bart.

2. Sir Everard, 3d bart.

3. Elizabeth, d. u})m.

Sir John d. June 1702, and was succeeded by
his eldest son,

II. Sir JOHN, ??;. Jane, da. of , who rf-

26 June 1775. Sir John d. Dec. 1758, and was
succeeded bv his brother,

III. Sir EVERARD, who was assistant
gentleman usher to his Majesty, m. Mary,



da. of William Dipple, co. Worcester, esq.,
who d. Nov. 1767, by whom he had issue,

1. Sir John, 4th bart.

2. Sir EvERARD, 5th bart.

3. Charlotte, d. 5 Dec. 1773.

Sir Everard d. 10 Feb. 1779> and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

IV. Sir JOHN, d. unm. at Brussels, 20
June 18(tl, and was buried there, and was
succeeded by his brother,

took the name of Heme in addition to that
of Duckworth, having m. Anne, natural da.
of the late Paston Heme, of Hevesland Hall,
CO. Norfolk, esq., by whom (who d. Oct.
1806) he had issue,

1. Mary-Eltzabeth, m., 1st, James
Vaughan, of Leicester, esq. ; 2dly, the rev.
Calverly Bewicke; and, 3dly, John Buck-
worth, captain in the 64th infantry.

2. Charlotte, m. Henry Lucas.

3. Sir Duckworth, 6th bart.

4. John, in holy orders, rector of Heydon
and Chishall, co. Essex, m. Mary-Anne, da.
and h. of sir Charles Price, of Blount's
Court, CO. Oxon, knt.

Sir Everard d. 21 Jan. 1822, and was suc-

ceeded by his eldest son,

VI. Sir BUCKWORTH, took the name
of Soame, in addition to and after Buckworth-
Herne, by royal licence, 12 Dec. 1806, in
compliance with the will of sir Peter Soame,
of Heydon House, co. Essex, bart. ; m. Susan,

da. of Simperingham, of Cambridge,

esq., by whom (who d. 6 Dec. 1819) he had

1. Sir Peter, present bart.

2. John, in holy orders, vicar of West
Hendrid, co. Berks.

3. Charles.

Sir Buckworth d. , and was succeed-
ed by his eldest son,

VII. Sir PETER, present and 7th bart.

Arms — See Plate 14. Quarterly, 1st and 4th
gules, a chevron, between three mallets, or,
and a canton, argent, for difference — Soame.
2d and 3d sable, a chevron, between three
crosslets, fitchy, argent — Buckworth.

Crests — 1st, Soame, a falcon, close, or,
standing on a hawk's lure, argent, stringed
gules: 2d, Buckworth, a man's head, full-
faced, armed with a helmet, the beaver
open, all proper.

Seat — Heydon, co. Essex.

ROGERS, of WisDOME, co. Devon.

21 Feb. 1698-9.

Sir JOHN-LEMON ROGERS, Baronet, succeeded his father, sir Fre-
derick-Lemon, June 1797«

This family is descended from the rev.
Vincent Rogers, minister of Stratford-le-
Bow, 1586 (which Vincent is supposed to
have been son of the rev. John Rogers, pre-
bendary of St. Paul's, who was the first
martyr in queen Mary's reign, and was burnt
in Smithfield, 4 Feb. 1555). Third in de-
scent from the said rev. Vincent Rogers

I. Sir JOHN, 1st bart., who was bred a
merchant ; m. Mary, da. of William Spencer
Vincent, of London, (who, after his decease,
m. sir Edmund Prideaux, bart.,) andrf. I710,
leaving one son,

II. Sir JOHN, m. Mary, da. of sir Robert
Henley, knt., (ancestor ofthe earls of North-
ington,) by whom he had, besides other

1. Sir John, 3d bart.

2. Sir Frederick, 4th bart.

Sir John d. Jan. 1743-4, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

III. Sir JOHN, m. Hannah, da. of Tho-
mas Trefusis, esq., by whom he had no issue.
Sir John was succeeded by his brother,


a commissioner ofthe navy, m. Jane, da. of
Lilbecrop, esq., and had issue,

1. Sir John, present bart.

2. Frederick-Lemon, m., 12 April 1810,
Sophia, da. of the late col. Charles-Russell
Deare, of the Bengal Artillery.

3. Frederick-Henley, capt. R.N.

4. Harriet, m., 1st, Jan. 1811* the rev.
Richard Strode, of Newnham Park, co. De-
von ; and 2dly, 29 May 1830, major-gen. sir
Charles Phillips, of Lyndhurst, Hants.

5. Anne, d. unm. 24 April 1825.

Sir Frederick d. June 1797. and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

V. Sir JOHN-LEMON, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 14. Argent, a chevron,
gules, between three roe-bucks, current,
sable, attired and gorged with ducal coro-
nets, or.

Crest — On a mount, vert, a roe-buck, cur-
rent, proper, attired and gorged with a diical
coronet, or, between two branches of laurel,

Motto — Nos nosfraque Tien.

Seats — At Wisdom* and Blachford, both
CO. Devon.

CHETWODE, of Oakley, co. Stafford*

C April 1700.

Sir JOHN CHETWODE, Baronet, horn 11 May 17G4, succeeded his
father, sir John, 25 May 1779 ; married, 2G Oct. 1785, Henrietta Grey,
eldest da. of George-Harry, 5th earl of Stamford and Warrington, (by
Henrietta-Cavendish Bentinck, 2d da. of William, 2d duke of Portland,
by Margaret-Cavendish Harley, da. and h. of Edward, earl of Oxford and
Mortimer,) by whom (who d. 12 July 182G) he had issue, 1. Hen-
rietta-Dorothy, h. 10 Aug. 17^G, m., 9 Feb. 1808, sir John-Fenton
Fletcher-Boughey, bart. j 2. Anna-Maria, b. 1 Sept. 1787, w., 23



Dec. 1811, the rev. Richard Farrer, of Ashley, co. Northampton; 3.

JOHN, b. 12 Nov. 1788, m., 16 Oct. 1821, Elizabeth-Juliana, eldest da.
and co-h. of John-Newdigate Ludford, of Ansley Hall, co. Warwick, esq.,
and took the surnames of Newdigate-Ludford in addition to and be-
fore Chetwode, by royal sign manual, 1826; 4. George, h. 1 Nov.

1791, in holy orders, rector of Ashton-under-Line, co. Lancaster, 7n., 26
Aug. 1818, Charlotte- Anne, 2d da. of Moreton M'alhouse, of Hatherton,

esq., and has issue, George-Morton; Emily-Harriett-Anne ; 5. Charles,

-6. Henry, b. 26 Nov. 1798; 7- Richard, b. 15

b. 6 June 1794 ;

Jan. 1804; 8. Philip, b. 16 May 1805;

June 1810;

Oct. 1796; 12, Charlotte, b. 6 Nov. I797 ;

June 1801 ; 14. Caroline, b. 22 March 1808. Sii- John w., 2dly,

I827, Elizabeth, da. of John Bristow, esq.

9. Frederick, b. 24

10. Elizabeth, b. 2 Feb. 1793; 11. Louisa, b. 8

■13. Sophia, i. 15

This family was seated at Chetwode, co.
Bucks, as early as the Conquest. John Chet-
wode, from whom this pedigree is clearly
deduced, was a knight and lord of the manor
of Chetwode. His son Robert founded the
priory of Chetwode, in the lifetime of his
father. After the family had continued of
great note for upwards of twenty genera-

Philip Chetwode, youngest but only sur-
viving son of John Chetwode, (by Eleanor,
da. of William Steventon, of Dothill, co,
Salop, esq.,) m. Hester, da. and h. of Wil-
liam Touchet, of Whitley, co. Chester, esq.,
and by her had,

I. Sir JOHN, the 24th in direct lineal suc-
cession from sir John Chetwode, knt., above
mentioned, was created a bart. as above,
m., 1st, Mary, da. of sir Jonathan Raymond,
knt., alderman of London, by whom (who
d. 12 Jan. 1702) he had issue,

1. Philip-Toi'chet, 2d bart.

2. Anne, m. Thomas Whitley, of Aston,
CO. Flint, esq.

3. ]Mary, d. nnm.

4. Abigail, m. Thomas Jones, of Churton,
CO. Chester, esq.

Sir John m., 2dly, Catherine, da. of John
Tayleur, esq., by whom (who d. 14 Oct.
1717) he had no issue. He d. 22 April 1733,
and was succeeded by his only son,

II. Sir PHILIP-TOUCHET, m., 1727,
Elizabeth, only da. and h. of George Vena-
bles, of Agden, co. Chester, esq., by whom
(whorf. 14 Sept. 1745) he had twelve children,
six of whom only survived their infancy,

1. Sir John, 3d bart.

2. Philip, in holy orders, m. Anne, da. of
William Dickenson, and relict of Thomas-

Gunter Browne, esqrs. ; rf. 17C9, leaving

1. Anne, 6. 1766, viu Augustus Browne,

2. Philip, h. 1767, was in the memorable
engagement between Rodney and Comte
de Grasse, 12 April 1782, and perished in
the Ville de Paris, a captured French ship,
which foundered at sea.

3., an officer in the
army, d. 1761.

4. CTharles, m. Anne, only da. of Wil-
liam Bates, d. 1768, leaving issue,

Anne, h. 1768, m. Rose, esq.

5. Anne, m., 1st, Robert Davison, esq.,
and, 2dly, Edward Mainwaring, esq., d. 7
Feb. 1816.

6. Elizabeth, d. unm. 1776.

Sir Philip d. 15 Nov. 17G4, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

III. Sir JOHN, nu, 1756, Dorothy, 3d da.
and co-h. of Thomas Brentland, of Thorn-
cliffe, CO. Chester, esq., who d. 1/69, by whom
he had eight children, who all died in the
lifetime of their father, except

Sir John, present bart.
Sir John d. 25 May 1779, and was succeeded
by his only son,
'IV. Sir JOHN, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 14. Quarterly argent,
and gules, four crosses, forme, counter-

Cie-^t— but of a ducal coronet, or, a demi-
lion, issuant, gules.

Motto — Corona niea Christus.

Seats— \t Oakley, co. Staiford; Chetwode
and Agden, co. Bucks ; and Whitley, co.

WEBSTER, of Copt-Hall, co. Essex.
21 3Iay 1703.

Sir GODFREY-VASSAL WEBSTER, Baronet, born Oct. 1789, suc-
ceeded his father, sir Godfrey, 3 June 1800, M.P. co. Sussex, in 1812 and
1818 ; married^ 23 Aug. 1814, Charlotte, eldest da. of Robert A damson, of

Hill Street, Berkeley Square, esq., and has issue, 1. Harold, d, an

infant, March I8I7 ; 2. Nor^ian, d. an infant, 2 April 1818; 3.

a SON, b. 17 April 1819 ; 4. a Son, b. at Berne, Aug. 1821.

The Webster s are descended from an an-
cient family seated at Lockington, co. York,
temp. Richard II.

Sir Godfrey Webster, knt., a merchant of
London, m. Abigail, da. and co-h. of Tho-
mas Gorden, of Mere, co. Stafford, esq..

and had issue,

I. Sir THOMAS, 1st bart., was verderer
of the forest of Waltham ; m. Jane, da. and
h. of Edward Cheek, esq., (by Mary, da.
and co-h. of Henry Whistler, esq.,) by whom
(who d. 1760) he had issue,




1. Sir Whistler, 2d bart.

2. Sir Godfrey, 3d bart.

3. Abigail, ?m., 1st, William, son and h.
of sir Edward Northey, knt., attorney-ge-
neral to the king; and, 2dly, sir Edmund
Thomas, bart.

4. Jane, m. the rev. Bluett.

5. Elizabeth, m. Webster, an of-
ficer of the army.

Sir Thomas (i. 1750, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

II. Sir WHISTLER, m. miss Nairne, da.
of the dean of Battle, (who d. 25 Dec. 181(1.)

Sir Whistler ch Sept. 177t), and was suc-
ceeded by his brother,

III. Sir GODFREY, m. Elizabeth, da.
of Gilbert Cooper, of Lockear, co. Derby,
esq., and by her had one son,

IV. Sir GODFREY, m., 27 June 1786,
Elizabeth, da. of Richard Vassal, of the
island of Jamaica, esq., (which m. was dis-
solved by act of Parliament ; she w., 2dly,
9 July 1797, Henry-Richard, lord Holland,)

and by her had issue,

1. Sir Godfrey- Vassal, present bart.

2. Henry, a col. in the army.

3. Harriet, m,, 5 June 1816, the hon.
Fleetwood Pellew, 2d son of Edward, 1st
viscount Exmouth.

Sir Godfrey took the surname of Vassal
only, by royal sign manual, 17!)5, but drop-
ped it again after the dissolution of his mar-
riage. He rf. 3 June 1800, and was succeed-
ed by his son,

V. Sir GODFREY-VASSAL, present

Arms—See Plate 14. Azure, on a bend,
argent, cottised, or, between two demi-
lions, rampant, ermine, a rose, gules, seed-
ed and leaved, proper, between two boars'
heads, couped, sable.

Crest -\ dragon's head, couped, regard-
ant, quarterly, per fess, embattled, vert,
and or, with "flames of fire issuing out of
his mouth, proper.

Seat— At Battle Abbey, co. Sussex.

DOLBEN, of Thingdon, alias Finedon, co. Northampton.

1 April 1704.

Sir JOHN-ENGLISH DOLBEN, Baronet, F.A.S., born 4 May 1750,
succeeded his father, sir William, 20 March 1814; married, Oct. 1779'>
Hannah, da. of William Hallett, jun., of Cannons, co. Middlesex, esq., and

has issue, 1. William-Somerset, b. 22 July 1780, ?«., 19 Nov. 1812,

Frances, da. of capt. VFalter Saunders, and d. 1 Feb. 1817, leaving issue,
Anne-Julia, b. 9 Jan. 1814, and Frances, b. 20 July 181G; 2. Caro-
line, b. 1781, d. 1789; 3. Juliana, b. 9 Sept. 1783; 4. Har-
riett, b. 1785, d. 1786 ; 5. Charlotte, b. 5 Dec. 1787, m., 11 Sept.

1806, the rev. Samuel Woodfield Paul, vicar of Finedon ; C. Louisa,

b. 5 Feb. 1789.

This family is very ancient co. Denbigh,
and has branched into several houses. The
name is presumed to be taken from Dol-
Ben-Maen, a place between Caernarvon and

John Dolben, father of the 1st bart., after
serving as a military officer, and having
been twice severely wounded in the service
of Charles I. in the civil wars, became a
clergyman, and after several successive pro-
motions, was finally translated to the arch-
bishoprick of York, in 1683, and rf. in 1686.
His younger brother, sir William, was one
of the justices of the court of King's Bench,
and d. in 1693.

I. Sir GILBERT, eldest son and heir of
the archbishop, 1st bart., was one of the
justices of the court of Common Pleas, in
Ireland, andM.P. for Ripon, Peterborough,
and S. Yarmouth ; »?. Anne, eldest da. and
co-h. of Tan field Mulso, of Finedon, co.
Northampton, es(i., by whom he had issue.

Sir John, 2d bart.
He d. 22 Oct. 1722, and was succeeded by
his son,

II. Sir JOHN, D.D., and prebendary of
Durham, h. 12 Feb. l(!83-4, w. Elizabeth,
2d. da. of William, lord Digby, in Ireland,
by whom (whoi-?. 4 Nov. 173(i) he had, be-
sides other children who d. young,

1. Sir William, 3d bart.

2. Elizabeth, m. John-Nlcholls Rayns-
ford, of Brixworth, co. Northampton, esq.,
and d. his widow, Feb. 1810.

3. Frances, b. 23 July 1723, d. tmm.

4. Annf:, h. Sept. 1725, d. tinm.

Sir John d. 20 Nov. 1756, and was succeeded
by his only surviving son,

III. Sir WILLIAM, vu, 1st, 17 May 1748,
Judith, da. and sole h. of Somerset English,
esq., (by Judith, da. and h. of Hugh Rea-
son, of Hampnells, co. Sussex, by his wife,
da. and sole h. of sir Joseph Sheldon, knt.,
lord mayor of London,) and had issue,

1. SirJoHN-ENGLiSH, present bart.

2. Anna-Jl'liana, rf. 25 Nov. 1804.

Sir William »/., 2dlv, 14 Oct. 1789, Char-
lotte, da. of Gilbert AfHeck, of Dalham
Hall, CO. Suftblk, esq., relict of John Scotch-
mer, esq., and by her (who d. 12 March
1820) had no issue.

Sir William d. 20 March 1814, and was
succeeded by his only son,

IV. Sir JOHN-ENGLISH, present bart.
Arms — See Plate 14. Sable, a helmet,

close, between three pheons, their points
towards the centre, argent.

Crest — A griffin, sejant, resting the dexter
fore foot on a y)heon, point downwards.

Seat— At Thingdon, ahas Finedon, co.



FLEMING, of Rydal, co. Westmoreland.

4 Oct. 1705.

Sir RICHARD FLEMING, Baronet, in holy orders, Rector of Grass-
mere and Windermere, co. Westmoreland, succeeded his brother, sir Daniel,
1821 ; born 4 Nov. I79I ; married, Oct. 1825, Sarah, da. of W. B. Brad-
shaw, of Alton Hall, co. Lancaster, esq,, and has issue, 1. Elizabeth

Sarah-Axne-Bradshaw, b. 12 Nov

1828; 3. Isabella-Maria, ^>

Oct. 1832.

This family derives its descent from sir
Michael le Flemi7tg, knt., who, being related
to BaldR-in V., earl of Flanders, was sent
to assist William the Conqueror, his son-in-
law, who sent him some years after, with
some of his countrymen, into Cumberland,
to oppose the Scots, for which services the
Conqueror gave him the castle of Gleaston,
and other estates in Lancashire and Cum-
berland, and also the castle of Caernarvon.
The present family of R>/dal proceeds from
Richard, 2d son of sir Michael, who was
settled in Cumberland. The elder branch,
which was seated in Lancashire, ended in
an heir-female, m. to Cancefield, temp. Hen.

Sir Daxiel Fleming, of Rvdal, knt.,
21st in descent from Michael before named,
m. Barbara, eldest da. of sir Henry Fletcher,
of Hutton, bart., and d. l/Ul, leaving, be-
sides other issue,

1. Sir William, 1st bart.

2. Sir George, 2d bart.

3. Michael, m. Dorothy Benson, and
left issue a son, sir William, who became
3d bart.

4. Roger, ancestor of the late bart.

I. J5ir WILLIAM, 1st l)art., was so creat-
ed 17115, with remainder to the issue male
of sir Daniel Fleming, his father; m. Do-
rothy, da. of Thomas Rowlandson, by
whom he had issue,

1. Dorothy, m. Edward Wilson, esq.

2. Barbara, m, Edward Parker, esq.

3. Catharine, m. sir Peter Leicester,

Sir William d. 29 Aug. 1/36, and was suc-
ceeded by his brother,

II. Sir GEORGE, in holy orders, and
successively archdeacon, dean, and bishop
of Carlisle; m. Catharine, da. of Robert
Jefferson, by whom he had issue,

1. William, M.A., archdeacon of Car-
lisle, w., 1739, Dorothy, da. of Daniel Wil-
son, of Dalham Tower, esq., and d. in his
father's lifetime, leaving an only da., Ca-
rherine, who m. Thomas Ayscough, esq.

2. Mary, m. Humphrey Senhouse, esq.

182G ; 2. MICHAEL, b. 6 April

17 Dec. 1829; 4. William, b. l^

3. Barbara, d. young.

4. Catharine, w.Joseph-Dacre Appleby,
of Kirklington, esq.

,5. Mildred, m. Edward Stanley, of Pon-
sonby Hall, co. Cumberland, esq.

6. Elizabeth, d. in her infancy.
Sir George d. 2 July 1747, without surviving
male issue, and was succeeded by his ne-
phew and heir in tail,

III. Sir WILLIAM, m. Elizabeth, da.
of Christopher Petyt, esq., of Skipton lu
Craven, co. York, by whom he had issue,

i. Sir Michael, 4th bart.

2. Amelia, d, unm.

3. Barbara, m. Edward Parker, of
Bromsliolme, co. York, esq., and d. 23 April

4. Elizabeth, m. Andrew Huddlestone, of
Hutton-John, co. Cumberland, esq.

5. Dorothy, m. George-Edward Stanley,

This sir William, being desirous to re-
store the primitive orthography of the fa-
mily name, by inserting the particle le,
attained his object by adding that particle
at the end of his son's Christian name, at
his baptism. Sir William was succeeded by
his son,

IV. Sir MICHAEL-LE, m., 23 Nov,
1782, Diana Howard, da. and sole h. of
Thomas, 14th carl of Suffolk, and by her
(who d. June 181()) had issue,


1807, sir Daniel le Fleming, late bart.

Sir Michael d. 19 May 1806, and was suc-
ceeded by

V. Sir DANIEL, 5th bart., descended
from Roger Fleming, A.M., brother of the
1st bart., nu, 4 Feb. I8O7, his coushi, Anna-
Frederica-Elizabeth, as above stated, d.
1821, and was succeeded by his brother,

VI. Sir RICHARD, present bart.
Arms— See Plate 14. Gules, a fret, argent.
Crest— X serpent, nowed, holding in hii?

mouth a garland of olives and vines, all

Motto — Pfl.r, copia, sapientia.

Seaf— Rydal Hall, co. Westmoreland.

MILLER, of Chichester, co. Sussex.

29 Oct. 1705.

Sir THOMAS MILLER, Baronet, in holy orders, Vicar of Froyle,
CO. Hants, succeeded his father, sir Thomas, 4 Sept. 1816; married, 5
May 1824, Martha, eldest da. of the rev. John Holmes, of Bungay, co.

I. Sir THOMAS, 1st bart., m. Hannah,

da. of , by whom he had sir John,

2d bart., and other children ; Eliz.itaeth, one
of his das., m. John, eldest son of sir Rich-
ard Farrington, of Chichester, bart. Sir
Thomas d, 2 Dec. 1705, and his lady 11 Jan.


II. Sir JOHN, eldest son and successor to
his father, m., 1st, Margaret, da. of John
Peachey, of Chichester, esq., by whom (who
d. 23 Sept. 17(11) he had issue,

1. Sir Thomas, 3d bart.



2. Emblem, d. 6 Jan. 1718.

He w., 2dly, Anne, da. of William Elson, of
Groves, co. Sussex, by whom (who rf. 6 May
1709) he had two children ; and 3dly, Eliza-
beth, eldest da, of sir William Meux, of
Kingston, Isle of Wight, bart., and by her
(who d. his widow, 22 April 1756) had issue,

3. Elizabeth, m., 10 Jan. 1737, sir Ed-
ward Worsley, of Gatcombe, knt., and d.
March 1774.

4. Anne, d. imm.

5. Jane, m. capt. Dockland.
Sir John had a son,

6. John, m. Mary, only da. and h. of Rich-
ard Challen, of Oving, co. Sussex, (who
re-m. rev. Thomas Turner, of Betchworth,
CO. Surrey,) and d. 1735, leaving issue.

And other das., of whom,

7. Hannah, m. Thomas Gooch, D.D.,
bishop of Norwich.

8. Mary, m. the rev. John Backshell, and
d. 2 May 1738.

9. Margaret, m. Thomas Yates, esq.
but whether these were by the 1st or 2d
wife is unknown. Sir John d. 29 Nov. 1721i
and was succeeded by his eldest son,

III. Sir THOMAS, m. Jane, da. of Fran-
cis Gother, alderman of Chichester, by whom
(who d. Dec. 1734) he had issue,

1. Sir John, 4th bart.

2. Thomas, d. unm., aged about 21.

3. Henry ; 4. Jane, m Bye.

Sir Thomas d. Nov. 1733, and was succeed-
ed by his eldest son,

IV. Sir JOHN, m. Susan, da. of Matthew
Combe, of Winchester, M.D., and had issue,

1. Sir Thomas, 5th bart.

2. George, d. unm., 1755.

3. Combe, M;A., dean of Chichester, h.
17^5, m. Joan, da. and sole h. of the rev.

Green, of Eccles, co. Norfolk, and d.

without issue. 18 Feb. 1814.

4. Charles, b. 1750, nu, and left a da.,
Eleanor, m. John Heberden, M.D.

S.Jane, b. 1735, nu, 1757, Henry-William
Wilson, esq., father of Robert Wilson, Lord

6. Margaret, b. 1742, m. Charles Gar-
nier, of Wickham Corner^ co. Hants, esq.

7. Susannah, b. 1737.

8. Anne, b. 1743, m., 20 April 1770, George,
3d earl of Albemarle, K.G., and d. 3 July
1824, leaving issue,

William-Charles, present and 4th
Sir John d. 19 April 1772, and was succeeded
by his son,

V. Sir THOMAS, m. 1st, Hannah, da. of
alderman Black, of Norwich, and had issue,

1. Susannah, m. sir John St. Leger Gil-
man, of Cork, bart., d. 180S.

2. Hannah.

Sir Thomas m., 2dly, Elizabeth, da. and sole
h. of Edwards, esq., and had issue,

3. John, d. unm. 22 April 1804.

4. Sir Thomas, present bart.

5. Frances; 6. Mary.
7. Elizabeth.

Sir Thomas d. 4 Sept. 1816, aged 85, and was
succeeded by his only son,

VI. Sir THOMAS, in holy orders, present

Arms— See Plate 14. Argent, afess wavy,
azure, between three wolves' heads, erased,

Seat—hX. Froyle, near Alton, co. Hants.

DASHWOOD, (now DASHWOOD-KING,) of West-Wycombe, co.


28 June 1707-
Sir JOHN DASHWOOD-KING, Baronet, succeeded his father, sir
John, 6 Dec. 1793; married., 1789, Mary-Anne, da. of Theodore-Henry

Broadhead, esq., by whom he has issue, 1. Mary, w.. Sept, 1815, Au-

gustus-Fitzhardinge Berkeley, esq.; 2. GEORGE-HENRY, rw., 25

March 1823, his cousin, Elizabeth, da. of Theodore-Henry Broadwood, esq. ;

3. Francis, d. unm. 27 Feb. 1817 ; 4. Elizabeth, m., Oct. 1821,

W. H. Sober, of White Staunton, co. Wilts, esq. ; 5. John; G.Ed-
ward, in the army, m., 12 June 1821, Amelia, 2d da. of the rev. Robert

Hare, of Hurstmonceaux, co. Stissex ; 7- Henry, in holy orders, m.,

19 Sept. 1826, Anne, 3d da. of William Leader, of Putney Hill, esq.

This family is descended from Francis
Dashwood, of London, elder brother of al-
derman George Dashwood, who was father
of sir Robert, of Kirtlington, co. Oxon,
created a bart. 1()84 (see that title.) This
Francis had, besides other issue, 2 sons; sir
Samuel, alderman of London, ancestor of
the Dashwo^dsof Suffolk and Lincoln, and

I. Sir FRANCIS, 1st bart., m., 1st, Mary,
only da. of John Jennings, gent., by whom
he had 2 das.,

1. Mary, »i. sir Fulwar Skipwith, bart.

2. Susanna, m. sir Orlando Bridgeman,

He m., 2dly, Mary, da. of Vere, 4th earl of
"\Vestmoreland, and co-h. of her brothers,
Vere, Thomas, and John, 5th, 6th, and 7th
earls, and of the ancient barony of Le De-
spcncer, by whom he had,

3. Sir Francis, 2d bart.

4. Rachakl, m., Nov. 1738, sir Robert

Austin, bart., and d. 19 Aug. 1710.

Sir Francis ?>i.,3dly, Mary, da. of major
King, by whom he had,

5. Sir John, 3d bart.

6. Charles, b. 4 Nov. 1717i and d. at
Paris, unm.

7. Henrietta, ff. young.

8. Mary,w. John vV'alcott,esq.

He »(., 4thly, Elizabeth, da. of Thomas
Windsor, 1st earl of Plymouth, by whom
he had no issue. Sir Francis rf. 4 Nov. 1724,
and was succeeded by his eldest son,

11. Sir FRANCIS, 6. Dec. 1708. On the
death of John, 7th earl of Westmoreland,
15 Aug. ]7()2, he succeeded, in right of his
mother, to the bnron}/ of Le Dexpenrer, (vide
baron Le Despencer in Dabretl's Peerage of
the United Kingdom,) and had confirmation
of the barony, and writ of summons, 19

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