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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 38 of 95)
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jet. 78, and leaving no issue, was succeeded
in his estate by his nephew,

I. Sir WILLIAM, 1st bart., who suc-

ceeded also to several valuable estates, as
heir to his uncle, sir Robert, including
Hambledon, ILirleyford, VVidmer, and Mar-
den, and purchaselt the manor of Marlow,
1736, whicli is still the ijroj.erty of his de-
scendants: ni. Martha, eldest da. of John
Kenrick, of Flore, co. Surrey, esq., and had

1. Robert; 2. William, d. young,

3. Sir Kenrick, 2d bart.



4. William, d. 3 July 1783, having tu.
three wives, viz., 1st, Mary, da. of John
VVarde, of Squerries, co. Kent, esq., and by
her (who rf. 3 Jan. 17<)'<0 had issue,

1. Catherine, w. sir John-Griffin Griffin,
K.B., afterwards lord Howard de Walden
and lord Braybrooke; 2dly, 3 May l/'Jl,
Maria, da. of Rice Lloyd, of Atty Cadno,
CO. Caermarthen, and by her (who d. Dec.
1763) had,

2. Sir William, 4th bart.

3. Marianne, b. 5 Nov. 17r)3, »w. the
hon. general Henry-Edward Fox, son of
Henry, 1st lord Holland ; and, 3dly, Sept.
1767, Louisa Fermor, da. of Thomas, 1st
earl of Pomfret, and by her (who rf. 30
June 18U9) he had issue,

4. George, of Stonehall, near Godstone,
CO. Surrey, m. Frances Hinchliffe, da. of
John, lord bishop of Peterborough, and
had issue, five children.

5. Martha.

6. Susannah, both rf. young.

7. Mary, m. Jonathan Rashleigh, of Me-
nabilly, co. Cornwall, e;q.

8. AxNE, m., 1st, sm. Charles-Lambert
Blackwell, bart. ; and, iKly, dr. John Tho-
mas, lord bishop of Rochester, andrf. 7 July

9. Sarah.

Sir William rf. Dec. 1774, and was succeeded
by his son,

II. Sir KENRICK, m. Henrietta-Maria,
eldest da. and co-h. of Henry Herring, esq.,
by whom (who rf. 25 July 1774) he had issue,

1. Sir Robert, 3d bart.

2. Henrietta-Maria, m. sir John Gre-
sham, bart.

3. Martha, rf. 7i7im.

Sir Kenrick rf. l(t March 1769, and was suc-
ceeded by his only son,

III. Sir ROBERT, ?n., 1 June 1767, Mary,
eldest da. of Frederick Standert, of London,
merchant, bv Mary, da. of sir Harcourt
Masters, knt. (who rf. 27 Feb. 1803). Sir
Robert rf. lo May 1799, and was succeeded
by his cousin,

IV. Sir WILLIAM, 4th bart., (son of
William, 2d surviving son of sir William,
1st bart., by his 2d lady,) b. 16 April 1762, m,,
lij July 1785, Mary, da. of sir William East,

bart., by whom (who rf. 9 Aug. 1833) he had

1. Sir William-Robert, present bart.

2. Cathkrine-Emilia, {<. 13 Nov. 1789,
»!., 16 July 1821, at Florence, andre-/«. in
England, 29 Oct. following, John Shawe
Manley, only son of admiral Manley, of
Braziers, co. Berks.

3. East-George, LL.D., of Hall Place,
CO. Berks, b. 9 April 1794, took the surname
and arms of East in addition to and after
Clayton, by royal sign m.anual, 6 April 1829;
m., 20 June 1815, Marianne-Frances, eldest
da. of Charles Bishop, his majesty's procu-
rator-general, and has issue,

1. Gilbert-East, b. 13 Nov. 1823.

2. Augustus-Henry, b. 10 Feb. 1825.

3. Marianne-Gilberta, b. 2 Sept. 1818.

4. Augusta-Frances, b. 7 Feb. 1820.

5. Selina-Louisa, b. 19 March 1822, and
4 other children.

4. John-Lloyd, lieut. R.N., b. 19 Aug.
1796, m., 10 April 1832, Louisa-Sophia, da.
of Charles Littledale, of Portland Place,
esq., and has issue, 1 son.

5. Rice-Richard, b. 15 Nov. 1797; m., 31
July 1832, Maria-yEmilia, 2d da. of gen. sir
George Nugent, bart., and has issue,

1. Richard-Nugent, b. 3 Sept. 1833.

2. A Da., b. 10 Dec. 1834.

6. Augcstls-Philjp, in holy orders, rec-
tor of Garboldisham, co. Norfolk, m., 4 Sept.
1828, Georgiana-Elizabeth, da. of Charles
Talbot, D.D., dean of Salisbury, (by lady
Elizabeth Somerset,) and has issue, 1 son.

7. Mary'-Caroline, b. 29 June 1800, d.
29 Oct. 1812.

Sir vv illiam rf. 26 Jan. 1834, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

V. Sir WILLIAM - ROBERT, present

Arms — See Plate 15. Argent, a cross, sa-
ble, between four pellets.

Crest — A leopard's jambe erased and erect,
argent, grasping a pellet.

Motto — Virtiis in actiune consistit.

Seats — At Morden, near Godstone, co. Sur-
rey ; Harleyford, near Great Marlow, co.
Bucks; the Cottage, Marlow; and White
Hall, CO. Norfolk.



HEATHCOTE, of London.
17 Jan. 1732-3.

Sir GILBERT HEATHCOTE, Baronet, M.P. for the County of Rut-
land, born Oct. 1773, succeeded his father, sir Gilbert, 4 Dec. ITSo ;
married Catharine-Sophia, 2d da. of John Planners, esq., (by Louisa Tolle-
mache, in her own right countess of Dysart,) sister to sir \^'illiam Man-
ners, bart., lord Huntingtower, and to Louisa-Grace, late duchess of St.
Alban's, by which lady (who cl. 28 May 1825) he had issue, 1. GIL-
BERT-JOHN, M.P. for liincolnshire, (parts of Kesteven and Holland,)
h. 16 Jan. 1793, m., 8 Oct. 1827, the hon. Clementina, eldest da. of lord

Willoughbv de Eresby, and has issue; 2. Lionel-Edward; 3.

William-Henry, w., 17 Dec. 1833, Sophia-Matilda, only da. of Thomas
"Wrigftt, of Upton Hall, co. Nottingham, esq. Sir Gilbert m., 2dly, 10 Aug.
1825, mrs. Eldon, of Park Crescent, Portland Place.

This family was of ancient residence co.
Derby, where we find them settled about
the end of the 16th century, but from their
great possessions in the cos. of Lincoln and
Rutland, have, for near a century, become
residents there ; where they are still, as for-

merly, distinguished for their great riches
and extensive landed property.

Gilbert Heathcute, esq., alderman of Ches-
terfield, m. Anne, da. of Thomas Dickens,
esq., three times mayor of that place, by
whom he had seven sens, 1. Sir Gilbert,



1st bart. ; 2. John ; 3. Samuel, from whom
descended the Heathcotes, of Hursley, co.
Hants ; 4. Josinh ; 5, William ; 6. Caleb ;
7. Gem-ffe. The eldest son,

I. Sir GILBERT, who was knighted by
queen Anne, was one of the directors and
first founders of the bank of England, and
lord mayor of London, which he represented
in four successive parliaments in the reign of
queen Anne. He was afterwards advanced
to the dignity of a bart. as above ; m. Hester,
da. of Christopher Rayner, esq., by whom
he had issue,

1. Sir John, 2d bart.

2. Anne, m. sir Jacob Jacobson, knt.

.3. Elizabeth, m. sir Sigismund Trafford,
of Dunston's Hall, co. Lincoln, knt.

Sir Gilbert rf. 25 Jan. 1732-3, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

II. Sir JOHN, w., July 1720, Bridget, da.
of John White, F.R.S., of Wallingwells, co.
Notts, by whom (who d. 5 May 1772) he had

1. Sir Gilbert, .3d bart.

2. John, m. Lydia, da. and h. of John
Moyer, esq., by whom he had issue,

1. John, m. miss Thornhill.

2. Julia, m. the hon. John Dawney,
brother to viscount Down.

3. Bridoet, m. James, 14th earl of Mor-
ton, and d. 3 March 1805.

4. Anne, m. sir Archibald Edmonston,

bart. and d. 17^6, without issue.

5. Hester, m., 30 Nov. 177-'', sir Robert
Hamilton, bart., and d. 11 March 1816.

6. Henrietta, m. Henry-Courthope Cam-
pion, of Hurst Pierpoint, co. Sussex, esq.

Sir John d. 5 Sept. 1759, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

III. Sir GILBERT, m., 22 June 1749,
Margaret, youngest da. of Philip, earl of
Hardwicke. Sir Gilbert w., 2dly, 27 March
1770, Elizabeth, da. of Robert Hudson, esq.,
of Teddington, co. Surrey, by whom (who
d. 14 July 1813) he had issue,

1. Sir Gilbert, present bart.

2. John, d. 1802.

.3. Robert, m., April 1807, miss Searle,
and d. March 1823, leaving issue, two sons.

4. Elizabeth, m., 6 April 1797, Thomas
Gi'osvenor, esq., cousin to the marquess of
Westminster, a general in the army, and
colonel of the 97th foot.

Sir Gilbert d. 4 Dec. 1785, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

IV. Sir GILBERT, the present bart.
Anm—See Plate IG. Ermine, three pomeis,

each charged with a cross, or.

Crest — On a mural crown, azure, a pomeis,
charged with a cross, or, between two wings,
displayed, ermine.

Seats— Normanton Park, co. Rutland ;
Stoken Hall, co. Lincoln ; and Durdlings,
CO. Surrey.

HEATHCOTE, of Hursley, co. Hants.

16 Aug. 1733.

Sir WILLIAM HEATHCOTE, Baronet, succeeded his uncle, sir
Thomas, 22 Feb. 1825 ; some time a fellow of All Souls College, Oxford ;
married^ 8 Nov. 1825, the hon. Caroline-Frances Perceval, youngest da. of

Charles-George, lord Arden, and has issue, 1. WILLIA3I-PERCE-

VAL, b. 7 Sept. 1826; 2. George-Parker, b. 24 July 1828; 3.

GiLBERT-VyvYAN, b. 12 July 1830; 4. Caroline-Elizabeth, b.

6 May 1833.

This branch of the Heathcotes derive their
descent from Samuel Heathcnte, esq., (3d son
of Gilbert Heathcote, of Chesterfield, co.
Derby, esq.,) who, in the early part of his
life, went to Dantzic, where he acquired a
considerable fortime with an unsullied cha-
racter; he returned to England, and en-
joyed the esteem of all who knew him, being
a man of uncommon understanding, great
commercial knowledge, and unquestionable
integrity. He had the honour of being the
intimate friend of the celebrated John Ijx-ke,
who consulted with and had nuich valuable
assistance from him, in that useful under-
taking, the regulation of the coin of Groat
Britain, as well as in several other public
affairs: w., 22 Jan. lf;!M)-l, Mary, 2d da. of
William Dawsonne, of Hackney, esq., and
by her (whor/. 10 Feb. 1719-2(») had four sons
and two das., of whom three only lived to
maturity, viz., sir William, 1st bart.; Samuel,
m., 1721, Eliza Iloldsworthy ; and Anne, h.
1702, m. sir Francis-Henry Drake, of Buck-
land Monachorum, co. Devon, bart., and d.
Nov. 17(i8. Mr. Heathcote d. universally
lamented, 13 Nov. 1708.

I. Sir WILLIAM, created a bart, 1(5 Aug.
173;$, m., 7 Ai)ril 1720, Elizabeth, only da. of
Thomas Parker, 1st earl of Macclesfield,
lord high chancellor of Great Britain ; on
whom and her issue male (failing the issue
male of his lordship) are entailed the honours
of earl of Maccle: 'ield, and viscount and

baron Parker. By this lady he had issue,

1. Thomas, 2d bart.

2. William, in holy orders, d. 22 Dec.
1748, iinm.

3. Samuel, d. without issue, 1797.

4. Gilbert, d. 1801.

5. George, d. young.

6. Henry, in holy orders, m., 1st, a da. of
Thomas Diggle of Yately, co. Hants, esq.,
by whom he had three children : and, 2dly,
miss Statham, by whom he had five children,
and d. 1803.

7. Mary, w. Thomas, 3d earl of Maccles-

8. Elizabeth, TO. admiral Francis-William

9. Gbnetta, d. 17 Oct. 1809.

Sir William d. 10 May 1751, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

II. SirTHOMAS, m., 1st, Elizabeth Hen-
ton, and by her (who d. 1749) he had issue,

1. Elizaukth, m. William Wyndliam, of
Denton, co. Wilts, esq.

2. Sir William, .3d bart.

3. Rev. Thomas, rector of Stone, co.
Kent, III., 20 Aug. 1772, Leititia, da. of sir
Thomas Parker, knt., lord chief baron of
the ExclKHiuer, and rf. July 1811.

4. Gkoi{(;k.

Sir Thomas jw., 2dly, Anne, da. of the rev.

Toilet, of Westminster, by whom he

had issue.

5. Anna-Sophia.



6. Samuel, m. Elizabeth Stone, by whom
he had five children.

7. Gilbert, in holy orders, archdeacon of
Winchester, and fellow of Winchester col-
lege, b. lytiS, m., 3 Jan. 1805, Sophia-Eliza-
beth, 2d da. of Martin Wall, M.D., clinical
professor in the university of Oxford, and
d. 19 Oct. 1829.

8. He.vry, d. young.

Sir Thomas d. 27 June 1787, and was suc-
ceeded bv his son,

III. Sir WILLIAM, b. 1746, m. Frances,
da. and co-h. of John Thorp, of Embly, co.
Hants, esq., by whom (who d. 19 Aug. 1816)
he had issue,

1. Sir Thomas, 4th bart.

2. Frances-Sophia, b. Sept. 1770, rf. 1781.

3. William, in holy orders, prebendary
of Winchester, ?). 1772, w., 1798, Elizabeth,
da. of Lovelace-Bigg Wither, of Marydown,
CO. Hants, esq., and d. 1802, leaving one son.

Sir William, present bart.

4. Samuel, b. 1773, nu, 1st, Catherine, da.
of Isaac Pickering, of Foxlease, co. Hants,
esq., by whom he had issue,

1. Thomas ; 2. Arthur ; and 3 das.
He m., 2dly, Anne, eldest da. of Francis-
Brownswood Bullock, of Aldington, co.
Berks, esq.

5. Harriet-Hersan't, b. July 1775. m.,
18 April 1/98, Langford Lovel, esq., of the
island of Dominica.

6. Sir Henry, knt., rear-admiral of the
red, 6. 1777> '»• Elizabeth, da. of Thomas
Guscott, esq., by whom he has issue,

1. Frances-Sarah, m. Henry Somerset,

esq., capt. in the army.

2. William-Lovel, in the army.

3. Henry, major 88th foot, rf. 5 May

4. Thomas-Hamilton ; 5. George-Gage.

6. Leonora-Macclesfield.

7. Susanna-Maria-Ousely.

8. Anne-Forbes ; 9. Harriet-Forbes.

10. Maria-Frances.

11. Georgiana-Jamesina-Somerset.

7. Gilbert, in the R.N., b. 1779, m. Anne,
da. of Charles Syell, of Kinnardy, co. Angus,
N.B., esq., and has issue.

8. Maria-Frances, b. 1787, m., June

1824, Charles Wyndham, of Sunbury, co.
Middlesex, esq.

Sir William rf. 26 June 1819, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

IV. Sir THOMAS, b. 3 Sept. 1769, m., 27
June 1799, Elizabeth, only da. of Thomas-
Edwardes Freeman, of Batsford, co. Glou-
cester, and thereupon assumed the surname
of Freeman before that of Heathcote. By
this lady (who rf. 16 March 1808) he had no
issue. Sir Thomas rf. without issue, 22 Feb.

1825, and was succeeded by his nephew,

V. Sir WILLIAM, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 16. Ermine, three po-
meis, each charged with across, or.

Crest — On a mural crown, azure, apomeis,
charged with a cross, or, between two wings,
displayed, ermine.

Seat — Hursley Lodge, near Winchester,
and Embley, near Rurasey, both co.

TURNER, (now PAGE-TURNER,) of Ambrosden, co. Oxford.

24 Aug. 173.3.

28 Sept. 1785, succeeded his father, sir Gregory, 4 Jan. 1805 ; married, 28
April 1818, Helen-Eliza, only da. of John-Wolsey Bayfield, esq., and has

issue, 1. Gregory-Osborne-Page, b. 23 Jan. 1822, d. 30 March

1823; 2. Eliza-Helen, b. 7 Feb. 1820.

L Sir EDWARD TURNER, a m.ember
of Lincoln's Inn, descended from the Tur-
ners of Leicester and London, was a director
and chairman of the East India Company,
and created a bart. as above: ;«., May 17I8,
Mary, eldest daughter of sir Gregory Page,
of East Greenwich, co. Kent, bart.,' and by
her had issue,

1. Sir Edward, 2d bart.

2. Gregory; 3. William both rf. young.
Sir Edward rf. 19 June 1735, at Lincoln's
Inn, and was succeeded by his only surviv-
ing son,

II. Sir EDWARD, D.C.L., b. April 1719,
and a member of Lincoln's Inn (in whom
centered a considerable part of the property
of his great uncle and godfather, Edward
Turner, of Gray's Inn, esq., which was
vested in lands, co. Oxford) ; m., April 1739,
Cassandra, eldest da. of William, son of
Theophilus Leigh, (by Mary, da. of lord
Chandos, whoseonly surviving son was after-
wards duke of Chandos,) and by her (who
rf. Oct. I770) had issue,

1. John, b. 1742, rf. July 1743.

2. John, b. Oct. 1744, rf. May 17-51.

3. Sir Gregory, 3d bart.

4. Edward, b. 1749, rf. March 1755.

5. William, 6.25 Sept. 1750, d. 19 Nov,

6. Mary, 6, Oct. 1753, d. Jan. 1754.

7. John, b. 1752, took the name and arms
oiDri/den only, 16 Dec. 1791, and was created
a bart. 1795 (see that title).

8. Elizabeth, b. 19 Feb. 1741, m., 12 Dec.
1767, Thomas, late lord Say and Sele, and
rf. 1 July 1788.

9. Cassandra, 6. 28 Feb. 1746, m., Feb.
1771. Martin-Bladen, 2d lord Hawke, and rf.
19 Nov. 1813.

Sir Edward rf. 31 Oct. 1766, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest surviving son,

III. Sir GREGORY, 6. 16 Feb. 1748, suc-
ceeded to the estates of his great-uncle and
godfather, sir Gregory Page, of Wrickle-
marsh, co. Kent, bart., and in compliance
with his will took the name and arms of
Page, in addition to those of Turner, by
royal sign manual, 15 Nov. 1775. Sir Gre-
gory was sheriff co. Oxford, 1783, and was
chosen M.P. for Thirsk, co. Vork, 1784,
which place he represented until his decease ;
m., 2 Jan. 1785, Frances, da. of Joseph
Howell, of Elm, CO. Norfolk, esq., and by
her (who rf. 12 Feb. 1828) had issue,

1. Sir Gregory-Osborne, present bart.

2. Frances-Stackpoole, 6. 15 Jan. 1787,
d. 14 March 1804.

3. Mary, 6. 28 May 1788, d. a few days

4. Edward-George-Thomas, b. 12 Sept.
1789, m., Nov. 1818, miss Williams, da. of



the late Williams, esq., of Southamp-


5. Anne-Leigh-Guy, b. 9 Aug. 1791, m.
H. Winston Barron, esq., of Mount-Barron,
CO. Waterford.

6. Francis-William-Martin, b. 15 Feb.
1794, d. imm. 28 April 1818.

Sir Gregory d. 4 Jan. 1805, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,


Arms— See Plate 16. Quarterly: 1st and
4th, Turner, argent, a fer-de-mouline,
pierced, sable; 2d and 3d, Page, azure, a
fess indented, between three martlets, or.

Crests — 1. Turner, A lion, passant,
guardant, argent, ducally crowned, or, hold-
ing in his dexter paw a fer-de-mouline, as in
the arms ; 2. Page. A demi seahorse, per
pale, indented, or, and azure.

Seat — Battlesden, co. Bedford.

ARMYTAGE, of Kirklees, co. York.

4 July 1738.

Sir GEORGE ARMYTAGE, Baronet, D.CoL., succeeded his father, sir
George, 1783, born I76I ; married, 1st, 12 Aug. 1783, Mary, eldest da. of
Harbord, 1st lord Suffield, and by her (who d. 13 Aug. 1790) had issue several
children, who all d. young or unm. Sir George m., 2dly, 1791, Mary, da.
of Oldfield Bowles, esq., by whom (who d. 25 July 1834, Jet. 62) he had

issue, 1. JOHN, w., 2 Oct. 1818, Mary, only da. of WilHam Assheton,

of Downham Hall, co. Lancaster, esq.; 2. Henry, in the array, m.,

June 1819, Charlotte-Legendre Starkie, only da. of the late Legendre

Starkie, of Huntroyd, co. Lancaster, esq.; 3. another Son; 4.

Marv, w., 1 May 1815, William- Ponsonby Johnson, of Wolton House,

CO. Cambridge, esq.

-5. Henrietta, m, Charles-John Brandling, esq.

This family is of great antiquity, being
derived from a John Arnn/tage, of Wrig-
bowls, living temju king Stephen, and two
branches of it have been at different times
elevated to the baronetcy.

John Armytage, of Kirklees, esq., temp.
queen Elizabeth, had, besides other issue,
two sons, John, father of sir Francis, who
was created a baronet by king Charles I. ;
and Edward, ancestor of the present baro-

Sir Francis, who was created a bart., as
above mentioned, by king Charles I., was
succeeded by his eldest son, (and only one
who left issue,)

Sir John, who d. 1^77> leaving three sons,
sir Thomas, sir John, and sir George,
successive baronets, who all d. unm., and the
last of whom left his estate to his kinsman,

I. Sir SAMUEL, (son of George Army-
tage, of Kerrisforth Hill, esq., descended
from Edward Armytage, of Kerrisforth
Hill, CO. York, esq., 3d son of John Army-
tage, of Kirklees above named.) He was
created a bart., 4 July 1738, m. Anne, da. of

Griffith, and by her (who d. Nov. 1738)

had issue,

1. Sir John, 2d bart.

2. Sir George, 3d bart.
.3. Samuel, d. unm.

4. Rachakl, m. James Farrcr, of Barn-
borough Grange, co. York, esq.

5. Mary, m. the rev. Francis Hull.

6. Anna-Maria, «/., 1st, Thomas Carter,

who d. in 17(J5; and 2dly, Nicholson,


Sir Samuel d. 1747, and was succeeded by
his eldest son,
II. Sir JOHN, who went a volunteer with

general Blythe to the coast of France, and
was slain at St. Cas, Sept. 1758, unm. He
was succeeded bv his brother,

III. Sir GEORGE, TO., 17(51, Anna-Maria,
eldest da. and co-h. of Godfrey Wentworth,
of Wadley Park, and Hickleton, co. York,
esq., by whom (who d. 21 March 1788) he
had issue,

1. Sir George, 4th bart.

2. John, to., 1790, Anne, da. of John
Harvey, of Thursby, co. Northampton, esq.,
and has issue.

3. Godfrey, 6. 9 May 1773, who upon the
death of his maternal grandfather, and in
pursuance of his will, assumed the name
and arms of Wentworth ; m. Amelia, sister
of Walter Fawkcs, late M.P. co. York,
esq., by whom he has issue.

4. Anna-Maria, b. 9 May 17(52, m., 1st,
1787. William Egerton, of Tatton Park, co.
Chester, esq., but rf. s.p. 4 Sept. 179.9.

5. Henrietta, b. 16 July 17(55, m. Tho-
mas Grady, esq., and 2dly, Jacob Bosan-
quet, esq.

6. Charlotte, b. 1 July 17(57» »'• rev.
John E yre, rector of Babworth, co. Notts.

Sir George represented the city of York in
parliament, rf. 1783, and was succeeded by
his son,

IV. Sir GEORGE, present bart.

Arms — See I'hte 1(5. Gules, a lion's head,
erased, between three cross-crosslets, ar-

Crest — A dexter arm, embowed, couped
at the shoulder, habited, or, the cuff, argent,
holding in the hand, proper, a staff, gules,
headed and pointed, or.

Seat — At Kirklees, (formerly a Benedictine
nunnery,) near Iluddersfield, co. York.

HULSE, of Lincoln's-Inn Fields, co. Middlesex.

7 Feb. 1738-9.
Sir CHARLES HULSE, Baronet, succeeded his father, sir Edward, 3



Sept. 1816 ; married^ 5 July 1808, Maria, 2d da. of the late Jolin Buller,

of JMorval, co. Cornwall, esq., and has issue, 1. EDWARD, b. 2 April

1809; 2. Charles; 3. Richard-Samuel, in the army; 4.

Maria; 5. John-Buller; 6. Henry-Gore.

Edward Hulse, 6. 1638, m. Dorothy,
da. of Thomas Westrow, esq. (by Anne,
half-sister of Arthur, lord Capel, beheaded
in 1648.) He settled in Loudon, and prac-
tised physic there for forty years ; he d.
1711, leaving two sons and two das., 1. sir
Edward, 1st bart. ; 2. William, d. 22 Aug.
1761; 3. Anne; 4. Mary.

1. Sir EDWARD, M.D., created a bart.
as above, was first physician to king George
II., b. 1682, m., 1713, Elizabeth, da. of sir
Richard Levett, knt., lord mayor of Lon-
don, 1700, by whom he had issue,

1. Sir Edward, 2d barU

2. Westrow, captain of a troop of dra-
goons, d. 22 Nov. 1746.

3. Richard-Thomas, barrister-at-law, d.
27 Oct. 1805.

4. Rev. John, d. 1800, and bequeathed
some considerable estates to the university
of Cambridge for the advancement of reli-
gious learning.

5. Elizabeth, «i. John Calvert, of Al-
bury Hall, co. Herts, esq.

Sir Edward d. 10 April 1739, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

11. Sir EDWARD, of Bremore, co. Hants,
»n. Hannah, da. of Samuel Vanderplank,
merchant, by whom he had issue,

L Sir Edward, 3d bart.

2. Right hon. sir Samuel, P.C. K.G.H. field
marshal of the army, colonel 62d regiment
of foot, and governor of Chelsea Hospital,
ranger of Home Park.

3. Rev. Westrow, chaplain to the East
India Company, d. April 1787.

4. Hannah, "»»., 1 Sept. 1767, Ricliard Ben-
yon, of Gidea-Hall, co. Essex, esq.

5. Elizabeth, m., 1772, Joseph Berens,


6. Mary-Anne, m, general Edmund

7- Dorothy, d. nnni.

8. Charlotte-Matilda, n?. sir Thomas
Bernard, bart., of Nettleham, co. Lincoln.

Sir Edward d. 1 Dec. 1800, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

III. Sir EDWARD, 6. 1744, w.. May 1769,
Mary, da. of John Lethieullier, esq., and
by her (who d. 29 March 1813) had issue,

1. Sir Charles, present bart.

2. Richard, major-general, Coldstream
guards, who d. at St. lldefonso, in Spain,
Sept. 1812.

3. Thoaias, fellow of All Souls College,

4. Mary, m., 22 March 1816, Edward-
Berkeley Portman, of Bryauston HousCj
CO. Dorset, esq.

.5. Eliza, rf. April 1807.

6. Frances, m., June 1803, George Eyre,
of Bramshaw, co. Hants, esq., and d. 29
April 1820.

7. Harriett, m. John Buller, of Morval,
CO. Cornwall, esq.

8. Charlotte,

Sir Edward d. 30 Sept. 1816, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

IV. Sir CHARLES, present bart.

Anns — See Plate 16. Per fess, argent and
ermine, three piles, one issuant from the
chief, and two from the base, sable.

Crest — A buck's head, couped at the neck,
proper, the neck charged with a plate, sur-
mounted by two bezants, between the attires
or, the sun in splendour.

Seat — Bremore House, Fordingbridge,

BEAUCHAMP-PROCTOR, of Langley Park, co. Norfolk.

20 Feb. 1 744-5.

Sir WILLI AIM BEAUCHAMP-PROCTOR, Baronet, born 14 Oct,
1781, Post-Captain R.N., succeeded his father, sir Thomas, 29 June 1827;
married^ 19 May 1812, Anne, eldest da. of Thomas Gregory, esq., and

niece and h. of Thomas Brograve, esq., and has issue,

5. 16 April 1813 ; 2. Harriet-Elizabeth, b. 24

b. 24 Sept. 1816, d. 3 Oct. 1828 ; 5. William-Henry,

1. Mary-Anne,
April 1814

1818, —
1821, d.


4 Feb. 1827

b. 16 Oct. 1819, R.N.

4. Julia,

b. 16 March

; ■7. Em 31 A, 6. 31 Aug.

Frances, b. 24 April 1825.

Ephraim Beauchamp, of London, and of
Tottenham, gent., m. Letitia, da. of John
Coppin, esq., and d. 16 Sept. 1728, leaving
two das., Mary and Letitia ; and an only son,
Thomas, m. Anne, da. and co-h. of William
Proctor, of Epsom, co. Surrey, by whom
he left three das. and an infant son,

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