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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 42 of 95)
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1. Sir James-William-Weston, present

2. 3. 4. 5. Four das., the 2d and only sur-
vivor of whom, Lucy, b. 8 Oct. 1771. w., 1st,
29 Nov. 1792, major Parslow, of the king's
own regt. of dragoons ; 2dly, in 1800, Philip
Ditcher, of Reading, co. Berks, esq.

Sir Jacob d. 20 Jan. 1810, and was suc-
ceeded by his only son,

II. Sir James-William-Weston, present

A}-ms, Crest, S(c. — See Plate 18. As de-
scribed in the German patent of baron —

A shield, erect, divided into four quar-
ters; in the centreof which, an escutcheon,
with the arms following: vert, a wolf, pas-
sant, proper, and in chief three fleurs-de-lis,
argent, the arms of Van Wolff. In the 1st
quarter of the achievement, or, an eagle
displayed, sable, ducally crowned, gules ; in
the 2d quarter, azure, an armed arm issuing
out of the clouds from the sinister, grasping
a sword, in the attitude of striking, proper;
in the 3d quarter, argent, a naked arm is-
suing out of the clouds from the sinister,
holding a palm branch, proper ; and lastly,
in the 4th quarter, or, a triangle, sable. The
whole achievement is illustrated with an
imperial baron's crown, or, set with five
large pearls, upon which are three open
tilting helmets, azure, ducally crowned, or,
lined, gules, ornamented with jewels, pen-
dant, or, the dexter mantling, green and
silver, and the sinister, black and gold, in-
termixed ; from the middle coronet issuant
a demi wolf rampant ; on the dexter helmet,
from a ducal coronet a fleur-de-lis, argent,
between two wings of a Saxon eagle dis-
played, tawney ; and on the sinister, stand-
ing on a ducal coronet, an eagle, displayed,
sable, crowned as in the 1st quarter of arms;
and lastly, for his supporters, two lions,
rampant, regardant, with double tails, or,
tongues, gules.
Motto — Dante Deo.
Sen^— Chulmleigh, Devon.

CHAMPNEYS, (now MOSTYN-CHAMPNEYS,) of Orchardley, co.

2G Jan. 1767-
succeeded his father, sir Thomas, 2 July 1821 ; horn 31 May 17G9, took the
name of Mostyn in addition to, and before that of Champneys, by royal
sign manual, 1831 ; married, 21 April 1792, Charlotte-Margaret, 2d da. and
co.-h. of sir Roger Mostyn, bart., by whom he has no issue.

This family claims, through a match
with a da. of Courtenay, descent from the
royal house of France, and the tradition in
Somersetshire is, that it has been seated at
Orchardley, near Frome Selwood, in that
county, from the time of the Norman con-
quest. Sir Ariiian Champnei/s , knt., lived in
the reign of Henry II.; he had one son,
sir Amian Champneys, knt., who m. Anne,

da. of Courtenay, earl of Devonshire

(by his wife, Blanch, da. of Louis, king
of Franc ).

Richard Champneys, of Orchardley,
esq., slieriff of Somersetshire 172H, m., 1st,
Sarah, da. and co-h. of sir William Daines,
of Bristol, knt., by whom he had,

1. Catharine-Chandler, m. Elias de
la Fontain, d. 1777.

2. Elizabeth, m. Thomas Missing, esq.
He m., 2dly, Jane, only da. and eventually
sole h. of Anthony-Langley Swymmer, by
whom (who d. 1752) he had,

3. Jane, m. John Child, esq., rf. 1768.

4. Richard-Chandler, b. 13 July 1743.

5. Sarah, m. J. Gamm, esq., d. 1771.

6. Richard, d. an infant.

7. Sir Thomas, 1st bart.

I. Sir THOMAS, 6. 9 Oct. 1745, created a
bart. as above, 26 Jan. 1767, m- Caroline- Anne,
da. of Richard Cox, of Quarley, co. Hants,
esq., and by her (who d. 1791) had issue,

1. Sir Thomas-Swvmmer, present bart.

2. Catharine-Harriet, b. 1776, m. I.
Butcher, esq., d. 1812.

Sir Thomas w;., 2dly, Henrietta, da. of
Humphry Minchin, of Stubbington, co.
Hants, by whom (who d. Jan. 1827) he had
no issue, and dying 2 July 1821, was suc-
ceeded by his son,

11. Sir THOMAS-SWYMMER, present
and 2d bart.

Anns — See Plate 18. Per pale, or and
sable, within a border, engrailed and coun-
terchanged, a lion, rampant, gules.

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet, a sword,
erect, between two wings, expanded.

Motto — Vro putrid non timidaspcrire.

Seat— At Orchardley, co. Somerset.

HORT, of Castle Sthange, co. Middlesex.
8 Sept. 1707.
Sir JOSIAH-M^ILLIAM HORT, Baronet, born G July 1791, succeeded
his father, sir John, 23 Oct. 1807 ; married, 31 March 1823, Louisa-



Georgina, youngest da. and co.-li. of sir James Caldwell, of Castle Cald-
well, co. Fermanagh, bart., and has issue, 1. JOHN-JOSIAH, b. 14 Jan.


-2. Georgtaxa-Louisa, b. 8 Jan. 1825


FiTZMAURicE-JosiAH, b. 20 Jan. 1827.

JosiAH HoRT, D.D., archbishop of Tuam,
(son of John Hort, of Markfield, co. Glou-
cester, esq.,) m., 19 Feb. 1725, the hon.
Elizabeth Fitzmaurice, 3d da. of William,
20th lord Kerry, and sister of Thomas, 1st
earl of Kerry, (grandfather of William, 1st
marquess of Landsdowne, K.G.,) and by
her (who d. 25 Jan. 1/45) had issue,

1. Josias-George, b. 1732, m., 14 June
1766, Jane-Maria, da. and co-h. of John
Hawks, of Pontenive, co. Longford, esq.,
and d. Feb. 1786, s.p.

2. Sir John, 1st bart.

3. Edmund, d. young.

4. Charles, d. 1731.

5. Anne.

6. Anne-Mary, d,

7. Elizabeth, b. 1729, m. sir James
Caldwell, of Castle Caldwell, co. Ferma-
nagh, bart., and d. Sept. 1778.

8. Frances, b. 5 July 1731, m., 10 Jan.
1763, John Parker, 1st lord Boringdon, and
d. 17(54, s.p.

9. Mary, b. 1737> m. John Cramer, of
Bellaville, co. Meath, esq., who assumed
the name of Coghill, and was created a bart.
of Great Britain, 1778 (see that title).

The archbishop rf. 14 Dec. 1751.

I. Sir JOHN, 2d son of the archbishop of
Tuam, b. 8 Aug. 1735, appointed consul at
Lisbon, 9 June 1767. and created a bart. of
Great Britain, 8 Sept. 1767 ; m., Oct. 1789,
Margaret, da. of sir Fenton Aylmer, of
Doneda Castle, co. Kildare, bart., and had

1. Sir Joshua-William, 2d bart.

2. John, 6. 4 Aug. 1792, d. young.

3. Fenton, b. 3 Aug. 1794, m., April
1825, Anne, eldest da. of the rev. Anthony
Collett, of Kelsall Hall, co. Suffolk.

4. Elizabeth, b. 25 Nov. 1795, d. young.

5. Mary- Anne, b. 24 May 1797. d. Sept.

6. Elizabeth, 6. 1800, d. young.

Sir John d. 23 Oct. 1807. and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

IL Sir JOSEPH- W1LLL\M, present

Arms — See Plate 18. Azure, a cross, or,
in the 1st quarter, a rose, argent.

Crest — An eagle, regardant, with wings
expanded, proper, in his beak a chaplet,

Seat — At Hortland, in Kildare, Ireland.

BURNABY, ofBaouGHTox Hall, co. Oxford.
31 Oct. 1767.

Sir WILLTAM-CRISP-HOOD BURNABY, Baronet, commander
R.N., succeeded his father, sir William -Chaloner, 19 Feb. 1794 ; married^ at
Bermuda, 2 May 1818, the relict of Joseph Wood, esq.

John Burnaby, of Kensington, esq., m. esq., by whom (who d. 3 March 1823) he
Clara, da. of sir Edward Wood, knt., by
whom he had 6 sons and 3 das.

1. John, who was many years minister to
the Swiss Cantons, and secretary to the
earl Waldegrave, when ambassador at the
court of France.

2. Edward, one of the chief clerks of the
treasury, m. Mary, da. and h. of Thomas
Green, esq., by whom he had issue,

1. Edward, m. miss Carteret.

2. William - Pitt, a lieutenant R.N.,
and other children.

3. Sir William, 1st bart.

4. Daniel, rector of Hanwell, co. Mid-
dlesex, and fellow of St. John's College,

5. Robinson ; 6. Thomas, both d.

7. Clara.

8. Bathshua.

9. Carolina, m. James W^aldo, of Har-
row, CO. Middlesex, esq.

L Sir WILLIAM, 1st bart. rear-ad-
miral R.N., (3d son of John,) was of
Broughton - Hall, co. Oxford, knighted 9
April 1754, and afterwards admiral and com-
mander-in-chief at Jamaica, and in the
Gulf of Mexico. Sir William m., 1st,

Margaret, relict of Donovan, of the

island of Jamaica, esq., by whom he had,

1. Sir William-Chaloner, 2d bart.

2. Elizabeth.
He TO., 2dly, Grace, da. of Drewry Ottley,

Emma, m. lieut. -colonel
i. 1777» and was succeeded

esq., by whom (who d.

3. Drewry, d. an infant.

4. edward-augt'stus-c.e.sar.

5. Henry.

6. George.

7. Georgian a-Grace, m. John Chamier,
esq., and d. 14 May 1826.

8. Charlotte, m. Josias-Du-Pre Porch-
er, esq.

9. Harriet
Richardson, d.

Sir William
bv his son,

June 1783, Elizabeth, 2d da. of Crisp Mo-
lineux, of Garboldesham, co. Norfolk, esq.,
by whom (who d. 28 Feb. 1816) he had,

1. Harriet-Emma, m. general William-
M. Richardson, and d. 6 Sept. 1811.

2. Sir William -Crisp - Hood, present

Sir William-Chaloner d. 19 Feb. 1794,
and was succeeded by his only son,

sent bart.

Arrtis—See Plate 18. Argent, two bars,
gules; in chief, a lion, passant, per pale, of
the second, and vert.

CVes^— Out of a naval crown, a demi lion,
rampant, gardant, or, in the dexter paw a
staff, proper, thereon a flag gules.

Motto — Pm rei(e.

Seat— AX. Broughton Hall, co. Oxford.



BURRARD, (now NEALE,) of Walhampton, co. Hants.

3 April 1769.

Sir HARRY NEALE, Baronet, Admiral of the Blue, G.C.B., succeeded
his uncle, sir Harry Burrard, 12 Api'il 1791 ; married^ 15 April 1795, Grace-
Elizabeth, eldest da. and co-h. of Robert Neale, of Shaw House, co. Wilts,
esq., and took the name of Neale^ by royal sign manual.

Thomas Burrard, of Lymington, co.
Hants, b. 1611, m. Elizabeth, da. of Gregory
Isham, of Barby, co. Northampton, by
whom he had 1 da. Anne, d. tinm. ; and 4
sons, 1. Thomas, d. unm. ; 2. John, m. and
had issue ; 3. Sidney/, d. unm. ; and 4.

Paul, the younger son, m., 20 March
1678, Anne, da. and co-h. of John Button,
by whom he had, John and Sidney, twins,
who d. young, and an only surviving son,

Paul, wk, 17 Oct. 1704, Lucy, da. of sir
William-Dutton Colt, bart., envoy extra-
ordinary to the courts of Dresden, Lunen-
burg, Zell, and Hanover, by whom (who
d. 1750) he had issue,

1. Sir Harry, 1st bart.

2. Paul, d. young.

.3. William, col. in the army, b. 1712, d.
Nov. 1780, m., 1st, Elizabeth-Jacintha, da.

and co-h. of De la Rose, minister

from the court of Spain to Great Britain,
by whom he had issue,

1. Lucy; 2. Leonora-Sophia, bothd. unm.

He m., 2dly, Mary, da. of Joseph Pearce,
of Lymington, by whom he had issue,

3. Sir Harry, present bart.

4. George, in holy orders, chaplain to
the king, rector of Yarmouth, Isle of
Wight, and Middleton-Tyas, co. York,
m,, 1st, 18 Sept. 1804, Elizabeth- Anne, da.
and h. of William Coppell, of Jamaica,
esq., by whom (who rf. 11 April 1815) he
had issue, 1. Georgr, b. 13 Oct. 1805; 2.
Susan, 6. 2, and d. (» March 1807. He m.,
2dly, 1 May 1816, Emma, da. of admiral
Joseph Bingham, and had issue, 3. Harry,
b. 13 Oct. 1818; 4. Sidnei/, b. 4 Nov.
1826; 5. Harriet, b. 23 Jan. 1817 ; 6.
Emma, b. 21 Feb. and d. 10 May 1820;
7. Emma-Selina, b. 31 Oct. 1821, d. 6
March 1822 ; 8. Theresa, b. 24 Aug. 1824.

5. Harriet-Sophia, m. the hon. mr.
Justice Rooke.

6. Marianne, m. William Rooke, esq.,
East India Company's civil service.

4. Paul, d. young.

5. George, m., 19 Aug. 1751, Madelaine,
da. of John Durell, of the island of Jersey,
by whom he had i?sue,

1. Anne, m. Charles Bowles, of Enfield,
CO. Middlesex, esq.

2. Sir Harry, created a bart. 1807 (see
that title).

3. Philip, m. and had issue.

6. Mary, d. young.

I. HARRY, eldest son of Paul, was
created a bart. 3 April 1769, with li-
mitations to his brothers, William and
George, and their issue male successively.
Sir Harry m., 1st, Alicia, da. of John Snape,
who d. without issue ; he m., 2dly, 1754,
Mary-Frances, da. of James Clarke, of
Wharton, co. Hereford, esq., by whom
(who d. Sept. 1777) he had,

1. Louisa.

2. Charles-Robert, both d. young.
Sir Harry d. 12 April 1791, and was suc-
ceeded by his nephew,

II. Sir HARRY, present bart.

Anns — See Plate 19. Argent, a lion,
rampant, and in chief, two dexter hands
gules ; over all, a fess or, charged with
two lions, counter-rampant, and supporting
between them a dexter hand, all of the

Crests— \st (of honourable augmentation
granted 1815.) Out of a naval crown or, a
cubit arm erect, encircled by a branch of
oak, proper, the liand grasping a trident,
in bend sinister, point downwards, gold.
2d, a dexter arm embowed in armour,
the hand grasping a sword, all proper.

Supporters — (As grand cross of the Bath.)
On either side, a lion reguardant, argent,
standing upon an anchor proper, supporting
a trident erect, or, gorged with a naval
crown, therefrom, a cliain reflexed over the
back, azure.

Motto — Persevere.

Seat — At Walhampton, co. Hants.


4 April 17G9.

Sir ABRAHAM HUME, Baronet, F.R.S. and S.A., iom 20 Feb. 1749,
O.S., succeeded his father, sir Abraham, 10 Oct. 1772; married, 25 April
1771 7 Amelia, da. of John Egerton, D.D. bishop of Durham, and sister of
John Egerton, 9th and last earl of Bridgewater, and da. of the right rev.
dr. John Egerton, lord bishop of Durham (by Sophia de Grey, youngest
da. of Henry de Grey, duke of Kent, by his 2d wife, Sophia Bentinck, da.
of William, the 1st earl of Portland) ; and by her (who d. 8 Aug. 1809)

had issue 2 das., 1. Amelia, b. 29 Jan. 1772, w., 28 May 1793, the

right hon. Charles, lord Farnborough, G.C.B. ; 2. Amelia-Sophia, A.

31 July 1788, w., 24 July 1810, John, earl Brownlow, and d.2l Feb. 1814,
leaving issue.

From records in this family it appears to Home, of Kimmergham, and Redhaugh, co.

be a branch of the family of the earls of Berwick, which lands he exchanged for

Home, which settled in the co. East Lo- those of Hound wood, and Fernyside, who

thian; a descendantof whom was Alexander d. 1622, and was succeeded by his son, Alex-



ander Home, of Houndwood and Femyside,
in the barony of Coldingham, and parish of

Ayton, CO. Berwick, who m. , da. of

Andrew Ker, of Morrison, by , eldest

da. of sir Robert Stuart, of Allanbank, bart.

Robert Home came from Scotland to

London, styled himself Hume, and rf. in

1732 ; w. Hannah, da. of Curtis, esq.,

by whom he had,

1. Alexander, m., 5 April 1733, Mary, eldest
da. of sir Thomas Frederick, knt. He was
a member in three parliaments for the bo-
rough of Southwark, and several years an
East India director, and rf, 15 Sept. 1765 ; he
had one da., Mary, d. unm.

2. Veter, m., and had 2 sons, Alexander
and Robert ; Alexander was many years
chief of the English factory at Canton, and
m., 1st, Anne, da. of William Boughton,
esq., by whom he had 2 sons and 2 das. ;

and, 2dly, Anne, da. of Schrceder,

esq., by whom he had 2 sons and 3 das.

3. Robert, of Charles Town, South Caro-
lina, m. Sophia, da. of Wigginton,

by whom he had issue, 1. Alexander, cap-
tain in the East India Company's service, d.
unm.; 2. Robert, 6. 4 Dec. 1724; 3. Susanna,
6. 15 Sept. 1722, 7))., 1st, mr. Ross, and 2dly,
Alexander Macleod, es(|., by whom she had
1 son, Alexander, who was in the civil ser-
vice of the East India Company at Madras,
and took the name and arms of Hume, by
royal sign manual, dated 25 Nov. 1802, pur-
suant to the will of his maternal uncle,
Alexander Hume, esq. ; m. Sophia, da. of

William Wrangham, of St. Helena, esq., by
whom he has issue ; the das. were, Sophia,
m. the rev. dr. William Fotheringham, of
Scotland, by whom she has issue ; and Eli-
zabeth, m, Robert-Bruce-Eneas Macleod,
of Cadboll, in North Britain, esq., by whom
there is issue.

4. Sir Abraham, 1st bart.

5. Hannah, m. William Black, esq.

6. , m. Dunn, esq.

I. Sir ABRAHAM, created a bart. 4 April
17')9, was commissary-general of the army,
and representative in parliament for Steyn-
ing and Tregony ; ?«., 9 Oct. 1746, Hannah,
youngest da. of sir Thomas Frederick, knt.,
d. 23 Jan. 1771, by whom he had,

1. Sir Abraham, 2d bart.

2. Alexander, of St. Clere, co. Kent,
esq., who took the name and arms of Evelyn,
by royal sign manual, dated 22 July 1797 ;
he ??). Frances, da. and onlv remaining child
of William Evelyn, esq., M.P. for Hythe.

3. Hannah, m. James Hare, esq., M.P.
for Knaresborough, who d. March 1G04 : she
d. 6 Mav 1827.

Sir Abraham d. 10 Oct. 1772, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

II. Sir'ABRAHAM, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 19. Vert, a lion, ram-
pant, argent.

Crest — A lion's head, erased, argent.

Motto — Tri(e to the end.

Seats — At Wormleybury, Waitham Cross,
CO. Herts.

BERNARD, (now BERNARD-MORLAND,) of Nettleham, co.


5 April 1769.

Sir FRANCIS BERNARD-MORLAND, Baronet, born 7 June 1790 ;
succeeded his father, sir Scrope, 18 April 1830.

This family has flourished in co. North-
ampton, and the neighbouring counties,
in different branches, for many centuries, de-
ri\ing its origin, however, from Godfrey
Bernard, of Wanford, in the East Riding co.
York, who was living there in the reign of
Henry III. The 13th in lineal descent from
him was,

a bencher of the Middle Temple, and prac-
tised at the bar some years. In 1758, he was
appointed governor of New Jersey, and in
1760, of Massachusett's Bay, of which last
province he continued governor ten years.
In 1741, m. Amelia, da. of Stephen Offley,
of Norton Hall, co. Derby, esq., (by Mary,
sister to John, viscount Barrington,) by
whom (who d. 26 May 1778) he had issue,

1. Francis, d. unm., Mav 1770.

2. Sir John, 2d bart.

3. Jane, »?., 1774, Charles White, of Lin-
coln, esq., whom she survived, and d. 2 Feb.

4. Sir Thomas, 3d bart.

5. Shute, d. under age.

6. Amelia, m., 1783, captain Benjamin
Baker, and d. Feb. 1795.

7. William, a lieutenant in the 29th
regiment, who was lost in the expedition to
Canada, 1776, d. unm.

8. Frances-Elizabeth, m. the rev. Ri-
chard King, rector of Worthen, co. Salop,
whom she survived, and rf. 28 Dec. 1821.

.9. Sir Scrope, 4th bart.
10. Julia, m. the rev. Joseph Smith, pre-
bendary of Salisbury, and vicar of l\Ielk-

sham, CO. Wilts, who d. 3 June 1825.

Sir Francis rf. 16 June 1779, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

II. Sir JOHN, rf. at Dominica, in the
West Indies, 16 Aug. 1809, unm., and was
succeeded bv his brother,

III. Sir THOMAS, D.C.L., chancellor of
the diocese of Durham, distinguished for his
attention to the public charities and useful in-
stitutions of the metropolis, several of which
were founded by him, m., 11 ISIay 1782,
Margaret, one of the two das., and at length
sole h. of Patrick Adair, esq., who rf. 6 June
1813; and, 2dlv, Charlotte-Matilda, youngest
da. of sir Edward Hulse, bart. Herf. 1 July
1818, and, leaving no issue, was succeeded
by his only surviving brother,

IV. Sir SCROPE, 4thbart., D.C.L., took
the name of Morland, in addition to that of
Bernard, by roval sign manual, 15 Feb. 1811,
m., 26 July 1785, Harriet, only child of Wil-
liam Morland, of Lee, co. Kent, esq., by
whom (who rf. 4 March 1822) he had issue,

1. William, b. 7 July 1786, sheriff of
Bucks, 1811, rf. M«?K. at Caen, in Normandy,
21 Nov. 1820.

2. Thomas, rf. voung.

3. Margaret,"6. 22 Dec. 1788, m, captain
Henry Pigott.

4. Sir Francis, present bart.

5. Thomas-Tyringham, 6. 15Sept.l791,
m., 26 July 1819, Sophia-Charlotte, only
child of sir David Williams, of Sarratt, co.
Herts, and Clifford Court, co. Hereford,
bart., andhasissue,

1. Laetitia-Charlotte, b. 11 Sept. 1820.



2. Sophia-Elizabeth, b. 8 July 1829.

3. David-Williams, b. 5 Dec. 1830.

6. RicHARD-ScROPE, capt. Bengal artil-
lery, b. 13 Aug. 1793, d. in India, unm., 15
Oct. 1833.

7. Mary-Anne, h. 11 Feb. 1797. m., 6
Oct. 1823, rev. Frederick Charles Spencer,
rector of Wheatfield, co. Oxford, only son
of John Spencer, of Wheatfield, esq., by
lady Elizabeth, da. of George, 3d duke of

Sir Scrope d. 18 April 1830, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest surviving son.

V. Sir FRANCIS, present and Sthbart.

Armn — See Plate 19. Quarterly, 1st and
4th, MoRLAND, azure seme of leopards'
faces, jessant de lis, and a griffin segreant,
or: 2d and 3d, Bernard, argent, a bear
rampant, sable, muzzled, and collared, or.

Crests — 1st, Morland, a demi-griffin,
azure, seme of fleurs-de-lis and cross cross-
lets, or; 2d, Bernard, a demi-bear, as in
the arms.

Motto — Bear and forbear.

Sea ts — At Nether Winchendon and Kim-
ble, CO. Bucks.

ALLEYNE, of the Island of Barbadoes.
G April 17G9.

Sir REYNOLD-ABEL ALLEYNE, Baronet, succeeded his father, sir

John-Gay, 1801 ; married , da. of Olton, of Barbadoes, and has

issue, ^1. Philippa, m., July 1831, Hampden Clement, of Barbadoes,

esq.; 2. Anne; 3. Rebecca; 4. NEWTON; 5. Eliza-
beth; 6. Fitz-Herbert.

This family is said to be descended from '
a John Allyn, esq., (who was living, as
appears by his deed, in the 9th year of
Richard II.,) and was settled in Lincoln-
shire early in the IGth century. The rev.
Richard Alleyne, (of the Lincolnshire
family,) was rector of Stowting, co. Kent,
and d. 1(J51, leaving, besides other issue, a

Reynold, who settled in Barbadoes,
where he commanded Oliver Cromwell's
forces, and left a son and h., Abel, whose
eldest son, Thonuts, was ancestor of a fa-
mily of Alleyne, of Mount Alleyne and Rock
Hall in that island, and his 2d son, Rey-
nold, of the Four Hills, was grandfather of

L Sir JOHN-GAY, 1st bart., 6. 28 April
1724. He was many years member, and
afterwards president, of the assembly of St.
Andrew's, in Barbadoes, which office he
filled 30 years. He m. Christian, 4th da. and
co-h. of Joseph Dotin, of Black Rocks and
Nicholas's, by Anne, sole da. and h. of Ed-
ward Jordan, by whom he had issue,

1. John-Gay, who d. young.

He m., 2dly, 29 June 1786, Jane- Abel, da. of
Abel Alleyne, by whom he had issue,

2. John -Gay-Newton, who d. before
his father.

3. Sir Reynold-Aeel, present hart.

4. Mary-Spire, m. admiral sir Charles
Knowles, bart.

5. Jane-Gay.

6. Rebecca-Braithwaite.

7. Christian-Dotin ; 8. Abel.

Sir John Gay d. 1801, and was succeeded by
his only surviving son,

II. Sir REYNOLD-ABEL, present bart.

Anns — See Plate 19. Per chevron, gules
and ermine, two lions' heads, erased or, in

Crest— Ont of a ducal coronet, a horSc's
head, argent.

Motto — Non tua te moveant, sed puhlica

Seats — At Mount Alleyne, Barbadoes, and
Mesner Hall, Essex.


3 May 1709.

Sir WILLIAM-LAURENCE YOUNG, Baronet, Lieut. 8th Hussars ;
succeeded his father, sir William-Laurence, 3 Nov. 1824; boim 29 Sept. 180G;
married., 27 March 1832, Caroline, da. of John Norris, of Hughenden-House,

CO. Bucks, esq., and has issue, 1. WILLIAM-NORRIS,6. 15 Jan. 1833;

2. Sophia-Elizabeth, b. 17 Feb. 1834.

Sir John Young came over fromi France
as chamberlain to Mary, queen of Scots, on
the return of that princess to her native
country, in ITjOI, and received from her the
grant of the manor of Lcny : third in de-
scent from him was William Young, who,
bearing arms for the Stuarts, was deprived
of his estate, and retired to the West Indies :
his son,

I. Sir WILLIAM, b. 1725, was created a
bart. 3 May ]7')9. He was lieut.-gov, of
the island of Dominica : m., 1st, Sarah, da.
of sir John Fagg, bart., who d. without
issue; and, 2dly, 1747, Elizabeth, the only

child of Brook Taylor, esq., D.C.L., secre-
tary to the Royal Society, and F.R.S. ; by
whom (who rf. July 1801) he had issue,

1. Sir William, 2d bart.

2. Portia, d. mim. 9 May 1832.

Sir William (/. 1788, and was succeeded by
his only son,

II. Sir WILLIAM, b. 1750, tn., 1st, 1777.
Sarah, da. and co-h. of Charles Laurence,
esq., by whom he had issue,

1. Sir William-Lairknte, 3d bart.

2. Bkook-IIknry, (/. 21 Sept. 1813.

3. Charlks.

4. Sarah-Elizabeth, m. sir Richard



Ottley, chief justice at Ceylon, and d. his
widow, 14 March 1825, aged 77-

5. Caroline, ?n., March 1806, Thomas
Robson, of Holtby House, co. York, esq.

6. George, major in the army, m. Mary,

da. of Harris, of Derby, esq., and has

issue, several children.

Sir William m., 2dly, 22 April 1702, Bar-
bara, da. of Richard Talbot, of Malahide
Castle in Ireland, esq., sister of Richard, lord
Talbot, of Malahide, by whom he had no
issue. He represented St. Mawes, 1784, 1790,
1796, and 1802; and Buckingham, 1806. Sir
William was appointed governor of the is-
land of Tobago, in which government he rf.
10 Jan. 1811, and was succeeded by his son,

21 Dec. 1805, Louisa, 2d da. of William
Tuffnell, of I.angleys, co. Essex, esq., by
whom he had issue.

1. Sir William-Laurence, present bart.

2. Henry-Tuffnell, b. 9 Oct. 1810.

3. Brook, b. 16 Aug. 1813, in the navy.

4. George-Augusta, b. 28 April 1822.

Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 42 of 95)