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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 53 of 95)
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issue by her, who d. 9 Aug. 1788,

1. William.

2. Ric HARD, some time member of the
Board of Trade at Calcutta, d. 1832.

3. Sir John, present bart.

4. Robert, d. July 1829.

5. Thomas, m., 1788, Anne, da. of Tho-
mas Glasse, and had issue.

(). Frances.

7' Susan, m. the rev. Robert-Palk Wel-

Anns — See Plate 2G. Argent, afess, azure,
between two eagles displayed, in chief,
gules, and in base, through an annulet of
the third, a slip of dive, and another of
palm, in saltire, proper.

C' — An eagle rising, proper, from the
beak an escutcheon, pendant, azure, charged
with the sun in splendor, proper.

Hendeuce — At Escott, near Ottery St.
Mary, co. Devon.

LUSHINGTON, of South-IIill Park, co. Berks.

2G April 1791.

Sir HENRY liUSHINGTON, Baronet, some time Consul-General at
Naples, horn 27 (^)ct. 1775, succtxMled his father, sir Stephen, 12 Jan. 1807;
married., 8 April 1799, Fanny- Ptl aria, eldest da. of IMatthew Lewis, of the

War Office, esq., and has issue, 1. JMaria, b. IG July 1800; 2.

Louisa, b. 31 July 1801, ?«., 8 April 182G, sir Charles Burrard, bart.;
3. HENRY, b. 10 Oct. 1802; 4. Stephen, b. 12 Dec. 1803;



5. Charles, h. 29 Nov. 1805; —
Matthew, h. 5 Oct. 1808 ; 8.

a Sox, b. 1 Nov. 1815

-6. Sophia, h. 26 Nov. 1806; 7.

Fraxklin, b. 20 April 1811; 9.

■10. E311LY, d. 12 March 1822.

Thomas Lushingtox, of Sittingboume,
CO. Kent, (son of Augustine Lushington, or
Lessenden, of the same place,) was h. 1628,
and d. 13 Oct. 1688, having m. Anne, da. of
Stephen Toralyn, of Chillon, by whom
(who d. 11 March 1678. on the birth of three
children) he had a numerous family, of

Stephen, 4th son, (but only one who left
issue,) was 6. 1675, m., 1st, Catherine, only
da. of Benjamin Godfrey, esq., by whom
(who d. 28 Aug. 17(H)) he had an only son,

1. Thomas-Godfrey, twice m., and d.
1757, lea\-ing issue by his 1st wife, Dorothy,
da. of John Gisbume, besides other children,
a son, the rev. James-Stephen Lushington,
sometime vicar of Newcastle-upon-Tyne,
and prebendary of Carlisle, m., 1st, Mary,
da. of Edmvmd Law, bishop of Carlisle, and
sister of the 1st lord Ellenborough ; 2dly,
Mary, da. of the rev. Humphrey Christian,
and left issue by both.

Stephen m., "2dly, Jane, da. of Pet-
ley, and widow of Edmund Fowler, esq., by
whom (who m., 3dly, John NicoU) he had,

2. Stephen, who d. without issue.

3. Henry, of whom hereafter.

4. Franklin, capt. of the Burford man-
of-war, killed at the siege of La Guyra, 19
Feb. 1743.

5. William, col. in the army, m, Jane,
da. of col. William Southwall, of Ireland,
by whom he had issue.

6. Jane, m. John Perry, D.D., rector of
Ash, CO. Kent,

7- Catharine, m. Roger Altham, esq.,

8. Jane, d. an infant.
Stephen Lushington, esq., d. 4 March 17I8.

The rev. Henry, D.D., 2d son of Stephen
by the 2d wife, was vicar of East-Bourne,
and m., 1st, Mary, da. of Roger Altham,
D.D., archdeacon of Middlesex, by whom
he had,

1. Henry, who was massacred by Cossim
All Kawn, at Patna, in the East Indies.

2. Matthew, d. a minor itnm. 1754.

3. Sir Stephen, 1st bart.

4. William, of Marks Hall, Essex, some-
time IVI.P. for the city of London, m. Pau-
lina, only child of Thomas French, esq., by
whom he had issue.

5. Maria, 6. 29 March 1742, m. John
Tilson, of Watlington Park, co. Oxon.

6. Charlotte, b. 9 July 1745, m. Ralph
Leycester, of Toft, co. Chester, esq.

7. Catharine, d. an infant.

8. Jane, h. 14 Dec. 1739, tn. the rev.
Thomas Altham, LL.D., vicar of Latton.

Dr. Henry Lushington ;«., 2dly, Mary,
da. of Nicholas Gilbert, by whom he had
no issue. He d. 13 Jan. 1779.

I. Sir STEPHEN, the 3d son, was created
a bart. 26 April 1791, b. 17 June 1744, was
many years a director of the East India
Company, and more than once filled the
chair*; m,, 6 June 1771. Hester, da. of John
Boldero, of Aspenden Hall, co. Herts, esq.,
by whom (who d. 6 Dec. 183<)) he had,

I. Henry ; 2. Stephen, both d. infants.

3. Sir Henry, 2d bart.

4. Stephen, b. 14 Jan. 1782.

5. Charles, b. 14 April 1785.

6. Mary, 6. 14 May 1772.

7. Hester, b. 29 April 1773, m. Thomas
Butler, of Berry Lodge, Hambledon, co;
Hants, esq.

8. Sophia, b. 15 June 1778, nu, 20 Sept.
18(H), general Onslow, son of Middleton
Onslov/, esq.

9. Amelia, 6. 6 Aug, 1780.

10. Caromne, 6. 11 April 1790.

Sir Stephen rf. 12 Jan. 1807> and was suc-
ceeded bv his eldest son,

II. SirHENRY, present bart

Anns — See Plate 26. Or, on a fess wavyj
between three lions' heads, erased, vert, as
many ermine spots, or.

Crest — A lion's head, erased, vert, charged
on the erasure with three ermine spots, or :
ducally gorged, argent.

JAMES, of Langley Hall, co. Berks.
28 July 1791.

Sir WALTER JAMES, Baronet, born 3 June 1816, succeeded hU
grandfather, sir Walter- James James, 8 Oct. 1829.

Richard Head, of Langley Park, co.
Berks, left issue a son, Richard, and a da.,
Elizabeth, who ?h. John James, of Denford,
in the same county, esq., who, on his de-
cease, left his estates to his great-nephews,
William and Walter Head, hereafter named,
on condition of their taking of the name
and arms of James only.

Richard Head, son of the above Rich-
ard, m. Elizabeth, da. of John Wallis, of
Soundness House, co. Oxford, esq., (only
son and heir of the learned dr. John Wallis,
Savilian Professor in the university of Ox-
ford, and one of the most celebrated mathe-
maticians T>f his time,) and by her had, be-
sides other issue, sir Thomas, "grandfather of
the present baronet, and Richard, who m. and
left issue an only child and heiress, Har-
riott, nu the rev. Morgan Graves, of Red-

grave, CO. Suffolk.

Sir Thomas Head, eldest son of Richard
and Elizabeth Wallis, was high sheriff of
Berks 1744, and knighted the same vear ;
m., 1750, Jane, sister to Marv, countess of
Haddington, and da. of Rowland Holt, esq.,
of Redgrave Hall, co. Suffolk, nephew and
heir to the right hon. sir John Holt, knt.,
lord chief justice of the Court of King's
Bench, by whom he had issue,

1. William, who, in 1772, became sole
heir to his great-uncle, John James, esq., of
Denford Court, and, in compliance with
the will of the said John James, esq., as-
sumed the name and arms of James only,
by act of parliament ; he d. H»un.

2. Sir Walter-James, the 1st and pre-
sent bart.

3. Jane, m. George Osbaldeston, esq., of



Hutton Bushell, eo. York, M.P. for Scar-
borough ; she d. 19 Feb. 1821.

I. SirWALTER-JAMES, 2d, but only sur-
viving son, was created a bart. as above, and
took the name and arms of James only, by
act of parliament, 177^» on succeeding (by the
death of his elder brother, unm.) to the es-
tates of his great-uncle, John James, of
Denford, esq. ; m., 25 April 1780, Jane,
youngest da. of Charles, 1st earl Camden,
and sister to the present marquess Camden,
K.G., by whom (who d. 1 Sept. 1825) he
had issue,

1. Francis, capt. in the 81st regt. of foot,
who d. of the wounds he received at the
siege of Badajos, 14 April 1812.

2. John, secretary of embassy, and mi-
nister plenipotentiary at the court of the
Netherlands, m., 29 June 1814, his 1st cou-
sin, lady Emily-Jane Stewart, da. of Ro-
bert, 1st marquess of Londonderry; he d.
at Dublin, 4 June 1818, leaving issue by her
ladyship (who re-m., 11 Dec. 1821, major-
general sir Henry Hardinge, K.C.B.) an

only son,

Sir Walter, present bart.

3. Jane, m., 1803, John Trower, esq., of
Berkeley Square, and is since d.

4. Mary-Anne, m. lieut.-gen. sir John
Byng, K.C.B. , cousin to viscount Torring-

5. Frances, m., 4 June 182.3, Horatio
Davis, esq., only son of the late sir John
Davis, knt.

6. Charlotte-Elizabeth, m., 29 July
1817> Francis-Frederick de Lerber, a mem-
ber of the Sovereign Council of the Republic
of Berne, and d. at Geneva, 2 June 1820.

Sir Walter-James d. 8 Oct. 1829, and was
succeeded by his grandson,

II. Sir WALTER, present and 2d bart.

Arms — See Plate 26. Gules, a dolphin
naiant, in fesse, or.

Crest — An ostrich, proper, beaked, and
legged, or.

Motto — J' (lime d jamais.

Seat— At Langley Hall, near Newbury,
CO. Berks.

ERSKINE, of ToRRiE, co. Fife.
28 July 1791.
Sir JOHN-DRUM MOND ERSKINE, Baronet, succeeded his brother,

sir James, 3 March 1825.

John Erskine, earl of Mar, high trea-
surer of Scotland, son to the regent, ««., 1st,
Anne, da. to the earl of Perth, and had
I son, by whom the line of Mar was con-
tinued. He m., 2dly, lady Mary Stewart,
da. and sole heiress to Esme, duke of Len-
nox, by whom he had 7 sons and 4 das. ;
James, the eldest, m. lady Mary Douglas,
countess of Buchan, and in her right be-
came earl of Buchan, with remainder to his
heirs male whatever. Henry, the second
son, was created lord Cardross, during his
father's lifetime : he m. Margaret, da. of
sir James Ballandon, and sister of the first
lord Ballandon, and died 1636, leaving an
only son,

David, his successor, m., 1st, Anne, da. of
sir Thomas Hope, of Craig Hall, by whom
he had,

1. Henry, col. of dragoons, whose son,
David, became earl of Buchan, and was
ancestor of the present earl.

He m., 2dly, Mary, da. of sir George
Bruce, of Carnock, (who was descended
from king Robert Bruce,) and sister of
Edward and Alexander, earls of Kincar-
dine, by whom he had,

2. Alexander, d. young.

3. William.

4. John, a col. of foot ; he was a very
eminent person, and much attached to the
cause of religion and civil liberty : he was
in great favour with king William, who ap-
pomted him governor of Stirling and Dum-
barton castles, and was ])rincipal manager
of the Scots' East India and African com-

5. Charles, a capt. of foot, killed at the
battle of Steinkirk, 24 July 16;)2.

6. Veronica ; 7- Magdalene.
8. Mary.

David, lord Cardross, d. 1671.

William Erskine, of Torrie, co. Fife,
2d son to David, lord Cardross, was a co-
lonel in the army : he served in the cavalry
with distinguished reputation, and was ap-
pointed deputy-governor of Blackness cas-
tle; he nu Magdalene, da. to sir James

Lumsdane, of Innergelly, co. Fife, major-
general in the service of Gustavus-Adol-
phus, king of Sweden, and had issue two
sons, William and James, the latter of
\yhom was capt. in the Greys, and lost his
life on service in Flanders.

William, the eldest, who succeeded his
father, was a col. in the army, and lieut,-
col. of the 7th light dragoons, which regt.
he commanded during the Flanders war,
and was severely wounded at the battle of
Fontenoy, from which he never recovered;
he m. Henrietta, da. and co-h. to William
Baillie, of Lamington, by lady Henrietta
Lindsay, eldest da. to William, the 15th
earl of Crawford, and d. 1754, by whom
(who rf. 1753) he had issue,

1. Sir William, 1st bart.

2. Margaret.

3. Henrietta, m, Stirling, of Keir,


I. Sir WILLIAM, who succeeded his
father, entered the army at an early period.
He served in various parts of the world for the
period of half a century, seventeen years of
which were employed in the most active
campaigns, having served in the Flanders,
German, and American wars, and that of
the French revolution. After the war of
Germany he laid at the king's feet 16 stand
of colours, taken by the regiment which he
commanded (the 15th light dragoons) alone ;
upon which occasion, his majesty was gra-
ciously pleased to confer on him the ho-
nour of knighthood. He was created a
bart., as above, 28 July 17.91. He attained
the rank of lieut.-gen. in the army, and
col. of the 26th regt. of foot; but his most
distinguished services were with the ca-
valry. I le had received his majesty's com-
mission to proceed to Ireland, to take upon
himself the command of the troops in that
kingdom, and was preparing to depart,
when he d. after a short illness, in the 68th
year of his ;ige. He ?»., 1st, Magdalene,
only child of sir Robert Myrton, of Gogar,
by whom he had one child, who d. in in-
fancy. He 7)1., 2dly, Frances, da. of James



Moray, of Abereaimey, by Christian, his
wife, da. of Alexander, earl of Eglinton
< James Moray was chief of that name, and
descended from the earls of Strathern). By
this second marriage he had issue,

1. Sir William, 2d bart.

2. Sir James, 3d bart.

3. Sir Johk-Drcmmoxd, 4th bart.

4. Frances, m. lieut.-gen. WiUiam We-
inyss, of Wemyss Castle.

5. Christian-, who d. young.

6. Henrietta, d. toun.

7. Elizabeth, m. her cousin, James Mo-
ray, of Abereaimey, esq.

8. Magdalene.

Sir WilUam d. April 1795, and was suc-
ceeded in his title and estates by his eldest

II. Sir WILLIAM, lieut.-^en. of cavalry,
who served in the war of the French re-
volution, in the expedition to Flushing,
and three years in Spain and Portugal. He
was much distinguished by a quickness of
apprehension and precision of judgment
on most subjects, but particularly on mi-
litary matters. He was intrusi»3d with the
command of the advanced guard in the

pursuit of the French from the lines of
Lisbon, in which he acquitted himself to
the high satisfaction of the commander of
the forces; and after enduring the most
fatiguing operations of the campaign in
1812, he was seized with a pleurisy, termi-
nating in a fever, of which he d. at Brozas,
in Spain, 13 Feb. 1813, being at that time
in command of the British cavalry, uiun.,
and was succeeded by his brother,

III. Sir JAMES, 2d bart., lieut.-gen. in
the army, ni. lady Louisa Paget, 3d da. of
Henry, '1st earl of Uxbridge, and sister to
the m'arquess of Anglesey, K.G., butrf. with-
out issue, 3 March 1825, and was succeeded
by his brother,

"IV. Sir JOHN-DRUMMOND, present

Anns— See Plate 26. Argent on a pale
sable, three cross crosslets, fitch^, or, the
whole within a bordure azure, charged with
ten mullets of the third.

Crest— X cubit arm erect, in armour,
proper, grasping a sword, argent, hilted,

Sea/— At Torrie, near Alloa, co. Fife.

MARTIN, of LocKYNGE, CO. Berks.
28 July 1791.

Sir HENRY -WILLIAM MARTIN, Baronet, born 20 Dec. 1768,

succeeded his father, sir Henry, 1 Aug. 1794; married, 23 June 1792,
Catharine, da. of Thomas Powell, of the Chesants, Tottenham, co. 31iddle-

sex, esq., by whom he had issue, 1. Henry, who d. young; 2.

HENRY, 6. 3 Oct. 1801, w., 8 March 1825, Catharine, da. of admiral

sir Thomas-Byara Martin, K.C.B. ; 3. Cathartne-Elizabeth, b.

19 Feb. 1808.

Samuel Martin, of Green Castle, (son
of Samuel Martin, co. Dublin,) 5th in de-
scent from Josiah Martin, also of co. Dub-
lin, m. Lydia, da. of col. George Thomas,
of Antigua, and aunt of sir George Thomas,
bart., and by her (who m., 2dly, Edward, governor of the Leeward Islands)
had issue,

1. Samuel, of whom presently.

2. Josiah, of Long Island, near New
York, m. Mary Yeamans, of Antigua, and
had issue,

1. Samuel.

2. Charles-Yeamans, ni., but d. s.p.

3. William.

4. Elizabeth, w. her cousin, Josiah
Martin, governor of North Carolina.

5. Alice.

6. Rachael, m. mr. Bannister, of Long

3. William, of London, M.D., in. and
left a son, William.

Samuel Martin, (eldest son of Samuel
and Lydia Thomas,) was of Antigua, m.,
1st, Frances, da. of John Yeamans, attorney-
general of Antigua, and by her had issue,

1. Samuel, many years joint-secretary
to the Treasury, and treasurer to the prin-
cess dowager of Wales; M.P. for Camelford
1747 to 1768, and for Hastings 1768 to 17/4,
d. unm. Nov- 1789-

2. Henrietta, m. John-Austen Fitz-
gerald, esq., a col. in the Dutch service, and
d. 15 April 1787.

He m., 2dly, Sarah, da. of Edward Wyke,
lieut.-gov. of Montserrat, and relict of Wil-
liam Irish, esq., of Montserrat, and by her

(who d. Aug. 1748) had issue,

3. Sir Henry, 1st bart.

4. Josiah, col. in the army, and governor
of North Carohna 177<". d. 13 April 1786,
ha^'ing m. his cousin, Elizabeth, da. of Jo-
siah Martin, esq., of Long Island, and leav-
ing issue,

1. Josiah-Henry, who d. in India 1799i

2. Mary-Elizabeth ; 3. Sarah ; 4. Alice.

5. William-Byam, of White Knights,
CO. Berks, m. Charlotte, da. of col. Yorke,
of the royal artillery, and had issue,

1. Samuel, col. in the 1st guards, killed
at St. Sebastian, 1814.

2. William-Byam, sometime governor
of Amboyna.

3. Henry-Yorke, d. in the East Indies,

Samuel Martin, esq., d. Nov. 17/6, aged 85.
I. Sir HENRY, 1st bart., so created as
above, sometime commissioner of the navy
at Portsmouth, afterwards comptroller of
the navy, b. 29 Aug. 1735, m., 26 Nov. 176I,
Ehzabeth, da- of Harding Parker, of Kil-
brook, CO. Cork, esq., and widow of St.
Leger-Haward Gillman, of Gillmanville,
CO. Cork, esq., and by her (who d. 6 March
1808) had issue,

1. Samuel, d. young.

2. Sir Henry-William, present bart-

3. Josiah, collector of the customs at

4. Sir TnoMAS-BYAai, admiral of the
blue, K.C.B. and K.S., late comptroller of
the navy, m. and has issue.

5. Eliza-Annb ; 6. Sabah-Catherine.



7. Judith-Anne, m., 2 July 1809, John-
Pollexfen Bastard, of Kitley, co, Devon,

8. Lydja.

Sir Henry d. 1 Aug. 1704, and was succeed-
ed by his eldest surviving son,

II. Sir HENRV-WILLI AM, present and
2d bart.

A7-ms — See Plate 26. Gules, on a chev-

ron, between three crescents, argent, an
anchor, with a piece of cable, proper.

Crest — On a wreath, a dexter hand brand-
ishing a sabre, trenchant, proper, hilt and
pommel, or. Motto to the crest — Pro jsa-

Motto — Auxilium ah alto.

Seat— At Lockynge Park, Wantage, co.

BOUGHTON, of Rouse-Lench, co. Worcester, and
DowNTON Hall, co. Salop.


(See Bought ON, of Lawford, 4 Aug. 164L)

CALL, of Whiteford, Cornwall.

28 July 179L

Sir WILLIAM-PRATT CALL, Baronet, bor7i Nov. 1781, succeeded
his father, sir John, 1 March 1801 ; married, 19 June 1806, lady liouisa-
Georgiana Forhes, da. of George, 5th earl of Granard, (by Georgiana-Au-
gusta, da. of Augustus, 4th earl of Berkeley,) and l)y her (who d. 25 Jan.

■1830) had issue, 1. Phillida; 2. Elizabeth; 3. Georgi-

ana-Mary; 4. WILLIAM-BERKELEY, b. 10 May 1815; 5.

a Da., b. March 1817-

I. Sir JOHN, 1st bart., created as above,
was the eldest son of John Call, of Laun-
cells, in the north of Cornwall, by Jane
Mill. Sir John went to India 1750, where
he was very eminent as a military engineer,
and in I7GB he held the offices of commis-
sary-gen., military storekeeper, and accompt-
ant-general of the revenues and expenses
under the presidency of Madras. He re-
turned to England 1770 : in 1786 he was ap-
pointed one of the commissioners of the
crown lands ; 1784, 1790, and 1796, he was
elected member for Callington. He m., 28
March 1772, Philadelphia, da. and co-h. of
William Battle, M.D., and by her (whod.
29 Sept. 1822) had issue,

1. Sir William-Pratt, present bart.

2. George-Cotsford.

3. Phillida, m., 25 May 1805, Benjamin
Bathurst, esq., (son of Henry, lord bishop of
Norwich,) sometime secretary of legation
at the court of Stockholm, 1805; and also
minister-plenipotentiary to the court of Vi-

enna, 1809.

4. Louisa-Anne, m., 4 Aug. 1801, Mat-
thew, present and 4th baron Aylmer, in the
peerage of Ireland.

5. Frances, m., 10 June 1806, Charles,
son of sir William Cunningham, of Robert-
land, bart.

6. Catharine, m., 1st, 4 Oct. 1804, col.
Henry M'Kinnon, 2d regt. of foot guards,
who was killed at the battle of Ciudad llod-
rigo, in Spain ; and, 2dly, 17 March 1814,
Andrew-Redmond Prior, esq.

Sir John d. 1 March 1801, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

II. Sir AVILLIAM-PRATT, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 26. Gules, three trum-
pets, fesswise, in pale, argent.

Crest — A demi-lion, rampant, holding a
trumpet in his paw, as in the arms.

Motto — Grata marm.

Seat— At Whiteford House, Callington,
CO. Cornwall.

JACKSON, (now DUCKETT,) of Hartham House, co. Wilts.

28 July 1791.

Sir GEORGE DUCKETT, Baronet, F.R. and A.S., Lieut.-Col. of the
West Essex Mihtia, born 1777, succeeded his father, sir George, 15 Dec.

1822; married, 17 July 1810, miss Isabella Floyd, and has issue, 1.

GEORGE-FLOYD, b. 27 March 1811 ; 2. Isabella, b. 8 June 1813.

George Jackson, of Richmond, co.
York, esq., (who d. 1758,) m. Hannah, da, of
William Ward, esq., by whom (who rf.
1769) he had issue,

1. William, rf. www.

2. Edward, drowned at sea, unm.

3. SirGEORUE, 1st bart.

4. Ralph, of Normanby, co. York, ?n.

Mary, da. of Richard Lcwin, of Eltham, co.
Kent, cs(j., and d. 17H!», leaving a son, Wil-
liam-Ward-Jackson, w. rtnd had issue.

5. Rac:hael, m. William Wilson, of Ay-
ton, CO. York, esq.

6. Dorothy, m. Jeffery Jackson, of
Woodford Bridge, co. Essex, esq.

I. Sir GEORGE, 2d, but eldest surviving



son, created a bart. as above, was of Har-
tham House, co. Wilts, judge-advocate of
the royal navy, took the name and arms of
DucKETT, 17!^>7. pursuant to the will of
Thomas Duckett, of Hartham, co. Wilts,
esq., maternal uncle to his 2d wife, m., 1st,
jNIary, da. of William Ward, his uncle, by
whom he had issue,
1. 2. 3. Sons, who all d. young.

4. Mary, m., 1st, general Mathews, and,
2dly, Richard Church, esq., late of the su-
preme council of Bombay.

5. Catheri?je, m. Francis Longe, of
Spixworth Park, co. Norfolk, esq.

6. Elizabeth, m. Thomas-French Ber-
ney, of Bracon House, co. Norfolk.

He >«., 2dly, Grace, da. and h. of Gwyn
Goldstone, of London, merchant, by Grace,

da. and at length co-h. of George Duckett,
of Hartham House, and relict of Robert
Neale, of Shaw House, co. Wilts, esq., by
whom he had issue,

7. Sir George, present bart.

8. Esther, rf. unm. 1798.

Sir George Duckett d. 15 Dec. 1822, and was
succeeded bv his only son,

II. Sir GEORGE.'present bart.

Anns — See Plate 2(j. Sable, a saltire, ar-
gent, being the arms of Duckett. Tlie
arms of Jackson are azure, a fesse erminois,
between three sheldrakes proper.

Crest — A garb of lavender, vert.

Motto — Je vent le droit,

Seafe— AtRoydon,co. Essex, and Hartham
House, CO. Wilts.

POLE, of WoLVERTON, CO. Hants.

28 July 179L

Sir PETER POLE, Baronet, lorn 20 Oct. 1770, succeeded his father,
sir Charles, 18 June 1813; married,, 24 Dec. 1798, Anna-Guilherlmina,

eldest da. of Richard Buller, esq., and has issue, 1. Anna, b. 7 Dec.

1799, d. 3 Sept. 1822 ; 2. PETER, b. 11 Feb. 1801, m., 28 July 1825,

lady Louisa Pery, 4th da. of Edmund-Henry, earl of Limerick, and has
issue, Cecil- Charles, b. Dec. 1829; Alice-Louisa-Chandos,, b. Jan. 1832 ;

Margaret-Caroline-Chandos, b. June 1834; 3. Richard, in holy orders,

h. 21 Jan. 1802; 4. Samuel, b. 28 Dec. 1802, in the army; 5.

A3IELIA, d. 9 June 1818 ; 6. Edward, b. 2G Aug. 1805, in the army ;

-7- Matilda, b. 1 Jan. 1807

m., 19 Jan. 1832, Thomas-Eaton Swettenham, esq.
May 1811, m., 19 Jan.

8. WiLHELMiNA, b. 27 April 1808,

-9. Maria, b. 9

1832, Edward, earl of Winterton.

Peter Van Notten, of Nemwegen, in
Guelderland, w., 10 July 1^37, Maria-Jante
Vander-Stengh, by whom he had Lambert-
Van-Notten, m. Amelia, da. of Nicholas
Arnouds, by whom he had Abraham, b. at

the Hague, m. Susannah, da. of Braine,

originally of Braine le Compte, in Flanders,
by whom he had a son,

Charles- Van-Notten, 6. at Amsterdam,
"Nov. 1702, settled in London about 1720,
and d. 1 March 1750-1 ; m. Susannah, da.
of David Bosanquet, of London, merchant,
(who rf. 2 April 1774,) by whom he had se-
veral children, who d. young; a da. m. the
rev. Vickars ; and a son,

the name and arms of Pole by royal sign
manual, 7 March 1787, created a bart. 28
July 1791, to him and the heirs male of his
body, with remainder to Susannah Pole,
his da., and her issue male; m., 1769, Milli-
cent, eldest da., by the 2d wife, of Charles

Pole, of Holcroft, co. Lancaster, esq., and
had issue,

1. Sir Peter, present bart.

2. Charles, nu, Felizarda - Matilda, 2d
da. of Richard Buller, esq., and has issue, t>
sons and 2 das.

3. Abraham.

4. Henry, in holy orders, m., 19 July
1814, Anne, 2d da. of John Blagrave, of Cal-
cott Place, CO. Berks, esq., ana has issue, 1
son and 3 das.

5. Susannah, in. Isaac Minet, of Bald-
wyns, CO. Kent, esq.

Sir Charles d. 18 June 1813, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

II. Sir PETER, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 2Q. Argent, a chevron,
between three crescents, gules ; a mullet, for

Crest— An eagle rising, proper, charged on
the breast with a mullet, azure.

Sea?— Wolverton Park, co» Hants.

VAUGHAN, of Nannau and Hengwrst, co. Merioneth.

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