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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 66 of 95)
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ling, of Roehampton, esq.

8. Anne, m., Sept. 1829, the rev. T. G.
Tyndall, rector of Holton, Oxon, and
vicar of Woburn, Bucks.

3. Sir Richard-Joseph, 1st bart.

4. Henry-Boyle, d. at ^ladras, in 1783.

5. Margaret, b. 1747 j /«., 1770, lieut.-gen.
Gordon Forbes.

6. Elizabeth, m. Patrick Lawson, esq.,
and d. on her passage from India, 1778.

7. Sophia, w. John-Otto Bayer, of Anti-
gua, esq., and d. 1784.

8. Henrietta, m., 1st, col. Alexander
Maclellan ; and 2dly, John Balfour, esq.

9. Anne, m. George Hallam, esq., late
lieut.-col. in the army.

I. Sir RICHARD-JOSEPH was created
a bart. 22 May 1804, M.P. for Seaford; b.
10 Dec. 1752; nu, 3 Dec. 17/8, Mary, only
surviving da. of Thomas Lodge, of Leeds,
esq., and by her (who d. 24 Dec. 1832) had

1. Richard, d. at Paris in 1789.

2. Sir Henry, 2d bart.

3. Sir Charles, present bart.

4. Edward-Richard, b. 8 June 1791, m.,
1815, Maria, only da. of col. Caldwell, C.B.,
andrf. at Madras) 1823, leaving issue two sons
and one da.

5. Thomas, d. 5 March 1796.

6. Frederick, b. 1 Feb. 1797, in holy
orders, m., 3 Jan. 1821, Arabella-Jane, da. of
the late V. H. Wilmot, of Farnborough, co.
Hants, esq., and has issue one son and two

7. Arthur, 6. 28 July 1801, major in the
annv, d. 7 June 18.32.

8. 'William, b. Id Oct. 1804, in the army.

9. Maria, b. 3 Nov. and d. 28 Dec. 1786.

10. Charlotte, 6. 4 Nov. 1787. m.,
28 Dec. 1824, William Hale, jun., esq., of
King's Walden, Herts.

11. Eliza, b. 14 April 1790, m., 1 Feb.
1814, the hon. and rev. Frederick-Pleydell
Bouverie, 4th son of Jacob, earl of Radnor.

Sir Richard-Joseph rf. 17 July 1806, and
was succeeded bv his eldest son,

II. Sir HENRY, b. 13 March 1785, lieut.-
col. of the Coldstream regiment of foot-
guards, and M.P. for Lincoln, killed in a
sortie from the garrison of Bayonne, 14
April 1814, and was succeeded bvhis brother,

III. Sir CHARLES, present "bart.

Anihs — See Plate 35. Per fesse ; the base
per pale ; in chief, or, a dexter hand, couped
at the wrist, grasping a sword, erect, pomel
and hilt, gules, the blade entwined with
a serpent, proper, between two lions ram-
pant, respecting each other, of the second,
the dexter base, vert, a buck trippant, or;
the sinister base, per pale, argent and sable,
a boar passant, counter-changed.

Cresi — On a ducal coronet, or, a robin, in
the beak a sprig of laurel, proper.

Motto — Lamh foisdineadi an uachtar — i. e.
" What we gain by conquest, we secure by

Seat— Emher Court, Kingston, co. Surrey.

MAINWARING, of Over-Peover, co. Chester.

2G 3Iay 1804.

as above; 6om 25 April 1782; married, 29 Dec. 1803, Sophia, da. of sir
Robert-Salusbury Cotton, of Combermere, co. Chester, bart., and sister of

Stapleton, viscount Combennere, and by her lias issue, 1. HARRY, b.

3 Nov. 1804; 2. Sophia-Frances, i. 1 March 180G; 3. Hesther-

Salusbury-Maria, b. 26 April 1807 ; 4. Thomas, b. 30 Dec. 1808 ;

5, Philip, 6.9 May 1810, d. 22 Sept. 1825; G. Charlotte-
Augusta, b. 15 March 1812, m., 21 Feb. 1832, Rev. George Pitt, youngest

son of Thomas Pitt, esq., of Wimpole Street ; 7- Katherine, b. 9

Sept. 1813; 8. Arthur, b. 15 July 1815;— 9. Mary, b. 28 Sept.

1817 ; 10. Caroline, b. 24 May 1820.

This family is descended from Gilbert
de Wetenhall, who was lord of Weten-
hall, CO. Chester, temp. Ric. I. A younger
branch settled at a very early period at
Nantwich, of which was

The rev. Thomas Wetenhall, rector
of Walthamstow, eo. Essex, b. 17"8 and
rf. 1776, having m. Diana, da. of William
Blackett, esq., and widow of Henry Main-
waring, of Over-Peover, co. Chester,

younger son of sir John Mainwaring, of
Over-Peover, bart., and grandson of sir
Thomas Mainwaring, who was created a
bart. 1660. This lady had by her 1st hus-
band an only son, sir Henrv Mainwaring,
bart., who d. laim. 6 April 1797. when the
title became extinct, and by her 2d husband
also an only son,

Thomas Wetenhall, to whom his ute-
rine brother, sir Henry Mainwaring, be-



queathed his estates, on condition of his
taking the surname and arms of Main-
waring only, which he accordingly did,
by royal sign manual; m. Catherine,
youngest da. of William Watkins, of
Namptwich, esq., by whom (who d. in
1804) he had issue,

1. Sir Henry, present bart.

2. Catherine-Maria, b. 21 April 1783,
d. 8 Oct. 1787.

3. William, b. 28 March 1785, m., 9 June
1817, Charlotte-Murray, da. of admiral sir
Charles Penrose, and d. s.p. 19 June 1821.

4. Diana, b. 14 March 1787.

5. Edward, b. 22 Nov. 1792, m., 1 Feb.

1820, Elizabeth, da. of James Fen ton, of
Doncaster, co. York, esq., and has issue,

1. Edward-Francis, 6. 27 Jan. 1821.

2. William-George, 6. 24 April 1823.

6. Mary-Anne, 6. 22 April 1795, d. unm.
28 Oct. 1818.

He d. 4 July 1798.

I. Sir HENRY, eldest son, was created a
bart. as above.

Arms — See Plate 35. Argent, two bars,

Crest— Xn ass's head, proper, bridled, or.

Motto — Devant si je puis.

Seats— At Over-Peover, and Baddily, both
CO. Chester.

MIDDLETON, of Crowfield Hall, co. Suffolk.

8 June 1804.

Sir WILLIAM FOWLE-MIDDLETON, Baronet, born 19 Aug. 1784,
succeeded his father, sir William, late bart., 2G Dec. 1829 ; married, 2 Aug.
1825, Anne, da. of Brownlow, 1st lord Brownlow, and sister of John, earl

William Middleton, of Crowfield
Hall, CO. Suffolk, esq., (eldest son of Arthur
Middleton, sometime governor of South
Carolina, who d. about 1737.) »'• to his 3d
wife, Sarah, da. of Morton Wilkinson, of
South CaroHna, and d. 7 Sept. 1785, aged
75, having had issue by her, (who d. 1763,)

1. Sir William, 1st bart.

2. Thomas, d. in South Caroliha.

3. John, m. Mary Mott, and had issue,
John, who m., 14 June 1806, miss Mary
Burroughs, of Elmore House, co. Hertford.

4. Arthur, d. an infant.

I. Sir WILLIAM, eldest son, was created
a bart. as above, b. 19 Sept. 1749, took the
surname of Fowle in addition to and be-
fore that of Middleton, by royal sign ma-
nual, 1822, m., 1774, Harriet, da. of Natha-
niel Acton, of Bramfield Hall, co. Suffolk,
esq., and had issue.

1. Sir William, present bart,

2. Harriet, m. Charles A. Dashwood, of
Stanford Hall, co. Leicester, esq., lieut.-coL
in the army, dec.

3. Louisa-Sarah, m. sir Philip-Bowes-
Vere Broke, of Nacton, co. Suffolk, bart.,


Sir William d. 26 Dec. 1829, and was suo-
ceeded by his eldest son,

II. Sir WILLIAM, present and 2d bart.

Arms— See Plate 35. Argent, fretty, sable,
on a canton per chevron, sable and or, a
unicorn's head, per chevron, or and gules,
the horn, or and sable.

Crest — A garb, erminois, between two
wings, sable.

Motto — Regardez mon droit,

Smte— Crowfield and Shrubland Halls, CO.

MAXWELL, of Cardiness, co. Kirkcudbright, North Britain.

9 June 1804.

Sir DAVID MAXWELL, Baronet, born 18 June 1773, succeeded his
father, sir David^ 1825.

The family of Maxwell, of Cardines, is a
cadet of the ancient house of Maxwell, of
Calderwood, co. Lanark, from which it
branched off towards the end of the 14th
century, in the person of William Maxwell,
of Newlands, younger son of John Maxwell,
of Calderwood, whose elder son, sir Robert,
was grandfather of sir James Maxwell, first
bart. (of N. S.) of that family, who was so
created, I627. Lineally descended from the
said William, of New lands, was,

I. Sir DAVID, created a bart. as above
in reward of his military services, m, Hen-
rietta, da. of his uncle, David Maxwell, of
Kamsmoor, co. Kirkcudbright. es(i., and by
her (who d. 29 July 179.')) I'-ad issue,

1. WiLLfAM, drowned on liis passage to
Minorca, 17 Feb. 1801.

2. Sir David, present bart.

3. John, b, 2 Dec. 1774, d, 30 March

4. Christopher, late lieut.-col. 30th foot.

5. Nicholas.

6. Agnes, m. Alexander Blair, esq., writer
of the signet, Edinburgh.

7. Harriett.

8. Grace.

Sir David d, 1825, and was succeeded by his

II. Sir DAVID, present and 2d bart.

Arms— See Plate 35. Quarterly, 1st and
4th, argent, a saltire, sable, within a bor-
dure cheeky, argent and sable ; 2d and 3d,
argent, a bend a/.ure, the whole within a
border, embattled, gules.

Crest — A savage's head, affrontoe, proper,
between two branches of laurel.

Motto (above the ciest)— Think on.



SMITH, of Trixg Park, co. Herts.

11 June 1804.

Sir CHARLES-CUNLIFFE SMITH, Baronet, born 13 Sept. 1827,
succeeded his father sir Charles, 14 Jan. 1831.

John Smith, 4th son of James Smith, of
Camno, in North Britain, esq., was a mer-
chant in London, m. Mary, da. of Griffin
Ransom, of Lambeth, esq., and d. 27 July
1787. aged 84, leaving issue by her, (who d.
26 March in the same year,)

L Joshua, of Stoke Park, co. Wilts,

esq., m. Sarah, da. of Gilbert, esq.,

and had issue,

L Maria, /n., 1787. Charles, marquess of

Northampton (,<}ee Debretfs Peerage of the

United Kingdom).

2. Elizabeth, m. William Chute, of the
Vine, CO. Hants, esq.

3. Augusta, m. Charles Smith, of Sut-
tons, CO. Essex, esq., and had issue by him,
sir Charles, 2d bart. ; Spencer; Drum-
niond ; Auguftta ; Emma; Fanny; Eliza;
Charlotte ; and Maria.

4. Emma, m., 7 Aug. 1800, Randall
Plunkett, lord Dunsany, and d. his wi-
dow, June 1828.

2. Sir John Smith, of Havering-Bower,
CO. Essex, who assumed the name and arms
of Burgess, 1790, and was created a bart.
1793; m. Margaret, only da. of Ynyr Bur-
gess, esq., (who m., 2dly, 23 Julv 1816, John,
earl Poiilett, K.T.,) and d. 1803, without
issue, when the title became extinct.

3. Sir Drummomd, 1st bart.

4. Thomas, of Fonthill, in Jamaica, m.
Susan, da. of Praed, esq.

5. Elizabeth, m. Andrew Jelfe, of Pen-
hill, CO. Surrey, esq.

Park, CO. Herts, 3d son, was created a bart.
11 June 1804, and, in default of issue male,
remainder to the male issue of Charles

Smith, of Suttons, co. Essex, esq., m., 1st,
Mary, eldest da. of sir Ellis Cunliffe,
bart. ; and 2dly, April 1805, Elizabeth
Moncton, eldest da. of William, 2d viscount
Galway, relict of sir Francis Sykes, of Bas-
sildon Park, co. Berks, bart. Sir Drum-
mond d. 22 Jan. IHKj, without issue, and
was succeeded, agreeably to the limitation
of the patent of creation, by his great ne-

II. Sir CHARLES, h. 31 May 1800, nu,
28 Oct. 1823, Belinda, da. of George Cole-
brooke, esq., and grandda. of sir George
Colcbrooke, bart., by whom (who d. in
childbed, 22 Jan. 1825) he had issue,

1. A Da., h. 18 Jan. 1825, d. an Infant.
Sir Charles m., 2dly, 20 July 1826, Mary,
2d da. of William Gosling, of Portland
Place and of Roehampton, co. Surrey, esq.,
and had issue,

2. Sir Charles - Cunliffe, present

3. A Da., h. 29 Nov. 1828.

4. A Da., 6. 26 July 1830.

Sir Charles d. 14 Jan. 1831, and was succeeded
by his only son,

sent and 3d bart.

Arms — See Plate 35. Ermine, on a sal-
tire, between three crescents, and (in base)
a dolphin embowed, azure, an escallop, or.

Crest — Between a pen, in bend, or, fea-
thered, argent, surmounted by a sword,
proper, hilt and pomel, or, an escutcheon,
pendent, azure, thereon an escallop, or,
riband, gules.

Motto — Marte et ingenio.

Seat — At Suttons, co. Essex.

FETTES, of Whajipfrev, co. Dumfries, and Comely-Bank, co.


13 June 1804.

Sir WILLIAM FETTES, Baronet, horn2b Jan. 1750, married Maria,
3d da. of John Malcolm, of Air, M.D., but has no surviving issue.

William Fettes, of Edinburgh, merchant,
(d. 1798,) m., 1749, Margaret, da. of James
Rae, of Edinburgh, esq., and had issue, 1.
Margaret, m. Adam Bruce, writer to the
signet ; 2. Alexander, d. young ; 3.

I. Sir WILLIAM, created a bart. 13 June

Arms — See Plate 35. Or, a chevron, be-

tween two mullets, in chief, and in base, a
crosslet, fitchy, gules.

Crest — A bee volant, proper.

Supporters — On the dexter side a l'!on ; on
the sinister, a stag collared and chained, or.

Motto — Industria.

Seats — At Whampfrey, co. Dumfries;
and Comely Bank, co. Edinburgh.

WALSH, of Oemathwaite, co. Cumberland, and of Warfield, co.


14 June 1804.

Sir JOHN-BENN WALSH, Baronet, horn 9 Dec. 1798, succeeded his
father, sir John, 7 June 1825; married^ 8 Nov. 1825, lady Jane Grey, da.

of George-Harry, earl of Stamford and Warrington, and has issue, 1.

ARTHUR, b. 14 April 1827 ; 2. a Son, b. April 1829.



The baronet's grandfather, John Benn,
of Whitehaven, co. Cumberland, m. Mary,
da. of Wilham Graysen, esq., and d. 1729,
leaving issue. Mart/, m. John Bell, of Lon-
don, merchant, and a son,

Wii-LiAM, of Moor Row, CO. Cumberland,
esq., who m. Mary, da. of Timothy Nichol-
son, and d. 1759, leaving issue by her (who
survived him, and rf. 1804) a da., Mary, m.
the rev. Clement Watts, B.D., and one son,

I. Sir JOHN, created a bart. as above,
m,, July 1778, Margaret, da. of Joseph
Fowke, of Bexley, co. Kent, esq., (by Eliza-
beth, da. of Joseph Walsh, esq., governor of
Madras, and sister of John Walsh, of War-
field, CO. Bucks, esq.,) and took the sur-
name and arms of Walsh only, by royal
sign manual, 4 April 1795, pursuant to the

will of the said John Walsh. By this lady
sir John had issue,

1. Sir John, 2d bart.

2. Elizabeth, h. 21 May 1795, m., 13
Sept. 1821, capt. Charles - George Digby,
R.N., nephew of Henry, 1st earl Digby.

Sir John d. 7 June 1825, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

II. Sir JOHN, present and 2d bart.

Arms — See Plate 35. Argent, a fesse,
sable, cottised, wavy, gules, between six
martlets, of the second.

Crest — A griffin's head erased, per fesse,
wavy, argent, and ermine, beak and ears,

Seats — At Ormathwaite, co. Cumberland,
and at Warfield, co. Berks.

LETHBRIDGE, of Westaway House, Winckley Court, co. Devon,
and Sandhill Park, co. Somerset.

15 June 1804.

Sir THOMAS-BUCKLER LETHBRIDGE, Baronet, horn 21 Feb.
1778; succeeded his father, sir John, 15 Dec. 1815, M.P. co. Somerset,
1806 and 1807; married, 1st, 14 May 170G, Jessy-Catherine, da. of sir
Thomas-Dalrymple Hesketh, bart., of Rufford, co. Lancaster, and had is-
sue, 1. JOHN-HESKETH, w., March 1817, Harriet-Rebecca, only

da. of John-Mytton, of Halston-Park, co. Salop, esq., by whom (who d. 13
March 1826) he had six children ; he m., 2dly, 15 March 1827, Julia, 2d
da. of Hugh Hoare, of Wansdown, co. Bedford, esq., and has issue, of

whom a Da.^ b. 11 July 1834; 2. Jesse-Dorothea, w., 1 Aug.

1818, Ambrose Goddard, of Swindon House, co. Wilts, esq. Sir Thomas
m., 2dly, Anne, 2d da. of Ambrose Goddard, of Swindon, co. Wilts, esq.,

and has issue, 3. Ambrose-Goddard ; 4. Thomas Prowse, w.,

10 April 1834, Isabella, youngest da. of rev. Thomas-Sweet Escott, of
Hartrow, co. Somerset, clerk ; 5. Anna-Maria ; 6. Lucy-
Sarah, m., 9 Aug. 1831, capt. Hugh Fitzroy, 2d son of lord Henry

Fitzroy; 7* Emma-Dorothea, m., 18 Nov. 1826, Francis-Dugdale

Astley, esq., only son of sir John-Dugdale Astley, bart.

This family has been settled for several
generations in the co. of Devon,

TnOiM AS LETHBRIDGE, esq., of Clement's
Inn, m. Sarah, da. of John Periam, of Mil-
verton, co. Somerset, esq., (descended from
sir William Periam, of the Middle Temple,
knt., appointed lord-chief-baron of the court
of Exchequer, by queen Elizabeth,) and had
issue an only son. His elder brother,

Christopher Lethbridge, of West-
away House, co. Devon, d. 1713, leaving,
besides other issue, two sons, viz. 1. Chris-
topher, of Westaway House, who rf. 174(j,
leaving an only da. and heiress, Elizabeth,
m. the hon. Hugh Somerville ; and 2.

John, of Westaway House, and Winck-
ley Court, CO. Devon, esq., m. Grace, da. of
Amos Carder, of Westdown House, in the
same co., esq., and d. 8 Dec. 1701, leaving an
only son,

I. Sir JOHN, created a bart. 15 June 1804,
h. 174(), m., June 1770, Dorothea, eldest da.
of William Buckler, of Boreham, co. Wilts,
esq., and by her (who d. Nov. 1831, aet. til)

had issue,

1. Sir Thomas-Buckler, present bart.

2. Doroth e a, wi. Powell Collins, of Hatch
Court, CO. Somerset, esq.

3. Frances-Maria, m., Nov. 1806, sir
Charlcs-Bostock Rich, bart.

Sir John d. 15 Dec. 1815, and was succeed-
ed by his only son,


Arms — See Plate 35. Argent, over water
proj)er, a bridge of five arches, embattled,
and over the centre arch a turret, gules, in
chief an eagle displayed, sable, charged on
the breast with a l)ezant.

Crest — From a bridge, embattled, of one
arch, gules, a demi eagle displayed, sable,
wings, erminois, charged on the breast with
a leopard's face, or.

Motto — Spes mea in Deo.

Seats — Westaway House, Winckley Court,
CO. Devon ; and Sandhill Park, co. Somer-



COFFIN, of the Magdalen Islands, Gulf of St. Lawrence,
Lower C-anada, British North America.

16 June 1804.

Sir ISAAC COFFIN, Baronet, K.G.H., Admiral of the Red, entered
the navy at Boston, 1773, and attained the rank of Post Captain, 1795.
He was subsequently Naval Commissioner at Corsica, Elba, Lisbon,
Halifax, and Sheerness ; born IG May 1759, at Boston ; married^ March
1811, Elizabeth-Browne, only child of the late W. Greenly, of Titley
Court, CO. Hereford, esq.

This family was settled at Portledge, eo.
Devon, and the branch from which the bart.
descends, went from Brixham, Torbay, to
North America, and on account of "their
loyaltv during the American revolution,
were driven from thence by the republicans.

Nathaniel Coffin, of Boston, esq., was
educated at Haward College, Cambridge,
North America, and appointed cashier of
the customs at Boston, tn., 20 March 1748,
Elizabeth, da. of Henry Barnes, of Boston,
merchant, and had issue,

1. Nathaniel, provost-martial of the
ceded islands, and collector of the customs
at St. Christopher's.

2. William, of New Brunswick, mer-
chant, d. unm.

3. John, a general in the army, distin-
guished himself during the American war,
in severe conflicts with the republican troops ;
m. Anne, da. of William ^latthews, of St.
John's Islands, South Carolina, and had

1. Guv-Carleton, major in the royal ar-
tillery, »i.,3March 1808, , da.'of the

late William Larkins, of Blackheath, co.
Kent, esq.

2. Nathaniel, who d. young.

3. John-Townsend, capt. R.N.

4. William-Henry, R.N.

5. Caroline.

6. Elizabeth, m. capt. Kirkwood.

7. Anne, m. capt. Pearson.

4. Sir Isaac, present bart.

5. Jonathan-Perry, of the Inner Tem-
ple, barrister-at-law.

6. Anne, m. Philip Colbeck, esq., attor-
ney-general of the island of St. John, and d.
his widow, Oct. 1826.

7. Elizabeth, m. Barwell Brown, of
Baker Street, Portman Square, esq.

8. Catharine, /«., 1st, Richard Barwell,
of Stansted Park, co. Sussex, esq.; andSdly,
Oct. 1811, Edward-MUler Mundy, of Ship-
ley, CO. Derby, esq.

9. Christian, m, mr. Lewis, of Bristol.
I. Sir ISAAC, created a bart. 16 June


Arms — See Plate 35. Azure, semte of cross-
lets, or, two batons, in saltire, encircled with-
in two laurel branches, or, between three
plates, with a mullet for difference.

Crest— On the stem of a ship, or, a pigeon,
with wings endorsed, argent, with a sprig of
laurel in his beak, proper, a mullet for dif-

Motto — Ejcstant rectefxctis prcemia.

RAE, of EsKGROVE, CO. Mid-Lothian.

27 June 1804.

Right hon. sir WILLIAM RAE, Baronet, P.C, M.P. for the Shire
of Bute, and Lord-Advocate of Scotland, succeeded his brother, sir David ;
married Mary, da. of Charles Stuart, esq.

The rev. David Rae, of St. Andrews,
M.A., (son of Patrick Rae, of Ely, co. Fife,
esq.,) nu Abigail, da. of sir David Forbes, of
Newhall, bart., a celebrated advocate, and
brother to the celebrated Duncan Forbes, of
Culloden, lord-president of the court of ses-
sion, (who tendered such important services
to the house of Brunswick during the re-
bellion 1745,) by whom he had a son,

I. Sir DAVID RAE, created a bart. 27
June 1804, b. 1729, was an eminent Scot's
advocate. In Nov. 1782, he was promoted
to the bench of the court of session, and
took his seat under the title of lord Esk-
grove ; and 1799 was nominated lord-chief-
justice clerk; ?«., 1761, Margaret Stuart, da.
of John Stuart, of Blair Hall, esq., brother
of the earl of Bute, by lady Anne, youngest
da. of Francis, 8th earl of Moray, and sister
of John Elphinstone, lord Balmerino, and
by her (who rf. 7 June 1770) he had issue,

1. Sir David, 2d bart.

2. Sir William, present bart.

3. Margaret, «i. Thomas-Phipps Howard,
esq., capt. in the army.

Sir David d, and was succeeded by his
eldest son,

II. Sir DAVID, 2d bart., m. Mary, da. of
Oliver Colt, of Auldhame, esq., (by Helen,
da. of Robert, 7th lord Blantyre,) and had

1. Helen.

2. Margaret-Stuart.

3. Grace-Dundas.

4. Elizabeth-Colt.

Sir David d. without male issue, and was
succeeded by his brother,

III. Sir WILLIAM, present bart.
Arms— See Plate 36. Quarterly: 1st and

4th, vert, three stags, current, in pale, ar-
gent ; 2d and 3d, azure, a fess cheeky, argent
and vert, between three boars' heads, argent,
muzzled, gules.

Crest — A stag, statant, proper.

Seat — At Eskgrove, co. Mid-Lothian.

p 2



CLARKE, of Cresses-Green House, near Cork.

28 June 1804.

3 Aug. 1801, succeeded his father, major-general sir Wilham, 7 Feb.
1808 ; married^ 4 Sept. 1827, Ehzabeth-Barbara, only child of John -Moore


Lucia-Margaret, b. b

3. Elizabeth-Barbara, i. 3 Aug. 1832; 4. John-

Travers, of Clifton, co.


Sept. 1830;

Moore-Travers, 6. 11 Jan. 1834.

Cork, esq., and has issue,
30 Nov. 1828;-

William Clarke, an officer in the
army under king William III., w. Diana,

da. of Busked, of Castle Maghan, in

Cork, esq., and had issue, William, who d.
without issue, and Silvester, a citizen of
Cork, «?., 173(\ Catharine, da. of Robert
Atkins, of Highfield, in Cork, esq., and d.
1797. leaving issue, Helena, Mars^aret, and

William, of Cresses-Green House, Cork,
merchant, m., 1761, Anne, da. of James Fo-
garty, of Cork, and had issue,

1. Major-gen. sir William, 1st bart.

2. Frederick, b. 1769, m. Elizabeth Bo-
Jand, and d. 1825.

3. Henry-Sylvester, m., 1797, Hen-
rietta Berkenhout, and d. 1823.

4. Charles-William, b. 1785, major
35th foot, killed at the taking of Santa
Maura, in the Ionian Islands.

5. Anne, b. 1783, w. the rev. Thomas
Walker, rector of Kilmaloda, co. Cork.

I. Sir WILLIAM, the eldest son, was
created a bart. 28 June 1804, b. 1 Sept. 1762 :
he entered early into the army, and became
commandant of the British forces at Goa,
1799 : during his residence there, he re-
ceived the repeated thanks of the governor-
general and council of India, for his ability,
zeal, prudence, and conciliatory conduct;
the rank of major-general in the Portuguese
service was conferred upon him by the
prince-regent of Portugal, in virtue of
which he commanded the troops of Por-
tugal nearly seven years. Jan. 1, 1805, he
was appointed a major-general in the Bri-
tish service: Jan. 1806 he returned to Eng-
land on his quitting Goa : he received the
most marked testimonials of the appro-
bation of the Portuguese government, and

was presented with a valuable sword. In
1C<»7 sir William returned to India on the
military staff of that country, being par-
ticularly selected by the governor-general in
council : he was next appointed to the com-
mand in the Mysore, but d. at Seringapa-
tam 7 Feb. 1808, having m., 1799, Margaret,
da. of Thomas Prendergast, of Dublin,
esq., and by her had issue,

1. Sir William-Henry-St.-Laurence,
present bart.

2. Guy-Prendergast, b. 10 Sept 1802,
capt. 77th foot.

3. Francis-Antoine, b. 17 Sept. 1803,
in the military service of the East India

4. Henry, b. 18 Nov. 1804, rector of
Northfield, co. Worcester, and chaplain to
the duke of Sussex, ?»., 24 June 1834, Agnes-
Mary, youngest da. of John Johnstone, esq.,
M.D., of Monument House, Birmingham,
and Gala Bank, N.B.

5. Charles-William, b. Jan. 1806, in
the army, d. July 1830.

6. Mar-garet, b. 26 June I8O7.

7. JoHN-WiLLiAM, b. 22 May 1808, in
holy orders.

Sir William d. as above, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

RENCE, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 36. Argent, on a bend
cottised gules, an eastern crown, or, be-
tween two swans, proper, the whole within
a bordure, vert.

Crest — Out of an eastern crown, gules, a

Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 66 of 95)