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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 5 of 95)
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right hon. sir John, 11 Sept. 1783, married., 2 June 1807, Frances, da.
and sole h. of Thomas Winckley, of Brockholes and Catterall Hall, co.

Lancaster, esq., and has issne, 1. Joiin-Villiers, 6. Jan. 1808 ; w., 13

Aug. 1832, Louisa-Elizabeth-Anne, only child of the rev. S. Johnes, knt.,

of Henley Hall, CO. Salop ; 2. Frederick, h. 1809 ; 3. AnoLriius-

Edward ; 4. Spencer; 5. Fanny-Luc v, r«., 19 INIay 1834, hon.

George Edgcumbe, youngest son of the earl of Mount Edgcumbe ;

6. Cecilia-Victoria.

This family is of considerable antiquity
in the county of Sussex, and is said to be
descended from a sir John Shelley, a faith-
ful adherent of king Richard II., who was
executed by Henry IV.

John Shelley, living tpmp. Henry VII.,
m. Elizabeth, da. and \\. of John Michel-
grove, of Michelgrove, co. Sussex, and had,
besides other issue, 2 sons, 1. Sir Wii-i>iam,
a judge of the common pleas, ancestor of
the present bart.; 2. Edward, of Worm-
inghurst, CO. Sussex, from whom sir Bysshe
Shelley, of Castle Goring, created a bart.
1806, and sir John Shelley-Sidney, of Pens-
hurst, created a bart. 1818, descend (See
those titles).

I. Sir JOHN SHELLEY, of Michel-
giove, great-grandson of sir William, above

named, was created a bart. as above; m.
Jane, da. of sir Thomas Reresby, knt., by
whom he had 2 sons,

1. Sir William, knt., m., Christina, da.
of sir James Vantelet, knt., and rf. 16;i.'>,
v.p., leaving an only son, sir Charles,
2d bart.

2. John, m. Mary, da. and h. of George
Bailley, cs(]., and rf. without issue.

Sir John was succeeded by his grandson,
II. Sir CHARLES, 2d bart., m., 1st,
Elizabeth, <hi. of Ilenjaniin Weston, co.
Surrey, esq. (by Elizabeth, comitess of An-
glesey), and by her (who survived him and
rf. 1695) had,

1. Benjamin; 2. Charles, both d.

3. Sir John, 3d bart.


4. William, who d. without issue.

5. Elizabeth ; (j. Christina, who both
d. nnm.

His 2d wife was Mary, da. of Thomas
Giftbrd, esq., and relict of George, the 9th
lord Abergavenny, by whom he had no
issue. Sir Charles d. about 1681, and was
buried at Rouen, in France. He was suc-
ceeded by his eldest surviving son,

III. Sir John, m., 1st, Bridget, only da.
of George, 9th lord Abergavenny, by whom
he had,

1. Frances, to., Richard, oth viscount
Fitzwilliam, in the peerage of Ireland.

Sir John m., 2dly, Mary, da. and co.h.,
of sir John Gage, bart., by whom, who d.
1703, he had issue,

2. Sir John, 4th bart.

3. Richard, m. Mrs. Fleetwood, by
whom he had issue,

4. Mary, m. sir John Lawson, bart.

5. Elizabeth, to. Edward Sheldon, esq.

6. Catherine, to. George Mathew, of
Ireland, esq., ancestor of the earls of

Sir John d. 25 April 1/03, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

IV. Sir JOHN, to., 21 May 1717, Catha-
rine, da. of sir Thomas Scawen, knt., by
whom (who rf. 1720) he had 2 das.,

1. Catherine; 2. Mary.

He TO., 2dly, Margaret, sister of Thomas-
Pelham Clinton, 1st duke of Newcastle, by
whom (who d. 13 Nov. 1768) he had issue,

3. Sir John, 5th bart.

4. Henrietta, to., 26 June 1763, George,
1st earl of Onslow.

5. Elizabeth, to. James Cannon, esq.

6. Tryphena, to. Charles Polhill, esq.
He d. 6 Sept. 1771> and was succeeded by

his son,

V. The right hon. sir JOHN, bart, who
was keeper of the records in the Tower, and
clerk of the pipe for life, and for some time
treasurer of the king's household. He
served in parliament for Shoreham, and in
1/66, was sworn of the privy council. He
TO., 1st, Wilhelmina, da. of JohnNewnham,
of Maresfield, co. Sussex, esq., by whom
(who d. 1772) he had issue,

1. Sir John, present bart.

And, 2dly, Jan. 17/5, Elizabeth, da. of
Edward Woodcock, esq. by whom (who
re-m. 1790, Dr. Stewart, of Southampton,
and d. 25 Dec. 1808) he had issue,

2. Elizabeth, d. unm.

3. Lucy, d. unm. Jan. 1816.

4. Arabella, d. unm.

Sir John d. 11 Sept. 1783, and was su«-
ceeded by his only son,

VI. Sir JOHN, present bart.

Arms— See Plate 1. Sable, a fess en-
grailed, between 3 welks, or.

Crest — A griffin's head erased, argent,
beaked and ducally gorged, or.

Seats — Maresfield Park, co. Sussex,
Brockholes and Catterall Hall, Lancashire.

MUSGRAVE, of Eden-Hall, co. Cumberland.
29 June IGll.

Sir GEORGE MUSGRAVE, Baronet, in the Army, succeeded his bro-
ther, sir Christopher John, II May 1834; married, 26 June 1828, Char-
lotte, da. of sir James Graham, of Netherby, bart.

This family came into England with the
Conqueror, and settled at Musgrave, in
Westmoreland. — The first of the name on
record was Peter Musgrave, who lived about
the time of king Stephen, from whom the
18th in descent was

bart., who represented co. Westmoreland in
parliament, 1 Jac. I., and at the coronation
of that king was made K. B. He m. Frances,
da. of Philip, lord Wharton, and by her left
issue, Mary, who d. unm., and sir Philip,
his successor, and deceasing at Naples in
1615, was succeeded by his only son,

II. Sir Philip, aged then seven years.
He was one of the knts. of the shire for
Westmoreland in 1640; but in April 1642,
he withdrew from the house of commons,
and returned to it no more till after the
Restoration, In 1644, he was made com-
mander-in-chief of Cumberland and West-
moreland, by a commission from the Mar-
quess of Newcastle. He asserted the royal
cause with all courage and dutiful allegiance,
and was made governor of Carlisle. To the
marquess at York, he sent first 600 soldiers,
then 1800, and afterwards to prince Rupert
IO(X) more, whom he raised in the cos. of
Cumberland and Westmoreland. After the
battle at Marston Moor, he, with sir Tho-
mas Glenham, retired to Carlisle ; upon
the surrender of which garrison (the last
that yielded to the parliament) he attended
the king at Cardiff, At the desire of some
loyal gentlemen, a new regt. of foot being

raised in Cumberland, he was appointed
col, of it. Sir Philip was taken prisoner at
Rowton Moor in 1045, after which he took
Carlisle by surprise, and was a 2d time
appointed governor. After the battle of
Worcester, sir Philip attended on king
Charles II. in France, Holland, and Scot-
land, from whence he retired to the Isle of
Man, which he bravely defended under the
countess of Derby, until it was reduced to
the last extremity ; and then, that lady
having surrendered upon honourable terms,
he had leave to retire to any part of England.
At the restoration of Charles II. 1660, he
was a 3d time made governor of Carlisle.
He had a warrant for creating him baron
Musgrave, of Hartley Castle, but never
took out the patent. He to. Julian, youngest
da, of sir Richard Hutton, knt,, judge of
the Common Pleas, by whom (who d. 1659)
he had issue,

1. Sir Richard, 3d bart.

2. Philip, d. at Charenton, in France.

3. Sir Christopher, 4th bart.

4. William.

5. Simon, drowned.

0. Thomas, D.D., dean of Carlisle, twice
TO., and d. 18 Ttlarch 1686.

7. Frances, to. Edward Hutchinson, esq.

Sir Philip d. Feb. 1678, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

III. Sir RICHARD, TO. Margaret, da, of
sir Thomas Harrison, of Alesthorpe, co.
York, knt,, by whom he left only 1 da.,

Mary, »n. Thomas Davison, esq.



He was succeeded by his next surviving

IV. Sir CHRISTOPHER. Whileyoung,
he was very active in the royal cause, and
suffered much by imprisonment and other-
wise, towards the end of the Usurpation,
being found to be concerned in sir George
Booth's rising. After the Restoration he
was icnighted ; made governor of,
and lieut.-gen. of the ordnance ; and in tlie
first year of queen Anne, made one of the
four tellers of the exchequer. He m. 1st,
Mary, da. and co-h. of sir Andrew Cogan,
bart., bv whom (who d. in childbed July
1664) he" had,

1. Philip, clerk of the coimcil to king
James H., and clerk of the deliveries of the
ordnance ; m., I(i8.5, Mary, da. of George
Legge, 1st lord Dartmouth, and d. in his
father's lifetime, 2 July l(i89, leaving issue
by her, sir Christopher, .5th bart. ; and
Barbara, m. Thomas Howard, of Corby, esq.

2. Christopher, barrister-at-law, M.P.
for Carlisle, and after his brother's death,
clerk of the council ; d. unm. Sept. 1718.

3. Marv.

Sir Christopher m., 2dly, Elizabeth, da.
of sir John Franklyn, of Willesden, co.
Middlesex, and by her had issue,

4. John; 5. Richard, d. young.

6. Joseph, M. P. for Cockermouth, 1713,
rf. unm. 1757.
7.- Simon, d. in the East Indies, 1/56.

8. George, storekeeper at Chatham, m.
Sarah, youngest da. of mr. Benjamin Ros-
sell, and widow of lieut. Young, and d. 1/51,
leaving issue,

1. Joseph; 2. Thomas; 3. George.

9. Elizabeth, m. John Wynyeve, of
Brettenham, co. Suffolk.

10. Dorothy, m. James Hawley, of
Brentford, Middlesex.

11. Mary; 12. Frances.
13. Anne ; 14. Barbara.

Sir Christopher rf. 29 July 1704, and was
succeeded by his grandson,

V. Sir CHRISTOPHER, b. 1688; suc-
ceeded his uncle, Christopher Musgrave,
esq., as clerk of the council, 1710. He re-
presented Carlisle in the last parliament of
queen Anne, and the co. Westmoreland,
1722 ; m. Julia, da. and h. of sir John
Chardiii, of Kempton Park, co. Middlesex,
knt., and by her had issue,

1. Sir Philip, 6th bart.

2. Christopher, fellow of All Souls
College, Oxford, and rector of Barking, in
Essex, m., 20 Dec. 1757, Mrs. Perfect, of
Hatton Garden.

.3. Hans, lieut-colonel in his majesty's

4. Chardin, provost of Oriel College,

5. Mary, m., 1st, Hugh Lumley, esq., of
Ireland ; and 2dly, John Pigot, esq. of the
same kingdom. I

6. Julia, m. Edward Hasel, esq.

7. Barbara, w., 1st, John Hogg, esq. of
Scotland ; and 2dly, lord chief baron Idle.

8. Anne, m. Henry Aglionby, esq.

9. Elizabeth, m,, 1st, Edward .Spragge,
esq.; and2d'.y, John Johnstone, esq.

10. Charlotte, d. unm.

11. Dorothy, wi. rev. William Wroughton,
rector of Welburn, co. Lincoln.

Sir Christopher rf. 3 Jan. 1736, and was
succeeded by his son,

VI. Sir PHILIP, m. Jane, da. of John
Turton, of Orgreave, co. Stafford, esq., and
by her had issue,

1. Jane, »n., 1761, Joseph Musgrave, of
Kypier, esq., and d. 29 Nov. 1762.

2. Elizabeth, m., 1768, Heneage Legge,
of Idlicote, CO. Warwick, esq., afterwards
of Ashton Hall, in the same co. and d, 4
March 1820.

3. Charlotte, m., 1794, rev. Charles
Mordaunt, of Masshigham, co. Norfolk,
brother to sir John Mordaunt, bart., andd.
23 Oct. 1816.

4. Henrietta, m., 1774, sir John Morris,
of Clasemont, co. Glamorgan, bart., and d.
1 June 1812.

5. Sir John Chardin, 7th bart.

6. Christopher, b. 29 May 1759, m.,
1790, Elizabeth-Anne, co-h. of the late lord
Archer, (which barony became extinct in
1778,) by whom he had issue,

Christopher, and 2 das.
Sir Philij) d. 5 July 1795, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

VII. Sir JOHN-CHARDIN, 6. 5 Jan.
1757, m., 1.3 July 1791, Mary, da. of the
late rev. sir Edmund Filmer, of East Sutton
Place, Kent, bart., and had issue,

1. Sir Philip, 8th bart.

2. Sir Christopher-John, 9th bart.

3. Sir George, 10th bart.

4. Thomas, d. June 1822.

5. Ji'LiA, d. 5 March 1815.

Sir John-Chardin, d. 24 July 1806, and
was succeeded by his eldest son,

1794, »n. 21 Oct. 1824, Elizabeth, 3d da. of
George Fludyer, of Ayston, esq., by lady
Mary, his wife, da. of John, 9th earl of
Westmoreland, and had issue,

Elizabkth-Marv, 6. 2.1 July 1826.
Sir Philip d. July 1827, and was succeeded
by his brother,

bart., in holy orders; m. Sept. 1825, Mary-
Anne, da. of Edward Hasell, esq., but rf.
without male issue, 11 May 1834, was suc-
ceeded by his next brother,

X. Sir GEORGE, present bart.

A>->ns — See Plate 1. Azure, six annulets,
or, 3, 2, and 1.

Crest — Two arms embowed in armour,
proper, the hands grasping an annulet, or.

Motto — S'tns vliniii^ftf.

Seat — Eden Hall, Cumberland.

COPE, of Hanwell, CO. Oxford.
29 June IGll.

Sir JOHN COPE, Baronet,
Dec. 1812.

succeeded his brother, Sir Denzil, 12

This family descends from John Cope,
esq. a very eminent person in the reigns of
king Richard II. and Henry IV., and several
years one of the knts. of the shire for

L Sir ANTHONY COPE, the 1st bart.,
previously to his being advanced to that
dignity, had Ix'en knighted by (jueen Eliza-
beth, and represented the bofougli of Ban-
bury in 5 several parliaments ; m., 1st, Fran-



ces, da. of sir Rowland Lytton, knt., by
whom he had 7 sons, 4 of whom lived to
man's estate, and .3 das., viz.

1. Sir William, 2d bart.

2. Anthony; 3. Rithard, who both
settled in Ireland, and left issue.

4. John ; 5. Anne, «i. sir John Leigh, knt.

6. Elizabkth, ?n. sir Richard Cecil, knt.

7- Mary, m. Henry Champernowne, of
Dartington, co. Devon, esq.

Sir Anthony m., 2dly, Anne, da. of Wil-
liam Paston, of Paston, co. Norfolk, esq.,
and widow of sir George Chaworth, of
Wiverton,co. Notts, knt., and of sir Nicholas
Lestrange, of Hunstanton, co. Norfolk,
knt., by which lady he had no issue.

Sir Anthony d. 1615, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

II. Sir WILLIAM, 2d bart, M. P. for
Banbury in the 1st p.-.rliament of king
James I., and for co. Oxford in 3 other
parliaments of that reign ; m. Elizabeth, da.
and h. of sir George Chaworth, knt. and
had issue,

1. Sir John, 3d bart.

2. Jonathan, of Rawton Abbey, co.
Stafford, m., Anne, da. of sir Hatton Fermor,
of Easton, co. Northampton, knt., and was
grandfather of sir Jonathan Hope, of Brew-
em, CO. Oxon, created a bart, 1713.

3. Frances, m,, Robert, son and h. of
sir Lobert Lee, knt.

4. Mary ; 5. Ursula, d. unm.

Sir William d. 2 Aug. 1637. and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

III. Sir JOHN, nu, 1st, Mary, da. of sir
John Walter, knt., lord chief baron of the
exchequer, who rf. leaving him an only da.,

1. Anne.

He m., 2dly, lady Elizabeth, da. of Fran-
cis, earl of Westmoreland, and had,

2. Sir Anthony, 4th bart.

3. William, d. young.

4. Sir John, 5th bart.

5. Mary, rf. an infant.

6. Elizabeth, wi. Thomas Estcourt, esq,

IV. Sir ANTHONY, eldest son of sir
John, m. Mary, da. of Button, lord Ge-
rard, of Gerard's Bromley, and had issue,

1. Mary; 2. John; 3. Anthony;

4. Henry, all d. young.

Sir Anthony served for Banbury, at the
restoration of king Charlj-s IL, and the next
year was chosen knt. of the shire, co. Ox-
ford. He rf. 1675, and was succeeded by his

V. Sir JOHN, who also sat in several
parliaments for Oxfordshire and Banbury,
m. Anne, da. of Philip Booth, esq., by
whom he had issue,

1. Sir John, Cih bart.

2. Anthony, m. Anne, da. of the rev.
Nathaniel Spinks, prebendary of Sarum,
by whom he had no issue.

3. Charles.

4. Galen, who was first a capt. of horse,
but afterwards took orders, and was rector
of Eversley, co. Hants, m. Jane, da. of
Richard Onslow, esq., of Drungwicke, co.
Sussex, by whom he had 2 sons,

1. Sir Richard, .')th bart.

2. William, of Bridgden Place, Bexley,
CO Kent, esq., m. Anne, da. of Benjamin
Greenwood, of St. Mary Cray, co. Kent,
esq., and had issue, sir Denzil, loth
bart., and sir John, present bart.

5. Daniel; 6. Albion, hoth d, tnim.

7. William, lieut. in the foot-guards, rf.
iinm. 7 June 1706.

8. Elizabeth.

Sir John rf. 11 Jan. 1721, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

VI. Sir JOHN, served in several parlia-
ments for Plympton, Tavistock, Lyming-
ton, and the co. Southampton; tn, Alice,
da. of sir Humphrey Monnoux, of Wotton,
CO. Bedford, bart., by whom (who d. Feb.
1728) he had,

1. Sir Monnoux, his successor.

2. John, gentleman usher to George II.

3. Anne, m. William Bethell, esq.

Sir John rf. 8 Dec. 1749, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

VII. Sir MONNOUX, who was member
in several parliaments for Banbury, //;.
Penelope, only da. of the hon. lieut.-gen.
Henry Mordaunt, brother to Charles, earl
of Peterborough, by whom (who rf. Dec.
1737) he had,

1. William, rf. young.

2. Sir JoHN-MoRDAUNT, 8th bart.

Sir Monnoux rf. 24 June 1773, aged ()"7.
and was succeeded by his only son,

March 1772, without issue, and was suc-
ceedeil by his cousin,

IX. Sir RICHARD, (2d son of Galen, 4th
son of sir John, 5th bart., in holy orders,
prebendary of Durham, and rector of

Eversley,) m. 1st, a da. of Wyndham,

esq., of Salisbury; and 2dly, 20 Dec. 1787,
Catherine, da. and h. of John Law, of
Rotherham, co. York, esq., and rf. without
issue, was succeeded by his nephew,

X. Sir DENZIL, m., 13 Sept. 1810, miss
Frances, of Park Place, St. James's-street,
and by her (who rf. .30 Aug. 1820) had no
issue. Sir Denzil rf. 12 Dec. 1812, and was
succeeded by his brother,

XL Sir JOHN, present bart.

Anus — See Plate 1. Argent, on a
chevron, azure, between three roses, gules,
slitit, proper, as many fleurs-de-lis, or.

Cre.i-t — On a wreath, a fleur-de-lis, or, sur-
mounted by a dragon's head, gules.

Motto — Ail(j(ii> adeste aiiimo.

Scat — Bramshill Park, near Hertford
Bridge, co. Hampshire.

GRESLEY, of DrakeloW, co. Derby.

29 June IGll.

Sir ROGER GRESLEY, Baronet, Groom of the Bedchamber to H. R. H.
the Duke of Sussex, born 27 Dec. 1709, succeeded his father, sir NigeJ-
Bowyer, 2G March 1808, married, 2 June 1821, lady Sophia Coveutrv,
youngest da. of George-William, 7th earl of Coventry, and had isstie,
Sophia-Editha, b. 14 Oct., and d. 2 Nov. 1823.

This family derives its descent from
Nigell de Grksley, who founded the
monastery of Gresley, and is mentioned in
Doomsday-Book as holding Drakelowe, (^till

the chief seat of the family,) and several
other lordships in Derbyshire and Stafford-
shire; 16th in descent from the said NigtU,

B 3



Sir Thomas Grksley, of Drakelow,
knt., who m. Catherine, da. of the cele-
brated sir Thomas Walsingham, knt., and
had issue by her a son and h.,

I. Sir GEORGE, the 1st bart. He served
in parliament for Newcastle-under-Line; m.
Susan, da. of sir Humphrey Ferrers, knt.,
and had issue,

1. Thomas, m. Bridget, da. of sir Tho-
mas Burdett, bart., and d. during the life
of his father, haA'ing had 10 children,

1. Jane; 2. Henry; 3. George, who rf.

4. Sir Thomas, 2d bart.

5. Frances, m. John Whitehall, esq.

6. Bridget, m. Thomas Brome, esq.

7. George, m. Jane, da. of Thomas Nel-
son, and rf. without issue.

8. Catharine, m. Richard Dyot, esq.

9. Elizabeth, m. Philip Tratford.

10. Mary, m. sir John Harpur, knt.

2. Elizabeth, d. unm.

3. Dorothy, m., 1st, Robert Melward;
and, 2dly, Edward Wilmot, D.D.

Sir George was succeeded by his grandson,
II. Sir THOMAS, m. Frances, da. and

co-h. of Gilbert Morewood, esq., and had


1. Frances, m. William Inge, esq.

2. Bridget; 3. Elizabeth, rf. infants.

4. Dorothy, m. Thomas Ward.

5. Mary, m. Daniel Watson, esq.

6. Grace, m. Robert Roby.

7. Sir William, 3d bart.

8. Anne; 9. Catherine; 10. Letitia.

11. Thomas, m. Elizabeth, da. of John
Lee, gent., and had issue,

1. Lee; 2. William.
3. John ; 4. Elizabeth.

12. Isabel, d. unm.

13. Charles, m. Anne,
John Bott, gent., left 3 das

da. and co-h. of
, his co-heirs.

1. Elizabeth, m. Thomas Bott, of Co-
ventry, gent.

2. Frances; 3. Anne.

14. Sarah, m. Paul Balladon, of Stapen-
hill, CO. Derby, esq.

Sir Thomas d. 15 June 1G99, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

III. Sir WILLIAM, m. Barbara, da. of
John Walcot, esq., and relict of Richard
Okely, esq., and had,

1. Sir Thomas, 4th bart.

2. William, rf. an infant.

,3. Bridget, m. Adam Ottley, esq.
Sir William rf. 17 Oct. 171L and was suc-
ceeded by his only surviving son,

IV. Sir THOMAS, m., 1st, 1719, Dorothy,
da. and co-h. of sir William Bowyer, bart.,
by whom he had issue 7 sons and 3 das.,
who all rf. young, except

1. Sir Thomas, 5th bart.

2. Sir Nigel, 6th bart.

He m., 2dly, Gertrude, da. and co-h. of
John Grammar, esq., by whom he had 2

3. Gertrude, rf. in her infancy.

4. Geoffrey, rf. in America, leaving,

1. Thomas, rf. in 1798.

2. A da., m. the rev Willoughby.

Sir Thomas rf. 1746, and was succeeded by

his son,

V. Sir THOMAS, M.P. for Lichfield, m.
Wilmot, da. of Mr. Hood, of Leicester, by
whom he had only one da.,

Wilmot, m. her cousin, sir Nigel, 7th

Sir Thomas rf. of the small-pox 1753, and
was succeeded by his brother,

VI. Sir NIGEL, m., 1753, Elizabeth, da.
of the rev. Mr.Wynn, of Cheshire, by whom
he had,

1. NiGEL-BowYER, 7th bart.

2. Anne, w. sir John Heathcote, knt., and
d. Sept. 1797.

3. Elizabeth; 4. Frances.

5. Louisa, m. the rev. William Gresley,
of Nether Seal, co. Leicester.

6. Harriet, ni, John Jelly, gent.

7. Mary, m. rev. Baptist-John Proby,
eldest son of the dean of Lichfield.

Sir Nigel rf. 7 April 1787, aged GO, and was
succeeded by his son,

VII. Sir NIGEL-BOWYER, m., 1st, in
1777. his cousin, Wilmot, only da. and h. of
sir Thomas, the 5th bart., (whereby the title
and estates, which had been separated on
sir Thomas's death, became reunited,) and
by her (who rf. 4 Dec. 1790) had issue,

1. Wilmot-Maria, m. the rev. T. Le-
vett, of Lichfield.

2. Eaima-Sophia, m., 15 Aug. 1808, Rich-
ard-Edensor Heathcote, of Langton Hall,
CO. Stafford, esq.

3. Elizabeth-Augusta, rf. Nov. 1808.

Sir Nigel m., 2dly, 26 June 1796, Maria-
Eliza, da. and h. of Caleb Garway, of Wor-
cester, esq., and had issue,

4. Almeria-Georgiana-Maria, d. Jan.

5. Louisa-Georgiana-Maria,&. 17 July
1798, and m., 22 March 1822, rev. Edward
Woodyat, M. A.

6. Sir Roger, present bart.

7. Nigel, b. 15 March 1801, and d. 19
May 1816.

Sir Nigel rf. 26 March 1808, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

VIII. Sir ROGER, the present bart.
Anns — See Plate 1. Vairy, ermine and


Crest— A lion passant argent, gutt^ de
sang, collared, gules.

Motto — Mellore Jide quani fin-tuna.

Seats — At Drakelow, in Derbyshire, and
Knipersley, in Staffordshire.

HARINGTON, of Ridlington, co. Rutland.
29 June 1011.

Sir JAMES HARINGTON, Baronet, horii 30 Sept. 1788, succeeded
his father, sir John-Edward, 9 June 1831 ; married., in India, 181G,

Sophia, da. of Steer, of Chichester, esij., and has issue, 1. JOHN,

h. 22 May 1821.

It appears from the proceedings in the suit
in the King's Bench, anno 5 Edw. 1., that
this family is descended from one Osil-
thus, who held the manor of Flemingley,
CO. Cumberland, temp. Rich. I. His son,
tloBEHT, is designated deHARiNGioN, from

amanor in Durham, and his issue continued
to use it as their surname. In the reign of
Kdw. 1., RoHKUT de Harington, great-
grandson of the above Robert, acijuired in
marriage, with Agnes, da. and h. of Richard
Canceheld, the manor of Aldinghain, co.



Lancaster, which was afterwards the princi-
pal seat of the family ; he was father of _

John de Harington; attended king
Edw. I. in his expedition to Scotland 1305,
and was made a knight of the Bath at the
same time with the Prince of Wales, after-
wards king Edw. II. He was summoned to
parliament from 18 Edw. II. to 21 Edw.
III. 1347, when he d. He m. Juliana, da.
of sir Richard Barlingham, knt., and had,
besides other issue, a son and heir-apparent,
sir Robert, who d. in his lifetime, having
m. Elizabeth, sister and co-h. of John de
Moulton, lord of Egremont, (a baron of
parliament,) and leaving issue by her, 1.
John, who succeeded his grandfather, and
was 2d baron Harington; 2. Robert, an-
cestor of the present baron, of whom here-

John, 2d lord Harington, was summoned
to parliament 1348, and d. 1363, leaving a
son and h., Robert, 3d lord, who d. 140.5,
leaving 2 sons, 1. Robert, and 2. John,
4th and 5th lords; which last d. 1457, leav-
hig an only da., Elizabeth, wife of William,
lord Bonville.

Sir Robert de Harington, younger bro-
ther of the 2d lord, and ancestor of the pre-
sent bart., and of the lords Harington, of
Exton, extinct, was seated at Flete, co.

Lincoln, m. Mary, da. of Kirkby, and

left one son,

John, m. Agnes, da. of Laurence Flete,
of Flete, CO. Lmcoln, and d. 1421, was suc-
ceeded by his son,

Robert, m. the da. and co-h. of John de
la Laund, and left a son,

John, m. Katharine, da. and co-h. of sir
Thomas Colepepper, of Exton, co. Rutland,
knt., and was succeeded by his son,

Robert, high sheriff co. Rutland 1492
and 1498, and d. 12 Feb. 1501. He m.
Maud, da. of sir John Prisett, knt., chief
justice of the common pleas, and left a son,

Sir John Harington, of Exton, aforesaid,
knt., aged 30 at his father's death ; he was
high sheriff co. Rutland 1503, 1512, 1516
and 1521 ; d. 5 Nov. 1524, buried at Exton ;

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