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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 65 of 95)
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John Stronge, in holy orders, rector of
Tynan, co. Armagh, m. Eleanor, eldest da.
and co-h. of James Mamon, of Fairview, co.
Armagh, and d. 1744, having had issue by
her, (whorf. 1/50.)

1. James, D.D., d. without issue.

2. Matthew, of Liverpool, merchant,
m. Elizabeth, da. of Samuel Powell, esq.,
son of Samuel Powell, of Stanage Park, co.
Radnor, by the hon. Elizabeth Folliot, da.
of Thomas, lord Folliot, of Ireland, and
co-h. of her brother, Henry, last lord Fol-
liot, (whose title became extinct in 1716,)
and had issue,

1. Eleanor, m. John Blackburn, esq.,
of Wavertree Hall, co. Lancaster.

2. Rev. sir James, 1st bart.

3. John, d. without issue.

4. William, rf. 1784, »i. Anne, da. of

Warre, of Dubhn, esq., and had issue,

Margaret, who m. James O'Brien, of
Castle-Fergus, co. Clare, esq.

5. Mary, m. Arthur Benson, D.D., rector

of Monaghan.

L Rev. sir J AMES, M. A., rector of Tynan,
CO. Armagh, created a bart. 22 June 18(13,
m., 21 May 1785, Helen, da. of John Tew,
esq., (by Margaret, da. of Robert Maxwell,
of Fellows Hall, co. Armagh, esq., and niece
to John, 1st lord Farnham,) and had issue,

1. The rev. sir James-Matthew, pre-
sent bart.

2. Elizabeth, h. 1789, d. 1808.

Sir James d. 1 Dec. 1804, and was succeeded
by his only son,

II. The rev. sir JAMES-MATTHEW,
present bart.

Arms— See Plate 34. Argent, a chevron,
wavy, sable, between three lozenges, azure,
in the centre chief point, an etoile, gules.

Crest — An eagle, displayed, with two
heads, sable, beaked and legged, azure,
langued, gules.

Seats — At Tynan, co. Armagh ; and Thorn-
hill, CO. Dublint

BARLOW, of Fort-William, Bengal.

29 June 1803.

Sir GEORGE-HILARO BARLOW, G.C.B., created a Baronet as
ahove, was appointed Governor-General of India on the death of Charles,
marquess Cornwallis, 5 Oct. 1805 ; and 13 May 1807, appointed Governor
of Fort St. George, Madras ; married^ April 1789, at Calcutta, Elizabeth,
da. of Burton Smith, of Westmeath, esq., (which marriage was dissolved by

act of parliament, 30 April 1810,) and has issue, 1. George-Ulrick,

capt. 4th dragoons, b. 8 Oct. 1791, w., 27 Feb. 1817, Hilare, 3d da. of sir
Robert Barlow, capt. R.N. K.C.B., d. in India 1824, and his widow re-m.y

26 March 1829. William, earl Nelson ; 2. William, b. 18 Dec. 1792,

R.N., d. 26 July 1811 ; 3. JOHN-HENRY, b. 7 Dec. 1795, a senior

merchant, and salt agent at Jessore, in Bengal ; 4. Rorert, b. 24

Sept. 1797, a senior merchant, Bengal; 5. Charles-Anstruther,

b. 5 Feb. 1800; 0. RiCHard-Wellesley, b. 10 Sept. 1804, a junior

merchant and magistrate and deputy collector at Monghyr, in the East Indies ;

7. Edward, b. 18 Jime 1807 ; 8. Frederick, b. 23 May 1810;

9. Elizabeth-Harriet, b. 21 Jan. 1790, w., 1 Oct. 1808, Pownoll-

Bastard Pellew, afterwards 2d viscount Exmouth, which marriage was dis-
solved by act of parliament, July 1820 ; 10. Charlotte, b. 29 Sept.

1794; 11. Louisa, d. 24 Aug. 1821; 12. Frances ; 13.

Anne-Caroline ; 14. Harriet ; 15. Emme, d. 8 Aug. 1818.

William Barlow, of South Audley
Street, (son of Hugh Barlow, of Forbridge,
CO. Stafford,) m. Elizabeth, da. of William
Ford, of St. Mary-le-bonne, gentleman, and
had issue,

1. John, d. 17.'>7, leaving issue.

2. Thomas, d. 1784, leaving issue.

3. William, father of sir George-Hilaro,
of whom presently.

4. Elizahkth, m. Robert Duncomb, esq.
William Baklow, 3(1 son, was of Bath,

m. Hilare, da. of Robert Butcher, of Wal-
thamstow, escj., a.m\d. \TM, having had issue
by her, (who d. 1774,)

1. Sir Robert, knt-, rear-admiral R.N.,
and late resident commissioner at Chatham,

knighted 16 June 1801, for his gallant eon-
duct in capturing the Africaine French fri-
gate, m., 8 Sept. X'lW^, Elizabeth, 2d da, of
William Garrett, of Wortington, Hants, esq.,
and by her (who d. 17 Sept. 1817) had issue,

1. Robert, b. 20 Dec. 1788, a senior mer-
chant in Bengal.

2. William, b. 4 Dec. 1809.

3. George, b. and (/. 17!K).

4. Elizaljoth-Anne.

5. Frances, m., 5 Oct. 1811, George, pre-
sent viscount Torrington.

(J. Hilare, m., 1st, 1817, her cousin,
George-Ulrick, eldest son and heir-ap-
parent of the baronet ; and 2dly, 26
March 1821), William, earl Nelson.



7. Caroline, m. lieut.-colonel Charles
Dashwood, son of sir H. W. Dashwood,
bart., whod. 20 April 1832.

8. Maria.

2. William, of Streatham, co. Surrey,
esq., m., 1st, Harriett, da. of major John
Fleming; and 2dly, Louisa, da. of Richard
Harris, of Esher, esq., but has no issue.

3. Thomas-William, in holy orders, pre-
bendary of Bristol, and vicar of Halberton,
h. 12 Oct. 17G0, m. Frances, da. of John
Brockett, of South Mimms, and had issue,

1. John, b. 20 Nov. 1798.

2. Thomas- Wotton, 6. 21 Feb. 1800.

3. George, b. 1806.

4. Anne-Frances.

4. Sir GEORGE-HiiARO, created a bart.

5. Samuel, d. unm.

6. Frances-Charlotte-Hilare, m., 5
June 1784, Thomas Coulthard, of Chaw-
ton, Hants, esq.

7. Harriett-Hilare, ni. Henry Man-
ning, of Sidmouth, esq.

8. Caroline-Rebecca, rf. an infant 1775.
Arms — See Plate 34. Argent, on a chevron,

engrailed gules, between three cross cross-
lets, fitchy, azure, two lions passant, coun-
ter-passant, supporting an eastern crown, or.
Crest — Out of an eastern crown a demi-
lion, argent, the paws supporting a cross
crosslet, as in the arms.

WEDDERBURN, of Ballendean, co. Perth.

10 Aug. 1803.

Sir DAVID WEDDERBURN, created a Baronet as above, with re-
mainder, in default of issue male, to the heirs male of the body of his father,
sir John Wedderburn, bart. ; married, Sept. 1800, Margaret, da. of George

Browne, of Illerton, co. Roxburgh, esq.,
Oct. 1802, d. 28 May 1823.

and had issue, John, b. 1(J

This family has been created baronets of
North Britain in two branches, viz. the
Wedderburns of Gosford, created in 16f)7,
(from whom descended Alexander Wedder-
burn, 1st earl of Rosslyn, lord high chan-
cellor of England, see Debretfs Peerage of the
United Kingdom,) and the Wedderburns of
Ballendean, also created in 1697, which
latter title was forfeited by sir John Wedder-
burn, bart., who engaged in the rebellion of
1745, and was executed 28 Nov. 1746.

Sir Alexander Wedderburn, knighted by

Charles I., m. Matilda, da. of- Fletcher,

of Inner Pesser, esq., and had issue, John
and James ; John, the elder, had a charter
of the lands of the barony of Blackness, in
1668, and was created a baronet of Scotland
1704 ; his eldest son, sir Alexander, m. Eliza-
beth, eldest da. of sir Alexander Seton, bart.,
by whom he had a son, John, who succeeded
him, andc?. unm. 1772. James Wedderburn,
esq., 2d son of the above-named sir Alexander
Wedderburn, knt., m. Elizabeth, da. of Ro-
bert Davidson, of Balgny, co. Angus, esq.,
by whom, among other issue, he had a son,
Alexander, who purchased the estate of
Blackness of his cousin, sir John, and, on
his decease, assumed the title of baronet ; he
nu Catharine, da. of John Scott, of Dundee,
esq. : his eldest son, John, assumed the title
of baronet on his father's death, but was
forfeited, and rf. 1746, having w?. Jane, eldest
da. of John FuUarton, esq., and leaving be-

sides other issue, a son and heir,

John, who assumed the title of baronet
notwithstanding his father's forfeiture; m.
Margery, eldest da. of DavidOgilvy , common-
ly called earl of Airley, (which title became
forfeited in 1715,) by whom he had issue,

1. John, d. 1783.

2. Sir David, present bart.

3. Margaret, m. Philip Dundas, esq.,
governor and treasurer of Prince of Wales's
Island, and rf. 18(K3.

4. Jane, m. John-Hope Oliphant, esq.
He TO., 2dly, Alicia, da. of colonel James
Dundas, by" Margaret, da. of lord Forbes,
by whom (who rf. 1831) he had issue,

5. James.

6. John, accountant-general at Bombay,
TO., and has issue.

7. Alexander, lieut.-col. in the army.

8. Mary; 9. Susan.

10. Louisa-Dorothy, TO. John, 4th earl
of Hopetoun, G.C.B.

11. Anne, m. Sir John Hope, of Craigie
Hall, bart.

John, father of the present bart., rf. 13
June 1803.

L Sir DAVID, created a baronet, 10 Aug.

Arms— See Plate 34. Argent, a chevron,
between three roses, gules, barbed, vert.

C;e«^— An eagle's head, erased, proper.

Sea^s—Ballendean House and Blackness,
both CO. Perth.

WATSON, (now KAY,) of East Sheen, co. Surrey.

5 Dec. 1803.
Sir WILLIAM KAY, Baronet, sometime Deputy Commissary-General
to the Army, born 5 Dec. 1777, succeeded his great-uncle, sir Brook
Watson, 2 Oct. 1807, agreeably to the limitation of the patent.

John Watson, of Hull, father of the 1st whom one only left issue, viz.

baronet, to., 1st, Elizabeth, sister of Tho- 1. Elizabeth, m. Richard Webber, of

mas Meals, of York; and 2dlv, Sarah, da. Plymouth, and had several children, who

of Joseph Schofield, of Wakefield, and d. all rf. wmw. or without issue, except Anne,

1740. By his first wife he had three das., of who m. William Kay, of Montreal, and had



issue, 1. sir William, present bart. ; 2.
Brook-Kay, an officer in the naval service
of the East India Company ; 3. Sarah, m.
John Harrison.
By his 2d wife mr. Watson had issue,

2. Sir Brook, 1st bart.

3. Mary, m. William Pitt, of Mortlake,
CO. Surrey, esq.

I. Sir BROOK WATSON, h. 7 Feb. 1735,
alderman of London ; sheriff of that city
1785, and lord mayor 1790; commissary-ge-
neral of the army in Flanders 1793, and of
the whole army 17!),'j to 1806 ; created a bart.
as above, with remainder severally and suc-
cessively to his great-nephews, William and
Brook Kay, and the heirs male of their bo-
dies ; m,, 1760, Helen, da. of Cohn Camp-

bell, of Edinburgh, merchant, but d. with-
out issue, 2 Oct. 1807, and was succeeded^
pursuant to the above said limitation, by
his eldest great-nephew,

II. Sir WILLIAM, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 34. Argent, on a bend
engrailed, azure, between two griffins' heads
erased, gules, an annulet between two
crescents, or ; on a canton ermine, a mart-
let, sable.

Crest — A griffin's head erased, or, gorged
with a plain collar, azure, charged with
three crescents or, in the beak a key iti pale>
wards downwards, argent.

Motto — Scuto divino.

Seat— East Sheen, co. Surrey.

PRICE, of Spring Grove, Richmond, co. Surrey.

2 Feb. 1804.

Sir CHARLES PRICE, Baronet, born 3 Sept. 1776, succeeded his
father, sir Charles, 19 July 1818; married, 3 May 1798, Mary-Anne, da.
of William King, of King Street, Covent Garden, esq., and has issue,

I. Mary, b. 7 July 1800, jn., 4 Nov. 1823, WilHam Pott, of New Bridge
Street, esq.; 2. CHARLES>RUGGE, b. 28 Sept. 1801 ; 3. Caro-
line-Lucy, b. 24 Jan. 1803, cf. 23 Oct. 1 807 ; 4. Harriett, b. l^

June 1804; 5. Louisa, b. 4 Sept. 1805, d. 5 Dec. 1810; 6. Fre-

DERiCK-PoTT, b. 5 Sept. 1806 ; 7" Arthur-James, b. 22 Sept. 1808;

8. Eltza-Albinia, b. 2 Oct. 1809 ; 9. TiioaiAS, b. 8 July 1811,

d. 24 April 1815 ; 10. Charlotte- Elizabeth, b. 9 April 1814;

II. Emily-Harriett, b. 8 Api-il I8I7.

John Price, (descended from Welsh an-
cestry,) purchased estates at Farnborough
and Lockinge, co. Berks, and d. 1646, leav-
ing issue four sons, I.John; 2. William; 3.
Edmund; 4 Bartholomew.

Bartholomew, surviving his brothers,
inherited his father's estates, and d. April
1677> having m. the da. of Petley Garnham,
esq., and had issue,

1. Bartholomew, ^. young.

2. William ; 3. Ralph.

4. John, m. the widow of Hobbs,


5. Charles, m. and had issue one da. and
four sons, who all d. young, except the eldest,
who m. Mary, da. of Worley, of Henby,
esq., and had issue, sir Charles Price, of
Blount's Court, co. Oxon, knt., d. 1803.

6. Edward, d. iinm.

7. Petley, of whom presently.

8. Robert, m. the widow of Evan,


J). Bartholomew, who possessed the
Jiving at Farnborough, and dying M?jm., left
it to his nephew Ralph.

10. Mary.

Petlky Price, esq., of Ham, in the pa-
rish of Wantage, 7th son of Bartholomew,

m. Joan, da. and h. of sir Smith, bart.,

CO. Bedford, and had issue,

1. Peti-k y-Garnham, ?w. Mary, da. of
Richard Richardson, of Mansfield, co. Notts,
and of Derby, esq., (co-h. with her sister,
Sarah, afterwards mentioned,) by whom he
left no issue.

2. John, m. Anne Robins.

3. Charles, d. unm.

4. Bartholomew, »!. the da. of dr. Sa-
vory, of Marlborough, M.D.

5. Ralph.

6. William, m. Mary, da. of Henry Col-
lins, esq., proctor.

7. Mary, d. unm.

8. Catharine, m. Valentia Robins, esq.

9. Elizabeth, m. John Series, of the
island of St. Kitts, esq.

Ralph Price, 5th son, was in holy orders,
patron and incumbent of Farnborough, co.
Berks, and Lyminge, co. Kent, m. Sarah, da.
and co-h. of William Richardson of Derby,
esq., and had issue,

1. Ralph, in holy orders, succeeded his
father in both the livings of Farnborough
and Lyminge, m. Albinia, da. of the rev.
George Woodward, of East Hendred, co.
Berks, and d. July 1811, having had issue by
her, (who d. Aug. 1827,)

1. Ralph, in holy orders, patron and

rector of Lyminge, m. Maria, da. of

Tylden, of Milsted, co. Kent, esq.

2. George, in holy orders, patron of
Farnborough, and rector of Fry erning and
Eastwood, Essex.

3. Charles ; 4. Henry, both of London,

5. William, m. Eliza, da. of Edmund
Balfour, esq.

6. Albinia, m. B. Andrews, esq.

7. Marv ; 8. Catharine, d. 1812.
!). Sarab, m. William Bland, esq.

10. Charlotte.

11. Elizabeth, m. George Gregory, esq.

2. Sarah, ;//. George Evans, of Balham,
in Surrey, es(i., and d. 2(1 May 1812.

3. Catharink, m. Thomas Goodlake, of
Lutoombe Regis, co. Berks, esq., iL 3 May

4. Sir Charles, 1st bart.

I. Sir CHARLES, created a bart. 2 Feb.
1804, alderman of the ward of Farringdon
Without, lord-mayor in 1803, representative
in ])arliaint'nt for the city of London in
1802, lJi(Hi, I807, and 1812, colonel of the 4th
regiment of city volunteers ; m. Mary, da. of



William Rugge, of Conduit Street, esq., and
had issue,

1. Sir Charles, present bart.

2. George-Rugge, b. 27 Feb. 1778, d.

3. Ralph, b. 8 Feb. 1780, m., 3 Sept. 1805,
Charlotte Savory, da. of the late colonel
Hardy, and had issue,

1. Charlotte-Mary, b. 25 June 1806.

2. Ralph-Charles, 6. 25 July 1808.

3. Sarah-Anne, b. 27 June 1810, nu, 19
March 1829, Simon Adams, eldest son of
James Beck, esq., of Allesley Park, co.

4. George, b. 24 Sept. and d. 7 Oct. 1811.

5. Robert, b. 13 July 1813.

6. Frederick-Adams, b. 9 June 1815, d.
14 Feb. 1816.

7. Laura, b. 25 June 1818.
a Francis, 6. 27 Dec. 1819.

4. Richard, m., 12 Oct. 1805, Elizabeth-
Engel, da. of Henry Heyman, esq., consul
general from the Hanse Towns, and has

1. Mary ; 2. Augustus, E.I.C. service.
3. Elizabeth-Kay ; 4. Rosina-Mary.

5. Charlotte-Augusta.

6. Edward-Ralph ; 7- Richard.

8. George-Uvedale.

9. Frances-Henrietta ; 10. Anna-Maria.
11. Catherine-Harriett.

5. Thomas, ?n., 16 March 1814, Eliza, da.
and co-h. of Hall Plumer, of Stockton Hall,
CO. York, esq., and has issue,

1. Thomas-Charles.

2. Edwin-Plumer.

3. Spencer-Cosby ; 4. Hall-Rokeby.

5. Clement-Uvedale ; 6. Eliza-Caroline.

6. Mary-Anne, m., 1803, William Moore,
esq., proctor in Doctors' Commons, who d.
April 1828.

7. Lucy-Henrietta, m,, 2 Nov. 1807»
John Harrison, esq., who rf. 1811.

8. Anne, m., 30 April 1823, David Holmes,

9. Catharine.

10. Elizabeth-Caroline.

11. Sarah, d. 1794.

Sir Charles d. 19 July 1818, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

II. Sir CHARLES, present bart.

Arms—See Plate 34. Gules, a lion ram-
pant, regardant, argent.

Crest — A lion rampant, argent, in his dex-
ter paw a sprig of roses, proper.

Motto — Vive ut vivas.

Seat — Spring Grove, Richmond, co. Sur-

HONYMAN, of Armadale, co. Orkney, and Gr^msay,

CO. Linlithgow.

19 May 1804.

6 May 1787, succeeded his father, sir William, 5 Jan. 1825.

William Honyman, of Graemsay, esq.,
(who d. in 1758,) m. Cecilia, da. of Patrick
Graham, of Graham Hall, esq., and had is-
sue a son,

Patrick, who d. 1797. rn., 1st, Margaret,
da. of John Mackay, of Strathsay, esq., and
2dly, Margaret, da. of Patrick Smclair, of
Durvin, esq., by whom he had issue, Robert,
captain R.N., m. and has issue; and John,
a merchant in London. By Margaret, his 1st
wife, (who d. April 1763,) he had,

I. Sir WILLIAM, created a baronet 19
May 1804, was one of the lords of session in
Scotland, under the title of lord Armadale,
which office he resigned in 1803 ; b. 6 Sept.
1756, m. Mary, eldest da. of the right hon.
Robert M' Queen, lord-chief-justice-clerk,
and had issue,

1. Peter, 6. 27 May 1782.

2. Robert, both d. in their father's life-

3. Sir Richard-Bemptde-Johnson, 2d

4. Orde-John, in the army, m., 7 April
1818, Elizabeth-Essex, da. of admiral Bowen.

5. William, m., 1 J uly 1815, miss Thomp-
son, of Mansfield, co. Nottingham.

6. Mary, d. 6 April 1829, aet. 18.

7. Catherine ; 8. Margaret.
9. Sarah-Jemima.

Sir William d. 5 Jan. 1825, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

SON, present and 2d bart.

Arms—See Plate 34. Argent, on a bend,
engrailed, gules, a bendlet of the field.

Crest — An arrow, in pale, point down-
wards, or, feathered, argent.

Supporters — Two lions rampant, guardant,

Seats — At Armadale, co. Orkney; and
Graemsay, co. Linlithgow.

CUMMING-GORDON, of Altyr, in Elgin, and Gordonstone,

CO. Perth.

21 May 1804.

July 1787, succeeded his father, sir Alexander-Penrose, 10 Feb. 1806, and
is head of the ancient family of Comyn, who disputed the succession to the
Scottish crown with that of Bnice, and in that character his ancestor gave
band {Ang. bond) to the lords of the council for the peace of the Highlands,
1672; married, 11 Sept. 1815, at Zurich, Eliza-Maria, da. of John Camp-
bell, of Islay, (by lady Mary-Charlotte-Maria Campbell, da. of John, duke
of Argyll,) and has issue, 1. ALEXANDER-PENROSE, b, 17



Aug. 181G; 2. Anna-Seymour-Conway, b. 5 March

Ronaleyn-George, h. L3 March 1820; 4. Henry,

1822; 5. Adelaide-Eliza, b. 22 March

DOLPH, 6.21 June 1826.

The family of Cummin f^ is said to be de-
scended from the ancient family of the Co-
mines in France. Robert Cumine, earl of
Northumberland, was employed against the
rebels in Northumberland, as they were
then termed, anno 1(«;8. William Cumine
was lord high chancellor of Scotland in the
reign of king David I., who succeeded to
the throne in 1124. It is agreed that the
Cumines had large possessions in lands, and
much greater power, than any other name
in Scotland, from the reign of Malcolm III.,
styled Canmore, to that of king Robert
Bruce. The Cumines, lords Badenoch,
were undoubtedly chiefs of the whole clan.
From them were descended the Cumines,
earls of Buchan, earls of Monfeith, &e. The
Cumines of Altyr, descended from a younger
son of the lords of Badenoch, appear now to
be the representatives of that great and once
flourishing family.

Alexander Gumming, of Altyr, (15th
in descent from sir John Cuming, lord of
Badenoch, who rf. 1249,) m. Anne, da. of
John Wortley, esq., and had issue, Elizabeth,
d. unm., and an only son,

Alexander, m. Grace, da. of Pen-
rose, esq., and niece and sole h. of John
Penrose, of Penrose, Cornwall, esq., and
had issue,

1. Sir Alexander, 1st bart.

2. John-Penrose, fellow of Winchester
College, rf.

3. Edward-Penrose, captain naval ser-
vice. East India Company, d,

4. George, M.P. in several parliaments
for Inverness, rf. I May 1B34, set. 81.

5. Jambs, fellow of New College, Oxon.

6. William, in the civil service of the
East India Company, d.

7. Jane, m. Jonathan Rashleigh, of Sil-
verton, co. Devon, esq.

H. Mary, m. William Veale, co. Cornwall,

9. Amelia, m. John Quick, of Newton
House, CO. Devon, esq.

son, was created a bart. as above. He as-
suiTied the name and arms of Gordon,

1818; 3.

b. 14 Nov.
1825; 6. John Ran-

agreeably to the will of sir William Gordon,
bart., to whom he was heir of entail; nu
Helen, da. of sir Ludovick Grant, and sister
of sir James Grant, bart., and left issue,

1. George, b. 22 Nov. 1774, rf. at St.
Helena, 23 Dec. 1800, in the service of the
honourable East India Company.

2. Margaret, 5. 29 Nov. 1775, m. major
Samuel Madden, 15th regiment, rf.

3. Helen, b. 22 April 1777. »"• sir Archi-
bald Dunbar, bart., of Northfield, rf.

4. Louisa, b. 4 Aug. 1778, m. John-Hay
Forbes, lord Medwyn, a lord of session.

5. Alexander-Penrose, 6. 14 Dec. 177.'^.
d. at Edinburgh, 13 June 1780.

6. Sir William, present bart.

7. Jane-Marianne.

8. Mary-Elizabeth.

9. Emilia-Anne.

10. Sophia.

11. Edwina, m. Thomas Miller, esq., of
Glenlee, son of sir William Miller, of Glen-
lee, bart., lord Glenlee.

12. James, b. 20 Sept. 1788, rf. at Forres, 9
Aug. 1792.

13. Charles-Lenox, b. 20 Feb. 1790, m.
Mary Bruce, of Kinnaitd, grandda. of James
Bruce, the famous Abyssinian traveller, and
had issue, Elizabeth-Mary, b. 13 April 1821.

14. Charlotte, b. 9 April 1791, rf. at Clif-
ton, 17 June lHO(i.

15. John-Penrose, b. 23 Dec. 1792, rf. at
Forres, 9 March 1794.

IG. Edward-Penrose, b. 12 Nov., rf. at
Forres, 30 Nov. 1794.

Sir Alexander-Penrose rf. 10 Feb. 180(>,
and was succeeded by his son,

n. Sir WILLIAM-GORDON, present

Anns—See Plate 35. Quarterly: 1st and
4th, azure, three garbs, or ; 2d and 3d, argent,
three bendlets, sable, each charged with
three roses of the field, barbed, or.

Crest — A lion rampant, or ; in his dexter
paw a dagger, proper.

Motto (over the crest)— Courage.

Supporters — Two horses, proper.

Seats — At Altyr, in Elgin ; and Gordons-
toun, CO. Perth.

SULLIVAN, of Thames DiTTON, co. Surrey.
22 May 1 804.

Sir CHARLES SULLIVAN, Baronet, Captain R.N., born 28 Feb.
1789, succeeded his brother, sir Henry, 14 April 1814, married^ 21 Nov.
1818, Jean-Anne, only da. of Robert Taylor, of Ember Court, co. Surrey,

esq., and has issue, —
Margaret, b. 6 Jan
Eliza-Soi'hia, b.

The family of O'SnlUvan were formerly
possessed of large territory, co. Cork, over
whioli they ruled as hereditary chieftains,
and the head of the family bore the distinc-
tive ai)i)ellati()n (){ (ySidliiHDi More (or great).
The elder line l)ocame extinct on the death,
in 1754, of Daniel O'Sullivan More, of To-
mies, and the representation of the family
and right to the name of More thereupon
became vested in John Sullivan, of Cork,

1. CHARLES, b. 13 Jan

1821 ; 3. Jean, b. 11

April 1824 ;—




March 1822; — ^-4.
5. Edward-Robert, b. 29 Oct.

uncle of the 1st bart. ; descended from him
to his son Philin, a cai)tain in the East In-
dia service; ana, on hisdcatli, without issue,
in 1793, devolved on the late sir Benjamin
Sullivan, elder l)rotlicr of the 1st bart.

BKN.1AMIN Sii,i,[ vAN,of Cork, attorney-
at-law, and clerk of the crown for the coun-
ties of Cork and Waterford, was father of
the 1st bart.; he was b. 15 June 1720, rn., 3
Jan. 1742, Bridget, da. of rev. Paul Limrie,




of Scull, CO. Cork, D.D., and d. 4 Jan. 1767,
having had issue bv her, (who survived him,
andd. 8 July 1802,)

1. Sir Benjamin Sullivan, knt. h. 1747,
one of the puisne judges of the supreme
court of judicature at Madras, m. Elizabeth,
da. of admiral sir Digby Dent, knt., and rf.
12 Oct. 1810, leaving issue two sons and two

2. Right hon. John, of Richings Park, co.
Berks, P.C, b. 7 April 1749, /«., 23 !SIay
1789, ladv Henrietta-Anne-Barbara Hobart,
da, of John, 2d earl of Buckinghamshire,
and by her (who d. 12 Dec. 1828) has issue,

1. John-Augustus, provost-marshal of
Jamaica, and secretary and registrar of
Demerara, h. 19 Oct. 1798, m., 15 July 1816,
Maria-Holmes Oldaker, natural da. of
mr. Thomas Oldaker, which m. was dis-
solved by act of parliament, and he
2dly, Jane, da. of admiral sir
Tyier, K.C.B., and has issue.

2. Robert, d. 31 Oct. 1799.

3. Albina, b. 28 March 1790, m., 1st,
i8(»7, John-James Stuart, esq., R.N., bro-
ther of Lord Stuart de Rothesay, who d.
1811 ; and 2dly, Sept. 1825, rev.' Marma-
duke Thompson, and d. June 1827.

4. Henrietta-Maria, b. 30 Aug. 1794, m.,
1819, George Tyler, esq., R.N., eldest son
of admiral sir Charles Tvler, K.C.B.

5. Maria, m., 27 Jan. "1824, rev. Henry
Pepys, prebendary of Wells, &c., son of
sir William Pepys.

6. Louisa-Eleanor, b. 1800.

7. Georgina-Vere, m., 1826, Robert Gos-

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