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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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liams, and d. 1778, leaving an only surviving

I. Sir THOMAS, of Chilton and Fern-
hill, a director of the East India company,
was created a bart. 21 Dec. 1802; nu, 1782,
Susannah-Sophia-Selina, da. of John De-
bonnaire, esq., relict of major John Smith,
and by her (who d. 10 Sept. 1815) had issue,

1. Sir Theophilus-John, 2d bart.

2. Sir Charles - Theophilus, present

a Thomas-Theophilus, b. 2 Jan. 1795,
judge of the Delhi territory in India.

4. Henry-Theophilus, b. 12 Feb. 1796.

5. Emily-Theophila, b. 16 June 1790,
m., 22 June 1812, Henry Flower, viscount
Ashbrook (vide Bebrett's Peerage of the United

6."Georgiana-Theophila, 6. 31 Jan.

1792, m., 19 Nov. 1822, the rev. Thomas
Scott Smyth, of St. Austle, co. Cornwall.

Sir Thomas d. 17 Nov. 1813, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

II. Sir Theophilus-John, president of
the select committee at Canton, b. 19
Sept. 1783, m., 1802, Selina-Sophia, da. of
Thomas Russell, esq., of Denon, and niece
of sir Henry Russell, bart., and by her (who
d. in China, 3(i Oct. 1809) had issue, one da.,

Eliza-Debonnaire, m., 8 June 1826, Pe-
ter Hesketh, of Rossall, co. Lancaster, esq.

Sir Theophilus-John d. 15 Aug. 1822, and
was succeeded by his brother,

present bart.

Arms — See Plate 33. Argent, on a fesse,
wavy, gules, between three calves, two and
one, sable, a sword fessewise, the point to
the sinister, proper, pommel and hilt, or.

Crest — A talbot, sejant, sable, the dexter
paw supporting an escutcheon, or, charged
with a hand issuant from the clouds, on the
sinister, and holding a pen, all proper.

Motto — Cimqiiiesco.

Seat — At Ham Common, co. Surrey.

SMITH, of Hadley, co. Middlesex.

22 Dec. 1802.

Sir CULLING-EARDLEY SMITH, Baronet, born2l April 1805, sue
ceeded his father, sir Culling, 30 June 1829; mai'ried, 9 Feb. 1832, Isa-
bella, da. of the late Thomas- William Carr, esq., of Plampstead Frognall,

and Eshott, co. Northumberland, esq., and has issue, 1. Francls-Se-

LiNA, b. 21 Nov. 1832 ; 2. a Da., b. 15 Dec. 1834.

This family is of French extraction ; set-
tled in England about the reign of Eliza-
beth, and changed the name from Le Fevre
to Smith.

Thomas Smith, of Alcester, co. War-
wick, barrister-at-law, living 1728, had issue,
Thomas, of Hadley, co. Middlesex, esq.,
who d. 1740, leaving an only son,

Thomas Smith, of Hadley and of Lon-
don, merchant, b. 1700, m. Culling, sister
and co-h. of John Home, esq., governor of
Bombay, and d. May 1744, leaving issue by
her, (who d. May 1775,)

1. Thojias, of Evesham, co. Worcester,
d. without male issue, 1789.

2. Sir Culling, 1st bart.

3. William, a capt. in the naval service
of the East India Company, m. Sarah, da. of
Humphrey Sumner, D.D., provost of King's
College, Cambridge, and had issue,

1. Sumner, in holy orders.

2. William-Richard, R.N.

3. Sarah, m. William Stackhouse, of
Modbury, co. Devon, clerk.

4. Anna-Maria.

5. Charlotte.

4. Charles, sometime governor of Ma-
dras, d. 1784, leaving an only son, Culling-
Charles, who m. lady Anne Wellesley, sister
of the marquess Wellesley, and widow of



the hon. Henry Fitzroy, and has issue,

1. Frederic.

2. Emily - Frances, m., 2!) June 1822,
Henry, marquess of Worcester.

5. Anne, d. unm.

6. Elizabeth, m. John Monro, M.D.

7. Maria, m. rev. John Burrows, LL.D.,
rector of Hadley.

8. Frances, m. rev. Charles- Jeffreys
Cottrell, rector of Hadley.

I. Sir CULLING, 2d, but eldest surviving
son, was created a bart. 22 Dec. 18(i2; h. 20
Nov. 1731 ; m. Mary, da. of John Burrows,
LL.D., rector of Hadley, co. Middlesex ;
and by her (whorf. 5 April 1782) had issue,

1. Sir Culling, 2d bart.

2. Maria, d. unm. 7 July 1798.

3. Louisa, m. rev. T. Rivett, and d, 1797.
Sir Culling d. 19 Oct. 1812, and was suc-
ceeded by his only son,

II. SirCULLING, 2d bart., b. 10 July
1768, nu, 22 Sept. 1792, Charlotte-Elizabeth,
2d da. and co-h. of Sampson, lord Eardley,

by whom (who d. 15 Sept. 1826) he had issue,

1. Maria-Charlotte, b. 24 Oct. 1793,
»)., 30 Oct. 1826, her cousin, the rev. Eard-
ley Childers.

2. Louisa-Selina-Culling, h. 21 June

3. Sir Culling-Eardley, present bart.
Sir Culling d. 30 June 1829, and was suc-
ceeded by his only son,

and 3d bart.

Arm^—See Plate 34. Quarterly ; 1st and
4th, verti three acorns slipped, or; Smith,
2d and 3d, argent, on a chevron engrailed,
gules, between three bugle-horns stringed,
sable, as many mullets of the field, Horne.

Crest— An eagle with wings endorsed, pro-
per, in his mouth an acorn slipped and
leaved, proper.

Motto — Spes, deais, et robur.

Seats— At Bedwell Park, co. Herts ; Net-
tleton Moor, Caistor, Lincoln.

CURTIS, of Culland's Grove, Southgate, co. Middlesex.

23 Dec. 1802.

Sir WILLIAM CURTIS, Baronet, Jor?i 2 March 1782, succeeded his
father, sir William, 18 Jan. 1829; married^ 19 Nov. 1803, Mary-Anne,
only child of George Lear, of Leytonstone, co. Essex, esq., and has issue,

1. WILLIAM, b. 2C Aug. 1804; 2. George-Lear, b. 15 Sept.

1805, m., 21 Jan. 1832, Augusta-Ehzabeth, da. of Charles-B. Cotton, of

Kingsgate, co. Kent, esq.; 3. Mary-Anne, i. 23 Sept. 1806; 4.

Emma, b. 25 Nov. 1807, m., 31 Aug. 182G, George-Savage Curtis, esq. ;

5. Sabike-Louisa, i. 4 Dec. 1808; 6. Charlotte, b. 18 Jan.

1810; 7- Louisa-Anne, m., 29 April 1832, rev. Montagu-James

Taylor, vicar of Harold, co. Bedford; 8. Henry-Charles; 9.

Georgiana ; 10. Augustus-John ; 11. Edward-Constable ;

12. GuiLHERMiNA ; — — 13. Anne-Augusta ; 14. Alexan-

der-Kidd; 15. Julia-Henrietta ; 16. Horace-Good.

James Curtis, of St. John's, Wapping,
CO. Middlesex, a descendant from a family
which has been seated for a considerable
jieriod, co. Nottingham ; he d. in 1731-2,
having m. 2 wives; 1st, Sarah Clouden, of
Croydon, co. Surrey, by whom he had 1
son, Joseph, and 3 das.; 1. Ehzabeth, m.
Cornelius Wildbore, of Nottingham, esq.,
by whom she had Elizabeth, who m* her

cousin, Timothy Curtis ; 2. Sarah, 711.

Lambe; and 3. Frances, m. James Bush, of
London, esq., by whom she left issue: he
m., 2dly, Anne Phelps, of London.

Joseph Curtis, of St. John's, Wapping,
esq., only son of James by his 1st marriage,
d. 1771, having m. Mary, da. of Timothy
Tennant, of Wai)ping, esq., and by her
(who d. 1756) he had issue,

1. Timothy, of Hackney, esq., to. his
cousin, Elizabeth Wildbore, by whom he
had Joseph Curtis, of Hath, esq.; who m.
Eugenia-Maria Jackson, of Grange, in King's
County, Ireland, and had issue ; and a da.,
Mary, deceased, m., 1st, John Maitland, of
London, merchant ; and 2dly, her cousin,
William Curtis.

2. James-Citrtis, of the Old South Sea
House, and distributor of sea-policy stamps.

3. Sir William, 1st bart.

4. Gkorge-Curtis, of Cardington, co.
Bedford, esq., ni. Anne-Delicia, da. of
Richard Windsor, esq., (by Anne, his 3d

wife, da. of Richard Bridgman, deputy of
Portsoken ward,) and d. 1819, leaving issue
by her, (who d. in 1795,) 1. George- William ;
2. Anna-Delicia, m. John Johnstone, of
Birmingham, M.D.

5. Charles Curtis, in holy orders, M. A.,
rector of St. Martin's Birmingham, and
SolyhuU, CO. Warwick, rf. Jan. 1829, having
m., 1st, Dorothy, 2d da. of the rev. John
Wilde, of Bell Broughton, co. Worcester,
by whom he had, 1. William, m. his cousin,
Mary, da. of Timothy Curtis, his father's
eldest brother, by whom he had 1 son; the

rev. C. Curtis m., 2dly, Waring, da.

of Waring, of Hackney, esq., by

whom he has issue, 2. Charles, ?«. Char-
lotte, da. of Hcmeley, of Hackney,

esq., by whom he has issue; 3. John, an
officer of the artillery in India; 4. James, a
senior merchant and judge of the provincial
court of appeal at Calcutta; 5. Timothy,
capt. R.N., ;n. his cousin, Rebecca-Mary, da.
of sirWilliam Curtis, bart., and(/.15 Oct. 1834,
act. 41 ; (J. Dorothy. The rev. Charles m.,3<;lly,
Sarali, 4th da. of Thomas Wilkinson, of
London, merchant, and by her had, 7- Tho-
mas; !i. Henry, capt. 2d dragoon-guards, d.
July 1832: 9. a son.

(j. Marv, m. John Yates, of St. Sepul-
chre's, London.

I. Sir WILLIAM, .3d son, created a bart.
23 Dec. 1802, b. 14 Jan. 1752, lord mayor of



London in 1796, M.P. for the city of Lon-
don in 179U, 1796, 1802, 18()6, ISO/, and
1812, m., 9 Nov. 1776, Anne, posthumous
da. and co-h. of Edward Constable, esq.,
by whom (who d. 7 Aug. 1833) he had issue,

1. Sir William, present bart.

2. George, d. in India, Sept. 1806.

3. Ti.MOTHY-ABRAHAM, a director of the
Bank of England, b. 3 Jan. 1786, m., 25
April 1809, Margaret-Harriet, youngest da.
of the late Young Green, of Poole, co.
Dorset, esq., and has issue,

1. William-Frederick.

2. Harriett-Anne; 3. Emma-Charlotte.
4. Sophia; 5. Alfred-John.

6. James-Charles.
7- Frances- Moncton.

8. Arthur-Henry.

9. A Da., b. 29 July 1828.

4. Charles-Berwick, m. Henrietta, da.
of -, and has issue,

1. Charles-William.

2. Henrietta-Mary-Anne.

3. and 4. James-Falconer, and Francis-

5. Emma, m. Henry-Cadwallader Adams,
of Amsty Hall, near Coventry', esq.

6. Rebecca-Mary, ?«., 2.0 March, Ti-
mothy Curtis, esq., capt. R.N., son of
rev. Charles Curtis.

Sir William d. 18 Jan. 1829, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

II. Sir WILLIAM, present and 2d bart.

Anns — See Plate 34. Paly of six, or and
azure, a fesse, cheeky, argent and sable;
on a canton, gules, a dragon's wing erect,
of the third, in base a sword, proper, pom-
mel and hilt, or, surmounting a silver key
in saltire.

Crest — A ram's head, couped, argent, be-
tween two branches of oakj in saltire, proper.

Motto — Gradatim vincimiis.

Seat — CuUund's Grove, Southgate, co.

PEACOCKE, of Barntic, co. Clare, Ireland.

24 Dec. 1802.

Sir NATHANIEL-LEVETT PEACOCKE, Baronet, late a col. in the
army, born 3 Oct. 1701), succeeded his father, sir Joseph ; married^ 20 June
1803, Henrietta, eldest da. of sir John Morris, of Clasemont, co. Glamor-
gan, bart., by whom (who d. 4 J\ine 1825) he had issue, 1. JOSEPH-
FRANCIS, b. 1 Feb. 1805 ; 2. Elizabeth, b. 18 April 1804 ; 3.

and 4. twin daughters, b. Jan. 1814.

Marmaduke Peacocke, m. a da. of
Thomas Goodriche, co. York, esq., and had
issue, Edmund Peacocke, who m., 17 Sept.
I7I8, Alice, da. of Thomas Ponsonby, of
Crotto, esq., a younger branch of the IBes-
borough family, and by him (who d. in
1734) had issue George Peacocke, 6. 5
Feb. 1701, m., 1st, July 1729, Mary, da. of
alderman Joseph le Vit, of Cork, by whom
he had issue,

1. Sir Joseph, 1st bart.

2. Marmaduke, in the army, h. 1735,
and d. 1795, having m. Mary, da. of John
Leslie, of Cork, esq., and had issue, Mary.

3. William, b. 173/, m. Emma, da. of
col. Jones, of Anglesea.

4. George, capt. in the army, who d. in
North America.

5. Mary, d. 1773.

He m., 2dly, miss Warren, of Warren's-
Town, CO. Kilkenny, and had issue,

6. George, in the army, d. unni.

7. Mary, m. her cousm, George Pea-
cocke, esq.

I. Sir JOSEPH, the eldest son, was creat-
ed a bart. as above; b. 1734; w., 176I,
Elizabeth, sole da. of Thomas Cuffe, of
Grange, co. Kilkenny, esq., a younger

branch of the earls of Desart, and half
sister to lord Castlecoote, and bv her (who
d. Nov. 1808) had issue,

1. SirNATHAxiEL-LEVETT, present bat t.

2. William, in holy orders.

3. Elizabeth, ;»!., in 1800, capt. J.
O'Beime, brother of Lucius Thomas, lord
bishop of Meath.

4. Grace ; 5. Philippa.

6. Mary, m. major-gen. Daniel O'Meara,
late of the I2th West-India regt.

7. Catharine, m., in 1797, Francis
Gore, of Dorymore, co. Clare, esq.

8. Georgiana, d. of a fall from her
horse, 16 May 1811.

9* Alicia-A.vxe, m,, Oct. 1815, T. Law-
rence, of Bristol, esq.

Sir Joseph deceasing, was succeeded by
his eldest son,


Arms— See Plate 34. Quarterly, or and
azure; four lozenges, conjoined in cross,
between as many annulets, all counter-

Crest— A cockatrice, vert.

Motto — Vincit verita-s.

Seat — Grange, co. Limerick, Ireland.

DE-CAPELL-BROOKE, of Great Oakley, co. Northampton,
and Ahadoe and Roxburgh, co. Cork.

20 June 1803.

Sir ARTHUR DE-CAPELL-BROOKE, Baronet, captain in the army,
F.R.S., bor7i 22 Oct. 1791, succeeded his father, sir Richard, 27 Nov. 1829.

The Brookes are a family of great an-
tiquity, settled originally co. Chester. Wil-
liam Broke (for so this family spelt their
name till the 17th century) was living in
1159; he was the immediate ancestor of the

Oakley branch of this family : the 7th in
descent from him was sir Nicholas Broke,
who is stated in the county visitations in
the herald's office to have m. the da. of sir
John Bush, knt., and to have been lord of



the manor of Chester-waver, co. Warwick,
where he was buried, 10 Sept. 1271. An-
cient pedigrees state that Roger Broke, or
de Broke, as Bridges styles him in his
" History of Northamptonshire," m., temp.
Edward I., Agnes, one of the das. and co-
heiresses of Philip de Coveley, who pos-
sessed the manors of H olden by and Ravens-
thorp ; and that Edward Broke, temp. Ed-
ward II., m. the heiress of sir Edward Gour-
nay, knt. The visitations in the college of
anns state that William Broke (4th in de-
scent from sir Nicholas) m. the niece of sir
Thomas Billinge, lord chief justice, 6 Ed-
ward IV. He appears by various family-
deeds, copies of which are in the British
Museum, (vide Harleian Catalof(ue, No. 4028,
p. 1G6, 170 — 175,) to have exchanged the
manors of Astwell, Fawcote, and Wappen-
ham, CO. Northampton, (24 April, 11 Ed-
ward IV.,) with Thomas Lovett, for the
manors and towns of Great Oakley and
Rushton, and other considerable estates in
the parishes of Bulwick, Henswicke, Sta-
nion, Newton, Weekly, and Little Oakley,
in the same county. This exchange took
place on the marriage of his son, John, with
Margaret Lovett. The said John m., 2dly,
Isabel, da. of Thomas Wake, of Blisworth,
styled ihe great Wake, who was representa-
tive CO. rsforthampton the greater part of
his life : by this 2d marriage, he had issue,
Thomas Broke, who m. the da. of Giles
Poulton, of Desborough : his son, Thomas
Broke, m. Jane, h. of Thomas Moore, of
Bourton, co. Bucks, who was descended,
through the Paulets, from Joan, wife of
Gilbert de Clare, earl of Gloucester, the da.
of Edward I. : his son, Arthur Broke, m.
Catharine, da. of sir Edward Watson, of
Rockingham, grandda. of sir Edward Mon-
tague, of Boughton, chief-justice of Eng-
land, which said Catharine was also de-
scended from the above-named Joan, by
her 2d husband, Ralph de Monthermer.

Sir Thomas Broke, son of Arthur, m.
Judith Shugburgh, descended from Guy,
earl of Warwick, and William the Con-
queror, Edward Broke, his brother, m.
the da. of sir William Pelham, knt., and
settled in Ireland, where he was muster-
master-general. Arthur, son of sir Thomas,
m. Dorothy, eldest da. of sir Thomas Ne-
ville, knt., of Holt, CO. Leicester, descended
from Neville, lord-high-admiral to William
the Conqueror.

Thomas, son of Arthur, was member co.
Northampton, 5th, ()th,and 7th Charles II.,
and m. Margaret, da. of sir John Walter,
CO. Oxford, knt., lord-chief-baron of the
exchequer. Arthur, son of Thomas, m.
Dorothy, da. and h. of William Wheelows,
of Gayton, esq., who was gentleman of the
privy chamber to Charles II. Arthur, his
son, 22d in lineal descent from William, 1st
mentioned, m. Mary, only surviving child
of that very eminentdivine, Zaccheus Isham,
D.D., prebendary of St. Paul's, &:c., and
had issue 2 das.; Mary, the eldest, and Do-
rothy, the wife of Thomas-Cecil Maunsell,
of Thorpe Malsor, esq., who d. without
issue ; Mary, m. Richard Supple, of Ahadoe,
CO. Cork, esq., and had issue one child, sir
Richard -Brookk Dk-Capkll-Hiu)okk,
1st bart., who, on the death of his father in
17!>7> changed his name to Brooke, as direct-
ed by the will of his great uncle, Wheeler
Brooke, esq., and at the same time obtained
the royal licence to re-assume the name of
De Capell, the original paternal name of this
family : his ancestor, Vhilip-de-Capcll, hav-
ing gone over to Ireland with Rol)ert Filz-
stephen in the reign of Henry II., and hav-
ing been present with him at the contiuest

of the kingdom of Cork, who, for his ser-
vices, granted to him and his heirs the estate
of Ahadoe and other considerable property
in that county, held by knight's service, and
the payment of a pair of spurs annually
at Easter (vide the grant in Birmingham
Tower). This estate, subject to the same
quit-rent, has been in possession of the
family to the present tmne; and it ap-
pears by the Down survey in the castle of
Dublin, to be described as the property
of William Supple, esq., English Protest-

Keating, in his " History of Ireland," p.
552, mentions the name of Supple, as one
of those remaining who were descended from
the English who first settled in Ireland.
Edward Grimstone, serjeant-at-arms 1(315,
published a translation from the French of
a work relative to Ireland, in which this
family are mentioned as gentlemen of note
at that period, and as descended from Eng-
lish ancestors. An ancient MS. in the Bri-
tish Museum gives a list of English families
who came into Ireland in the reign of Henry
II., Richard L, and king John (vide No.
4814, Pint. D. ;) and among these names
occurs James Chappell, otherwise Capell,
otherwise Supple, baron.

William-Supple Fitz Edmund, 1628, w.
Catharine, da. of sir Richard Smythe, of
Ballynatra, and grandda. of Roger Boyle,
father of the 1st earl of Cork, and from whom
are descended the earls of Cork and Shannon.
William-Supple, his son, m. the sister of

sir William Fitzgerald ; and, 2dly,

Uniacke. William, his son by the 1st wife,
m. the da. of Garret Fitzgerald, of Lesquin-
land, esq. By these intermarriages, the fa-
mily became nearly allied with the Desmond
family and the Fitzgeralds of Cloyne. Wil-
liam, his son, m. the eldest da. of sir
Richard Hull, one of the justices of the
court of common pleas in Ireland, and hatl
issue, Richard, who m. Mary, da. and co-h.
of Richard Fitzgerald, of London, esq. :
their issue was, Richard, before-mentioned,
father of sir Richard - Brooke De- Capell
Brooke, the 1st bart.; Mabella, d. unm.',
and Anne, who m. William Bull, of Dublin,
esq,, and has issue, 1 son, who m. miss
Mott, and d. without issue, and 4das. ; 1.
Anne, ni. William Vavasour, of Kildare
Street, Dublin, esq.; 2. Mary, m. Robert
Graydon, co. Kildare, esq. ; 3. Sophia, m.
William Pollard, of the county of West-
meath, esq. ; 4. Catharine, m. Edward Great-
rakes, esq.

I. Sir RICHARD, created a bart. 20 June
imw, b. 1757, m., 18 Aug. 1788, Mary, only
child and h. of major-gen. Richard Worge,
col. 36th regt. of foot, and had issue,

1. SirARTiiiiR, present bart.

2. William, 6. 12 June 1801, »7i., 23 April
1829, Catherine, youngest da. of Lewis, 2d
lord, and sister of the present lord Sondes,
and has issue,

1. Richard- Lewis, h. 7 April 1831.

2. William-Henry-Worge, b. 31 March

3. Mary-Anne.

' 4. Sophia, m., 7 April 1831, William Mil-
house, of Pelton House, co. Warwick,

5. Louisa, tn. rev. Henry-Berners Shelly.

6. Augusta.

Sir Richard-Brooke d. 27 Nov. 1829, and
was succeeded by his eldest son,

II. Sir ARTHUR, present and 2d bart.

Arms— See Plate 34. Quarterly : 1st and
4th, or, on a fesse, azure, three escallops of
the field ; 2d and 3d, or, an anchor, azure,
on a chief of the second, three arming
buckles, of the first.



Crest — A demi-sea-horse, argent, finned
and maned, or.

Seats — At Great Oakley, Kettering, co.
Northampton ; and Ahadoe, co. Cork.

STEWART, of At HENRY, co. Tyrone, Ireland.

21 June 1803.

Sir HUGH STEWART, Baronet, joint lord treasurers' remembrancer
of the court of exchequer in Ireland, born 14 May 1792, succeeded his
father, the late right hon. sir John, 1 June 1825 ; married^ 19 Jan. 1826,
Julia, 2d da. of the late Marcus Gage, of Bellarena, near Newtown,

Limavedy, co. Derry, esq.

Andrew Stewart, (commonly styled
capt. Andrew Stewart,) who, with lord
Castle Stewart, to whom he was related,
and his (Andrew's) brother James, who after-
wards fixed his residence at Ballymona, co.
Tyrone, went from Scotland to Ireland
about the year 1G27: on his marriage, (as
hereafter mentioned,) he obtained from lord
Castle Stewart, the greater part of the ma-
nor of Castle Stewart ; but he afterwards
built, and resided at another seat, called
Gortigill, near Stewart's Town, co. Tyrone,
(at a spot immediately adjoining the present
residence of the Castle Stewart family,)
which has ever since been in possession of
capt. Stewart's descendants ; he served with
col. Robert Stewart, of Fry, in defence of
the forts of Dungannon and Mountjoy in
1641; and at the rising of the rebels at
Artrea, or Ardtreigh, co. Tyrone, for the
purpose of destroying the Protestant fami-
lies of that county, his house was attacked,
but with a few Scots followers he defended
it for two days, when assistance was sent to
him from Mountjoy Fort. Captain Stetvart
m. Sarah, eldest da. of lord Castle Stewart,
(commonly styled lord Ochiltree, and sister
to Mary, countess of Suffolk,) by whom
(who survived him and d. in 1687) he had

1. Robert, who had an only child, Janet,
who m., 1684, John Bell, of MuUuntear, esq.

2. Hugh, of whom hereafter.

3. James, an officer R.N., m. , da.

of admiral sir Cloudesley Shovel, and was
killed in battle.

Captain Stewart having long been an ob-
ject devoted to vengeance, for the zeal and
loyalty he evinced in the royal cause, was
at length put to death by rebels about the
year 1650.

Hugh, the 2d son, »i. Margaret, da. of
Thomas Morris, of Mountjoy Castle, esq.,
and had issue,

1. Hugh.

2. John, of Gortigal, m. Mary, da. of

Kennedy, and had issue, James, and

several das.

Hugh, the eldest son, was in holy orders,
rector of Tuman, co. Tyrone, m. Sarah,
da. of the rev. Andrew Hamilton (rector of
Toboyne and Donogheady, both in the pre-

sentation of the Abercorn family in Ireland)
by his 1st wife, the sole da. and h. of sir
William Cunningham, of Cunningham
Head, in North Britain, and of Castle-Co-
nyngham, co. Donegal, bart.,and had issue,

1. Sir John, created a bart.

2. Andrew, an officer in the service of
the East India Company, who fell in an en-
gagement in India.

3. Henry, D.D., rector of Loughgilly,

CO. Armagh, m. Sophia, da. of Ciossy,

of Dublin, esq., and has issue,

1. Henry; 2. John; 3. William, d.
4. Bagnall, d. ; 5. Hugh ; 6. Mathew.
7. Fitzgibbon ; 8. Sophia ; 9. Harriett.
10. Emily; 11. Louisa.

4. Anne, m. Humphrey Nixon, of Nixon
Lodge, CO. Cavan, esq.

5. Sarah, m. William Baillie, of Term-
sker, CO. Tyrone, esq.

6. Amelia, d, unm.

I. The right hon. sir JOHN, the eldest
son, was created a bart. 21 June 1803. Sir
John was sometime attorney-general in Ire-
land, and M.P. for co. Tyrone, m. Mary,
da. of Mervin Archdall, of Castle Archdali,
CO. Fermanagh, esq., (by Mary, da. of vis-
count Carlton,) and by her (who d. 1793)
had issue,

1. Mary, h. 1791, rf. unm. 1810.

2. Sir Hugh, 2d bart.

3. Mervvn, b. 27 May 1794, joint lord
treasurers' remembrancer of the Court of
Exchequer in Ireland, 7h., 17 June 1822,
Frances, da. of the rev. dr. Vesey, of Dub-
lin, and has issue,

1. John; 2. Mervyn (a da.) ; 3. Barbara.
Sir John d. 1 June 1825, of hurts received
by being thrown out of his carriage the 22d
May previous, and was succeeded by his
eldest son,

IL Sir HUGH, present and 2d bart.

Anns— See Plate 34. Or, a lion rampant,
within a double tressurecounterflory, gules,
all withm a bordure, gobony, argent and

Crest— An unicorn's head, couped, argent,
crined, or, between two olive branches,

Motto — Forward.

Seat— At Athenry, co. Tyrone.

STRONGE, of Tynan, co. Armagh, and Thornhill, co. Dublin.

22 June 180.3.

Sir JAMES-MATTHEW STRONGE, Baronet, D.C.L., Gentleman
of the Privy Chamber, born G April 178G, succeeded his father, the rev. sir
James, 1 Dec. 1804 ; married., 5 Sept. 1810, Isabella, da. of Nicolson Cal-
vert, of Hunsdon House, co. Herts, esq., (by Frances Pery, da. and co-h. of



Edmund Sexton, viscount Pery, in the Peerage of Ireland,) and has issue,

1. JAMES-MATTHEW, b. Nov. 1811; 2. John-Calvert ;

• 3. Charles-Walter; 4. Edmund-Robert-Francis; 5.

Maxwell-Dupre; 6. Frances-Helen; 7. Pauline; 8.


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