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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 58 of 95)
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21 Oct. 1795, b. 8 June 1752. In 1787 he was
chosen member for Helston, and re-elected
in 1790. From Aug. 1789 to Oct. 1795, he
was under-secretary of state for the foreign
department; and for some months was a
joint commissioner for holding the privy-
seal. On his resignation of the former office,
he was created a bart., and appointed mar-
shal of his majesty's household for life. In
1821, by royal sign manual, assumed the sur-
name of Lnmb only, and also the arms of
Lamb quarterly with those of Burges. He
m.,lst, 19 June 1777. the hon. Elizabeth
Noel, 2d da. of Edward, viscount Went-
worth, who d. 1779, without issue ; 2dly, 16
Dec. 1780, Ann, 3d da. of lieut.-col. Lewis-
Charles Montolieu, baron of St. Hypolite,
and by her (who d. 17 Oct. 1810) had issue,

1. James-George, b. 6 Sept. 1781, d.

2. Clara-Maria, h. 26 Dec. 1783, d. 4 Feb.

3. Sir Charles- Montolieu, present

4. Osborne, h. 13 Jan. 1788, d. young.

5. Emilia-Charlotte, b. 12 April 1787,
m., 25 May 1810, major-gen. sir Hugh

6. Caroline-Eliza-Ann, b. 5 Nov. 1789.

7. Wentvvorth-Noel, 6. 27 Nov. 1791,
ensign coldstream guards, killed at the siege
of Burgos, in Spain, 19 Oct. 1812.

8. Sophia-Ann, b. 30 Dec. 1792, m., 21
Dec. 1821, Warburton Davies, of Portland
Place, esq.

9. Somerville-Waldemar, 6. 9 March

10. Julia-Octavia, 6. 12 March 1795, d.
28 Oct. 1828.

Sir James m., 3dly, 8 Sept. 1812, Margaret,
da, of James, 5th earl of Balcarres, relict of
Alexander Fordyce, esq., and by her (who d.
1 Dec. 1814) had no issue. Sir James d. 13
Oct. 1824, and was succeeded by his eldest

sent and 2d bart.

Anns— See Plate 29. 1st and 4th : Lamb,
per pale, wavy, argent, and erminois, a
chevron, gules, between 3 lambs sable ; 2d
and 3d : Burges, argent, a fesse, lozengy,
or and azure, in chief, three mascles, of the
last, in base five ermine spots, all within a
bordure of the third, bezanty ; on a canton,
gules, a bend of the field, charged with the
staff of office of knt.-marshal, proper.

Crests — 1st, Lamb. A lamb passant, sable
charged with a bezant, thereon a trefoil
slipped vert; 2d, Burges. A camel's head,
proper, bezanty, and erased, gules.

Motto — Deo et principe.

Seat — Beau-Port, co. Sussex.

FARQUHAR, of London.
1 March 179C.

Sir THOMAS-HARVIE FARQUHAR, Baronet, born 27 June 177-%
succeeded his father, sir Walter, 21 March 1819; married^ 11 July 1809,
Sybella-Martha, da. and h. of the rev. Morton Rocklitfe, of Woodford, co.

Essex, and has issue, 1. WALTER. ROCKLIFFE, b. 4 June 1810;

-2. Caroline-Eliza, b. 20 March 1814; .3. Anne-Sybella, b,

5. Barba-

30 March 1815 ; 4. Harvie-Morton, b. 7 Nov. 1816 ;

RiNA-SoniiA, b. 27 June 1823 ; -

Trevor-Graham, b. 5 Aug. 182G.

The rev. Robert Farquhar, (son of
John Farquhar, of Western Coul, co. Aber-
deen, who d. 1723, grandson of James Far-
quhar, of Mounie in the same county, and
great-grandson of sir Robert Farquhar, pro-
vost of Aberdeen, knighted 1661,) m. Catha-
rine, da. of Walter Turing, of Raine, esq.,
in 1729 ; by her he had,

1. James, rf. young.

2. John, in holy orders, m. Anne, da. of
James Morrison, esq.

3. Anne ; 4. Catharine.
5, Thomas ; 6. Margaret.

7. Sir Walter, 1st bart.

8. Rachel; 9. Emzabkth ; 10. Forbes.

11. Martha, m. the rev. Patrick David-
son, D.D., minister of Rayne.

12. Robert, wlio '/. in the prosecution of
an embassy from Bengal to the rajah of

I. Sir WALTER, 4th son, was created a
bart. as above, b. 1738, M.D., |)hysician to
the prince regent, m., 1771. Anne, 4th da. of
Alexander Stephenson, of Barbadocs, esq.,
and by her (who d. 1797) had issue.

6. Maria, b. 6 March 1825

1. Sir Thomas, present bart.

2. Sir Robert, created a bart. 1821 (see
that title).

3. Walter, sometime commercial resi-
dent at Temate ; and at the peace of Amiens,
in 1802, appointed secretary to the commis-
sion for adjusting British claims in the Mo-
luccas, m. at Calcutta, 6 March 1805, May-
nard, eldest da. of sir John-Hadley Doyley,
bart., and d. at St. Helena, 9 Feb. 1813.

4. John, d. young.

5. Catharine, b. 19 July 1772, m., 8 May
1802, Gilbert Mathison, of the Island of
Jamaica, esq.

(i. Anne, b. 27 Feb. 1774, nu the very rev.
James Hook, D.D., dean of Worcester, who
d. 1828.

7. ('harity-Gr^me, b. 2 Dec. 1781, m.,
13 July I8O7, the rev. Anthony Hamilton,
prebendary of Wells, and rector of Lough-
ton, CO. P^ssex.

8. Elizabeth-Margaret, b. 6 March

Sir Walter d. 21 March 1819, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son.



II. Sir THOMAS-HARVIE, present bart.

Arms—See Plate 29. Argent, a lion ram-
pant, sable, between two sinister hands
couped, in chief, of the last, and a crescent
in base, azure.

Crest — An eagle rising, proper.
Motto — Mente mannque.
Sea«— Grennard Lodge, Roehampton, Sur-

BELLTNGHAMj of Castle-Bellingham, Ireland.

19 April 1796.

Sir ALAN-EDWARD BEIiLINGHA31, Baronet, succeeded his father,
sir Alan, in 1827.

This ancient family derives its name from
the town of Bellingham, in Tyndale, co.
Northumberland, where it appears to have
been seated immediately after the conquest;
and its descent to the present bart., is in
a direct male line without any interrup-
tion, from Alan de Bellivghain, who lived
temp. William the Conqueror.

Sir Robert Bellingham, knt., 10th in
descent from Alan, lived in the time of
kings Henry V. and VI. ; »i. Elizabeth, da.
of sir Richard Tunstall, knt,, and had issue
2 sons ; 1. sir Henri/, whose son sir Roger
was made a banneret at the battle of Stoke,
1487, and left an only son, sir Robert, who
d. without male issue ; and 2. Alan, who
was father of Thomas, father of

Alan, of Helsington, co. Westmoreland,
a bencher of the Middle Temple, and one
of the king's council at York, and M.P. for
CO. Northumberland, 157i>, who d. 7 May
1577 ; having m. Dorothy, da. of Thomas
Sandford, of Askham, and leaving, besides
other issue, a son and heir.

Sir James, knighted by king James I., on
his coming into England, Kiit.J, and r/. 1641,
having m. Agnes, da. of sir Henry Curwen,
knt., and leaving, besides other issue, 2 sons ;
1. Sir Henri/, created a bart. I(y20, and left 3
das. and 1 son, sir James, on whose death
without issue, in 1650, the title became ex-
tinct ; 2.

Alan, of Levens, co. Westmoreland, h,
1596, 771. Susan, da. of Marmaduke Con-
stable, of Marham, co. York, and d. 1 Feb.
1672, having had issue by her,

1. James, of Levens, m. and left issue.

2. Henry.

3. Thomas, d. unm.

4. Mary.

5. Dorothy, m. Henry Marwood, of
Little Bushby, co. York, esq.

Henry, 2d son of Alan Bellingham, of
Levens, was an officer in a regiment of
cavalry raised in the North for suppressing
the rebellion in Ireland; and at the tennina-
tion of that rebellion had lands granted him
CO. Louth, (which county the Bellinghams
represented from 1660 to about 1755, without
intermission,) now called Castle Bellingham.
These lands were confirmed to him by pa-
tent from king Charles II., and he added to
them very considerably by purchase : he d.
18 Feb. 1676, was buried at Castle Belling-
ham, having m. miss Sibthorpe, and by her
(who d. Dec. 1(J(J9) had Anne, who m. Robert
Bickerton, of Cantiluif, co. Armagh, brother
of Jane, duchess of Norfolk, 2d wife of
Henry, 6th duke of Norfolk ; and

Thomas, of Castle-Bellingham, esq.,
raised a regiment of cavalry, and served as
its colonel with king William in Ireland,
where he acted as his guide during the march
of the army from Dundalk to the Boyne,
ser\'ed in that action, and after it accom-
panied the king, and put him in his carriage

at Dulek. For these proofs of attachment
to king William, king James's army in their
retreat towards the Boyne, destroyed Bel-
lingham Castle by fire ; he m., 18 Feb. 1671,

Abigail, da. of Handcock, and d. 15

Sept. 1721, leaving issue by her (who d. tf
Jan. 172O) 2 das., who both d. unnu, and 1

Henry Bellingham, esq., who was mem-
ber for Dundalk ; w., 15 Aug. 170(», Mary,
da. and co-heiress of Thomas Moore, esq.,
and sister of Elizabeth, wife of Dacre Len-
nard, afterwards Barret, esq., by whom he
had issue,

1. Henry, knight of the shire for the
county of Louth, m. Margaret, da. of Hugh
Henry, of Straffan, co. Kildare, esq., and d.
without surviving issue. May 1755.

2. Alan.

3. Elizabeth, m. the rev. John For-
tescue, uncle to William-Henry, the last
earl of Clermont.

4. Anne, d. unm.

5. , m. the rev. William Coddington,

of Monaghan.

6. Abigail, m. Thomas Aston of Drog-
heda, esq.

7. Jane, m. Thomas Wilson of Newry,

Alan Bellingham, of Castle Bellingham,
the youngest son of Henry, above named,
m. Alice, da. and co-h. of the rev. Hanse
Montgomery, rector of Killinshee, vicar of
Ballywalter, and curate of Grey Abbey, and
rf. 19 Jan. 17tX5j aged 89, having had issue by
her, (who d. in 178;?,)

1. Henky, d. 8. Sept. 1800, having m.
Elizabeth, natural da. or Richard Tennison,
of Thomas Town, co. Louth, esq., and leav-
ing issue male, which became extinct on the
death of his grandson, William-Henry, in

2. Alan, d. Nov. 1800, having m., 1st,
Anne, da. of John Cairnes, of Kellyfaddy,
CO. Tvrone, esq., and sisterof major William
Cairnes, by whom (who d. about 1787) he
had issue,

i. Sir Alan, 2d bart.
2. Henrv ; 3. John ; 4. William.
He »i., 2cily, Mary, da. of Ralph Smith,

3. O'Bryan, of Castle-Bellingham, esq.,
rf. 6 June 1798, having m. Anne, da. of Ed-
ward Tandv, of Dublin, esq., and had issue,

Alan; Elizabeth; Anne.

4. Sir William, 1st bart.

5. Thomas, R.N., rf. unm.

6. Elizabeth, wj. major William Cairnes,
rf. in 1779.

7. Alice; 8. Lucy.

9. Mary-Anne, ni. the rev. William
Woolsev, of Prior-Land, co. Louth.

I. Sir WILLIAM, the4th son, was created
a bart. as above, with remainder to the issue
male of his father; m.,3 Dec. 1/83, Hesther-
Frances, da. of the hon. and rev. Robert



Cholmondeley, son of George, 3d earl of
Cholmondeley, but d. without issue, 27 Oct.
1826, and was succeeded, pursuant to the
limitation of his patent, by his nephew,

II. Sir ALAN, b. 2 Feb. 1776, m., 5 Nov.
1799, Elizabeth, 2d da. of Reed-Edward
Walls, of Boothby Hall, co. Lincoln, by
whom (who d, 27 Feb. 1822) he had issue,

1. Sir Alan-Edward, present bart.

2. Mary- Anne- Jane, w. rev. John
Cheales, vicar of Wytham, co. Lincoln.

3. Henry-Richard, of Lincoln's Inn.

4. O'Bryen, M.D., m. Matilda, da. of
Molloy, of Millicent, co. Kildare, esq.

5. Frances-Elizabeth, m. George-Wil-
son Maddison, of Partney, co. Lincoln, esq.

6. Sydney-Robert, of Montreal.

7. Charlotte-Sophia.

8. Henry-Johnson.

Sir Alan d. at Chatillon sur Loire in 1827,
and was succeeded by his eldest son,

III. Sir ALAN-EDWARD, present and
3d bart.

Arms — See Plate 29. Argent, three bugle-
horns, sable, stringed and garnished, or.

Crest — A buck's head, couped, or.

Seat — At Castle Bellingham, Ireland.

HIPPISLEY, of Warfield-Grove, co. Berks.

10 May 1796.

Sir JOHN-STUART HIPPISLEY, Baronet, succeeded his father, sir
John-Coxe, 3 May 1825, borti IG Aug. 1790.

ed a bart. as above, was employed in some
diplomatic commissions in Italy as early as
1779 and 178O, and afterwards entered the
civil service of the East India company, and
held offices of great trust in the kingdom of
Tanjore during the war with Hyder Ali,
which he resigned, and returned to England
in 1787. From 1792 till 1795 he was again
confidentially employed by government in
Italy and Germany, and in the latter year
negotiated the treaty of marriage between
the hereditary prince of Wurtemburg and
the princess royal of Great Britain, of whose
marriage settlement he was appointed one
of the trustees. In acknowledgment of his
services on this occasion, the reigning duke
of Wurtemburg granted to him the sup-
porters, and honourable augmentation to
his family arms, mentioned below in the
blazon. Whilst in Italy he was also fortu-
nate enough to be the medium of communi-
cating to his royal master the distressed
situation of the cardinal York, the last re-
maining individual of the once royal house
of Stuart. Sir John was elected recorder of
Sudbury 1790, and served as member for
that borough in five parliaments. He was
F.R. and A.S., a bencher of the Inner
Temple, and an original manager of the
Royal Institution. Sir John m., 1st, 1780,
Margaret, 2d da. of sir John Stuart, of
Allanbank, N. B., bart., and by her (who d.
24 Sept. 1799) had issue,

1. Sir John-Stuart, present bart.

2. Margaret-Frances, ni. Thomas

Strangways Horner, of Mells Park, co.
Dorset, esq.

3. Windham-Barbara.

4. Louisa-Anne, d. 24 Jan. 1826.

Sir John m., 2dly, Elizabeth, da. of Thomas
Horner, of Mells, esq., and widow of Henry-
Hippisley Coxe, of Stone Easton, esq., by
whom he had no issue ; he d. 3 May 182.5,
and was succeeded by his only son,

II. Sir JOHN-STUART, present and
2d bart.

Arms — See Plate 29. Sable, three mullets
pierced in bend between two bendlets, and
as many annulets, or.

Crest — A hind's head couped, gorged with
a collar, sable, charged with three mullets,

Supporters — On either side an eagle re-
gardant rising, sable; the interior of the
wings poeaned, beaked, and membered, or;
on the breast, pendent, by a chain from the
neck, gold, a shield, thereon the arms of
Wurtemburg, viz. three stags' heads, bar-
wise, sable; the shield suimounted by the
ducal crown, proper; being a grant, by let-
ters patent, of his serene highness Frede-
rick-Eugene, duke of Wurtemburg, and
confirmed by his majesty's sign manual, and
registered in the college of arms.

Motto — Amicitid'. virtntisque fxdus, being
the inscription of the great order of Wur-
temburg, by grant, as aforesaid ; the family
motto of the Hippisleys, of Yatton, N(»?»
mihi, sed pat rice.
Seat— West Cowes, Isle of Wight.

AMCOTTS, of Kettlethorpe Park, co. Lincoln, 11 May 179G.
(Merged into INGILBY, of Ripley, co. York, 1815. See that title.)

CRADOCK-HARTOPP, (late HARTOPP,) of Frea-thby, co. Leices-
ter, and of Four-Oaks Hall, co. Warwick.

12 May 1796.

Sir EDMUND CRADOCK-HARTOPP, Baronet, horn May 1789,
succeeded his father, sir Edmund, 10 , Time \\\X\ \ married, 22 Sept. 1824,
Mary-Jane Eden, da. of Morton, 1st lord Henley.

Ralph Hartopp, temp. Richard II., m.
a da. of Alexander Mayne, by whom he had
5 das. and 2 sons.

The 9th in descent from him was Edward

Hartopp, created a bart. 3 Dec. 1619; he m.
Mary, da. of sir Erasmus Dryden, bart., by
whom he had 2 soils and 3 das. Richard,
the younger son, d. \<rithout issue. Edward,



the elder, succeeded his father in 1652, m.
Mary, da. of sir John Cook, knt., by whom
he had 1 son, John, and a da., Mary, m.
Smith Fleetwood, esq. Sir Edward d. in
1657, and was succeeded by his son, sir John,
who was one of the knts. for Leicestershire
in three parliaments, and 711. Elizabeth, da.
of general Charles Fleetwood, the parlia-
mentary commander, (which lady rf. Nov.
1711,) by whom he had 4 sons and 9 das.
Sir John rf. in April 1722, and was succeeded
by his only surviving son, sir John, who
m., 17I6, Sarah, da. of sir Joseph Wolfe, of
Hackney, knt., by whom he had 2 das.,
Sarah, and Elizabeth, m. Timothy Dallowe,
of Epsom, CO. Surrey, esq., who rf. without
issue. Sarah, the eldest da., m. Joseph Hur-
lock, of Fort Marlborough, Bencoolen, in
the East Indies, esq., by whom she had an
only da., Anne, m., 1777, Edmund Cradock-
Bunney, esq.

esq., (son of Joseph Bunney, of Newark, co.
Notts, esq., by Mary, da. of Edmund Cra-
dock, esq.,) took the surname and arms of
Hartopp, upon his marriage with the repre-
sentative of that family, as above mentioned,
and was created a bart. 12 May 170(3 ; he had

1. Edmund-Joseph, rf. young.

2. George-Harry-Willtam, h. 20 Aug.
1785, sometime M.P. for Dundalk, in Ire-

land; assumed the surname of Fleetwood,
in memorial of his lineal descent from gen.
Charles Fleetwood, whose estates eventually
vested in his mother; d. iinm., 31 March

3. Sir Edmund, present bart.

4. William, h. 24 Dec. 1790, rf. 1791.

5. William-Edmund, h. Dec. 1794, m.
Jane-Mary Keene, an Irish lady.

6. Anna-Maria, ;n., 6 June iSll, Charles-
B. Adderley, of Hams Hall, co. Warwick,
esq., and rf. his widow, 20 April 1827.

7. Caroline, rf. 17.98.

8. Emilia, m., 16 May 1809, Edward
Grove, of Shenstone Park,co. Stafford, esq.

9. Frances, rf. 29 March 1815.

10. Eliza-Banks, rf. 4 Dec. 1814.

11. Louisa-AnnB, rf. 1804.

12. Matilda, rf. unm., 8 July 1812.

Sir Edmund rf. 10 June 1833, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest surviving son,

II. Sir EDMUND, present bart.

Arms— See Plate 29. Quarterly : 1st and
4th, Hartopp, sable, a chevron between
three otters passant argent ; 2d and 3d,
Cradock, per saltire, gules and argent,
crusilly and three boars' heads, two and
one, couped, counterchanged.

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet, or, a demi
pelican, argent, vulning herself, proper.

Seat — At Leasowes, near Birmingham, co.

TURTON, of Starborough Castle, co. Surrey.

13 May 1796.

Sir THOMAS TURTON, Baronet, Clerk of the Juries in the Court of
Common Pleas, born 27 Sept. 1764, married Mary, da. and h. of John
IMitchell, clerk, rector of Thornhill, co. York, b. 1 Aug. 1765, by whom he

has issue, 1. THOMAS-EDWARB-MITCHELL, b. 8 Nov. I79O,

m , 2 Nov. 1812, Louisa, 2d da. of major-general Browne, who obtained a

divorce in 1831, and is since married ; 2. Mary, b. 1 June 1787 ;

3 Anna, b. 14 Sept. 1788, m. 13 Aug. 1810, Henry Patterson, jun. esq.,

and d. 16 June 1827; 4. Sarah, b. 6 Sept. 1789, m. heut.-col. J. P. St.

Clair : 5. Lucy, b. 6 Jan. 1791, d. 15 Aug. 1816 ; 6. Elizabeth,

h. 12 Sept. 1794, m., 15 Oct. 1817, John Clementson, esq.

John Turton, (2d son of William Turton,
of West Bromwich,) m. Frances, da. of
John Hall, esq., and had issue 2 sons, Wil-
liam, of Alweras, co. Stafford, (whose son,
sir John Turton, was appointed one of the
justices of the King's Bench 1696,) and
John, of West Bromwich, who m. Eliza-
beth, da. of John Haw, and was father of

William Turton, of the Oak House,
West Bromwich, rf. 27 July 1682, having m.,
1st, Sarah, da. of Thomas Smallbrooke, of
Birmingham, by whom he had no surviving
issue; and 2dly, Eleanor, da. and co-h. of
Robert Page, of Laytonstone, esq., by whom
he had, besides other issue,

John, of the Oak House, m. and left
issue, and

William, of Sulham, co. Berks, esq., rf.
14 May 1724, having /n. Mary, da. of Richard
Stevens, esq., by whom (who rf. in 1726) he

William, ofSoundess, in the parish of
Nettlebed, co. Oxford, and of Kingston
Lisle, CO. Berks, esq. : in the early part of
his life he was in the Oxford blues, and
served the greater part of the 7-years' war
in Germany, being at the battles of Minden

and Warbourg. He m., ISt, , the da.

<^f Freeman, co. York, by whom he


1. Mary, m. James Hebden, attomev-at-

2. Frances, m. the rev. John Bennet,

He /n., 2dly, Jane, da. of Thomas Clark,
M.D., (by Susanna, da. of the rev. Charles
Proby, uncle to the 1st lord Carysfort,)
by whom he had issue,

3. Edward, b. 12 Aug. 1762, m. Marcia,
da. of Jonathan-Morton Pleydell, esq., by
whom he had no issue.

4. William-Henry, sometime captain
40th regiment of foot, b. in 1763, m. Bar-
bara, da. of Richard Ellis, of Youghall, co.
Cork, esq., by whom he has 2 sons,

1. William, b. April 179I.

2. Richard, b. 1792.

5. Sir Thomas, 1st barti

6. Jane, rf. unm. 1792.

I. Sir THOMAS, created a bart. 13 Mat


Arms — See Plate 29. Or, ten trefoils,
slipped, vert, four, three, two, and one; a
canton, gules.

Crest — Out of a mural coronet, argent, a
cubit arm, erect, vested vert, cuffed of the
first, holding in the hand, proper, a banner,
per pale, argent and vert, fringed, or ;
staff argent, headed, or.




BAKER, of Dunstable House, Richmond, co. Surrey, and Nicholas-


14 May 1796.

Sir HENRY-LORRAINE BAKER, Baronet, Post-Captain R.N., and
C.B., born 3 Jan. 1787, succeeded his father, sir Robert, 4 Feb. 1826,
married^ 27 June 1820, Louisa-Anne, only da. of WilHam Wilhams, esq.,
sometime M.P. for Weymouth, andhasissue,^— 1. HENRY-WILLIAM,

h. 27 May 1821 ; 2. Emily-Louisa, b. March 1823; 3. Jessy, b.

10 Jan. 1826 : and other issue.

James Baker, of Buckland, co. Somer-
set, esq., had 4 sons; 1. Christopher, who d.
without issue; 2. James, d. also without
issue, 31 July 1747; 3. George, barrister-at-
law, and a bencher of the Temple, m. the

widow of Vansittart, esq.; 4. John;

and 3 das.

John Baker, of Richmond, co. Surrey,
M.D., the 4th son, (whorf. in 1782,) m. Sarah,
da. and co-h. of Robt. Wood, LL.D., bro-
ther of Thomas Wood, of Littleton, co.
Middlesex, esq., by whom (who d. 24 Oct.
1774) he had 1 da., Sarah, who d. young,
and 3 sons ; 1. George, d. without issue; 2.
John, a captain in the Coldstream regt. of

guards,>H. Sarah, da. of Baddison, esq.,

captain R.N., by whom he had an only son,
John-Robert, h. 171)4, d. 11 June 1794;
and 3.

I. Sir ROBERT, of Upper Dunstable-
House, CO. Surrey, and of Nicholas Chayne,
in Culmstock, co. Devon, created a bart. as
above, m., 17B3, Diana, da. and sole h. of
George Hayley, esq., alderman of London,
and M.P. for that city, by whom (who d.

March 1805) he had issue,

1. Robert, 6. 13 Nov. 1785, d. June 1802.

2. Sir Henr\-Lorraine, 2d bart.

3. George-Augustus, in holy orders, b.
27 Jan. 1788, m., April 1812, Sophia, young-
est da. of Peter Sherston, of Stobury Hill,
CO. Somerset, esq.

4. Onslow, b. 8 Aug. 1795.

5. Mary-Haylev, h. 5 Nov. 1784.

6. Louisa, 6. 28 June 1793, m. Thomas
Llewelyn, of Vurlong House, esq., and rf.

7. Emma.

Sir Robert d. 4 Feb. 182(5, and was succeeded
by his eldest surviving son,

present bart.

Arms — See Plate 20. Argent, a saltire,
sable, charged with five escallops, erminois ;
on a chief, azure, a lion passant of the

Crest — A demi lion rampant, per fesse, in-
dented erminois and poean holding in the
paws an escallop argent, charged with an
ermine spot.

HAYES, of Westminster, co. Middlesex.
6 Feb. 1797.

Sir THOMAS-PELHAM HAYES, Baronet, sometime Assistant to
the Collector of Behar, in Bengal, born 1794, succeeded his father sir John-
Macnamara, 19 July 1809, and is tin married.

This family has been settled in Ireland
ft-om the period of the civil wars, in the
time of Charles I., when Edmund Hat/es,
the direct ancestor of the present bart.,
went over with Cromwell's party, and at-
tained to the rank of col. in his army; but
whether he was of English or Scots ancestry
is uncertain. He m. a da. of Connor
O'Bryen, of Mayvore, co. Clare, and had

Danfel Hayes, of Mayvore, a captain
in the army at the battle of the Boyiie.
He m. Bridget, da. of Edmund Burns, by
whom he had issue,

John, m. Margaret, da. and co-h. of
Sheedy Macnamara, by whom he had two
sons, 1. Sheedy; and 2.

having been bred to medicine, was physician
to his majesty's forces serving in North
America, during the whole of that war ;
created a bart. (j Feb. 1797 ; »>., 1 May 1787,
-■Vnne, eldest da. of Henry White, one of

the council of New York, esq,, and had

1. Sir Thomas-Pelham, present bart.

2. John-Warren, h, 12 Aug. 1799, in
holy orders.

3. Henry -William, b. 1803, d. Jan.


4. Anna-Maria, m. the rev. Thoma*
Robertson, M.A.

5. Selina, m., 3 Aug. 1812, sir Robert
Fitz-Wigram, bart.

G. Eliza ; 7. Margaret-Augusta, both
d. infants.

Sir John-Macnamara d. 19 July 1809, and
was succeeded by his son,

11. Sir THOMAS-PELHAM, present

Arms — See Plate 29. Argent, a chevron,
azure, between three escutcheons, gules,
each charged with a leopard's face, or.

Crest — On a perch, proper, a falcon with
wings addorsed, or, from his mouth pend-
ent an escutcheon, as in the arms.

PECHELL, (now BROOKE-PECHELL,) of Pagglesiiam, co. Essex.

1 March I797.

K.C.H. and C.B., extra naval aide-de-camp to his majesty, and late one



of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiraltj^ born 1 Sept. 1785, succeeded
his father, sir Thomas, 18 June 1826; married^ 15 April 1833, Julia-

Maria, da. of Robert-Edward, 9th lord Petre.

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