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13 Jan. 1790.

Sir JOHN-BULLER YARDE-BULLER, Baronet, M.P. for the
southern division of Devonshire; bo7-n 12 April 1799 ; married^ 24 Jan.
1823, Elizabeth, da. of Thomas-Wilson Patten, of Bank Hall, co. Lan-
caster, esq., by whom he has issue, 1. JOHN-BULLER YARDE-
BULLER, b. 23 Dec. 1823 ; 2. Bertha, h. 9 Jan. 1825.

Ralph Buller was, at an early period,
seated at Woode, a manorial property in
the hundred of South Petherton, in the
CO. of Somerset, and was great-grand-
father of

Nicholas Buller, esq., who, by his in-
termarriage with Alice, da. and h. of John
Beauchamp, of Lillesdon, in the same
county, esq., (a younger branch of the ba-
ronial house of Beauchamp of Hache,) ac-
quired the estate of Lillesdon, which also
became the seat of his posterity.

John, the son and heir of Nicholas Bul-
ler, m. Anne, da. and h. of Nicholas Ched-
ington, of Chedington, co. Dorset, esq.
and was father of

John Buller, esq., who m. Thomazine,
da. of Walter Portman, of Orchard, esq.,
by whom he had issue, John, who died in his
father's lifetime, leaving issue by Alice,
his wife, da. of John Sydenham, of Brimp-
ton, CO. Somerset,

Alexander Buller, who was found
heir to his grandfather's possessions in 1485.
He m., 1st, Anne, da. of Giles, lord Dau-
beney, by whom he had issue, John, his son
and heir, whose immediate descendants con-
tinued seated at Lillesdon down to the reign
of James I. ; and 2dly, Elizabeth, da. of sir
John Horsey, of Clifton Malbanke, in the
CO. of Dorset, knt., by whom he had several
children, the eldest of whom,

Richard Buller, esq., settled in Corn-
wall, where he died in Nov. 1555, seised of
the manors of Shillingham and Trehane,
together with other lands; m. Margaret,
one of the das. and ro-heiresses of Thomas
Trethurffe, of Trethurffe, in the county of
Cornwall, esq., (and cousin, and at length
one of the co-heiresses of Edward-Courte-
nay, the last earl of Devon, and marquess of
Exeter, who died at Padua in the reign of
Philip and Mary, 1.55(),) by whom he had an
only son,

Francis Buller, of Shillingham and
Tregarrick, esq., m. Thomazine, da. of Tho-
mas'Williams, of Stowford, in tlie county of
Devon, esq., speaker of the house of com-
mons in the reign of Elizabeth, and rf. in
1615, leaving a numerous issue, of whom.

Sir Richard Buller, knt., the eldest
son, sometime M.P. for the county of Corn-
wall, m. Alice, da. of sir Rowland, and co-h.
of her brother, sir John Hay ward, of Roch-
ester, in the county of Kent, knt., and had

Francis Buller, also of Shillingham
aforesaid, and of Surbiton, in the county of
Surrey, and (Jspringe, co. Kent, esq., who
m. Thomazine, da. of sir Thomas Honey-
wood, of Evington, knt., and r/. 1()77> hav-
ing had issue by Thomazine, his wife, Fran-

cis Buller, of Shillingham, esq., whose male
descendants became extinct on the death of
his grandson, James Buller, esq., sometime
M.P. for Cornwall, in 1710, and a younger

John Buller, of Morval, co. Cornwall,
esq., who, upon the death of his great-ne-
phew, James Buller, before mentioned, be-
came the representative of the family ; m.
Anne, da., and at length sole h. of John
Code, of Morval, esq., and had issue John,
who rf. in his father's lifetime, leaving issue,
by Mary, his wife, da. and at length co-h.
of sir Henry Pollexfen, knt., chief justice
of the Common Pleas, an only son,

John-Francis Buller, esq., who suc-
ceeded to the estates of his grandfather, m.,
22 July 17I6, Rebecca, da. and at length
co-h. of sir Jonathan Trelawny, bart., lord
bishop of Winchester, and d. 1751," leaving
issue by her, (who d. 1743,)

1. James, father of the 1st bart.

2. Francis, sometime M.P. for West
Looe, m. Mary, da. of sir Coplestone- War-
wick Bampfylde, of Poltimore, co. Devon,
bart., and relict of sir Coventry Carew, of
Antony House, co. Cornwall, bart., and d.
s.p. 1764.

3. John, sometime M.P. for East Looe,
and one of the lords of the treasury, m,,
1st, 3 March 1760, Mary, da. of sir John St.
Aubyn, of Clowance, co. Cornwall, bart.,
by whom he had issue three sons, of whom
sir Edward Buller, vice-admiral of the red,
was created a baronet 3 Oct. IfiOf!, and d.
April 1824, s.p.m., whereby the said honour
became extinct, and leaving an only child,
Anna-Maria, )«., 1824, colonel James-Drum-
mond Elphinstone, who on his marriage,
took by royal sign manual the name of
Buller before that of Elphinstone. John
Buller, esq., m., 2dly, 4 Nov. 17()8, Elizabeth-
Caroline, da. of John Hunter, esq., by whom
(who d. 17 Jan. 17!*8) he also left issue.

4. WiLLTAAi, lord bisliop of Exeter, m.,
1!) April 1762, Anne, da. and co-h. of John-
Thomas, D.D., lord bishop of Winchester,
and (/. 3 Dec. 1706, leaving issue.

5. Ri:i!E(CA, m. vice-admiral Charles
Watson, father of sir (^liarlcs Watson, bart.

(). Anne, m. Reginald Pole, of Tyward-
reth, CO. Cornwall, and Stoke, co. Devon,

7. Marv, 1)1. sir Joseph Copley, of Sprot-
borough, CO. York, bart.

8. Elizaiskth, ni. the rev. John Sturges,

James Buller, esq., the eldest son and
h. of John-Francis Buller before mentioned,
was sometime M.P. for Cornwall, and" rf; .30
Aiiril 17(;4, having /»., 1st, Oct. 1730, Eliza-
beth, tUi. and at length sole h. of William



Gould, of Dowries, co. Devon, esq., by
whom (who d. March 1742) he had an only

1. James, of Shillingham and Downes,
es<^., the father of James Buller, now of
Shillingham and Downes, sometime M.P.
for the city of Exeter, the representative of
the elder branch of this family.

He m., 2dly, April 1744, Jane, 3d da. of
Allen, 1st earl Bathurst, by whom he had

2. John, who, under his father's will, suc-
ceeded to the Morval estate, was M.P. for
West Looe, m. Anne, da. of William Le-
mon, esq., and sister of sir William Lemon,
bart., and rf. Dec. 17^3, leaving issue by her,
John Buller, of Morval, esq., sometime also
M.P. for West Looe, and one of the com-
missioners of his majesty's customs, his eld-
est son and heir, and other children.

3. Sir Francis, 1st bart.

4. Edward, m. Harriet, da. of John Hos-
kyns, esq.j and left issue.

5. William; (5. Rebecca, both d. young.

7. Jane, m. the late sir William Lemon,
bart., M.P. co. Cornwall.

8. Mary, m. James Templer, of Stover
Lodge, CO. Devon, esq.

9. Catherine, w. lieut.-general William
Macannick, both d.

L Sir FRANCIS BULLER, the 1st bart.,
b. 17 March 1745-6, was bred to the law, and
in 1778 appointed one of the judges of the
court of King's Bench, from which court he
afterwards removed to the Common Pleas.
He was created a baronet 13 Jan. 179(), m. at
the age of seventeen, Susaana, da. and sole
h. of Francis Yarde, of Churston Ferrers,

CO. Devon, esq., by whom (who d. 21 June
1810) he had issue,

1. Edward, 6. 1765, d. 1782.

2. Sir Francis, 2d bart.

3. 4. Two Das., both rf, in their infancy.
Sir Francis d. 3 June 180(», and was suc-
ceeded by his only surviving son,

b. 28 Sept. 1767, assumed the surname of
Yarde, pursuant to the will of his maternal
uncle, but subsequently, by royal license,
26 June 18(K>, added to it his original sur-
name of Buller, m., 2 June 17!)1, Eliza-
Lydia, only da. and h. of John Holliday,
of Lincoln's Inn, and Dilhorne Hall, co.
Stafford, esq., and had issue,

1. Susan-Elizabeth, w., 1st, 13 Aug.
1814, George, 16th earl of Morton, K.T.,
and 2dly, 17 Sept. Ifi31, Edward Godfrey,
esq., of Old Hall, co. Suffolk.

2. Francis, d. young.

3. Sir JoHN-BuLLER, present bart.

4. Edward, b. 19 July 1803, m., 12 Aug.
1824, Mary-Anne, da. of the late major-ge-
neral Coote Manningham, and had issue,

Morton-Edward, b. 7 July 1825.

5. Elizabeth, unm.

Sir Francis-Buller rf. 1834, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

III. Sir JOHN-BULLER, present and
3d bart.

Arms — See Plate 25. Sable on a cross ar-
gent, quarterly pierced of the field, four
eagles displayed, of the 1st.

Crest — A saracen's head, couped, proper.

Seats — At Churston Ferrers, and Ottery
St. Mary, both co. Devon ; and Lupton
House, CO. Devon.

OAKELEY, of Shuewsbury, co. Salop.

5 June 1790.

Sir HERBERT OAKELEY, Baronet, in Holy Orders, Prebendary of
St. Paul's, Dean of Booking, and Vicar of Ealing, co. Middlesex ; born 10
Feb. 1791, succeeded his brother, sir Charles, 30 June 1829; married, 5
June 1826, Atholl Keturah, 2d da. of the right hon. and rev. lord Charles

Aynsley, son of the 3d duke of Atholl, and has issue, 1. Charlotte-

Mary-Atholl, b. 25 June 1827; 2. CHARLES-WILLIAM-

ATHOLL, b. 25 Oct> 1828 ; 3. Herbert-Stanley, b. 22 July 1830 ;

4. Henry-Evelyn, b. 23 Nov. 1833.

The family of Oakeley was resident at an
early period at Oakley, co. Salop. The first
of the family of whom there is any au-
thentic account is

Rowland, b. about the year 1550, m.
Mary, da. of AVilliam Crowther, of Betson,
CO. Salop, esq., by whom he had issue,

1. Richard.

2. Samuel, a merchant in London.

3. John, of Westminster, and of Fawley
Court, CO. Bucks.

4. Jeremy, in holy orders, rector of Main-
stone or Minclstov/n, co. Salop, and \-icar of

5. 6. 7. Three Das.

Richard, eldest son and h. of Rowland,
m., 1st, Mary, sister of John Combes, of
Gray's Inn, esq., by whom he had issue,

1. William ; 2. Rowland.

.3. 4. n. 6. 7. Five Das.

He m., 2dly, Margaret, da. of Wormall,

esq., by whom he had no issue : he was M.P.
for Bishop's Castle in 1623, and greatly dis-
tinguished for his zeal in the royal cause ;
he d. in 1653, and was succeeded in his
estates by his eldest son.

William, who was M.P. for Bishop'
Castle, 1660 to 1681, and sheriff of Salop
1660, and d. 28 Jan. 1694, having m., 1st,
Mary, 2d da. of Walter Waring, of Old-
bury, CO. Salop, esq., by whom (whorf. Sept.
I66l») he had no surviving issue; and 2dly,
Barbara, eldest da, of John Walcot, of
Walcot, CO. Salop, esq., by whom (who d.
1724, having ?«., 2dly, sir William Gresley,
bart.) he had issue,

1. Richard, sheriff of Salop 1734, m.
Margaret, da. of sir Herbert Croft, of Croft
Castle, bart., and d. 1738, leaving issue,

1. Richard, who was twice m., but d.

2. Herbert, in holy orders, rector of
Lydham, and vicar of Lydbury, m. Anne,
da. of Robert Loder, of Lechlade, and d.
4 May 1778, leaving issue, John Oakley, of
Firgrove, near Bishop's Castle, m. and
had, besides other issue, Herbert, in holy
orders, rector of Lydham, and prebendary
of Worcester, who d. 1829.

2. John, of the ^liddle Temple, d, imm,

3. William, grandfather of the 1st bart.,
of whom presently.



4. Barbara, tn. Thomas Dowries.

5. Elizabeth; 6. Samuel; 7. Charles,
all rf. utmi.

William, 3d son of William, who rf.
in 1694, was b. 22 Aug. 1684, m. Catharine,
da. of Walter Moseley, of the Meer, co.
Staftbrd, esq., by whom he had issue,

William, in holy orders, rector of For-
ton, CO. Stafford, and vicar of Holy Cross,
Shrewsbury, m. Christian, da. and h. of sir
Patrick Strahan, knt., by whom he had

1. William, b. Feb. 1750, m. Margaret,
d\, and h. of Evan Gryflydd, of Tanybwlch,
CO. Merioneth, esq., d. Aug. 1811, leaving an
only son, William-Gryffydd.

2. Catharine, www.

3. Sir Charles, 1st bart.

I. Sir CHARLES, 1st bart., created as
above, 6. 16 Feb. 1751, entered the East In-
dia Company's civil service in 1766; after
being employed in vaiious important offices
in that country, he returned to England in
1789, and in the following year was appoint-
ed governor of Madras, which situation he
held until Sept. 1794, when he resigned it,
haAing received repeated thanks from the
governor-general of India, and from the
highest authorities in this country : he m.,
19 Oct. 1777, Helena, da. of Robert Beat-
son, of Killeric, co. Fife, esq., by whom he
had issue,

1. Sir Charles, 2d bart.

2. Helena, 6. 24 March 1780.

3. Henrietta, b. 21 Jan. 1782, m.. May
1814, John Mott, of the Close, Lichfield,

4. Georgina, b. 19 Feb. 1785, m., 6 Dec.

1804, Roger Kynaston, of Witham Grove,
CO. Essex, esq., rf. 18 Dec. 1816.

5. Louisa, b. 15 April 1786, m., 26 Nov.

1805, George Reid, jun.,of Watlington Hall,
CO. Norfolk, esq.

6. Henry, 6. 6 Dec. 1787, judge of the

district of Moorshedabad, Bengal, m. Laura,
da. of col. Ravier, but d. without issue, 3
May 1826.

7. William, (twin with Henry,) rf. an in-

8. Amelia, b. 1 Oct. 1789, m., 12 Jan.
1812, Chappel, only son of dr. John-Chap-
pel Woodhouse, dean of Lichfield.

9. Sir Herbert, 3d bart.

10. Emma, b. 2 Sept. 1793, rf. an infant.

11. Edward, b. 9 Nov. 1796.

12. William, b. 12 May 1798, m., 25 Oct.
1827, Mary-Maria, only da. of col. sir Ed-
ward Miles, knt., C.B. and K.T.S., and rf.
11 Dec. 1834, leaving issue,

William-Edward, b. 1 Aug. 1828.

13. Cobnwallis, 6. 16 June 1801, d. an

14. Frederick, b. 5 Sept. 1802.

Sir Charles rf. 7 Sept. 1826, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

II. Sir CHARLES, 2d bart., b. 25 Sept.
1778, sometime secretary of legation and
charge d'affaires successively in Bavaria,
Sweden, and the United States, m., 1820,
Charlotte-Augusta Ramadier de Lomet,
only da. of col. de Lomct, of Meysenbrock,
in the Netherlands, and had issue,

1. Helena, b. 1821.

2. Augusta, b. 1824.

3. Georgina, (posthumous,) b. 6Feb. 18.30.
Sir Charles rf. at Huy, in the Netherlands,
30 June 1829, and was succeeded by his bro-

III. Sir HERBERT, present and 3d bart.
Af7ns — See Plate 25. Argent, on a fesse,

between three crescents, gules, as many
fleurs-de-lis, or.

Cre-'it — A dexter arm, embowed, in armour,
proper, charged with two fleurs-de-lis, or,
each in a crescent, gules ; in the hand a sci-
mitar, proper, hilt, or.

Motto — Patenii nominis patrinwnium.


9 Aug. 1790.

Sir JOHN-POWLETT ORDE, Baronet, horn 9 June 1803, succeeded
his father, sir John, 19 Feb. 1824; married^ 15 June 1826, Eliza, da. of
Peter Campbell, of Kilmorrey, esq., and by her (who c?. 13 June 1829) had

issue, a SON, h. 23 Feb. 182? ; a Da., h. 3 Feb. 1828; a Da.,

b. 24 May 1829. Sir John m., 2dly, 14 June 1832, Beatrice-James,
youngest da. of James Edwards, of Pall Mall, and of Harrow-on-the-Hill,
esq., and has issue, a Da-, h. 31 Oct. 1833, d. 1834.

The family of Orde appears to be of great
antiquity, and was long possessed of consi-
derable landed estates in the coimties of
Northumberland and Durham, which, in
the latter county, were held in capite, under
the bisho]), in right of his palatinate, espe-
cially at and in the neighbourhood of
Orde, near Berwick-upon-Tweed. Most of
these, in both counties, still remain in the
family ; and part of them, viz. at Orde,
Moreham, Grindon, tkc, descended to Jolin
Ordc, est]., father of William Orde, esq., of
Morpeth and Nunnykirk, co. Northumber-
land ; of Thomas, 1st lord Bolton; of sir
John Orde, bart., vice-admiral, &c. ; of
two das. ; as heir-male of his cousin, Wil-
liam Orde cs(i., of Sandy Bank House,
M.P. for Berwick-ujion-Tweed. William
Orde, of Sandy Bank, left three das.; the
eldest m., 1st, Henry Ogle, of Cawsey Park,
CO. Northumberland, esq. ; and 2dly, sir W.

Carr, of Hall House, in the said county,
bart. The second m., 1st, Thomas Forster, of
Atherston, in that county, esq.; and, 2dly,
Robert Fenwick, of Lemmington, in the
same county, esq. The thirds;. Walter Ket-
tleby, of Athold, in the same county, esq.
These das. inherited other considerable
estates not entailed, viz., Norefinm Castle
and its demesnes; Suiidi/ Rank, &c., which
continued in the heirs of mrs. Fenwick,
who alone left children.

John Oiidk, es(]. (father of sir John Orde)
lived chiefly at Morpeth, and acted for
many years as a magistrate and deputy-lieut.
of the CO. Northumberland, and rf. in 1784.
He m., 1st, Ann, da. of Edward Ward,
of Nunnykirk, esq., by whom he had

1. William, of Morpeth, and of Nunny-
kirk, who inherited the family estates, and
also those of the Wards, of Nunnykirk, by



his marriage with his cousin, Anne, da. and
heiress of William Ward, esq.

He m., 2dly, Anne, da. of R. Marr, of
Morpeth, esq., and widow of the rev. Wil-
liam Pye, of the same, and by her had,

2. Thomas, created, 20 Oct. 1797i baron
Bolton, d. 1807. leaving William, lord Bol-
ton, and other issue.

3. Sir John, 1st bart.

4. Anne,

5. Mary, m. Robert Lisle, of Acton House,
CO. Northumberland, esq., and rf. 17!)0.

I. Sir JOHN, 6. 1751, entered the navy in
1772, and attained to the rank of post-cap-
tain 1778, and subsequently to that of admi-
ral of the red. In 1783 he was appointed
governor of Dominica, and was created a
bart. as above; m., 1st, 1780, Margaret, da.

and co-h. of Richard Stephens, of St. He-
lena, in South Carohna, esq., by whom (who
rf. 13 Sept. 1790) he had,

1. John, rf. an infant.

He m., 2dly, Jane, eldest da. of John Frere,
of Finningham, co. Suffolk, esq., by whom
(who rf. 16 Sept. 1829) he had,

2. Sir JoHN-PowLETT, present bart.

3. Anna-Maria-Fenn, b. 23 May 1806.
Sir John rf. 19 Feb. 1824, and was succeeded
by his only son,

II, Sir JOHN-POWLETT, 2d and pre-
sent bart.

Arms — See Plate 25, Sable, three salmons,
haurient, in fesse, argent.

Crest— An elk's head, or, charged with a
collar invecked, sable.

Seat— At Bognor, co. Sussex.

MALET, of PooNAH, in the East Indies.
24 Feb. 1791.

Sir ALEXANDER MALET, Baronet, iom 23 July 1800, succeeded
his father, sir Charles-Warre, 24 Jan. 18L5 ; married, 22 Dec. 1834, Mary.
Anne- Dora, da. of John Spalding, of the Holm, esq,, by Mary-Anne, his
wife, now lady Brougham and Vaux.

The family of Malet is one of the most
ancient in the kingdom, as it derives its ori-

fin from William Malet, who came into
Ingland with William the Conqueror, The
elder branch were barons by tenure ; and
William Malet, lord of Cory Malet, co. So-
merset, was one of the celebrated twenty-
five barons appointed to enforce the ob-
servance of Magna Charta; he rf. with-
out male issue, and his immense possessions
were divided between his two daughters and
co-heiresses, Mabel, m. Hugh de Vivonia
or Fortibus, and Halewise, m. sir Hugh
Pointz. A younger branch was seated at
the same time at Enmore, co. Somerset.
Thomas Malet, of Enmore, teinp. Henry
VII., left two sons, William, who continued
the line at Enmore, which estate was at
length conveyed to Wilmot, earl of Roches-
ter, by his marriage with Elizabeth Malet ;
and Baldwin, who was solicitor-general fe/»p.
Henry VIII., and settled at St. Audries, co.
Somerset : he had issue four sons, Michael,
the eldest, continued the line at St. Audries;
John, the second, m. Alice, da. of Anthony
Monke, of Potheridge, co. Devon, and was
grandfather of

Sir Thomas Malet, who was knighted
and made a judge of the King's Bench by
Charles I., in whose service he lost a son,
was himself imprisoned two years in the
Tower, and sustained great injury to his
property. After the Restoration he sat as
judge on the trial of the regicides ; and in
consideration of his inflexible loyalty and
severe sufferings, was distinguished by
Charles II. with the grant of a pension of
f 1000 per annum; and a warrant for a pa-
tent {vide Kimher mid Johnson's Baronetage,
vol. iii. p. 322) of baronetage, dated 1603,
under the royal sign manual, now in the pos-
session of his descendant; but dying soon
after, at the age of 83, the patent never
pas.?ed. Sir Thomas m. Jane, da. of Francis
Mills, of Southampton, and had issue, be-
sides other children, a son and heir.

Sir John, knighted 1666, m. Florentia,

da. of John Wyndham, of Orchard, co.

Somerset, esq., and had issue a son and heir,

Baldwin, who rf, 1724, having m., 1st,

, da. of sir George Horner, of Mells,

CO. Somerset, by whom he had several chil-
dren, who all rf. s.p. ; 2dly, Anne, da. of
John Harbin, of London, by whom he had,
John, Francis, Anne, and Jane, who all rf.
U7im.% and

Alexander, 3d son, in holy orders, rec-
tor of Comb-Flory, co. Somerset, and of
Maiden-Newton, co. Dorset, and prebendary
of Gloucester and Wells; 6. 17(14, m. Anne,
da. of Lawrence St. Lo, D.D., rector of
Pulham and Stoke-Gaylard, co. Dorset, and
rf, 19 Nov, 1775, leaving issue by her,

1. Sir Charles, 1st bart.

2. Alexander, b. 21 Nov. 1756, m. at
Barbadoes, 4 April I788, Alice, da. of Na-
thaniel Lucas, of Bridge-town, Barbadoes,
and rf. s.p.

3. Margaret, rf. unm.

4. Catherine, m., 18 Dec. 1780, William
Dansey, of Brinsop Court, co. Hereford,
esq., col. 49th regiment of foot, and isdeceased.

5. Elizabeth, m., 30 Dec. 1773, Thomas
Charter, of Bishop's Lideard, co. Somerset,
esq., and is deceased,

6. Anne,

F.R.S. and F.S.A., the 19th in lineal descent
from William Malet, who first settled in
England with William the Conqueror, was
created a bart. as above. Sir Charles en-
tered into the service of the East India Com-
pany, and held several offices of great trust
and responsibility. In 1785 he was appointed
plenipotentiary to the court of the Peishwa
of the Mahrattas; previous to which he had
visited the Great Mogul, and been created
one of the nobles of his empire : left Bom-
bay, Feb. 1 798, in which place he had been
acting-governor, and reached England in
July of the same year, bringing over the
first testimonials of personal attachment
and respect that had ever been transmitted
direct from the Peishwa to the king and the
East India Company, consisting of jewels
and rich cloths, the produce and manufac-
ture of that country ."which his majesty was
pleased graciously to receive. He nu, I7
Sept. 1799, Susannah, eldest da, of mr,
James Wales, and had issue,




1. Sir Alexander, present bart.

2. Charles-St.-Lo, in the army.

3. William-Wyndham, in the civil ser-
vice of the East India Company at Bombay.

4., in the military
service of the East Inda Company.

5. Arthur, in the civil service of the East
India Company at Bombay.

6. HuoH-PoYNTz, in the civil service of
the East India Company.

7. Octavius-Warre, in the civil service

of the East India Company.

8. Alfred-Augustus.
Sir Charles-Warre d. 24 Jan. 1815, and was
succeeded bv his eldest son,

II. Sir ALEXANDER, present bart.

Amis — See Plate 26. Azure, three escal-
lops, or.

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet, or, a grif-
fin's head, ermine.

Motto — Ma f wee d'en haut.

Seat — Wilbury House, Amesbury, Wilts.

KENNAWAY, of Hydrabad, in the East Indies.

25 Feb. 1791.

Sir JOHN KENNAWAY, Baronet, born 1758, entered into the
service of the East India Company in 1772, as a Cadet ; and, after serving
through the whole war against Hyder Ali, in the years 1781, 82, and 83,
was appointed Aide-de-Camp to Charles, marquess Cornwalhs, K.G. In
1788 he was appointed Resident at the Court of the Nizam, with whom,
on the breaking out of the war with Tippoo Sultaum in 1790, he conckided
a treaty of alhance, for which service he was advanced to the dignity of the
Baronetage. Under the auspices of the marquess Cornwallis, he conducted,
in 1792, the negotiations for, and concluded the preliminary and definitive
treaties of peace between the allied powers and Tippoo, by which half the
dominions of the latter were ceded, and £3,300, 000 paid to the allies. In
.1796 the East India Company settled on him an annuity of £500. He
returned to England 1794, and, Feb. 17975 married Charlotte, 2d da.
of James Amyatt, esq., (formerly miember for Totness, and 1784, 1790,

1796, and 1802, for Southampton.) by whom he has issue, 1. JOHN,

«i., 28 April 1831, Emily- Frances, da. of Thomas Kingscote, of Kingscote

Park, CO. Gloucester, esq. ; 2. Charles-Edward, in holy orders, wi.,

17 June 1830, Emma, 4th da. of the hon. and rev. Gerard Noel; 3.

Lawrence, of the Bengal civil service, d. at Allahabad, 8 April 1822 ;

4. William-Richard, m., 17 I^Iay 1831, Eliza, da. of George-Poyntz

Ricketts, esq., Bengal civil service; 5. Charlotte-Eliza, w., 13

Jan. 1835, George Templer, of Whitehill, co. Devon, esq. ; G. Maria;

7* Frances; 8. Augusta; 9. Susan.

William Kennaavay, of Kingsbridge,
CO. Devon, merchant, (son of Robert Ken-
naway, of Kennaway, co. Fife,) m. Joyce,
da. of mr. Bastard, of Greston, and d. I7IO,
leaving a son and heir,

William, of Exeter, merchant, h. 1(592,
^H.Joan, da. of Robert Abraham, of Gur-
rington, co. Devon, and d. 17(3!>, having had
issue, Robert ; Abmliam, of Exeter, mer-
chant, in. and had issue; Elizabeth ; and

William Kennaway, (father of the pre-
sent bart.,) h. \^\'^, m., 1750, Frances, da. of
Aaron Tozer, of Exeter, and d. I7i}'3, leaving

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