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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Seat — Bellamont Forest, Ireland.

CLAYTON, of Adlington, co. Lancaster.

19 May 1774.

Sir ROBERT CLAYTON, Baronet, Major in the Army ; horn MAG,
STicceeded his brother. Sir Richard, April 1828; married., 1786, Chris-
tophora, da. of the rev. Roger Baldwin, D.D., prebend of Carlisle, and
rector of Aldingham, but has no issue.

This family is of great antiquity, and
said to be descended from a Rohert de Clay-
toti, who came into England with the Con-
queror, and had the manor of Clayton as
the reward of his services. In the reign of
king John, Robert de Byron, ancestor of
the lords Byron, m. Cecilia, da. and h. of
Richard de Clayton, of Clayton, and had
with her the manor.

The immediate ancestor of the baronet
was Ralph Clavton, of the Crook, co.
Lancaster, living about the reign of Henry
VIII., and had two sons, 1. John, whose
eldest son, Richard, was D.D., master of
St. John's College, Cambridge, and dean
of Peterborough, and rf. 1612 ; 2. Thomas,
who was father of William, father of

Thomas Clayton, of Old Crook and
Fulwood, b. l.')86, m. Anne, da. of Robert
Blundell, of Ince, esq., and had issue two
sons, 1. Robert, ni. Eleanor, da. of John
Atherton, of Atherton, esq., and had issue
a son, Thomas, who was father of Robert
Clayton, D.D., bishop, successively, of
Killala, Cork, and Clogher,to which last he
was translated 1745,andf/. 1758, withoutissue,

leaving the family estate of Fulwood to his
cousin, Richard, lord chief justice of the
Common Pleas in Ireland ; 2. Thomas,
citizen of London, m. Anne, another da. of
John Atherton, cscj., above named, and
had, besides other issue, a son and heir,

Thomas, of Adlington, co. Lancaster,
nu, 1(;!)7, Martha, da. of Joshua Horton,
ofChaderton, co. Lancaster, esq., and by
her (who d. 1723) had issue,

1. Thomas, d. unm. I7I!*.

2. William, d. num. 1735.

3. RrcHAiu), brought up to the bar, and
advanced to the dignity of chief justice of
the Common Picas in Ireland, 176"), which
oflice he resigned 1770, and d. without
issue, 8 July that year.

4. Edward, major in the army, d. wnnj.
1772 ; and 5.

RoiiKKT, who m., and was father of
John, m. Elizabeth, 2d da. of the rev.

dr. Goodwin, rector of Tankersley, co.

York , by wliom he had issue,

1. Sir itiCHARD, 1st bart.

2. Sir Robert, present bart.




4. John, in holy orders, rector of Frome
St. Quintin, co. Dorset, m. Catherine, da.
of Edward Fisher, esq.

I. Sir RICHARD, eldest son of John,
was sometime consul-general at Nantes in
France, and created a baronet, as above,
with remainder to the heirs male of the
body of his father, m., 1780, Anne, da. of
Charles White, of Manchester, esq., by
whom he had an only da.,

Henrietta, 6. 12 Feb. 1782, m., 1803,
lieut.-gen. Robert Browne, of Fulwood Hall,
CO. Lancaster, and of Courtaile, co. Wex-
ford, in Ireland, who took the name and

arms of Clayton, by royal sign manual, 6
April 1832.

Sir Richard d. April 1828, and was suc-
ceeded, pursuant to the limitations of the
patent, by his brother,

II. Sir ROBERT, present and 2d bart.

Arms — See Plate 20. Argent, a cross,
engrailed, sable, between four torteauxes.

Crest — A dexter arm embowed in armour,
the hand grasping a dagger, the point
downwards, all proper.

Motto — Probitatem qudm divitias.

Seat — At Adlington, co. Lancaster.

EDMONSTONE, of Duntreath, co. Stirling.

20 May 1774.

Sir ARCHIBALD EDMONSTONE, Baronet, born 12 March 1795,
succeeded his father, sir Charles, 1 April 1821 ; married, 10 Oct. 1832,
Emma, da. of Randle Wilbraham, of Rode Hall, co. Chester, esq., niece of

lord Skelmersdale, and has issue, 1. a Da., 6. 17 July 1833 ; 2. a Da.,

b. IG Sept. 1834.

The family of Edmonstove originated
about the latter end of the 11th century.
Margaret, da. of Edgar Atheling, previous
to her marriage with king Malcolm Can-
more, A.D. 1070, was attended to Scotland
by (among several other foreigners, who
afterwards rose to distinction) Edmundus,
supposed to be a younger son of the counts
Egmont of Flanders. This person had a
grant of land in the county of Edinburgh,
to which he gave his name ; and as sur-
names began at this period to be generally
adopted, those lands called Edmundestoun
thus became the distinctive appellation of
the family.

Sir John Edmonstone, of Edmonstone,
appears to have been a person of great
possessions and considerable importance in
the reigns of king David II. and his suc-
cessors ; and his son of the same name was
employed during the reigns of Robert III.
and James I. as a joint commissioner on
three different occasions for arranging a
truce with England, 1407, &c. Sir John
m. the princess Isabel Stewart, da. of king
Robert II., and widow of James, earl of
Douglas and Marr, who was killed at the
battle of Otterburn. By this lady he had
two sons, 1. sir David, who succeeded
him; 2. Sir William Edmonstone, of Cul-
loden, and first of the family of Duntreath.
Sir David left two sons, of whom sir James,
the eldest, rf. without issue male, and
John, the younger, carried on the branch
of the Edmonstones of Ednam, who be-
came the chief of the family, and are but
lately extinct.

Sir William Edmonstone, of Culloden,
»!. his first cousin, the princess Mary Stew-
art, da. of king Robert III. This lady had
been three times previously married : 1st,
to George, earl of Angus, ancestor of the
Douglas family ; 2dly, to sir James Ken-
nedy, of Dunure, from whom the marquis
of Ailsa descends; 3dly, to sir William
Graham, of Kincardine, the immediate an-
cestor of the dukes of Montrose ; and 4thly,
" being still a young woman," to sir Wil-
liam Edmonstone, of Culloden, from which
marriage the present family are immediately
descended. King James II. conferred a
grant of the lands and barony of Duntreath
to sir William Edmonstone and the countess

of Angus, by a charter dated 1452. This,
which had been previously part of the for-
feited estate of the earls of Lennox, has ever
since remained the chief seat of the family.
Archibald Edmonstone, of Duntreath,
8th in descent from the above-mentioned
sir William, m., 1st, the hon. Anne Ers-
kine, da. of David, 3d lord Cardross, an-
cestor of the present earl of Buchan, by
whom he had one da. ; and 2dly, Anne,
da. of the hon. John Campbell, of Mam-
more, (second son to the unfortunate earl of
Argyll, who was beheaded 1085,) and sister
to John, 4th duke of Argyll, by whom he
had issue,

1. Sir Archibald, 1st bart,

2. John-Campbell, lieutenant-governor

of Dumbarton Castle, m. a da. of

Alexander, esq., merchant, and had 4 sons,
all d. ; and 6 das.

3. Charles, in the army, m., but d. with-
out issue.

4. 5. Two Das.

L Sir ARCHIBALD, the eldest son, was
created a baronet, 20 May 1774 ; 6. 10 Oct.
1717, m., 1st, Susanna-Mary, only da. of
Roger Herenc, esq., and sister of Benjamin
Herenc, of Foots Cray Place, co. Kent,
esq., by whom he had issue,

1. Archibald, a lieutenant 1st regiment
of foot-guards, rf. July 1780.

2. William-Archibald, d. at Calcutta,
Sept. 1803, unm.

3. Sir Charles, 2d bart.

4. George, in holy orders.

5. Neil-Benjamin, sometime one of the
members of the supreme council in Bengal,
m. miss Charlotte Frele, and had issue,

1. William-Archibald.

2. Neil-Benjamin, resident at Rajpoo-
tana, in the East Indies.

3. Charles-Welland.

4. George; 5. James.

6. Charlotte-Anne.

7. Henrietta-Dashwood.

8. Susanna; 9. Louisa-Macleod.

10. Anne-Craigie.

11. Alicia-Augusta.

6. Susanna-Margaret, w., Feb. 1777,
James Treco thick, of Addington Place, co.
Surrey, esq.

7. Anne -Mary, m. Henry Read, of
Crowood, CO. Wilts, esq,, a major-general in



the army, and d. in 1791.

8. Sarah, d. youiiff.
Sir Archibald >«., 2dly, Hester, da. of sir
Gilbert Heathcote, of Normanton, co. Rut-
land, bart., by whom (who d. 1796) he had
no issue. Sir Archibald sat in parliament
twenty-five years for co. Dumbarton and
the Irvine district of boroughs, and dying
July 1807, was succeeded by his eldest son,

II. Sir CHARLES, b. 9 Oct. 1764, w., 1st,
June 1794, Emma, 5th da. of Richard-Wil-
braham Bootle, of Lathom House, co.
Lancaster, esq., and by her (who d. Nov.
1797) he had issue,

1. Sir Archibald, present bart.

2. Mary-Emma.

Sir Charles »w., 2dly, 4 Dec. 1804, Louisa
Hotham, youngest da. of Beaumont, 2d
lord Hotham, and had issue.

3. William, b. 29 Jan. 1810.

4. Charles-Henry, 6. 30 Oct. 1812.

5. LoufSA-HENRiETTA, b. 12 July 1807,
wi., 15 Dec. 1829, John Kingston, of Clair-
mont, in Demerara, esq.

6. Amelia-Frances, b. 9 May 1814.

7. George, b. 29 Jan. 1816.

8. Frederick-Neil, 6. 9 Sept. 1818.

Sir Charles d. 1 April 1821, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

III. Sir ARCHIBALD, present bart.

Anns — See Plate 20. Or, three crescents,
within a double tressure, flory, counterflory,

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet, a swan's
head and neck, proper.

Supporters — Two lions rampant, gules.

Motto — Virtus auget honorem.

Seat — At Duntreath, co. Stirling,

HANMER, of Hanmer, co. Flint.

21 May 1774.

Sir JOHN HANMER, Baronet, M.P.for Shrewsbury ; born Dec. 1809,
succeeded his grandfather, sir Thomas, 4 Oct. 1828 ; married, 3 Sept. 1833,
Georgiana, youngest da. of sir George Chetsvynd, hart.

This family is of great antiquity in the
county of Flint, being descended from sir
John Hanmer, of Hanmer, knt., who
was constable of Carnarvon Castle under
king Edward I. His great-grandson, sir
Jenkin Hanmer, joined Owen Glendower
(who had married his sister, Margaret) in
his rebellion against king Henry IV., and
was slain at the battle of Shrewsbury, 1403.
He was twice married: by his 1st wife,
Margaret, da. of David ap Blethyn Vychan,
he had a son, Griffith, who continued the
elder line of the family ; and by his 2d wife,
Eva, da. and h. of David ap Grono ap Jer-
worth, he had, besides other issue, a son,
Edward, who settled at the Fennes, in the
parish of Hanmer, and was ancestor of the
present bart.

Sir John Hanmer, of Hanmer, 6th in
descent from Griffith, eldest son of sir Jen-
kin, was created a bart. 8 July 1620, and
dying 1624, was succeeded by his son.

Sir Thomas, who left two sons, 1, sir
John, 3d bart., who d. without issue:
2. William, who was father of sir Thomas,
4th and last bart. of this line of the family.
This last sir Thomas was member for the
county of Suffolk in five parliajuents, and
speaker of the house of commons in the
parliament which met 1714. He was twice
m., but d, without issue, 1746, when the
family of Hanmer, of Hanmer, became ex-
tinct; but sir Thomas executed a settle-
ment, 1733, by which the estate was secured
to his kinsman, Thomas Hanmer, then
head of the family of I laimier of the Fennes,
and his heirs, and thus nearly the whole
estate of sir Jenkin Hanmer, wliich had
been divided for more than three cen-
turies, was re-united.

Thomas Hanmer, of the t'ennes, esq.,
10th in descent from sir Jenkin, d. 1701,
having m. .lane, da, of sir Job Charlton, of
Ludford, co. Hereford, bart., and leaving
issue two surviving sons, 1. WilUinn ; 2.
Job, who Hi. Susanna, da. and h. of Thomas
Walden, of Simpson Place, co. Bucks, esq.,
and was father of sir Walden, 1st bart. of
this line.

William Hanmer, eldest son of Tho-
mas, d. 1724, leaving three sons and three
das.: the sons were, \. Thomas, mentioned
above as party to the settlement of 1733, m..

but d. without issue, 1773 » 2. William, suc-
ceeded to the Hanmer estate on the death
of sir Thomas, 1746, but d. without male
issue ; 3. Humphry, succeeded his brother
William, m., but d. without issue, April
1775. when the estates devolved, pursuant
to the settlement of 1733, upon his cousin,

I. Sir WALDEN, (only son and h. of
Job above mentioned,) who was of Lincoln's
Inn, and called to the bar about 1745. He
sat for two parliaments as burgess for Sud-
bury, and was created a bart., 21 May 1774.
He m. Anne, youngest da. and co-h. of
Henry-Yere Graham, esq., and by her (who
d. Feb. 1778) had issue,

1. Sir Thomas, 2d bart.

2. Job, capt. R.N., d. April 1814, having
m. Maria, da. of John Syer, esq., leaving

1. William-Walden, d. 4 Feb. 1823.

2. Job, captain R.N., m., 13 May 1823.
Harriett, youngest da. of the late Thomas
Dawson, of Edwardstone Hall, co. Suf-
folk, esq., (who d. 10 Oct. 1831).

3. A Da., m., 1st, Waring, esq.,

of Edwardstone Grove, co. Suffolk; and,
2dly, 11 May 1826, William Fowke, of
Chelsworth, in the same county, esq.

3. Graham, in holy orders, rector of
Sympson, co. Bucks, and vicar of Hanmer,
m. Elizabeth, da of John Child, clerk, and
had issue.

4. Edward, a barrister-at-Iaw, m. Ara-
bella, da. of Thomas Pennant, esq., d. July

5. Walden-Henrv, sometime one of the
six clerks in Chancery.

6. Anne-Eleanoi'.a, ih. the rev. George

Sir Walden d. 1783, aixl was succeeded
by his eldest son and heir,

II. Sir THOMAS, steward of his ma-
jesty's lordship of Englefield, co. Flint; w.>,
1779, Margaret, eldest da. and co-h. of
George Kcnyou, of Peel, co. Lancaster, esq.,
cousin-gernian of Lloyxl, lord Kenyon, by
whom (who d. 6 Nov. 1830) he had issue,

1. Thomas, b. 1781, m., 14 July 1808,
ArabcUa-C'harlotte, eldest da. and co-h. of
the late Thomas-Skipp-Dyott Bucknall, of
Hampton Court, co. Middlesex, esq., d.
5 Nov. 1818, leaving issue,
1. Sir John, 3d bart.



2. Wyndham-Edward ; 3. Charlotte.

4. Thomas; 5. Margaret; 6. Maria, d.
7. Henry ; 8. Caroline.

2. Job-Walden, barrister-at-law, of Lin-
coln's Inn, esq.

3. John, in holy orders, m., 1816, Catha-
rine, da. of sir Thomas Whichcote, bart.,
and has issue,

1. Anthony-John; 2. Francis.

3. Humphry.

4. Sophia; 5. Catherine; 6. Frances.

4. GEORGE-ED\rARD, in holy orders.

5. Henry, lieut.-col. in the army, and
major in the royal horse-guards (blue), nu,
1815, Sarah, da. of sir Morris Ximenes, knt.

6. William, of the Inner Temple, bar-
rister-at-law, m., 7 Feb. 1820, Euphemia-
Maria, only da. of John Forbes, of Bodnod,

CO. Denbigh, esq., and has issue,

1. William; 2. Thomas; 3. John.

4. Euphemia.

5. Margaret; G.Charlotte.
7. A Son, b. 6 Aug. 1829.

7. Margaret-Emma, 6. 1785, m., 1 Feb.
1803, the right hon. George, lord Kenyon,
d. 24 Feb. 1815.

Sir Thomas rf. 4 Oct. 1828, and was suc-
ceeded by his grandson,

III. Sir JOHN, present bart.

Aims— See Plate 20. Argent, two lions
passant, guardant, azure.

Crest— On a chapeau, azure, turned up,
ermine, a lion guardant, sejant, argent.

Motto — Gardez Vlwnneui:

Seafc— Hanmer Hall and Bettisfield Park,
EUesmere, both co. Flint.

LEMON, of Carclew, co. Cornwall.
24 May 1774.

Sir CHARLES LEMON, Baronet, M.P. for the Western Division of
Cornwall, succeeded his father, sir William, 11 Dec. 1824; born 3 Sept.
1784; married^ 5 Dec. 1810, Charlotte, youngest da. of Henry-Thomas,

2d earl of Ilchester, and by her (who d. 27 May 1826) had issue, 1.

Charles-William, h. 4 Nov. 1811, d. 23 Nov. 1812; 2. Charles-
William, i. 10 May 1813, drowned at Harrow School, 18 April 1826;
3. Charlotte-Augusta-Caroline, b. 10 Jan. 1816, d. 20 3Jay


William Lemon, esq., of Carclew, an-
cestor of this family, had very extensive
mining and commercial concerns, co. Corn-
wall. His son,

William, m. Anne, da. of John Wil-
liams, of Carnanton, co. Cornwall, esq., by
Anne, only da. of John Oliver, of Falmouth,
esq., by whom he had issue, 1. sir Wil-
liam, 1st bart. ; 2. a da., who d. young ;
3. Anne, m. John Buller, of Morval, co.
Cornwall, esq.; 4. John, col. of the Corn-
wall and Devon miners, who was formerly
in parliament for Westloo and Saltash, but
after the year 1796 represented the borough
of Truro ; d. April 1814.

I. Sir WILLIAM, eldest son, was created
a bart. 24 May 1774. He served in parlia-
ment for Penrhyn, from Dec. 1769 to 1/74,
and at the general election, 177-1, he was re-
turned for CO. Cornwall, which he repre-
sented till his death. He m. Jane, eldest da.
of James Buller, of ?tIorval, co. Cornwall,
esq., (by Jane, da. of Allen, 1st earl Ba-
thurst,) by whom (who d. 16 June 1823) he
had issue,

1. Anne, m., 6 Sept. 1796, sir John
Davie, bart.

2. ;Maria, m., 24 June 1807, Francis

Jodrell, of Henbury, co. Chester, esq.

3. William, b. 1774, d. March 1799.

4. Louisa, in., 22 April 1802, lieut.-co].
George-Hart Dyke, of the guards, 3d son
of sir John Dyke, bart.

5. Harriet, »j., 13 July 1824, Francis,
lord de Dunstanville.

6. John, b. 1779, d. young.

7. Emma, in.

8. Frances.

9. Isabella-Jane, ni., 4 Feb. 1805, An-
thony Buller, esq., (who was knighted,
181(), on being appointed a judge in Bengal,)
and d. 1823.

10. Sir Charles, present bart.

11. Tryphena-Octavia, d. young.

12. Caroline-Matilda, m., 11 Jan.
1813, John-Hearle Tremayne, esq.

Sir William d. 11 Dec. 1824, and was suc-
ceeded by his only son,

11. Sir CHARLES, present bart.

Arms— See Plate 20. Argent, on a chev-
ron, between three mullets, gules, an eagle
displayed, or.

Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a lion
passant, gules, the body charged with three
mullets in fesse, or.

Se«?— Carclew, co. Cornwall.

BLAKE, of TwisEL Castle, co. Durham.

25 May 1774.

Sir FRANCIS BLAKE, Baronet, succeeded his father, sir Francis, 22
IMay 1818 ; married Jane, da. of mr. William Neale, which lady d. 3 April

Robert Blake, esq., a native of Ireland,
(descended from Richard Blake, who went
over to that country with king John,) m.
Sarah, da. and co-h. of sir Francis Blake, of
Ford Castle, co. Northumberland, knt., and
by her had issue, 1. Eleanor, m. Alexander
CoUingwood, of Unthank, co, Northumber-

land ; 2. Anne, m. William Stowe, of Ber-
wick-upon-Tweed; 3. Elizabeth, m. Stan-
wix Nevinson, of Newby Stones, co. W^est-
moreland, esq. ; 4. a son,

I. Sir FRANCIS BLAKE, created a
bart. 25 May 1774, took a very active part in
support of government during the rebellion,




1745. He tn. Isabel, da. and co-h. of Samuel
Ayton, of West Harrick, co. Durham, esq.,
by whom he had issue,

1. Robert, d, 25 Jan. 1754.

2. Sarah, m. Christopher Reid, of Chip-
chase Castle, CO. Northumberland, esq.

3. Isabella, d. unm.

4. Sir Francis, 2d bart.
5»^ Sarah; 6. William.

7. Eleanor-Ann; who all rf. infants.
Sir Francis d. 30 March 1780, and was suc-
ceeded by his only surviving son,

II. Sir FRANCIS, m. Elizabeth, only da.
of Alexander Douglas, esq., late of the
British settlement at Bussorah, in Persia,
by whom (who d. 23 March 1827) he had

1. Elizabeth.

2. Sir Francis, present bart.

3. Robert-Dudley, lieut.-gen. in the

4. Isabella ; 5. Sarah.

6. William.

7. Eleanor, m., 23 Feb. 1805, Bethell-
Earnshaw Stag, of Holmforth, co. York,

Sir Francis d. 22 May 1818, and was suc-
ceeded by his only son,

III. Sir FRANCIS, present bart.

Ai-ms—'^ee Plate 20. Argent, a chevron,
between three garbs, sable, on a canton,
azure, a fret, or.

Crest — On a chapeau, a martlet, argent,
charged in the breast with a fret, gules.

Seats — Twisel f!astle, Durham and Fow-
berry Tower, co. Northumberland.

FOLKES, of HiLLiNGTON, CO. Norfolk.
26 May I774.

for the western division of Norfolk, born 30 Aug. 1786, succeeded his
father, sir Martin-Browne, II Dec. 1821 ; married^ at Florence, 21 April
1818, Charlotte, youngest da. of Dominick-Geffry Browne, of Castle
M'Garrett, Ireland, esq., and has issue, 1. MARTIN-WILLIAM, b.

16 Jan. 1819;



^. William-John,
Dec. 1823; 4

b. 13 Jan. 1820;-


■Howe, 6. 16 Feb. 1834.

3. Henry-
Margaret-Charlotte, b. 2 July

Martin Folkes, esq., was a barrister-at-
law, and afterwards attorney-general temp.
queen Anne. He had a son, Martin, whose

Martin Folkes, esq., barrister-at-law,
m. Dorothy, 2d da. and co-h. of sir William
Hovel, knt., by whom he had issue,

1. Martin, m. , and had issue,

1. Martin, who d. young.

2. Dorothy, m. William Richton, esq.

3. Lucretia, m. sir William Bettenson,

2. William, father of the 1st bart.

3. Henry, who had issue,

1. Henry, d. without issue.

2. Lucretia-Elizabeth, m. Griffith Phi-
lips, esq.

4. Elizabeth, m. Thomas Payne, esq.
William, 2d son of Martin Folkes, m.,

1st, Ursula, da. of Samuel Taylor, esq., by
whom he had issue,

1. Ursula, m. admiral John Macbride.

2. Dorothy, m. Edmund Rolfe, of Hen-
cham, CO. Norfolk, esq.

3. Mary, m. John-Balchen West, esq.

4. Elizabeth, m. Maximilian Western,
of Colnethorpe Park, co. Oxon, esq.

He m., 2dly, Mary, only da. of sir William
Browne, M.D., by whom he had.

created a bart. 26 May 1774, m., 28 Dec. I777,
Fanny, da. and co-h. of sir John Tumor, of
Warham, co. Norfolk, bart. ; and by her
(who rf. 30 Nov. 1813) had issue,

1. Martin-William-Brownb, d. with-
out issue 1798.

2. Fanny-Mary, >h.. May 1802, Gilbert-
Harvey West, esq., d. 23 April 1813.

3. Anna-Martina.

4. William; 5. Henry; both d. young.

6. Caroline, d. young.

7. Sir William-John-Hbnry-Browne,
present bart.

8. Lucretia-Georgiana, m., 26 Aug.
1822, sir Edward West, recorder of Bombay;
both d. at Bombay, Oct. 1828.

Sir Martin Browne d. 11 Dec. 1821, and
was succeeded by his only surviving son,

BROWNE, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 20. Per pale, vert, and
gules, a fleur-de-lis, ermine.

Crest — A dexter arm, embowed, habite<l
per pale, vert, and gules, cuffed, ermine,
holding in the hand, proper, a spear, of the

Motto — Qui sera sera — Prindpiis obsta.

Seat—At Hillington, co. Norfolk.

GIBBES, of Spring Head, Barbadoes.
30 May I774.

Sir SAMUEL - OSBORNE GIBBES, Baronet, succeeded his grand-
father, sir Philip, 1816; married., 28 Sept. 1825, IVIargaret, da. of Henry
Moore, of Cremorgan, Queen's County, Ireland, deceased, and grand niece

of the earl of Clonmel, and has issue, PHILIP-OSBORNE, b. 24

Aug. 1826.



This family is originally of Somerset-
shire. William Gibbes, of Bedminster,
in that county, d. 1003; his second son,
Henrv, was of Bristol, esq. ; m. Anne, da.
of Thomas Packer, of Cheltenham, (cousin
to sir Thomas White, founder of St. John's
College, Oxford, ) and d. 1636, having had
issue, 1. William, m. and d. about 1634,
leaving issue ; 2. He»r^, of Bristol, esq., d.
1667; 3. Philip, settled in St. James's, in
the island of Barbadoes, and d. 1648, leaving
a son, Philip, who d. in July 1697, having
m. twice. By his first wife he had 3 das. ;

by his 2d, Willoughby, da. of Yeamans,

esq., and widow of Smith, esq., he had

issue, 1. Philip; 2. Yeamans; 3. John; and
four das.

Philip, eldest son and heir of Philip, d.
6 Oct. 1726, leaving by Elizabeth, his wife,
da. and h. of Samuel Irish, esq., 3 sons;
1. Philip; 2. Samuel; S.John; and 3 das.

Philip, eldest son and h. of the said
Philip and Elizabeth, held several of the
most considerable situations in the island of
Barbadoes. Fie d. in Dec. 1763, having had
by Elizabeth, his wife, da. of John Harris,
esq., 1. sir Philip, 1st bart. ; 2. Reynold;
3. William ; 4. William, d. infants ; 5. Mary.

I. Sir PHILIP, eldest son, was created a
bart. 30 May 1774, m., 1 Feb. 1753, Agnes,
da. and h. of Samuel Osborne, of Barbadoes,
esq., and by her (who d. 5 Jan. 1013) had

1. Philip, m., 19 March 1807» Maria, 3d
da. of Robert Knipe, of New Lodge, near
Berkhamstead, esq., andd. 14 Dec. 1812.

2. Sabil'el-Osborne, m. miss Bishop, of
Exeter, and d. in Grenada, Jan. 1807, leaving
issue by her (who d. 30 Aug. 1804) sir Sa-
muel Osborne, present bart.

3. Elizabeth, w., 29 Dec. 1796, the right
hon. Charles Abbot, created baron Colches-
ter. ( See DeWetfs Peerage. )

4. Agnes.

Sir Philip d. 1816, and was succeeded by
his grandson,


Arms — See Plate 20. Per fess, argent and
ermine, three battle-axes, sable.

Crest — An arm embowed in armour, gar-
nished, or, and charged with a cross, couped,
gules ; in the hand proper, a battle-axe, as
in the arms.

Motto — Tenax propositi.

RAYMOND, (now BURRELL,) of Valextine House, co, Essex.

31 May 1774.

Sir CHARLES-MERRIK BURRELL, Baronet, succeeded his father,
sir William, 170G; M.P. for New Shoreham ; married to Frances, eldest

natural da. of the earl of Egremont, by whom he has 1. Charles-

"VVyndham, d. 11 July 1827 ; 2. Percy; 3. Walter; 4.


This family is said to have been originally
of Northumberland; but Randolphus Bur-

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