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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 67 of 95)
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dcmi-dragon, wings elevated, or.

Motto — Cunstatitia et fidelifate.

Seat — At Rossmere, co. Cork.

BRUCE, of Down Hill, co. Londonderry.

29 June 1804.

Sir JAIMES-ROBERTSON BRUCE, Baronet, succeeded his father,
sir Henry-lIervey-Aston, 17 Oct. 1822; born 4 Sept. 1788; married, 19
Sept. 1819, Ellen, youngest da. of Robert Bamford Hesketh, of Gwych

- _ - - - - esq., and has

Hall, CO.



4. Robert,


Denbigh, and of Bamford Hall, co. Lancaster,
- 1. HENRY -HERVEY, b. 22 Sept. 1820 ; -

b. 13 April 1822; 3. Anna-Maria, b

b. 17 Feb. 1825; 5. Ellen-Letitia, b. 20 Sept.

2. James-
2 June 1823 ;

Sir Alexander Bruce, of Airth, knt.,
(descended from the royal house of Bruce,)
in. Janet, da. of Alexander, 5th lord Living-
stone, and had, among other issue, 1. sir
John, of Airth, knt., who obtained a grant
under the great seal from James VI. I(il0,
and whose male line is now extinct ; 2.
William, from whom the family of Sten-
house are descended ; and 3.

Robert, 6. 1.5.54, in holy orders; during
the reign of James VI. he was, for his dis-
tingiiislied piety and learning, selected to
crown his (jueen ; d. 1631, leaving, among
several other eliildren,

Mkiiakl, his younger son, in holy
orders, settled as a minister at Killinchy,
CO. Down, in Ireland ; but was driven from
thence to Scotland, with the other ministers



of that part of the north of Ireland 1651, by
colonel Venables and the parliament party,
for fidelity to their sovereign ; in 1(3(38 lie
was sent prisoner to Westminster for offi-
ciating in private as a minister of the gospel,
but his confinement was short, for in 16(39
he returned to Killinchy, where, after suf-
fering great troubles, and a long confine-
ment in Scotland and England, he d. about
1692, and left a son,

James Bruce, in holy orders, minister of
Killeleah, co. Down, d. 1726, having m.,
•25 Sept. 168o, Margaret, da. of lieut.-col.
James Trail, of Killeleah, and had, among
other issue,

Patrick Bruce, 2d son, b. 11 April 1692,
in holy orders, minister of Killeleah ; m.,
1718, Margaret, da. of James Hamilton, of
Ladyland, co. Galloway, North Britain, esq.
James, his eldest son, b. 1720, d. 1783, having
»!., 1762, Henrietta, youngest da. of the
hon. and rev. Henry-Hervey Aston, D.D.,
4th son of John, 1st earl of Bristol, (by
Catharine, sister and sole h. of sir Thomas
Aston, bart.,) by whom he had issue,

1. Sir Hexry'-Hervey-Aston, 1st bart.

2. Sir Stewart, created a bart. 1812 (see
Bruce of Dublin).

3. Frideswide, b. 1766, /»., 1781, Daniel
Mussenden, of Larchfield, co. Down, esq.,
and d. 1785.

I. The rev. sir HENRY-HERVEY-AS-
TON, was created a bart. as above, m., 10
Nov. 1786, Letitia, da. of the late rev. dr.
Henry Barnard, of Bovagh, co. London-
derry", (2d son of William, late bishop of
Derry, and brother to Thomas, late bishop
of Limerick, by Mary, da. of Stratford

Canning, of Bovagh, in the same co., esq.,)
by whom (who d. 11 April 1816) he had

1. Frederick-Hervey, 6. 20 Aug. 1787»
d. laim.

2. Sir James-Robertson, present bart.

3. Henry-William, b. 2 Feb. 1792, m.,
9 Feb. 1822, Jane, 2d da. of sir Alexander-
Inglis Cochrane, and has issue,

1. Jane-Letitia-Trowbridge, b. 18 Feb.

2. Henry-Stewart-Beresford, 6. 6 June

3. Alexander-HerA'ey, b. Oct. 1826.

4. Letitia, b. 2 Feb. 1796, d. unm.

5. Henrietta-Mary, b. 20 Nov. 1797> d.

6. Frideswide-Sarah, b. 20 Aug. 1799,
d. io,.n.

7. STEUART-CRAWFtJRD, b. 20 Jan. 1801 ,
m. at Florence, 1828, Helen-Baillie, da. of
William Alves, of Enham Place, Hants,

8. Frances-Elizabeth, b. 13 July 1802.

9. Elizabeth-Lol'isa, b. 2 March 1806.

10. Anne-Isabella, b. 2 Aug. 1808.

Sir Henry d. 17 Oct. 1822, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest surviving son,

11. Sir JAMES-ROBERTSON, present

Anns—See Plate 36. Or, on a saltire,
gules, a harp, of the field, on a chief of the
second, a canton argent, charged with a
lion rampant, azure.

Crest — A lion passant, azure, holding in
his dexter paw a trefoil, slipped, proper.

Seat — Down Hill, Coleraine.

LEES, of Black. Rock, near Dublin.
30 June 1804.

Rev. Sir HARCOURT LEES, Baronet, in Holy Orders, horn 29 Nov.
177c, succeeded his father, sir John, Sept. 1811 ; married, Oct. 1812, Sophia,
da. of col. Lyster, of Grange, co. Roscommon, and has a SON and heir,
6. 30 Dec. 181G;

-another Son, b. Nov. 1819 ; and a Da., b. 24 Jan.

Adam Lees, of Camnock, co. Ayr, esq.,
son of James Lees, of Shaw, in the same
county, m. Agnes Goldie, of Glasgow, and
d. 1782, leaving issue,

I. Sir JOHN, b. at Camnock, 14 Feb.
1739, created a bart. as above, ?«., 20 Oct.
1/66, Mary, eldest da. of Robert Cathcart,
of Glandusk, co. Ayr, esq., and had issue,

1. .Sir Habcourt, present bart.

2. John-Cathcart, 6. 21 Oct. 1777. »«•
Mary, da, of Robert Shaw, esq., and sister
of sir Robert Shaw, bart., and has issue.

3. TowNSHEND, b. 3 Aug. 1779.

4. Sir Edward-Smith, knt., b. 30 March
1783, sometime secretary to the postmaster-

general of Ireland.

5. William-Eden, b. 12 Aug. 1784.

6. Thomas-Orde, b. 30 June 1/88.

7. Charlotte, b. 12 May 1787-

Sir John d. Sept. 1811, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

II. Sir HARCOURT, in holy orders,
present bart.

Arms — See Plate 36. Azure, a fesse,
cheeky, argent, and sable, between three
billets, argent, and six crosslets fitchy, or.

Crest — A cubit arm, erect, proper, grasp-
ing a crescent, or.

Motto — Kxegi.

O'MALLEY, of Rose Hill, co. Mayo.
2 July 1804.

Sir SAMUEIj O'MALLEY, Baronet, born 26 Dec. 1779, married Jane,
da. of Reilly, and has issue, 1. Samuel, b. 16 July 1805, acci-
dentally shot. May 1833, by his younger brother ; 2. WILLIAM ;

3. Henry; -4. Frederick; 5. Elizabeth, 6. 30 April 1808 ;

6. Maria.



Owen Malley, of Burrishowle, co.
Mayo, esq., (a descendant from Brt/an
M'Cormick O'Mnlie, who inherited the castle
of Morske, and the manor of Strade, co.
Mayo, from his father, Cormacies O'Maley,
who held from the crown, for military ser-
vices, andrf. abroad, in the service of queen
Elizabeth, in 1589,) m. Martha, da. of sir
George Brown, of the Neal, co. Mayo, bart.,
and had issue,

George, who in 1719, w. Mary Magdalen,
sister of Richard Blake, of Ardfry, co.
Galway, esq., and had issue,

1. Martha, d. iimn.

2. Owen, his heir.

3. Patrick, who fell in an engagement
imder field-marshal Browne, in "the Aus-
trian service.

OwE.v O'Mally, of Burrishowle, m,, 1st,

17')3, Anne, sister of John Chambers, of
Kilboyne, co. Mayo, esq., and relict of
John Mills, of Galway, esq., by whom he
had no issue; and, 2dly, in 1777. Anne, da.
of Samuel M'Geough, of Newry, esq., by
whom he had George, who d. young; and

I. Sir SAMUEL, of Rosehill, created a
bart. 2 July 1804.

Arms — See Plate 36. Argent, a boar pas-
sant, gules, crined, or, between three long
bows, charged with arrows and bent, point-
ing in centre, one in middle, chief, one in
dexter base, and one in sinister base, points,
or ; in centre base point, a skiff, with oars,

Ciest — A horse in full speed, argent.

Motto — Tend marique potens.

Seat — At Rosehill, co. Mayo, Ireland.

AINSLIE, of Great Torrington, co. Lincoln.

19 Nov. 1804.

Sir ROBERT-SHARPE AINSLIE, Baronet, F.S.A., succeeded his
uncle, sir Robert, 22 July 1812.

George Ainslie, esq. (eldest son of
Alexander Ainslie, merchant in North Bri-
tain, by a descendant of the ancient family
of Gray, and said to be 14th in descent from
Thomas de Ainslie, who was living 1214)
was a merchant at Bourdeaux ; he returned
to Scotland 1727, purchased the estate of
Pilton, CO. Edinburgh, and d. 1773, having
m. Jane, da. of sir Philip Anstruther, of
Anstrutherfield, bart., and had issue,

1. Sir Philip, knt., b. 1728, and d. 1802,
having w., 1772, Eliza, 5th da. of John,
lord Gray, (in the Peerage of Scotland,) hy
whom he had issue,

1. George- Robert, 6.1774, in the amtiy,
m., 1802, Sophia-Charlotte, da. of Chris-
topher Neville, of Wellingore, esq.

2. John, d. young.

3. Charles - Philip, b. 1779, sometime
capt. 4th dragoons.

4. Francis-Stuart, d. young.

5. Phillip-Barrington, 6. 1785.

6. Margaret-Jane, m., 7 Jan. 1801, Fran-
cis, earl of Moray.

7. Charlotte-Eliza.

8. Louisa-Barbara, b. in 1782, m., 1803,
John-Lee Allen, of Errol House, co. Perth,

9. Christian-Penelope, and

10. Christiana, both deceased.

2. George, a gen. in the army, col. 13th
regt. of foot, and lieut.-gov. of the Scilly
Islands, who d. 1804, having m. in 1774,
Anne, da. of Samuel Sharpe, esq., by whoin
he left issue,

1. Sir Robert-Sharpe, present bart.

2. George-Ralph, b. 1/78, a lieut. R.N.,
lost his lite in the Courageux, 1796.

3. Eleanor-Jane, b. in 1775> m., 1794,
William Corbet, esq., and has issue.

4. Frances-Anne, b. in 1781, m., 1798,
George-Robert Heneage, of Hainton Hall,
CO. Lincoln, esq.

5. Mary-Christiana, b. 1785.

6. Anne- Penelope, b. 1786, m., 30 April
1817, John Prince, esq., capt. in the
Coldstream regt. of foot-guards.

3. Sir Robert, 1st bart.

4. Elizabeth, m. Jacob Sandilands, esq.,
merchant in Bourdeaux.

5. Christiana.

6. Jane, m., count Montalbert, of Gui-
enne, in France.

7. Penelope, m. seigneur de Monbrison,
in France.

George Ainslie, esq., d. 1773.

I. Sir ROBERT, 2d son of George and
Jane Anstruther, as above mentioned, re-
sided in the earlier part of life at Bour-
deaux, received the honour of knighthood,
and was, for nearly 20 years, ambassador to
the Sublime Porte : he was elected for Mil-
borne Port, in 1796, and created a bart. 19
Nov. 1804, with remainder, in default of
issue male of his body, to his nephew, sir
Robert - Sharpe Ainslie, the present
bart. Sir Robert rf. 22 July 1812, and was
succeeded by his nephew,

II. Sir ROBERT-SHARPE, the present

Arms — See Plate .36. Or, a cross, flory,
gules ; with a mullet for difference.

Crest — A dexter hand and arm grasping a
scimitar, proper.

Motto — Pro rege et patria.

Seat— At Great Torrington, co. Lincoln.

HARTWELL, of Dale Hall, co. Essex.

2G Oct. 1805.

Sir BROBRICK HARTWELL, Baronet, born 17 July 1813, succeeded
his grandfather, sir Francis-John, 28 June 1831 ; married^ 28 Oct. 1834,
Alicia, eldest da. of the rev. William Gunthorpe, of Antigua.

This family is descended from Samuel
Hartwell, esq., a capt. in the army, who was
killed at the battle of Landen, 19 July 1693 ;

his grandson,

Brodhk K Hartwell, esq., was born at
Castle Connel, co. Cork, served in the navy.



and became lieut-gov. of Greenwich Hos-
pital, where he d. 15 March 1784, leaving
issue, a da., Mary, m., 1st., George Logan,
capt. of marines, and 2dly, major Richard
Bayly, deputy quarter-master-general, and
3 sons, 1. Brodrick, of Plymouth, who d.
1789, leaving issue; 2. George, of London,
merchant, in., and had issue; and 3.

L Sir FRANCIS-JOHN, knt., created a
bart, as above, capt. R.N., b. 1757. m., 1st,
12 May 1781, Anna-Charlotte-Maria, eldest
da. of John Elphinstone, capt. R.N., com-
mander-in-chief of the Russian fleet, by
whom (who d. 6 June 1809) he had issue,
besides five other children, who d. young
or unnu,

1. HouLTO>r, b. 12 Feb. 1783, vicar of
Loders, Bradpole, and Rotherhampton, co-
Dorset, chaplain to the Prince Regent; m.,
29 Feb. 1812, Ruth, da. of David Ball, of
Bishop's Hall, esq., and d. 24 Feb. 1819,
leaving issue by her, (who re-m. Joseph
Jackson, of St. Vincent's, esq.,)
1. Sir Brodrick, present bart.

2. Sydney-Houlton, b. 9.5 May 1817-

3. Edward-Hughes, b. 26 Nov. 1818, d.

4. Charlotte-Ruth, 6. 23 Sept. 1814, d.
Sir Francis-John m., 2dly, 27 Jan. 1812,
Louisa, da. of John Aldridge, of New
Lodge, CO. Sussex, and had issue,

2. Louisa, b. 20 June 1813.
Sir Francis-John d. 28 June 1831, and was
succeeded by his grandson,

II. Sir BRODRICK, present and 2d bart.

Arms — See Plate 36. Sable, a buck's head
caboshed, argent, attired, or; between the
attire, a cross pattee, fitchy, of the third,
in chief, a lion passant, guardant, per pale,
argent, and or; on a canton, ermine, two
bars, per pale, azure, and gules.

Crest — On a mount, vert, surrounded with
seven pales, the 2d and 5th charged with a
spear's head, argent, embrued, a hart lodged,
with his dexter foot on a well argent, with
a sprig of oak in his mouth, vert.

Motto — Sorte sria content us.

Seat — Dale Hall, co. Essex.

WIGRAM, (now FITZ-WYGRAM,) of Walthamstow House,

CO. Essex.

30 Oct. 1805.

Sir ROBERT FITZ-WYGRAM, Knight and Baronet, born 25 Sept.
1773; succeeded his father, sir Robert, 6 Nov. 18.30 ; took the surname of
Fitz-Wygram by royal license granted in DubHn, 1832; married, 3 Aug.
1812, Sehna, da. of sir John Hayes, of Clare, in Ireland, bart., and has issue,

I.ROBERT, b. 7 Aug. 1813; 2. Geokge-Augustus-Frede-

RICK, (to whom his late Majesty and the present King stood sponsors ;)
3. Frederick-AYellington, (to Avhom the Dukes of York and Wel-
lington stood sponsors ;) 4. Fitzroy; 5. Loftus; 6. Selina-


-7' Augcsta-Catherine.

JoHN-WiGRAiM, of Bristol, merchant,
(son of John Wigram, also of Bristol,) b.
1712, «!., 1742, Mary, da. of Robert Clifford,
of Wexford, esq., (grandda. of Highgate
Boyd, esq., of Roplare, by Margaret Lof-
tus,) and d. 1746, leaving issue by her (who
d. 1778) an only son,

L Sir ROBERT, created a bart. 30 Oct.
1805; b. 30 Jan. 1743, m., 1st, Catherine,
da. of Francis Broadhurst, of Mansfield,
CO. Notts, esq., by whom (v.'ho d. 23 Jan.
1786) he had issue,

1. Sir Robert, presentbart.

2. Catharine, ?>i. Charles Tottenham,
of Ballycurry, esq., cousin to the marquess
of Ely.

3. John; 4. Wii.ltam ; 5. Maria.

Sir Robert Wigram, bart., nu, 2dly, Eleanor,
da. of John Watts, of Southampton, esq.,
and by her had,

6. Eleanor, b. 21 July 1788, m. Unwin
Heathcote, of Shephalbury, co. Herts, esq.

7. Money, b. 14 March a790, 7,1., 19 April
1822, Mary, da. of C.-Hampden Turner,
esq., and has issue.

8. Henry-Loftus, &. 20 July 1791.

9. Harriet, b. 14 Aug. 1792, d. 16 July

10. James, b. 5 Nov. 1793, m., 28 Oct.
1818, Anne, da. of Richard Arkwright, esq.

11. Octavius, h. 18 Dec. 1794, w., 24
March 1824, Isabella-Charlotte, da. of Wil-
liam Knox, bishop of Derry, and niece of
the earl of Ranfurly, and has issue.

12. Anne, b. 22 Feb. 1796, m. rev. Jo-

seph Arkwright, of Mark Hall, co. Essex.

13. Charles-Laird, b. 12 April 1797-

14. Joseph-Cotton, 6. 26 Dec. 1798.

15. Richard, b. 1 April 1800, d. 24 April

16. Ely-Duodecimus, b. 16 Sept. 1801,
in the army.

17. Edward, b. 30 Sept. 1802, nu, 10
Aug. 1830, Catherine, da. of George Smith,
esq., and niece of lord Carrington, and has

18. Loftus-Tottenham, b. 6 Nov. 1803.

19. George-Vicesfmus, b. 24 March
18(15, m., 23 March 1830, Fanny, da. of Tho-
mas and lady Theodosia Bligh, and niece of
the earl of Damley (who d. 11 March 1834).

20. William-Pitt, in holy orders.

Sir Robert d. 6 Nov. 1830, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

II. Sir ROBERT, present and 2d bart.

Anns — See Plate 36. Argent, on a pale,
gules, three escallops, or ; over all a chev-
ron, engrailed, countercharged, and on a
chief, waves of the sea, thereon a ship, re-
presenting an English vessel of war of the
16th century, with four masts, sails furled,
proper, colours flying, gules.

Crest — On a wreath of the colours on a
mount, vert, a hand in armour in fesse,
couped at the wrist, proper, charged with
an escallop, holding a fleur-de-lis, erect, or.

Supporters — On either side an eagle, with
wings elevated argent, collared gules, and
charged on the breast with a shamrock,
vert; granted to sir Robert by an especial



warrant under the king's royal signet and
sign manual.

Seatx — Walthamstow House, co. Essex ;
and Belmont Lodge, co. Worcester.

DE CRESPIGNY, of Champion Lodge, Camberwell, co. Surrey.

31 Oct. 1805.

horn 25 June 1818 ; succeeded his grandfather, sir WilUam, 28 Dec.

This family is originally of Normandy,
where Maheus Champion was lord of
Crespigny about 1350. The 8th in descent
from him was Claude-Champion de Cres-
pigny, whose 2d son,

Thomas- Champion de Crespigny,
came into England, and was an officer in
the British army. He rf. 17 July 1712, leav-
ing issue two sons, William, d. num., and

Philip, proctor of thecourt of admiralty,
m. Anne, da. of Claude Fonnereau, of Lon-
don, esq., and d. 1705, leaving issue,

1. Sir Claude, 1st bart.

2. Philip, sometime king's proctor, and
M.P. for Aldborough, d. 1803, leaving issue,

3. Susan, m. Sir Richard Sutton, of Nor-
wood, bart.

4. Anne, m., 1st, Bonouvrier Glover,
eeq., and 2dly, James Vernon, esq.

5. Jane, /«. Hugh Reveley, esq.

created a bart. 31 Oct. 1805, b. 19 Dec.
m., 1764, Mary, only child and sole


h. of
d. 20

Joseph Clarke, esq., and by her (who
July 1812) had issue.

Sir William-Champion, 2d bart.
Sir Claude-Champion d. 28 Jan. 1818, and
was succeeded by his son,

Jan. 1765, m., 4 Aug. 1786, lady Sarah Hick-
man, da. of Other Lewis, 4th earl of Ply-
mouth, and by her (who d. 22 Sept. 1825)
had issue,

1. Claude, lieut. R.N., d. 1813.

2. William-Other-Robert, lieut. R.N.,
d. 24 June 1816.

3. Augustus- James -Champion, capt.
R.N., 6. 1791, m., 29 May 1817, Caroline,
youngest da. of sir William Smith, of Hill
Hall, Essex, bart., and d. 24 Oct. 1825, leav-
ing issue,

Sir Claude-William-Champion, pre-
sent bart., and other children.

4. Heaton-Champion, in holy orders,
m., 19 July 1820, Caroline Bathursl, young-
est da. of the lord bishop of Norwich, and
has issue.

5. Mary, d.

6. Patience-Anne, m., 2 Dec. 1814, the
hon. and rev. Paul-Anthony Irby, 4th son
of Frederick, lord Boston, arid d. 22 March

7. F RANGES, d. an infant.

8. Mary-Catherine, m., 20 July 1830,
the rev. J. Brigstock.

9. Emma-Honoria.

Iv. Herbert, barrister-at-law.
Sir William rf. 28 Dec. 1829, and was suc-
ceeded by his grandson,

PION, present bart.

Arms— See Plate 36. 1st and 4th, argent
a lion saliant, sable, armed and langued,
gules; in dexter base, a fer de moulin,
pierced, sable ; 2d and 3d, azure, three bars,

Seat — King's Rew, near Southampton.

LOPES, of Maristow House, co. Devon; and West bury, co. Wilts.

1 Nov. 1805.

Sir RALPH LOPES, Baronet, M.P. for Westbury, co. Wilts ; suc-
ceeded his uncle, sir Manasseh, 26 JMarch 1831, and thereupon took the
name of Lopes instead of that of Franco and the arms of Franco, quarterly
with those of Lopes by royal license in May following ; born 10 Sept. 1788;
married, 4 May 1817? Susan Gibbs, eldest da. of A. Imdlow, of Heywood

House, CO. W^ilts, esq., and has issue, 1. MASSEY-LOPES, b. 14 June

1818 ; 2. Ralph-Ludlow, b. 9 Sept. 1820 ; 3. Henry-Charles,

b. 3 Oct. 1827; 4. Edaiund-Francis, b. 19 Oct. 1833; three

Others died in their infancy.

The fam'ly of Lopes derives its imme-
diate origin from Morat Lopes, of the island
of Jamaica, esq.

Mordecai-Uodrioues Lopes, of Clap-
ham, CO. Surrey, es(|., son of Abraham
Lopes, of Jamaica, tl. 29 Ainil 17!)5, having
TO., 1751, Rebecca, da. of Manasseh Perera,
of Jamaica, esq., by whom (who d. 29 April
1795) he had issue,

1. Sir'MANAs.sEH.

2. Rachael,?h. Isaac Perera, of Jamaica,

3. Esther, «»., 1785, Abraham Franco,
of London, merchant, and had issue, 1.
Sir Ralph, 2d bart.; 2. Lydia ; 3. Rebecca;
4. Abby-Emma, w., 1 Feb. 1812, rev. Walter
Radcliffe, of Warleigh, co. Devon; 5.

I. Sir MANASSEH, only son, b. in Ja-
maica, 27 Jan. 1755, was created a bart. 1
Nov. 1805, with remainder to his nephew,
Ralph Franco, only son of his sister Esther,
7v. charlotte, da. of John Yeates, co. Mon-
mouth, esq., (who </. 23 March 1833,) but



dying without issue, 20 March 1831, was
succeeded, pursuant to the limitation of his
patent, by his nephew,

II. Sir RALPH, present and 2d bart.

Arym — See Plate 36. 1st and 4th. Azure,
a chevron, or, charged with three bars ge-
melles, gules, between three eagles rising,
of the second; on a chief, of the second.

five lozenges, of the first. 2d and 3d. In a
field, a fountain, thereout issuing a palm-
tree, all proper.

Crest— A lion sejeant, erminois, gorged
with a collar, gemel gules, the dexter fore-
paw resting on a lozenge, azure.

Sert^s— Maristow House, near Plymouth;
and Westbury, co. Wilts.

COTTERELL, of Garnons, co. Hereford.

2 Nov. 1805.

Sir JOHN-GEERS COTTERELL, of Garnons, co. Hereford, created a
Baronet, as above, M.P. in several parliaments for co. Hereford, born 21 Sept.
1757 ; a col. in the army 179C, col. of the Herefordshire mihtia from 1790
to 1803, and of two battalions of the Herefordshire volunteers. Sir John
married^ 4 Jan. 1701, Frances- Isabella, only da. and h. of Henry-Michael
Evans, of St. George's, Hanover Square, esq., (by his wife, Mary, da. and
h. of Benjamin "Wellington, of Hereford, esq.,) and by her (who c?. 3 July

1813) he has issue, 1. JOHN-HENRY, b. 15 April 1800, m., 12 Aug.

1828, Pyne-Jessy, eldest da. of major-gen. Henry. Otway Brand, brother to
lord Dacre, and d. 3 Jan. 1834, leaving issue, of whom, Geers-Thomas^

d. 5 Feb. 1834, set.
Fraxces-Mary ;
Thomas, b. 180C ;

1 4 months




2. Henry, b.
5. Mary ;

17 July 1801 ; 3.

(>. Sarah; 7*

of Roby Hall, co. Lancaster, esq.

m., 15 April 1828, William Leigh,

John Brookes, of Broadway, co. AVor-
cester, esq., only son of John Brookes, of
the same place, "(by Anne, only da. of Ed-
mund Cotterell, of Saintbury, co. Glouces-
ter, esq.,) took the surnameof Cotterell,
pursuant to the will of his mother's brother,
Thomas Cotterell, of Saintbury, m. Mary,
da. of Thomas Jackson, of Welsbourn, co.
Warwick, esq,, and d. 17G3, leaving issue.

Sir John Cotterell, high-sheriff, co.
Hereford, 1761, and knighted 10 Nov. that
year, /»., 13 Oct. 1736, Anne, only da. and h.
of John Geeis, of Garnons, co. Hereford,
esq., and d. 29 Jan. 1790, leaving issue by her
(who d. 24 Aug. 1792) one da., Mary, d. 20
July 1823, and one son,

I. Sir JOHN-GEERS, created a bart. as

Arms — See Plate 36. Quarterly, or, and
argent, a cross engrailed, per pale, sable and
gules, between three escallops, two in the
sinister, chief, and one in the dexter base
quarter of the second, over all a bend, also
of the second.

Crest — An armed arm, embowed, proper,
holding an escutcheon (by the top) argent,
charged with a talbot's head, sable, collared,
and chained, or.

Motto — Non rapid, sed recepi.

Seats — At Garnons, co. Hereford; and
Farncomb House, co. Worcester.

HILLARY, of Danbury Place, co. Essex, and Rigg House, co. York.

8 Nov. 1805.

Sir WILLIAM HILLARY, of Rigg House, co, York, created a
Baronet as above ; married., 1st, 21 Feb. 1800, Elizabeth Disney, da. and
cj-h. of Lewis -Disney Fytche, of Danbury Place, co. Essex, esq., and has

issue, 1. AUGUSTUS-WILLIAM, to whom H.R.H. the Duke of

Sussex stood sponsor, b. 19 Nov. 1800, ?«., 30 Sept. 1829, Susan, eldest da.
of J. Christian, of Unerigg Hall, co. Cumberland, of the Isle of Man, esq.,

-2. Elizabeth-Mary, twin with

and 1st Deemster of that Island
her brother, w., 25 April 1818, Christopher-Richard Preston, of Blackmore
Priory, co. Essex, esq. Sir \Yilliam m., 2dly, 30 Aug. 1813, Emma, da. of
Patrick Toben, of Kirkbradden, in the Isle of Man, esq.

The immediate ancestor of this family was
William Hillnr;/, of Wensley, co. York, living
1571 ; m., 9 Nov. 1.561, Elizabeth Jayks, and
had issue, Matthew, of the same place, b.
1.W2, from whom descended, in the fifth ge-

Richard Hillary, 6. 9 Nov. 1793, m.,

9 Nov. 1764, Hannah, da. of George Wynne,
esq., and rf. 3 Oct. 1789, leaving issue by her,
(who d. 6 Feb. 1806, a;t.68,)

1. Richard, member of the house of As-
sembly at Jamaica, d. there unm., \^ Nov.

2. Sir William, created a bart. as above,




3. Mary, m. the rev. Henry Rolls, rector
of Aldwinkle.

^/•W5— See Plate 37. Argent, three fleurs-
de-lis, between sixcross crosslets, and within
a bordure, all sable.

Crest— Out of a mural crown, a cubit arm,

armed and gauntleted, proper, holding a
cheval trap, or, round the arm a riband,

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