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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 49 of 95)
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sable, three escallops of the field.

Crest — A pair of wings addorsed, or.

Motto — Reason contents me.

Seat— At Netherby, co. CumberlaniL

DALLING, of BuRwooD Pauk, co. Surrey.

11 March 1783.

Sir WILLIAIM-WINDHAM DALLING, Baronet, succeeded his
father, sir John, Jan. 1798.

This family was originally of Norfolk.

John Balling, of Bungay, co. Siitlblk,
m., 17(>2, Anne, da. of col. William Wind-
ham, of Ersham-House, Norfolk, by whom
he had,

I. Sir JOHN, created a bart. as above,
governor of Jamaica, commander-in-chief in
the Carnatic, and col. ■'S7th regt. of foot ;
w., 1st, Elizabeth, da. of Phili)) Pinnoth,
esq., by whom he had no issue ; 2dly,
Louisa, da. of Excellcs Lawford, cs(j., and
by her (who d. 28 March 1824) had issue,

1. John-Windham ; 2. William.

X Charles-Lawford.
4. Jami's, all (/. young.
r>. Sir William-Windham, 2d bart.
(). RACHicL-LvwifORD, m. George Pea-
cock, esq., and d, 23 Feb. 1808.

7. EDU'Ain-LAWKORD, in the army.

8. Annk-Louisa, III., 20 June 1808, the
hon. gen. RolxMt Meade, 2d son of John,
earl of Clanwilliani.

9. John-Winoham, post-captain, R.N.
Sir Jolni d. .Jan. 1798, and was succeeded by
his eldest sou,





Arms — See Plate 23. Ermine, on a bend,
sable, three acorns, proper.

Crest— \ cubit arm, erect, holding a
branch of oak, fructed, proper.
Sea?— Earsharn House, Bungay, Suffolk.

SYKES, of Sledmere, co. York.

28 March 1783.

Sir TATTON SYKES, Baronet, succeeded his brother, sir Mark, 16
Feb. 1823; born 22 Aug. 1772 ; married, 22 Jan. 1822, 31ary-Anne, 2d da.
of the late and sister of the present sir William Foulis, bart., and has issue,

— — 1. Mary-Elizabeth, b. 12 Feb. 1823; 2. Katharine-Lucy,

b. 12 Nov. 1824; 3. TATTON, b. 13 March 182G; 4. SorniA-

Frakces, b, 17 Aug. 1827; — — 5. Elizabeth-Beatrice, b. 11 Jan.

■C. Christopher, b. 10 Jan. 1831.


Richard Sykes, an alderman of Leeds,
(great-grandson of Richard, of Sykes Dyke,
near Carlisle, ) nu, 15l;3, Elizabeth Mawson,
by whom he had 8 children.

William, 4th son, (who d. 1652,) m.
Grace, da. of Josiah Jenkinson, who d.
IG85, by whom he had 4 sons and 2 das.
Daniel, his 4th son, b. 16.32, twice mayor
of Hull, m. Deborah, da. of William Otes,
by whom he had Josiah, who d. without
issue ; and

Richard, merchant at Hull, b. 1658, m.
Mary, da. and co-h. of Mark Kirby, esq.,
by whom he had,

1. Richard, tn., 1st, Jane, da. of Hesketh
Hobman, gent., d. without issue ; 2dly, Eli-
zabeth, da. of William Collins, esq., and
relict of Thomas Edge, esq.

•2. Sir Mark, 1st bart.

3. INL^RY, d. 1 April 1744.

4. Jane.

5. Deborah, d. 1707.

I. Sir MARK, D. D., created a bart.
28 March 1783, rector of Roos, 6. July I7II,
m., 1735, Decima, da. of Twiford Woodham,
of Ely, gent., by whom (who d. 9 March
1793) he had,

1. Mark, d. without issue.

2. Richard, d. young.

3. Richard, rf. without issue.

4. Josiah, d. an infant.

5. S?r Christopher, 2d bart.

t). Mary, m. John de Ponthieu, esq.
Sir Mark rf. 14 Sept. 1783, and was suc-
ceeded by his only surviving son,

May 1749, m., 20 Oct. 1770, Elizabeth, da. of
William Tatton, of Whiteshaw, co. Chester,
esq., (by Hester, da. of John Egerton, of
Tatton Park, co. Chester, esq., which Hester

I was h., 1780, of Samuel Egerton, esq., her
brother,) and by her (who d. 1803) he had,

1. Sir Mark, 3d bart.

2. Sir Tatton, present bart.

3. Christopher, in holy orders, b. 18 Oct.

1774, m., 14 May 1799, Lucy-Dorothea, da.
and co-h. of Henry Langford, of Stockport,
CO. Chester, esq., and by her (who d. 17 Dec.
1828) has issue.

4. Decima-Hester-Beatrix, b. 15 Dec.

1775, m., 16 Nov. 1795, John-Robinson, 2d
son of sir William Foulis, of Ingleby
Manor, co. York, bart.

5. Elizabeth, />!., 11 Jan. 1806, Wilbra-
ham Egerton, of Tatton Park, co. Chester,

Sir Christopher d. Sept. 1801, and was
succeeded by his eldest son,

III. Sir MARK, 3d bart., b. 10 Aug. 1771,
m., 1st, 11 Nov. 1795, Henrietta, da. and h.
of Henry Masterman, of Settrington, co.
York, esq., on which occasion he took the
surname of Masterman, in addition to
and before that of Sykes. By her (who d.
July 1813) he had no issue. He rn., 2dlv,
2 Aug. 1814, Mary-Elizabeth, sister of Wi'l-
braham Tatton, esq., of Tatton Park, co.
Chester, by whom (who re-m. 16 Sept. 1B.'34,
Dugdale-Stratford Dugdale, of Merivale,
CO. Warwick, esq.) he had no issue, and
dying 16 Feb. 1823, was succeeded by his

IV. Sir TxVTTON, present bart.
Arms— See Plate 23. Argent, a chevron,

sable, between three fountains.

Crest — A demi river deity rising from
reeds, blowing a shell, and wreathed about
the temples with wreaths, proper.

Seat — Sledmere, co. York.

GUISE, of HiGH^^AM, CO. Gloucester.

9 Dec. 1 783.

Sir JOHN-WRIGHT GUISE, Baronet, K.C.B., a major-general in
the army, born 20 July 1777, succeeded his brother, sir Berkeley- William,
23 July 1834; married, 12 Aug. 1815, Charlotte-Diana, youngest da. of

John Vernon, of Clontarf Castle, co. Dublin, esq., and has issue, 1.

WILLIAM-VERNON, b. 19 Aug. 1810; 2. Hexry-Johk; 3.

4. Georgiaxa- Maria

5. Verkox-

Fraxcis - Edward ;

George; 6. Jaxe-Elizabeth ; 7- John-Christopher.

William Guise, esq., of Elm.ore, co.
Gloucester, rf. about 165.'5 ; 711. Cicely, da. of
John Dennis, by whom he had issue.

1. Cliristopher, who was created a bart. 10
July 1661, and m. Rachael Corselis, de-
scended from a noble Italian family of that




name, by whom he had 1 son, John, m.
Elizabeth, da. of sir John-Grubham Howe,
bart., from whom descended the late sir Wil-
liam Guise, bart., who d. 1783, without issue,
when the title became extinct.

2. John, m. Hester, da. of major William

3. William, d. unnu

4. Henry.

5. Elizabeth, m. William Horton.

6. Eleanor, m. Lawrence Washington,

7. Frances, m. John Codrington^ esq.
Henry, 4th son of William, m. Philippa,

sister of sir Thomas Brydges, knt., by whom
(who d. 4 Feb. 1765) he had,

1. William.

2. Henry, d. unm.

3. Christopher, m. Elizabeth, da. of col.
Long, by whom he had 1 da., Eleanor, ?n.
Robert Mann, of Linton, co. Kent, esq.

4. Elizabeth ; 5. Philippa ; 6. Anne.
William Guise, esq., eldest son of Henry,
m. Dorothy, da. and heiress of John Snell,
of Uffeton, CO. Warwick, esq., and d. 28 Aug.
1716, leaving issue by her, (who d. 12 June
1728,) 1 da., Theodosia, m. Denis Cooke, of
Highnam, co. Gloucester, esq. ; and 3 sons,
Jofm and William, both d. unm. ; and

Henry, m. Mary, sister and co-heiress of
the above-named Henry Cooke, and d. 23
Oct. 1749, leaving issue by her (who d. 21
Aug. 1750) an only surviving son,

I. Sir JOHN, 6. June 1733, was created a
bart. 9 Dec. 1783, m. Elizabeth, da. and h.

of Thomas Wright, esq., brother and h. of
sir Martin Wrignt, knt., by whom he had

1. Sir Berkeley-William, 2d bart.

2. Sir John-Wright, 3d bart.

3. Powel-Colchester, in holy orders,
b. 18 Dec. 1778, m., 13 Oct. 1808, Maria, 2dl
da. of Nathaniel Clifford, of Frampton
Court, CO. Gloucester, esq., and has,

1. William-Christopher, d. 2 Feb- 1834,
set. 22, and other children.

4. Martin-George.

5. Christopher-William, d. Oct. 1803.

6. Elizabeth, d. 26 Aug. 1811.

7. Maria,

8. Jane-Mary-Catharine, m., 27 July
18f»7. Edward Webb, of Stoke-Bishop, and of
Norton Court, co. Gloucester, esq., and d.

Sir John d. 1794, and was succeeded by his
eldest son,

July 1775, M.P. for Gloucester ; d. 23 July
1834, and was succeeded by his next brother,

III. Sir JOHN-WRIGHT, present and
3d bart.

Arm^ — See Plate 23. Gules, seven lozenges
conjoined, three, three and one, vaire, on a
canton, or, a star of six points, pierced, sable.

Ci-est — Out of a ducal coronet, a swan ris-
ing, proper, charged on the breast with a
lozenge, as in the arms.

Motto — Quo honestior, eo tutim:

Seat — Highnam Court and Redcomb Park,
CO. Gloucester.

HAMOND, of Holly-Grove, co. Berks.

18 Dec. 1783.

Sir GRAHAM-EDEN HAMOND, Baronet, b. 30 Dec. 1779, a rear-
admiral of the white, and K.C.B., deputy-lientenant of the co. of Norfolk,
and of the Isle of Wight, succeeded his father, sir Andrew-Snape, 12 Sept.
1828; married, 30 Dec. 1806, Elizabeth, eldest da. of John Kimber, of

Fowey, co. Cornwall, esq., and has issue, 1. Anxe, b. 15 July 1810;

2. ANDREW-SNAPE, b. 3 Oct. 1811 ; 3. Graham-Eden-Wil-

LiAM, b. 3 March 1814 ; 4. ELiZABETH-JAifE, b. 13 Sept. 1815 ;

5. Caroline, b. 25 Jan. 181 7.

of June 1794, under earl Howe, as capt.
of his lordship's flagship, the Queen Char-
lotte, when he received a severe wound on
the forehead, which was the ultimate cause
of his death on the 4th of June 1797, after
holding the appointment of a colonel of
marines. He liKcwise, in the same ship,
distinguished himself on the 23d of June
179.5, under viscount Bridport, who was
mainly indebted to his exertions in bring-
ing the French fleet to action, and com-
pleting the victory obtained by his lord-
ship on that day. Sir Andrew-Snane
m., 1781, Anne Burgess, of New York,
and had issue, 1. Anrie-Hnnumd,b. in Lon-
don, 7 July 1784, m., 19 Nov. 1808, sir
George Bowyer, bart., of Radley, eo.
Berks; 2. Harriett, b. at Chatham, 13 July
1786; 3. Andrew-Snape, b. at PoTtsinouth,
a Jan. 1788, sometime secretary of em-
bassy at the court of the king of the Ne-

2. Jane, d. num. March l«()fi.

3. BiDDiA, b. June 1737, m. Thomas Hun-
ter, esq., a lieut. in the army, (whorf. 17 Feb.
181 7,) leaving no issue.

4. Sir Andhku'-Snape, b. 17 Dec. 17.38,
R.N. ; commanded H. M.S. Roebuck, of
44 guns, during the i)rineipal part of the
American war, and was knighted at the close

Samuel Hamond, of Blackheath, co.
Kent, esq., d. in 1750, having m. Lydia, da.
of William Meadows, esq., by miss Rudsby,
and left issue,

1. Robert. ^

2. Anne, also 6. there Jan. 1698, m. Henry
Middleton, esq.

Robert, only son, {b. at Wisbeach, co.
Cambridge, F'eb. 1694,) was a merchant,
and a considerable ship-owner, >h. about
1732, at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Susannah,
da. and sole h. of Robert Snape, of Lime-
kilns, near Blackheath, esq., brother of dr.
Andrew Snape, who was one of queen
Anne's chaplains, and who d. nrovost of
King's College, Cambridge, by wnom (who
/L 28 Nov. 17(53) he had issue,

I. Lydia, d. 8 Dec. 1802, having w. Wil-
liam Douglas, es(j., of Lcith, leaving issue,

1. Susannah, w., 5 May 1791, capt. Ro-
bert Redmill, R.N.

2. Sir Andrew -Snape, b. in Edin-
burgh, 28 Aug. 1761. He commanded the
Southampton frigate, stationed at Wey-
mouth, 178!), to attend specially on his late
majesty, George I IL, from whom he then
received the honour of knighthood, 14
Sej)t. of that year. He wasaaistinguishcd
■oflicerin the royal navy, and gained great
honour in the glorious victory of the 1st



of 1778> for his very distinguished conduct,
ha%ing been constantly employed in the
most arduous services against the enemy.
After the siege of Charlestown, he was ap-
pointed lieut.-gov. of Nova Scotia, and a
commissioner of the navy at Halifax, which
posts he held till the peace, when he was
created a bart.18 Dec. 1783, with remainder,
in default of issue male, to his nephew,
capt. Andrew-Snape- Douglas : he was com-
modore and commander-in-chief in the
river Medway from 1785 to 1788 ; he was
appointed deputy-comptroller 1793, and in
the following year, succeeded to the office
of comptroller, which he resigned in I81K3;
m., 8 March 1779. Anne, only da. and h. of
Henry Graeme, of Hanwell Heath, co. Mid-
dlesex, esq., and had issue,

1. Sir Graham-Edex, present bart.

2. CaboI/INE, b. 7 March 1781, m., 11 Oct.

1804, lieut.-col. the hon. Francis-Wheeler
Hood, son of Henry, viscount Hood, who
was killed at the battle of Orthes, in France,
1 March 1814.

Sir Andrew-Snape d. 12 Sept, 1828, st. 9(i,
and was succeeded by his only son,

n. Sir GRAHAM-EDEN, present and
2d bart.

Arms— See Plate 24. Argent, a chevron,
sable, charged with three escallops, or, be-
tween two pellets, each charged with a
martlet, argent, in chief; and in base, a
wreath of oak leaves, proper ; all within a
bordure, engrailed, vert.

Cre-st—Out of a naval crown, or, an eagle's
head, sable.

Motto — Paratus etfidelis.

Seat — Hamond Lodge, near Lynn, co.

CRAWLEY-BOEVY, of Fi,axley Abbey, (heretofore BARROW, of

Hygrove,) CO. Gloucester.

22 Jan. 1784.

Sir THOMAS CRAWLEY-BOEVY, Baronet, horn 28 Nov. 1769,
succeeded his father, sir Thomas Crawley, Aug. 1818 ; married, 28 Oct.
I8O7, Mary-Albina, da. of the late sir Thomas-Hyde Page, knt.

Thomas Barrow, of Field Court, co.
Worcester, esq., m. Margaret, da. of John
Knight, esq., mayor of Bristol, and sister of
sir John Knight, who was sheriff of that
city 1682, and had, besides other issue, two
sons, 1. Thomas, of Field Court, who rf.
1736, leaving an only da. and h., Eleanor,
ni, rev. Thomas Savage, of Broadway, co.
Worcester, and had a numerous issue, of
whom Anne, 2d da., m. Thomas Crawley-
Boevy, esq. ; 2. Charles, of St. Christopher's,
whod. 1743, leaving an only son,

L Sir CHARLES BARROW, created a
bart. as above, with limitation, on failure of
heirs male of his body, to the before-men-
tioned Thomas Craw'ley-Boex'y. He was
M.P. for the city of Gloucester, in six suc-
cessive parliaments, from 1751 till his death.
He d. without issue Jan. 1789, when the title
devolved, pursuant to the limitation, on

(who was son of Thomas Crawley-Boevy,
of Flaxley Abbey, co. Gloucester, and
grandson of Thomas Crawley of the same
place, esq., who took the name of Boevy,
pursuant to the will of William Boevy, esq.,
under which he inherited the Flaxley es-
tate). Sir Thomas m., as before mentioned,
20 Feb. 1769, Anne, 2d da. of the rev.
Thomas Savage, rector of Standish, co.
Gloucester, (by Eleanor, only da. and sole
h. of Thomas Barrow, uncle to sir Charles
Barrow,) and by her (who d. Sept. 1816) had

1. Sir Thomas-Crawlev, present bart.

2. Anne, d. unm.

3. Susannah, 6. Feb. 1772.

4. Catherina, m., 2 Dec. 1822, rear-ad-

miral Ballard.

5. John-Lloyd, 6. Feb. 1775.

6. Eleonora, h. Nov. 1776, m., June 18<il,
Richard, 2d son of Joshua Iremonger, of
Wherwell, co. Hants, esq., d. Sept. 1802.

7. Mary, rf. an infant.

8. Charles, in holy orders, 6. 1780, ni.,

Sept. 1813, , da. of the rev. Duke Vonge,

of Cornwood, co. Devon.

9. George, b. 1781, m., Aug. 1806, Char-
lotte, 2d da. of the rev. Duke Yonge.

10. Mary, h. 1783.

11. Elizabeth, b. 1784.

12. Margaret, b. 1786, m., 1820, James -
Yonge, of Cornwood, co. Devon, esq.

13. JOANNA-LUCINDA, d. 1789.

14. William, b. Dec. 1790, in holy orders,
nu, Oct. 1822, Charlotte, youngest da. of the
late rev. Charles Crawley, youngest brother
of sir Thomas.

Sir Thomas Crawley d. 1818, and was
succeeded by his eldest son,

in. Sir THOMAS CRAWLEY, present

Arins — See Plate 24. Erminois, on a fess,
azure, between three herons, proper, a sal-
tire between two cross crosslets, ntche, or,
on a chief, ermine, a bend, gules, charged
with three goutes d'or, between two mart-
lets, sable.

Cre.^ — On a wreath, a mount, vert, thereon
a heron, proper, gorged with a collar, or,
holding in his dexter claw, a saltire, of the

Motto — Esse quam videri.

Seats— Y\a,x\ey Abbey and St. Michael's,
both CO. Gloucester.

MORSHEAD, of Trenant Park, co. Cornwall.

22 Jan. 1784.

1824, succeeded his father, sir Frederick-Treise, July 1828,



William Morshead, of Cartuther, co.
Cornwall, esq., m. Joane, da. of Her-
ring, of Langston, co. Devon, esq., and d.
about 1743, leaving, besides other issue, a

William Morshead, also of Cartuther,
who m. Olimpia, da. of John Treise, and
sole h. of her brother, sir Christopher
Treise, knt., by whom he had issue,
1. Sir John, 1st bait.

William ; 3. Christopher.


Olimpia-Elizabeth, m. Camp-






Mary ; 7- Charlotte ; 8. Harriott.
Sir JOHN, eldest son, was created a
as above, and 20 July 17!'6> was ap-
pointed surveyor-general to the prince of
Wales, lord-warden of the Stannaries, and
chief steward of the duchy of Cornwall, and
col. of the Devon and Cornwall miners, 26
Jan. 17.09 ; m., 1778, Elizabeth, da. and co-h.
of sir Thomas-Frederick, of Hampton, co.
Middlesex, and Huscombe, co. Surrey,

bart., and had issue,

1. Selina, m., Jan. 18()0, sir Charles
Mill, of Mottisfont, co. Hants, bart.

2. Sir Frederick-Treise, 2d bart.

3. Eliza-Caroline ; 4. John.

Sir John d. May 1813, and was succeeded by
his son,

n. Sir FREDERICK-TREISE, b. 1 Jan,
1783, m., 15 Nov. 1821, Jane, 2d da. of Jl.
Warwick, of Warwick Hall, co. Northum-
berland, esq., by whom (who d. 11) May
1832) he had issue,

1. Sir Warwick-Charles, present bart.
Sir Frederick-Treise d. July 1828, and was
succeeded by his only child,

and 3d bart.

Arms— See Plate 24. Azure, a cross cross-
let, argent between four martlets, or, on a
cliief of the second, three escallops, gules.

Cre-ft — A deiTsi-wyvern, rampant, reguard-
ant, vert, collared, or, supporting an escut-
cheon, azure, charged with a bezant.

&ea<— Derwent Lodge, co. Cumberland.

RYCROFT, of Calton, co. York.

22 Jan. 1784.

Dec. 1793, succeeded his father, sir Nelson, 1 Oct. 1827
1830, Charlotte-Anne- Josephina, eldest da. of W. Tennant, of Aston Hall,
CO. Stafford, esq., and niece to lord Yarboroiigh, and has issue, 1.

Baronet, fiorn 21
married, 18 May

NELSON, h. 11 March 1831.

surviving issue of John Nelson, gent., and
of Mary, his wife,) b. Nov. 1736, took the
name of Ri/croft, by royal sign manual,
dated 28 Dec. 1758. He was rector of Patch-
ing cum West Tarring, co. Sussex, and of
Penhurst, in the same county. He was
created a bart. as above, tn., 13 Feb. 1759,
Penelope, youngest da, of Richard Stone-
hewer, D.C.L., rector of Houghton le
Spring, in Durham, by whom (who d. 13
Feb, 1821) he had issue,

1. Richard, b. 11 Feb. 1700, d. young.

2. John, 6. 3 Aug. 1762, d. young.

3. Sir Nelson, 2d bart.

4. Henry, b. 10 Jan, 1770, was knighted
on being appointed knight-harbinger to his

majesty, 1816, m. Jane, da. of Tra-

vell, esq., and relict of W. Lennox-Dutton
Napier, esq., brother of Lord Sherborne.

5. Richard, b. 14 Oct. 1771. d. young.

6. Penelope, b. 24 March 1764, m, Na-
thaniel-Lee Acton, esq.

7. Margery, b. 12 Nov. 1767« m. James
Bouwens, esq,

8. Mary, b. 12 April 1769, m,, 13 Dec,
1792, the hon, and rev. George Pelham,
D,C,L,, lord bishop of Lincoln, youngest
son to Thomas, 1st earl of Chichester.

9. Charlotte, b. 9 Oct. 1773, in. Charles-
Edward Pigou, of Shcrnfold, co, Sussex,
esq., and d. March 1813.

10. Esther, b. 23 March 1775, m., 5 June

1800, Henry Harford, esq,

11. Elizabeth, b. 5 July 1777. »>•> 20
Oct, 1831, Adam Ashew, of Redheugh, co,
Durham, esq.

Sir Richard d, 1786, and was succeeded
by his son,

II, Sir NELSON, 2d bart., b. 15 Feb.
1761, m., 1st, 11 July 1791, Charlotte, da.
of Henry Read, of Crowood, co. Wilts, and
by her (who d. 28 May 1803) had issue,

1, William-John, 6. 21 Nov. 1792, d.

2, Sir Richard- Henry -CHARtES, 3d

3, Charlotte, b. 4 Dec, 1795.

4, Henry, b. 27 Feb. 1797-

5, Harriett, b. 9 May 18(»3, w,, 15 Aug,
1833, capt, Charles-IIamlyn Williams, R.N,

Sir Nelson m., 2dly, 3 May 1808, Margaret,
youngest da, of Robert Mandeville, esq,, d.
1 Oct. 1827, and was succeeded by his eldest

present bart.

Anns—See Plate 24, Per bend, or and
azure, thee griffins' heads, erased, counter-
changed ; on a chief, ermine, a fleur-de-lis
between two roses, gules,

C)-<;.'it — A grilHn's head, erased, per bend,
or and azure, charged with two fleurs-de-lis

Seat — Marydown Park, Basingstoke,

SMITH, (now DODSWORTH,) of Newland Tark, co. York.

22 Jan. 17«4.

Sir EDWARD DODSWORTH, Baronet, succeeded his father, sir
John^Sylvester, 15 June 17<39 ; born 13 Aug. 170*8; married, 29 Sept.



1804, Susan, youngest da. of Henry Dawkyns, of Standlynch, co. Wilts,
esq., (who d. 12 March 1830,) by lady Jane Colyear, da. of Charles, 2d
earl of Portmore. Sir Edward obtained the royal sign manual 1821, per-
mitting him to take the name of Dodsivorth only, and bear the arms of
Dodsworth, with those of Smith quarterly.

John Smith, of Newland Park, co. York,
(son of John Smith, of Eccleshall, in the
same county, esq.,) m. Anne, da. of Chris-
topher Hodgson, of Westerton, esq., and d.
1746, leaving, besides other issue, a son and

I. Sir JOHN-SYLVESTER, h. 1734,
created a bart. as above, m., 1701, Hen-
rietta-Maria, da. of John Dodsworth, esq.,
by whom he had issue,

1. Sir Edward, 2d bart.

2. George, in holy orders, vicar of Urch-
font, Alderbury Pitton, and Farley, co.
Wilts, b. 25 Sept. 1772, d. Feb. 1811.

3. Charles, 6. 22 Aug. 177i>'

4. Anna-Maria, b. 14 May 1766.

5. Harriet, 6. 20 June 1767.

6. Charlotte, h. 21 July 1770.

7. Eliza, b. 17 June 1774, d. imm. 21
May 1!!22.

Sir John d. 15 June 1789, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

II. Sir EDWARD, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 24. Quarterly: 1st and
4th, Dodsworth, argent, a bend between
three annulets, sable; 2d and 3d, Smith,
per saltire argent and sable, two trefoils
slipped in pale gules.

Crests — 1st, Dodsworth, a cubit arm in
chain mail, or, the hand proper, grasping a
broken tilting spear, or: 2d, Smith, out of
a ducal coronet, or, a boar's head couped at
the neck azure.

Seaf— Thornton Hall, co. York.

JODRELL, of Saxlingham, co. Norfolk, (heretofore LOMBE, of

Great Melton.)

22 Jan. 1784.

Sir RICHARD-PAUL JODRELL, Baronet, A.M., succeeded his ma-
ternal great uncle, sir John Lombe, bart., 27 May 1817, (and to whom he
was also allied in the paternal line,) by virtue of a limitation in the patent
of creation, dated 10 Dec. 1783; «zflrr?>c? Amelia-Caroline-King, da. of the

right hon. the earl of Kingston, 12 Dec. 1814, by whom he had issue,

1. RICHARD-PAUL-HASE, i. 3 Aug. 1818; 2. Amelia-Virtue,

b. 15 Dec. 1821 ; 3. William-George, h. 18 May 1823, d. 20 Jan.

1824; 4. Edward-Repps, b. 20 June 1825; 5. Henry -Shel-
don, h, 15 May 1827, d. 9 Aug. 1832.

The family of Jodrell is of great anti-
quity, being descended from Peter Jod-
rell, who held lands in the Peak, co.
Derby, 1286. His great-grandson, William,
served as an archer under the Black Prince,
and was father of Roger, who was of
Yeardsley, co. Chester, where the elder
line of the family continued till the latter
end of the 18th century, when it ended in
co-heirs, one of whom m. John Bower, of
Manchester, esq., who assumed the surname
of Jodrell, and was father of Francis Jod-
rell, sheriflF of Cheshire, 1813.

Thomas Jodrell, (son of John, a younger
brother of the house of Yeardsley,) settled
at Moor House, co. Stafford, at the latter
end of the 16th century, and 4th in descent
from him, was

Pavl Jodrell, of Sion Hill, co. Middlesex,
and of DufReld, co. Derby, who was for 43
years clerk of the House of Commons ; jh.,
8 Jan. 1673, Jane, eldest da. of Thomas
Rolles, of Lewknor, co. Oxford, esq., and
d. 31 July 1728, aged 82, having had issue,
besides seven sons and two das., who rf.
young or imm. ,

1. Paul, his heir.

2. Henry, m. Mary Davenport, and left
three das.

3. Anne, wi. Francis Nourse, esq.

4. Elizabeth, m. Henry Shallcross.
Paul Jodrell, son and h. of Paul and

Jane Rolles, l. 23 June lG7fl, nu, 7 Oct.
1712, Judith, da. and co-h. of Gilbert Shel-
don, esq., (a descendant of archbishop Shel-
don,) and d. 25 Jan. 1744, having had issue
by her, (who d. 30 Jan. I7G8,)

1. Paul.

2. Thomas, lost in the Pelham, India-
man, unm.

3. Daniel, m. Elizabeth Breeze.

4. Gilbert, twice m., and left four das.,
his co-heiresses.

5. Philip, m., but d. without issue, 1763.

6. Sheldon, d. an infant.

7. Judith, m. her cousin, John Nourse,

8. Elizabeth, m. John Morton, esq.,
chief-justice of Chester.

9. Lydia-Catherine, d. an infant.
Paul Jodrell, son and h. of Paul and

Judith Sheldon, was solicitor-general to
Frederick, prince of Wales, b. 20 Feb. 1713,
m. Elizabeth, da. of Richard Warner, of

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