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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 70 of 95)
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there. He founded and endowed the di-
vinity lectureship of Ashbourne, co. Derby,
and, dying 1645, bequeathed lands in the
counties of Essex, Dorset, and Denbigh,
amongst his 4 sons ; viz. 1. Robert, styled of
Rotterdam, in Holland; 2. sir Anthony
Bateman, M.P. for the city of London,
1664 ; 3. sir William Bateman, knt. ; and 4.
sir Thomas Batemati, created a bart., 1664,
and styled of How-Hall, co. Norfolk, from
the lands which he had purchased in that
county of sir Thomas Foote. The last
three sons were aldermen of the city of
London, and suffered considerable losses
from the great fire in 1666, when the Duke
of York, (amongst other efforts for the as-
sistance of the public upon that melancholy
occasion,) exerted himself much to save sir
Thomas Bateman's house, in Coleman-
street, from the flames. Sir Thomas d.,
leaving no issue. Robert Bateman, grantl-
son of the above-named Hugh, m. Anne, 3d
da. of sir William Thorold, then of Mars-
ton, CO. Lincoln : he was grandfather of
Hugh Bateman, of Derby, and of Harting-
ton-Hall, esq., who m. Elizabeth, 2d da. of
Wilham Sacheverell, of Morley, co. Derby,
and of Barton, co. Nottingham, esq., and
representative in several parliaments, co.
Derby ; and his brother, Robert Bateman,
was first doctor of jjhysic in the university
of Cambridge, and afterwards rector of St.
Columb, CO. Cornwall, and deceasing left
two das.

Richard Bateman, eldest son of the
last-named Hugh, m. Catharine, sister of
William Fitzhcrbert, of Tissington, co.
Derby, esq., (father of Allevne Fitzhcr-
bert, lord St. Helen's ; vide Debrctt's Pen-age
of the United Kingdom,-) and left issue, 1.
sir Hu(JH, 1st bart. ; and 2. Richard Bate-
man, barrister-at-law, 6. 13 March 1757, d. 29
March 1821.

1. Sir HUGH, eldest son, was created a
bart. as above, with remainder, on failure
of issue male of his body, to the heirs male



of the bodies of his daughters : 6. 21 March
1756, m., 4 Feb. 1786, Temperance, da. of
John Gisbome, of Derby, and of Yoxall
Lodge, CO. Stafford, esq., and had issue a

Richard-Sacheverell, b. 1788, d. 17
June 1794, and two das. ;

1. Catherine-Juliana, b. 10 Nov. 1796,
m., 1 April 1815, sir Edward-Dolman Scott,
bart., and has issue a son.

Sir Francis-Edward Scott, present
bart., 6. 25 Feb. 1824.

2. Amelia-Anne, 6. 28 Sept. 1798, m.,
24 Dec. 1814, sir Alexander Hood, bart.

Sir Hugh d. 28 Jan. 1824, and his title.

pursuant to the above-recited limitation, is
mherited bv his grandson,

present and second bart.

Arms — of Bateman— See Plate 39. Or,
three crescents, with an estoile of six points,
above each crescent, gules, a canton, (for
difference) azure. For the arms of Scott,
see Scott, of Great Barr, p. 327.

Crest — A crescent and estoile above it, with
six points, gules, between two eagles' wings,

Motto — Sidiis adsit nmicum.

Seat — Hartington Hall, co. Derby.

JONES, (now JONES-BRYDGES,) of Boultibrook, co. Hereford.

9 Oct. 1807.

Sir HARFORD JONES-BRYDGES, K.C., Baronet, born 12 Jan.
1764; took the surname of Brydges, in addition to, and after Jones, by-
royal sign manual, 4 May 1826; sometime resident at Bagdad ; married,
16 Feb. 1796, Sarah, eldest da. of sir Henry Gott, of Newland-Park, co.
Bucks, knt., and relict of Robert Whitcombe, esq., of the Whittern, co.

Hereford, by whom he has issue, 1. Sarah-Laura, b. 19 Jan. 1797?

m., 27 Nov. 1822, John-Lucy Scudamore, of Kent -church Court, co. Here-
ford, esq.; 2. Sarah, b. 28 Jan. 1798, m.j 11 April 1833, George

Bentham, esq., only son of late sir Samuel Bentham ; and 3. HAR-

FORD- J AMES, b. 24 May 1808.

James Jones, of Kington, co. Hereford,
esq., great-grandfather of the bart., was a
colonel in the army, and sometime governor
of Antigua, tn. Mary, da. and h. of Brid-
stock Harford, esq., ^I.P. for Hereford, and
d, 1713, leaving issue by her, (who m., 2dly,
Edward Broughton, M.D., and d. 175.5,) a
son and heir,

Harford Jones, of the Whittern, co.
Hereford, esq., b. 17' '6, m. EUzabeth, da. of
William Brj-dges, of Old Colwall, co. Here-
ford, esq., and rf. Nov. 1744, leaving issue
by her, (who rf. 1760,)

1. Harford.

2. Mary, »h. Edward Chinn, of the Moat
in Newent, co. Gloucester, esq.

3. Elizabeth, m. rev. William Whit-
combe, prebendary of Lincoln.

4. Catherine, w. John Maurice, of
Worcester, esq.

5. Margaret, rf. unm.

Harford Jones, of Presteign, co. Rad-
nor, only son of Harford, above named,
was high sheriff of that county, m. Wi-
nifred, da. of Richard Hooper, of the
Whittern, co. Hereford, esq., and rf. March
1798, having had issue by her (who survived
him) one da., Elizabeth, b. 1766, who rf. unm.
1792> and one son.

I. Sir HARFORD, created a bart. 9 Oct.

Arms— See Plate 39. Quarterly: 1st and
4th, argent, a chief, gules, over all a bend
engrailed, sable, charged on the chief point
with a chaplet, or, Brydges ; 2d and 3d,
argent, a chevron, between three cro%vs,
sable ; in chief, the star of the order of the
crescent, on a chief of augmentation, vert,
a lion couehant in front of the sun in splen-
dour, proper, being the royal arms of
Persia, granted to sir Harford, by Fateh Ali
Shah, king of Persia, and coiifirmed by
royal warrant, 1810, Jones.

Crests — 1st, two wings addorsed, argent,
charged with a bend, engrailed, sable,
Brydges ; 2d, on a cushion, gules, gar-
nished and tasselled, or, a representation of
the royal crown of Persia, augmentation ;
3d, a crow, sable, resting the dexter claw
on the star of the order of the crescent,

Supporters — Dexter, a lion proper, gorged
with an eastern crown, vert; sinister, a.
wyvem, vert, gorged with an eastern crown,
or ; granted by royal warrant 1810.

Motto — Deiis pascit corvos.

Seat— At Boultibrook, Hereford.

BURRARD, of Lymington, co. Hants.
12 Nov. I8O7.

Sir CHARLES BURRARD, Baronet, Post-Captain R.N., born 2
March 1793, succeeded his father, sir Harry, 18 Oct. 1813, r??., at Naples,



8 April 1826, Louisa, 2d da. of sir Henry Lushington, bart., and has issue,

1. Maria, b. 6 Oct. 1828; 2. Louisa-Fanny, b. 8 July 1830 ;

3. Laura, b. 13 Aug. 1832; 4. Emily, b. 10 Oct. 1833.

Paul Burrard, of Lymington, co.
Hants, esq., m., 17 Oct. 1704, Lucy, da. of
sir William Button Colt, bart., and d. 1735,
leaving issue,

1. Sir Harry, created a bart. 3 April
1769, with limitation to his brothers, Wil-
liam and George, and their issue male, d.
s.p., 1791.

2. Paul, d. young.

3. William, of Lymington, whose son
Harry succeeded his uncle, sir Harry, as
bart., and has taken the name of Neale.
(See Neale of Lymington, 1769.)

4. Paul, d. young.

5. George.

6. Mary, d. young.

George Burrard, of Lymington, co.
Hants, esq., 5th son of Paw?, b. 28 June 1718,
m., 19 Aug. 1751, Madelaine, da. of John
Durell, of Jersey, esq., and had issue,

1. Anne, b. 12 March 1753, m. Charles
Bowles, esq., d. 22 Jan. 1817-

2. Sir Harry, 1st bart.

3. Philip, of the Manor Place, Chelsea,
CO. Middlesex, esq., b. 5 Aug. 1762. By his
1st wife he had,

1. Philip;

and by his 2d, , da. of Naylor, of

Canterbury, co. Kent, he had,

2. Naylor.

I. Sir HARRY, eldest son, was created a
bart. 12 Nov. 18U7, lieut.-gen. in the army.

lieut.-col. 1st foot-guards, b. 1 June 1755,
m., 20 Feb. 17«9, Hannah, da. of Harry
Darby, of London, merchant, by whom
(who d. 29 July 1833) he had issue,

1. Paul-Harry-Durell, b. 17 Feb. 1790,
d. 21 Jan. 1809, of a wound he received at
the battle of Corunna, as aide-de-camp to
sir John Moore, K.B.

2. John Thomas, b. 4 March 1792, R.N.,
who was unfortunately drowned by the
upsetting of a boat at Weymouth, 9 Oct.

3. Sir Charles, present bart.

4. William, b. 31 Dec. 1794, ensign 1st
foot-guards, d. of wounds received in the
assault on St. Sebastian, in Spain, in Aug.

5. Edward, 6. 21 Nov. 1797, m the army.

6. Laura, b. 22 Feb, 1796, unm.

7. Frances-Hannah, 6. 24 Jan. 1800, unm.
Sir Harry d. 18 Oct. 1813, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

II. Sir CHARLES, present bart.

Anns— See Plate 39. Per fesse, embattled,
gules and azure, a lion passant, erminois,
between three stars, of six points, or ; on a
canton, argent, a sword, erect, proper.

Crest— Out of a mural crown, per pale, or
and argent, an arm in bend, the hand grasp-
ing a sword; about the arm, a wreath of
laurel, all proper.

Seat— At Olsden, co. Hants.

STANHOPE, of Stanwell, co. Middlesex.
13 Nov. I8O7.

15 Dec. 1793, succeeded his father, sir Edwyn, 20 Dec. 1814; took the
surname and arms of Scudamore in addition to Stanhope, by royal sign
manual, 17 Jan. 1827, being eldest co-heir and representative of the
ancient and noble family of Scudamore, the greater part of whose ancient
inheritance devolved upon him by the death of Frances, duchess of Norfolk ;
married, 20 Jan. 1820, Mary, da. of Thomas Dowell, of Parker's Well,

CO. Devon, a major in the army, and has issue, 1. HENRY-ED"\yYN-

CHANDOS, b. 8 April 1821 ; 2. Chandos-Scudamore, b. 19 Jan.

1823; .3. Berkeley-Lionel, b. 13 May 1824; 4. Edwyn-

Francis-Brydges, b. 6 March 1826; 5. Williabi-Pitt, b. 28 May

1827; 6. Anne-Eliza, b. 28 Jan. 1829, d. 8 Feb. 1830; 7- Ar-
thur-Chesterfield, b. 18 March 1833.

This is a younger branch of the Stan-
hopes, earls ot Chesterfield. Arthur Stan-
hope, 11th son, (but 2d from whom there
was any surviving issue,) of the 1st earl of
Chesterfield, was father of Charles Stan-
hope, who had, besides other issue, Mi-
chael, D.D., grandfather of the 6th earl,

Charles Stanhope, 4th son, (but 2d
from whom there is any male issue,) m. Ce-
cilia, da. of Dutton Stede, of Steele Hill,
CO. Kent, esq., and d. 1759, leaving an only

Edwyn-Francis, equerry to queen Char-
lotte, m. Catherine, eldest da. and co-h. of

John, marquess of Caernarvon, eldest son
of James, 1st duke of Chandos, and d. 16
May 18(17, having had issue by her (who
d. 12 Feb. 1810) one da., Elizabeth, b. 2 Aug.
1755, m. sir llungerford Hoskyns, bart.,
and d. 5 Feb. 1790 ; and one son,

I. Sir HENRY-EDWYN, admiral of the
blue, created a bart. 13 Nov. 18(»7; b.2l
May 1754, ))}., 14 Aug. 1803, Peggy, da. of
Francis Malbone, of Newport, Rhode Is-
land, in North America, esq., and by her
(who d. 8 Aug. 18(19) had issue,

1. Sir Edvvyn-Francis, present bart.

2. Peggy, b. 6 June 17^5, d. unm. 5 Sept.



3. Catherine, b. 5 July 1786.

4. Anna-Eliza, b. 22 April 1789, d. unm.
9 June 1819.

5. Carolink, b. 4 May 1791, d. 22 July

Sir Henry d. 20 Dec. 1814, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

II. Sir EDWYN - FRANCIS, present

Arma^See Plate 39. Quarterly : 1st and

4th, quarterly ermine and gules. Stan-
hope ; 2d and 3d, gules, three stirrups with
leathers or, Scudamore.

Crests — 1st, a demi-lion, or, dueally
crowned gules, issuant out of a castle azure,
and holding a fire-ball. Stanhope ; 2d, out
of a ducal coronet, or, a bear's paw erect
sable, Scudamore.

Seats — Stanwell House, co. Middlesex,
and Holme Lacy, co. Hereford.

BLOMEFIELD, of Attleborough, co. Norfolk, and of Shooter's

Hill, co. Kent.

14 Nov. 1807.

Sir THOMAS-WILLIAM BLOMEFIELD, Baronet, succeeded his
father, 24 Aug. 1822; born 24 March 1791 ; married, 11 Nov. 1819, Sa-
lome, da. of the late Samuel Kekewich, of Peamore, co. Devon, esq., and

has issue, 1. THOMAS-EARDLEY-WILMOT, b. 3 Aug. 1820 ;

2. William, b. 19 Feb. 1822, d. 14 April 1829 ; 3. Samuel-Ed-
ward, b. 22 April 1823; 4. Johx, b. 27 Oct. 1824; 5. Robert-
Allan, b. 22 March 1826; 6. Sal03ie, 6. 31 Aug. 1827.

This family has been long seated, co.
Norfolk. Francis Bloojifield, grand-
father of the 1st bart., was of Attleborough,
in that county, and left issue, by Elizabeth,
his wife, da. of Joseph Sharpe, of Thetford,
in the same county, esq..

The rev Thomas Blomefield, A.M.,
rector of Hartley and Chalk, both co. Kent,
patron of the former, and chaplain to his
grace the duke of Dorset ; he m., 1st, Eli-
zabeth, da. of James Hales, of Chatham,
CO. Kent, esq., who d. without issue; and
2dly, Mary, da. of John Mathews, and
widow of William Branch, esq., by whom he
had issue a da., Anne, who d. unm. 2(j June
1833, ffit. 82, and

I. Sir THOMAS, a major-gen., entered
the army at the early age of 14, and after
numerous other services, commanded the
artillery at the capture of Copenhagen,
18(»7> on his return from which expedition.

he was rewarded with the title of bart., 6.
16 June 1744, »;., 27 July 1788, Elizabeth,
2d da. of the right hon. sir John-Eardley
Wilmot, knt., chief-justice of the Common
Pleas, by whom (who survived him, and
d. 21 Aug. 1826, aged 81) he had issue.

Sir Thomas-William, present bart.
He d. 24 Aug. 1822, and was succeeded by
his only son,

II. Sir THOMAS -WILLIAM, present

Arms — See Plate 39. Sable, on a chevron,
argent, a branch of laurel between two
bomb-shells, fired, proper, and in a canton,
or, a spear-head, embrued, proper.

Crest — Issuant from a mural crown, ar-
gent, a demi-heraldic tiger, azure, armed
and tufted, or, collared, argent, and holding
a sword, broken in the middle, proper.

Seat— At Shooter's Hill, co. Kent.

CAMPBELL, of Succoth, co. Dumbarton.
17 Sept. 1808.

Sir ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL, Baronet, born 1 Aug. 1769, sue-
ceeded his father, sir Hay, 1823. Sir Archibald was bred to the Scottish
Bar, appointed a Lord of Session, 1809, when he assumed the title of
Lord Succoth, and afterwards a I^ord of Justiciary, both which situations
he resigned in 1824; married, Aug. 1795, Ehzabeth, eldest da. of John

Balfour, of Balbirnie, co. Fife, and has issue, 1. ARCHIBALD, b. 19

June 1795, d. ; 2. John, b. 28 May 1798, m., 12 July 1824, Jane, da.

of F. Sitwell, of Barmon Castle, esq., and has issue, Archibald, b. 16 May

1825 ; 3. George, b. 25 March 1800; 4. Susan, b. 13 Nov. 1801 ;

5. Elizabeth, b. 10 Aug. 1804, m., 21 June 1824, David, earl of

Leven and Melville; 6. James, b. Oct. 1806; 7- Mary, b. 1807,

d. ; 8. Catherine-Amelia, b. May 1810; 9. Andrew-Ramsay,

b. 2 Aug. 1813.



Archibald Campbell, of Succoth, esq.,
»?. Hellen Wallace, heiress of EUerslie, by
whom he had issue,

1. Sir Ilay, 1st bait.

2. William, d. in India.

3. John, receiver-gen. of the customs in
North Britain, m. Elizabeth, da. of Alex-
ander Houstoun, of Jordan Hill, co. Ren-
frew, esq., and had issue,

1. Ilay ; 2. Elizabeth ; 3. Helen.
4. Lilias; 5. Susan.

4. James, a lieut.-col. in the East India
Company's service.

5. 6. Two das.
Archibald, rf. 1790.

I. Sir ILAY, D.C.L., president of the
college of justice in Scotland, on which oc-
casion he assumed the title of lord Succoth,
created a bart. 17 Sept. 18(18, m., 1766, Susan-
Mary, da. of Archibald Murray, of Cringally,
esq., one of the commissioners of Edin-
burgh, by whom he had issue,

1. Sir Archibald, present bart.

2. Jane, d. imm.

3. Margaret, jw. John Connell, esq.,
procurator of the kirk of Scotland.

4. Anne, m. Francis Sitwell, of Barmoor
Castle, CO. Northumberland, esq.

5. Susan, m. Craufurd Tate, of Harrie-
ston, CO. Clackmannan, esq.

6. Mary.

7. Elizabeth, m. William Dalziel Colqu-
houn, esq.

Sir Ilay d. 28 March 1823, and was suc-
ceeded by his only son,

II. Sir ARCHIBALD, present bart.

Amis— See Plate 3!). Quarterly: 1st and
4th, gironny, of eight invecked, or and sable ;
2d and 3d, azure, a lion rampant argent,
within a bordure counter, compony, argent
and azure.

Crest— A camel's head, couped, proper.

Seat— At Succoth, co. Dumbarton.

MONTGOMERY, of the Hall, co. Donegal.

3 Oct. 1808.

1803, succeeded his father, sir Henry-Conyngham, 21 Jan. 1830, married^
3 March 1827, Miss Pigot, only da. of Major-General Pigot. Sir Henry is
in the Civil Service of the East India Company at Madras, a senior Mer-
chant, and Sub-Collector and Magistrate of Tanjore.

The Montgomerys have been long settled
in the north of Ireland, descended from
various branches of the Eglintoun family,
who have come over at different periods with
the troops sent from the west of Scotland,
to support the English interest in Ireland.
The branch from which the present bart. is
descended has been established co. Donegal
for more than two centuries.

Robert Montgomery, of Bonyglyn, co.
Donegal, esq., left six sons, to the eldest of
whom, James, he bequeathed the family
estate, now in the possession of the rev.
Alexander Montgomery. Hissecondsonwas,

Alexander Montgomery, of the Hall,
CO. Donegal, esq., b. 1727; m., 19 Nov. 1762,
Mary, only da. of James Allen, of Castle-
Dobbs, CO. Antrim, esq., and had issue,

1. Sir Henry, 1st bart.

2. James, of Sea- View, co. Donegal, 6. 1
March 1771) '"•> 1 Jan. 1806, Jemima, da. of
James Glasgow, of Aughadenvarn, co. Lei-
trim, esq., by whom he has Convngham,
b. 2 Jan. 180!) ; and Jemima, h. 23 Oct. 18(»7.

.3. Martha, w., 1732, Anthony Coane, of
Higginstown, co. Donegal, esq.

4. Anne, m. the rev. John Hawkins, son
of the late bishop of Raphoe.

a bart. as above, lieut. -colonel of cavalry,
and inspecting-field-officer in the East India

Company's service, b. 15 March 1765, m., at
Calcutta, 21 June 1800, Sarah-Mercer, 3d da.
of Lesley Grove, of Grove-Hall, co. Done-
gal, esq., and had issue,

1. Sir Henry-Conyngham, present bart.

2. Alexander-Leslie, 6. 15 March 1807.
lieut. R.N.

3. Hugh, b. 13 March 1809, lieut. horse ar-
tillery, at Madras.

4. Alfred.

5. Maria-Emily, to., 10 March 1830,
Grantham-Munton Yorke, esq., youngest
son of sir Joseph-S. Yorke, K.C.B.

6. Matilda; "J. Isabella-Eliza.

Sir Henry Conyngham d. 21 Jan. 1830, and
was succeeded bv his eldest son,

and 2d bart.

Anns — See Plate 39. Quarterly : 1st and
4th, azure, three fleurs-de-lis, or ; 2d and 3d,
gules, three rinj^s gold, gemmed azure ; on
an escocheon of pretence, argent, a sword
in bend, surmounted by a tilting spear in
bend sinister, proper; the whole within a
border argent, charged with eight trefoils
slipped, vert.

Crest — On a chapeau a dexter arm in ar-
mour, the hand grasping a tilting spear,
broken and the point hanging down, all

Seat— The Hall, co. Donegal.

JONES, of Stanley-Hall, co. Salop.
3 Oct. 1808.

Sir THOMAS-JOHN-TYRWHITT JONES, Baronet, born 12 July
1793, succeeded his father, sir Thomas, 24 Nov. 1811, sometime M.P. for



Bridgenorth ; married Elizabeth Walwyn, youngest da. of the late John

Macnamara, of the Island of St. Christopher, esq., and has issue, 1. a

SON, h. April 1824 ; 2. a Son, 6. 16 Oct. 1825.

This family descends in a direct male
line from sir Hercules Tyrwhitt, who
was living anno l(Ki7. The elder branch
settled at an early period at Kettleby, co.
Lincoln, where it continued till the latter
end of the 17th century, and ended in
Francis Tyrwhitt, of Kettleby, (20th in de-
scent from sir Hercules,) who d. 1(J73, lea\ing
an only da., Catharine, nu sir Henry Hun-
loke, bart.

The immediate ancestor of this branch of
the family was

Marmaduke Tyrwhitt, of Scotter, co.
Lincoln, esq., a younger son of sir William
Tyrwhitt, of Kettleby, 15th in descent from
sir Hercules. He m. Eleanor, da. of sir
Lionel Reresby, of Thriberg, co. York, and
d. 1599, leaving a son and heir,

Robert, of Cameringham, co. Lincoln,
nu Anne, da. of Edward Bassett, of Fled-
borough, Notts, and d. 162b", leaving a son
and heir,

Marmaduke, d. 1637» and was succeeded
by his son and heir,

Cecil, m. Anne Townshend, and d. 1694,
leaving issue,

Robert, m. Ellen, sister of Thomas Lister,
of Coleby, co. Lincoln, and d. 1703, leaving

Robert, D.D., residentiary of St. Paul's,
canon of Windsor, and rector of Kensing-
ton, andof St. James's, Westminster, h. 1698,
m. Eli2abeth, da. of Edmund Gibson, D.D.,
bishop of London, and d. 1742, leaving issue,

1. Thomas, d. tmm. 1706.

2. Edmund, in holy orders, prebendary
of St. Paul's, m. Margaret, da. of Thc^mas
Gilbert, esq., and niece of John Gilbert,
archbishop of York, and had issue,

1. Sir Thomas, knt., D.C.L.and K.S.A.,
gentleman usher of the black rod, &c, d.
at Calais, 24 Feb, 1S33, a?t. 71.

2. Edmund, d. unm., 1826.

3. Robert, in holy orders, of Jesus Col-
lege, Cambridge, d. I8I7.

4. William, d. unm.

5. John.

6. Margaret, d. unm.
John, (5th son of dr. Robert,) was of Ne-

therday-House, co. Somerset, m. Catherine,
only child and h. of Peniston Booth, D.D.,
(by Catherine, only da. of Edward Jones,
D.D., canon of Windsor, and aunt of sir
Thomas Jones, knt., who d. s.p. 1782,) and
by her had issue,

L Sir THOMAS JONES, b. 1 Sept. 1765,
and, in IJW, in pursuance of the will of his
cousin, sir Thomas Jones, of Stanley Hall,
CO. Salop, knt., took the name and arms of
Jones only, by the king's sign manual,
created a bart. 3 Oct. 1C(»8, nu, 25 April 1791.
Harriet-Rebecca, 4th da. of Edward Wil-
liams, of Eaton, co. Salop, esq., by whom
(who d. 15 July 1824) he had issue,

1. Thomas - John - Tyrwhitt, present

2. Edward, d. young.

3. Harriet-Emma, 6. 16 Oct. 1797, rji., 21
May 1818, John Mytton, of Halston, co.
Salop, esq., d. 2 July 182(1.

4. Charlotte, b. 7 Nov. 1799, m., 6 Sept.
1819, James Bradshaw, esq.

5. Charles-Tyrwhitt, b. 24 March 1801.

6. Edmund-Tyrwhitt, b. 4 April 1802,
d. Feb. 1820.

Sir Thomas d. 24 Nov. 1811, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

present bart., sheriff, co. Salop, 1816.

Anm — See Plate 39. Argent, a lion ram-
pant, vert, vulned in the mouth, proper.

Crest — On a wreath, the sun in its splen-
dour, each ray inflamed, or.

Motto — Ksto sol testis.

Seats — Stanley-Hall, co. Salop; and at
Clarsghovah, co. Denbigh.

CORBET, of MoRETON-CoRBET, CO. Salop ; and Linslade, co. Bucks.

3 Oct. 1808.

Sir ANDREW CORBET, Baronet, born 17 Dec 1766; married, 22
April 1790, Mary, eldest da. of Thomas Taylor, of Lvmme Hall, co.

Chester, esq., and has issue, 1. ANDREW-VINCENT, b. 15 June

1800, OT., 19 Sept. 1820, Rachel-Stephens, eldest da. of colonel John Hill,
of Hardwicke, and iiiece of lord Hill, and has issue, Vincetit. Ron-land., b.
11 Aug. 1821; Augusta-Rachel^ b.'d Sept. 1822; Elizabeth-Mary., b. 13
Aug. 1823; Andrew -George, b. 28 July 1824; Reginald-Jolm, b. 14 Oct.

1825 ; Walter-Robert, b. March 1832 ; 2. Judith, b. 29 Jan. 1802, d.

unm.. May 1829; 3. Richard, b. 16 IMay 1804, m., March 1830,

Eleanor, j-oungest da. of tlie Rev. Croxton Johnson, and has issue, Mary~
Eleanor, b. May 1831 ; Hennj-Reginald, b. Oct. 1832; RacJiel-Frances, b.

Jan. 1834; — ^4. Robert, b. 2 Dec. 1805, d. 1 March 1829; 5.

Vixcent-Roger, b. 8 Dec. 1808.

This family ranks unquestionably among
the most ancient in England, being derived
in an unbroken male descent from Corbet,
a noble Norman, who, with his two sons,
Robert and Roger, came over with William
the Conqueror. Roger de Corbet, the 2d
son, was father of William, who settled at
Wattleborough, co. Salop, and was the
common ancestor of this family and of
Peter Corbet, of Cans Castle, who was sum-
moned to parliament among the barons of

the realm, from 23 to 26 Ed. I., and d. 28 Ed.
I., leaving a son and heir, Peter, who was
also summoned to parliament from 3(» Ed. I.
to 15 Ed. II., in which year he d. s.p., and
the barony became extinct.

The eldest son of William Corbet, of
Wattlesborough, was Thomas, and his
great-grandson, Richard, settled at Moreton
Corbet, co. Salop, where his descendants
have continued through twenty generations
to the present time.



Sir Andrew Corbet, of Moreton Corbet,
knt., 14th in descent from the first settler
at Moreton Corbet, and 21st from Corbet the
Norman, m. Elizabeth, da. of William
Boothby, and d. 1637, leaving issue by her,
(who d. 1657,)

Sir Vincent, created a bart. 1641, m.
Sarah, da. of sir Robert Monson, of Carlton,
CO. Lincoln, and d. 1656, leaving issue by
her, (who survived him, and was created in
1679, viscountess Corbet for life,)

1. Sir Vincent, 2d bart., m. Elizabeth,
da. of Francis Thomas, and d. 1600, leaving
an only son, sir Vincent, 3d bart., who d.
1688, aged 19, when the baronetcy became

2. Richard.

Richard, 2d son of sir Vincent, 1st bart.,
was first of Shrewsbury, but surviving his
great-nephew, sir Vincent, 3d bart., suc-
ceeded him at Moreton Corbet; m. Grace,
da. of sir William Noel, of Kirkby Malory,

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