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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 62 of 95)
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Bath, esq.

L Sir CHRISTOPHER was created a
bart. 29 June 1801.

Arms — See Plate 32. Sable, a shin bone,
in fesse, surmounted of another in pale, ar-
gent, on a canton of the last, a vulture,

Crest — A cubit arm, vested, a^zure, cuffed,
erminois, the hand holding a jaw-bone,

Supporters * — Two sava^^es wreathed about
the head and waist, with clubs over their
arms, all proper.

Motto — Furor arma ministrat.

Seat — At Harefield Park, co. Middlesex.

BARRETT-LENNARD, of Bell House, co. Essex.

30 June 1801.

Sir THOMAS BARRETT-LENNARD, bornQ Jan. I76I, created a
Baronet, as above ; took the surname and arms of Barrett-Lennard, by
royal sign manual, pursuant to the will of his reputed father, Thomas,
late lord Dacre; married^ 1st, 15 Feb. 1787-. Dorothy, sister to sir John
St. Aubin, bart., of Clowance, co. Cornwall, and by her (who d. 2C

Oct. 1830) has issue, 1. THOMAS, M.P. for Maldon, b. 4 Oct. 1788,

7W., 1st, 3 Aug. 1815, Margaret, 2d da. of Thomas Wharton, of Skelton
Castle, CO. York, esq., by whom he had no issue ; and, 2dly, 30 June
1825, Mary, only da. of Bartlett-Bridger Sheddon, of Aldham, co. Suf-
folk, esq., and has issue, Thomas^ b. 28 Dec 182G; 2. John, i. 30

Dec. 1789, w., 23 July 1814, Dorothy-Anne, da. of sir Walter Stir-
ling, bart., and has issue three sons, Thomas ; George ; Harry ; 3.

Anne-Dorotuy, b. 20 Oct. 1794, m., 1 Oct. 1822, William-John St,
Aubyn, esq. ; 4. George, b. C June 1790, »*., 7 Nov. 1820, Elizabeth-
Jane, eldest da. and co-h. of Edmund Pi-ideaux, of Hexworthy, co. Corn-
wall, esq., and has issue, Hehe-Dorolhy ; Elizabetlt ; Edmund ; Julia-
Gcoryina ; 5. Henry, in holy orders, b. 18 Jan. 1798, m., 20 April

* Confirmed and assigned to the present
bart. by patent from the lion-office, by

James Home, esq., lion-depute, 10th June



1821, Hebe-Dorothy, yoimgest da. and co-h. of Edmund Prideaux, esq.,

above named ; 6. Edward-Pomeroy, b. 19 June 1799 ; 7- Dacre,

b. 30 Jan. 1801, in holy orders, 7n., 4 Oct. 1825, Rachael, eldest da. of Jere-
miah Ives, of St. Katherine's Hill, co. Norwich, esq. ; 8. Charles, b.

24 May 1802; 9. Julia-Elizabeth, b. 18 Jan. 1804, m., 23 Oct.

1823, Charles-Dalston Nevinson, M.D. ; 10. Charlotte-Maria, b.

5 July 1805; 11. Frances, b. 30 May 1809. Sir Thomas wz., 2dly,20

June 1833, Georgina-Mathilda, da. of sir Walter Stirling, bart., and relict
of H. D. Milligan, esq.

Arms — See Plate 32. Quarterly: 1st and
4th, or, on a fesse, gules, three fleurs-de-lis,
or, for Lexxard; 2d and 3d, party per
pale, barry of four, eounterchanged, argent
and gules, for Barrett ; all wjthin a bor-
dure, wavy, sable.

Crest — An Arabian dog's head, per fesse,
argent and ermine, -charged with an es-
callop, per fesse, nebuly, gules, and sable.

Motto — La bondad para la medra.

Seat — Bell House, Aveley, co. Essex.

MONTGOMERY, of Stanhope, co. Peebles.

16 July 1801.

Sir JAMES MONTGOMERY, Baronet, born 9 Oct. 1766, succeeded
his father, sir James, 2 April 1803, presenter of signatures in the Court of
Exchequer, Scotland, Representative for the County of Peebles for nearly
30 years ; married, 1st, in 1804, Elizabeth, 4th da. of Dunbar, 4th earl of

Selkirk, by whom he had issue, 1. Helen-Anne, b. 13 Dec. 1808,

m., 1830, William-Forbes Mackenzie, of Portmore ; — -2. James, b. 28

April 1811, d. 16 July 1833 ; 3. Elizabeth, b. 18 Aug. 1812, w., 3

Jan. 1834, James Ker, esq., Madras service. Sir James m., 2dly, Helen,
2d and youngest da. of Thomas Graham, of Kinross, N.B., esq., sometime

M.P. for CO. Kinross, and has issue by her, 4. Anne, b. 17 May 1818 ;

— ^-5. Margaret-Fleming, b. 28 June 1820 ; 6. GRAHAM, b. 9

July 1823; 7. John-Basil, i. 11 Sept. 1824.

This is a younger branch of the noble
house of Montgomery, earls of Eglingtoun,
and descended from Robert, 2d son of the
1st lord Montgomery.

William Montgomery, of Magbie, who
d. 1768, m. Barbara, da. of Robert Ruther-
ford, of Bowland, and had issue 2 sons, 1.
Sir William, of Magbie Hill, created a bart.
1774, which title became extinct on the de-
cease of sir George Montgomery, his son,
9 July 1831 ; and 2.,

I. Sir JAMES, appointed lord advocate
of Scotland, 1766, and chief baron of the ex-
chequer there, 1775> which office he resigned,
1781, M.P. for Peebles, 17(j8 to 1776, created
a bart., as above, m. Margaret, sole da. and
h. of Robert Scott, of Kilian, co. Stirling,
esq., and had issue,

1. William, lieut-col. of the 43d regt. of
infantry, d. in Oct. 1800.

2. Sir James, present bart.

3. Archibald, sometime in the civil ser-
vice of the East India Company in Bengal,
h. 25 June 1771. m. miss Maria Raush, and
has issue, three sons and two das.

4. Robert, barrister-at-law, 6. 5 June

1775, m. miss Elizabeth Mason, and has
issue, 3 sons and 2 das.

5. Margaret, b. 4 March 1768, m. Robert-
Nutter Campbell, of Kailzee, co. Peebles,

6. Barbara, b. 29 March 177O, m. brig.-
gen. Alexander Walker, East India Com-
pany's service.

7. Anne, b. 18 June 1776, m. Thomas
Hart, of Castlemilk, co. Dumfries, esq.

Sir James d. 2 April 1803, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

II. Sir JAMES, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 32. Quarterly : azure,
and gules, on a cross, wavy, between, in the
1st and 4th quarters, three fleurs-de-lis, or,
and in the 2d and 3d as many annulets, or,
gemmed azure, a mullet between four cres-
cents of the last.

Crest — A female figure, representing Hope,
supporting in her ,dexter hand an anchor,
proper, and in her sinister, a human head,

Motto — (over the crest) — Gardez bien.

Seat — At Stanhope, co. Peebles.

DILLON, of LiSMULLEN, CO. Meath, Ireland.

31 July 1801.

Sir CHARLES-DRAKE DILLON, Baronet, (a baron of the holy
Roman Empire,) succeeded his fathei', sir John, in 1805; inarried, Sei>t.
1702, Charlotte, da. of John Hamilton, esq., sometime secretary-at-war in
Ireland, and by her (who d. 1793) had no issue. Sir Charles wz., 2dly, Oct.

o 2



1828, Sarah, relict of the rev. John Castleton Miller, D.D., rector of Mil-
ton^ CO. Northampton.

This bart. is descended from the Dillons of
Riverstown, a branch of the ancient and
noble family of Dillo7i, in Ireland, and from
the same ancestor as the earls of Roscom-
mon, the viscounts DUlon, and the lords

Sir John Dillon, of Lismullen, in Meath,
knt., m., 1st, 1684, Mary, only da. of Mo-
rough Boyle, viscount Blesinton, and had
issue a da. ; and, 2dly, in 1/02, Grace, da. of
Thomas Tilson, of Dublin, esq., and had
issue, Thotnas, b. 1704, but died without is-
sue, and

Arthur, m., 1730, Elizabeth, da. of Ralph
Lambert, bishop of Meath, and had issue,
Susannah, d, ximn. ; Alice, m- rev. Nathaniel
Preston of Swainstown, co. Meath, and a

1. Sir JOHN, M.P. for Blesinton, co.
Wicklow, created a bart., 31 July 1801, m.
Millicent, da. of Roger Drake, of Fernhill,
CO. Berks, esq., by whom he had issue,

1. John, d. unm. 1790.

2. Sir Charles-Drake, present bart.

3. Arthur-Richard, lieut.-gen. in the
anny, m., 22 Oct. 1814, Letitia-Elizabeth, 2d
da. of the late William Knox, esq., formerly
one of his majesty's under-secretaries of

4. William, m. Ellen, da. of Webbe,

of Hiltoun, and has issue.

5 Ralph, rector of KUconnel, co. Gal-

m. Jane, sister of Tho
Corry, esq., and has

way, d. April 1834,

1. John, in the army.

2. Charles ; and 2 das.

G. Robert, in the army, m. Elizabeth
Swenney, and has issue,
1. Robert; and 3 das.

7- Elizabeth, m. William Mills, esq.,
barrister-at-law, both deceased.

8. Anne-Grace, m. Thomas-Charles-
Stuart Corry, esq., M.P. for Monaghan.

9. Millicent.

In 1782, his imperial majesty, Joseph II.,
was pleased to confer on him the dignity of
a free baron of the holy Roman Empire,
with limitations to his issue male and female.
Sir John, deceasing in 1805, was succeeded
by his eldest son,

II. Sir CHARLES-DRAKE, the present

Arms — See Plate 32. 1st and 4th. Argent,
a lion passant, between three crescents, 2a
and 3d. Argent, a lion rampant, between
three crescents, gules, issuant from each
crescent a star with six points, of the field,
over all a fess azure.

Crest — On a chapeau, gules, turned up,
ermine, a falcon rising, argent, beaked,
legged, and belled, or.

Siip2io)-ters — Two leopards regardant.

Motto — Dum spiro spero.

KEANE, of Belmont and Cappoquin, co. Waterford, Ireland.

1 Aug. 1801.

Sir RICHARD KEANE, Baronet, succeeded his father, sir John,
18 April 1829 ; horn 1780, Lieut.-Col. of the Waterford MiHtia ; married,
20 Nov. 1814, the relict of Samuel Penrose, of Waterford, esq.

Richard Keane, of Belmont, co. Wa-
terford, esq., m. miss Green, and had issue
by her, (who d. in Nov. 1804,)

1. Sir John, 1st bart.

2. Michael, m. Judith, sister of Sarah,
lady Keane, and relict of John Alcock, esq.,
and had issue,

Jane, m., April 1821, Richard Farrell,

esq., and another da.

I. Sir JOHN KEANE, 1st bart, was so
created 1 Aug. 1801, m. Sarah, sister of John
Keiley, of Belgrove, in Cork, esq., and had

1. Sir Richard, present bart.

2. Sir John, K.C.B., K.G.H., lieut.-gen.,
and col. 68th foot, m., Aug. 18(Kj, Grace, 2d
da. of gen. John Smith, R.A., and has issue,

1. Charlotte-Amelia, 6. 21 Sept. 1807-

2. John-Ord, h. 5 Jan. 1809, d. the same

3. Georgiana-Isabella, h. 17 Oct. 1811.

4. Grace, b. 4 Sept. 1812, d. 1H13.

5. Edward-Arthur- Wellington, b. 4 May


6. John-Manly-Arbuthnot, 6. 1 Sept.

7. George-Disney, 6. 26 Sept. 1817.

8. Hussey-Fane, b. 14 June 1822.

3. Henry-Edward, major 7th hussars,
m., 17 Jan. 1818, Anne, 3d da. of sir William
Fraser, of Leadclune, co. Inverness, bart.,
and has one child.

4. Sarah, dec.

Sir John m., 2dly, in 1804, Dorothy, re-
lict of Philip-Chami)ion Crespigny, of Aid-
borough, CO. Suffolk, esq., and has issue,

5. George-Michael.

Sir John d. 18 April 1829, and was succeeded
by his son,

IL Sir RICHARD, present bart-

Arms—Sec Plate 32. Gules, three salmons,
naiant, in pale, argent.

Crest— A leopard sejant, proper, support-
ing in his dexter paw a flag-staff, thereon
an union jack, proper.

Seat — Belmont, co. Waterford.

CHATTERTON, of Castle-Mahon, Cork.

3 Aug. 1801.

1794, succeeded his father, sir James, 7 April 180C; married, 3 Aug. 1824,



Henrietta-Georgiana-Maria, da. of the rev. Lascelles Iremonger, pre-
bendary of Winchester, and niece of lord Gambier.

This family settled in Ireland, temp. Eli-
zabeth. Thoinas Chatterton had a grant
anno 15/3, of lands in the barony of Ardes.

Abraham Chatterton", of the city of
Cork, son of Abraham Chatterton, of" the
same city, esq., m., 1738, Martha, da. of
Edmond Roche, of Trabol^an, co. Cork,
esq., aiid rf. 1776, lea\'ing issue, two sons,

1. Sir James, 1st bart.

2. Thomas, clerk of the crown for the
counties of Cork and Waterford, cf. 1794,
leaving issue,

1. James, clerk of the crown for the said

2. Thomas, in the army.

3. William ; 4. John ; 5. Abraham.

6. Susanna, m. Robert Deane, esq.

7. Martha; 8. Caroline.

1. Sir JAMES CHATTERTON, 1st bart.,
bred to the law, appointed second sergeant-
at-law, and keeper of the state papers,
created a bart. of Great Britain, 3 Aug. 1801 ;
nu, 1790, Rebecca, da. of Abraham Lane, of

the city of Cork, and had issue,

1. Sir William-Abraham, 2d bart.

2. James, b. in 1796, major in the army,
m., 1821, Anne, eldest da. of James Atkinson,
of York, esq.

3. Anne, b. in 1786, m., 1809, the rev.
Richard Dickson, of Vermont, co. Limerick,

4. Martha, b. in 1789.

5. Rebecca, b. in 1796, m., 11 Dec. 1822,
C. Wedderbum Webster, of Harnish, co.
Wilts, esq.

Sir James d. 7 April 1806, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,


Arms — See Plate 32. Or, a lion's head,
erased, azure, between three mullets, gules.

Crest — An antelope's head, erased, argent,
pierced through with an arrow from the
back of the neck.

Motto — Loyal a mart.

Seat — Castle-!<Iahon, Cork.

HARDINGE, of Lueran, co. Fermanagh, Ireland.

4 Aug. 1801.

The rev. sir CHARLES HARDINGE, Baronet, in holy orders, rector of
Crowhurst, co. Surrey, and vicar of Tonbridge, born 22 March 1780 ; succeeded
his uncle, sir Richard, 5 Nov. 1826; married., 18 June 1816, Emily-Bradford,
2d da. of Kenneth Callander, of Craigforth, co. Stirling, esq., and has issue,

1. Maiiy-Henrietta,6. 260ct.l817 ; 2. Carolixe-Bradford,

b. 3 July 1819; 3. Juliana, b. 21 Jan. 1821 ; 4. Richard, b. 13

July 1822, d. 28 March 1823; 5. Harriett-Eliza, b. 13 Jan. 1824 ;

-6. Emily-Frances, b. 9 Sept. 1825
Aug. 1827 ; 8. Eliza-Stracey, b. 22 Jan.

Maria- Vates, b. 26

1829, d.

-9. a Son, b. 28 March 1833 ; 10. a Son, b. 2 July 1834.

31 May 1831

This family is descended from Nicholas
HARDINGE, who was seated at King's New-
ton, CO. Derby, in the reign of Henry VII.
He was great-grandfather of

Sir Robert Hardinge, of King's New-
ton, who was knighted 1674, m. Anne, da.
of sir Richard Spigumell, of Sprignell, of
Highgate, knt., andrf. 1679, leaving, besides
other issue, two sons, Robert, who was of
King's Newton, (and whose only son, John,
of King's Newton, remembrancer of the ex-
chequer, d. s.p. 1728,) and

Gideon, in holy orders, ^icar of King-
ston, Surrey, d. 1712, lea\ing issue,

1. Nicholas.

2. Sales, M.D., physician to the queen,
d. s.p.

3. Mary, m. sir John Stracey, knt., alder-
man of London.

Nicholas Hardinge, eldest son of Gi-
deon, was a barrister-at-law, clerk of the
house of commons, secretary of the trea-
sury, and recorder of Kingston, b. 7 Feb.
WM, m., 19 Dec. 1738, Jane, da. of sir John
Pratt, lord chief justice of the king's bench,
and sister of the 1st earl Camden, and d.
1758, having had issue by her, (who survived
him,) besides six sons who d. young,

1. George, attorney-general to tne queen,
and chief-justice of tne Brecon circuit, h.
1743, m. Lucy, da. and co-h. of Richard
Long, esq., but d. s.p. 26 April 1816.

2. Henry, in holy orders, rector of Stan-
hope, CO. Durham, b. 2 Sept. 1754, ni., 4
June 1779, Frances, da. of James Best, of
Chatham, esq., and d. 7 Sept. 1820, having
had issue,

1. Charles, present bart.

2. George, capt. R.N., b. 11 April 1781,
killed in an action, in which, with an in-
feiior force, he had captured the Pied-
montaise French frigate, 1800, and for his
distinguished gallantry on which occasion,
he had a public monument voted him in
St. Paul's cathedral.

3. Right hon. sir Henry, P.C. K.C.B.,
secretary-at-war, and M.P. for Launces-
ton, major-gen. and col. 37th foot, b. 30
March 1785, rn., 10 Dec. 1821, lady Emily-
Jane, da. of Robert, 1st marquess of Lon-
donderry, and widow of John James, esq.,
and has issue, Charles-Stewart; Frances;
Emili/- Carotin e.

4. Richard, capt. royal horse artillery,
b. 14 April 1790, nu, 1st, Anne, eldest da.
of Thomas Papillion, of Ac\'ise, co. Kent,
esq., and had issue by her (who is deceased)
Henri/ and Frances; he m., 2dly, 15 Aug.
1827, Caroline-Johnson, youngest da. of
Kenneth Callandar, esq., of Craigsforth.

5. John, b. 13 April 17.93, d. unm.
G. Robert, b. 13 Sept. 1795, d. wmu

7. Herbert, h. 12 Aug. 1797, d. unm.

8. Frederick, b. 27 Feb. 1801, m. 10



Sept. 1829, Hannah-Elizabeth, eldest da.
of Warren Maud, of Green Bank, Dar-
lington, esq.

9. Frances, b. 1783, m. rev. Stephen
Woodgate, of Pembury, co. Kent.

10. Juliana- Elizabeth, d. unm.

11. Charlotte, d. unm.

12. Jane, d. unm.

13. Caroline.

3. Sir Richard, 1st bart.

4. Jane, h. 17 Nov. 1740, m. Henry-Cresset
Pelham, esq.

5. Caroline, b. 1747, d. unm., 23 April

6. Juliana.

I. Sir RICHARD-HARDINGE, 1st bart.,
was born 10 Nov. 1755, created as above,
with remainder on failure of issue male of
his body to the heirs male of the body of his
father, Nicholas Hardinge, »»., 1st, 1798,
Mary, natural da. of Ralph Gore, earl of
Rosse in Ireland, which lady d. 1824 ; and,
2dly, 14 March 1826, Caroline Munster,
youngest da. of major-gen. Wullff, R.A. ;
she re-m., 23 Oct. 1828, Henry T. Jones, of

Chatham, esq.

Sir Richard d. without issue, 5 Nov. 1826,
and was succeeded by his nephew,

II. Sir CHARLES, present and 2d bart.

Arm^ — See Plate 32. Gules, on a chevron,
argent, fimbriated, or, three escallops, sa-
ble, and (for augmentation granted pur-
suant to a royal warrant, 26 Nov. 1808, in
consequence of the heroic achievement of
capt. George-Nicholas Hardinge, above re-
cited,) a chief wavy argent, thereon the re-
presentation of a French frigate wholly dis-
masted, and towed towards the dexter by
an English frigate in a shattered state.

Crest — 1st of augmentation granted as
above, a dexter hand, couped in a navaii
uniform grasping a sword, surmounting a
Dutch and Frent-li flag in saltire, the former
inscribed with the word " Atalanta," the
latter with " Piedmontaise," the sword
passing through a wreath of laurel near the
point, and a little below through one of
cypress, all proper; 2d, a mitre, gules,
charged with a chevron, as in the arms.

Seat — Bellisle, co. Fermanagh.

JUDKIN-FITZGERALD, of Lisheen, co. Tipperary.

5 Aug. 1801.

Sir JOHN JUDKlN-FITZGERALD, Baronet, iom Aug. 1788, suc-
ceeded his father, sir Thomas, 24 Sept. 1810; married., Aug. 1816, mrs.
Moore, da. of E. Pennefather, esq. of Cashel, and has issue.

Thomas Uniacke, esq., (son of Maurice
Uniacke, co. Cork, esq., by , da. of Gar-
rett Fitzgerald, esq.,) m. Helena, da. and
co-h. of Christian Borr, esq., by whom he
had issue,

1. BoRR, of Youghall, esq , m., 1750,
Anne, eldest da. of Frederick French, of
Mote, CO. Galway, esq., and had issue, Ro-
bert-Uniacke, of Woodhouse, co. Waterford,
m., 7 Jan. 1790, Nanette-Constantia, da. of
the right hon. John Beresford, brother of
George de la Poer, 1st marquess of Water-

2. Robert, father of the 1st bart.

3. Maurice, of Woodhouse, co. Water-
ford, esq., m. Barbara, da. and h. of James
Uniacke, of Cappa, co. Tipperary, esq., and
d. 1745, leaving an only da. Barbara, m.
WalterAtkin, of Leadington, co. Cork, esq.

4. Clotilda, m. William Wallis, of Bal-
lycronane, co. Cork, esq.

Robert Uniacke, 2d son of Thomas,
was of Corkbeg, co. Cork, and took the
name of Fitzgerald, only in compliance
with the will of his grandmother's brother ;
m. Frances-Lapp, da. of John Judkin, esq.,
and d. 1778, leaving issue by her, (who d.
Aug. 1791,)

1. Robert, of Corkbeg, esq., M.P. for co.
Cork, 1801 to 1806, m. Louisa Petitot, da. of
rev. Richard Bullen, and had issue.

2. Sir Thomas, the 1st bart.

3. Eleanor, m. rev. Robert Dring, of
Bork Grove, co. Cork.

4. Clotilda.

5. Elizabeth, d. unm. 1799.

6. Helen, m. Henry Brabazon, of Wil-
ville, CO. Louth, esq.

I. Sir THOMAS, 2d son of Robert, was
created a bart. as above, took the surname
of Judkin in addition to and before Fitz-
gerald, in compliance with the will of his
maternal uncle, John Judkin, of the city of
Cashel, esq., and settled at Lisheen, co. Tip-
perary, m. Elizabeth, 2d da. of Joseph Ca-
pel, esq., (by Elizabeth M'Cartie, only da.
of Dennis M'Cartie, of Bailee, esq., by Mary
Meade, da. of sir John Meade, of Tubrid,
CO. Cork, bart.,) and had issue,

1. Sir John, present bart.

2. Joseph-Capel; 3. Robert-Uniackb.
Sir Thomas d. 24 Sept. 1810, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

II. Sir JOHN, present bart.

Arms — See Plate .32. Quarterly : 1st and
4th, ermine, a saltire, gules ; 2a and 3d,
argent, a chevron, gules, between three
boars' heads, sable, Jangued, gules.

Crest — A chevalier, in complete armour,
on horseback, at full speed, with his sword
drawn, and his beaver up.

Seat — Lisheen, co. Tipperary.

KELLET, of Lota, co. Cork, Ireland.

G Aug. 1801.

Sir RICHARD KELLET, Baronet, so created as above, with remainder
to the heirs male of the body of his father, born IG May 17GL married., 9
Feb. 1788, Jane, da. of John Galwey, of Westcourt, co. Kilkenny, esq.,
and has issue, 1. RICHARD, b. IG May I7OO, m. Mary, da. of James



Blakeney, co. Carlow, esq., but has no issue ; 2. William, h. 10 Oct.


Richard Kellet, alderman of Cork,
(son of captain Richard Kellet, killed at the
battle of Falkirk 1746, by Deborah, da. and
co-h. of Thurston Haddock, of Kinsale,
esq.,) m., 1758, Jane-Susannah, da. of Jacob
Laulhe, esq., and niece of Abraham Castres,
esq., envoy-extraordinary at the court of
Portugal, and d. 25 Jan. 1828, ast. 95, leaving

1. Sir Richard, present bart.

2. William-Augustus, b. 1765, m., 1st,
1790, Jane M'Dowell, only da. of col. Wil-
liam Napier, of Culcreugh and Milliken, co.
Renfrew, and had issue,

1. Richard, M.D., at Fort St. George,
in the East Indies.

2. Augustus-Henry, capt. R.N., d. 1828.

3. Robert-John-Napier, in the army, m.,
Dec. 1823, Jemima, only da. and h. of
James Hunter, of co. Ayr, esq., and has

4. George-Houston, East India Com-

pany's service.

5. James-Fitter, East India Company's
He TO., 2dly, miss Donovan, and d. Nov. 1822.

3. Henry-Castres, 6. 19 Feb. 1776, m.
Emilia, da. of Henry Hickman, of Cork,
esq., and has issue three sons and five das.

4. Susannah, m. lieut.-col. Filler, 67th
regt. of infantry.

5. Anne, m. major Chudleigh.

I. Sir RICHARD, eldest son, was created
a bart. as above.

Arms — See Plate 33. Quarterly : 1st and
4th, argent, on a mount, vert, a boar passant,
sable, crined, or; 2d and 3d argent, a cross,
gules; in the 1st quarter a fleur-de-lis, of
the last.

Crest — Ah armed arm, embowed, garnish-
ed, or, holding in the hand a baton, of the

Motto — Ferct ad astra virttts.

Seat— Lota., co. Cork.

HOMAN, of DuNLUM, co> Westmeath, Ireland.
7 Aug. 1801.

Sir WILLIAM-JACKSON HOMAN, Knt., was created a Baronet,
as above; married^ 13 June 1791, Charlotte-Stuart, 2d da. of John, 1st
marquess of Bute, bv Charlotte-Jane, eldest da. and co-h. of Herbert, vis-
count Windsor, and has issue, PHILIP-GEORGE-STUART, b. 6

Sept. 1802.

George Homan, of Surrock, co. West-
meath, b. 1707j nu Elizabeth, da. and h. of
William Jackson, of MaghuU, co. Lancas-
ter, D.D., and rector of St. Mechan's, Dub-
lin, and had issue,

Philip, m. Mary-Anne, da. of George
Thomas, of Rathfamham, co. Dublin, esq.,
and had issue four sons,

1. George, in holy orders, m. Anne, da.
of Young, of Culdoif, in Donegal, esq.

2. Sir William-Jackson, present bart.

3. Walter-Thomas.

4. Richard, in holy orders.

5. Susan.

I. Sir WILLIAM, the 2d son, was created
a bart. 7 Aug. 1801.

Arms— See Plate 33. Vert, a che\Ton, or,
between three pheons, with their points
downwards, argent.

Crest — On a lion's head, erased, or, a cha-
peau, gules, turned up, ermine.

Motto — Homo sutn.

Sea^— Dunlum, co. Westmeath.

GOOLD, of Old Court, co. Cork, Ireland.

8 Aug. 1801.

Sir GEORGE GOOLD, Baronet, succeeded his uncle, sir Francis, 20
Aug. 1818; married, 13 May 1802, lady Charlotte Browne, only child of
Valentine, earl of Kenmare, by the hon. Charlotte Dillon, 3d da. of Henry,

11th viscount Dillon, and has issue, 1. HENRY-VALENTINE;

2. George ; 3. Edward, in the service of the emperor of Austria ;

4. William-Bedingfield ; 5. Charlotte; O.Ellen-Fran-
ces; 7- Georgina; 8. Marcella; 9. Frances.

The precise period of this family migra-
ting to Ireland is not ascertained ; but it is
presumed that its lineal ancestor settled in
CO. Cork, temp. Hen. VI. William Goold
filled the office of mayor of Cork, 1442 and
1443 ; the same office was executed 1445, 1447,
and 1451, bv John Goold; 1463, 1493, and
15(11, bv William Goold; and in 1503 and
L510, by Edmund Goold.

George Goold, of Old Court, co. Cork,
esq., m. Mary- Anne, eldest da. of James
Galway, esq., (a lineal descendant from sir
Jeffrey Galway, bart.,) and had issue,

1. Henry-Michael, to., 27 May 1778,
Catharine, da. of Donatt O'Callaghan, of
Kilgoorey, co. Clare, and rf. 27 Oct. 1786,
leaving issue,

1. Sir George, present bart.



2. Henry, m., 3 July 1801, Eleanor, da.
of Thomas Hawkins, of Nash Court, co.

3. Marcella, m. John JeUibrand, of
Cherley Hall, co. Lancaster.

4. Mary.

2. Sir Francis, 1st bart.

3. William.

4. George.

5. Anne, m. John Donellan, of Nutgrove,
esq., cousin to the countess of Fingal.

0. Margaret, m, William Seagrave, esq.

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