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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 39 of 95)
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I. Sir WILLIAM, K.B., created a bart.
20 Feb. 1744-5 : in pursuance of the vnll of
his uncle, George Proctor, took the name
and arms of Proctm- in addition to those of
Beauchamp. In March 1761, he was elected
a K.B. Sir William m., 1st, Jane, da. of
Christopher Tower, of Huntsmore, co.
Bucks, esq., by whom he had issue.

-8. Caroline, b. 2 Jan. 1824 ; 9. Jane-

1. Anne, b. 8 Aug. 1749, m., 28 Jan. 1778,
sir Edmund Bacon, premier bart. of Eng-

2. Sir Thomas, 2d bart.

3. Frances, b. 21 Nov. 1757, m. John
Custance, of Weston House, co. Norfolk,

4. George, b. 22 Jan. 1759, wn, 20 Oct,
1789, Charlotte, eldest da. of Robert Pal-
mer, of Sunning, co. Berks, esq.

5. Mary, d. unm. 177<5.

Sir William m., 2dly, Letitia, eldest da. of
Henry Johnson, of Great Berkhampstead,
CO. Herts, esq., (and co-h. with her sister Ag-
netta, 2d wife of the right hon. Charles

I 2



Yorkc, 2d son of Philip, 1st carl of Hard-
wioko, lord high olianeellor of Great Bri-
tain,) by wlioni he had issue,

(). Lktitia, b. 20 March 17(W, d. 19 March

7. Henrietta, b. 5 Dec. 1764, d. an in-

8. William-Henry, b. 9 April 17()!), and
d. 9 May UMi, having »i., June 17!"), Kranees-
Mary, niece of sir John Davie, bart., and
leaving issue,

1. William-Henry-Johnson, b. 28 July

2. Letitia, b. 1795.

3. Christopher-Beauchamp, b. 6 May

4. Joseph-Sydney, b. 2 Oct. 1797.
f). Christoimikr, h. 13 Sept. 1771-

10. Sidney.

11. Thomas, posthumous son, b. 18 Feb.
1774, d. an infant.

Sir William d. 16 Sept. 1773, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

II. Sir THOMAS, 2d bart., b. 29 Sept,
17."><), )»., Marcli 1778. Mary, 2d da. of Ro-
bert Palmer, of Sunning, eo. Berks, esq.,
by whom he had issue,

1. Mahy, b. 21 Oct. 1779, )})., 5 May 1800,
the rev. Henry Hobart, son of the late lion.
Henry Hobart, and nephew of Robert, earl
of Buckinghamshire.

2. Sir William, present bart.

3. Harriet, b. 28 Oct. 1782, »i. Christo-
pher-Thomas Tower, of Weald Hall, co.
Essex, esq.

4. Thomas, d. 17 June 1789.

5. GEOR<iE-ED^VARD, b. 23 Julv ITTO, "J..
23 July 1808, Ellen-Louisa, da. and h. of
Robert Halhed, of the Priory, near Read-
ing, CO. Berks, esq., and has issue.

(i. RoiiKUT, b. 1 April 1787. a capt. of ar-
tillery, on the Madras establishment, d. 23
May 1813.

7. Thomas-William-Hknry, b.ll June

8. Amelia, 6. 1791, m., 23 Dec. 1815, the
hon. and rev. Annine Wodehouse, 3d son of
John, 1st lord Wodehouse.

9. Ru HARD, lieut. -col. in the army, b. 30
Jan. 1793, »i., 4 Oct. 1828, Sophia, youngest
da. of Benjamin Ball, of Merion ' Sqiuire,
Dublin, <?. and has issue, (1!!.'M,) asonandda.

Sir Thomas d. 29 June 1827, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

III. Sir WILLIAM, present and 3d bart.

Arnut — See Plate Ki. 1st and 4th, Proc-
tor, argent, a chevron, between three
martlets^ sable: 2d and 3d, Bkaithamp,
gules, a fess, between six billets, three and
three, or, a canton, ermine.

Crest — On a mount, vert, a greyhound,
sejant, argent, si>otted brown, collaretl, or.

Motto — Toirjoiifsfidc/e.

Scat — Langley Park, co. Norfolk.


4 Nov. 1 74G.

Sir TIIOiAIAS-SHERLOCK GOOCH, Baronet, succeeded his father,
sir Thomas, 7 April 182(>; married^ 17!^t>» Mariana, da. of Abraham \Vlii-
taker, of Lyster H(mse, co. Hereford, esq., (and sister of the countess of

Stradbrooke,') and has issue, 1. EDWARD-SHERLOCKLO, m., 23

Jan. 1828, Lcniisa, 2d da. of sir Georjie-Beeston Prescott, bart.; 2.

Chaiiles-Joiin", in holy orders, rector of South Cove and Toppesfield,
Essex, VI.. 17 July 1832, Agatha, youngest da. of Charles Hanbury, of

Sloe Farm, Halstead, co. Essex, esq., deceased; 3. Tiioh[as-Lk\vis,

7?!., 20 Feb. 182!), Anne-Europa, eldest da. of col. the hon. ^V. H. Gardner,

and niece of admiral 1st lord Gardner; 4. Anna-Maria, w., 1 Feb.

1823, Andrew Lawson, of Aldborough Lodge, co. York, esq. ; 5. CiiAll-

i.o TTE-MATiLnA, 7?j., 17 Juiic 1824, Stephen Clissold, esq., of Hill
House, CO. Gloucester; C. another Da.

Robert (ioorJi, of Bungay, eo. SutTolk, is
the first of this family we have any account
of. He left one son', William, who was
father of another William, father of

Thomas, m. Frances, da. and co-h. of
Thomas Lane, of Woiiingham, co. SutVolk,
and d. 1688, leaving issue by lier (who d.
l(>!Hi) two sons, 1. sir Thomas, 2d bart.;

I. Sir WILLIAM, 2d son and 1st bart., b. 21
Oct. I(i81, created a baronet as above, with
limitation, on failureof issue male of his own
body, to his brother Thomas. He was lieu-
tenant-governor of Virginia; iii. Rebecca,
da. of Robert Staunton, est]., by whom he
had no issue, and d. 17 Di c. 17.".1, whereupon
the title, agreeably to limitation, devolved
on his brother,

H. Rev. sir THOMAS, head of t'aius
ToUege, Cambridge, I7I6, vice-chancellor of
that university I717. bishop of Bristol 1737.
translated to "Norwich 17.38, and thence to
Ely 1747. He w., 1st, Mary, sister of Tho-
mas Sherlock, lord bishop of Loiulon 1748,

by whom he had issue,

1. Sir Thomas, 3d bart.

He ni., 2dly, Harriet, da. of sir Thomas
IMiller, of Eroyle Place, co. Hants, bart., by
whom he had issue,

2. Jt)HN, D.l)., rector of Ditton and Wel-
lingham, eo. Cambridge, and prebendary of
Ely, 1)1. Mary, da. of George Sayer, esq., by
whom he hail issue,

1. Mary, »i. the rev. dr. RatclitTe, pre-
bendary of t'anterbury, and rector of
Gilliugham, co. Kent.

2. RachacI, ni. ilr. Beadon, bishop of
Bath ami Wells.

The bishoj) ni., ,'tdly, Alary Compton, niece
of Henry Compton, lord i)ishoi> of London
1(!7.'>, and earl of Niuthamiitou, by whom
(who </. 1.") May 1780) he had no issue. The
bishop (/. 1754, and was succeeded by his

HI. Sir THOMAS, ;». Anne, da. and h.

of John Atwood, esi]., and widow of

Bates, and by her (who (/. Aug. 1814) had



1. Sir Thomas, 4th bart.

2. William-Thomas, rf. 15 Oct. la^^. a-t.
}I5, having »i.. May 177-">, Elizabeth-Sarah,

da. and h. of Villa Real, of Edwinston,

CO. Notts, esq., and nieee to Elizabeth, vis-
countess Gal way, and had issue,

1. William, w. , da. of More,

in the Isle of Man, escj.

'2. Henry-Robert, captain in the arniv,
it. 'M) Sept." U\-2*.), !Vt. :.().

3. John, archdeacon of Sudbury, rector
of Benacre, co. Suftblk, and Saxlinghani
Nethergate with Thorpe, co. Norfolk, »>.
Barbara, da. of Ralph Sneyd, of Kecle
Hall, CO. Staft'ord, esii., (by Barbara, da. of
sir Walter Bagot, bart., father of William,
1st lord B;igot.) and <1. l!t:2;{, leaving issue by
her, (wlio (■/. .so March Um,)

1. John-Lewis.

2. Henry-Edward.

3. Caroline-Barbara, >»., i?!t July lifi;!,
tlie rev. Walter Davenport, youngest son
of Davis Davenport, of Caperthonne
Hall, CO. Chester, esq.

4. George-Thomas.

5. Charles-Francis.

6. Frances-Charlotte, d. 4 June 1813.

4. RonERT, d. \7iki.

5. Matilda, w., 177(), Paul Cobb Mc-
thuen, of Corsham House, co. Wilts, esq.,
and had issue.

Sir Thomas m., 2dly, 1771, Phcebe, wi-
dow of John Birtlcs, consul at Genoa, and
da. of Norton, by wlioin he had issue,

(). Georgi.vna, »i. Thomas Farr, of Bec-
cles, CO. Norfolk, esq., and d. 2<) SejU. 182H.

Sir Thomas d. Sept. 1781, and was suc-
ceciled bv his son.

IV. Sir THOMAS, m. Anne-Mana, da. of
William llavwanl. of Surrey, es(i., and by
her (who d. l'8 Sept. 181-4) had issue,

1. Sir Tho.mas-Shkhhh'k, present bart.

2. William, lieut.-col., ni. Jane, da. of
James Wilkinson, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne,
esq., and has issue, of whom Matilda-Mary
)»., 11 July 18lM, the rev. William-\ enables
Vernon, son of the archbishop of \'ork.

X Thomas, lieut.-col.. di. Hannah, da. of
sir Robert Barker, knt.. late connnander-in-
chief in India, and widow of Philip Webb,
of Milford House, CO. Surrey, esq.

4. Richard; 5. Pail.

(). Elizarkth.

7. Matilda, </. umn., 17 May 18.14.

8. Sophia, »i., March 1818," capt. G. W.
Manby, barrack-master at Yarmouth.

Sir Thomas d. 7 April 182G, and was suc-
ceeded by liis eldest son,


Arnui — See Plate IG. Per pale, argent and
salile, a chevron, between three" talbots,
passant, counterchanged; on a chief, gules,
three leopards' Iieads, or.

C,-csr—\ talbot, passant, per pale, argent
and sable.

Motto — Fide et vh-tute.

Seat— Bcniicre Hall, co. Suffolk.

FETHERSTONHAUGH, of Fetherstonhaugh,
CO. Northumberland.

3 Jan. 1747.

Sir HENRY FETHERSTONHAUGII, Baronet, succeeded his father,
sir Matthew, 24 IMay 17/4; married, 12 Sept. lt)25, miss Mary.Aune

The name of Fethersto»liaus:h is of peat
antiquity in the co. of Durham, and de-
scended from a William dk Montk, who
lived temp, king Stephen. His innnediatc
descendants were called " de Stn)ihope," and
the name of Fetherstonhaugh was assumed
by his great-great-grandson, Robert de Stan-
hope, ^ch)/). Edward III. The last of this
line of the family was a colonel Fetherston-
haugh, killed at the battle of Blenheim,
after whose death the Stanhope estate was
sold to the earl of Carlisle.

Younger branches appear to have settled
at an early period in ditlerent parts of Dur-
ham and the neighbouring counties. One,
which was seated at Kirkoswald, co. Cum-
berland, continued till 17!»7. when it be-
came extinct on the death of Timothy Fe-
therstonhaugh, who left his estates to his
nephew, Charles Smallwood, esq., on con-
dition of taking his name.

Cuthbert Fea'thrrstoite, of HatheryClough,
in the parish of Stanhope, co. Durham,
settled in London towards the latter end of
the 16th century, and was grandfather of

sir Heneage Featherstone, created a bart.
!()(!(», whose last surviving son and licir, sir
Henry, d. s.p. 174(i, and left a considerable
portion of his estates (with an injunction
to obtain a revival of the baronetcy) to

I. Sir MATTHEW, 1st baronet of this
line, who was created as above. His imme-
diate ancestors had been seated at Aston
Moor, CO. Northumberland. He m., 24
Dec. 174(). Sarah, only da. of Christopher
Lcthicullier, of Belmont, co. Hants, esq.,
and by her (who d. 27 Aug. 1788) had an
only son.

Sir Hkxry, 2d bart.
Sir Matthew d. 24 May 1774, and was suc-
ceeded by his only son,

II. Sir"HENRY, present bart.
Arms— See Plate Ki. G\iles, on a chevron,

between three ostriches' feathers, argent, a

Cient-Xn antelope's head, erased, argent,
armed, or.

Sfrtf.v— LTp Park, co. Sussex: Harring-
brook, CO. Essex; and Fetherstonhaugh
Castle, CO. Northumberland.



IBBETSON, of Leeds, co. York.
12 May 1748.

Sir CHARLES IBBETSON, Baronet, succeeded his brother, sir Henry-
Carr, 5 June 1825; born Sept. 1779: married^ 4 Feb. 1812, Charlotte-
Elizabeth, 2d da. of Thomas Stoughton, of Ballynorgen, co. Kerry, esq., by

whom (who d. 15 Jan. 1827) he had issue, 1. CHARLES-HENRY,

h. 24 July 1814; 2. Frederick-James, b. 28 April 1822; 3.

Laura, b. 9 Jan. 1824. Sir Charles took the surname and arms of Sehvyn
by royal sign manual, 1817, on succeeding to the estates and pursuant to
the will of his matei'nal great-uncle, Thomas Selwyn, of Down Hall, co.
Essex, but resumed his paternal name of Ibbetson on inheriting the title.

This family is of great antiquity co. York,

Henri/ Ibbetson, of Red Hall, esq., m. ,

da. and co-h. of James Nicholson, esq., and
sister to Jane, wife of Ihomas, 8th earl of
Strathmore, and had issue, 1. Samuel, of
Denton Park, co. York, m. miss Cholmon-
deley, and had issue, Alice, »w. Francis-
Vernon, 1st earl of Shipbrooke (which title
became extinct 1783); 2. sir Henry, 1st
bart. ; and 3. Jane, m. sir Henry Every,

I. Sir HENRY, 2d son, raised one hun-
dred men, and clothed them during the re-
bellion 1745, served the oiRce of sheriff for
CO. York, 1746, and as a reward for his
loyalty, was created a bart. as above : m.,
1740, Isabella, da, of Ralph Carr, of Cocken,
£0. Durham, esq., and had issue,

1. Isabella, m., 1764, major Thomas-
Rea Cole, LM son of Stephen Cole, of
Heatham Place, co. Middlesex, esq., and
by him (who rf. 1807) left issue.

2. Harriet.

3. Sir James, 2d bart.

4. Elizabeth, d. 1752.

5. Henry, m. miss Morton, by whom he
had issue,

1. Isabella, m. Cuthbert Ellison, of
Hebburn, co. Durham, esq.

2. Sarah, m. John Smyth, esq., of
Heath, near Wakefield, co. York, eldest
son of the right hon. John Smyth, and
nephew to the dukeof Grafton, andrf, 1812.

6. Margarkt.

7. Carr, a captain of dragoons, m. miss
Fletcher, niece to sir Hugh Palliser, bart.

8. Catharine.

9. Denztl, who was killed by an acci-
dental discharge of his gun, while on a
shooting party near Durham, at the seat of
his uncle, 2 Feb, I77G,

10. Thomasine, m. James Fenton, of

Loversal, co, York, esq.

Sir Henry d. 22 June 1761, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

II. Sir JAMES, m., 1768, Jane, da. of
John Caygill, of Shaw, co. York, esq., (by
Jane, sister of Charles Selwyn, of Down
Hall, CO. Essex, esq.,) and by her (who rf.
21 Aug. 1816) had issue,

1. Sir Henry-Carr, Sdbart.

2. Anne-Frances, m., June 1814, T-
Iredale, of Wentworth, esq.

3. Isabella ; 4. Harriet.

5. Sir Charles, present bart,

6. James, accidentally killed by a fall
from his horse, 1801.

7. John-Thomas, took the surname and
arms of Selwipi, on succeeding to the estates
of his maternal great-uncle in 1825; m.,8
Sept. 1825, Isabella, 2d da. of general John-
Leveson Gower, of Bill-Hill, co. Berks, and
has issue,

Henry, 6. 26 Sept. 1826.
Sir James served the office of high sheriff
of Yorkshire 176.0, rf. 4 Sept. 1795, and was
succeeded by his son,

III. Sir HENRY-CARR, m., 14 Nov.
1803, Alicia-Mary, only da. of William-
Fenton Scott, of Woodhall, co. York, esq.,
and niece of sir John Lister-Kaye, bart.,
but rf. without issue, 5 June 1825, and was
succeeded by his brother,

IV. Sir CHARLES, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 16. Gules, on a bend,
cottised, argent, between two fleeces, or,
three escallops, of the field.

Crest — A unicorn's head, erased, per fess,
argent and gules, and charged with three
escallops, counterchanged ; two and onej,
of the last.

Motto — Vlvi liber et moriar.

Seat — Denton Park, co. York.

GIBBONS, of Stanwell Place, co. Middlesex.
21 April 1752.

Sir JOHN GIBBONS, Baronet, succeeded his father, sir William,
Dec. 1814 ; married, 27 Oct. 1795, Elizabeth, da. of the late Richard Tay-
lor, of Charleton H(nise, co. Middlesex, esq., and lias issue, 1. JOHN,

w., 22 July 1824, Charlotte, (Jth da. of sir Charles Watson, of Fulmer,

CO. Bucks, bart.; 2. Louisa,

bons, esq. ; and other children.


11 July 1827, John Keurick Gib-



I. Sir WILLIAM, speaker of the house
of assembly in the island of Barbadoes, was
created a bart. as above; he d. May 1760,
and was succeeded by his son,

IL Sir JOHN, of Stanwell, co. Middle-
sex, K.B., »«. Martha, da. of the rev.
Scawen Kenrick, D.D., and d. [) July
1776, and was succeeded bv his son,

in. Sir WILLIAM, LL.D., commis-
sioner of the sick and hurt office, m., 3
Sept. 1771> Rebecca, da. of admiral Watson,
and sister to sir Charles Watson, of Fulraer,
CO. Bucks, bart., and by her (who d. 26
April 1811) had issue,

1. Sir John, present bart.

2. William.

3. George, killed at the battle of Al-
buera, in Spain, while commanding the
light company 34th regiment of foot, 16

May 1811,

4. Edward.

5. Rebecca, m., 13 July I8O7, the rev.
Charles May, of Braemore, co. Hants.

6. Frances.

7. Martha, nu, Nov. 1827, the rev.
Roger Hitchcock.


Sir William d. Dec. 1814, and was succeed-
ed bv his eldest son,

IV. Sir JOHN, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 16. Gules, a lion ram-
pant, or, debruised by a bend, argent,
charged with a torteau, between two cross
crosslets, patee, fitchee, sable.

Crest — A lion's jamb, erased and erect,
gules, charged with a bezant, and holding
a cross crosslet, as in the arms.

Seat — At Stanwell Place, co. Middlesex.

WINNINGTON, of Stanford Court, co. Worcester.

15 Feb. 1755.

Sir THOMAS-EDWilRD WINNINGTON, Baronet, M.P. for Bewd.

ley, succeeded his father, sir Edward, in Jan. 1805; married^ 11 Nov.
1810, Isabella, 2d da. of John Taylor, of jVIoseley Hall, co. Worcester, esq.,
and has issue a SON, h. 24 Jan. 1814. Anne-Sarah, 2d da. d. June 1830.

This family is of great antiquity co.
Chester; in the reign of Edw. I., 1275, they
were lords of the manor of Winnington,
near Namptwich, where they continued to
reside till the beginnmg of the last century,
and intermarried with many of the princi-
pal families in tliat county. A younger
branch settled in the county of Worcester,
of which was

Sir Francis Winnington, of Stanford
Court, appointed, 1678, solicitor-general to
king Charles II., which post he resigned,
that he might act consistently with his con-
science, by supporting the Exclusion Bill,
and d. 17(Kt. His grandson,

Edward Winnington, esq., m. Sophia,

da. of , of Boot, near Wantage, co.

Berks, esq., and had issue,

I. Sir EDWARD, 1st bart., so created as
above, m. Mary, da. of John Ingram, by
whom he had issue.

Sir Edward, 2d bart.
Sir Edward was M.P. for Bewdley, and dy-
ing 9 Dec. 1791, was succeeded by his only son,
• II. Sir EDWARD, b. 14 Nov, 1749, m.,
12 Sept. 1776, Anne, sister to the late and
aunt to the present lord Foley, by whom
(who d. 9 Dec. 1794) he had issue,

1. Sir Thomas-Edward, 3d bart.

2. Richard, in holy orders, rector of
Stanford, co. Worcester, who by royal sign
manual has assumed the name of Ingram,
in addition to that of Winnington, pursuant

to the will of mr. Ingram, of Ribbesford.

3. Francis.

4. Henry-Jeffreys, M.P. for the West-
em division of Worcestershire.

5. Charles-Fox, in holy orders, m., 16
April 1819, Elizabeth, eldest da. of Robert-
Thornton Heysham, of Stagenhoe Park,
CO. Herts, esq.

G. Mary-Anne, 6. 1777, d. in Sept. 1804.

7. Sophia, m., 21 Feb. 1820, F. W. Camp-
bell, esq., of Barbrcck, N.B.

8. Elizabeth, m., 1812, rev. Arthur-Cyril
Onslow, rector of Newington Butts, co Sur-
rey, 2d son of the dean of Worcester, and d.

9. Harriet, m., 21 July 1820, Phipps-
Vansittart Onslow, esq., and (/. 5 March

10. Arabella, d. in Jan. 1806.

Sir Edward d. Jan. 1805, when he was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,


Arms — See Plate 16. Quarterly; 1st and
4th, argent, an orle, between eight martlets,
sable : 2d and 3d, sable, a saltier, engrailed,

Crest — A saracen's head, full faced,
couped at the shoulders, proper, wreathed
about the temples, argent and sable.

Motto — Grata same manti.

Seat — At Stanford Court and Winterdyne,
near Bewdley, both co. Worcester.

SHEFFIELD, of Normanby, co. Lincoln.
1 March 1755-6.

Sir ROBERT SHEFFIELD, Baronet, Major in the Army, bor7i 25
Feb. 1786', succeeded his fatlier, sir Robert, C Feb. 1815 ; married, 8 Dec.
1818, Julia-Brigida, da. of sir John Newbolt, chief-justice at Madras, and
has issue, 1. Julia-Maria, 0. 25 April 1321 ; 2. Sophia-Pene-



LOPE, b. 10 June 1822;

b. 17 iMay 1825; 5. Emma, b. 29 June

3. ROBERT, b. 8 Dec. 1823

John-Djgby, b. Nov.

1829, d. 12 Aug. 1832;-

I, Sir CHARLES, the 1st bart., was na-
tural son to John Sheffield, earl of Mul-
grave, afterwards created marquess of Nor-
manby, and duke of Buckingham and Nor-
manby, who d. 24 Feb. 17:^*1-1; he m. a
da. of general Sabine, by whom he had

1. Sir John, 2d bart.

2. Charles, d. without issue 1790.

3. Rev. sir Robert, 3d bart.

4. Anne-Diana, m. lieut.-gen. Thomas
Cox, who d. 1788.

Sir Charles d. 5 Sept. 1774, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

II. Sir JOHN, nu, 3 April 1784, Sophia-
Charlotte, da. of the late William Digby,
D.D., dean of Durham, brother of Henry,
1st earl Digby, and by her had no issue.

Sir John d. 4 Jan. 1815, and was succeeded
by his brother,

III. Sir ROBERT, in holy orders, m., 1st,
, by whom he had,

1. Sir Robert, present bart.
He m., 2dly, Penelope, da. of sir Abraham
Pitches, knt., and had issue,

— 4. Louisa,

1 Aug. 1832 ; 6.

7. a Son, b. 30 Jan.

2. Charles, in holy orders, m., 31 Oct.
1820, Lucy, da. of col. Smelt, lieutenant-
governor of the Isle of Man.

3. Agnes- Anne, »n., 31 Oct. 1824, rev.
Henry-Lyttleton Neave, son of sir Thomas
Neave, bart.

4. Penelope, d. unm. II Nov. 1808.

5. Margaretta-Jane, m., 24 Nov. 1831,
Rose-Henry Fuller, esq., commander R.N.

6; Mary-Emily, w.,1820, Samuel-Fort-
nam Cox, esq., capt. 1st life-guards.

7. Ursula, nu, \Q Oct. 1827, the rev.
Fitzherbert Fuller.

8. Charlotte-Cecilia, m., 1830, H. H.
Jackson, esq.

Sir Robert d. 6 Feb. 1815, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

IV. Sir ROBERT, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 16. Argent, a chevron,
between three garbs, gules, all within a bor-
der, gobony, argent, and azure.

Crest — A boar's head and neck, erased, or.

Seat — Normanby Hall, near Brigg, co-

JOHNSON, of New-York in North America.
27 Nov. 1755.

Sir ADAM-GORDON JOHNSON, Baronet, born 5 May I78I, sue-
ceeded his father, sir John, 4 Jan. 1830.

I. Sir WILLIAM, Istbart., was descended
from an ancient family in Ireland, and went
to America under the care of his uncle, sir
Peter Warren, K.B. In 1755, the expedition
against Crown Point, in America, was con-
ducted by this gentleman, who was then a
colonel, and afterwards a general. He had
settled on the Mohawk river, and not only
acquired a considerable estate, but was uni-
versally respected, both by the inhabitants
and the neighbouring Indians. He brought
the Senecas, (one of the revolted tribes of the
Iroquois, and the most inveterate enemies of
the English,) to a treaty, at his house at
Johnson's Hall, where he appeared, 3 April
1764, in the character of his majesty's sole
agent and superintendant of Indian allairs
for the northern parts of America, and colo-
nel of the Six United Nations, their allies
and dependents. He d. at his seat at John-
son's Hall, in the province of New York,
1774. He had 2 sons,

1. Sir John, 2d bart.

2. Grey, a colonel, whose only da. m., in
1783, col. John Campbell, at Quebec.

Sir William was succeeded by his son,
II. Sir JOHN, superintendant - general
and inspector-general of Indian affairs in
British North America; m., 30 June 1773,
Polly, da. of John Watts, esq., of New York,
and by her (who d. 17 Aug. 1815) had issue,

1. Anne, 6. at Fort Johnson, 5 July 1774,
m., Dec. 1797, lieut-col. Macdonald, demity-
quarter-master-general in Canada, who d.
Jan. 1812.

2. William, lieut.-col. in the army, h. 21
Aug. 1775, m. Sarah, da. of Stephen de Lan-
cey, esq., and d. Dec. ItUl, leaving 3 das.,

Charlotte, m. Count Balmain, Russian

commissioner at St. Helena.
Mary, d, Sept. 1814 ; and Susan.

3. John, b. 7 Oct. 1776, d. 14 Sept. 1778.

4. Warren, a major in the 60th regt., b.
24 Dec. 1777, d. 5 Aug. 1802.

5. Catherine, 6. 19 Feb. 178O, d. 12
March 1782.

6. Sir Adam-Gordon, present bart.

7. John, h. 8 Aug. 1782.

8. Christopher, 6. 18 Dec. 1783, d. 3
April 1784.

9. James-Stephen, h. 30 Jan. 1785, capt.
28th regt., killed at the siege of Badajoz, in
Spain, 5 April 1812.

10. Catherine-Maria, b. 12 May 1786,
m., 15 April 1805, major-gen. Foord Bowes,
who was killed at the siege of Salamanca,
Sept. 1H12.

11. Robert-Thomas, b. 27 Aug. 1787,
capt. in the 100th regt., drowned in Canada

12. Charles-Christopher, major in the
army, b. 21) Oct.1789, m., 8 Jan. 181», Susan,
eldest da. of rear-admiral Edward Griffith,
of NorthbrookiHouse, co. Hants.

13. Marianne, b. 28 Jan. 1791.

14. ARCHnjALD-KENNKDY,6. i8Dec. 1792.
Sir John d. at Montreal, 4 Jan. 1830, and
was succeeded by his eldest surviving son,

III. Sir ADAM-GORDON, present and
3d bart.

Arms— See Plate I7. Argent, two lions
counter-rampant, supporting a dexter-hand,
gules, in chief, three estoiles, and in base a
salmon, naiant.

Crest — An arm embowed, the hand grasp-
ing a sword, proper.

Motto — Deo regiqxte liber.



WHITE, (now RIDLEY,) of Blagdon, co. Northumberland.

6 May 1756.

Sir MATTHEW-WHITE RIDLEY, Baronet, horn 18 Aug. 1778,
succeeded his father, sir Matthew-White, 9 April 1813, M.P. for New-
castle-upon-Tyne from 1802 to the present time ; married^ 13 Aug. 1803,

Laura, youngest da. of George Hawkins, esq., and has issue, 1. Sarah,

h. 15 July 1804; 2. Laura, b. 10 June 1805; 3. Louisa, w., 8

July 1831, Martin Tucker Smith, esq.; 4. MATTHEW-WHITE, b.

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