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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 40 of 95)
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9 Sept. 1817

-5. a Son, b. 20 Oct. 1818

6. a Da., b. 8 Oct. 1820c

Matthew White, of Blagdon, co. Nor-
thumberland, esq., (only surviving son of
Matthew White, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne,
merchant,) m. Elizabeth, da. and co-h. of
John Johnson, of Newcastle, and had issue,
besides other children who d. young and
unm., a son, sir Matthew, 1st bart., and a
da., Elizabeth, who m. Matthew Ridley, of
Heaton, co. Northumberland, esq., M.P. for
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, to whom she was 2d
wife, and d. 4 May 17<i4, having had issue by
him, (who d. 6 April 1778,) 1. Sir Matthew-
White, 2d bart.; 2. Edward, d. an infant;
3. Nicholas, of Gray's Inn, esq., m., 1790,
Letitia, da. of Hugh Atkins, esq., a Russia
merchant, and d. 1 Jan. 1804, a bencher of
Gray's Inn, and a master in Chancery ; 4.
John, capt. 28th regt. of foot, d. in 177(i : 5.
Henry, D.D., prebendary of Gloucester,
master of St. Mary's Hospital, Newcastle-
upon-Tyne, and rector of Hertingfordbury,
of St. Andrew's, Hertford, and of Kirby-
Underdale, Yorkshire; m. Frances, da. of
Aubone Surtees, esq., of Newcastle-upon-
Tyne, sister to Elizabeth, countess of Eldon,
and d. 11 Oct. 1825, aged 72 ; 6. Edward, d.
an infant; ?• Charles; 8. Elizabeth-Christi-
ana; P.Margaret, d.unm.; 10. Jane, m., 22
July I777> Arthur Shakespeare, esq., of
Stepney, and d. in Feb. 1804; 11. Mary, who
d. in Oct. 1797.

I. Sir MATTHEW-WHITE, 1st bart.,
was sheriff of Northumberland 1756, and the
same year created a baronet, with remainder
to the issue male of his sister, mrs. Ridley.
He rf. unm. 21 March 17(J3, and was suc-
ceeded accordingly by his nephew,

II. Sir MATTHEW-WHITE, to., 12 July
1777. Sarah, da. and sole h. of Benjamin
Colburne, of Bath, esq., and by her (who rf.
.3 Aug. 180G) had issue.

1. Sir Matthew, present bart.

2. Nicholas-William, who succeeded
to the property of his maternal uncle, Wil-
liam Colburne, esq., and who has assumed
the name and arms of Colburne, in addition
to that of Ridley, m., 14 June 1808,Charlotte,
the eldest da. of the right hon. Thomas
Steele, and has a son and h., h. 24 July 1814,
and other issue, of whom Henrietta, eldest
da., m., 12 Aug. 1828, Brampton Gurdon, of
Letton, CO. Norfolk, esq., and Maria-Char-
lotte, 2d da., m., 13 July 1830, George-Ed-
mund Nugent, esq., eldest son of sir George
Nugent, bart.

3. Henry-Colburne, in holy orders,
rector of Hambledon, co. Bucks, m., 21 April
18U8, the eldest da. of James Farrer, of Lin-
coln's-Inn-Fields, esq.

4. Richard, in holy orders, m., 8 Nov.
1810, the sole da. of the rev. R. P. Johnsors
of Ashton-upon-Mersey, co. Chester.

5. Charles-John.

6. Henrietta-Elizabeth, m., 1st, 22
Aug. 1804, the hon. John Scott, eldest son of
John, earl of Eldon, who d. 24 Dec. 1805 ;
and 2dly, 7 July 1811, William Farrer, of
Lincoln's Inn, esq.

Sir Matthew rf. 9 April 1813, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

111. Sir MATTHEW-WHITE, present

Arms — See Plate 17. Quarterly ; 1st and
4th, Ridley, gules, on a chevron, between
three falcons, argent, as many pellets : 2d
and 3d, White, argent, three cocks' heads,
erased, sable, combed and wattled, gules.

Crest — A bull passant, the tail turned over
the back, gules.

Motto over the Crest — Constans fidei.

Seats— At Blagdon and Heaton, co. Nor-

SMITH, (now BROMLEY,) of Nottingham and of East Stoke,

CO. Nottingham.

31 Oct. 1757.

Sir ROBERT.HOWE BROMLEY, Baronet, captain R.N., horn 28
Nov. 1778; succeeded his father, sir George, 17 Aug. 1808; married,
8 June 1812, Anne, 2d and youngest da. and co-h. of Daniel Wilson, of

Dalham Tower, co. Westmoreland, esq., and has issue, 1. Anne, i.

21 June 1813; 2. Caroline, b. Sept. 1814; .3. ROBERT, 6. 13

Nov. 1815; 4. Henry, b. Dec. 181G ; 5. Elizabeth, h. Oct.

1818; 6. Charles, b. Feb. 1820; 7- William, b. July 1821;

8. Thomas, b. Nov. 1822; 9. Mary, b. Jan. 1824; 10. So-

phia, b. 1825.

Thomas Smith, of Nottingham, esq., who succeeded at Keyworth, and was an-
was, in the 17th century, possessed of the cestor of Thomas Smyth, of Keyworth,
manor of Keyworth, and other estates in whose only da. and h., Elizabeth, m., 1775,
that county. He had two sons, 1. Thomas, sir Philip Hales, bart. : 2. Abel, m. Jane,

I 3



da. of George Beaumont, esq., by whom he
had two sons, Abel, who was father of the
present lord Carrington, and,

I. Sir GEORGE, created a bart. as above,
m., 1st, Mary, only da. and h. of major
William Howe, (eldest son of Emanuel-
Scrope Hov.'e, esq., by Ruperta, his wife, a
natural da. of prince Rupert,) by Elizabeth,
3d da. and co-h. of William Pauncefote,
esq. By this lady sir George had issue,

1. Howe; 2. Mary; 3. Jane, all d.

4. Sir George, 2d bart.
Lady Smith d. 1761, and sir Goorge m.,
2dly, 1768, Catharine, eldest da. of the rev.
William Vyse, archdeacon of Lichfield, by

whom he had no issue, and dying was suc-
ceeded by his son,

n. Sir GEORGE, b. 18 Aug. 1753, m., 8
Jan. 1778, Esther, eldest da. of Asheton,
present viscount Curzon, and had issue.

Sir RoBERT-HowE, present bart.
Sir George assumed the name of Bmmlei/, 7
Feb. 1778, by royal license, and d. 17 Aug.
1808, and was succeeded by his only son,

HI. Sir ROBERT-HOWE, present bart.

Anm—Hee Plate 17. Quarterly per fess,
indented, gules, and or.

Crest— A. pheasant, sitting, proper.

Motto — Pensez forte.

Seat— At Carswalls, co. Gloucester, and
Stoke Hall, near Newark, co. Nottingham.

LADE, of Warble TON, co. Sussex.

17 March 1758.

Sir JOHN LADE, Baronet, was the only and posthumous son of the
late Baronet, sir John, d. 21 April 1759. Sir John married mrs. Smith, by
Avhom (who d. 5 May 1825) he had no issue.

Thomas Lade, of Warbleton, co. Sus-
sex, m. Mary, da. of the rev. John Nutt, of
Mayes, in Selmston, co. Sussex, clerk, and
d. Dec. 1668, leaving issue by her (who d.
1673) two sons, 1. Vincent, who had, besides
other children, two das,, Elizabeth, m. John
Whithorne, of Jamaica ; and Philadelphia,
w. Edward Inskipp, of Uckfield, co. Sus-
sex; 2. Sir John, created a bart.

I. Sir JOHN, 1st bart., was brought up to
trade, which he carried on many years as an
eminent brewer in the borough of South-
wark, whereby he raised a very considerable
fortune, created a bart. 1730, with limitation
to his great-nephew John Whithorne, son of
Elizabeth above named. ' Sir John d. 30
July 1740, laim., set. 78, and was succeeded in
title by his grand-nephew.

sumed the name of Lade, was a lieut. of
marines, and d. umn. 1747, on whose death
the title was extinct.

I. Sir JOHN INSKIP, son of Philadel-
phia above named, inheriting the bulk of
the 1st bart.'s fortune, assumed the name of
Lade, and was created a bart. 1758, m. Ma-
ry, da. of Ralph, and sister of Henry
Thrale, of Streatham, co. Surrey, esq., who
d. 22 April 1802. Sir John d. 21 April 1759,
in consequence of a fall from his horse,
leaving her enceinte of a son,

n. Sir JOHN, present bart.

Arms— See Plate 17. Argent, a fesse wavy,
between three escallops, sable.

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, a leo-
pard's head, gardant, sable, bezantee.

WILMOT, of Chaddesden, co. Derby.

15 Feb. 1759.

Sir ROBERT WILMOT, Baronet, born 5 Junel7G5; succeeded his
father, sir Robert, 9 Sept. 1793; married, 29 March 1790, Lucy, eldest da.
of Robert Orimston, of Neswick, co. York, esq , and l)y her (who d. ]May

1812) had issue, 1. Lucy-Maria, b. 13 April 1797, m. rev. Samuel

Rickards ; 2. Harriett, b. 1 7 June 1798, m. rev. George Cornish,

eldest son of George Cornish, of Salcolm Hill, co. Devon, esq. ; 3. Ro-

- 4. HENRY-

BERT-ROBERTS, b. 2 July 1799, d. 24 Feb. 1822;
SACHEVEREL, b. 11 Fel). 1801, w., 13 Dec. 182G, Maria, eldest da. of
Edward-Miller Mundy, of Shii)ley Hall, Notts, esq.; 5. Richard-
Coke, b. 18 May 1802, m., 3 July 1828, Ellen, 2d da. of the rev. Kyrle-

Ernle Money; 6. Maria-Anne, b. G May 1804; 7- Anlaby-

Meai), b. 14 Dec. 1805 ; 8. John, b. 17 May 1807 ; 9. Edavard-

WooLLET 6. 3 Aug. 1808 ; 10. Edmund, //. 15 Oct. 1809. Sir Robert

in., 2dly, 20 May 1817, Bridget, widow of Daniel Craufurd, esq., son of sir

Alexander Craufurd, bart., and has issue ; 11, Ellen-Frances, b.

1 Aug. 1819.



This family, as appears by deeds still in
their possession, settled soon after the Con-
quest at Sutton-upon-Soar, and Bonyngton,
adjoining thereto, and since called Sutton
BonvTigton, co. Nottingham.

Robert Wilmot, esq., the first of the
family who appears to have been seated at
Chaddesden, m. Dorothy, da. of Laurence
Shrigley, of Shrigley, co. Chester, and d.
1(>38, leaving, besides other issue, Edward,
D.D., ancestor of this family, and Nicholm,
of Oimaston, co. Derby, from whom de-
scended sir Robert Wilmot, of Osmaston,
created a bart., 1772 (.see t/,at title).

Edward Wijljiot, D.D., above named,
left issue a son and h., Edward, of Chad-
desden, who was father of Robert, father

I. Sir EDWARD, 1st bart., 6. 13 Oct.
1693, one of the most celebrated physicians
of his time ; physician general to the anny,
and physician in ordinary to king George
II., m. Sarah-Marsh, da. of Richard Mead,
M.D., physician in ordinary to George II.,
by whom he had issue,

1. Sir Robert-Mead, 2d bart.

2. AxNE, m., 5 Feb. 1760, Thomas Heron,
esq., and d. 30 April 1767-

3. Jan'e, m, Thomas Williams, esq.

Sir Edward d. 21 Nov. 1786, and was suc-
ceeded by his only son,

II. Sir ROBERT-MEAD, to. Marv, da.
and h. of William WoUett, esq., and by her

(who d. 18 March 1811) had issue,

1. Edward, b. 16 Dec. 1761, d. 1762.

2. Mary, b. 10 July 1762.

3. Sir Robert, present bart.

4. Edward -Sacheverell, 6. 16 Sept.
1766, TO., April 17^*7, Anne, only child of dr.
Chambers, of Stretton, and d. leaving issue,

1. Edward ; 2. James ; 3. Francis.

4. Arthur.

5. Emm.a-Matilda, 2d da., to., 24 Dec.
1829, Henry Dixon, of Gledliow, co.
York, esq.

5. Richard-Roberts, b. 11 Sept. 1767> <?•
the same vear.

6. Harriett-Sydney, b. 28 Nov. 1768.

7. Charlotte-Sarah, b. 30 Dec. 1769.

8. Louisa, 6. 8 Feb. 1771. '»• William-
Cave Brown, esq.

9. Elizabeth, b. 25 May 1772, to. Fran-
cis Bradshaw, of Holbrooke, co. Derby,

Sir Robert d. 9 Sept. 1793, and was suc-
ceeded bv his eldest son,

III. Sir ROBERT, present bart.

^j-TO5— See Plate 17- Sable, on a fess, or,
between three eagles' heads, couped, argent,
as many escallops, gules, a canton, vairy,
ermine and gules.

Crest— An eagle's head, couped, argent,
gorged with a mural coronet, sable ; in the
beak an escallop, gviles.

Seat— At Chaddesden, near Derby.

CUNLIFFE, of Liverpool, co. Lancaster.
20 iMarch 1759.

Sir ROBERT-HENRY CUNLIFFE, Baronet, borti 22 April 1785,
succeeded his father, sir Foster, 15 June 1834 ; inarried twice in India, and
has issue, 1. ROBERT; 2. Louisa; 3. Harriot;-^ — 4.

-5. George

Em3ia-Rhoda ;-

8. HijTJRY.

Robert Cunliffe, ancestor of this fa-
mily, appears to have been seated at Hol-
iinges, CO. Lancaster, about the 15th century.

John Cunliffe, of HoUinges, 6th in de-
scent from him, had, besides other issue,
1. Nicholas, who continued the line at Hol-

2. Ellis, in holy orders, rector of Etwall,
CO. Derby, m. Jennet, eldest da. and co-h.
of Anthony Foster, of ^Virton, co. York,
and by her was father of

Foster Cunliffe, esq., M.P. for Liver-
pool, TO., 19 June 1714, Margaret, da. of Ro-
bert Carter, esq., alderman of Lancaster,
and d. 11 April 1758, aged 73, leaving issue,
sir Ellis and sir Robert, successive barts.

I. Sir ELLIS, 1st bart., was M.P. for
Liverpool, and knighted 1756, created a bart.
as above, with remainder, on failure of issue
male of his body, to his brother Robert and
the heirs male of his body, b. 12 April 1717.
TO., 19 Dec. 1760, Mary, da. of Henry Ben-
net, of Moston, CO. Chester, esq., by whom
(who d. 8 Oct. 1814) he had issue,

1. Maky, to., 1786, sir Drumraond Smith,
of Tring Park, co. Herts, and d. 27 Feb.1804.

2. Margaret-Elizabeth, to. William
Gosling, of Roehampton Grove, co. Surrey,
esq., d. Dec. 1803.

Sir Ellis d. 16 Oct. 1767, without male
issue, and was succeeded, pursuant to the
limitation of the patent, by his brother,

U. Sir ROBERT, b. 17 May 1719, m.,

6. David

■7. Charlotte;

1750, Mary, da. of Ichabod Wright, of Not-
tingham, banker, esq., and by her (who d.
19 Feb. 179I) had issue,

1. Sir Foster, 3d bait.

2. Elizabeth, b. 23 Dec. 1752, m., April
1782, col. M.-Clement-Stafford Courtenay,

3. Mary, b. 4 Aug. 1760, m., 2 May 1780,
sir Richard Brooke, of Norton, co. Chester,

4. Margaret, b. 16 Feb. 1762, m. Thomas
Brooke, of Church Minshull, co. Chester,
esq., and d. his widow, 16 Dec. 1826.

Sir Robert d. 1778, and was succeeded by
his son,

III. Sir FOSTER, b. 8 Feb. 1755, to., 1
Oct. 1781, Harriot, youngest da. of sir David
Kinloch, of Gilmerton, N.B., bart., by
whom (who d. 11 Sept. 1830) he had issue,

1. Foster, b. 17 Aug. 1782, took the sur-
name of Offley, in addition to, and after that
of C«HZ{/f(?, by royal license, 18 Dec. 1829, to.,
19 April 1809, Eliza-Emma, only da. of John,
1st lord Crewe, but d. s.p. 18 April 1832.

2. Sir Robert-Henry, present bart.

3. Ellis- Watkin, b. 5 Sept. 1787, w., 14
June 1822, Caroline, yoimgest da. of John
Kingston, esq., and lias issue, Caroline.

4. Francis-Kinloch, d. young.

5. Brooke, principal collector, and a
magistrate at Arcott, w., and has issue.

6. George, in holy orders, to., 8 Feb. 1821,
Dorothea, da. of T. S. Townshend, of Tre-



vallyn, co. Denbigh, esq.

7. Thomas, deceased.

8. Mary, m., 9 April 1806, the right hon.
Charles- Watkin-Williams Wynn, brother of
Sir Watkin-Williams Wynn, bart.

9. Harriot, m., 4 Dec. 1809, sir Richard
Brooke, of Norton, co. Chester, bart., and
d. 13 April 1825.

Sir Foster d. 15 June 1834, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest surviving son,

IV. Sir ROBERT-HENRY, present and
4th bart.

Arms—See Plate 17. Sable, three conies,
current, argent, two and one.

Crest — A greyhound, sejant, argent, col-
lared, sable.

Motto — Fideliter.

Seat — At Acton, near Wrexham, co. Den-

Yea, of Pyrland, in Taunton St. James, co. Somerset.

18 June 1759.

Sir WILLIAM-WALTER YEA, Baronet, born 19 April 1784, sue
ceeded his grandfather, sir William, 25 Nov. 1806, married^ 24 June 1806,
Anne-Hechstetter, younger da. of David- Rohert IMichell, of Dawlish, co.

Devon, esq., and by her has issue, 1. Eleanor-Anne-Hechstetter,

b. 16 April 1807, d.', 2. LACY-WALTER- GILES, b. 20 May 1808,

in the army; 3. William-Walter-Raleigh, d. May 1814;

4. Julia-Eliza, b. 5 April 1815; 5. Raleigh-Henby, 6. 2 June


This family have, for several generations,
possessed considerable estates co. Somerset.

I. Sir WILLIAM, created a bart. as above,
was third and only surviving son of David
Yea, of Brompton Ralph, co. Somerset,
esq. He m. Julia, eldest da. of sir George
Trevelyan, bart., by Julia, da. of sir Walter
Calverley, bart., and had issue,

1. William-Walter, b. 1756, m., 1 May
1783, Jane, da. of Francis Newman, of Cad-
bury-House, co. Somerset, esq., and d. during
his father's lifetime, 27 Dec. 1804, leaving
issue by her, who d. 31 Jan. 1829,

1. Sir William-Walter, 2d bart.

2. Lacy, d. young.

3. Henry-Lacy, 6. 17.Q8.

4. Jane-Newman, b. 25 Aug. 1785.

5. Georgiana, 6. 2 Sept. 1786, m., 21 May
1804, Haynes-Gibbes Allen, of the island of
Barbadoes, esq.

6. Julia, d. young.

7. Julia-Eleanora, b. 14 Nov. 1792.

8. Louisa, b. 15 Jan. 1794.

9. Charlotte, b. 2 May 1795, »?., 14 March
1820, Robert Grant, esq., of the 4th light
dragoons, son of sir Archibald Grant, of
Monymusk, co. Aberdeen.

2. Lacy, b. 14 Dec. 1757, d. 1758.

3. Lacy, 6.21 Jan. 1759, m., 28 Sept. 1808,
Margaret Duff.

4. George, b. 1 April 1760.

5. Thomas-Freer, d. unm.

6. Julia, d. unm.

Sir William d. 25 Nov, 1806, and was suc-
ceeded by his grandson,

H. Sir WILLIAM-WALTER, present

Arms— See Plate 17. Vert, a ram passant,

Crest — A talbot, passant, argent.

Motto — Esto semper fidelis.

Seats — At Pyrland, &c., co. Somerset.

GLYN, of LoNDoif.
29 Sept. 1759.

Sir LEWEN-POWELL GLYN, Baronet, born Aug. 1801, succeeded
the rev. sir George, 4 Sept. 1814.

Robert GLYN.of Surrey, esq.,
(son of the rev. Robert Glyn, rector of Little
Rissington, co. Oxon, and grandson of the
rev. Christopher (Jlyn, rector of Burford in
the same county,) b. 1673, m. Anne May-
nard, niece of sir William Lewen, lord mayor
of London, and d. 1746, leaving an only sur-
viving son,

I. Sir RICHARD, 1st bart., b. 1712, was
an alderman and banker of London, and
lord mayor in 1758; m., 1st, Susannah, only
da. and h. of George Lewen, of Ewell, co.
Surrey, esq., by whom he had.

1. Robert-Lewen, b. 1737, d, unm.

2. Sir George, 2d bart.

3. Richard, b. 1741, d. rmm.

Sir Richard m., 2dly, Elizabeth, da. and co-
h. of Robert Carr, cstj., by whom (who d.
14 Ajuil 1814) he had,

4. RicHAHn-CARii, b. 1755, created a bart.
1800 (see sir llic/iard-Curr Gli/n, bart.).

.5. Thomas, col. in the army, b. 17>'>6, m.
Henrietta-Elizabcth-Sackville, da. and h. of
Thomas Hollingbcry, archdeacon of Chi-
chester, and by her (who d, 24 Aug. 1813)
he had.



1. Thomas-Clayton, 6. 1789, in holy or-
ders, m., and has issue.

2. Richard-Carr, a writer in India, 6.1794.

3. George-Henry, b. 1796.

4. Robert-Spencer, b. 1798.

5. Henrietta-Elizabeth, 6. 1791.

6. Amelia-Mary, b. 1801.

He m., 2dly, 20 April 1820, Jemima-Julia,
youngest da. of William Hammond, esq., of
St. Alban's Court, co. Hants.

6. Edward, b. 1757, d. voung.
Sir Richard d. 31 Dec. 1772, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

n. Sir GEORGE, in holy orders, rector
of Ewell, CO. Surrey, 6. 1739, m., 1st, Jane,
da. of the rev. Watkin Lewes, of Tredeved,
CO. Pembroke, and had issue,

1. Richard-Lewbn, major in the army.

d. unm. at St. Domingo, 1795.

2. William-Lewen, d. an infant.

And 2dly, 1795, Catharine, youngest da. and
co-h. of the rev. Gervas PoweU, ofLanharan,
CO. Glamorgan, and had issue,

3. Anne-Margaret, b. 1797-

4. Sir Lewen-Powell, present bart.

5. George-Lewen, b. 1803.

6. William, b. 19 Sept. 1804, d.

Sir George rf. 4 Sept. 1814, and was succeeded
bv his son,

'in. Sir LEWEN-POWELL, present bart.

Arm^—See Plate 17- Argent, an eagle,
displayed, with two heads, sable, gutteed'or.

Crest — An eagle's head, erased, sable,
guttee d'or, holding in the beak an escallop,

Seat— At Ewell, co. Surrey.

COLEBROOKE, of Gatton,co. Surrey.
12 Oct. 1759.

Sir JAMES-EDWARD COLEBROOKE, Baronet, bom 7 July I7GI,
succeeded his father, sir George, 5 Aug. 1809, sometime senior Merchant
on the Bengal Establishment, and Provisional Member of the Covincil in
Bengal; m., 31 Jan. 1820, mrs. Louisa-Anne Stewart.

James COLEBROOKE, esq., (son of Tho-
mas Colebrooke, of Anmdel, co. Sussex,)
was b. 12 May 1(580, m. Mary Hudson, and
d, 18 Nov. 1752, having had issue,

1. Robert, minister to the Swiss can-
tons, m., 1st, Henrietta, da. of Henry, duke
of Bolton, and 2dly, Elizabeth, da. and co-h.
of John Thresher, esq., but d. s.p.

2. Sir James, 1st bart.

3. Sir George, 2d bart.

4. Dyonisia, »i. John Walker, esq.

5. Mary, d. unm.

6. Anne, m. John Symonds, esq., d. 1764.

7. Anna-Maria, m., 1st, William-Payne
King, esq., and 2dly, Edwin, lord Sandys,
of Ombersley.

8. Sarah, m. Jeremiah Gray, esq.

9. Charlotte, m. John Wicker, esq.

10. Rachel.

I. Sir JAMES, the 2d son, 6. 21 July 1722,
■was advanced to the dignity of a bart., and
in failure of issue male, with remainder to
his brother, George, of Southgate, co. Mid-
dlesex. He m. Mary, eldest da. and co-h.
of Stephen Skinner, of Layton and Wal-
thamstow, co. Essex, esq., who d. 1754; he
d. 12 May 1761j leaving only two das.,

1. Marv, b. 10 March 17o0, m. John Au-
brey, esq., now sir John Aubrey, bart., but
d. 1781.

2. Emma, b. 22 Dec. 1752, m., 1772,
Charles, 4th earl of Tankerville, (vide De-
brett's Peerage of the United Kingdom.)

Sir James was succeeded by his brother,

IL Sir GEORGE, b. 14 June 1729, m., 23

July 1754, Mary, sole da. and h. of Patrick

Gaynor, of the island of Antigua, esq*, and
had issue,

1. Mary, b. 26 Oct. 1757. »«• the chevalier
Charles-Adrien de Peyron, in the service of
Gustavus, king of Sweden, who was killed
in a duel, in 1784, by the count de la Marck,
upon which melancholy occasion the \'~yag
of Sweden took his son under his immediate

2. Louisa, 6. Jan. 1764, m. Andrew Su-
therland, esq., captain R.N. ; he d. at
Gibraltar, 1795, commissioner of that port.

3. George, b. 2 Aug. 1759, m. Belinda,

da. of , who, after his decease, w.Wil-

liam Taafe, esq. ; he left issue, Belinda
and Georgiana-Harriet.

4. Sir James-Edward, present bart.

5. Henry - Thomas, F.R.S., chirogra-
pher of the court of Common Pleas, 6. 15
June 1765, some time president of the
board of revenue, and a member of the su-
preme council, Bengal.

Sir George d. 5 Aug. 1809, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

III. Sir JAMES - EDWARD, present

Arms— See Plate 17. Gules, a lion ram-
pant, argent, ducally crowned, or, on a
chief, of the last, three Cornish choughs,

Crest — A wyvern, with wings expanded,
or, resting his foot upon a plain shield,

Motto — Sola bona quee honesta.

Sea<— Colebrooke Park, Tunbridge, Kent.

FLUDYER, of Londoit.
14 Nov. 1759.

Sir SAMUEL FLUDYER, Baronet, born 31 Jan. 1800, succeeded his
father, sir Samuel-Brudenell, 17 Feb. 1833, and is unmarried.



Samuel Fludyer, an eminent clothier
in London, left two sons, sir Samuel, 1st
bart., and Thomas, who was knighted at
Guildhall, 9 Nov. 1/(51, when their majesties
king George III. and queen Charlotte ho-
noured his brother, sir Samuel, (who was
then lord-mayor,) with their presence. Sir
Thomas m. Mary, da. of sir George Cham-
pion, knt., and alderman of London, (who
d. 3 Dec. 1769, aet. 41) ; he d. 19 March 17G9,
leaving an only da. andh., Mary, b. in June
1755, who »«., 2 March 1773, Trevor-Charles
Roper, who afterwards succeeded to the
ancient barony of Dacre. (Vide Debrett's
Peerage of the United Kingdom.)

I. SAMUEL, the elder brother, alderman
and sheriff of London, was knighted 19
Sept. 1735, and afterwards created a bart.
Sir Samuel was lord-mayor of London,

1761, 7n. Jane, da. of Clarke, by

whom (who d. 20 March 1757, 3st. 53) it does
not appear he had any issue. He m., 2dly,
Caroline, da. and co-h. of the hon. James
Brudenell, master of the jewel office,
and commissioner of trade, and brother to
George, earl of Cardigan, by whom (who d.
Oct. 1803) he had,

1. Sir Samuel-Brudenell, 2d bart.

2. George, of Ayston, co. Rutland, b.
Sept. 17(il, /»., If) Jan. 1792, Mary-Fane,
da. of John, 9th earl of Westmoreland, (by
his 2d wife, lady Susan, da. of Cosmo, duke
of Gordon,) and had issue,

1. Mary, m., 21 July 1818, Arthur-

George, earl of Onslow, and d. 1 March

2. Caroline, ???., 22 Sept. 1818, John,
earl Brownlov/, and rf. 1824.

3. EHzabeth, m., 21 Oct. 1824, sir Philip
Musgrave, bart.

4. George.

5. Katharine.

6. William.

7. John-Henry, in holy orders, m., 7
May 1832, Augusta, da. of sir Richard
Borough, bart.

Sir Samuel d. 18 Jan. 1/08, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

bart., b. 8 Oct. 1759, m., Oct. 1784, his first
cousin, Maria, da. of Robert Weston, esq.,
(by Louisa, da. of the hon. James Brude-
nell,) by whom (who d. 23 Nov. 1818) he
had issue,

1. Maria, b. 3 Nov. 1795.

2. Caroline-Louisa, b. 29 April 1793.
nu, 13 Nov. 1828, Cobbett Derby, jun. esq.

3. Sir Samuel, present bart.

4. Charlotte, b. May 18ii2, d.

Sir Samuel Brudenell d. 17 Feb. 1833, and
was succeeded by his only son,

III. Sir SAMUEL, present and 3d bart.

Anns — See Plate 17. Sable, a cress pa-
tonce, between four escallops, argent, each
charged with a cross patonce of the field.

Crest — An escallop, as in the arms, be-
tween a pair of wings, elevated, argent.

Seat — Felixstowe, Suffolk.

WATSON, of FuLMER, CO. Bucks.
21 March I76O.

Sir CHARLES WATSON was created a Baronet, as above, being then
but nine years of age, born 9 June 17^1 ; married, 10 July 17^0, Juliana,
(la. of sir Joseph Copley, bart., by whom (who d. 24 May 1834) he had

issue, 1. Charles, b. and d. 1790 ; 2 Charles, b. 1791, d. 1810 ;

-3. CHARLES-WAGER, b. 4 Jan. 1800, m., 19 June 1827, Jemima-

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