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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 68 of 95)
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Motto Virtuti nihil invium.

Seats — Danhury Place, co. Essex, and
Rigg House, co. York.

MUIR-MACKENZIE, of Delvine, co. Perth.

9 Nov. 1805.

born 2 ]March 1764, created a bart. as above, succeeded on the death of his
great uncle, John Mackenzie, of Delvine, esq., to his estates in Delvine,
and by an act of provision assumed the name and arms of IMackenzie ;
married, 6 Sept. 1787, Jane, da. of sir Robert Murray, of Hill Head, bart.

of Nova Scotia, and has issue, 1. Susan, b. Oct. 1789, m. R. Smythe,

of Methen, esq.; 2. Georgina-Margaret ; 3. Laura-Jemima ;

4. Cjecilia-Mary; 5. Augusta-Magdalene, cf. 1827; C.

Elizabeth-Jane ; 7- JOHN-WILLIAM-PITT ; 8. Anne-

Eleonora; 9. Amelia-Euphemia, t?. 1825.

4th, argent, on a fesse, azure, three estoiles,
or, Muir: 2d and 3d, azure, a buck's head
caboshed, or, all within a bordure, nebule,
quarterly, gules and argent, Mackenzie.

Crest — A palm-branch in bend, dexter,
surmounted by a sword in bend, sinister, all

Motto — In utrumque paratus.

Seat— Pit Delvine, co. Perth,

William MuiR,of Cassencaire, in North
Britain, esq., by his second marriage with
Agnes, da. of John Sharpe, of Hoddam,
esq., had issu£, George, of Cassencaire, esq.,
who m. Margaret, da. of Alexander Mack-
enzie, of Delvine, esq., and had issue,

I. Sir ALEXANDER, created a bart. as

Arms— See Plate 37. Quarterly : 1st and


6 Dec. 1805.

Sir GEORGE PREVOST, Baronet, in holy orders, horn 20 Aug. 1804,
succeeded his father, lieut.-gen. sir George, 5 Jan. 1816; married, 18
March 1828, Jane, only da. of Isaac^Lloyd Williams, of Cwmeynfelin, co.

Cardigan, esq., and has issue, 1. Harriet, b. 29 Oct. 1829; 2.

GEORGE. PHIPPS, b. 10 Nov. 1830; 3. Charles, b. 15 Dec. 1831.

Augustine Prevost, esq., a native of
Geneva, in Swisserland, settled in England,
and was promoted to the rank of a major-
gen, in the British army, and rf. 1780, having
m. Anne, da. of chevalier George Grand of
Amsterdam, knt. of the order of Gustavus
Vasa; and by her (who d. Oct. 180I») had

1. Sir George, 1st bart.

2. James, capt. R.N., m., 1st, Frances,

da. of the rev. Hautagne, of Wey-

bridge, co. Surrey, by whom he had rf son,
James, and three das., and 2dly, Fiances, da.
of Lewis de Tessier, of Woodcote, co. Sur-
rey, esq., by whom he has, Lewis de Tessier,
Thomas-William, and three das.

3. William-Augustus, major-gen., C.B.,
m. miss Henrietta Hamilton, and rf. 9 Aug.
1824, without issue.

4. Anne, m. E. Clarke, of Swanswick,
esq., rf.

I. Sir GEORGE, created a baft. 6 Dec.
1805, 6. at New York, I!) May 17(i7. lieut-
gen. in the army, col. of the Kith regt., gov,-
gen. and commander-in-chief of the forces
in North America; m., 10 May 178!), Catha-
rine-Anne, da. of John Phipps, esq., major-
gen., and col. royal engineers, and by her

(who survived hira, and rf. 1 May 1821) had

1. Constance, rf. an infant.

2. Anne-Elinor, b. 1 Jan. 1795.

3. Georgina, rf, an infant.

4. Harriet, b. 27 April 1803, rf. 20 Feb.

5. Sir George, present bart.
G. Edward, rf. an infant.

Sir George rf. 5 Jan. lf!lG,and was succeeded
by his only son,

n. Sir GEORGE, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 37- Azure, a dexter arm
in fess, issuing from the sinister fess point,
the hand grasping a sword, erect, proper,
pomel and hilt, or; in chief, two mullets

Crest — A dem!-lion rampant, azure charg-
ed on the shoulder with a mural crown, or,
the sinister paw grasping a sword, erect, as
in the arms.

Supporters— Two grenadiers of the 16th
foot, each supporting a Hag, gules, the dex-
ter flag inscribed West Indies; the sinis-
ter Canada, granted by royal warrant I8I7.

Seat — Cwmeynfelin, Aberystwith, Cardi-




4 Feb. 1806.

miral of the White, and Governor of Greenwich Hospital, Captain of the
Victory (lord Nelson's flag ship) in the glorious and decisive victory off
Cape Trafalgar, was created a hart, as above for his conduct on that dis-
tinguished occasion ; born 5 April 1769; married^ 17 Nov. 1807, Louisa-
Emily, da. of the hon. admiral sir George-Cranfield Berkeley, G.C.B., and

has issue, 1. Louisa-Georgina, b. 7 Dec. 1808; 2. Emily-

Georgina, b. 30 Dec. 1809; 3. Mary-Charlotte, b, 20 March

1813, m., 14 Nov. 1833, John-Atholl-Murray M'Gregor, esq., eldest son of
sir Evan M'Gregor, bart.

Joseph Hardy, of Portesham, co. Dor-
set, esq., ?}(. Elizabeth, da. of Robert Weare,
of the same county, esq. ; and had Eliza-
beth, b. 1729, d. 1819; and

Joseph, of Portesham, m. Nanny, da. of
Thomas Masterman, of Kingston, co. Dor-
set, esq., and rf. April 1785, leaving issue by
her, (who d. IMarch 1799,)

1. Joseph, b. 15 April 1764, »?., 1818, miss
Mary White; s.p.

2. Sir Thomas, present bart.

3. John, b. 7 Aug. 1771j d- unm. 1821.

4. Elizabeth, b. 1756, m., 1782, John
Thresher, of Upwav, co. Dorset, gent.

5. Anne, 6. 25 Oct. 1758.

6. Mary, h. 1 June 1760, m., 1785, James

Balston, of Martinstown, co. Dorset, gent.,
and d. 1819.

7. Catharine, b. 27 April 1762, m., 1787.
John-Callard Manfield, of Dorchester, at-

8. Martha, b. 15 June 1766.

9. John, b. 1772, d. 1822.

10. Augusta, 6. 23 Aug. 1777-

was created a bart. as above.

Arms—See Plate 37- — Pffian, on a chevron,
or, between three escallops, argent, as many
griffins' heads, erased, of the field.

Crest — Out of a naval coronet, or, a grif-
fin's head, as in the arms.

Seat — At Portesham, co. Dorset.

BROMHEAD, of Thurlby Hall, co. Lincoln.

19 Feb. 1806.

ville and Caius College, Cambridge, F.R.S., Lond. and Ed., and High
Steward of the city of Lincoln, born 26 March 1789, succeeded his father,
sir Gonville, 11 May 1822.

This family was originally of Bromhead,
in the district of Hallamshire, but the pro-
perty passed from the name, by the tn. of Ju-
liana, da. and co-h. of John, son of Henry
de Bromhead, with John Wilson, of West
Thorpe, 8 Richard II., and continued in the
possession of their descendants, to John
Wilson, of Bromhead Hall, esq., the well
known antiquary. The male branch re-
moved, at an early period, into Lincoln-
shire, and possessed property there, and in
the adjoming parts of Nottinghamshire;
Thoroton, in his history of the latter county,
mentions Henri/ Bromhead, and others, as
land-owners in 1612, at Bole, Littleborough,
South Wheatley, Wiseton, Everton, &c.
Benjamin, sonof Benjamin Bromhead, esq.,
of Bole, devised his estates in Lincolnshire
to his son,

Edward Bromhead, of Thurlby, esq.,
6. at Bole, 1683, m. Anne, da. and co-h. of
Anthony Eyre, esq., and left issue,

Benjamin Bromhead, who m. Marga-
ret, da. and co-h. of James Bordman, esq.,
by Judith, da. of sir John Turner, by whom
he had issue,

1. Edward, an officer of dragoons, killed
at Falkirk.

2. Bordman, father of the 1st bart., of
whom presently.

3. Benjamin, a major in the army, and
lieut.-col. of the R. S. Lincoln militia,
twice m., but d. without issue, 1802.

4. James, in the army, rf. without issue,

5. John, in the army, and lieut.-col. of the

R. S. Lincoln militia, ?h. Anne, da. of

Darwin, and d. 1818, leaving issue 2 sons,

1. Benjamin, m. miss Eliza Hunt; and

2. John, col. in the army, and C.B., m.
a da. of Robert Barclay, of Bury Hill,

6. Edward, b. 17-^3, in holy orders, vicar
of Repham, co. Lincoln, m. Katherine Eyre,
and d. 1802, leaving issue,

1. Thomas-Eyre, M.B.

2. Catherine, m , 1st, James Edwards,
of Verulam, near St. Alban's, esq. ; and
2dly, rev. Thomas Ball.

3. Maria, m. major Edward Bracken-
bury, K.T.S.

7. ANNEi m, Richard Gardiner, esq., of
Mount Amelia, co. Norfolk, and d. 1C02.

Bordman Bromhead, (2d son of the
above-named Benjamin Bromhead, and
P-Targaret Bordman,) a major in the army,
and lieut.-col. of the R.N. Lincoln militia,
m. Frances, sole issue of William Gonville,
esq., (the last heir male of the ancient fa-
mily of Gonville, founders of Gonville
College, Cambridge,) and d. 1804, leaving

1. Sir Gonville, 1st bart.

2. Frances, >n. James Wood, D.D., rec-
tor of Marston, co. Bedford, and Wyfordby,
CO. Leicester, who d, 1815.



I. Sir GONVILLE, only son, lieut.-gen.
in the army, was created a bart. as above ;
»ii. the hon. Jane, youngest da. of sir Charles
Ffrench, of Castle Ffrench, bart., by Rose,
in her own right baroness Ffrench, and had

1. Sir Edward-Ffrench, 6. 26 March

2. Edmund-Gonville, major in the
army, b. 22 Jan. 17!»1, m., 15 Sept. 1823, Ju-
dith Coriston, youngest da. of James Wood,
of Woodville, co. Sligo, esq., and has issue,

1. Frances-Judith.

2. Ellen-Morrisson.

3. Charles-Ffrench, b. 18 May 1795,
in holy orders, a fellow of Trinity College,


4. Catherine, b. 30 Oct. 1792, d. 1796.
Sir Gonville d. 11 May 1822, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,


Arms — See Plate 37- Azure, on a bend,
argent, between two leopards' faces, or, a
mural crown, gules, between two fleurs-de
lis, sable.

Crest — Out of a mural crown, gules, a
unicorn's head, argent, horned, or, in the
mouth a rose, gules, slipped and leaved,

Motto — Concordia res crescunt.

Seat — Thurlby Hall, near Lincoln.

HASTINGS, (now ABNEY-HASTINGS,) of Willesley, co. Derby.

28 Feb. 1806.

Sir CHARLES ABNEY-HASTINGS, of Willesley, in co. Derby,
Baronet, born I Oct. 171)2, succeeded his father, gen. sir Charles, G.C.H.,
30 Sept. 1823; served the office of High Sheriff of Derbyshire 1825, and
sometime M.P. for Leicester. Sir Charles, otit of respect to the memory
of his maternal grandfather, Thomas Abney, of V-Villesley, co. Derby, esq.,
and as being the representative of the elder branch of the ancient family
of Abney, of Willesley, obtained his majesty's royal license and authority
that he and his descendants might take and use the surname, and bear the
arms of Abney, in addition to his own, and that his brotherj Frank Hastings,
esq., might likewise use the same*.

created as above, was a reputed son of Fran-
cis, loth earl of Huntingdon, gen. in the
army, col. of the 12th regiment of foot, and
grand cross of the royal order of the Guelphs
of Hanover, m. Parnell, da. and sole h. of
Thomas Abney, of Willesley, co. Derby,
esq., "by Parnell, da. and co-h. of George Vil-
liers, of Hanbury, co. Stafford, esq., by
whom (who d. 11 Feb, 1834, £Et. 78) he had

1. Sir Charles, present bart.

2. Frank, b. 14 Feb. 1794, rf. at Z ante,
vnni., of a wound received in an action with
the Turks.

3. Selina-Abney, d. young.

Sir Charles d. 30 Sept. 1823, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

II. Sir CHARLES, present bart.

^j-m*— See Plate 37- 1st and 4th, Hast-
ings; argent, a maunch within a border
engrailed, sable. 2d and 3d, Abney ; or, on
a chief, gules, a demi-lion, issuant, argent.

Crest — 1. Hastings; a buffalo's head,
erased, ermines, armed and gorged with a
ducal coronet, argent. 2. Abney ; a demi-
lion, rampant, or, resting the left paw on
an antique shield, charged with the arms of
Hastings above described.

Motto — III veiitate victoria.

Seat — Willesley Hall, co. Derby.

SHELLEY, of Castle Gohing, Sussex.

3 March 180G.

Sir TIMOTHY SHELLEY, Baronet, born Sept. 1753, succeeded his
father, sir Bysshe, 5 Jan. 1815; married, Oct. 1791, Elizabeth, da. of

Charles Pilfold, of Effingham, co. Surrey, esq., and by her has issue,

1. Percy-Bysshe, b. 4 Aug. 1702, drowned off the coast of Italy, 8 July

1822, having m., 1st, Harriet, da. of AYestbrook, of co. Middlesex, and

had issue, 1. Charles-Bysshe., d. Aug. 182G, aet. 11 ; 2. lanthe ; hew., 2dly,

* The family of Abney is of great anti-
quity in CO. Derby ; they were seated at
Abney in the Peak (from whence they take
their name) about the time of the Con-
quest. The first of the family that is men-
tioned as living at Willesley, is John Abbe-
ney, or de Abeney, in 1318, and the family
continued there in a direct line till the death
of lady Hastings' father. Among the most

celebrated individuals of it may be enume-
rated, at the commencement of the 18th
century, sir Edward, of Willesley, D.t^.L.,
and his yoiuiger brother, sir Thomas, who
was lord mayor of London 170(1, many years
M.I', for that city, of which he died father,
at the age of }i3. Sir Edward Abney, left
a son, sir Thomas, Judge of the Common
Pleas, who was grandfather of lady Hastings.



30 Dec. 1816, Mary-Woolstoncroft Godwin, of Bath, and had issue, 3.
WiUiam, d. an infant ; 4. PERCY-FLORENCE, b. at Florence, 12 Nov.

1819; 2. Elizabeth, b. 1796, d. unm. 17 Dec. 1831 ; 3. Helen,

d. an infant, 1796 ; 4. Mary, m., IMay 1819, Daniel F. Haynes, esq.,

of Lonesome, Surrey ; 5. Helen; 6. Margaret; 7* John,

b. 15 March 1806, m., 24 March 1827, Elizabeth, eldest da. of Charles
Bowen, of Kilnacourt, Ireland, esq., and has issue, Edward^ b. Dec. 1 827.

For the origin of this family see Shelley,
of Maresfield Place, Sussex, created 1611.

John Shblley, of Michelgrove, co. Sus-
sex, living temp. Henry VII. had two sons,
sir William, ancestor of the Shelleys, of
Michelgrove, and now of Maresfield, and

Edward, who settled at Worminghurst,
CO. Sussex, and was immediate ancestor of
the present bart. Henry, son and heir of
Edward, m. Anne, da. and h. of Richard
Sackville, esq., great uncle of Thomas, earl
of Dorset, and 5th in descent from him was

John Shellry, who m., 1692, Helen,
youngest of the two das. and co-h. of Roger
Bysshe, of Fen Place, co. Sussex, esq., and
d. 1739, leaving a numerous family, of whom

Timothy, 3d but eldest surviving son
and h., d. 1770, leaving two sons, John, (the
eldest,) m. but d. without issue, 4 Oct. 1799,

I. Sir BYSSHE, who was created a bart.
3 March 18()6; 6. at Christchurch, North
America, 21 June 1731; m., 1st, 1752, Mary-
Catharine, da. and sole h. of the rev. Theo-
bald Mitchell, of Horsham, co, Sussex, and
by her, (who d. 7 Nov. I7CO, set. 26,) had

1. Helen, m. Robert Parker, of Maid-
stone, CO. Kent, esq.

2. Mary-Catherine, 6. 1760, d. unm.,
July 1784.

3. Sir Timothy, present bart.

Sir Bysshe m., 2dly, 1769, Ehzabeth-Jane-
Sidney, sole da. and h. of William Perry,
of Wormington, co. Gloucester, and of Tur-
ville Park, co. Bucks, esq., (by Elizabeth,
da. and sole h. of col. Sidney, brother to the
last earl of Leicester, who d. 1759, when the
title became extinct,) and by her (who d.
May 1781) had issue,

4. Ariana, b. 1770, m. Francis Aikin, esq.

5. Sir John, of Penshurst, co. Kent, who
assumed the name of Sidney by royal sign
manual 1793, and was created a bart. 1818
(see that title).

6. Percy-John-Borlace, b. 1773, d. 1/82.

7. Elizabeth-Jane-Caroline, b. 1775,
m. the rev. Joseph Harris, of Turville, 00.
Bucks, clerk.

8. Philip, b. 1778; capt. 4th foot, took
the surname and arms of Sidney only by
royal sign manual, 10 April 1799, d. mini.
Aug. following.

9. Robert, b. 1779.

10. Algernon-Bysshe, b. and d. 1781.
Sir Bysshe d. 6 Jan. 1815, and was succeeded
bv his eldest son,

'II. Sir TIMOTHY, present bart.

Arm^—See Plate 37. Sable, a fesse, en-
grailed, between three whelks, or, with a
mullet, for difference.

Crest — A griffin's head, erased, argent,
beaked, and ducally gorged, or.

Seat— At Castle Goring, co. Sussex.

CHOLMELEY, of East on, co. Lincoln.

4 March 1806.

Sir MOUNTAGUE-JOHN CHOLMELEY, Baronet, born 5 Aug.
1802, succeeded his father, sir IMountague, 1831 ; married, 10 Feb. 1829,
lady Georgiana Beauclerk, da. of William, 8th duke of St. Alban's, and

has issue, 1. MONTAGUE-AUBREY, b. 29 April 1830; 2.

Flora-Elizabeth-Caroline, b. 1 May 1832.

This family is a junior branch of the
Cholmondeleys of Cheshire, from which the
marquess Cholmondeley and lord Delamere
descend. The first who appears to have
settled in Lincolnshire, was sir Henry
CHOLMELEY, of Burton Coggles, in that
county, who d. 1620. His grandson,

Mountague CHOLMELEY, of Easton,
esq., had a warrant for the dignity of a bart.
dated 16 July 1642, but the patent never
passed the great seal ; he d. 1652 ; his great

John Cholmeley, of Easton, m. Pene-
lope, da. of Joseph Heme, of Twyford, co.
Middlesex, esq., and d. 1768, having issue by
her (who d. 1760) one da., Penelope, and an
only surviving son,

Mountague, m. Sarah, da. of Humphrey
Sibthorpe, of Magdalen College, Oxon.,
D.D., and d. 15 April 1803, leaving issue by

1. Catharine, who d. 1802.

2. Sarah.

3. Sir Mountague, present bart.

4. John, fellow of Magdalen College, Ox-
ford, m., 2 Aug. 1810, Selina-Eliza, 3d da. of
Richard Puller, esq., and d. Nov. 1814, leav-
ing issue,

1. John-Mountague ; 2. Selina.

5. Henry-James, M.D., a physician to
Guy's Hospital, m., in 1811, Eliza, 3d da. of
W. Havard, of London, esq.

6. Mary-Eltzabeth, m., 1799, James-
Raymond Johnstone, of Alva, N.B., esq.

7. Robert, rector of Wainfleet, CO. Lin-
coln, 711., 26 March 1813, Maria, da. of John
Miller, of New York, esq., and has issue.

8. Charlotte, m., 4 Jan. 1810, John
Goodford, of Yeovil, co. Somerset, esq.

9. Penelope, m. Francis-Lucius Austin,
of Kippington, co. Kent, esq., d. his widow,
13 Jan. 1833.

10. Humphrey, fellow of King's College,

11. Jane, m., 19 Dec. 1811, William-AIar-
tin Foster, of Lincoln's Inn, esq., both
drowned in the wreck of the Rothsay Castle



I. Sir MOUNTAGUE, eldest son, was
created a bart., 4 March 1806, h. 20 March
1772, m., 14 Sept. 1801, Elizabeth, da. and
co-h. of John Harrison, of Norton Place,
CO. Lincoln, esq., by whom (who d. 3. Nov.
1822) he had issue,

1. Sir MouNTAGUE-JoHN, present bart.

2. Elizabeth, m., 5 Aug. 1825, John-
Jacob Buxton, esq., only son of sir Robert-
John Buxton, bart.

3. Charlotte-Maria, d. 18 Oct. 1822.

4. Frances, m., 6 March 1828, Glynne-
Earle Welby, esq., M.P., eldest son of sir

W. E. Welby, bart.

5. James-Harrison, in the army.

6. Henry-Daniel, in the army.

Sir Mountague m., 2dly, 18 March 18*26,
Catherine, 4th da. of Benjamin Way, of
Denham Place, co. Bucks, esq., and dying
1831, was succeeded by his eldest son,

and 2d bart.

Arms — See Plate 37. Gules, two helmets,
in chief, proper, and a garb in base, or.

Crest— P^ garb, or.

Seat—^.t Easton, co. Lincoln.

LOUIS, of Chelston, co, Devon.

1 April 1806.

Sir JOHN LOUIS, Baronet, Captain R.N., naval Aide-de-camp to
his Majesty, succeeded his father, sir Thomas, 17 May 1807; married, 15
Oct. I8O7, miss Kirkpatrick, da. of William Kirkpatrick, esq., lieutenant,
colonel commandant of the 8th regiment of native infantry, Bengal, and

has issue, 1. a SON, b. Nov. 1808; 2. a Da., b. May 1816; 3.

a Da., b. Nov. 1821.

John Louis of the city of London, m.

Elizabeth, da. of Atkinson, esq., an

ensign in the army, and had issue, 1. John,
in the R.N., drowned at Jamaica ; 2. Mat-
thew, of Calcutta, m. Margaret, da. of gen.
Stewart ; and 3.

I. Sir THOMAS, rear-admiral of the
white, K.M.T. and K.S.F. ; created a bart.
as above, for his distinguished services, 6
Feb. 1806, in admiral sir John-Thomas
Duckworth's squadron, off" the island of St.
Domingo ; m., 1784, Jacquetta, da. of Sa-
muel Belfield, and by her (who d. 13 Oct.
1824) had issue,

1. Sir John, 2d bart.

2. Thomas, m. at Barbadoes, 2 Oct. 1828,
Elizabeth-Gravet, da. of Foster Clarke, of
the Garden, Barbadoes, esq.

3. Matthew-Belfield, m., 2 May 1825,
Mary, eldest da. of the rev. A. Mallock, of

4. Anne-Eleanor, m., 18 April 1812,
Samuel-Morth Woolcombe, of Ashbury, co.
Devon, esq.

5. Jane-Frances, m., 18 April 1812, the
rev. Henry Woolcombe.

6. Jacquetta.

Sir Thomas d, on board the Canopus, in

Egypt, 17 May 1807, and was succeeded by
his eldest son,

II. Sir JOHN, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 37. Azure, a lion ram-
pant, argent, charged on the shoulder with
an eagle displayed, sable; and holding in
the pa\v's a flevir-de-lis, or, on a chief, wavy,
ermine, an anchor erect, of the 3d, the
shank surrounded with a naval coronet, the
rim azure, stems and sails proper.

Crest — A griffin's head, eiased, azure, be-
tween two wings elevated, or ; in the beak,
a fleur-de-lis ; on the breast, a trident, erect,

Supporters — On the dexter side, a British
sailor, habited, proper, his exterior hand
supporting a staff", thereon hoisted a flag,
argent, charged with a cross, gules, sur-
mounted by a pair of wings, or, and in-
scribed with the words "St. Domingo,"
in base, sable. On the sinister, an allegorical
figure representing the Nile, head and the
upper part of the face concealed by a veil,
argent, the mantle vert, inscribed with
hieroglyphics, wreathed about the waist
with bulrushes, proper, and in the exterior
hand an ancient rudder, or.

Motto — In Canopo ut ad Canopum.

LUBBOCK, of Lamas, co. Norfolk.

9 April 1806.

Sir JOHN-WILLIAM LUBBOCK, Baronet, a Banker in London,
succeeded his uncle, sir John, 24 Feb. 1816 ; bo7'n Aug. 1774; married, 1
Aug. 1709, Mary, da. of James Entwisle, of Manchester, and has issue,

JOHN-WILLIAM, b. 26 March 1803, m., 29 June 1833, Harriet,

da. of the late col. Hotham, of York, and has issue, John, b, 30 April 1834.

The rev. William Lubbock, rector of
Lamas, CO. Norfolk, (3d and only son, who
left issue, of John Lubbock, of North
Walsham, in the same county, by Elizabeth,
his wife, da. of William Webster, of Cal-
thorpe,) m. Elizabeth, da. of Thomas
Cooper, of North Walsham, esq., and d. 20
April 1754, leaving issue by her, two sons,

1. Sir John, 1st bart.

2. William, of Lamas, ^. 1740, m., 1773,
Anna, only da. and h. of Thrjnas Wood-
row, of Hobbis, CO. Norfolk, and had issue
by her, (who d. 30 Nov. 1783,)

1. Sir John-William, present bart.

2. Thomas, b. 177(), d. 1787.

3. Charles, b. 1777, d. unm. at Pisa, 173/.

4. Anna-Eliza, b. 17!)<>, m. Hugh-William
Brown, of St . James's Place, esq.



5. Maria, m. rev. William Jex Blake,
rector of Banningham, co. Norfolk.
I. Sir JOHN, eldest son, was created a
bart. 9 April 1806, with remainder to hid
nephew, John- William Lubbock, the pre-
sent bart. ; 6. Aug. 1744 ; w?., 12 Oct. 1771,
Elizabeth-Christiana, da. of Frederick Com-
merell, of Hanwell, eo. Middlesex, esq. Sir
John d. 24 Feb. 1816, without issue, and was
succeeded, pursuant to the limitation of the
patent, by his nephew.

II. Sir JOHN-WILLIAM, present bart.

Anns— See Plate 37- On a mount, vert,
a heron, close, ermine, on a chief, gules,
three estoiles, argent.

Crest — A heron, wings elevated, ermine,
supporting an antique shield, azure, bor-
dered, or, charged with a lion rampant,
gardant, argent.

Seat— At Mitcham Grove, Surrey, High
Elms, Farnborough, Kent.

SCOTT, of Great Barr, co. Stafford.

30 April 1806.

Sir EDWARD-DOLMAN SCOTT, Baronet, M.P. for Lichfield, sue-
ceeded his father, sir Joseph, 17 June 1828 ; married, 1 April 1815, Cathe-
rine-JuHana, eldest da. and co-h. of sir Hugh Bateman, bart., and has

issue, 1. Sir FR A NXIS-EDWARD, b. 25 Feb. 1824, who inherited at his

birth the dignity of a baronet, pursuant to the limitation of a patent granted
to his maternal grandfather, sir Hugh Bateman, who d. 28 Jan. 1824;

(See Scott, late Bateman, p. 332;) 2. Edward-Dolman, b, 12 Feb.

1826; 3. William-Douglas, b. 10 April 1828.

This family appears to have been seated
at Great Barf as early as the latter end of
the 16th century.

John Scott, of Great Barr, ancestor
of the bart., m. Eleanor, da. of the rev.
Thomas Jordan of Whitney, and d. 4 March
1755, leaving three das., 1. Eleanor, lyi, Ro-
bert Croxall, of Shustock, co. Warwick,
esq. ; 2. Frances, m. Miller Sadler, of Whit-
acre, CO. Warwick, esq. ; 3. Elizabeth, m.
Edmund Cradock, of Walsall, co. Stafford,
esq. ; and a son and heir,

William Scott, of Great Barr, esq., m.,
27 Dec. 1744, Mary, da. of Thomas Whitby,
of Great Haywood, co. Stafford, esq., and d.
1753, leaving issue by her (who survived
him, and d. 1795) three das., Fraree-s, m.,
1790, William Blathwayt, of Dyrham-Park,
CO. Gloucester, esq. ; Ja7ie m., 1769, John
Addyes Hackett, of Moor Hall, co. War-
wick, esq., and d. 1771 ; ^'lary, m., 9 Sept.
1768, Charles Armett, of Toft-House, co.
Stafford, esq., and d. 1798 ; and one surviv-

Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 68 of 95)