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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 57 of 95)
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as above, m., Feb. 1788, Louisa, sole da. of
Walter Holt, of Redenham, esq., and by her
(who d. 16 July 17^18) had issue,

1. Sir John- Walter, present bart.

2. Richard, of Rodbourn, co. Wilts, and
of Lincoln's Inn, b. 17 April 1786, w., 14
Jan. 1815, Anne, da. of Samuel-Pepys Cock-
erell, of Westbourne Green, co. Middlesex,
esq., brother to sir Charles Cockerell, bart.,
and has issue,

1. Hungerford-Richard, b. 19 Oct. 1815.

2. John-Hungerford, b. 19 Nov. 1820.

3. Charles- Hungerford, b. 28 March

4. Louisa-Jane, b. 19 Nov. 1816.

5. Laura-Susan, b. 27 Jan. 1818.

6. Jessica-Elizabeth, b. 20 Aug. 1819.
Sir John m., 2dly, Charity-Anne, da. of J.

Southby, of co. Wilts, esq., by whom (who
d. July 1830) he had no issue; he d. 17 Aug.
1814, and was succeeded bv his son,

II. Sir JOHN-WALTER, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 28. Azure, on a bend,
cottised, or, between six lozenges, argent,
each charged with an escallop, sable, five
escallops, vert.

Crest — A pelican, with wings expanded,
in her nest, per pale, or and azure, vulning
herself, proper, charged on the wing with
a lozenge, argent, theron an escallop, sable.

Seat — At Redenham, co. Hants.

IG May 1795.

Sir CHARLES-MARY WENTWORTH, Baronet, D.C.L., horn 18
Jan. 1775, succeeded his father, sir John, 1820.

This family derives its immediate origin
from William Wentworth, who emi-
grated from Yorkshire to Boston, in New
England, 1628, and subsequently removed
to New Hampshire, in the same country : he
was grandfather of

John Wentworth, esq., lieut. -governor
of New Hampshire, m. Sarah, da. of Mark
Hunkyn, esq., (the descendant of a family
of the same name in Devonshire,) and d.
12 Dec. 1730, leaving issue,

1. Benning, governor of New Hamp-
shire, m. and had issue.

2. HuNKiN, m. and left issue.

3. John, in, and had issue.

4. William, m. and had issue.

5. Samuel, m. and had issue.

6. Mark-Hunkyn, father of the 1st


7. Daniel, m. and had issue.

8. George, d. e<«w. about 1740.
Mark-Hunk\-n Wentworth, above

named, 6th son of John, was one of the
council of New Hampshire, and resided at
Portsmouth, in that province, m. Elizabeth,
da. of John Rindge, of Portsmouth, afore-
said, esq., andrf.28 Dec. 1785, having by her
(who rf. 20 Nov. 1794) had issue,

1. Sir John, 1st bart.

2. Thomas, m. Anne, da. of John Tasker,
of Marble Head, in North America, esq.,
and rf. 1768, having had issue,

1. Mark, R.N.

2. John, of the Inner Temple, esq.

3. Elizabeth, m. Minchin, esq.

4. Anne, m, Shiefe.




5. Annabella, m. Francis Gore, esq.
I. Sir JOHN, the eldest, was created a
bart. as above. He was sometime surveyor-
general of his majesty's woods in North
America, and lieut.-governor of Nova Sco-
tia; m. Frances, da. of his uncle, Samuel
Wentworth, of Boston, esq., and widow of
Theodore Atkinson, esq., and d, 1820, leav-
ing issue by her (who d, 14 Feb. 1813) a son
and heir.

II. Sir CHARLES-MARY, present and
2d bart.

Arms — See Plate 28. Sable, on a chevron
engrailed, or, between three leopards' faces,
argent, two antique keys, in chevron,

Crest — On a mount, vert, a griffin passant,
per pale, or and sable, charged with two
antique keys, erect in fesse counterchanged.

MURRAY, (now MURRAY-M'GREGOR,) of Lanric,co. Perth.

3 July 1 795.

Sir EVAN-JOHN MURRAY-M'GREGOR, Baronet, C.B. and K.H.,
Heut.-col. in the army, and governor, and commander-in-chief of the island
of Antigua, and aide-de-camp to his 31ajesty, horn 2 Jan. 1785, succeeded
his father, sir John, 29 June 1822, resumed the surname of M'Gregor, by
royal sign manual, 6 Dec. 1822; married^ 28 May 1808, lady Elizabeth

Murray, da. of the duke of Atholl, and has issue ; 1. JOHN-ATHOLL-

BANNATYNE, h. 20 Jan. 1810, w., 14 Nov. 1833, Mary-Charlotte,
youngest da. of rear-admiral sir Thomas Hardy, bart. ; 2. Jane-Anna-
Maria; 3- Roderick-Dhu-Alexander, d. young; 4, Louisa-

IsABEELA, d. 3 July 1830, get. 15; 5. Elizabeth-Mary-Anne;

6. Evan-John-Wii.liam ; 7- James-Strathallan ; 8.

Francis-Alexander-Robert ; 9. Ernest.

Though this family have, in the last two
or three generations, assumed the name of
Murray, they are in fact of the race of Mac
Gregor. The royal descent of this most
ancient clan might be traced from the
chronicles of the Scottish kings to the re-
motest antiquity ; but we shall carry it no
further back than prince Gregor, 3d son of
king Alphin, sou of the celebrated Achaius,
king of Scotland, who began to reign 787.
The 5th in descent from him was Gregor
Garubh, or the Stout, who m. a da. of the
ancient house of Lochow, predecessor of
the family of Argyll. He fought under
Duncan I., in his battles against the Nor-
mans and Danes, highly resented the mur-
der of that monarch by Macbeth, and was a
powerful promoter of the restoration of his
son, Malcolm, prince of Cumberland. In
the early part of the 17th century there
happened great animosities between the
Macgregors and the Cokjuhouns, Bucha-
nans and Graemes, which produced several
bloody conflicts ; and their adversaries hav-
ing favour at court, the Macgregors were
persecuted with great fury. To such a
height of ferocity were matters carried, that
a price being set upon the heads of the clan
by the privy council, two of their enemies
who had shared considerably of their estates,
got bloodhounds, with which they hunted
them, devouring and mangling them where-
ever they were found. So keen and power-
ful were the conductors of their destruction,
that a very severe act was made against
them, whereby their name was proscribed,
and all persons were at liberty to mutilate
or slay them without being liable to law ;
nay, encouraged to it by a promise of tlieir
moveable goods and gear. In this situation
the Macgregors contmued till the time of
the solemn league and covenant, which, as
their principal enemies were interested in,
afforded them a respite. They were much
courted to join the confederacy, upon pro-
mises of future friendship : but rebellion
against majesty had ever been detestable to
them, and they declared, '• That as they

bore the croivn on the point of their sivords,
they would not fail to use the latter in sup-
port of the former." Patrick Macgregor
afterwards joined Montrose in support of
the royal cause with above a thousand of
his clan. Mr. Nisbet, in mentioning the
loyalists, says, " The Macgregors also, a clan
inferior to none in bravery and activity, fol-
lowed their chief."

Patrick was in particular esteem with
Montrose, two of whose letters are carefully
preserved, addressed to " His special and
trusty Friend, the honourable Patrick, Laird
ofMacg-regor : " that great man, in the strong-
est terms, expressed his hearty approbation
of his unshaken loyalty, and assured him
that " His Majesty's ajjuirs being once upon
a pernument fioting, the grievances of his fa-
mily and clan shoidd be effectually redressed."
But their chief hopes died with this great
hero ; though they were, in consequence of
their loyalty, restored to their name, by act
of parliament in the reign of Charles II.
Patrick m. Marian, da. of Macdonald, of
Auchatrichatan, chief of the most powerful
tribe of Macdonalds in Glenco, by whom he
had three sons, 1. John; 2. James, a major
in the army, who went to America, where
he in. and acquired a great estate ; he was at
last killed by a party of rebel Indians, but
some of his posterity still flourish near New
York ; 3. Duncan, d. unm. John, the eldest
son, was a steady loyalist ; he m. Ann, da.
of Macgregor of Ross, by whom he had a
son, John, and several other children. John
Macgregor, alias Murray, m. Catharine,
eldest da. of Hugh Campbell, of Lix, esq.,
descended from some of the first families of
Scotland, by whom he had five sons, 1. Ro-
bert; 2. Peter, m. and left a da., Catharine,
w. John (iregorson ; 3. Duncan, rejiresent-
ative of the family, was sorely wounded
at the battle of Prcstonpans 1745 ; he had a
son, John, and a da., Drummond-Mary ;
4. Evan (of whom hereafter) ; 5. John, who
signalized himself at the siege of Car-
thagena 174<t, and in the succeetling war was
killed at Ticonderago. Robert, of Glen-



camock, the eldest son, assumed the name
of Murray, was attached to the interest of
the Stuart family, and had the command of
a regiment of his own clan 1745. The duke
of Cumberland sent to assure them, that if
they would lay down their arms and return
home, they should be restored to their name,
and otherwise favoured by government ; or,
if they would join him, that their com-
manders should have the same rank, and
their promotion be esteemed the peculiar
care of his royal highness. This message
produced a spirited but polite refusal ; and
after the battle of Culloden, the Mavgregors
marched in a body to their own country
with flying colours, and then dispersed in
small parties. Soon afterwards the king's
troops burnt all the houses on Glencamock's
estate, carried off the cattle, &c.

Glencamock having at length surrendered
himself to the duke of Argyll, was, with
the earl of Kelly and others, confined for
several years in the castle of Edinburgh.
He m., 1st, Christian, da. of John Camp-
bell, esq., by whom he had one da.. Chris-
tian, m. capt. John Graham, and had issue ;
2dly, Robma-Jacobina, da. of major Do-
nald Cameron, by whom he had several
children, all of whom d. young, except
John, who went abroad a volunteer under
general lord Loudon, and highly distin-
guished himself upon several commands,
but at the siege of Louisburgh a cannon-
ball carried oft' his head ; 3dly, Mary-Anne,
da. and h. of William Drummond, esq., by
Mary, sister of sir John Miln, governor of
Guernsey, bart., by whom he had no issue.
He d. at Edinburgh, Oct. 1758. We now re-
turn to

Evan, 4th son of John, and brother of
Robert, in whose regiment he was a major,
and suffered exceedmgly in the same cause.
He was afterwards appointed an officer in
the 88th regiment, and served in Germany
with distinguished gallantry. He m. Janet,
youngest da. of John Macdonald, of Bal-
cony, esq., by Alicia Mackenzie, 3d da. of
major Kenneth Mackenzie, by whom he
had issue,

1. Sir John, 1st bart.

2. Alexander, col. of the late royal
Clanalpin fencibles, m., 1st, Frances, da. of
major Paschal ; and, 2dly, miss Hay, andrf.,
leaving issue by his first wife, a son, Alex-

ander, a major-gen., who resumed the sur-
name of Macgregor by royal sign manual
1822, m. lady Charlotte Sinclair, da. of
James, 12th earl of Caithness, and d. 20
Aug. 1827, leaving issue, four sons and three

3. Peter, col. in the East India Compa-
ny's service, and adjutant-general of the
Bengal army, m. miss Eliza Tuting, and was
killed on board the lord Nelson East India-
man homeward bound, s.p.

4. Robert, late lieut.-col. royal Clanalpin
fencibles, resumed the surname of Mac-
gregor by royal sign manual 1822, m. mrs.
Marchieson, sister of sir Alexander Mac-
kenzie, of Fairbum, bart., G.C.H., and had

1. Jeanetta-Catherine, m. Robert Su-
therland, esq.

2. Barbara.

I. Sir JOHN, the eldest son, was created
a bart. as above, m. Anne, da. of Roderic
M'Leod, esq., and by her (who d. 5 Feb.
1830) had issue.

Sir EvAN-JoHN, present bart.
Sir John d. 29 June 1822, and was succeeded
bv his only son,

II. Sir EVAN-JOHN, present and 2d

Anns — See Plate 28. Argent, a sword in
bend, azure, hilted and pommelled, or, and
an oak tree eradicated, in bend, sinister,
proper, in dexter chief an antique crown,
gules; a chief (of augmentation) embattled
gules, thereon issuant from an eastern
crown or, a flag-staff" in pale, bearing a ban-
ner argent, flowing to the sinister, and
charged with three bars gules.

Crests — 1st; (of augmentation) Two brass
guns in saltire in front of a demi Highlander
in posture of attack, armed with his broad
sword and pistols, and with a target, thereon
the family arms of Macgregor : 2d, a lion's
head, crowned with an antique crown, pro-
per, issuant (as an augmentation) from a
mural crown, or, and on an escrole above,
the words " Srioghal Mo Dhream."

SuppoHers — On the dexter (alluding to the
royal descent) an unicorn, argent, crowned,
homed, or ; and on the sinister a deer, pro-
per, tyned, azure.

Motto — Een do, bait spair noclit.

Seat — Clangregor Castle, co. Perth.

VANDEN-BEMPDE-JOHNSTONE, of Hackness Hall, in the

North Riding, co. York.

6 July 1795.

Scarborough, born 28 Aug. 1799? succeeded his father, sir Richard, 14
July 1807 ; married, 14 June 1825, Louisa-Augusta Vernon, 2d da. of his

grace the archbishop of York, and has issue, 1. Caroline, h. 20 April

1826; 2. Elizabeth-Margaret, b. IG April 1827; 3. HAR-

COURT, b. 3 Jan. 1829 ; 4. Blanche- Maria, b. 19 Aug. 1831 ;

5. Georgiana-Emily, b. 22 Nov. 1832.

This family is a cadet branch of John-
ston, marquess of Annandale in Scotland,
now extinct. Adam Johnstone, of John-
stone, having distinguished himself in quell-
ing the rebellion of the Douglas family
against king James II. of Scotland, ob-
tained, 14.55, a grant of lands for his ser-
vices, which he regranted to his cousin
Herbert Johnstone, the immediate an-
cestor, acording to Nisbet and Craufurd, of

this family.

Sir John Johnstone, of Westerhall, co.
Dumfries, was created a bart. of Nova
Scotia 1700, and d. I711, leaving a son and

Sir William, who d. 1727. leaving two
sons, sir James, his heir, (ancestor of the
present sir George-Frederick Johnstone,
of Westerhall,) and

John, a lieut.-col. in thearmv, d. at the




siege of Carthagena, 1741, having m. Char-
lotte- Vanlore, only child and heir of John
Vanden-Bempde, of Pall Mall, esq., and re-
lict of William Johnstone, 1st marquess of
Annandale, by whom (who survived him
and d. Nov. 17<J2) he had issue,

1. Sir Richard, 1st bart.

2. Charles, d. 8 May 1805, having m.
Mary, da. of John Beddoe, of Haverford-
west, by whom he had,

1. William; 2. Charles-Phillips.
3. John ; 4. George.
5. Richard; (3. Bempde.

7. Charlotte, nu, 10 Sept. 1800, sir Charles
Knowles, bart., G.C.B.

8. Maria-Harriet ; 9. Catharine.
10. Louisa; 11. Jane; 12. Laura.

3. Chari-ottk-Hknriktta, d. unm.

I. Sir RICHARD, created a bart. as above,
with remainder, in default of issue male of
his body, to his brother, Charles-Johnsto7ie,
of Haverfordwest, esq., took the name
and arms of Vanden-Bempde by act of par-
liament, 1/93, and the name of Johnstone
after that of Vanden-Bempde, by royal sign
manual 1795; nu, 1st, Catharine, da. of
James Agnew, of Bishop's Auckland, co.
Durham, esq., by whom (who rf. 1790) he
had no issue; and, 2dly, Margaret, da. of
John Scott, of Charter- House Square, Lon-
don, esq., and had issue,

1. Margaret-Anne, h. 20 Nov. 1795, m.,
Oct. 1815, George Johnstone, esq., and d. 26
June 1819.

2. Charlottr, 6. 16 June 17&7. ni.. May
1821, William-Lister-Fenton Scott, esq., of
Woodhall, CO. Vorlc.

3. Sir John, present bart.

4. Charles, b. 24 Aug. 1800, m., 13 Sept.
1827, Amelia, 2d da. of R. Hawksworth,
esq., and has issue,

1. Charles, h. 17 June 1828.

2. Frederic-Richard; 3. Laura.
4. William.

5. Louisa, b. 11 Feb. 1802, d. July 1817.
Sir Richard rf. 14 July 1807, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

II. SirJOHN, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 29. Quarterly: 1st and
4th, Johnstone, argent, a saltire, sable, in
base a human heart ensigned with a regal
crown, or : on a chief, gules, three wool-
packs, or; 2d and 3d, Vanden-Bempde,
per fesse, tha chief, or, the base per pale,
gules and vert, a demi-eagle with two heads
displayed issuing in chief, sable; the dexter
base charged with a tower, the sinister base
with five towers in saltire, or, the gate and
portcullis of each proper.

Crests — 1st, Johnst(jne, a winged spur
erect, or, straps, gules, buckle argent ; 2d,
Vanden-Bempde, out of the battlements
of a tower, argent, a denii-eagle with two
heads displayed sable, wings, or, charged on
the breast with a sword fesswise, the point
toward the dexter proper.

Seat — Hackness Hall, co. York.

HAMLYN, (now WILLIAMS,) of Clovelly Court, oo. Devon.

7 July 1795.

Sir JAMES-HAMLYN WILLIAMS, Baronet, M.P. for Carmarthen-

shire; born 23 Nov. 1790, succeeded his father, sir James, 3 Dec. 1829;

married^ 15 Feb. 1823, Mary, 4th da. of Hugh, earl Fortescue, and has

issue, 1. Susan-Hester, b. 1 Jan. 1824; 2. Mary-Eleanor,

b. 19 July 1825; 3. Edwina-Augusta, b. G Aug. 1833.

uncle, sir Nicholas Williams, of Edwinsford,
who was created a bart. 17J0, but rf. s.p.
1744,) and had issue,
1. Sir James, 2d bart.

Richard Hammett, esq., m. Thomasine,
da. of William Hamlyn, of Mershwell, co.
Devon, (by Gertrude, da. of Thomas Cary,
M.A.,) and sister to Zachary Hamlyn, of
Lincoln's Inn, and Clovelly Court, esq., and
by her had issue, 1. John, m. Mary, da. of
mr. Way, and had two das. rf. nnm. ; 2.

Richard Hammett, m. Elizabeth, only
da. and h. of mr. Risden, by whom he had

1. Sir James, 1st bart.

2. Richard, M.A., whom. Priscilla, da.
of William Henley, esq., by whom he had,

1. Richard ; 2. James.

3. Wilhelmina; 4. Priscilla.

3. William, capt. of an East Indiaman,
rf. unm.

4. Charles, in holy orders, m. but d. s.p.

5. Zachary.

6. Elizabeth, m. John Waddon, of Tun-
nacomb, co. Cornwall.

7. Mary, rf. unm.

8. Thomazine.

9. Anne, w. Henry Drake, of Barnstable.

10. Gertrude.

I. Sir JAMES HAMMETT, was created
a bart., 7 July 1795; assumed the name of
Hnmlyn by act of parliament, pursuant to
the desire of hi.s great uncle, Zachary Ham-
lyn, escj.; m. Isabella, 4th da. and at length
sole h. of Thomas Williams, of (ireat Kus-
sell Street, Bloomsbury, esq., (and h. also of
her grandfather, sir Rice Williams, of Ed-
winsford, CO. Carmarthen, knt., and of her

2. Zachary, rf. an infant.

3. Arabella, m. Ambrose St. John, esq.,
M.P. for Callington, and rf. 18 June 1805.

Sir James rf. May 1811, and was succeeded
by his son,

II. Sir JAMES, 2d bart., took the sur-
name and arms of Williams only, by royal
sign manual, 2 March \TM, m. Diana, da. of
Abraham Whitaker, of London, esq., and
had issue,

1. Sir James, present bart.

2. Charles, capt. R.N., m., 15 Aug. 1833,
Harriet, youngest da. of sir Nelson Rycroft,

3. Orlando, in holy orders, rector of
Clovelly, d. 30 Nov. 1831.

4. Diana.

5. Arabella, w., 29 June 1820, Charles,
lord Barham, and rf. 4 Oct. 182.9.

(1. Charlotte, w., 8 Sept. 1819, sir Ar-
thur Chichester, of Rawleigh, bart., andrf.
18 Aug. 1U34.

Sir James rf. 3 Dec. 1829, and was succeed-
ed by his eldest son,

III. Sir JAMES, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 29. Argent, a lion ram-
pant, sable, head, paws and tuft of the tail,
of the field.

.Sr«Av— Clovelly Court, co. Devon, and
Edwinsford, co. Carmarthen.



POORE, of RusHALL, CO. Wilts.

8 July 1795.

Sir EDWARD POORE, Baronet, horn 4 Dec. 1795, succeeded his great-
uncle, sir John-Methuen, 1 June 1820 ; married, 6 Jan. 1818, Agnes, 3d
da. of sir John Majoribanks, bart., and has issue, 1 . Alicia-Char-
lotte, b. 26 Sept. 1819; 2. Eleanor, b. 25 March 1821 ; 3.

Agnes-Georgina, b. 12 May 1822; -4. EDWARD, b. G March

1826; 5. A Da., b. 18 April 1829; 6. A Da., b. Aug. 1832.

This family is descended from Philip
PooRH, of Ambresbury, co. Wilts, esq.,
who d. 1571 ; his grandson, Edward Poore,
of the Inner Temple, and of Durrington,
CO. Wilts, d. 23 July 1656, having m. Marga-
ret, da. of the rev. Abraham Canham, canon
of Salisbury, and leaving, besides other
issue, two sons, Philip, of Durrington, esq.,
m. and left issue ; and,

Abraham, who d. 14 May 1698, having m.
Alice, da. of Thomas Moore, of Durrington,
esq., and leaving a son and heir,

Edward, of Figheldean, co. Wilts, esq.,
d. 24 May I7I6, having m., 18 May 16/5,
Anne, da. of William Smart, of Figheldean,
esq., and leaving issue by her (who d. 21
Dec. 1721 ) three sons, 1. Edward, of Ando-
ver, m. and left issue ; 2. Smart, of Fighel-
dean, also m. and left issue ; and 3.

Abraham, of Enford, b. 1687> "'• Anne,
da. of John Heme, of Netheravon, co.
Wilts, esq., and d. 26 Nov. 1767, leaving is-
sue by her, (who d. 18 Feb. 1759,) 1. Ed-
ward, father of the 1st bart ; 2. John, d.
unm. 1797 ; 3. Anne, d. unm. ; 4. Hesther, m.
her cousin. Smart Poore, 2d son of Smart
Poore, above named.

Edward, son and heir of Abraham, was
of Rushall, CO. Wilts, esq., and sheriff of
that CO. 1773; b. 22 May 1715; m., 15 May
1737, Barbara, 2d da. of Paul Methuen, of
Bradford, esq., and d. 10 April I788, leaving
issue by her (who d. 8 June 1745) two sons,
Edward, and sir John-Methuen, 1st bart.

Edward Poore, eldest son of Edward,
was of Wedhampton, CO. Wilts, esq., b. 22
Nov. 1742, m., 12 Sept. 1771. Anna-Maria, 2d
da. of James Montagu, of Lackham, co.
Wilts, esq., great-grandson of James Mon-
tagu, esq., younger brother of Edward, earl
of Manchester, and d. 3 Dec. 1795, leaving

issue by her two sons, 1. Edward, father
of the present bart. ; 2. John- Montagu, b.
18 Dec. 1782, and d. 1809, having ?>i. Eliza-
beth, only da. of the rev, Charles Chauncy,
and leaving issue two sons, Robert- Mon-
tagu, b. 6 May 1804, and John-Charles-Mon-
tagu, b. 1809.

Edward Poore, eldest son of Edward,
by Anna-Maria Montagu, 6. 10 Feb. 1773. m.,
1st, Martha-Ann, 2d da. of George Wolff,
esq., Danish consul in England, and by her
(who d. 16 Feb. 1801) had issue,

1. Sir Edward, present bart.

2. Matty-Wolff, b. 1 Nov. 1796, m., 19
June 1823, George Chilton, of the Inner
Temple, barrister-at-law, and d. 11 May

He m., 2dly, Elizabeth, 2d da. of the rev.
Edward Oilman, and had issue by her,

3. Annettk-Gibson, 6. 22 Aug. 1803, tn.,

8 Aug. 1822, the rev. Joseph Haythorne, of
Hill House, co. Gloucester.

4. Francis-Gibsox, 6.20 Aug. 1804.

5. Eleanora-Charlotte-Montagu, b,

9 Feb. 1812, m., 20 Oct. 1830, William Long,
esq., nephew oflpfd Farnborough.

I. Sir JOHJ>«r-METHUEN, was created a
bart. as above, with remainder to his brother,
Edward Poore, of Redhampton, esq., and
the heirs male of his body : d. 1 June 1820,
having survived his brother and nephew,
and was succeeled by his great nephew,

II. Sir EDWARD, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 29. Argent, a fesse,
azure, between three mullets, gules.

Crest — A cubit arm erect, Nested, sable,
slashed, argent, cuffed, ermine, charged with
two mulletts in fesse, or, grasping in the
hand an arrow, proper.

Seat — At Rushall, co. Wilts.


21 Oct. 1795.

Sir CHARLES-MONTOLIEU LAMB, Baronet, D.C.L., Knight-Mar-
shal of the Household, born 8 July 1785, succeeded his father, sir James,
13 Oct. \ 824 ; married, 28 Jan. 1815, Mary, da. and co-h. of Archibald
Montgomery, 11th earl of Eglintoun, and relict of Archibald, lord Mont-
gomery, eldest son and h. -apparent of Hugh, 12th earl of Eglintoun, and has



7 Oct. 1816.

The family of Burges has long been set-
tled CO. Berks, in which county it possessed
considerable estates, apart of which is still
remaining, though the greater part was se-
questered by the parliament dunng the civil
war in the 17th century, in consequence of
the active part taken in favour of king
Charles 1, by the then possessor, lieut.-col.
Roger Burges. This gallant officer was par-
ticularly distinguished as the only person
who successfully resisted Oliver Cromwell,

whom he repulsed in his attack on Farring-
don ; after which Cromwell led off his force
and joined Fairfax,

James Burges, esq., grandson of the above
col. Burgess, was b. in 1686, and d. in 1755.
He m. Mary, da. of the rev. Robert Jones,
by whom he had James, who d. in 1771 ;

George, b. I7 May 1725, who entered into
the army in 1745, wasaid-de-eamp, and prin-
cipal secretary to general Bland m Scotland,



and afterwards secretary and receiver-general
of the garrison of Gibraltar. In 1758 he was
appointed a commissioner of the excise, and
receiver-general of the salt-duties in North
Britain, and in 1768 comptroller-general of
the customs there. He d. Ifi March 1786.
He m., 23 Dec. 1748, the hon. Anne-Wich-
noure Somerville, only da. of James, 10th
lord Somerville ; by this lady (who d. 29 Oct.
1778) he had 2 das. ; Frances-Ann, b. 10 Sept.
1753, and m., 28 March 1781, to James-Roper
Head, of Hermitage, co. Kent, esq., and
Mary-Ann, unm., and 1 son,

I. Sir JAMES-BLAND, created a bart.

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