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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 43 of 95)
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5. Sophia-Louisa, b. 4 Feb. 1809, m., 14
June 1831 , rev. Thomas-Pym Bridges, of
Danbury, Essex.

6. Mary-Anne, 6, 28 July 1815.

7. Emma-Catherine, b. 3 Feb. 1824.
Sir Wilham d. 3 Nov. 1824, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

sent bart.

Arms — See Plate 19. Or, three piles,
sable ; on a chief of the first, three annulets,
of the second.

Crest — A cubit arm, erect, proper, grasp-
ing an arrow of the last.

Motto — Press throKgh.

Seat — Marlow Park, Bucks,

HARLAND, of Sproughton, co. Suftolk.

13 March 1771.

Sir ROBERT HARLAND, Baronet, born 17G5 ; succeeded his father,
sir Robert, 21 Feb. 1784; married^ May 1801, Arethusa, da. of Henry-
Vernon, late of Great Thurlow, co. Suffolk, esq., elder brother of Francis,
earl of Shipbroke in Ireland, which title became extinct 1783.

Robert Harland, capt. R.N., m, a
da. of Clyatt, esq., by her he had issue,

1. Frances, m., 1st, Ellis, esq., and,

2dly, sir William Gage, bart., and d. with-
out issue 1763.

2. Edith, m. Leddeard, esq., and

d, without issue.

8. Sir Robert, ist bart.

4. Anne, d. 171O.

L Sir ROBERT, his only son, was creat-
ed a bart., 13 March 1771, was brought up
in the royal navy, and made captain about
1742, rear-admiral in 1770, and afterwards
vice-admiral, and admiral in 1771 ; he was
commander-in-chief in the East Indies, and
plenipotentiary to the Nabob of Arcot,
and returned to England in 1775; in 17/8
he was second in command under admiral
Keppel, and in 1782 appointed a lord of the
admiralty, which office he resigned 1783,
and m. a da. of col. Rowland Reynold,

grandda. and h. of col. John Duncombe,
who d. Feb. 1805 : he had issue,

1. Frances, m., June 1777, count Ed-
ward Dillon, and d. Oct. 1777.

2. Marianna-Dorothy, m., Sept. 1783,
major-general William Dalrymple, only bro-
ther of the 2d earl of Stair, and was mother
of the 7th earl ; she d. 28 Oct. 1785.

3. Susanna-Edith, b. 1763, nu, March
1785, William Rowley, esq., afterwards sir
William Rowley, bart.

4. Sir Robert, 2d bart.

Sir Robert d. 21 Feb. 1784, and was suc-
ceeded by his only son,

n. Sir ROBERT, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 19. Or, on a bend, wavy,
between two sea lions, sable, three bucks'
heads, caboshed, argent.

Crest—A sea lion, azure, supporting an

Sertf— Orwell Park, co. Sugblk.

BLAKE, of Langham, co. Suffolk.

8 Oct. 1772.

Sir HENRY-CHARLES BLAKE, Baronet, succeeded his father, Sir
James-Henry, 21 April 1832 ; married^ Aug. 1819, Mary-Anne, only da. of
William Witters, of Midhurst, co. Sussex, esq.

Andrew Blake, (2d son of Patrick
Blake, of Ireland, who was descended from
the Blakes of Cumner, co. Galway, from
whence he went and settled in the islands of
St. Christopher and Montserrat,) m. Mar-
cella, da. of mr. French, by whom he had,

1. Sir Patrick, 1st bart.

2. Christopher; 3. Edward.
4. Arthur ; 5. Frances.

6. Marianne.

I. Sir PATRICK, eldest son of Andrew,
was created a bart. 8 Oct. 1772, m. Anna-
bella, youngest da. of sir William Bunbury,
bart., (which marriage was dissolved by act
of parliament April 1778,) by whom he had,

1. Annabella, w. Robert-Jones Adeaue,
of Babraham, co. Cambridge, who d. 15
Aug. 1812.

2. Henrietta; 3. Frances, both d.

4. Sir Patrick, 2d bart.

5. Sir James-Henry, 3d bart.

Sir Patrick d. July 1784, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

II. Sir PATRICK, m., 12 Aug. 1789,
Maria-Charlotte, only da. of James Phipps,
of the island of St. Christopher, esq., and
by her had no issue.

Sir Patrick d. 25 July 1818, and was suc-
ceeded by his brother.



III. Sir JAMES-HENRY, 3d bart., m.,
13 Feb. 1794, Louisa-Elizabeth, da. of gen.
Thomas Gage, and grandda. of Thomas,
1st viscount Gage, by whom (who d. 21 Jan.
1832) he had issue,

1. Sir Henry-Charles, present bart.

2. Maria-Charlotte.

3. Patrick-John.

4. William-Robert.

5. James-Bunbury.

6. Thoimas-Gage ; 7- Emily-Eliza.

8. George.
Sir James- Henry d. 21 April 1832, and was
succeeded bv his eldest son,

IV. Sir HENRV^-CHARLES, present
and 4th bart.

Arms— See Plate 19. Argent, a fret,
Crest— A leopard, passant, proper.
Seat— At Langham, co. Suftblk.

ST. JOHN, (nowST.-JOHN-MILDMAY,) of Farley, co. Southampton.

9 Oct. 1772.

Sir HENRY.CAREW-ST..JOHN..MILDMAY, Baronet, succeeded
his father, sir Henry-Paulet-St.-John, 11 Nov. 1808; married^ 7 Aug.
1809, Charlotte, eldest da. of the hon. Bartholomew Bouverie, and by her
(who d. 5 Aug. 1810) had issue, HENRY.B0UVERIE.PAULET,6. 31
July 1810.

Ellis Mews, mayor of Winchester 1G86,
m. Christiana, only da. of Oliver St. John,
of Farley St. John, co. Hants, esq. ; and
their son, Ellis Mews, m. Frances, only
da. and h. of Oliver St. John, of the same
place, esq., son of the first-named Oliver,
and had issue by her a son,

I. Sir PAULET, who took the surname
and arms of St. John only, by act of par-
liament, and was created a bart. 9 Oct.
1772; m., 1st, a da. of sir John Rushout,
bart.; 2dly, Maria, widow of sir Haswell
Tynte ; 3dly, Jane, widow of William
Prescod, esq., recorder of Winchester. In
the year 1734, he represented co. Hants,
and soon afterwards the city of Winchester.
He d. in 1780, and was succeeded by his
eldest son by his 2d lady,

IL Sir HENRY-PAULET, who likewise
represented co. Hants in two successive par-
liaments, m. Dorothea-Maria, da. and co-h.
of Abraham Tucker, of Betchworth, co.
Surrey, esq., and dying 1784, was succeeded
by his only son,

IlL Sir HENRY - PAULET, m., 1786,
Jane, eldest da. and co-h. of Carew Mild-
may, of Shawford-house, co. Hants, esq.,
and obtained, in 179(1, his majesty's per-
mission to use the name and bear the arms
o{ MUdmni/ ; and had,

1. Sir Henry-Carew, 4th bart.

2. Pahlet, m., 12 March 1813, Anna-
Maria, youngest da. of the hon. Bartho-
lomew Bouverie, and has issue,

1. Paulet-Henry ; 2. Hervey.
3. Arundel ; 4. Another son.
5. Anna-Maria; G. Charlotte.
7. Emily.

3. George-William, post captain R.N.,

m. , widow of J. Morritt, esq., of


4. Charles-Willtam, in holy orders,
rector of Chelmsford, d. 16 Jan. 1830.

5. Humphrey, m., 28 Sept. 1823, Anne,
eldest da. of Alexander Baring, esq.,M.P.

6. Francis-John, R.N., d. 30 Aug. 1823.

7. Edward, in the army, m. Marianne,
da. of R. Sherson, esq., and has issue,

1. Edward-Wheatley.

2. Arthur-George.

3. Marianne-Jane.

4. Jane-Catherine.

8. Ca HEW - Anthony, in holy orders,
rector of Chelmsford and Burnham, co.
Essex, 711., 16 Dec. 1830, the hon. Elizabeth-
Caroline Waldegrave, da. of the 1st lord
Radstock, and has issue,

1. Caroline.

9. Walter, in holy orders, rector of
Mottiston and Shorwell, co. Hants.

10. AuGCSTUs-TucKER, d. Dec. 1817.

11. Jane-Dorothea, m., 31 July 1810,
Paul, eldest son of Paul-Cobb Methuen,
of Corsham House, co. Wilts, esq., M.P.

12. Maria, tn., 3 June 1812, Henry St.
John, present viscount Bolingbroke.

13. Judith-Anne, m., 24 May 1814,
William, present earl of Radnor.

14. Letitia.

15. HuGo-CoRNEWALL, b. 13 May 1805.
Sir Henry rf. 11 Nov. 1808, set. 44, and was
succeeded by his son,

IV. Sir HENRY-CAREW, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 19. Argent, three lions,
rampant, azure.

Crest — A lion, rampant, guardant, azure,
armed, langued, gules.

Motto — Alia tn Hura.

Scats — Moulsham Hall and Marks, co.
Essex; Dogmersfield Park and Shawford,
Hants; llazlegrove, co. Somerset.

WILMOT, (now WILMOT-HORTON,) of Osmaston, co. Derby.

10 Oct. 1772.

Right hon. Sir ROBERT-JOHN WILMOT-HORTON, Baronet,
Governor of Ceylon, succeeded his father, sir Robert, 2li July 1834; mar-
ried, 1 Sept. 1800, Anne-Beatrix, da. and co.-li. of Eusebius Horton, of
Catton, CO. Derl)y, esq., and took the surname of IIorton, in addition to,
and after Wilmot, by royal sign manual, 1823, pursuant to the will of the
said Eusebius Horton. He has issue, 1. ROBERT-EDWARD, b. 29



Jan. 1808; 2. Christopher, h. 14 April 1809; 3. Anne-Au-

GUSTA, h. 16 Aug. 1810, m., 29 June 1830, Henry Tuffnell, esq.;

4. Harriett-Louisa, h. 23 Jan. 1818, d. 30 Jan. 1831 ; 5. Frede-
rick, h. 15 Dec. 1819; 6. Emily-Julia, h, 21 Dec. 1821;

7. George-Lewis.

I. Sir ROBERT WILMOT, (eldest son
of Robert Wilmot, of Osmaston, co. Derby,
by Ursula, da. and co-h. of sir Samuel
Marow, bart.,) was created a bart. 10 Oct.
1772, with remainder, on failure of issue
male of his body, to Robert Wilmot, esq.,
(the present baronet,) then secretary to the
lord-lieutenant of Ireland. He d. without
issue, 14 Nov. 1772, and was succeeded,
pursuant to the limitation, by

II. Sir ROBERT, m., 1st, 23 Sept. 1783,
Juliana-Elizabeth, 2d da. of the hon. ad-
miral John Byron, and relict of the hon.
William Byron, by whom (who d. 15 March
1788) he had issue,

1. Sir Robert-John, present bart.

Sir Robert m., 2dly, 1795, Mariana, da. and
h. of Charles Howard, of Pipe Grange, co.
Stafford, esq., and had issue,

2. Mariana, m., 17 Aug. 1826, lieut.-gen.
sir Richard Church, K.C.H., K.F.M.

3. Charles-Foley.

4. Augusta - Anne, m., 1 July 1816,
Valentine, earl of Kenmare.

5. Eardley-Nicholas.

6. Frederick.

7. Montague.

Sir Robert d. 23 July 1834, aet. 83, and was
succeeded by his eldest son,

HI. Sir ROBERT - JOHN, present and
3d bart.

^/•«w— See Plate 19. Quarterly, 1st and
4th. Sable, a stag's head caboshed, argent,
attired or, and for distinction a canton er-
mine, HoRTON. 2nd and 3rd, sable, on a
fesse, or, between three eagles' heads,
couped, argent, as many escallop shells,
gules, all within a bordure, engrailed of
the second, for Wilmot.

Crests— \%X., Out of waves of the sea proper,
a tilting spear erect or, entiled with a dol-
phin, argent, finned gold and charged by
distinction with an escallop gules, for Hor-
TON. 2d. An eagle's head, erased, argent,
in his beak an escallop shell, gules, for

Seat — At Osmaston, co. Derby.

SUTTON, of Norwood Park, co. Nottingham.

14 Oct. 1772.

Sir RICHARD SUTTON, Baronet, succeeded his grandfather, sir Ri-
chard, 1802 ; married., 17 Dec. 1819, Mary-Elizabeth, eldest da. of the late
Benjamin Burton, of Burton Hall, co. Carlow, esq., and has a SON and
heir, h. 18 Oct. 1820, another Son, h. 16 Aug. 1823, and a Son, I. Dec.
1827, and d. 22 Sept. 1828.

This family is descended from Roland
de Sutton, of Sutton-upon-Trent, who
lived in the reign of king Henry III., and hi.
Margery, sister and co-h. of John de Lex-
inton, and of Henry, bishop of Lincoln.
13th in descent from him was,

Sir William Sutton, of Aram, co.
Notts, knt., m. Susan, da. of Thomas Co-
ney, of Basingthorpe, and had issue, four
sons, of whom, Robert, the eldest, was
created, 1645, baron Lexington, and d. 1668,
leaving an only son, Robert, 2d lord, on
whose death, without issue male, 1723, the
title became extinct, but his only da. andh.,
Barbara, m. John, 3d duke of Rutland,
whose younger sons, lords Robert and
George, successively took the name of Sut-
ton, and the latter was father of the late
archbishop of Canterbury, and of lord Man-
ners {vide Debrett's Peerage).

Henry Suttun, 2d son of sir William,
m. Mabel, da. of Henry Faunt, and was
father of Robert, who m. Katherine Sher-
burne, and had issue.

Sir Robert, K.B., b. 1671, ambassador
successively at Constantinople, in Holland,
and at Paris, and was appointed ambassador
to the intended congress at Cambray ; M.P.
for Nottingham 1720, and afterwards for
Great Grimsby, m. Judith, countess dow-
ager of Sunderland, and rf. 1746, having had
issue, 1. Isabella, who rf. 1768; 2. Robert, d.
young; 3. Robert, rf. young; 4. Jo/m, m.
Evelyn Chadwick, rf. 1772; 5. Sir Richard,

1st bart.

I. RICHARD, h. 31 July 1733, under-
secretary of state from Aug. I766 to Sept.
1772 ; on quitting which office he was re-
warded with the baronetage. He was in par-
liament from 1763 to the year 1795, for the
borough of St. Alban's, Sandwich, and Bo-
roughbridge, successively ; and was a com-
missioner of the treasury 1781. He m., 1st,
Susan, da. of Philip-Champion Crespigny,
esq., who rf. 1766 without issue ; and 2dly,
Anne, da. of William-Peere Williams, esq.,
by whom (who rf. 1787) he had,

1. Eli zabeth-Evelyn, m. George Mark-
ham, in holy orders, son of the late arch-
bishop of York.

2. John, m. Sophia-Frances, da. of the
late Charles Chaplin, esq., and rf. 1801, leav-
ing issue by her, (who re-m., 4 Oct. 1804,
Thomas Wright, of Bramcote, co. Notting-
ham, esq.,)

1. Sir Richard, 2d bart.

2. Sophia-Charlotte, who rf. young.

3. Richard.

4. Ann-Georgiana, m. the rev. Robert,
sou of Charles Chaplin, esq.

5. Isabella-Frances, m. the rev. W.

6. Robert-Nassau, m., 20 May 1812,
Mary-Georgiana, da. of John Manners Sut-
ton, of Kelham, co. Nottingham, esq., and
niece to the archbishop of Canterbury, and
rf. 7 April 1833.

7. Henry, rf. young.

K 2



Sir Richard nu, 3(l\y, Margaret, da. of the
late John Porter, esq., which lady survived
him, and d. 3 Jan. 1824. Sir Richard d. 1802,
and was succeeded by his grandson,

II. Sir RICHARD, present bart.

^;-ni.s— See Plate 19. Quarterly, 1st and

4th, argent, a canton, sable, for Sutton; 2d
and 3d, argent, a cross fleury, azure, for

Crest — A wolf's head, erased, gules.

Motto — Touts jours prest.

Sea^— Norwood Park, co. Nottingham.

WRIGHT, of Georgia.

8 Dec. 1772.

Sir JAMES WRIGHT, Baronet, born 28 July 1799, succeeded his
great uncle, sir James, 16 Sept. 1816.

I. Sir JAMES WRIGHT, attorney-gene-
ral of South Carolina, and afterwards go-
vernor of Georgia, North America, was
created a bart. as above ; w., 1740, Sarah,
only child and h. of James Maidman, capt.
in tne army, and by her (who was drowned
at sea 17<33) had issue,

1. Sir James, 2d bart.

2. Alexander, an American loyalist,
whose estates were confiscated for his steady
adherence to the British cause, and who
subsequently settled at St. Mary's, Jamaica,
b. 17ol, d. 1794, having m., 17G8, EHzabeth,
da. of John Izard, of South Carolina, esq.,
and by her (who d. 1793) had,

1. James-Alexander, whom., 1707, Ca-
roline-Mary, da. of John Simmonds, of
South Carolina, d. 1803, leaving issue, sir
James, present bart.; Elizabeth- Izard, and

2. John-Izard, m. Mary, da. of Ralph
Izard, esq., and d. 1821, leaving issue,
John: Alexander; Mary; Anne.

3. Charles, capt. in the army, d. s.p.

4. Mary, lost with her mother.

5. Anne, m. admiral sir James Wallace.

6. Isabella, m. Thomas Barrow, esq.,
general in the army.

Sir James rf. Nov. 1786, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

II. Sir JAMES, 2d bart., m. Sarah, da. of
John Smith, esq., sometime governor of
South Carolina, dying without issue, 16
Sept. 1816, was succeeded by his great ne-

III. Sir JAMES, present and 3d bart.
Arms — See Plate 19. — Sable, a chevron

between three fleur-de-lis, or, on a chief of
the second, three spear-heads, proper, the
whole within a bordure wavy, ermine.

Crest — On a mount vert, and within an
annulet, or, a dragon's head couped at the
neck, argent, semee of annulets sable, and
murally gorged, gules.

Motto — Mens sibi conscia recti.

Sea^— Carolside, Berwickshire.

LEIGH, of South Carolina.
15 May 1773.

Sir SAMUEL-EGERTON LEIGH, Baronet, born 16 Nov. 1796, suc-
ceeded his uncle, sir Egerton, 27 April 1818.

At High Leigh, co. Chester, are two man-
.sions and estates, called the East Hall and
West Hall : at each has been settled from
the time of Edward I., a family of the name
of L"iffh, who bear different arms, and con-
tend with ea?h other for superior antiquity.
The Leighs of the West Hall bear, or, a lion
rampant, gules. Thomas Leigh, of West
Hall, d. about 10 Edward 11. Richard, his
grandson, was living 4 Henry V. Richard,
his son, 171. Alice Leycester, of Tabley, 1442.
Richard Leigh, his great-grandson, m. Rose
Davenport 1504. Peter, his grandson, d.
1613. Thomas Leigh, his grandson, of the
West Hall, in High Leigh, esq., m., I(i6ii,
Mary, da. of William Austine, esq., and had
issue, Peter, of High Leigh, in holy orders,
rector of Whitchurch, m. Elizabeth, da. of
the hon. Thomas Leigh, of High Leigh, and
by her had a numerous issue. From the
eldest son, the present Egerton Leigh, of
High Leigh and Twemlow, in Cheshire, esq.,
descends, whose da. m., 14 June 1812, the
hon. James Abercromby, 3d son of Mary-
Anne, baroness Abercromby, widow of the
gallant lieut-gen. sir Ralph Abercromby,
K.B., and has issue a son, b. April 18(13.
Peter, a younger son of the rev. Peter Leigh,
was a barristcr-at-law, and high bailifl"of the
city of Westminster, and was the father of

I. Sir EGERTON, his majesty's attorney-
general, surveyor-general, and member of
the council in South Carolina, created a
bart., 15 May 1773, m., 15 Jan. 1756, Martha,
da. of Francis Bremar, of South Carolina,
esq., by Martha, da. of John Laurens, of
the same place, esq., and by her (who d. 1800)
had issue,

1. Peter, rf. Aug. 1757-

2. Francis, rf. 18 March 1760.
.3. Sir Egerton, 2d bart.

4. Sir Samuel-Egerton, b.\ March 1770,

m. , da. of Greig, esq., and rf.

11 Dec. 1796, leaving

Sir Samukl, present bart.

5. Thomah-Egerton, 6. 24 Feb. 1775.

6. Martha, b. 5 Dec. 1757, m., 1780,
Nathan Garrick, esq.

7. Elizabkth-Harry, b. 29 Nov. 17.'58,
m., 1781, baron de Malsburgh, a lieut.-col. in
the Hessian service.

8. Mary, b. 5 Dec. 1762, m., 1783, John
Smith, of the island of Madeira, and sur-
vived lier husband, who rf. at Lisbon.

9. Araisei, la-Anne, rf. 4 June 1766.

10. Harriet-Anne, b. 1 Feb. 17^;, m.
Burnett, youngest brother of sir Tho-
mas Burnett, bart., and by him (who rf,
1805) liad no issue.

11. Charlotte-Lucy, rf. Mjjw. 1801.



12. Louisa-Gertrude, d. 29 May 1769.

13. Sophia-Egertox, rf. 18 June 1/73.
Sir Egerton d. and was succeeded by his
eldest surviving son,

II. Sir EGERTON, m. Theodosia-Beau-
champ, da. of sir Edward, and sister of sir
Theodosius - Edward - AUesley Boughton,
bart., relict of John Donnellan, esq., and by
her (who survived him, and m., 3dly, 10
Feb. 1823, Barry E. O'Meara, esq.) had

tec VIP

1. Egerton, 6. 1795, d. 1805.

2. Theodosia-Caroline, d. an infant.

3. Theodosia-Egerton, d. an infant.


1811, John Ward, esq.

Sir Egerton d. 27 April 1818, without issue
male, and was succeeded by his nephew,

111, Sir SAMUEL, present bart.

^)-ms— See Plate 19. Or, a lion rampant,

Crest — A cubit arm, erect, vested, or, and
charged with two pallets, sable, holding a
tilting spear, or, pointed azure.

Seat — At Brownsover House, co. Warwick.

HUGHES, of Portsmouth, co. Southampton.
17 July 1773.

Sir RICHARD HUGHES, Baronet, Barrister-at-law, born 10 Oct.
1803, succeeded his father, sir Richard, 3 Jan. 1833.

This family is paternally descended from
Gwaithvoed, king of Gwent and Cardi-
gan, in South Wales; sixteenth in lineal
descent from whom was Thomas ap Hugh
ap John, who assumed the surname of
Hughes, and was father of

Sir Thomas Hughes, of Gray's Inn, and
recorder of the city of Bath, knighted at
Whitehall, 4 Nov. 1619, m. Frances, da. of
Nicholas Mynne, of Norfolk, esq., and had

Thomas Hughes, of Tichfield,co. Hants,
esq., whose 3d son,

Henry, was father of

Richard Hugh es, of Deptford, co. Kent,
esq., a naval officer, iru Mary, da. of Isaac
Loder, esq., and had two sons, of whom the
yoimgest, Robert, attained the rank of ad-
miral in the navy, and the eldest,

I. Sir RICHARD, was created a baronet
17 July 1773. He attained the rank of capt.
R.N. in 1729, and after serving for many
years, was appointed commissioner of the
dock-yard at Portsmouth. When king
George III. first visited that naval arsenal,
his majesty resided at the commissioner's
house, and created him a baronet. Sir
Richard m. Joanne, da. of William Collyer,
esq., capt. R.N., by whom he had issue,

1. Sir Richard, 2d bart.

2. Sir Robert, 3d bart.

3. Mary, m,, 1st, Thomas Collingwood,
capt. R.N.; and 2dly, Nathaniel Heywood,
esq., col. in the army, and gent, of the bed-
chamber to H.R.H. William-Henry, duke
of Gloucester-

4. Sarah, d. tmtti.

Sir Richard d. 1780, and was succeeded by
his eldest son,

II. Sir RICHARD, admiral of the red, b.
1729, m. Jane, da. of WilHam Sloane, of
South Stonehara, Hants, esq., and had issue.

1. Richard, capt. R.N., d. 1810.

2. John-Thomas, d. in his father's life-
time, unm.

3. Louisa, d. unm.

4. Rose-Mary, m. major John-Browne.
Sir Richard d. 5 Jan. 1812, and was succeed-
ed by his brother,

III. Sir ROBERT, in holy orders, forty-
five years rector of Frimley St. Mary, Suf-
folk, m., 1st, Gratiana, da. of Thomas Man-
gles, esq., and by her had issue,

1. Sir Richard, 4th bart.

2. Robert, in holy orders, d. 1828, having
?n. Judith, da. of Robert Porteus, esq., and
had issue,

1. Robert; 2. Frederick; 3. Emily.
Sir Robert m., 2dly, Bethia, da. of Tho-
mas Hiscutt, esq., and by her had issue,

3. Thomas-Collingwood, m. Elizabeth,

da. of Butcher, esq., and has issue, 3

sons and 1 da.

4. William; 5. Arthur; 6. Mary.
Sir Robert d. 1814, and was succeeded by his
eldest son,

IV. Sir RICHARD, 4th bart., in holy
orders; 6. 2 June 1768, m., 8 Dec. 1798,
Sarah-Perring, da. of the rev. Richard Slee-
man, vicar of Tavistock, co. Devon, and
had issue,

1. Sir Richard, present bart.

2. Edward, b. 31 March 1807-

3. Sarah-Catherine, 6. 26 July 1800.

4. Gratiana-Mary, b. 23 Oct. 1806.

5. Alice-Rose, b. 17 Oct. 1815.

Sir Richard d. 3 Jan. 1833, and was succeed-
ed by his eldest son,

V. Sir RICHARD, present and 5th bart.
Arms — See Plate 20. Azure, a lion ram-
pant, or.

Crest — A lion couchant, or.
Seat— At East Bergholt Lodge, co. Suf-

PALLISER, of Deptford, co. Kent.

6 Aug. 1773.

Sir HUGH PALLISER, Baronet, born 8 May 1796, succeeded his
father, sir Hugh, 17 Nov. 1813.

John Palliser, of Newby-super-Wiske,
in the North Riding of York, m. Anne, da.
of Michael Meeke, esq., by whom he had
six children. From Thomas, the eldest son,
descended, in the third generation.

Hugh Palliser, of Kirk Deighton, co.
York, esq., capt. in the army, 6. 1671, >w.

Mary, da. of Robinson, of Thicket

Priory, co. York, esq., and had issue,

1. Sir Hugh, 1st bart.



2. Rebecca, ni. major William Walters,
and had issue,

1. Mary, m. rev. John Hinde, of Ripon,
CO. York.

2. Ursula, m., 1st, Easterfield, and,

2dly, William Smith.

3. George-Robinson-Walters, m. Mary,
2d da. and co-h. of John Orfeur, co Wex-
ford, esq., by whom he had, 1. sir Hugh,
2d bart. ; 2. William, lieut. in the army, d.
1798; 3. Catharine, d. an infant ; 4. Ju-
liana, d. an infant.

3. Alice, m. John Clough, of York, esq.

4. Ursula, m. John Fletcher, esq.

I. Sir HUGH, eldest son, after passing
through every inferior gradation of rank in
the navy with distinguished reputation, was
at length promoted to the admiral of the
white, and was many years governor of
Greenwich Hospital. He was created a bart.,
as above, with remainder to his ne-
phew, George-Robinson- Walters above
named; whom, however, he survived, and
dying unm. 19 March 1796, was succeeded.

pursuant to the limitations of the patent, by
his great nephew,

II. Sir HUGH WALTERS, of Barry-
forth, CO. Wexford, and of Lee, co. Kent,
and who by royal sign manual, dated 18
Jan. 1798, v/as authorized to take and use
the surname and arms of Palliser, only ; 6.
27 Oct. 1776; m. Mary, youngest da. and
co-h. of John Yates, of Dedham, co. Essex,
esq., by whom (who d. 5 Aug. 1823) he had

1. Sir Hugh, present bart.

2. Marv-Anne-Rachael, b. 16 March
1798, d. unm. 10 Dec. 1826.

3. Mary-Jane, 6. 19 Nov. 1801, m., 16
April 1822, William Lockhart, esq., of Ger-
miston, co. Lanark.

Sir Hugh d. at Troyes, in Champaign, 17
Nov. 1813, was succeeded by his son,

III. Sir HUGH, present bart.

Anns — See Plate 20. Per pale, sable and
argent, three lions rampant, counterchanged.

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet, gules, a
demi-eagle, with wings elevated, or.


18 May 1774.

Sir CHARLES COOTE, Baronet, succeeded to the title, pursuant to
a special limitation, on the death of Charles Coote, the last earl of Bella-
mont, K.B., Nov. 1800, when the earldom became extinct, on failure of
the earl's legitimate issue.

Arms — See Plate 20. Argent, a chevron
between three cootes within a bordure,
wavy, sable.

Crest — A coote, sable.

Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 43 of 95)