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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 6 of 95)
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>n. Alice, da. of Henry Southill, of ,

in Lincolnshire. He was succeeded by his
eldest son.

Sir John Harington, of Exton, knt.,
high sheriff co. Rutland 1520, 1533, 1540
and 1552, and treasurer of the army at
Boulogne to king Henry VIII.; d. 1 May
1554 ; he m. Elizabeth, da. and h. of Robert
Moton, of Peckleton, co. Leicester, and was
succeeded by his eldest son.

Sir James Harington, knt., high sheriff
CO. Rutland the latter part of 6th of Ed-
ward VI., and again the 3d, 8th, 20;h and
28th of Elizabeth; m. Lucy, da, of sir Wil-
liam Sidney, ofPenshurst, co. Kent, knt.,
and sister of sir Henry Sidney, K.G., and
aunt of sir Philip Sidney, and d. 1592,
having had issue by her (who d. 1590) 3 sons.

1. John, created 21 July 1603, baron
Harrhigton, of Exton, co. Rutland. He
was entrusted with the tuition of the prin-
cess Elizabeth, da. of king James I., till her
marriage with Frederick, count palatine of
the Rhine, and d. on his return from the
electoral court at Worms, in Germany, 24
Aug. 1613, aged 73, leaving,

1. John, 2d lord, who d. without issue
in Feb. after his father.

2. Lucy, m. Edward, earl of Bedford.

3. Frances, m. sir Robert Chichester,

2. Sir Henrv, m. Cecilia, da. and co-h
of Francis Agard, and had issue,

1. James, slain in Ireland.

2. Sir William.-

3. Sir John, who ?». Mary, da. of Wil-

liam Offley, and d. 1615, leaving a da.

Sarah, who was first wife of John, lord

Freshville, of Staveley, co. Derby.

3. Sir James, 1st baronet.

I. Sir JAMES, of Ridlington, co. Rut-
land, and high sheriff of the co. 35th of
Elizabeth. He was created a bart. 29 June
1611, upon the first institution of this order,
and m. Frances, da. and co-h. of Robert
Sapcote, of Elton, co. Bedford, esq. by
whom he had 3 sons,

1. Sir Edward, 2d bart.

2. Sir Sapcote, knt., m., 1st, Jane, da.
of sir William Samwell, of Upton, co.
Northampton, knt. (one of the auditors of
James 1.,) by whom he had,

1. James Harington, his eldest son,
groom of the chambers to Charles I., and
author of the Oceana, d. without issue
16/7. Sir Sapcote's 2d wife was Jane, da.
of sir John Woodward, knt., by whom he
had several children.

3. John, m. Frances, da. of Terringham
Norwood, of Astwood, co. Bucks.

Sir James d. 2 Feb. 1613, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

II. Sir EDWARD, received the honour
of knighthood in his father's lifetime, was
high sheriff co. Rutland, 19 James 1. and

12 Charles I., and m. Margery, da. and co-h.
of John Doyley, of Merton, co. Oxon, esq.,
with whom he had that seat and estate, and
by whom he had issue several das. and 1 son,

III. Sir JAMES, who sat in judgement
upon his sovereign, and was consequently

13 Car. II., attainted, degraded, and ren-
dered incapable of bearing arms or title of
dignity : he m. Katharine, da. and co-h. of
sir Edmund Wright, knt., lord mayor of
London, by whom he had a numerous issue,
and was succeeded by his eldest son,

IV. Sir EDMUND, twice /«., but d. with-
out issue, and was succeeded by his great

V. Sir EDWARD, who also d. without
issue, and was succeeded by his great

VI. Sir JAMES, m. Catharine, da. of
William Boucher, of the Middle Temple,
esq., and had issue,

1. Sir James, 7th bart.

2. Richard, in holy orders, ha m., 1st,
Jane, da. and h. of Arthur Champer-
nowne, of Dartington, co. Devon, esq., by
whom he had 1 son, Arthur, M.P. for Salt-
ash, 1806, who took the name and arms
of Champernowne, and inherited the Cham-
pernowne estate, m. Louisa, da. of John
Buller, of Morval, co. Devon., esq., and d.
1819, leaving issue. Richard m. 2dly, Han-
nah, da. of Hussey, of Truro, co.

Cornwall, esq. ; and 3dly, Elizabeth, da.
of Abraham Chambers, esq., of Tot-
teridge, co. Herts., relict of William Hal-
lett, of Cannons.

Sir James »?., 2dly, Elizabeth, da. of Wil-
liam Wright, of Betchworth, co. Surrey, by
whom (who d. Oct. 1794) he had no issue,
and d. 24 Jan. 1782, was succeeded by his
eldest son,

VII. Sir JAMES, in. Anna, da. of James
Ashenhurst, of Park Hall, co. Stafford,
esq., by whom (who d. 25 June 1812) he-
had issue,

1. Sir John-Edward, 8th bart.

2. Catherine-Anne, m. Thomas Hay-
ward, esq.

3. Theodosia-Lucy, m. rev. Thonias

4. Mary-Anne.

5. Caroline-Hannah, m. Robert Mor-
gan Kinsey, esq., and d. l;i Dec. 1831.

Sir James d, 1793, and was succeeded by
his only son.



VIII. Sir JOHN-EDWARD, 8th bart., 6.
17(J0, m., 17S7. Marianne, da. of Thomas
Philpot, esq., by whom (who d. 20 Dec.
1824) he had issue,

1. Sir James, 9th bart.

2. Edward-John, b. 2G Oct. 170.3.

3. Richard, b. 2(i April 18(10, M.A., in
holy orders, rector of Old, co. Northampton;
m., 1 AuR. 1833, Cecilia, 4th da. of the rev.
Samuel Smith, D.D. prebendary of Durham.

4. Robert, b. 22 Sept. 1801, in the army,
m., 10 July 1830, Charlotte, youngest da. of

Andrew Stuart, of Terrence, co. Lanark,

5. Maria, b. 13 April 1803, m. Charles
Balfour, esq.

Sir John-Edward d. 9 June 1831, and was
succeeded by his eldest son,

IX. Sir JAMES, present and 9th bart.

Arms — See Plate 1. Sable, a fret, argent.

Crest — A lion's head, or, round the neck
a thong buckled, and the end hanging down,

Motto — Nodo firmo.

MORDAUNT, of Massingham, co. Norfolk.
29 June IGll.

Sir JOHN MORDAUNT, Baronet, succeeded his father, sir Charles, 30
May 1823, boriL 24 Aug. 1808, married^ 7 Aug. 1834, Caroline-Sophia, 2d
da. of George Murray, D.D., Bishop of Rochester.

OsBERT L,E MoRDAUNT, a Norman knt.,
was possessed of Radwell, co. Bedford, by
the gift of his brother, which he had of
William the Conqueror, for his services,
and the services of his father, in tlie con-
quest of this kingdom.

William Mordaunt, of Turvey, co.
Bedford, temp. Edward IV., left 2 sons;
the eldest, sir John, was father of 2 sons,
John, 1st lord Mordaunt, of Turvey, from
whom the earls of Peterborough and Mon-
mouth, now extinct, were descended ; and
the 2d, William, was great-grandfather of
the. 1st baronet.

the year 1572 ; he was bred up to arras, and
signalized himself in the wars between the
Spaniards and the States of Holland, and
was created a baronet as above; m. Mar-
garet, da. of Charles, of Antwerp,

and had issue,

1. Sir Robert, 2d bart.

2. Henry, m. Barbara, da. of James Cal-
thorp, esq., and was father to L'Estrange
Mordavmt, esq., m. Barbara, sister of sir
Nevil Catlin, knt., by whom he had issue,
Henry and Barbara, wife of capt. John

Sir L'Estrange d. 1627, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

II. Sir ROBERT, was knighted during
his father's life, and succeeded him in the
title and estate; m. Amy, da. of sir Austin
Southerton, knt., and had issue,

1. Charles, his successor.

2. Robert, who, by Elizabeth, da. of
mr. Rouse, of Utrecht, in Holland, had a
da., Elizabeth, m. Robert, son of Clement
Throckmorton, esq. ; and a son, John-Lewis

Mordaunt, m. the da. of Ilarington,

CO. Lincoln, esq., relict of sir William
Thorold, bart.

3. William, w. the da. and h. of

Butler, esq., and left issue.

4. Amy, m. Eastcourt, esq.

.5. Anne, m. Pickering, esq.

Sir Robert d. 23 Aug. 1038, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

III. Sir CHARLES, during the civil
v/ars testified his loyalty to king Charles I.,
and had his estate setjuestratcd ; m. Catha-
rine, da. of sir Lionel Tollemache, bart.
(ancestor of the earls of Dysart) by whom
(who re-m. sir Charles Lee, knt.) he had

1. Charles, 4th bart.

2. Tollemaciie, d. in his father's life-
time, s.p.

3. John, ,5th bart.; 4. Henry, d. young.
5. Catherine ; 6. Elizabeth ; 7. Amy,

all d. nnm.

Sir Charles d. 1G48, and was succeeded by
his eldest son,

IV. Sir CHARLES, m. Elizabeth, da.
and co-h. of Nicholas Johnson, and niece to
sir William Turner, knt., lord mayor of
London; d. without issue; and his widow
re-m. Francis Godolphin, esq. He was suc-
ceeded by his brother,

V. Sir JOHN, who was chosen one of the
knts. of the shire for Warwick, in several
parliaments, in the reigns of king William,
and queen Anne; m., 1st, Anne, da. of Wil-
liam Risley, esq., by whom (who d. 1092)
he had an only da.,

1. Penelope, who rf. young.

Sir John m., 2dly, Penelope, da. of sir
George Warburton, bart., and had issue
by her,

2. Sir Charles, 6th bart.; 3. John.

4. Penelope, m. Joseph Heme, esq.

5. Catharine, m. dr. Dobson, warden
of Winchester College.

Sir John d. Sept. 1721, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

VI. Sir CHARLPIS, who was one of the
knts. of the shire for Warwick for nearly

half a century ; m., 1 Dec. 1720, , da.

of sir John Conyers, bart., by Whom (who
d. March 1720) he had issue,

1. Penelope, who d. num.

2. Dorothy.

Sir Charles tn., 2dly, 1730, Sophia, only
da. of sir John Wodehouse, bart., by whom
(who d. in April 1788) he had issue,

3. Sophia ; 4. Mary, who both d. unm.
5. John, 7th bart.

0. Charles, rector of Massingham, in
Norfolk, who, in 1774, m. Charlotte, da. of
sir Philip Musgrave, of Kempton Park,
by whom he had one son, Charles, and a da.,
Charlotte: he (/. 22 Jan. 1820.

Sir Charles d. 7 March 1778, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

VII. Sir JOHN, who was many years
one of the grooms of the bedchamber to his
Majesty; elected representative in parlia-
ment, CO. Warwick, on the death of sir
Robert Lawley in March 1703, and again in
1790 ; lit. Elizabeth, da. and co-h. of Thomas
Prowse, of Axbridge, co. Somerset, esq.,
and by her (who d. (i Oct. 1820) had issue,

1. Sir Charles, 8th bart.

2. John, in holy orders, rector of Wye-
ken, CO. Buckingham, d. 27 Sept. 180G.

3. ELizAiiETH ; 4. Sophia.



5. Mary, m., in 1802, John Erskine, esq.,
brother to James, earl of Rosslyn. She
survived her husband, and rf. 17 July 1821.

6. Catharine, ?»., 26 Oct. 1811, the rev,
Francis Mills, of Barford, co. Warwick.

7. Charlotte, m., 15 April 18(!(i, Richard
Hippisley-Tuckfield, of Tuckfield and Ful-
ford, CO. Devon, esq.

8. SusAx, »(., 30 Aug. 1814, William, earl
of St. Germans.

Sir John d. 18 Nov. 1806, and was suc-
ceeded by his onlv son,

VIll. Sir CHARLES, who m., 31 June
1807, the eldest da. of William Holbech, of
Farmborough, co. Warwick, by whom he

had issue,

1. Sir JoH.v, present hart.

2. Marv, 6. 2 Nov, 1811,

3. Emma, b. 1 Jan. 1813.

Sir Charles rf. 3o May 1823, and was suc-
ceeded by his only son,

IX. Sir JOHN, present bart.

Anii^ — See Plate 1, Argent, a chevron,
between three estoiles, sable, — A Saracen's head in profile, proper,
wreathed round the temples, argent and

Seats— At Walton d'Evile, co. Warwick,
and Massingham, co. Norfolk.

TWYSDEN, of RoYDON Hall, East Peckham, Kent.

29 June 1611.

Sir WILLI A3I TWYSDEN, Baronet, born 1 Dec. 1788, succeeded his
father sir William -Jervis, 3 Feb. 1834.

TwYSDEN Borough, or Twysenden, now
usually called Burrs Farm, in the hundred
of West Bamefield, in Kent, was the an-
cient inheritance of this family, from which
they took their name, Adam de Ticysden
possessed this estate in the reign of Ed-
ward 1.

I. Sir WILLIAM TWVSDEN, the 11th
in descent from him, was knighted by king
James I., at the Charter House, 11 May
l')03, being one of those who conducted
him to London when he came to take pos-
session, of the English crown, and he after-
wards advanced him to the dignity of bart. ;
m. Anne, da. of sir Moyle Finch, bart., and
sister of Thomas, 1st earl of Winchilsea,
and by her (who rf. 14 Nov. 1638) had issue,

1. Sir Roger, 2d bart.

2. Sir Thomas, of Bradburne, created a
baronet 1666 (see that title).

3. William, rf. unm., 30 July 1641.

4. John, who was a fellow^ of the College
of Physicians of London, and M,D,; he rf,
unm. 13 Sept. 1688.

5. Francis, rf. xinm.

6. Elizabeth, m. sir Hugh Cholmley,

7. AxxE, m, sir Christopher Velverton,
bart,, ancestor to the earls of Sussex, ex-

Sir William rf. 8 Jan, 1628, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

II, Sir ROGER, m. Isabella, youngest da,
and co-h. of sir Nicholas Saunders, knt., and
by her (who rf. in 16o5, aged 52) he had issue,

1. William.

2. Roger, who rf. unm., 20 Feb. 1676,
aged 35.

3. Charles, M.D., who rf, unm. 1690.

4. Ax.NE, m. John Porter, esq.

5. IsaRella, rf, tinm. in 1726.

6. Frances, m. sir Peter Killigrew, knt,
and bart,, and rf, in 1711.

Sir Roger rf. 7 June 1672, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

III. Sir WILLIAM, b. 1635: he served
in several parliaments, and in the first year
of king James II. was elected one of the
knts. of the shire for Kent ; m. Frances,
da, and h, of Josiah Cross, esq., and by her,
who survived him, had i<sue,

1. Roger, rf. unm. in his father's lifetime.

2. Sir Thomas, 4th bart.

3. Sir William, 5th bart.

4. Charles, rf. 1698, aged 20.

killed at the battle of
drowned with sir

5, Heneage,

Malplaquet 1709,

(I. John, lieut, R,N.
Cloudesley Shovel 17ii7-

7. JosiAS, killed in Flanders 1708.

8. AxNE, rf, unm.; 9. Frances,

10, IsABKLLA, m. Richard Lybbe, esq.
Sir William rf. 27 Nov. 1697, and was
succeeded by his eldest surviving sen,

IV. Sir THOMAS, m. in I710, Catharine,
da, and sole h, of sir Francis Withens, knt.,
one of the judges of the King's Bench, by
whom (who re-m. brigadier-gen. Jocelyn,
youngest son of sir Robert Jocelyn, bart.,
ancestor of the earls of Roden, in Ireland,
and rf. April 1730) he had only 2 das.,

1. Frances, m. George Ogle, esq.

2. Catharine, m. George Cooke, esq.
one of the prothonotaries of the court of
Common Pleas, son and h. of sir George
Cooke, knt.

Sir Thomas rf. without male issue, 10 Oct.
1712, and was succeeded by his brother,

V. Sir WILLIAM, m. Jane, da, of
Francis Twisden, esq., youngest son of sir
Thomas Twisden, of Bradbourn, co. Kent,
bart., before mentioned, by whom he had

1. Sir William, his successor.

2. Thomas, lieut.-col. 1st life-guards, rf.
19 July 1784, aged 74.

3. Philip, bishop of Raphoe, 1746, m.,
1st, 1741, Mary Purcell, by whom (who rf.
1743) he had a da., Jenny, 6. 9 Jan. 1742, rf.

young; and 2dly, Frances, da. of

Carter, and rf. 2 No^'. 1752, leaving by her a
posthumous da., Frances, m. George, 4th
earl of Jersey, and rf. 25 July 1821.

4. Eliza, rf. u)im. March 1798, aged 84.
Sir William rf. 20 Aug. 1751, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

VI. Sir WILLIAM, m. Mary, da. of
George Jervis, esq., by whom (who rf. 4
June 1818) he had,

1, William-Jervis, his successor,

2, Heneage, h. 23 Sept. 1764, m., 17 July
1802, Anne, da. of sir John-Dixon Dyke,
bart,, and rf, without issue March 1826.

3, Thomas, capt. R.N., b. 20 Oct, 1765,
m. Isabella, da. of Heniy Duncan, e<:q,,
commissioner of the navy, and rf. 4 Oct.
1801, leaving issue 2 sons, Henry-Duncan,
who m., 1819, his cousin, Mary, da. of sir
William I. Twisden ; and Thomas, in holy
orders, who rn., Oct. 1827j Elizabeth, eklest



da. of E. N. W. Fortescue, of Fallowpit,
CO. Devon, esq., deceased.

4. Frances, h. (J Dec. 17(52, m., 1st, 9 Aug.
1783, Archibald, 11th earl of Eglinton; and
2dly, Francis Moore, esq., brother of gen.
sir John Moore, K.8., and is deceased.

Sir William d. 17G7> and was succeeded by
his eldest son,

bart., h. 13 May 17()(>, m., 7 May 178(i,
Frances, da. of Alexander Wynch, esq.,
.sometime governor of Madras, and had

1. Sir William, present bart.

2. Francis-James, h. 14 June 1803, m.,
8 Jan. 1829, Cecilia, da. of Lewis Bazelguette,
of Eastwick Park, co. Surrey, esq.

3. John, b. 25 Nov. 1808.

4. Frances, b. 29 March 1787, m., 20 July
1831, rev. Lambert Blackwell Larking, vi-

car of Rvarsh, co. Kent.

5. Flora, b. 22 June 1700.

6. Mary, b. 20 May 1792, m., July 1819,
her cousin, Henry-Duncan Twysden, R.N.

7. Eliza, b. 24 May 1794, m., 23 July
1827, Charles-Henry Seale, esq., R.N.

8. Isabella-Camilla, b. (J June 1797,
m., 25 March 1824, rev. Rob. Orgil Lemon.

Sir William-Jervis d. 3 Feb. 1834, and was
succeeded by his eldest son,

VIII. Sir WILLIAM, present and 8th

Anns — See Plate 1. Per saltire, argent
and gules, a I'altire between 4 cross cross-
lets, all counterchanged.

Crest — On a wreath, a cockatrice sejant,
azure winged, &c. or.

Seat — At Roydon Hall, East Peckham,
CO. Kent.

WYVILL, of Constable-Burton, co. York.
25 Nov. 1611.


Constable-Burton, was created a bart. as
above ; he d. 1648, and was succeeded by his
eldest son,

II. SirCHRISTOPHER, whom. Ursula,
eldest da. of Conyers, Lord Darcy and Con-
yers, created earl of Holdernesse 1G82, and
had, besides other issue,

HI. Sir WILLIAM, eldest son, b. 1645,
m. Anne, only da. of James Brooke, of El-
lingthorpe, co. York, and d. circa 1688,
leaving issue,

1. Sir Marmadukk, 4th bart.

2. Darcy, who d. 5 Jan. 1734, aet. 66,
leaving issue,

1. vvilliam, who settled in America
andd. about 1750, leaving issue, of whom,
Marmaduke the eldest succeeded his kins-
man sir Marmaduke, 5th bart. in 177'ijand
the dignity is now vested in his descend-
ants, if after the declaration of the inde-
pendence of America, the dignity could
descend upon his son, an alien ; if the
alienage precluded his inheriting, the title
passed to the representative of Edward
Wyvill, next brother to the settler in

2. Edward, general supervisor of ex-
cise at Edinburgh, >»., 18 Dec. 1737, Chris-
tian-Catherine, da. of William Clifton, of
Edinburgh, and rf. 12 March 1791, leaving
issue an only son, the rev. Christopher
Wyvill, who d. March 1022, leaving Mar-
maduke Wyvill, of Constable Burton,
esq., his s. and h., who is tn. and has issue.

3. Hale of the city of York, m. and had

IV. Sir MARMADUKE, m. llenrietta-
!Maria, eldest da. of sir Thomas Yarburgh,
of Snaith Hall, co. York, by whom (who d.
Aug. 1738) he had besides other children,
who d. young or ttnm.

1. Sir Marmaduke, 5th bart.

2. Wyvill, d. unm. 1731.

3. Christopher, >h., 1st, Feb.1724, Eliza-
beth, da. of Stephen-Martin Leake, of Bed-
dington, co. Surrey, esq., by whom (who d.
19 May 1731) he had an only child,

1. Elizabeth, m,, 1773, her cousin the rev.
Christopher Wyvill, but d. s. p. 23 July
1783, he m., 2dly, 1738, Henrietta, 2nd da.
and co-h. of Francis Asty of Black Notley,
CO. Essex, merchant, by whom (who d.
1742) he had issue.

2. Christopher, (f. young.

3. Sir Marmaduke-Asty, 6th bart., he
w., 3dly, Anne Thayer, widow, andrf. 26

April 1752.

4. Anne, m. John Wyvill of Walton-upon
Thames, co. Surrey, esq., and d. 1728, s. p.

5. Margaret, m. John Purcell, esq., and
d. 1755, s.p.

6. Ursula, m. London Jones, of Furni-
val's Court, Holborn, and had issue.

7. Mary, m. Rev. Thomas Gee.

Sir Marmaduke d. Oct. 1722, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

V. Sir MARMADUKE, 6.1692, m. Carey,
da. of Edward Coke, of Holkham, co. Nor-
folk, esq., but d. s.p. 1753-4, and was suc-
ceeded by his nephew,

unm. at Bath, 23 Feb. 1774, and was suc-
ceeded by his kinsman,

VII. Sir MARMADUKE, who was then
living in Maryland, and who remained a
subject of America after the declaration of
that country's independence, and upon
whose decease, the dignity either passed to
his eldest son or to the male representative
of Edward, 2nd son of Darcy, 2nd son of
the 3rd bart. as before mentioned.

^r«w— See Plate 1, Gules, three chevro-
nels, interlaced vaire, and a chief or.
Crest — A dragon, argent.

TEMPLE, of St OWE, co. Buckingham.
25 Nov. 1G12.

Sir GRENVILLE TEMPLE, Baronet, horn 20 July 1799, married, 5

May 1829, Mary, da. of George Baring, esq., and has issue, -1. OREN-

VILLE.LE0FKIC,6. at Florence, 5 Feb. 1830 ; 2. Geouge-Eunest-



ABBA1.I.AB, ft. at IVJa^lei, 4 Jam. 183S :
Malta, 26 M=y 1833.

-3. Ax-GjiK-BoiTDoar, iu at


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^asiL 153ft, m.Bgn&afli,da.ffl ffJam nE8l

bos MuliiiwuJ flOBKii^ asBBBBatldfae aane off
aa. Marps da. «af 'nanos DodSte-
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Ibyftn ((tRbo«£.altFiEa,3Di^lBID)iie


QE toBcsttattc of

S. PsrwsiiuBrB, an. Ibsees Berr .
Sir Ridhasd A. 13 Maf liai^, £c .
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I¥. Sir RICHARD, vlu>vi
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eagle displayed, sable : 2d and 3d, argent two
bars, sable, each charged with three mart-
lets, or.

Cre-if—Ov. a ducal coronet, a martlet, or.
Motto — Templa qudm dilecta!

EGERTON, of Egerton and Oulton-Park, co. Chester.

5 April I6I7.

Sir PHILTP-DE-MALPAS GREY-EGERTON, Baronet, born 13 Nov.
1806; succeeded his father, sir Pliilip, late bart., 13 Dec. 1829; married^
8 March 1832, Anna-Elizabeth, 2d da. of George- John Legh, of High
Legh, CO. Chester, esq., and has issue, 1. A SON, h. 28 March 1833 ;

-2. A DA., h. 13 June 1834.

The family of Ei^erfon, one of the most
ancient and distinguished in the county of
Chester, derives its origin from William le
Belward, who was baron of Malpas under
the Norman earls Palatine of that county.
David de Malpas (surnamed the Clerk)
eldest son of WiUiam le Belward, was grand-
father of David, who assimied the surname
of Egerton from the lordship of Egerton,
which was his inheritance; and Robert, 2d
son of William le Belward, assumed the
name of Cholmondeley, and was ancestor of
the marquess Cholmondeley, and lord Dela-
mere (see those titles in Debreti's Peerage.)
Sixth in descent from David de Egerton

Philip Egertojj, of Egerton, m. Mar-
gery, da. of William Mainwaring, of Ight-
Field, CO. Salop, and d. 13 Edw, IV., having
had issue,

1. William, who d. without issue in his
father's lifetime.

2. JoM .V, ancestor of the present bart.

3. Sir Ralph, who left a son, sir Richard,
whose natural son, Thomas, was the cele-
brated lord chancellor Egerton, created vis-
count Brackley KilO, ancestor of the late
earl of Bridgewater.

John Egerto.v, 2d son of Philip, m. Eli-
zabeth, da. and h. of Hugh Done, of Oul-
ton, CO. Chester, (by Anne, da. of James
Tuchet, lord Audley,) and d. 1 Rich. 111.,
leaving a da.,

Susan, to. Randle Egerton, of Dynham,
CO. Norfolk, esq., and a son,

Philip, of E^^erton and Oulton,m. Joan,
da. and co-h. of Gilbert Smith, of Cuerdley,
CO. Lancaster, and widow of Richard Win-
nington, and d. 1534, leaving issue by her
(who d. 1512) a da.,

Makgarkt, m. Hugh Starkey, of Oul-
ton, and a son,

Sir Philip, m. Eleanor, da. of sir Randle
Brereton, of Malpas, knt., and d. 17 July
15()3, leaving issue by her (who d. 3 Nov.

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