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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 7 of 95)
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1;5<!7) a da.,

Eleanor, m. her cousin, sir Randle Brere-
ton, of Malpas, and a son,

John, m. Jane, da. of Piers Mostyn, of
Talacre, co. Flint, cs(i., and rf. 15ij(), having
had issue by her a da.,

Elizahkth, to. sir William Stanley, of
Hooton, knt., and a son.

Sir John Egerton, knt., b. 1551, knighted
by queen Elizabeth 15<)i), and d- i1 April
iriU; m., 1st, Margaret, da. of sir Rowland
Stanley, of Hooton, knt., and had issue,

1. Philip, (/.young.

2. Sir Rowland, the 1st bart.

3. John, killed by E<lward Morgan, after
having given him his life in a duel, 20 April


4. Pkter, to. Margaret, da. of sir Tho-
mas Hayes, knt. and alderman of Lon-

5. Richard, d. without issue.

(). Frances, m. John Minshul, of Min-
shul, esq.

7. Margaret, m., 1st, Thomas Hall,
and, 2dly, Laurence Whittaker, esqrs.

8. Marv, to. Richard Cartwright, of
Aynho, CO. Northampton, esq.

;». Katiierine, m. sir Thomas Powell,
of Horslev, co. Denbigh, bart.

Egerton and Oulton, the eldest surviving
son, was kniglited and created a bart. 5
April 1G17; m. Bridget, da. of Arthur, lord
Grey, lord-lieut. of Ireland, and sister and
co-h. of Thomas, last lord Grey, of Wilton,
by whom (who d, 2!J July 1648) he had,

1. Thomas, w. Barbara, da. of sir John
St. John, of Liddiard-Tregoze, co. Wilts, d.
without issue, previous to his father.

2. Sir John, 2d bart.

3. Sir Philip, ancestor of the present
bart., of whom hereafter.

4. Arthur, rf. s.p.

5. Rowland, of Cheddleton, d. s.p.
C. Charles, of Wallesley, d. s.p.

Sir Rowland d. 3 Oct. 1G4G, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

II. Sir JOHN, TO. Anne, da. of (Jeorge
Wintour, of Dereham, co. Gloucester, esq.,
and had issue,

1. Sir John, 3d bart.

2. Bridget, to., 1st, Ralph Thicknesse,
esq.; and, 2dJy, Timothy Hildyard, of Lin-
coln, esq.

3. Margaret, to. Windsor Finch, of
Rushock, CO. Worcester, esq.

4. Anne, m. John Gardener, esq.

Sir John d. 1<)74, and was succeeded by
his only son,

III. Sir JOHN, m. Elizabeth, da. of Wil-
liam, and sister and sole h. of Edward Hol-
land, of lleaton and Denton, co. Lancaster,
esq., and by her (who d. 31 May 1701) had

1. Sir Holland, 4th bart.

2. John, d. IS) Dec. 17<>4.

3. Edward, of Har.eston, co. Stafford,
d. ifDin. 1727.

4. Ralph, d. rinm.

5. Thomas, in holy orders, rector of Sef-
ton, CO. Lancaster, and Cheadle, co. Ches-
ter, ni. Francis, da. of John Beresford, of
Beresford and Bcntley, co. Derby, es(i., and
d. without issue 1702.

(j. William, in holy orders, rector of
Farth'nghoe, co. Northampton, to. Mrs.
Bateman, antl had issue — Fiances.

7. Anne; f(. Elizabeth.

Sir John d. 4 Nov. 1729, and was suc-
ceeded by his scm,

IV. Sir HOLLAND, m., 1712, Eleanor,
youngest da. of Sir Roger Cave, of Stan-
ford,' CO. Northampton, bart., (by Mary,
sister of the right hon. WiUiam Bromley,
speaker of the house of cimimons, and prin-
cipal secretary of state in 1713,) ar.d had



1. John; 2. Holland; 3. Cave; all d.

4. Sir Edward, 5th bart.

5. Sir Thomas-Grey, tith bart.

6. William, rf. totm.

7. Mary, m. sir Ralph Assheton, of Mid-
dleton, CO. Lancaster, bart.

8. Charlotte-Elizabeth, m. the rev.
Ashburnham Legh, rector of Davenham.

Sir Holland d. -25 April 1730, and was suc-
ceeded bv his son,

V. Sir EDWARD, who d. unm. 1743, was
succeeded by his brother,

VI. Sir THOMAS-GREV, m., 14 June
1748, Catherine, da. of the rev. John Cop-
ley, rector of Thornhill and Wakefield, co.
York, and had issue,

1. Sir Thomas, 7th bart.

2. John, d. young.

Sir Thomas d. July 1756, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

VII. Sir THOMAS, m., 12 Sept. 1769,
Eleanor, youngest da. and co-h. of sir Ralph
Assheton, of Middleton, co. Lane, bart.,
and by her had issue,

1. Thomas, ri. an infant.

2. Thomas-Grey, b. 21 Dec. 1780, and d.
20 Dec. 1793.

3. Eleanor, b. 21 July 1770, m., 28 April
1794, Robert, marquess of Westminster, and
had issue (see Debrett's Peerage, titles West-
minster a«rfWiLiON).

4. LorisA, 6. 18 Jan. 1772; 5. Frances,
both d. infants.

6. Frances-Mary, d. 8 Oct. 1796.

Sir Thomas was, 15 May 1784, created
baron Grey de Wilton, and, 26 June 1801,
viscount Grey de Wilton, and earl of \Vil-
ton, of Wilton Castle, with remainder to
Thomas Grosvenor, esq., 2d son, and Ro-
bert Grosvenor, 3d son ot Robert, earl Gros-
venor, and to the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and
every other son and s';ns of Eleanor his da.,
wife of Robert, earl Grosvenor (now mar-
quess of Westminster). The earl d. 23 Sept.
1814, without issue male, when the titles of
viscount and earl of Wilton became vested
in his grandson, Thomas Grosvenor, who
took the surname and arms of Egerton only ;
but the barony of Grey de Wilton of 1784 be-
came extinct, and the title of bart. devolved
upon his kinsman, John Egerton, of Oul-
ton, esq., whose descent we now proceed to

.Sir Philip Egerton, of Oulton, 2d son
of the 1st bart., m. Catherine, da. and h. of
Piers Conway, of Hendre, co. Flint, esq.,
and rf. 15 Aug. 1608, having had issue by her
(who d. Jan. 17"6-7) besides 2 sons and 3
das., who d. infants, a son and h., John,
who m. three wives, but d. without issue
1732, and a second son,

Philip, D.D., rector of Astbury, m.
Frances, da. of John Offley, esq., and d.
1726, having had issue by her, (who d. 1738,)

1. Philip, m. Elizabeth, da. and co-h. of
sir Griffith Jeffreys, of Acton, but d. with-
out issue 1762.

2. John.

3. Rowland, m. the widow of Thomas
Bourne, esq.

4. Bridget, m. Edward Downes, of Shrig-
ley, CO. Chester.

.5. Elizabeth ; 6. Katherine.

7. Frances, all d. mim.

8. Mary, m. Richard Puleston, of Ha-
vod-y-wern, co. Denbigh, esq.

9. SiBiLLA, m. sir Francis-Haskyn-Eyles
Styles, bart.

John Egerton, (2dson of Philip, D.D.,)
b. 1697, tn. Elizabeth, da. and h. of William
Brock, of Upton, and d. 1/70, having had
issue by her, (who rf. 1756,)

1. John, m., but d. withoutissue, 1762.

2. Philip.

3. Elizabeth, d. iinm.

4. Anne, m. rev. Roger Barnston, pre-
bend of Chester.

5. Mary, m. Philip Puleston, esq.
Philip Egerton (2d but eldest surviving

son and h. of John) b. 17.'i8, m. his coushi,
Mary, da. of sirFrancis-Haskyn-Eyles Styles,
and sister and sole h. of Sir John Styles,
andrf. 1786, having had issue by her, (whori.
Dec 1821,)

1. Sir John, 8th bart.

2. Sir Philip, 9th bart.

3. William, of Gresford Lodge, co. Den-
bigh, b, 2 April 177<'»some time accountant-
general at Calcutta, m. 18(i7> Sibilla Bos-
well, and had issue,

l.Sibell.i, w., 12 Nov. 1833, Handle Wil-
braham, esq.
2. W'iliiam ; 3. Mary-Eyles; 4. Anne.

5. Elizabeth-Frances.

6. Philip-Henry ; 7. Robert-Eyles.

4. Charles-Bilkeley, a lieut.-gen., b.
5 June 1774, w., 18(19, Charlotte, da. of sir
Thomas Trowbridge, and has issue,

1. Charles-Trowbridge.

2. Thomas-Graham ; .3. Francis Philip.

4. A. da., rf. an infant.

5. Francis, lieut. R. N. rf. 1799.

6. Thomas, major 29th foot, rf. itnm.

7. Rev. Rowland, took the name of
Warburton in addition to, ?,nd after Eger-
ton, by royal sign sign manual 1813, b. 9
March'1778, m., 18(io, En'.ma, da. and h. of
James Croxton, of Norley Bank, and niece
of sir Peter W' arburton, of Arley, bart., and
has issue,

1. Rowland-Eyles; 2. Emm.a-Elizabeth.

3. James-Francis ; 4. Henry-William.

5. Frances-^Iarv ; 6. Maria-Sibylla.

7. Peter; 8. Charlotte; 9. Sophia.
10. George-Edward.

8. David-de-ISIalpa-', rf. inim. 18fi9.

.9. Richard, lieut.-col.,&. 7 Oct. 1783, m.,
1 Dec. 1814, Arabella, youngest da. of Henry
Tomkinson, of Derfold.

10. Elizabeth, m. sir John Delves
Broughton, bart.

11. Mary, m. Charles, 3d son of sir Peter
Leycester, bart., and brother of the 1st
lord de Tabley (see Debrett's Peerage), and
rf. 1797.

12. Frances, m. 1805, Thomas Tarleton,
of Bolesworth, esq.

13. Sibilla, m., 1808, Handle Wilbraham,
of Rode, CO. Chester, esq.

VIII. Sir JOHN, (eldest son" of Philip,)
succeeded to the baronetcy as above stated,
on the death of the earl of Wilton; b. llJuly
1766, m., 9 April 1795, Maria, da. of Thomas
Scott Jackson, esq. Sir John took the sur-
name of Grey, in addition to, and before
that of Egerton, by royal sign manual, and
obtained also a royal "grant of supporters.
He rf. without issue 24 May 1825, and was
succeeded bv his next brother,

IX. Sir PHILIP, in holy orders 6. 6 July
1767 ; took the surname and arms of Grey
in addition to and beft)re those of Egerton ;
nu, 14 Sept. 18(14, Rebecca, da. of Josias Du
Pre of Wilton Park, co. Bucks, esq., by
whom (who rf. Aug. 1830) he had issue,

1. Sir Philip-de-Malpas, present bart.

2. Charles-du-Pre, b. 4 Jan. 18(^9.

3. John-Francis; 4. W'illam-Hexry.

5. Caledox-Richard.

6. Frederic-Arthur.

7. George-Henry.

8. Mary-Anne-Elizabeth.

9. Madelina, rf. an infant.

10. Eglantine.

11. Fanny-Sarah.

12. Rebecca-Catherine.



Sir Philip d. 13 Dec. 1829, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

X. Sir PHILIP-DE-MALPAS, present

Arms—See Plate 2. 1st and 4th, Eger-
TON ; argent, a lion rampant, gules, between
three pheons, sable; 2d and 3d, Gre\ ;
barry of six, argent and azure, and a label of
five points, gules.

Crests — 1. Eoerton; three arrows, one
in pale, and two in sal tire, points down-
wards, or, barbed and fledged, argent, and

banded together with a riband, gules ; 2.
Grey; a falcon, wings expanded, standing
on a falconer's glove.

Supporters — Dexter, a lion, argent, du-
cal ly crowned, or; sinister, a wyvern, or;
each gorged with a plain collar, azure, and
pendent therefrom an escocheon, gules,
charged with three pheons, 2 and 1, argent.
— Granted, pursuant to a royal warrant,
15 Nov. 1815.

Motto — Virtuti, non armis,fido.

Sea<— Oultou Park, co. Chester.

CLARKE, of Salford, co. Warwick.
1 May 1617.
Sir SIMON-HAUGHTON CLARKE, Baronet, succeeded Lis father,
sir Simon, 20 Aug. 1832 ; borji 7 April 1818.

This family, about the time of the Con-
quest, being possessed of Woodchurch, co.
Kent, were thence denominated, but adopt-
ed the name of Clmke, in consequence of a
marriage with the heiress of that family,
about the reign of Henry III. Walter
Clarke, a younger son of the Kentish fa-
mily, settledat Radclitfe, co. Bucks, and was
father of

I. Sir SIMON CLARKE, of Salford, co.
Warwick, created a bart. as above. He paid
£800 to the sequestrators for his estate, temp.
Charles I., on account of his loyalty; m.,
1st, Margaret, da. andh. of John Alderford,
of Abbott's Salford, co. Warwick, esq. ;
and 2dly, Dorothy, da. of Thomas Hobson,
gent. ; by his second lady, who d. 1G99, aged
ai, he had no issue, but by the first he had,

1. Sir John, 2d bart.

2. Peter, a capt. in the Low Countries,
m. Ehzabeth Corbyson, and was killed 1639,
by lord Morley, leaving issue.

Sir Simon, 3d bart.

3. Woodchurch, m. , da. of Thomas

Dabitot, of Ridmarsley, co. Worcester, and
had issue,

1. Simon ; 2. Anne.

4. Elizabeth.

Sir Simon d. about 1G52, and was succeed-
ed by his eldest son,

II. Sir JOHN, w. Anne, da. of John Wil-
liams, esq., and d. without issue, about
1680, was succeeded by his nephew,

III. Sir SIMON, son of Peter Clarke,
esq., (who was killed hy lord Morley,) m.
Mercy, da. of Philip Brace, esq., by whom
he had two sons, sir Simon, 4th bart., and
Philip, (who ?ji. Arabella, da. of Kingsmili
Lucy, esq., son of William Lucy, bishop of
St. David's,) and had issue two sons, sir
Simon, 6th bart., and Philip, d. unm.

Sir Simon d. 10 Nov. 1687, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

IV. Sir SIMON, m. the da. of the rev.
Mr. Castle, and d. I7I8, leaving an only

V. Sir SIMON, an officer in R.N. ; he d.
without issue male 1736, was succeeded by
his cousin.

VI. Sir SIMON, eldest son of Philip, 2d
son of sir Simon before mentioned, m.
Mary, da. of Philip Bonnv, of Jamaica,
esq., and by her (who d. 1762) had issue,
besides other children who d. young,

1. Sir Simon, yth bart.

2. George, of Spanish Town, Jamaica,
«!., but rf. s.p.

3. KiNGSMiLL, barrister at law, d. s.p.

4. Woodchurch, rf. s.p.,

5. Arabella, rf. iinm.

6. Anne, m. John Beggs, of Jamaica-
Sir Simon rf. 1770, and was succeeded by

his eldest son,

VII. Sir SIMON, b. 2 Nov. 1726, m. 21
July 1760, Anne, da. and co-h. of Philip
Haughton, of Jamaica, esq., and by her
(who rf. 1800) had issue,

1. Sir Philip Haughton, 8th bart.

2. Sir Simon Haughton, 9th bart.

3. Catherine-Haughton, b. 1773, and
m., 20 May 1801, the hon. William Fitzroy,
brother of George, 2d lord Southampton.

Sir Simon rf. Nov. 1777, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

1761, rf. wim. 12 May 1798, and was succeed-
ed bv his brother,

April 1814, Catherine, 2d da. of John-
Haughton James, of Jamaica, esq., and had

1. Sir Simon Haughton, present bart.

2. Philip-Haughton, b. 11 April 1819.

3. John-Haughton, b. 10 July 1820, d.

7 Jan. 1827.

4. Catherine-Haughton,.6. 22 March


5. Mary Haughton, b. 29 April 1817.
Sir Simon rf. 28 Aug. 1832, and was sue-.

ceeded by his eldest son,

X. Sir SIMON-HAUGHTON, present
bart. -

Ar7n.i—See Plate 2. Gules, three swords
erected in jiale, argent, hilts, or.

Crest— \ hand couped to the wrist, pro-
per, holding a sword, as in the arms.

iieAtrft'JiCtf— Shirland, co. Nottingham.

BOYNTON, of Barmstok, co. York.

25 May 1018.

Sir HENRY BOYNTON, Baronet, horn 1778; succeeded his brother,
sir Francis, 10 Nov. 18.*J2; married, and iias issue, of whom IIenuy, m.
2 Nov. 1833, Louisa, youngest da. of Walter Strickland, of Cokethorpe
Park, CO, Oxon, esq., and Eliza, 2d da., «?., 21 .July 1832, Charles Swabey,
esq., of Gristhorpe, co. York, and d. 2G Dec. 1833, set. 24.



This is a family of very great antiquity
in Yorkshire, being descended from sir In-
gram de Boynton, who lived in the reign of
king Henry III., 14th in lineal descent from
sir Ingram was

I. Sir MAT HEW, of Boynton and Barm-
ston, knighted by James I. 6 May l(il8 ;
and on the 2Jth of the same month ad-
vanced to the dignity of a bart. He repre-
sented the borough oV Hey ton, temp. Charles
I., and was greatly entrusted by the par-
liament in the civil wars. He m., 1st,
Frances, da. of sir Henry Griffith, of Agnes-
Burton, knt. (and h. of her brother, sir
Henry Griffith, bart.) ; and 2dly, Catherine,
da. of Thomas, viscount Fairfax. By his
2d wife he had no issue that survived in-
fancy ; by his 1st he had,

1. Sir Francis, 2d bart.

2. Hkxry, rf. an infant.

3. Mathew, m. Elizabeth, da. of Robert
Stapleton, and left 2 das. and co-hs.,

1. Kalherine, m. Richard Talbot, earl
of Tyrconnel (created duke of Tyrconnel,
by James II. after his abdication).

2. Isabella, m. Wentworth Dillon, the
4th and celebrated earl of Roscommon.

4. Thomas; 5. Cornelus; ti. John.
7. Charles; 8. Marmadike.

P. GusTAvus ; 10. Mary.

11. Elizabeth.

12. Dorothy, m. John Anlaby, of Etton,
CO. York, esq.

13. Elizabeth, m. John Heron.

14. Margaret, m. John Robinson, of
Ryther, co. York.

Sir Mathew d. 1646, and was succeeded by
his eldest son,

II. Sir FRANCIS, m. Constantine, da. of
William, viscount Say and Sele, and by her
(who d. 1G92) had issue,

1. Mathiov, who rf. unm.

2. WiLLiAiM, 7?!. Elizabeth, da. and co-h.

of Bernard, of Hull, and rf. in his

father's lifetime 168J», leaving issue,

1. Sir Griffith, 3d bart. ; 2. Mary.

3. Constance, ni. Richard Kirshaw, D.D.

3. Hexry, rector of Barmston, who m.,
1st, Dorothy, da. of Alexander Amcots, esq.,
and had issue, sir Fraxcis, 4th bart.; and
Elizabeth, who rf. young. He m., 2dly,

Margaret, da. of Robinson, esq., who

d. without issue.

4. Nathaniel, b. 1644, d.^tnm. 1672.

5. Frances, m. George Whichcote.

Sir Francis rf. 9 Sept. 1695, and was suc-
ceeded by his grandson,

III. Sir GRIFFITH, m., 1st, Adriana, da.
of mr. John Sykes, and by her (who rf. in
1724) had no "issue. He m., 2dly, in Nov.
1728, a da. of John White, esq., and by her

(who rf. 8 Oct. 1/32) had no issue.

Sir Griffith rf. 22 Dec. 1731, without issue,
and was succeeded by his cousin,

IV. Sir FRANCIS, only son of Henry,
3d son of sir Francis, M.P. for Heydon, arid
recorder of Beverley, m. Frances, da. of
James Heblethwayte, esq., (by Bridget, da.
of sir William Cobb, knt.,) by whom (who
rf. 1 April 172(0 he had i>si:e,

1. William, rf. an infant.

2. Sir Griffith, 5th bart.

3. Francis, m. Charlotte, da. of sir War-
ton Peviuyman Warton, bart., and had issue,
Francis, b. 17<J4, who m. and left issue.

4. Constance, m. Ralph Hutton, esq.,
and rf. in 1785.

5. Adriana, rf. mun. in the same year.

6. Dorothy', rf. young.

Sir Francis rf. 16 Sept. 1739, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest surviving son,

V. Sir GRIFFITH, m., 5 April 1742,
Anne, da. of Thomas White, esq., which
lady rf. in childbed of their only issue, the
succeeding bart., 22 Feb. 1744-5.

Sir Griffith rf. 22 Oct. 1761, and was suc-
ceeded bv his only son,

VI. Sir GRIFFITH, m., 9 May 1762,
Charlotte, eldest da. of Francis Topham,
D.C.I..: she rf. 9 Sept. 1767- Sir Griffith
m., 2dly, Mary, eldest da. of James Heble-
thwayte, esq., and by her (who re-w. John
Parkhurst, of Catesby Abbey, esq., and d.
his widow 13 May 1815) had issue,

1. Sir Griffith, 7th bart.

2. Sir Francis, 8th bart.

3. Sir Henry, 9th bart.

Sir Griffith was elected M.P. for Beverley
1772, and rf. 6 Jan. 1773, was succeeded by
his eldest son,

VII. Sir GRIFFITH, b. 17 July 1769, m.,
30 July 1790, Anne, da. of capt. Robert
Parkhurst, (who m. 2dly, 10 March 1805,
the rev. Charles-Drake Barnard, rector of
Rigby, CO. Lincoln,) but rf. without issue
10 July 1801, and was succeeded by his next

VIII. Sir FRANCIS, b. 28 March 1777,
m., June 1815, Miss Bucktrout, and dying
without issue, 19 Nov. 1833, was succeeded
by his brother,

IX. Sir HENRY, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 2. Or, a fess, between
three crescents, gules, though the fess was
formerly charged with a lion passant, or.

Crest — On a wreath, a goat passant, sable,
guttee d'argent, beard, horns, and hoofs,

Motto — II tempo passa.

Seat— At the East Riding
of Yorkshire.

BURDETT, of Bramcote, co. Warwick.
25 Feb. 1G18.

Sir FRANCIS BURDETT, Banmet, IM.P. for Westminster, succeeded
his grandfatlier, sir Robert, 22 Feb. I7O7 ; f^orn 25 Jan. 1770; married^b
Aug. 1793, Sophia, youngest da. of Thomas Coutts, esq., (sister of Susan,
countess of Guilford, and Frances, marchioness of Bute,) by whom he has

issue, 1. Sophia, b. 13 June 1794, w., 23 Oct. 1833, Rob. Otway-Cave,

esq., of Castle Otway and Litton Hall,co. Tipperary ; 2. ROBERT, h. 26

April 1796, major in the army ; 3. Susanna, b. 29 Nov. 1800, m., 29

Nov. 1830, John-Bettesworth Trevanion, of Carbays, Cornwall, esq. ; 4.

Joanna-Frances, b. 2 July 1804 ; 5. Clara-JMaiiia, b. 9 Dec. 1800;

6. Angela, 6. 25 April 1814.



Hugh de Btirdett came into England
with William the Conqueror ; he left issue,

William Burdktt, lord of Louseby, in
Leicestershire, who founded the priory at
Ancote, co. Warwick, temp. Henry H. : he
was father of another.

William, living temp. Henry HI., and
by his wife, Alicia, had 3 sons, 1. Richard,
who succeeded his father at Louseby; 2.
Hugh, ancestor of this family; 3. William,
of Shepeshed, co. Leicester.

Hugh Burdktt (2d son of William) was
seated at Sekington, co. Warwick, where
his issue continued for many generations :
(>th in descent from him was

Nicholas Burdett, grand butler of Nor-
mandy, and prcefect of Evreux, slain at
Pontoise 143!1, having 7n. Joan, cousin and
h. of Henry Bruin, with whom he acquired
the manor of Bramcote, and by whom he
had a son and heir,

Thomas, who was attainted and beheaded
for high treason 1477> according to Fuller,
on the following pretence:— Having heard
that a favourite white buck had been killed
in his park by king Edward IV., he, in his
first passion, wished the buck's horns in the
belly of hi.n who had moved the king to do
so — he had already made himself obnoxious
by his attachment to the duke of Clarence,
and advantage was taken of these words (as
imagining the death of the king) to arraign
and convict him of high treason. His son.

Sir John, was restored in blood on the
accession of Henry VII., and was seated at
Bramcote. He was father of Robkrt, fa-
ther of Thomas, father of another Robert,
who d. KJiiS, leaving an only son,

I. THOMAS, advanced to the dignity of
a bart. as above, m. Jane, da. and h. of
William Frauncys, of Foremark, esq., which
seat has, since that time, been the chief re-
sidence of the family. By this lady he had

1. Francis, 2d bart.

2. Robert, a merchant and alderman of
London (who by Mary, his wife, da. of al-
derman Wright, left issue).

3. Leicester, who d. at Aleppo, tmni.

4. Catharine, m. Sebright Repington,

5. Isabel, m. Francis Merrick, merchant.

6. Lettice, m. William Hauncel, mer-

7. Mary, m. George Bowes, esq.

8. Jane, betrothed to Gilbert Thacker,

9. Dorothy, d. u>im.

10. Bridget, m. Thomas, son and h. of
George Gresley.

He was succeeded by his son,

11. Sir FRANCIS, b. 1(1 Sept. Ifi08, m.
Elizabeth, da. of sir John Waller, of Sars-
den, CO. Oxford, knt., chief baron of the
Exchequer, by whom (who d. 17 April I7ul,
aged 81]) he had issue,

1. S!r Robert, 3d bart.

2. Francis, d. num. 17or>.

3. Waltkr, of the Inner Temple, and of
Knowle Hill, co. Derby, d. unm. 1732.

4. John, in. but d. without issue, 1729.

5. Thomas, d. unm. WM

6. Jank, m. Edward Hopegood, esq.

7. Elizabeth, m. Edward Joddrell, esq.

8. Mary, (/. inun. 1701; 9. Dorothy, d.
laim. 17I8.

Sir Francis rf. 30 Dec. 1G9G, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

III. Sir ROBERT, b. 11 Jan. 1040, thrice
rn. ; 1st, to Mary, only da. of Gervase Pigot,
esq. (who rf. 31" Aug. 1(188, aged 27); 2dly,
Magdalen, da. of sir Thomas Ashton, bart.;
and 3dly, Mary, da. of mr. Thomas Brome.
By his 3d wife he had no issue; by the 1st
he had a son, who rf. an infant, and a da.,

1. Elizabeth, m. Charles Jenens, esq.
and by his 2d, besides several children who
rf. infants,

2. Jane, m. John Cotton, esq., son and
heir apparent of sir John Cotton, bart., and
rf. his widow, 17 March 17(;7-

3. Robert, b. 25 June 1(J80, rf. 11 days
before his father, having m. Elizabeth, da.
of William, viscount Tracy, and ha\ ing
issue by her (who m., 2dly, Robert Holdcn,
esq.) G das. and a posthumous son, sir Ro-
bert, 4th bart.

Sir Robert rf. 13 Jan. I7I6, and was suc-
ceeded by his grandson,

IV. Sir ROBERT, D. C. L., b. 28 May
171(3, m., 1st., Nov. 1739, Elizabeth, only
da. of sir Charles Sedley, bart., by whom
(who rf. 28 Aug. 1747) he had issue, besides
other children, who rf. infants, or ^tnm.

1. Elizabeth, m. Francis Mundy, esq.

2. Francis, m. Eleanor, da. and co-h. of
William Jones, of Ramsbury Manor, co.
Wilts, esq., and rf. in his father's lifetime
1794, leaving issue,

1. Robert, b. 1708, rf. 1769.

2. Sir Francis, present bart.

3. Charles-Sedley, drowned at the falls
of Schaffhausen, in Switzerland, 1794.

4. William-Jones, m. miss Sarah Brent,
niece of Timothy Brent, esq., and has
issue; 1. Francis, b. 23 March 1813; 2.
William, b. 13 June 1814; 3. Samh, b.
14 Jan. 181(1; 4. Frances, &. 3 Jan. 1818:
5. Charles-Sedle;/, b. 17 Dec. 1819 ; (J.
Mar;/ Eleanorri, 6. (5 and rf. IfJ March 1822.
7. Robert, b. 8 Jan. 1823; 8. Sophia, b.
21 March 182.';; 9. Henn/ St. Albans, b.
14 Aug. 1827; 10. a da. b. 21 Aug. 1833.

5. Mary Eleanor, rf. unm.

6. Elizabeth, ni.,2(> May 1800, sir James
Langham, of Cattesbrooke, co. North-
ampton, bart.

7. Frances.

Sir Robert m., 2dly, 18 June 1753, lady
Caroline, da. of John, 2d duke of Rutland,
and widow of sir Henry Harpur, bart., by
whom (who rf. Id Nov. 17(;!)) he had no issue.
Sir Robert rf. 22 Feb. 17i>7> ^'id was suc-
ceeded by his trrandson,

V. SirFRANt IS, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 2. Azure, two bars,
or, each charged with three martlets, gules.

Crest — A lion's head, erased, sable.

Seats — At Foremark, co. Derby, and
Ramsbury, co. Wilts.

HICKS, (now HICKS-BEACH,) of Bevekston, co. Gloucester.

21 July H;19.

Sir MICHAEL-HICKS HICKS-BEACH, Baronet, born25 Oct. 1800 ;
succeeded his j^reat uncle, Sir William, 2',^ Oct. IIVM ; married, 11) Aug.
1832, Harriet- Victoria, second da. of John Stratton, esq.



Robert Hicks, son and h. of John
Hifks, ofTortworlh, co. Gloucester, was a

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