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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 41 of 95)
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Charlotte, eldest da. of Charles-Garth Colleton, of Haines Hill, Berks, esq.,
and has issue, I.Charles, i. 7 April 1828 ; 2. Jemima; 3. Selina-Harriet ;

4. Caroline-Anne ; 4. Juliana, m., 24 Sept. 1824, the rev. Thomas

Calvert, D.D., warden of Christ's College, Manchester, and vicar of Holme

on Spalding; 5. Cecil, m., 22 Aug. 1821, Richard.Greaves Townley,

of Fulborne, co. Cambridge, esq. ; 6. Anna-Maria, m., 21 Oct. 1833,

John Bendyshe, of Carrington and Kneesworth, co. Cambridge, esq. ;

7. Caroline, rf. G Aug. 1819, «?2m.,- 8. Henrietta, m., 9 Dec. 1823,

the rev. William Acton, rector of Weston Colville, co. Cambridge ; 9.

Catherine-Harriet ; 10. Charlotte, m., 22 July 1824, John

Gibbons, esq-, eldest son of sir John Gibbons, bart., and d. 28 Oct. 1833 ;

11. Marianne, ?«., 15 Aug. 1833, Alexander Cotton, esq., rector t>f

Girton, co. Cambridge.

Charles Watson, b. March 1714, (son
of dr. John Watson, prebendary of West-
minster, and rector of Castle Camps, co.
Cambridge, by a half-sister of admiral sir
Charles Wager,) entered the naval service,
and was made a post-captain 1737. He
highly flistinguished himself in the action
3 May 1747, when even the French admiral
made the most honourable mention of his
ship, the Princess Louisa. In the follow-
ing action, the same year, in which sir
Edward Hawke commanded, captain Wat-
son again displayed his intrepidity ; and on
12 May 1748, was raised to the rank of rear-
admiral of the blue, and sent to Cai)e Bre-
ton. He afterwards commanded the naval

forces with singular honour, in the East
Indies, where he d. 15 Aug. 1757* He wi.,
1741, Rebecca, eldest da. of John-Francis
Buller, esq., by whom (who d. 1800) he had,

1. Sir C;harles, created a bart. as above.

2. Rebecca, >«. sir William Gibbons,

3. Martha, (twin with sir Charles,) »i.,
5 Nov. 1772, James Cocks, esq., brother of
Charles, 1st lord Sommers.

Arms — See Plate 17- Argent, on a chev-
ron, engrailed, azure, between three mart-
lets, sable, as many crescents, or.

Crest — A griflin's head, erased, argent,
ducally gorged, or.

Sea^— Wratting Park, Camhridge»



HESKETH, of Rufford, co. Lancaster.

5 May 1761.

Sir THOMAS DALRYMPLE HESKETH, Baronet, horn at New
York, in North America, 13 Jan. 1777, succeeded his grandfather, sir
Robert, 30 Dec. 1796; married, Feb. 1708, Sophia, only da. of the rev.
Nathaniel Hinde, vicar of Shifnal, co. Salop, and bv her (who d. 8 Feb.

1817) he has issue, 1. THOMAS-HENRY, h. 11 Feb. 1799, m.,3 April

1824, Anna-Maria, da. of R. Bamford, of Batherston House, co. Meath,

esq. ; 2. Harriet, b. 10 May 1802 ; — —3. Sothia-Elizabeth, b.

9 Nov. 1808; 4. a Da., b. 26 Jan. 1817- Sir Thomas m., 2dly, 16

Sept. 1821, miss Louise AUamund, by whom (who c/. at Lausanne, 6 Sept.
1 832,) he also has issue.

This family derives its name from the
family of Hesketh, in Lancashire, of which
they have been possessed from the Con-

?|uest. The pedigree is regularly deduced
rom Richard de Haskat/the, who lived in
the 13th century, and whose descendants
for several generations were knights.

Thomas Hesketh, esq., lord of the ma-
nors of Hesketh, Rufford, &c., was one of
the representatives for the town of Preston,
in the 6th parliament of Great Britain ; and
m, Martha, only da. of James St. Amand,
esq., (by Elizabeth, da. of sir William Jux-
ton, bart.,) by whom he had four sons,
1. Robet-t ; 2. Thoma.s, who both d. infants;
3. sir Thomas; 4. sir Robert, successive

I. Sir THOMAS, the eldest surviving
son, was created a bart., 5 May 17(J1, with
limitation, in default of issue, to his bro-
ther, sir Robert, 2d bart. Sir Thomas to.
Harriet, da. and h. of Ashley Cooper, esq.,
by whom (who d. 15 Jan. 1807) he had no
issue. He rf. 4 March 1778, and was suc-
ceeded by his brother,

II. Sir ROBERT, who, in 1/92, took the
surname and arms of Juxon, which he used
during his life, 6. 23 April 1728, m., 19
April 1748, Sarah, da. of William Plumbe,
of Wavertree, co. Lancaster, esq., by whom
he had issue,

1. Thomas, b. 25 March 1749, d. 1781, m.

Jacintha, da. of Hugh Dalrymple, esq,, at-
torney-general of the island of Grenada,
and had issue,

1. Thomas, d, young.

2. Harriet-Anne, m. John Despard, of
Ireland, esq., a lieut.-general in the array.

3. Dorothea, w. Arthur-Barry Shears,
of Ireland, esq.

4. Jessy-Catharine, ni,, 14 May 1796,
sir Thomas-Buckler Lethbridge, of Sand-
hill Park, CO. Somerset, bart.

5. Sir Thomas-Dalrymple, present

6. Charlotte, m., 22 Feb. 1796, the hon.
and rev. Edmund Knox, lord bishop of

7. Lucy, m. Edward Pearson, of Liver-
pool, esq.

2. Robert, b. 23 July 1751, capt. in the
army, who was killed at" the battle of Bun-
ker's Hill, North America, in which en-
gagement he was a volunteer.

Sir Robert rf. 30 Dec. 1796, and was suc-
ceeded bv his grandson,

sent bart.

Arms — See Plate 17. Argent, on a bend
sable, three garbs, or.

Crest — A garb, or, banded azure.

Seat— At Rulford Hall, near Orrnskirk,
CO. Lancaster.

SMYTH, of LoxG Ashton, co. Somerset.
27 Jan. 1763.

Sir JOHN SMYTH, Baronet, born 9 Feb. 1776, succeeded his brother,
sir Hugh, 28 Jan. 1824.

This family was long seated at Ayleber-
ton, in the forest of Dean, co. Gloucester.
John Smyth lived there in the year 1442,
1 Henry VI. In 1547, the family purchased
the manor of Long Ashton, near Bristol,
where they have ever since been seated.
In the 17th century they were frequently
knights of the shire for co. Somerset.

Hi:gh Smyth was, 16(U, created a bart.
He TO. Anne, 2d da. of John Ashburnham,
groom of the bedchamber to Charles II.,
and knight of the shire co. Sussex, 1061, by
whom (who to., 2dly, col. John Ramsay,
and d. 26 June 1697) he had issue, 1. sir
John; 2. Hugh, d. unm. 26 Sept. 1681 ; 3.
Charles, d. unm. June 1717; 4. Elizabeth,
m. Richard Gernoen, esq., d. Dec. 1717>

without issue; 5. Florence, d. unm. 1C82;
6. Anne, d. an infant. Sir Hugh d. 28 July
1680, and was succeeded by bis eldest son.

Sir John Smyth, b. 13 Dec. 1659, m.
Elizabeth, eldest da. and co-h. of sir Samuel
Astry, knt., and by her (who d. 15 Sept.
1715) had issue, 1. sir John, his successor;
2. Hugh, d. unm. 26 Aug. 1735; 3. Samuel,
d. 2 Dec. 1719; 4. Anne: 5. Elizabeth, both
d. unm.; 6. Astrea, m. Thomas Coster, esq.,
d. without issue; 7- Florence ; 8. Arabella,
m. Edward Gore, esq., rf. 27 Oct. 1748. Sir
John, the eldest son, b. 24 Ju'y 1669, rf. 18
July 1741, having to. Anne, da. of mr.
Pynn; she rf. Sept. 1733, without issue,
whereby the title became extinct, and the
estate descended to his three surviving sis-



ters, Anne, Florence, and Arabella.

Florence, 4th da. of sir John, sister and
co-h. of the last sir John, m., 1st, John
Pigot, esq., who d. without issue, 30 April
1730; and, 2dly,

I. Sir JARRIT-SMYTH, (only son of
John Smyth, of Bristol,) who was created a
bart. as above, and had issue by the said

1. Sir John-Hugh, 2d bart.

2. Thomas, of Stapleton, m., 11 Aug.
1767, Jane, sole da. of Joseph Whitchurch,
of Stapleton, esq., and by him (who d. 11
March 1800) left issue,

1. Sir Hugh, 3d bart.

2. Sir John, present bart.

3. Florence, b. 27 May 1760, m. John
Upton, of Ingmire Hall, co. Westmoreland,

4. Mary, b. 2 Aug. 1778, m. Benjamin
Way, of Denham Place, co. Bucks, esq.

Sir Jarrit rf. 25 Jan. 1783, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,
II. Sir JOHN-HUGH, m., 1 Sept. 1757,

Elizabeth, sole da. and h. of Henry-Wool-
nough, of Pucklechurch, co. Gloucester,
esq., by whom (who d. March 1825, aged 87)
he acquired the manor of Lodbury, d. 30
March 1802, without issue, and was suc-
ceeded by his nephew,

III. Sir HUGH, 3d bart., b. 3 July 1772,
m., 20 May 1797, Margaret, 5th da. of
Christopher Wilson, lord bishop of Bristol,
by whom (who d. 30 Nov. 1819) he had no
issue. He d. 28 Jan. 1824, and was succeed-
ed by his brother,

IV. Sir JOHN, present bart.
Arms—See Plate 18. Gules, on a chevron,

between three cinquefoils, argent, as many
leopards' faces, sable.

Crest — A griffin's head erased, gules, beak
and ears, or, charged on the neck with two
bars, of the last.

Motto — Qui capit capitur.

Seats— At Ashton Court, near Bristol;
Wraxall House, co. Somerset ; Heath House,
Stapleton, co. Gloucester; and Rockley
House, CO. Wilts.

BLAKISTON, of London.
22 April 17G3.

Sir MATTHEW BLAKISTON, Baronet, Jom 13 May 1783, suc-
ceeded bis father, sir Matthew, 20 Sept. 180G; married^ 12 April 1810,
Lucy, eldest da. of James Mann, of Linton Place, co. Kent, esq., (by Lucy,
da. of sir Horatio Mann, bart., and lady Lucy Noel, his wife, 6th da. of

Baptist, 4th earl of Grainsborough,) and has issue, 1. MATTHEW, b.

15 Jan- 1811 ; 2, Rosamond, b. 9 June 1813 ; 3. Henry-James,

b. 19 Dec. 1814 ;-

4. Lucy, b. 2 Oct. 1816; 5. John-Edward, 6.

14 April 1818, d. 23 Sept. 1822; 6. Horace-Mann, /;. 10 Dec. 1819 ;

7. Anne-Sophia, b. 27 Dec. 1820 ; 8. Ejiii.y, b. 13 March 1822,

d. 1831; 9. Harriet-Jane, b. 15 Feb. 1824;— — 10. Charles-

Robert, b. 6 July 1825; 11. Henrietta, b. 6 Sept. 1827, d. same

month; 12. Augustus-Frederick-Noel, 6. 15 Jan. 1829.

George Blakiston, of Stapleton, in
the North Riding of Yorkshire, had issue
(besides other children, who d. unm.) a 3d
son, George Blakiston, a merchant in Lon-
don, who was father of,

eminent merchant in the said city, was b.
1702, elected an alderman of London, 1750,
sheriff 1753, and lord mayor 17()0. In 1759
he was knighted, and afterwards created a
bart. as above. By his 1st marriage he had

1. Charles-George, d. num. 1758.

In 1760, he m., 2dly, Annabella Baillie, by
whom (who ?«., 2dly, lieut.-coL Hugh Cane,
and d. 1783) he had issue,

2. Sir Matthew, 2d bart.

Sir Matthew d. 14 July 1774, and was suc-
ceeded by his only son,

II. Sir MATTHEW, b. in the Mansion
House, during the mayoralty of his father,
ni., Sept. 1782, Anne, da. of John Rochford,
of Clogbreanan, co. Carlow, esq., and had

1. Sir Matthew, 3d bart.

2. John, some time capt. 27th foot, b. Feb.

1785, m., Sept. 1814, Jane, da. of rev. Tho-
mas Wright, of Bosworth, co. Leicester,
and has issue, 2 sons and 2 das.

3. Charles, b. 12 April 1780, »?., Aug.
1820, Harriett, da. of NichoU, of Wat-
ford, esq., and had issue, one da.

4. Thomas, b. Dec. 1790, commander
R.N., m., 9 Aug. 1827, Harriett, 4th da. of
lieut.-eol. Harvey, of Thorpe, co. Norfolk,
and has issue, 3 das.

5. Ruhard-Baylv, b. 13 May 17.'>3, m.,
11 July 1827, Mary-Isabella, eldest da. of
John-Holmes Houstoun, of Orangefield,
near Belfast, esq., and has issue, 3 sons and
1 da.

G. Peyton, b. Sept. 1801, m., Sept. 1825,
Fanny, da. of Foliott Powell, esq., and has
issue, 3 sons and 1 da.

Sir Matthew d. 20 Sei)t. 180(), and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

III. Sir MATTHEW, present bart.

Artn.t — See Plate 18. Argent, two bars,
gules, in chief, three cocks, of the last.

Crest — A cock, gules.

fie*irfewce— Sandybrook, co. Derby.



AMYAND, (now CORNEWALL,) of London.

4 Aug. 1764.

Sir GEORGE CORNEWALL, Baronet, born \G Jan. 1774, succeeded
his father, sir George, 26 Aug. 1819 ; married^ 26 Sept. 1815, Jane, only-
da. of M^illiam Naper, esq., of Loughcrea, co. Meath, and niece of James,

1st lord Sherborne, bv whom he has issue, 1. Catherine-Elizabeth,

h. 5 Jan. 1821 ; 2. Mary-Jane, b. 23 Nov. 1822; 3. VELTERS,

b. 20 Feb. 1824; 4. Selina-Maria, b. 20 May 1825, d. March 1827 ;

5. Frances-Anne, b. 3 Nov. 1826; 6. Henrietta, b. 14 June

1828; 7- Caroline-Selina, b. 9 Oct. 1829; 8. William-Na-

per, b. 28 Feb. 1832 ;~9. George-Henry, b. 13 Aug. 1833.

Claudius Am YAND (son of Amyand,

a native of France, who quitted that coun-
try on the revocation of the edict of Nantes,)
was surgeon in ordinary to king George II.
He m. and had issue,

1. Qaiidim; who was library keeper to the
king, and under secretary of state; after-
wards one of the commissioners of the
customs, in Dec. 1756, and in Feb. 1765, was
appointed receiver-general of the Jand-tax
for London and Westminster. He was re-
presentative successively for Tregony and
Sandwich; m., Dec. 1761, Frances, da. of

the rev. Payne, and relict of George-

Compton, earl of Northampton, and d. 177-1>
without issue.

2. Sir George, 1st bart.

3. Thomas, rector of Hambledon,co. Bucks,
and Fawley, co. Oxford ; m. Frances, da. of
Thomas Ryder, esq., one of the directors of
the East India Company, andd. 1762, leaving

4. Anne, m. John Porter, esq., alderman
of London, and M.P. for Evesham.

.5. Mmtj, m. sir Richard Adams, knt., one
of the barons of the Exchequer.

6. Judith, m. the rev. dr. Thomas Ash ton,
fellow of Eton College.

Claudius Amyand, esq. d. 1740.

I. Sir GEORGE, the second son, created
a bart. as above, was an eminent merchant,
member in several parliaments for Barnsta-
ple ; chosen one of the assistants of the Rus-
sia Company in March 1756, and a director of
the East India Company in 1762 ; m. Maria,
da. of John-Abraham Kerton, an eminent
Hamburgh merchant, by whom (who d.
1767) he had issue,

1. Sir George, 2d bart.

2. John, 6. 6 Nov. 1751, who succeeded
his father as a merchant, was M.P. for
Camelford, and d. imm. in 1780.

3. Anna-Maria, m., 1777, sir Gilbert El-

liot, bart., 1st earl of Minto.

4. Habriet, m., 1777, James, 1st earl of

Sir George d, 1766, and was succeeded by
his eldest son,

II. Sir GEORGE, 2d bart., 7n., 1771, Ca-
therine, only da. and h. of Velters Comewall,
of Moccas, CO. Hereford, esq., (a younger
branch of the Cornewalls, barons of Bur-
ford, and lineally descended from sir Ri-
chard de Comewall, natural son of Richard,
king of the Romans, 2d son of king John,)
on which occasion sir George took the name
and arms of Caniewall. By this lady he had

1. Sir George, present bart.

2. Charles, b. 5 June 1785, d. ttmn, 1822.

3. Catherine-Frances, 6. 10 Jan. 1773,
m., 15 March 1796, Samuel Peploe, of Gam-
stone, CO. Hereford, esq.

4. Harriet, d. young.

5. Anna-Maria, b. 30 April 1770.

6. Frances-Elizabeth, 6. 20 May 1783,
m., 12 Dec. 1805, Henry-Fleming Devereux,
viscount Hereford.

7. Harriet, b. 9 June 1787f '"•, March
1805, right hon. Thomas-Frankland Lewis,
of Harpton Court, co. Radnor, esq., M.P.

8. Caroline, b. 20 May 178,9, ?«., 5 Feb.
1810, sir William-DufF Gordon, bart.

Sir George d. 26 Aug. 1819, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

IIL Sir GEORGE, present and 3d bart,

Anns — See Plate 18. Quarterly : 1st and
4th, argent, a lion rampant, gules, ducally
crowned, or, within a bordure, engrailed,
sable, bezantee, for Comewall ; 2d and 3d,
vert, a chevron, between three garbs, or, for

Ci-est — A Cornish chough, proper.

Motto — L,a vie durante.

Sea<— Moccas Court, co. Hereford.


5 Dec. 1764.

Sir GEORGE PIGOT, Baronet, born 29 Oct. 1766, succeeded his
father, sir Robert, 1 Aug. 1796, a general in the army; married., 18 July
1796, Mary -Anne, da. of the hon. John Monckton, of Fineshade, co. North-



ampton, son of John, 1st viscount Galway, by whom (who d. 20 Oct. 1833)

he has issue, 1. Mary-Anne ; 2. Sophia, (/. 17 Nov. 1824 ;

3. Georgian A, TO., Aug. 1828, the rev. Robert Wrottcsley; 4. George,

d. March 1810 ; 5. ROBERT, M.P. for Bridgnorth, m., 5 Oct. 182G,

Mary, 2d da. of William Bamford, of Bamford, co. Lancaster, rf. ;

— 7* Eleanor; 8. Olivia, d. unm. 10 Dec. 1833;

6. John ;-

9. Fanny-Henrietta; 10. Henry-Orlando

-11. Laura.

Hugh V'lgot, of Peplow, co. Salop, esq.,
the founder of this family, m. Elizabeth, da.

of Dicken, esq., and d. 10!)7> leaving

a numerous family, of whom,

Richard Pigot, of Westminster, esq.,
7th son, m. Frances, da. of Peter Goode, esq.,
and had issue,

1. Sir George, Istbart.

2. Sir Robert, 2d bart.

3. Hugh, vice-admiral, R.N., m., 1st,
Elizabeth, da. of Peter le Neve, esq., and
had issue,

1. Henry; 2. Isabella.
And 2dly, Frances, da. of sir Richard
Wrottesley, bart., and had issue,

3. Hugh, capt. R.N. ; 4. Frances.
5. Caroline, m. lord Henry Fitzroy, 3d
son of Augustus-Henry, 3d duke of Graf-
ton, K.G.

4. Margaret, ?n.,April 1755, Thomas Fisher,

Richard Pigot, esq., d. 31 Dec, 1729.

I. Sir GEORGE PIGOT, was governor of
Fort St. George, Madras, in the East Indies,
was created a baronet as above, with re-
mainder to his brothers, sir Robert, 2d
bart., and Hugh, and their heirs male : he

was afterwards created a peer of Ireland, in
1765, by the title of baron Pigot, of PatshuU,
and d. at Madras, 1783, without issue inale,
when the barony became extinct; but was
succeeded in the baronetage, agreeably to
the patent of lindtation, by his brother *,

II. Sir ROBERT, a brigadier-general in
the army in America, who distinguished him-
self so highly at the battle of Bunker's Hill,
that his majesty was pleased to give him the
38th regiment of foot. He m., 18 Feb. 1765,
Aime, da. of Allen Johnson, of Kilternan,
CO. Dublin, esq., father of general sir Henry
Johnson, bart., and by her (who d. July
1772) had issue,

1. SirGEORGK, present bart.

2. Hugh, R.N.

3. Robert, sometime lieutenant-colonel
m the array.

4. Anne, b. 1771.

Sir Robert rf. 1 Aug. 1796, and was succeeded
by his son,

III. Sir GEORGE, present bart.

Arms See Plate 18. Ermine, three lo-
zenges, conjoined in fess, sable.
Crest — A wolf's head, erased, argent.
Seat — Patshull, co. Stafford.

31 Oct. 1765.

Sir FRANCISXHARLES KNOWLES, Baronet, 5. 10 June 1802;
succeeded his father, sir Charles- Henry, 28 Nov. 1831, w., 26 May 1831,

Emma, da. of sir George Pocock, bart., and has, 1. CHARLES-

GEORGE=FREDERICK,A.14March 1832; 2. Geraldine-Sofhia-

Elizabeth, 6. (> May 1834.

I. Sir CHARLES KNOWLES, 1st bart.,
was in the naval service, and obtained a cap-
tain's commission, 4 Feb. 1736-7. In 1746 he
was appointed rear-admiral of the blue, go-
vernor of Cape Breton, and commander of
his majesty's ships on that station. In 1752
he was governor of Jamaica, but resigned in
1758. He was promoted to the rank of vice-
admiral of the blue, 9 Feb. 1755; admiral of
the blue, 7 Feb. 1758 ; and jjromoted to be
rear-admiral of Great Britain, 5 Nov. 1765;

in 1770, he was appointed chief president of
the admiralty to the empress of Russia. Sir
Charles m., 1st, Mary, da. of John-Gay Al-
leyne, esq., (who was created a baronet in
17()!),) by whom he had one son, who was
captain of a man-of-war, and perished in a
storm at sea. He m., 2dly, Maria-Magdalcna-
Theresa Bouquet, b. in Germany, by whom
he has left issue,

1. Sir Charles-Henry, 2d bart.

2. Anna-Charlotte-Christina, b, in

* The celebrated diamond, called the Pigot
diamond, which was esteemed by skilful la-
pidaries to be but little inferior in weight,
and equal in water and brilliancy to any
known diamond in Europe, and worth a sum
little short of 3U,0U(»/., lord Pigot betiucathed
to his brothers, sir Robert, and admiral
Pigot, and his sister, Margaret Fisher. On

the decease of the two former it solely vested
in sir George Pigot, i)resent bart., Frances,
relict of admiral Hugh Pigot, and Margaret
Fisher ; by whom it was disposed of under
an act of parliament, in J8()(t, by way of lot-
tery, for 23,991!/. 16a'., in eleven thousand
four hundred and twenty-eight tickets, at
two guineas each.



Jamaica, 22 Nov. 1752, m., 1780, John Win-
der, of Vaynor Park, co. Montgomery, esq.

Sir Charles d. 9 Dec. I777> and was suc-
ceeded by his only surviving son,

II. Sir CHARLES-HENRY, 2d bart., b.
24 -\ug. 1754, G.C.B., admiral of the red,
m., 10 Sept. 1800, Charlotte, da. of Charles
Johnstone, of Ludlow, esq., and niece of sir
Richard- Vanden-Bempde Johnstone, bart.,
and had issue,

1. Sir Frances-Charles, present bart.

2. Henry-Cosby-Roddam, b. IG June
1803, d. 7 June 1808.

3. Charlotte-Laura, b. 28 Nov. I8O7.

4. Georgina-Henrietta, b. 20 June

5. Agnes-Louisa, b. 28 Sept. 1810, d. 19
Feb. 1811.

6. Edward-Richard-Johnstone, b. 20
March 1818.

7. Maria-Louisa-Theresa, b. 15 Oct.

Sir Charles-Henry d. 28 Nov. 1831, and was
succeeded by his eldest son,

and 3d bart.

Arms — See Plate 18. Per pale azure, and
gules crusilly, and a cross moline, voided,
or, over all, in the centre point, a terrestrial
globe, proper.

Crest — An elephant, statant, argent, in
front of an anchor, sable.

Motto — Semper parafus.

Seat — At Lovel Hill, near Windsor, co.

THOMAS, of Yapton Place, co. Sussex.

6 Sept. 1706.

Sir WILLTAM-LEWIS-GEORGE THOMAS, Baronet, succeeded his
father, sir George, 6 May 1815; married, Eliza, da. of Richard Welch,

esq., and has issue, 1. Sophia; 2. George, midshipman of the

Leander, d. at Trincomalee, 11 July 1820; 3. Eliza; 4. Helen,

8 May 1830, James Brymer, esq.; 5. WILLIAM; 6. Mon-



I. Sir GEORGE THOMAS, 1st baronet,
was descended from a Monmouthshire fa-
mily ; he was nine years governor of Penn-
sylvania, and thirteen years governor in
chief of the Leeward Islands. On his return
to England he was created a baronet as
above, and settled at Yapton Place ; m. Ly-
dia, da. of John King, esq., of Antigua, and
had issue,

1. Sir William, 2d bart.

2. Elizabeth, d. unm.

3. IMargaret, m. Arthur Freeman, of
Antigua, esq., and d. his widow, 1797.

4. Lydia,wi. John White, of Chichester,
esq., and d. his widow, 1794.

Sir George d. 31 Dec. 1774, and was suc-
ceeded by his only son,

II. Sir WILLIAM, 2d bart., m. Margaret,
da. of Walter Syderffe, of Dean Street,
Soho, esq., by whom (who d. 1763, aet. 69)
he had issue,

1. Sir George, 3d bart.

2. Anne, m. Stephen Popham, of Madras.

3. Elizabeth, m. Andrew Lyon, of Edin-
burgh, esq.

4. Maria, d. unm.

5. Margaret, m. William Roe, of Lou-
don, esq.

6. Lydia, m. Alexander Adair, of Hexton
Hall, CO. Suffolk, esq.

7. Frances, m. John Williams, of Chi-
chester, esq., and d. his v/idow, 14 Dec. 1829,
having survived all her sisters.

Sir William d. 28 Dec. ]777j and was suc-
ceeded by his only son,

III. Sir GEORGE, 3d bart., m., 1st, at
Geneva, mademoiselle Sales, of Pregny-la-
tour, by whom he had an only son.

Sir William-Lewis-Geoege, 4th bart.
And 2dly, Sophia, da. of admiral John
Montagu, by whom (who survived him) he
had no issue.

Sir George d. 6 May 1815, and Avas suc-
ceeded by his only son,

present and 4ih bart.

Arms—Hee Plate 18. Argent, three lions,
rampant, two and one, gules, a chief, azure.
Crest — A demi lion, rampant, gules.
Motto — Honesti/ is the best policy.
Seat—T>s\e Park, Madehurst, co. Sussex.

WOLFF, of Town-hill, co. Southampton.

27 Oct. I7G6.

Sir JAMES-WILLIAM-WESTON WOLFF, Baronet, a baron of the
Holy Roman Empire, born 24 Nov. 1778 ; succeeded his father, sir Jacob,
20 Jan. 1809, married., 4 Jan. 1800, Frances, da. of Joseph Adkins, of

liincolnshire, esq., and by her (who d. \A April 1808) had issue,

1. EDWARD, b. 2 Sept. 1801, d. 4 May 1807-

Sir Charles, son of sir Charles-Godfrey
Wolff, of St. Petersburgh, was descended,
on the father's side, from a noble Silesian
family, that had a fief under the emperors
of Germany, near Breslau ; but when the
religious troubles commenced in Silesia,

they were forced to quit that country, and
seek an asylum in Sweden, where the Lu-
theran religion prevailed. When Peter the
Great conquered Livonia, this Charles-God-
frey was carried, being then an infant, 1704,
in captivity, into Wologda, a town in the



interior parts of the Russian empire, and,
arriving at the age of maturity, settled at
Moscow, where, on 27 Jan. 1739, O.S., the
first bart. was born.

I. Sir JACOB, created a bart. 27 Oct. 17C)G,
b. 27 Jan. 1739, O.S., succeeded his uncle,
baron Jacob Wolif, in 1759, in his estates ;
and the emperor of Germany, Francis I.,
honoured him with the patent of a baron
July 1761, (wherein he is styled Jacob Van
Wolff, knt., and baron of the Holy Roman
Empire,) and likewise to all his lawful chil-
dren, and their issue, males and females.
Sir Jacob, being naturalized, settled in
Hampshire, and was created a bart. as above.
He m. 11 Dec. 17(36, Anne, only da. of the
right hon. Edward Weston, secretary of
state in Ireland, 2d son of dr. Stephen
Weston, lord bishop of Exeter 1724, and by
her (who d. 13 March 1815) he had issue,

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