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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 55 of 95)
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ther, Thomas Anson, was, 17 Feb. 1806,
created \iscount Anson, and baron So-

berton, of Soberton, (see earl of Lichfield, in
the Peerage of the United Kiiigdt/m,J by whom
he had,

1. Sir Fraxcis, present bart.

2. Harcourt, d. young.

3. George ; 4. Charles.

5. Mary, m., 1st, 24 Feb. 1807, Peter
Touchet, esq. ; and2dly, 20 July 1816, capt.
Henry Elton, R.N., son of sir Abraham
Elton, bart.

6. Georgiaxa, »?., 4 Nov. 1815, J. W. F.
Welch, of Ebworth Park, co. Gloucester, esq.

7. Sophia-Catharin'e, »!., 1!> Feb. 1822,
colonel Chichester, of Arlington, co. Devon.

8. Caroline, m. John Hyde, esq., of
Ardwick, co. Lancaster.

9. Anxe.

Sir Francis d. 7 June 1801, at Barbadoes,
and was succeeded by his son,

II. Sir FRANCIS, present bart.

Arm^—See Plate 27. Per pale, gules, and
or, two bends vaire ; on a canton, of the 2tl,
a greyhound, current, sable.

Crest — A greyhound's head, sable, erased,
gules, muzzled, or.

Motto — Omnium rerum vicissitiido.

Seat— Ember Court, co, Surrey.

BARING, of Londou.

29 May 1793.

Sir THOMAS BARING, Baronet, merchant in London, born 12 June
1772, succeeded his father, sir Francis, 12 Sept. 1810 ; married at Calcutta,
1794, Mary, eldest da. of Charles Sealev, of Calcutta, esq., barrister-at-law,

and has issue, 1. FRANCIS-THORNHILL, M.P. for Portsmouth, m.,

7 April 1825, Jane, youngest da. of the hon. sir George Grey, bart.,
G.C.B., and has issue, 1. Thomas-George ; 2. F rands -Gr ey ; 3. Mary;

4. Hannah; 2. Thomas; 3. John; 4. Charles, in holy

orders, ttj., 10 June 1830, Mary-Ursula, only da. of Charles Sealy, esq.,
sometime major in the Bengal Artillery, and has issue, 1. Thomas ,v2.
Charles; 3. Mary-Urstda ; 5. Mary, rf. 3 Oct. 1812; fi. Char-
lotte, w., March 1833, H. G. Wells, esq. ; 7«E3iily; 8. Frances,

A. 23 Aug. 1813.

John Baring, of Larkbeer and Lynd-
bridge, co. Devon, esq., (son of John Baring,
minister of the Lutheran church at Bremen,
of which city his ancestors had either been
municipal officers or Lutheran ministers
from the time of the reformation,) m. Eli-
zabeth, da. of John Bellair, by whom he

1. Thomas, m., 1757, Elizabeth, da. of
Francis Parker, esq., and d. without issue,

2. John, of Mount Radford, co. Devon,
m. Anne, another da. of the said Francis
Parker, by whom he had six children,

1. John ; 2. Francis ; 3. Anne.
4. Elizabeth ; 5. Charlotte.
6. Margaret.

3. Sir Francis, 1st bart.

4. Charles, rf. 13 Jan. 1829, set. 87, hav-
ing m., 1767, Margaret, da. and h. of William
Gould, of East Loo, co. Cornwall, esq., by
whom he had,

1. William, h. 1770, who took the name
of Gould.

2. Charles, h. 1775.

3. Jaquetta, m., 1791, sir Stafford-Henry

Northcote, of Pynes, co. Devon, bart.

4. Frances, m. William Jackson, of
Cowlev, CO. Devon, esq.

5. Eleanor ; 6. Emily : 7. Lucy.
8. Caroline.

5. Elizabeth, m. John Dunning, lord

I. Sir FRANCIS, 3d son, of Stratton
Park, CO. Hants, h. 18 April 1740, was created
a bart. as above, elected M.P. for Gram-
pound, 1786; for Calne, 1796; and for
Chipping Wvcombe, 1802. He m. Hen-
rietta, da. of William Herring, of Croydon,
CO. Surrey, esq., cousin and co-h. of
Thomas Herring, archbishop of Canter-
bury, 1747, and by her (who d. 3 Dee. 1804)
he had issue,

1. Sir Thomas, present bart.

2. Right honourable Alexander, of the
Grange, Hants, and of Shoreham, near
Seven Oaks, co. Kent, master of the mint,
and president of the board of trade, P.C,
M.P. for the Northern Division of Essex,
m., 1798, Anne, eldest da. of William Bing-
ham, of Philadelphia, esq., and has issue,

1. William-Bingham, M.P. for Winches-



ter, w., 12 April 1823, Harriett-Mary, eldest
da. of George-John, (jth earl of Sandwich.

2. Francis, M.P. for Thetford.

3. Frederick, in holy orders, rector of
Itcliingstoek, co. Hants, tn. Lucy, da. of
» Aston, esq., and has issue.

4. Alexander, R.N., d. unm. 1031.

5. Arthur.

6. Anne, m. Humphrey Mildmay, esq.

7. Harriett, m., 19 April 1830, lord
Henry-Frederick Thynne, son of th^;
marquess of Bath.

8. Louisa ; 9. Emily.

3. Henry, m., 1802, Maria, 2d da. of
William Bingham, esq., from whom he was
divorced; and he m., 2dly, Cecilia, da. of
admiral Wyndham : he has issue, by his 1st

1. Henry-Bingham, major in the army,
and M.P. for Marlborough, m., 30 June
1827, lady Augusta, da. of Robert, earl of
Cardigan, and has issue.

2. William-Drummond.

3. Anna - Maria, m. William - Gordon
Coesvelt, esq.

4. Emily, m. Henry Bridgeman Simp-
son, esq.

4. William, h. 1779, m., 19 July 1810,
Frances, 4th da. of William Thompson, of
Waverley-Abbey, co. Surrey, esq., and d.
9 July 1820.

5. George, h. 1781, m. Harriet, 2d da. of
Sir John D'Oyley, bart.

6. Harriet, m. Charles Wall, esq.

7. Maria, m. Richard Stainforth, esq.

8. Dorothy-Elizabeth, m. P. C. La-
bouchere, esq.

9. Frances, m. Thomas-Read Kemp,

10. Lydia, m., 20 Dec. 1806, the rev. Phi-
lip-Laycock Story.

Sir Francis d. 12 Sept. 1810, and was sue*
ceeded by his eldest son,

11. Sir THOMAS, present bart.
Arms—See Plate 27- Azure, a fesse, or,

in chief, a bear's head, proper, muzzled and
ringed, or.

Crest — A mullet, erminois, between two
wings, argent.

Seat — Stratton Park, co. Hants.

SAXTON, of CiRcouRT, co. Berks.

26 July 1794.

Sir CHARLES SAXTON, Baronet, born 2 Oct. 1773, succeeded his
father, sir Charles, Nov. 1808.

Edward Saxton, of London, merchant,
and of Goosey, co. Berks, (son of Clement
Saxton, of Abingdon, who d. about 173(;, by
Joan Justice, his wife,) m. Elizabeth, eldest
da. of Thomas Bush, of Burcot, co. Oxon,
esq., and d. 1755, leaving issue,

1. Clement, lieut.-col. of the Berkshire

Thomas Prince, of

militia, d. May 1810.

2. Elizabeth, m.
Abingdon, co. Berks.

3. Edward, d. imm.

4. JoHN,d. unm. at Valence, in France.

5. Mary, to. John Brome, of Town-Mail-
ing, CO. Kent.

6. Sir Charles, 1st bart.

?. Mary, d. unm.
. Sir CHARLES, created a bart. as ab.ove,
nu, 11 May 1771» Mary, only da. of Jona-
than Bush, of Burcot, esq., and had issue,

1. Sir Charles, present bart.

2. John, in the army ; 3. Clement.

4. Philadelphia-Hannah, m., 19 June
1805, Robert-Dudley Oliver, esq., vice-adm.
of the blue.

5. Anne, d. young.

6. Mary, d.

7. Sophia, d. young.

Sir Charles was for many years commis-
sioner of the royal dockyard, Plymouth ;
he d. Nov. 1808, and was succeeded by his

II. Sir CHARLES, present bavt.

^;-;w^_See Plate 27. Per bend, argent,
and or, on a bend, engrailed, sable, between
two wings elevated, gules, a plain bend,
counterchanged, of the field, charged with
three garlands of red roses, leaved vert.

Crest — On a mount, vert, a hind's head,
erased, sable, and ducally gorged, or, be-
tween two wings perfess, gules and or.

Seat — At Circourt, co. Berks.

BOWYER, of Radley, co. Berks.

8 Sept. 1794.

Merged into Bowyer, of Denham Court, co. Bucks, 1799.

(See that title.)


1 Sept. 1794.

Sir THOMAS-SABINE PASLEY, Baronet, bor7i 26 Dec. 1804, suc-
ceeded his grandfather, admiral sir Thomas, 29 Nov. 1808, took the sur-
name and arms of Pasley only, by royal sign manual, 1809, in pursuance
of the will of his grandfather, sir Thomas Pasley ; married., 10 June 1826,
Jane-Matilda-Lilley, eldest da. of the rev. ]Montagu-John ^Yynyai-d, rector



of West Rounton, and of St. Martin's, in Micklegate, co. York, and has

issue, 1. Jane-Matilda, h. 14 May 1827; 2. THOMAS-MAL-

COLM-SABINE, h. 23 July 1829; 3. Rodxey-Stuabt-Lyons-

Sabine, 6. 27 April 1832 ; 4. Georgina-Sophy, h. 19 June 1833;

5. Maitland-Warren-Bouverie-SabinEj h. 17 July 1834.

James Pasley, of Craig, co. Dumfries,
(son of James Pasley, of Langholme, in the
same shire,) d. 1773, aged 80 ; m. Magdalene,
da. of Robert Elliott, of Middlehomemill,
cOjJloxburgh, esq., and left issue,

It Robert, m. Christian, da. of mr. Prin-
gle, and left issue.

2. James, d. without issue.

3. John, of Colney-Hateh, co. Middlesex,

4. Gilbert, surgeon-general at Madras,
m. Hannah Dashwood, and d. there 1781.

5. Sir Thomas, 1st bart.

6. William, d. num.

7. Charles, of London, merchant, m.
Jane, da. of John Carlyle, co. Dumfries,
esq., and left issue, two sons and three das.

8. Elizabeth, d. unm.

9. Helen, m. Matthew Little, of Lang-

10. Magdalen, m. (Stephen Brigg, esq.,
chief surgeon at Madras.

11. Margaret, m. George Malcolm, of
Bamiforth, co. Dumfries, esq.

L Sir THOMAS, 5th son, after having
served nearly half a century in the royal
navy with high reputation, was promoted
to a flag, and had a command in the fleet
of admiral earl Howe, on the 1st of June

1794 : he was soon afterwards created a bart.,
with remainder, in case of failure of male
issue of his body, to the issue male of his
das. successively ; he m. Mary, da. of Tho-
mas Heywood, chief-justice of the Isle of
Man, esq., and had issue,

1. Maria, m. John Sabine, esq., major in
the guards, and had issue an only son, sir
Thomas-Sabine, 2d bart.

2. Magdalena, m., 1798, lieut.-general
Thomas Dowdeswell, and by him (who d.
Nov. 1811) had no issue.

Sir Thomas d. (admiral of the white) 29
Nov. 1808, and was succeeded, agreeably to
the limitation of the patent, by his grand-

II. Sir THOMAS-SABINE, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 27. Azure, on a che^Ton,
argent, between two roses in chief, of the
last, and in base, an anchor, or, three thistles
slipped, proper.

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet, or, a dexter
arm in armour, proper, grasping in the hand
a staff, thereon a flag, argent, charged with
a cross, gules, and on a canton, azure, a
human leg, or.

Motto — Pro rege et patrid pugnans.

Seat — Flimby, Maryport, Cumberland.

CURTIS, of Gatcombe, co. Hants.

10 Sept. 1794.

Sir LUCIUS CURTIS, Baronet, C.B., Post Captain R.N., born 3 June
1786, succeeded his father, sir Roger, 14 iS'ov. 1816; married, 1 June 1811,
Mary-Figg, da. of Moses Greetham, of East Cossham, Hants, esq., some-
time deputy-judge-advocate of the fleet, and has issue, 1. ROGER,

J. 9 Nov. 1812;— 2. Mary, b. 20 Feb. 1815; -3. Roger-Lucius,

h. 8 May 1816; 4. Roger-Wii.liam, b. 15 April 1817; 5.

Roger-Frederick, 6. 26 April 1819; 6. Howe, b. 1 June 1820,

d. 30 Jan. 1824 ; 7. George-Henville, b. 28 Aug. 1821, d. 6 Feb.

rine, b.

—8. Septimus,
18 Feb. 1825

b. 3 April 1823; 9. Elizabetii-Cathe-

•10. Frances-Anne, b. 10 Dec. 1827.

Roger Curtis, of Downton, co. Wilts,
esq,, m. Christabella Blachford, and had

1. Sir Roger, 1st bart.

2. Randall ; 3. James.

4. Mary ; 5. Sarah ; 6. Susannah.

I. Sir ROGER, eldest son, admiral of the
red, and G.C.B., was knighted for his ser-
vices at the raising of the siege of Gibraltar
1782; and created a bart. for nis distinguish-
ed conduct as captain of the Queen Char-
lotte, lord Howe's flag ship, in the battles
of 29 May, and 1 June 1794. In 1801 he
was appointed commander-in-chief at the
Cape of Good Hope: w. Sarah, youngest
da. of Matthew Brady, of Gatcombe-House,
in the Isle of Portsea, co. Hants, esq., and
by her (who d. 10 April 1801) had issue,

1. Roger, post-captain R.N., b. 10 March
1780, f/. imm. 12 July 1802.

2. Sir Lucius, C.B., present bart.

3. Jane, h. 23 Dec. 1784.
Sir Roger d. 14 Nov. 1816, and was suc-
ceeded by his only son,

II. Sir LUCIUS, C.B., present bart.

Arms — See Plate 27. Per fesse, wavy,
argent and sable, in chief, the rock of Gib-
raltar surrounded by fortifications and the
sea, and in base three fleurs-de-lis, of the
first; on a canton, gules, a sword erect, pro-
per, hilted and pomelled, or, entwisted with
a palm-branch, vert.

Crest — Out of a naval coronet, or, an arm,
habited azure, cuffed argent, supporting a
flag - staff", proper, thereon a flag, azure,
charged v;ith a wolf's head, or ; in the canton ,
gyronny of four gules and azure, a cross,
argent, all within a bordure, or.

Motto — Per ardua.

Seat — Gatcombe-House, in the Isle of Port-
sea, CO. Hants.



WILLOUGHBY, of Baldon-House, co. Oxford.

8 Dec. 1794.

Sir HENRY-POLLARD WILLOUGHBY, Baronet ; born 17 Nov.
1796, succeeded his brother, sir Christopher, 24 June 1813, and is un-

John Willoughby, esq., mayor of Bris-
tol 1655, (grandson of John Willoughby, of
BeverstocK, co. Wilts, esq.,) d. 1672, m., 1st,
Anne, da. of Henry Elliott, esq., by whom
he had three sons and six das. ; and, 2dly,
Mary, da. of Richard Aldworth, of Bristol,
by whom he had one son,

Benjamin, of Bristol, esq., who rf. June
17'25: m. Mary, da. and h. of Christopher
Cole, esq., by whom (who d, 1752) he had

Christopher, m., 1st, Mary, 2d da. of
Abraham Bickens, of the city of Bristol,
esq., who d. without issue 1744 ; 2dly, April
1746, Rebecca, only da. and h. of James
Fisher, of Somerton, co. Somerset, esq., by
whom he had three sons, Hugh and Benja-
min, who d. infants ; and

I. .Sir CHRISTOPHER, D.C.L., created a
bait, as above, b. Nov. 1748, m., 1st, 8 July
1776, Juliana, da. of the rev. John Burville,
and by her (who d. 30 April 1777) had,

1. Juliana, b. on the day of her mother's

He m'., 2dly, 29 Jan, 1789, Martha, da. of
the late Monce Evans, esq., and had issue,

2. Sir Christopher-William, 2d hart.

3. Maria-Selina, b. 9 Aug. 179.3, m.,
Sept, 1827, Thomas Davies, of Llangattock,

CO. Brecon.

4. Frances-Elizabeth, b. 14 July 17^.

5. Sir Henry-Pollard, present bart.

6. John, m., 24 July 1822, Eliza, only da.
of colonel Kennedy, of the honourable East
India Company's service.

7. Maria, m., 20 May 1829, T. Gabb,
esq., of Abergavenny.

8. Albinia, m., 14 April 1831, James C.
Somerville, M.D.

9. Cecily, m., 14 April 18.31, rev. Charles-
Dilnott Hill, of Felcham, co. Surrey,

Sir Christopher d. 5 Feb. 1808, and was
succeeded by his son,

4 Sept. 1793, d. umn. 24 June 1813, and was
succeeded by his brother,


Arms—See Plate 27. Quarterly: 1st and
4th, sable, a cross, engrailed, or ; 2d and 3d,
gules, a cross moline, argent, all within a
bordure, gobony, argent and gules.

Crest— A Saracen's head, couped, proper,
ducally crowned, or.

Seai— Baldon House, eo. Oxford, and Ber-
wick Lodge, CO. Gloucester.

PRESCOTT, of Theobald's Park, co. Herts.

9 Dec. 1794.

Sir GEORGE-BEESTON PRESCOTT, Baronet, horn 11 Feb. 1775,
succeeded his father, sir George- William, 22 July 1801 ; married, 20 Aug.
1799, Catherine-Creighton, 2d da. of sir Thomas Mills, governor of Que-
bec, and by her (who d. 6 April 1832) had issue, 1. GEORGE-WIL-

LIAM, b. 14 Nov. 1800, m., 10 July 1827, Emily, da. of col. Symes, of

Bally Arthur, co. M^icklow, deceased, which lady d. 3 Jan. 1829 ; 2.

Eliza-Charlotte, b. 9 April 180G, m., 22 Dec. 1827, James Duff, esq.,

only son of general sir James Dutf, of Funtington, co. Sussex ; 3.

Louisa-Anna-Maria, b. 2G Jan. 1810, w,, 23 Jan. 1828, Edward-Sher-
lock Gooch, esq., eldest son of sir Thomas S. Gooch, bart. ; 4. Catha-

rine-Hale, h. 20 Feb. 1814, m., July 1831, Henry Decie, of Clonakelty,
CO. Cork, esq. ; 5. Alfred-George, b. 11 Feb. 1817«

The ancestor of this family was William
Prescott, of Co])ul and Eccleston, co.
Lancaster, who d. I(j05, leaving five sons,
the eldest of whom, Thomas, was grand-
father of

Thomas, of Ightfield Hall, co. Salop, tn.,
1st, Anne, da. of George Kindley, by whom
he had issue,

1. George.

2. Thomas, of Ightfield, m. Anne Adams,
and d. before his father.

3. Samuel ; 4. Daniel ; .5. John.

6. Anne, m. Thomas Adams, clerk, rec-
tor of Ightfield.

Thomas Prescott m., 2dly, Anne Taylor,
by whom he had no issue.

George Prescott, eldest son, was of the
city of Chester, b. 1(580, tn. Anne, da. of
Francis Rogers, esq., by whom he had issue.

1. Thomas, d. unm.

2. George.

3. Dani el, a merchant of St. Petersburg,

4. Gregory, d. young.

5. Anne, m. Joseph Chamberlain, esq., by
whom she had issue.

(!. Elizabeth; 7. Susannah; both d.

George Prescott d. 16 March 1747.

George, 2d son, m. Mary, da. of sir Jacob
Elton, of Bristol, bart., and d. 1790, leaving
issue by her, (who d. 1792,)

1. Sir George-William, 1st bart.

2. Marv, d. nnm.

3. Thomas, of Vienna, esq.,ni. Augusta,
da. of sir Charles Frederick, K.B., surveyor-
general of the ordnance, by whom he had
three sons and two das.,



and had issue,
major Michael

1. George-Frederick, d. 10 May 1801,
leaving issue.

2. Charles-Elton.

3. Thomas-Levison, m.

4. Augusta-Frances, m.
Browne, of the Saxon service.

5. Sophia-Harriet, m. count Markowist.
I. Sir GEORGE -WILLIAM, of Hard-

shaw Hall, co. Chester, and of Theobald's
Park, CO. Hertford, the eldest son, was
created a bart. 9 Dec. 1794, /«., 23 April 1774,
Sarah, da. of Beeston Long, of Carshalton,
CO. Surrey, esq., by whom (who d. 18 July
1817) he had,

1. Sir George-Beeston, 2d bart.

2. William-Wjlloughby, b. 16 Dec.
1776, m., 11 June 1799, Harriet, da. of Tho-
mas Blackmore, of Briggins, co. Herts, esq.,
and had issue,

1. William-George, b. 16 Dec, 1800.

2. Henry-James, b. 5 July 1802.

3. Charles, 6. 9 Sept. 1803.

4. George-Edward, b. 29 Nov. 1804.

5. Richard, 6. 6 Oct. 1807.

6. Arthur, b. 11 July 1810.

7. Harriett-Maria, b. 29 Aug. 1811.

8. Francis, b. 2 Sept. 1813.

9. Caroline, b. 5 Aug. 1817.

10. Amelia, 6. 7 Sept. 1820.

Maria-Charlotte, 6. 11 June 1780,
20 Jan. 1810, William-Henry Spicer,



Sir George-William rf. 22 July 1801, and
was succeeded by his eldest son,

11. Sir GEORGE-BEESTON, present

Arms — See Plate 28. Sable, a chevron,
between three owlets, argent.

Crest — A human arm, couped and erect,
vested, gules, cuffed, ermine, holding in the
hand a pitch-pot, (or hand-beacon,) sable,
fired, proper.

Seat — Theobald's-Park, Cheshunt, co.

CHETWYND, of Brocton Hall, co. Stafford.

1 May 1795.

Sir GEORGE CHETWYND, Baronet, bom 23 July 1783, succeeded
his father, sir George, 24 JMarch 1824 ; married, 30 Aug. 1804, Hannah-
Maria, eldest da. and co-h. of John Sparrow, of Bishton, co. Stafford, esq.,

and has issue, 1. GEORGE, b. 6 Sept. 1809; 2. Williaji-

Henry, b. 17 Sept. 1811 ; 3. Maria-Elizabeth, b. 2 Aug. 1806 ;

4. Charlotte, b. 21 Dec. 1807, fn., 1 Aug. 1830, Richard Ellison,

esq. : 5. Georgiana, b. 12 July 1813, m., 3 Sept. 1833, sir John

Hanmer, of Hanmer, co. Flint, bart.

This is a younger branch of the family of
Chetwynd, which was of great antiquity co.
Salop. The first, who resided in Stafford-
shire, was sir John de Chetwynd, temp. VAng
Henry III., who, marrying the h. of Philip
de Mutton, became possessed of the manors
of Ingestre, Salt, and Gratwich : to him
succeeded William, his son, who resided at
Oddeston, co. Leicester : he had issue, sir
Roger, who m. Joan, the eldest da. of sir
Ralph de Grendon, and with her he had the
lordship of Grendon, co. Warwick, (in
possession of the present bart.,) and had
issue, sir William Chetwynd, of Inges-
tre. Richard, his eldest son, m. Tomasine,
da. of William Frodsham, esq., and by her
he had sir Philip Chetwynde, who m. Elea-
nor, relict of Edmund, lord Ferrers, of
Chartley, da. and h. of sir Thomas de la
Roche, and by her had William, who, dying
before his father, left a son, William, who
succeeded his grandfather, and was assassi-
nated on Tixal Heath, temp. Henry VI. :
from him descended the 1st viscount Chet-
wynd, and also

Walter Chetwynd, of Brocton, in the
parish of Baswich, co. Stafford, esq., m.
Mary, da. of William Sneyd, of Keel, co.
Stafford, esq., and d. 7 Nov. 1750, having
had issue by her, (who d. 26 Dec. 1761,)

1. William.

2. Walter, d. unm. 1797.

3. SxEVD,rf. young.

4. Charles, who went abroad, and was
never after heard of.

5. Elizabeth ; 6. Frances, both d. www.
7. Mary, ot. Holhs.

William Chetwynd, of Brocton, afore-
said, esq., eldest son of Walter, m. Alartha,
only da. of James St. Amand, of St. Paul's,
Covent Garden, co. Middlesex, (by Elizabeth,
da. of sir William Juxon, of Little Compton,
CO. Gloucester, bart.,) and relict of Thomas
Hesketh, esq., father of sir Robert Hesketh,
bart., (who took the name and arms of
Juxon, 13 May 1792,) by whom he had two

1. James, d. unm. 177-4, and.

Sir GEORGE, created a bart. as above,
b. 26 July 1739, knighted 19 Jan. 1787, many
years clerk of the privy council, m., 5 June
1783, Jane, da. of Richard Bantin, of Little
Farringdon, co. Berks, esq., by whom he
had issue,

1. Sir George, present bart.

2. William-Fa WKEN'ER, b. 15 Oct. 1788,
capt. 1st lifeguards, and M.P. for Stafford.

3. James-Read, d. unm. 19 May 1808.

4. H ENRY, of Brocton Lodge, co. Stafford,
esq., b. 15 Aug. 1791, m., 6 Sept. 1827, Mary-
Anne, 2d da. of the late rev. John-Hayes
Petit, of Hilton, CO. Stafford.

5. Caroline, b. 20 Feb. 1786, m., 17 Nov.
1808, Lancelot Rolleston, of Watnall, co.
Notts, esq.

Sir George d. 24 March 1824, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

II. Sir GEORGE, present bart.

ArinsSee Plate 28. Azure, a chevron,
between three mullets, or.

Motto — Qt(od Deus vitlt,fiet.

Sea^— Grendon Hall, near.Atherstone, co.



DRYDEN, of CAN05f s-AsHBY, CO. Nortliampton.

2 May 1795,

Sir HENRY DRYDEN, Baronet, in Holy Orders, vicar of Leeke
Wootton, CO. Warwick, born G July 1787, succeeded his brother, sir John-
Edward, 29 Sept. 1818 ; married^ 31 July 1817, Elizabeth, 3d da. of the

by her has

late rev. Julius Hutchinson, of Woodhall Park, co.

Herts, and


1. HENRY-EDWARD-LEIGH, b. 17 Aug. 1818;

— 3. Alfred-Erasmus,

Elizabeth-Matilda, b. 22 April
14 Oct. 1821.


For the paternal descent of Sir Henry, see
Turner, of Ambrosden, co. Oxon, 1733.

Erasmus Dryden, esq., was created a
bart. 15 Nov. 1619. He m. Frances Wilkes,
by whom he left three sons : I. John ; 2.
William ; 3. Erasmus. Sir Erasmus d, 22
May 1632, and was succeeded by his son,
sir John, who was sheriff co. Northampton,
and knight of the shire 1640. He m., 1st,
Priscilla Quarles ; 2dly, Anne Parvis ; by
neither of whom he had any issue ; .3dly,
Honoria, da. of Sir Robert Bevill, by whom
he had six sons: 1. Robert; 2. John, who
was several years member co. Huntingdon,
and d. unm., Jan. 1707; 3. Erasmus; 4.
Richard; 5. Bevill; 6. Benjamin, who all
d. without issue. Sir John had also four
das. He d. 1664, and was succeeded by his
eldest son, sir Robert, who outlived all his
brethren, and rf. 1708, aged 76, whereupon
the title of bart. devolved on sir John, son
and h. of William, 2d son of sir Erasmus,
1st bart.; which sir John m. Elizabeth
Luck, and had one son, John, killed in his
father's lifetime, by a fall from his horse,
and two das. Sir John was succeeded by
sir Erasmus-Henry, 3d son of John, (the ce-
lebrated poet,) elclest son of Erasmus, who
was 3d son of the 1st bart. Sir Erasmus
dying ^^nm. 171 1> was succeeded by sir Eras-
mus, his uncle, the 2d son of Erasmus, be-
fore mentioned. This sir Erasmus m. Eli-
zabeth Martyn, by whom he had one son,
Edward, and two das. Edward, his only
son, d. a year before his father, 3 Nov. 1717.
He m. Elizabeth Allen, by whom he had five
sons, John, Robert, Erasmus, Edward, and
Bevill ; and three das., Elizabeth, Mary,
and Anne. Sir Erasmus d. 171^, and was
succeeded by his grandson, sir John, who
m., 1st., Frances, da. and h. of Thomas
Ingram, esq. ; 2dly, Elizabeth, da. of John
Roper, esq., bvit had no issue by either.
Bevill, his brother, of Ore, co. Berks, esq.,

m. Mary, da. of Dubber, esq., of Ciren-
cester, CO. Gloucester, who d. 1 April 1791 :
by her he had four das., 1. Elizabeth, b. 18
July 1753, of whom hereafter ; 2. Maria, m.
William Ramsay, of Inveresk, North Bri-
tain, esq., and d. 5 March 1830 ; 3. Philippa,

m, Steele ; 4. Anne, d. unm.

1. Sir JOHN TURNER, m., 14 June

1781, Elizabeth, (above named,) eldest da.
and co-h. of Bevill Dryden, took the name
and arms of Dryden only, by royal sign
manual, 1791. He was sheriff co. Northamp-
ton, 17.92, knighted 1793, and created a bart.
1795. By his said lady (who survived him,
and nu, 2dly, Godfrey Scholey, esq., who d.
1819, and after whose death she, by royal
sign manual, resumed the surname of Dry-
den, and d. 5 Nov. 1824) he had issue,

1. Sir John-Edvv^ard, 2d bart.

2. Eliza-Maria-Cassandra, b. 15 Feb.
1785, d.

3. Harriet-Eliza, b. May 1786, d. April

4. Sir Henry, present bart.

5. Caroline-Julia, 6. 21 Nov. 1789.

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