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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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1792, Anne, da. and h. of Jaines-Paul Smith,

of New Bond Street, esq., and by her (who

rf. 14 July UIOH) had issue,

1. William-Henry, d. 18 Nov. 1793.

2. Mariannk, b. 27 July 1794, ?»*., Nov.
1812, I<rancis- Mallet Spoiig, esq.

3. Jamks, d. 5 Feb. 1«0(».

4. Sir Frkdkrick, 3d bart.

5. Caroline, b. lo Jan. lilol, m., 11 July
1821, Hyde Parker, esc)., capt. R.N.

(>. Sir William, jircsent bart.
7. n()m:uT, ?;. 2 Sept. 1804, ?»., 27 Sept.
1827, Emma, 3d da. of sir James-Allan Park,



one of the judges of the court of common

8. George-Morton, 6. 10 May 1806, in
the army.

9. Charles, 6.3 July 1808, m., 17 Aug.
1829, Emma, 2d da. of sir Robert Williams,
of Fryars, co. Anglesey, bart.

Sir Frederick d. 14 Nov. 1809, and was
succeeded by his eldest surviving son,

III. Sir FREDERICK, ensign 85th foot,
killed in action at New Orleans, North

America, 24 Dec. 1814, and was succeeded
by his next brother,

IV. Sir WILLIAM, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 21. Gules, on a chevron,
between three garbs, or, banded, vert; as
many escallop shells, sable, and a crescent
for difference.

Crest — A dexter arm, embowed, in ar-
mour, proper, the hand grasping a garb,
as in the arms.

Seat — TruLr, co. Durham.

DOUGLAS, of Carr, co. Perth.

23 Jan. 1777-

Sir HOWARD DOUGLAS, Baronet, K.S.C. and C.B., F.R.S., Major-
General in the Army, and late Groom of the Bedchamber to H.R.H. the
duke of Gloucester, Commissioner of the Royal Military College, succeeded
his brother, sir WilHam-Henry, 23 May 1809 ; married, 1709, Anne, eldest

da. of James Dundas, esq., and has issue, 1. CHARLES ; 2. James-

DuNDAS ; 3. Howard, d. 11 Aug. 1820; 4. Robert-Percy;

-5. Willia3i-Frederick ; and four Das.

This family is a branch of the noble
family of Morton. The following is the
descent : sir Archibald Douglas, knt., first
of Kirkness, 2d son of William Douglas, of
Lochleven, 6th earl of Morton; 2. Archi-
bald, eldest son of sir George ; 3. sir Wil-
liam Douglas, knt., only son of Archibald,
killed at the battle of Dunbar 1650 ; 4. Wil-
liam, of Kirkness, (eldest son of sir William,)
who left issue, sir Robert, of Kirkness ;
and William, of Kinglassie: sir Robert
had 2 sons, William arid Robert, both of
whom d. without male issue; 5. William,
of Kinglassie; 6. Charles, of Kinglassie,
eldest son of William; 7- Charles, 1st
bart., 3d son of Charles, of Kinglassie.
From the 1st and 2d sons there is no male
issue, so that the present baronet is the
representative of this branch of the family
of Morton.

I. Sir CHARLES, was created a bart.
for his distinguished services in the com-
mand of the squadron which forced its way
up the river St. Lawrence, at an unusually
early period of the year, and relieved Que-

bec, then besieged by the Americans, 1776.
Sir Charles was capt. of the fleet in Rod-
ney's action with Count de Grasse 1782, and
afterwards commanded a squadron on the
coast of America: he /h. Jane, da. of John
Bailie, esq., and had issue,

1. Sir William-Henry, 2d bart.

2. Charles, d. in his elder brother's life-
time, s.p.

3. Sir Howard, present bart.

4. Lydia-Mariaxna ; 5. Anne-Irvine.
Sir Charles d. 10 March 1789, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

n. Sir WILLIAM -HENRY, vice-ad-
miral of the blue, who d. toim.23 May 1809,
and was succeeded by his brother,

III. Sir HOWARD, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 21. Argent, a man's
heart, ensigned with a regal crown, both
proper ; on a chief, azure, three mullets of
the first.

Crest — A wild boar between two clefts of
an oak tree, held together by a chain and
lock, all proper.

Motto — Lock sicker.

HERON, of Newark-upon-Trent, co. Nottingham.

25 Aug. 1778.

Sir ROBERT HERON, Baronet, M.P. for Peterborough, born 27 Nov.
1765, succeeded his uncle, sir Richard, in Jan. 1805 ; married, 9 Jan. 1792,
Amelia, da. of sir Horace Mann, bart., by Lucy, da. of Baptist Noel, earl
of Gainsborough.

The names of Herioun and Hern are in
the Battle Abbey Roll, " of such noblemen
and gentlemen of marque, as came into
England with the duke of Normandy."

The duke not having fully reducedNorth-
umberland, Henry I., his son, to effect the
reduction, and create a barrier against Scot-
land, divided Northumberland into feudal
baronies, one of which, the Barony of
Heron, whereof Haddeston, was the head,
he granted, in 1100, to the ancestor of sir
Richard. In 1296 it descended to Emeline,
the heiress-general of William, lord Heron,
her grandfather. She m. John, lord Darcy ;

and in 1536, the baronies of Dff>c?/ and Heron
were forfeited by the attainder of their de-
scendant, Thomas, lord Darcy.

Upon the descent of Haddeston to Eme-
line Heron, Ford Castle became the chief
seat of this family, which divided into many
branches; particularly those of Ford Castle,
Bokenfield, Chipchase, Applynden, Cres-
sy, and Newark, several of whom had
summons to parliament in temp. Edw, III.,
Rich. II., and Hen. IV. Camden, in his
"Britannia," calls this bellicosa et clarafa-
milia Heronorum. It is one of the 270 most
ancient and noble families of England (the



barons by tenure,) of which there remained
only twenty-four male branches in 1675,
wtien Dugclale published his History of the
Feudal Barons. Some of the branches at
length failed for want of male heirs, and
others united again the ancestors of the
baronet. The pedigree is curiously pre-
served through all the branches, and it ap-
pears that in 1682, on the death of John,
tlie last Heron of Bokenfield, without
issue male,

Robert Heron, of Newark, his first cou-
sin, became chief of the family. He m.
Mary Hobman, of Newark, co. Notts,
and d. 16 May 17o0; John Heron, his son,
m, Jane, da. of Richard Crayle, of Newark,
and d. 10 Dec. 1727j leaving an only sur-
viving son,

Robert Heron, sometime town-clerk,
and afterwards recorder of Newark, tn. Eli-
zabeth, da. of Thomas Brecknock, of
Thorney Abbey, and*/. 10 Aug. 1753, having
had issue four sons, viz., 1. Jufm, recorder
of Newark, d. at Paris, 8 Sept. 1753, having
m. Margaret, da. of John Green, esq., of
Sutton-on-Sound, and leaving issue, 2 das.,
both m. ; 2. Thomas, of Chilham Castle, co.
Kent, recorder of Newark, m., 1st, Anne,
da. of sir Edward Wilmot, bart., physician

to the king, by whom he had issue, sir
Robert, 2d bart., and two das., Anne and
Elizabeth : he m., 2dly, miss Sawbridge, of
the CO. Kent ; 3. Robert, in holy orders, m.
Anne Pechell, and d. 19 Jan. 1813, without
issue ; and 4.

I. The right hon. sir RICHARD HERON,
created a baronet, 25 Aug. 1778. with re-
mainder to the issue male of his brother,
Thomas Heron, of Chilham Castle, co. Kent,
esq., youngest son of Robert Heron, of
Newark. He was sworn a privy-counsellor
of Ireland in 1777. and held the office of
chief secretary nearly four years under the
viceroyalty of John, 2d earl of Bucking-
hamshire. Sir Richard m. Jane, da. and
co-h. of Abraham Hall, M.D.. and relict of
Stephen Thomson, esq., and by her (who
d. 6 Oct. 1814) had no issue; and d. Jan.
1805, was succeeded by his nephew,

II. Sir ROBERT, present bart.
^/•m.s— See Plate 21. Quarterly: 1st and

4th, azure three herons, two and one, ar-
gent ; 2d and 3d, gules, a chevron between
three herons, argent.

Crests — 1st, a heron statant proper ; 2d, out
of a ducal coronet, or, a heron's head proper.

Motto — Ardua petit ardea.

Seat— At Stubton Hall, co. Lincoln.

WOMBWELL, of Wombwell, co. York.

26 Aug. 1778.

Sir GEORGE WOMBWELL, Baronet, born 4 March 1769, succeeded
his father, sir George, 2 Nov. 1780 ; married, 19 July 1791, Anne-Belasyse,
da. of Henry, 5th viscount and 2d earl Fauconberg, (by Charlotte, sister
of Peniston-Lamb, viscount Melbourne,) and by her (who d. 7 July 1808)

he has issue, 1. GEORGE, b. 13 April 1792, w., 23 June 1824, Geor-

giana, youngest da. of Orby Hunter, of Crowland Abbey, co. Lincoln, esq. ;
2. Henry-Walter, b. 24 May 1795 ; 3. Frederick-Richard-
Henry, b. 13 April 1797, d. 24 Aug. 1807. Sir George m. a second lady,
by whom he also has had issue, of whom Alfred-D'Arcy, b. 20 Nov.
1829, d. 31 Dec. 1834.

2. Anne, b. 25 March 1750, m. John
Straehey, LL.D., F.S.A., chaplain to the
king, rector of Erpingham and Thwaite,
CO. Norfolk, and archdeacon of Suffolk.

2. William, b. July 1705, d. unm. about

3. Roger, father of the 1st bart.

4. Thomas, 6.4 Jan. 1709, an attorney at
Leeds, d. 1740.

Roger, 3d son of John, b. 31 May 1708,
lived at Barnsley, d. at sea, on a voyage to
Gibraltar, 174(1; m. Mary, da. of J. Chad-
wick, by wliom he had issue,

1. Sir George, 1st bart.

2.. John, b. Jan. 1737, some time a mer-
chant at Alicant. in Spain, but residing in
London 1788; m., 1st, 24 Oct. 1783, Eliza-
beth, eldest da. of Joshua Grigsbv, esq,,
knight of the shire for Suffolk, by whom he
had no issue ; and 2dly, Frances, da. of
Richard Baker, escj., merchant in London,
by whom (who d. 28 Dec. \WJ) he had a da.
Frances, h. 7 Fel). 17H7.

3. Dorothy, d. an infant.

I. Sir (;E0R(;E, the eldest son of Roger,
was a director and chairman of the East
India Company ; M.P. in 177-1 and 178O for
Huntingdon, ;uid was raised to tlie dignity
of a baronet, 2() Aug. 1778; nt. Susannah,
only (la. of sir Thomas Rawlinson, knt.,
alderman of London, by whom (who rf. 2!)
Sept. 1816) he had issue,

1. Sir George, present bart.

2. Susannah, b. 24 March 1776, m. Ed-

The first of this family was Robert de
Wombwell, living in the 2d of king Stephen.
From him the pedigree is regularly brought
down, for seventeen generations, to

George Wombwell, of Leeds, attorney-
at-law, who rf. 17 May 1682. He m. Hannah,
da. of William Waugh, by whom he had
two sons; of whom John, the youngest,
was grandfather of the 1st bart., and Wil-
liam, the eldest, tn. Elizabeth, da. of sir
Michael Wentworth, knt., by whom he had

1. William, b. 1700, rf. 1733; m. Margaret,
da. of Sir Thomas Standish, bart., by whom
he had two das.

1. Margaret, w. Anthony St. Leger, esq.

2. Elizabeth, m. Charles Turner, esq.,
afterwards sir Charles Turner, bart.

2. George, vicar of Norton, co. Derby,
d. 175(1, imm.

3. MitHARL, an attorney at Wakefield,
killed by a fall from his horse, Feb. 1742,

John Womrwell, 2d son of George, was
6.1672, d. 21 Feb. 17.33; tn. Elizabeth, da.
of Richard Nottingham, by whom {who d.
1745) he had issue.

1. George, b. 2 Sept. 170I, a merchant in
London, and some time consul at Alicant,
in .Spain, rf. 8 Oct. 1763 ; ni. Anne, da. and
h. of John Nottingham, pent., by whom
(who rf. 2 May 1758) ne had issue,

1. John, b. 4 Aug. 1748, last male heir

of the elder branch of this family.



ward Roche, esq.

3. Caroline-Frances, b. 3 Oct. 1767, m.
Richard Clav, esq.

4. Em3ia,6. 7 Aug. 1770. d. 4 June 1775.
Sir George d. 2 Nov. 17B0, and was suc-
ceeded bv his only son,

II. Sir GEORGE, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 21. Gules, a bend, be-
tween six unicorns' heads, couped, argent.

Crest — An unicorn's head, couped, argent,
armed and crined, or.

Motto — III ivell beware.

Seat — At Wombwell, co. York.

COPLEY, of Sprotborough, co. York.

28 Aug. 1778.

Sir JOSEPH COPLEY, Baronet, succeeded his brother, sir liionel, 11
April 1801 ; married, 23 May 1799, Cecil Hamilton, (to whom his majesty-
granted the precedence of an earl's daughter, 1789,) 8th da. of the hon.
and rev. George Hamilton, 4th son of James, 7th earl of Abercorn. Hei*
ladyship's marriage with her first cousin, John- James, marquess of Aber-
corn, K.G., was dissolved by act of parliament in 1798. By her (who d.

.19 June 1819) he had issue, 1. JOSEPH -WILLIAINi, b. 27 July

1804 ;-
another Da.

2. Maria, m., 9 Aug. 1832, Henry, viscount Howick ; 3.

The family of Coplei/ is of great antiquity
in the county of York. Sir William Cop-
ley, (2d son of John Copley, of Batley, co.
York,) m., circa 1528, Dorothy, da., and at
length co-h. of sir William Fitzwilliam,
knt., of the elder Une of earl Fitzwilliam's
family, and acquired with her the estate of
Sprotborough, which has ever since been
the residence of his descendants ; 4th in de-
scent from sir William was.

Sir Godfrey-Copley, of Sprotborough,
created a baronet, 17 June 1662, and left an
only son and successor,

Sir Godfrey, who d. 9 April 1709, lea^^ng
an only da. and h., Catherine, who m. Joseph
Moyle, esq., 2d son of sir Walter Moyle, of
Beke, co. Cornwall, knt., and had issue by

I. Sir JOSEPH, who was created a ba-
ronet as above ; succeeded to the estate of
Sprotborough on the death of Lionel Cop-
ley, a distant relation of sir Godfrey, m
176/6, pursuant to an entail made by the
said sir Godfrey, and took the name of Cop-
ley by act of parliament, 17t)7 ; m- Mary,
da. of John-Francis Buller, of Morval, co.
Cornwall, esq., and by her (whod. 10 March

1787) had issue,

1. Sir Lionel, 2d bart.

2. Sir Joseph, present bart.

3. Catharine, m., June 1777) John-
James, marquess of Abercorn, K.G., and d.
13 Sept. 1791 (vide Debrett's Peerage of the
United KitigdoniJ.

4. Juliana, ??i., 16 July 1789, sir Charles
Watson, of Fulmer, Bucks, bart., and d. 24
May 1834.

5. Anne, hj., 4 Nov. 1803, sir Thomas
Manners-Sutton, knt., created 20 April 1807.
baron Manners, of F"oston, co. Lincoln, and
lord high chancellor of Ireland 18U7, d. 5
Aug. 1814.

Sir Joseph d. 11 April 1781, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

II. Sir LIONEL, upon whose decea^,
nnm. 11 April 1801, the title devolved on his

III. Sir JOSEPH, present bart.
Arms— See Plate 21. Argent, a cross rao-

line, sable.

Crest— Out of a ducal coronet, or, a plume
of five ostrich feathers, argent.

&««— Sprotborough Hall, Doncaster, co.

COGHILL, of CoGHiLL Hall, co. York.
31 Aug. 1778.

Sir JOSIAH COGHILL, Baronet, Post Captain R.N., succeeded his
brother, sir John-Thomas, 21 May 1817, took the surname of Coghi/l only
by royal sign manual, 7 June 1817 ; married, 1st, 1812, miss Dobson, and
has issue a da. ; and 2dly, 27 Jan. 1819, Anna-Maria, eldest da. of Charles-
Kendal Bushe, esq., solicitor- general in Ireland, and has issue a da., b. 9
Dec. 1819.

John Cockhill, of Cockhill, gent., lived
at Knaresborough, co. York, in the reigns of
Richard II. and Henry IV., as appears by
ancient records remaining in the castle,
where the family continue to this day. The
7th in lineal descent from him was

John Coghill, D.C.L., a,tnaster in the high
court of Chancery in Ireland, and was
knighted 1G86; m. Hester, da. of Tobias
Cramer, sheriff of the city of Dublin, (son

of Balthazar Cramer, and grandson of To-
bias Cramer, or Kramer, of Lower Ger-
many, who commanded a regiment abroad,
and was made a free denizen of Ireland, 28
May 1639,) by whom he had, besides other
issue, two sons and one da, viz., Marma-
dwAre, who d. unm. 1/39; James, who left
an only da., Hesther, m., 1st, Charles
Moore, 1st earl of Charleville, iujlreland,
and, 2dly, major John Mayne, who took the



surname of Coghill by royal sign manual,
1779, and was created a baronet, 8 June
I78I, but d. s.p. : the da. of John Coghill
was Hesther, who m. Oliver Cramer, (son of
Balthazar Cramer, and grandson of Tobias
Cramer above named,) and by him had
issue two sons, Oliver, who m, and left
issue; and

Balthazar-John-Cramkr, tn, Judith,
only da. of Brinsley-Butler, 1st viscount
Lanesborough, of Ireland, by whom he had

1. Sir John, 1st bart.

2. Oliver, m. Jane HoUaid, and d. leav-
ing an only da., Jane.

3. Marmaduke.

4. Catherine, m. Ralph Smith, esq.

I. Sir JOHN COGHILL, assumed the
name of Coghill, pursuant to the will of his
great uncle, Marmaduke Coghill, esq., and
the desire of Hesthei, countess of Charle-
viUe, to whose estates he succeeded : created
a baronet 31 Aug. 1778, w. Maria, da. of
Josiah Hart, D.D., lord archbishop of
Tuam, and by her (who d. 14 Dec. 1815)
had issue,

1. Sir John, 2d bart.

2. Mary.

3. Judith, m. rev. W. F. Mitchell, rector
of St. Martin's by Looe, Cornwall, who d.
s.p. 1826.

4. Eliza, m., 10 Dec. 1812, the rev. N.
Hinde, of the co. Salop.

5. Frances.

6. Priscilla, m. Ottley, esq.

7. Sir Josiah, present bart.

8. Sophia, m., 1801, major Charles Doyle,
and has issue.

9. Theodosia.

Sir John d. March 1790, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

II. Sir JOHN, d. 21 May 1817, and was
succeeded by his brother,

III. Sir JOSIAH, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 22. Quarterly : 1st and
4th, gules on a chevron, argent, three pel-
lets, a chief sable, for Coghill ; 2d and 3d,
or, on a chief indented, azure, three fleurs-
de-lis, or, a canton, ermine, for Cramer.

Crest— On a mount, vert, a cock, with
wings expanded, or, ducally crowned, gules.

Motto — Non dormit qui custodit.

RIDDELL, of Ardnamurchan and Sun art, co. Argyll.

2 Sept. 1778.

Sir JAMES-MILLES RIDDELL, D.C.L., horn 3 June 1787, succeeded
his grandfather, sir Thomas, 1st bart., 1797 ; married, 22 March 1822,
Mary, da. of the late and sister to the present sir Richard Brooke, of Nor-
ton Priory, co. Chester, by whom he has issue, 1. THOMAS-MILLES,

b. 25 Dec. 1822; 2. Richard-Brooke, /a 6 April 1825; S.Mary-
Augusta, b. 5 April 1827-

Richard Bassett, justiciar of England,
temp. Hen. I., m. Matilda, da. and h. of
Geffry de Riddell, by whom he had several
sons. Geotlry, the eldest, assumed his mo-
ther's name of Riddell, m. to his 2d wife Si-
billa, sister of William Mauduit, lord of
Hanslop, and had issue by her, Hugh.
Douglas, in his Baronage of Scotland, art.
" Riddell of that ilk," derives the Riddells
of Scotland from a brother of Maud, wife
of Richard Basset, who, according to his
statement, surrendered his estates in Eng-
land to his sister, and established himself in
Scotland. Betham, in his Baronetage
(1806), on the other hand, derives this fa-
mily from tlie above-named Hugh, son of
Geffry de Riddell, by Sibilla Mauduit.
There does not appear, however, any sufh-
dent proof to establish either of these ac-
counts. The name of Riddell is undoubt-
edly of very great antiquity in Scotland,
but Nisbett, who gives proofs of its anti-
quity, does not say a word of its English
origm, and until the present family assumed
tJie arms of Geffry de Riddell as their pa-
ternal coat, the Riddells of Scotland bore
very different armorial ensigns, (viz., a chev-
ron between three stalks ot rye,) which are
used by the Iliddells of Riddell to this day.

The immediate ancestor of the present
bart. was

George Riddell, of Kinglass, who m.
Jane, da. of John Taylor or Tailzeour, and
left an only surviving son,

Gborge, also of Kinglass, m. Christiana,
da. of Andrew Paterson, and left a numerous
family, of whom the 3d son,

I. Sir JAMES, D.C.L., settled in Suffolk,
and was created a bart. as above, m., 1st,
Mary, da. and h. of Thomas Milles, esq., by
whom he had issue,

1. Thomas-Milles, m., 1/84, Margaret,
da. of Dugald Campbell, of Lochnell, co.
Argyll, and d. 17 July 179(5, leaving issue,

1. Sir James-Milles, 2d bart.

2. Christina-Drummond, 6. (JAug. 178(J.

3. Sarah-Burdon, b. 23 July 1791.

4. Campbell - Druinmond, b. 9 Jan.

2. George-James, capt. horse grenadier
guards, killed in a duel 23 April 1783.

Sir James w., 2dly, 1775, Sarah, da. and
h. of Thomas Burdon, esq., by whom (who
survived him, and d. 1817) he had no issue.
Herf. 2 Nov. 1797, and was succeeded by
his grandson,

II. Sir JAMES-MILLES, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 22. Or, three piles in
point, gules, surmounted by a bend,

Crest — A hand, issuing from a count of
France's coronet, liolding a baton, all pro-

Motto, over the crest — De Apulia.

Motto— Utile et dulre.

Seat — Ardnamurchan and Sunart, co.



HAWKINS, of Kelston", co. Somerset.
3 Sept. 1778.

Sir JOHN-CESAR HAWKINS, Baronet, Ijorii 9 Feb. 1782; suc-
ceeded his brother, sir Caesar, 2 July 1793; married, 11 Aug. 1804, Char-
lotte, eldest da. of William Surtees, of Seaton-Burr, co. Northumberland,

esq., and has issue, 1. JOHN-C^ESAR, b. 2 Dec. 1805 ; 2. George-

C^SAR, b. 18 March 1807 ; 3. Elizabeth-Anne, b. 19 April 1808;

4. Henry-C.iesar, b. 19 May 1809; 5. Charles, b. 1 April

1810, d. March 1817 ; 6. a Son, b. April 1814 ; 7. a Son, b. July


I. Sir C.^SAR, 1st bart., so created as
above, was a member of the College of Sur-
geons, and serjeant-surgeon to the king,
and afterwards of Kelston, co. Somerset ;
nu miss Cox, by whom (who d. 17 April
1800) he had a numerous family. John,
his eldest son, a. before his father, 7 May
1785, having m., April 1779. Anne, eldest
dk. of Joseph Colbome, esq., by whom
(who d. 17 March 1823) he had sir C^sar,
who succeeded his grandfather ; sir John-
Cesar, 3d bart. ; George ; and a da., m..

Aug. 1780, George Thomhill, esq., and d.
1-2 Yeb. 1830. Sir Cssar d. 13 Feb. 1786, and
was succeeded by his grandson,

II. Sir CESAR, who d. 2 July 1793, and
was succeeded by his brother,

III. Sir JOHN-C-ESAR, present bart.
Anns — See Plate 22. Argent, on a saltire,

sable, five fleurs-de-lis, or.

Crest — On a mount, vert, a hind, lodged,

Seat — At Kelston, co. Somerset.

GUNNING, of El T ham, co. Kent.
23 Nov. 1778.

Sir ROBERT-HENRV GUNNING, Baronet, lorn 26 Dec. 1795, sue
ceeded his father, sir George- William, 7 April 1823, and is unmarried.

About the period of the Reformation
there were two branches of the Gunning
family, who had considerable property in
Kent, Somerset, and Gloucester. That in
Somerset and Gloucester terminated in
the person of Robert Gunning, of Cold
Aston, CO. Gloucester ; of that seated in
Kent was Peter Gunning, bishop of Ely,
who d. 1G84. From a branch of this latter
family is supposed to have descended,

Richard Gunning, who settled in Ire-
land in the reign of James I. ; he left 1 son,
John, who m. a da. of Edward Malone,
esq., and was seated in the county of Ros-
common, where he died possessed of a very
considerable estate. He left 2 sons, Bar-
naby and John. Bamaby was father of
John, who m., 11 Oct. 1731, the hon.
Bridget Bourke, da. of Theobald, (ith
viscount Mayo, by whom he had issue,
Mary, countess of Coventry, and Elizabeth,
duchess of Hamilton and Argyll, (the latter
of whom was created a peeress of Great
Britain in her own right,) and the late
major-general Gunning.

John, younger son of John, by miss Ma-
lone, w. Mary, da. of William Maron, co.
Dublin, esq., by whom he had 2 sons,
Robert and John, who d. unm.

Robert, the elder son, m. his cousin, Ca-
tharine, da. of Thos. Edwards, esq., and
dying in 1750, left 2 sons, sir Robert,
1st bart., and William, who, commanding
a company 2d regt. of foot, distinguished
himself very eminently at the taking of
Guadaloupe, where he fell. He m. in
North Britain, miss Christie, of Stirling,
by whom he left 2 das., Catharine, m. Wil-
liam Campbell, esq., and Margaret, m.
James Baird, esq.

I. Sir ROBERT GUNNING, was created
a bart. 23 Nov. 1778, G.C.B. ; ?»., 17G7,

Anne, da. of Robert Sutton, of Scofton, co.
Lincoln, esq., and had issue,

1. Charlotte, h. 5 Jan. 1759, several
years maid of honour to the queen, m., 3
Jan. 179(», the hon. Stephen Digby, brother
of Henry, 1st earl Digby, and d. May

2. Sir George-William, 2d bart.

3. Barbara-Evelyn-Isabella, 6.1766,
m., 15 Oct. 1795, major-general Ross.

Sir Robert d. 22 Sept. 1816, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

II. Sir GEORGE-WILLIAM, b. 15 Feb.
1763, m., Feb. 1794, Elizabeth, da. of sir
Henry Bridgeman, 1st lord Bradford, by
whom (who d. 5 May 1810) he had issue,

1. Robert-Henry, present bart.

2. George-Orlando, 6. 18 Dec. 1796,
lieut. 10th hussars, killed at Waterloo.

3. Henby-John, b. 17 Dec. 1/97, rru, 7
Feb. 1827, Mary-Catherine, da, of William-
Ralph Cartwright, of Aynho, co. North-
ampton, esq., ^I.P. for that co., and has

George-William, b. 10 Aug. 1828.

4. Orlando-George-Sutton, b. 12 May
1799, capt. R.N., nu, 22 June 1830, Mary-
Dora, 4th da. of admiral sir Michael Sey-
mour, bart., K.C.B., and has issue,

Mary, b. July 1831.

5. Spe.vcer-Greswold, b. 27 Oct. 1800.

6. John, b. 21 Dec. 1801, m. Jessie, da.

of the rev. Babington, and has issue,

three das.

7. Elizabeth, b. 27 Jan. 1803.

8. William-Octavius, b. 28 July 1804,
in the army.

Sir George-William d. 7 April 1823, and
was succeeded by his eldest son,

in. Sir ROBERT -HENRY, present

Arms— See Plate 22. Gules, on a fesse.



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