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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 71 of 95)
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CO. Leicester, and d. 1690, leaving issue by
her, (who d. 1687,) a son and heir,

Richard, of Moreton Corbet, and of
Shawbury, co. Salop, m. Judith, da. of sir
John Bridgman, of Castle Bromwich, bart.,
and d. 1718, leaving a son and heir.

Andrew, of Moreton Corbet, m. Frances,
da. of William Prynce, of Shawbury, and
d. 1757, leaving issue by her, (who d. 1760,)

1. Andrew, of Shawbury Park, 6. 1720,
d. unm. April 1796.

2. Elizabeth, b. 1722, m. Rev. Wash-
ington Cotes, dean of Lismore, and d. May

3. Judith ; 4. Charlotte, both d. unm.

5. Catherine, m. rev. William Clarke,
rector of Moreton Corbet, and vicar of
Stanton, and d. 1800.

6. Richard-Prynce.
Richard-Prynce Corbet, 2d son of

Andrew, m. Mary, da. andh. of John Wick-
stead, of Wem, CO. Salop, esq., and d. 30
Jan. 1799, leaving issue,

1. Sir Andrew.

2. Mary, 6. Oct. 1764, m., Aug. I7934.
Moreton-Aglionby Slaney, of Sheffnall, c».
Salop, esq.

I. Sir ANDREW, only son of Richard-
Prynce Corbet, was created a bart. as above.

Ar7ns — See Plate 39. Or, a raven, sable.

Crest — An elephant and castle, proper.

Motto — Tieus pascit corvos.

Sea^y— Moreton-Corbet, co. Salop; and
Linslade, co. Bucks.

WOOD, of Gat TON, co. Surrey.

3 Oct. 1808.

Sir MARK WOOD, Baronet, born 14 Dec. 1794, succeeded his father,
sir IMark, 1st bart., 6 Feb. 1829; married^ 18 June 1833, Elizabeth, eldest
da. of William Newton, esq.

•Alexander Wood, of Perth, co. Fife,
esq., a lineal descendant from the Woods
of Largo, d. 1778, leaving issue,

1. Sir Mark, 1st bart.

2. Sir George, K.C.B., of Ottershaw
Park, CO. Surrey, major-gen. in the East
India Company's service, d. 1824.

3. Rear-admiral sir James-Atholl, knt.,
C.B., b. 1755, entered at an early age into
the R.N. ; in Dec. 1806 he was appointed to
assist in the expedition destined against
Curafoa, which surrendered to the British
arms in Jan. I8O7 : he was second in com-
mand on this gallant enterprize; for his
spirited conduct in which he received a gold
medal and the honour of knighthood, d.
July 1829, aet. 74.

4. Andrew, who entered into the R.N.
at the same time with his brother, sir James,
and went to India some time subsequent to
the peace in 1783. At the period when a
war was expected with Spain, he was sent,
by order of government, in the command,
as a lieutenant, of a small vessel, to the
Straits of Sunda, for the purpose of in-
forming thirty rich East India ships of the
circumstance. Unfortunately his ship was
wrecked at the entrance of the Straits,
and with difficulty he and his crew escaped
to the shore: impressed, however, with a
strong sense of the importance of his mis-
sion, he took an open boat, and, in defiance
of the elements and of the Malays, (who
murdered more than half of his crew,) he
cruised in the Straits during three months,
and succeeded in giving the necessary in-
formation to twenty-nine sail out of the
thirty. Approving highly of his diligence
and intrepidity, martiuess Cornwallis, sir
Archibald Campbell, and sir William Mea-

dows, K.B., concurred in recommending
him for promotion. Anxious to reach Eng-
land, Mr. Wood bought a boat of less than
five tons, had her decked, and, with three
lascars on board, embarked for the Cape of
Good Hope, where he safely arrived after a
passage of sixty-three days. Not finding
any ship at the Cape that was proceeding to
England, conceiving the most perilous part
of his voyage to be over, he again embarked
in his small boat with three foreign seamen ;
but, to the deep regret of all who knew him,
he has never since been heard of.

5. Thomas, who rf. at Madras, leaving an
only da., Ann-Elizabeth, m. at Berne, 23
Sept. 1829, the rev. Horatio Montagu.

I. Sir MARK, the eldest son, was creat-
ed a bart. as above, m., 17 May 1786, Ra-
chel, da. of Robert Dashwood, esq,, and by
her (who rf. June 1802) had issue,

1. Alexander, cornet 11th dragoons, b.
16 March 1790, d. Oct. 1805.

2. Sir Mark, present bart.

3. Eliza-Georgiana, b. Nov. 1/87.

4. Rachel, >n., 13 June 181(), William-
Joseph Lockwood, of Dews Hall, Essex,

Sir Mark d. 6 Feb. 1829, and was succeed-
ed by his onlv surviving son,

11. Sir MARK, present and 2d bart.

Arm^ — See Plate 3!). Argent, a tree era-
dicated and erect, proper.

Crest — On waves of the sea, a ship in full
sail, proper.

Sitppoi-ters — On either side, a sailor ha-
bited, proper.

Motto — Tictu-s in undis.

Scats — Gatton Park, co. Surrey; Llan-
thony-Abbey, and Penyeoyd Castle, co.



GRAHAM, of KiRKSTALL, CO. York, and Edmond Castle,

CO. Cumberland.

3 Oct. 1808.

SirSANDFORD GRAHAM, Baronet, F.S.A. ; born 10 March 1788,
succeeded his father, sir James, late bart., 21 March 1825; married^ 11
May 1819, Caroline, 3d da. of John Langston, of Sarsden House, co. Ox-
ford, esq., and had issue, of whom, James, d. 15 July 1828;

William -Henry, 2d son, d.

1833, aet. 8; a SON, b. 6 March

Thomas Graham, of Edmond Castle,
CO. Cumberland, esq., in. Margaret, da. of
Thomas Coulthard, of Scotby, esq., and by
her (who d. 13 July 181(3, aged 91) had issue,

1. Thomas, of Lincoln's Inn, b. 1751,
m. Elizabeth-Susannah, da. of John Daven-
port, of Clapham, co. Surrey, and has issue,
I. Thomas, b. 1793; 2. John; 3. Elizabeth-
Maria; 4. Emily; 5. Harriett; 6. Anne,

2. Sir James, 1st bart.

3. William.

4. Mary, m. Richard Graham, of Stone-
house, esq.

5. Elizabeth; G.Margaret.

L Sir JAMES, 2d son, created a bart. as
above, was recorder of Appleby, and M.P.
for Carlisle; b. 18 Nov. 1753, m., 17 June
1781, Anne, only da. of the rev. Thomas
Moore, of Kirkstall, and h. of her brother,
major Thomas Moore, and by her (who d.

28 Aug. 1821) had issue,

1. James, d. an infant.

2. Margaret-Frances, d. young.

3. Thomas, d. 29 March 1807.

4. Sir Sandford, 2d bart.

5. Anne, m., 23 June 1812, lieut.-col. sir
Adolphus-John Dairy mple, bart.

6. Margaret.

Sir James d. 21 March 1825, and was suc-
ceeded by his only surviving son,

II. Sir SANDFORD, presentand 2d bart.

Arms — See Plate 40. Per pale, indented,
erminois and sable; on a chief, per pale,
sable and or, three escallop shells, counter-

Crest — Two arms embowed, in armour,
issuing out of a tower, and holding an
escallop shell.

Seats — At Kirkstall, co. York; and Ed-
mond Castle, CO. Cumberland.

SITWELL, of Reinshaw, co. Derby.

3 Oct. 1808.

Sir GEORGE SITWELL, Baronet, born 20 April 1797, succeeded his
father, sir Sitwell, 14 July 1814; married., 1 June 1818, Susan-Murray,
eldest da. of Crawfurd Tait, of Harvieston, co. Clackmannan, esq., and has

issue, 1. Susan -Alice, b. 2 April 1819; 2. SITWELL

RERESBY, b. 6 Oct. 1820; 3. Mary-Elizabeth-Anne, b. 24 Jan.

1822; 4. Georgiana-Caroline, b. 30 Aug. 1823; 5. Char-
lotte-Lucy-Hurt, b. 11 Dec. 1826;-

7. a Son, b. 6 April 1831.

Jonathan Hurt, of Sheffield, co. York,
esq., m. Catherine, da. of William Sitwell,
of the same place, gent., and d. 1732, leaving
issue by her a son and heir,

Francis Hurt, who inherited the estates
of his maternal uncle, William Sitwell, of
Reinshaw, near Chesterfield, co. Derby,
esq., and, in compliance with his will, took
by royal license the surname and arms of
Sitwell; m. Mary, da. of the rev. dr.
Warnford, of York, and by her (who d. 13
July 1792) had issue,

1. Sir Sitwell, 1st bart.

2. Francis, of Barmoor Castle, co. Nor-
thumberland, esq., m. Anne, 2d da. of sir
Hay Campbell, of Succoth, bart., and d.
19 Feb. 1813, having had issue, 1. Francis,
b. 1798; 2. William-Denzill, b. 1803; 3. Su-
san-Anne; 4. Mary-Amelia; 5. Anne- Jane.

3. Hurt, of Tumey Hall, co. Salop, m.
Anne, da. of Simon-Francis Hardy, of
Huntingdon, esq., and d. in Portugal, leav-
ing one son. Hurt, m. Harriett, 3d da. of
sir Joseph Hoare, which lady d. 8 Oct. 1827.

4. Mary, m., 1790, sir William Wake,
bart., and d. 1791.

Francis Hurt d. 16 Aug. 1793.

-6. a Son, b. 7 July 1828;-

I. Sir SITWELL, eldest son, was created
a bart. as above, m., 1st, Alice, da. of
Thomas Parkes, of Hughfield House, near
Liverpool, esq., and by her (who d. May
1797) had issue,

1. Mary-Alice, 6. 10 July 1790, »n., 22
Aug. 1815, Charles Wake, esq., eldest son
of sir William Wake, bart., and d. 3 Sept.

2. Anne-Elizabeth, b. 15 July 1793, m.,
4 Oct. 1815, col. sir Frederick Stovin, K.C.B.

3. Sir George, 2d bart.

Sir Sitwell m., 2dly, Sarah-Caroline, young-
est da. of James Stovin, of Whitgift Hall,
CO. York, esq., and by her (who m., 2dly,
19 Aug. 1821, John-Smith Wright, esq.,
of Bulcote, CO. Nottingham) had issue,

4. Caroline, d. an infant.

Sir Sitwell d. 14 July 1814, and was suc-
ceeded by his only son,

II. Sir GEORGE, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 40. Barry of eight, or
and vert ; three lions rampant, sable.

Crest — A demi-lion rampant, sable, hold-
ing between his paws an escutcheon, per
pale, or and vert.

Seat — At Reinshaw, co. Derby.

Q 2



MEDLYCOTT, of Venn House, co. Somerset.

3 Oct. 1808.

Sir WILLIA3I.C0LES MEDLYCOTT, Baronet, 5om 22 Oct. 1767;
married^ 28 Jan. 1796, Elizabeth, only da. of William Tugwell, of Brad-
ford, CO. Wilts, esq., and has issue, 1. Elizabeth, c?. 15 May 1805 ;

2. Thomas, d. 25 Jan. 1798; 3. WILLIAM-COLES, b. 31

July 1806, w., 16 March 1830, Sarah- Jeffery Bradford, only da. of the
rev. E. Bradford, rector of Stalbridge, Dorset, and has issue, 1. a Son^ b.

6 June 1831 ; 2. a Z)a., b. 24 Jan. 1834 ; 4. Mary-Hutchings, b. 23

Aug. 1804.

Thomas Hutchings, esq., son of John
Hutchings, of Sherborne, co. Dorset, esq.,
(by Elizabeth, eldest da. and only child who
left surviving issue of James Medlycott, of
St. Clement Danes, co. Middlesex, esq.,)
assumed the name and arms of Medlycott,
in compliance with the will of his uncle,
Thomas Medlycott, of Venn House, esq.,
1 Jan. 17(»; m. Jane, only child of William
Coles, of Salisbury, co. Wilts, esq,, (by
Jane, eldest da. of Peter Walter, of Stal-
bridge, CO. Dorset, esq.,) and had issue,

1. Jane-Paget, m., 22 May 1794, Philip
Ainslie, of Lincoln's Inn, esq., barrister-at-


2. Sir WiLLTAM-CoLES, present bart.

3. Thomas-Meryvyn, an officer in the
Inniskillen regt. of dragoons, b. 1774, d. 4
July 1793.

I. Sir WILLIAM-COLES, created a bart.
Es above.

yl;TO.9— See Plate 40. Quarterly, per fess,
indented, gules and azure, three lions ram-
pant, two and one, argent.

Crest— Out of a mural crown, gules, a
demieagle, with wings elevated, or.

Seat — Venn House, Milborne Port, co,

PERRING, of Membland, co. Devon.

3 Oct. 1808.

Sir JOHN PERRING, Baronet, F.S.A., born 25 Sept. 1794, succeeded
his father, sir John, 30 Jan. 1831, and is unmarried.

This family has been seated for several
generations at Modbury, co. Devon.

Philip Perring, of Modbury, d. 23
April 171(i, leaving issue,

Philip, of Modbury, m. Susanna, da. of
Pascoe Legassick, esq., and d. 3 June 1771>
having had issue by her, (who d. 19 Aug.

i. Richard, d. 24 Feb. 1790.

2. Philip, father of the 1st bart.

3. Thomas, of London, merchant, m.
Elizabeth Pawling, and d. 1791, having had

1. Richard, who d. young in India.

2. Elizabeth, m. John Bulteel, of Fleet
and Lineham, co. Devon, esq.

4. Peter, of Merabland, co. Devon,
sometime senior merchant, and one of the
council at Madras, tn. Lucinda, da. of the
rev. Henry Manning, rector of Stocken-
teignhead,"co. Devon, and d. V, Dec. 17!)(J.

5. John, of Combe Flory, co. Somerset,
sometime a judge of one of the circuits in
Bengal, m. Charlotte, da. of the rev. Tho-
mas Manning, vicar of Kensington, and had

1. Peter, of Combe Flory.

2. 3. 4. .'>. Four das.

6. Alice, m. the rev. Richard Sleeman,
vicar of Tavistock.

7. Sarah, rf. itum. 27 June 1704.
Philip Perring, 2d son of Philip above

named, (and heir of his brother Peter,) m.
his 1st cousin, Susannah, da. of Richard
LegPSiick, es<i., and d. 7 July 1797, leaving
issue by her, (who d. 7 June 1825,)

1. Sir John, created a bart.

2. Richard, of Modbury.

3. Charles, d. 26 April 1C25.

4. Philip, m. Sarah, only child of Tho-
mas Jackson, of Camberwell, co. Surrey,
esq., and has issue,

1. Jackson, master in Equity, and 2d
Fiscal of Ceylon.

2. Emma, d. 21 June 1829.

3. Charles, in holy orders.

4. Claude, of the Inner Temple.
.5. Ellen; (J. Blanche.

5. Peter, in holy orders, rector of North
Huish, CO. Devon.

6. Sarah, m. Richard Swift, esq., and d.

7. Susannah, d. iinm. 27 March 1834.

L Sir JOHN, eldest son, a banker and
ahk'rman of London, lord mayor in 1803,
;n., Elizabeth, da. of John Cowell, of Strat-
ford, CO. Essex, esq., by whom (who d. 13
Dec. mil) he had issue,

1. Sir John, 2d bart.

2. Philip, in holy orders, rector of North
Huish, CO. Devon, b. 15 Jan. 1797> >n., 31
INLirch 1)125, Frances-Mary, only da. of
Henry Roe, of Gnaton, co. Devon, esq., and
has issue,

1. John; 2. Philip.
3. Frances; 4. Susan.

3. Elizabeth, m., 19 July 1822, rev.
John-George Storie, vicar of Camberwell,
CO. Surrey.

4. Jane ; 5. Laura.

Sir John d. 30 Jan. 1831, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

II. Sir JOHN, present and 2d bart.

Arms — See Plate 40. Ermine, on a chev-
ron, azure, between three pine-apples, slip-
ped, proper, as many leopards' faces, or ; on



a canton, gules, a sword, and key in sal-
Crest — A pine-apple, slipped, proper, in

front of a sword, and key in saltire.
Seat — Membland House, co. Devon.

PIGOTT, of Knapton, Queen's County.

3 Oct. 1008.

Sir GEORGE PIGOTT, Baronet, bom 1764; married, 15 Feb. 1704,
Annabella, da. of the right hon. Thomas Kelly, of Kellyville, Queen's
County, esq., (late one of the judges of the court of Common Pleas in Ire-
land,) and has issue, 1. THOMAS, b. 12 Oct. 1700, capt. royal horse-
guards, w., 24 Oct. 1C31, Georgina-Anne, da. of William Brummell, of

Wyv'anhoe, co. Essex, esq.; 2. George-Francis, b. 8 Sept. 1800;

-3. Wii-LiAM, b. 20 Oct. 1804, m., 23 June 1827, Harriett, sole da.

and h. of the late gen. Christopher Jeaffreson, of Dullingham House, co.
Cambridge, (by Honnetta, viscountess dowager Gormanston,) and uterine

sister of the present viscount Gormanston ; 4. Wellesley-Pole, b.

30 March 1808; 5. Frances ; 6. Annabella; 7* Jane;

8. Charlotte; ^^9. Salisbury.

George Pigott, of Chetwynd, co. Cork,
tn. Jane, da. of John Warburton, of Gar-
rahinch, Queen's County, esq., and was
father of

Thomas Pigott, of Knapton, in the
above-named county, esq., b. 13 Oct. 1734.
This gentleman entered the British army,
in which he attained the rank of major-
gen.; he d. 13 Oct. 1793, having nu, 13 Sept.
1763, Priscilla, da. of John Carden, of Les-
more, in Queen's County, esq., and had is-

1. Sir George, present bart.

2. William, an officer 7thregt. of foot, d.
without issue.

3. Alexander, barrister-at-law in Ire-
land, m. Ellen, da. of Carey Williams, esq.

4. Thomas, in holy orders, m., 30 July
1813, Mary, eldest da. of Richard Croasdale,
of Ryon, Queen's County, esq.

1. Sir GEORGE, eldest son, was created a
bart. as above.

Arms — See Plate 40. Ermine, three lo-
zenges conjoined in fesse, sable, a crescent
for difference.

Crest — A wolfs head erased, proper, gorg-
ed with a plain collar, or, thereon a crescent
for diflference.

Seat — At Knapton, in Queen's County,

OUSELEY, of Claramont, co. Herts.

3 Oct. 1808.

Right Hon. Sir GORE OUSELEY, Bart., F.R. and A.S., Knight of the
Russian Order of St. Alexajider Newski, Knight of the Sun and Lion of
Persia of the first class, and a Privy Counsellor, born 24 June 1770 ; mar-
ried, 12 April 180G, Harriet-Georgiana, da. of John 'W^hitelocke, esq., and

has issue, 1. Mary-Jane, b. 28 March 1807; 2. Eliza-Shei-

REEN, 6. at Sheras in Persia, 13 June 1811, d. 22 April 1812; 3.

Wellesley-Abbas, b. at Tabriz in Persia, 4 Aug. 181.3, d. 9 March
1824; 4. Alexandrine-Perceval, b. 24 Oct. 1814, at St. Peters-
burgh, and is goddaughter to the late emperor Alexander and the empress
dowager Marie, his mother, who held her at the font at the Winter Palace.
(The ceremony of the baptism was performed 30 Nov. in the palace of the

empress dowager of all the Russias, who was one of the sponsors.) 5.

Frekerick-Arthur Gore, b. 12 Aug. 1825, whose sponsors were
H.R.H. the late duke of York, and the duke of Wellington. Sir Gore was
(10 March 1810) appointed ambassador extraordinary and minister pleni-
potentiary at the court of his majesty the king of Persia, and subsequently
to that of St. Petersburgh. From the Shah of Persia he received the Order
of the Lion and Sun, and a grant of Supporters; and from the emperor of
Russia, in consequence of his successful mediation of peace between Russia
and Persia, 1819, the Order of St. Alexander Newski in diamonds.

The family of Ouseley is of considerable
antiquity, and was formerly divided into
many branches. The principal stock, or

elder line, seem to have fixed themselves in
Shropshire ; and to have intermarried with
several ancient houses, as the Brays, Con-



ways, Staffords, Salisburys. The immediate
ancestor of the present branch was

RiCHAND OusELEY, of Courtcn Hall, co.
Northampton, which he had as a grant from
the crown for fifty years' service, as appears
by his will; m., 1st, Jane, da. of Arden, of
Kent, and widow of sir Miles Partridge,
knt., by whom he had no issue; and 2dly,
Magdalen, da. of John Wake, (who was son
of Richard, son of Roger Wake, of Ells-
worth, called the Great Wake,) and d. 10
July 1580, having had issue by her four sons
and five das., of whom,

Sir John, eldest son, was knighted by
king James I., 23 July 1(303: was a military
man, and was sent ambassador, by the earl
of Essex, (then commanding in Portugal,)
to the emperor of Morocco : m. Martha, da.
of Bartholomew Tate, of Delapre Abbey,
CO. Northampton, esq., and had, besides
other issue, a son and heir,

Richard, who sold C'ourten Hall about
1650, m. Mary, da. of Mark Parker, of Ol-
ney or Underwood, Bucks, and had, besides
other issue, Richard, who d. s.p., and

Jasper, who became heir of his father,
m. Sarah Chambers, of Ireland, and had a
son and heir,

Jasper, h. 16()0, m. Dorothy, da. of the
rev. James Johnstone, of North Britain, and
d. ll'lio, leaving issue,

William, of Dunmore Castle, co. Gal-
way, b. 1(393, »n., 1st, Elizabeth, da. of

Morley, of Carmarthenshire, and had issue,

1. William, b. 1727, m. Priscilla, da, of
William Gray, esq., and had a da., Eliza-
beth, m. Robert Wills, esq.

He m., 2dly, 7 Feb. 1740, Margaret, da. of
George Lee, of Yorkshire, esq., and by her
had, among other issue,

Ralph, 2d son, m., 1st, Elizabeth, da. of
Henry Holland, of Limerick, andd. 18 Feb.

1803, leaving issue,

1. Sir William, LL.D., author of several
learned oriental works, was knighted by the
marquess Cornwallis, lord-lieut. of Ire-
land, in Feb. 1800, and accompanied his
brother, sir Gore, in his embassy to the
court of Persia; m., 6 March 179(3, Julia-
Frances, da. of the late lieut.-col. John Ir-
ving, by Judith, sister of sir Paul Emilius
Irving, bart., and has issue,

1. William-Gore, b. 2(3 July 1797, some-
time attache to the embassy to the United

2. Julia-Frances, b. 18 June 1799, m.
John- Augustus Scott, esq., in the service
of the East India Company.

3. John-Ralph, b. 12 May 1801.

4. Eliza-Martha-Maria, b. 28 May 1803,
m. John Bradford, esq., in the East India
Company's service.

5. Amelia, 6. 5 Jan. 180(3.

6. Richard, b. 9.S) June 1809.

7. Frederick; 8. Henry-Chambers.

9. Cordelia-Magdalena; 10. Reginald.

2. Sir Gore, present bart.

3. Eliza, m. the rev. Robert Warren, and
left issue.

4. Alice, nnm.

Ralph Ouseley, esq., m., 2dly, •, da. of

Collins, and had issue,

5. Joseph-Jasper, captain in the East
India Company's service.

6. Jane.

I. Sir GO RE, 2d son, created a bart. as above.

Anns — See Plate 40. Or, a chevron,
sable, between three holly-leaves, vert; a
chief, of the second.

Crest — A wolf's head, erased, sable, out of
a ducal coronet, holding in his mouth
bleeding hand, gules.

Motto — Mors lupi agnis vita.

Sea<— Woolmers, Herts.


13 April 1809.

Sir ALEXANDER HOOD, Baronet, born 5 July 1793, succeeded his
uncle, sir Samuel, 13 June 1815; married, 3 Aug. 1815, Amelia-Anne,

youngest da. and co-h. of sir Hugh Bateman, bart., and has issue, 1.

Samuel-Bateman-Periam, b. 24 Sept. 1816, d. 18 Feb. 1817; 2.

Emily-Periam, b. 4 Feb. 1818; 3. ALEXANDER-BATEMAN-

PERIAM, b. 20 April 1819 ; 4. Sophia-Mary, b. 16 Nov. 1820 ;

5. Arthur-William-Acland, b. 14 July 1824; 6. a Da., b. 24

Aug. 1829.

Alexander Hood, of Mosterton, co.
Dorset, esq., (in which county the Hoods
possessed considerable landed property at
the period of the civil wars,) m. Elizabeth,
da. of the rev. mr. Beach, and had issue,

1. Alexander, his heir.

2. Arthur, in holy orders, rf. unm.

3. Samuel, in holy orders, m. Mary, da.
of Richard Hoskins, of Beaniinster, co.
Dorset, and had, besides other issue,

1. Samuel, created viscount Hood,
G.C.B. &c.

2. Alexander, created viscount Brid-
port, K.B., &c.

4. Elizabeth; 5. Hannah.
Alexander Hood, eldest son, succeeded

his father at Mostert(m, and had issue two
sons, Arthur, who sold the Mosterton estate,
and rf. tinm., and

Samuel Hood, of Kingsland, co. Dorset,
esq., nu Anne, da. of James Berne, of West-
bury, CO. Wilts, esq., and had issue,

1. Arthur, lieut. H.M.S. Pomona, lost
in a hurricane in the West Indies, 1776.

2. Alexander, capt. R.N., accompanied
captain Cook in one of his voyages round
the world, and after a long series of services
in the American and revohitionary war, was
slain in the moment of victory, on board
his ship the Mars, at the close of a hardly
contested action with the French shipl'Her-
cule; in. Elizabeth, da. of John Periam, of
Butley Wootton, co. Somerset, esq., and
had issue by her, who survived him,

1. Sir Alexander, present bart.

2. John-Periam, b. 3 Feb., and d. 27
March l/iMJ.

3. Elizab'jth-Pcriam, b. 16 Jan. 1797.
,3. Sir Samuel, 1st bart.

\. Sir SAMUEL HOOD, 3d son, K.B.
and K.F.M., was created a bart. as above.
He entered the navy at the age of 14 under
the protceti(m of his father's 1st cousin, Sa-
muel, viscount Hood, and passed through



the several subordinate grades to the rank
of post captain. In 1794 ne joined the Me-
diterranean fleet, immediately after the eva-
cuation of Toulon, and distinguished him-
self at the reduction of Corsica, and block-
ade of Toulon. In 1798 he took his full
share of the glories of the 1st of August,
and was next year actively employed in the
recovery of Sicily and Naples from the
French armies. For these services he re-
ceived the orders of Maria Theresa, and
St. Ferdinand and Merit. In 1801 he com-
manded the Venerable, 74, at the battle
of Algesiras; and 1802, was appointed a
joint commissioner of the island of Trini-
dad, in which capacity, on the recommence-
ment of hostilities, he captured successively
the enemy's islands and settlements of To-
bago, St. Lucia, Demerara, Essequibo,
Berbice, and Surinam, In 1807 he served
as commodore at the reduction of Copen-
hagen, and afterwards, as rear-admiral of
the blue, commanded the squadron which

took possession of the island of Madeira.
For this long series of services his late ma-
jesty was pleased to confer on him the order
of the Bath, and 13 April 1809, to create
him a baronet, with remainder, on failure
of issue male of his own body, to his ne-
phew, sir Alexander, present bart. Sir Sa-
muel was also elected M.P. for Westminster,
18(»9. He m. the hon. Mary-Frederica-Eli-
zabeth Mackenzie, da. of Francis-Humber-
stone, lord Seaforth, but by her had no
issue. He rf. at Madras, 13 June 1815, and
was succeeded, pursuant to the limitation of
the patent, bv his nephew,

II. Sir ALEXANDER, present and 2d

Amis — See Plate 40. Azure, a frett, ar-
gent ; on a chief, or, three crescents, sable.

Crest — A Cornish chough, proper, in front
of an anchor, or.

Motto — Zealous.

Seat — At Wootton, near Glastonbury, co.


13 April 1809.

Sir DAVID BAIRD, Baronet, succeeded his uncle, sir David, 18 Aug.
1829 ; married, 10 Aug. 1821, lady Anne Kennedy, da. of Archibald, Mar-
quess of Ailsa, K.T., and has issue, three Sons, and three Das.

This family is of considerable antiquity
in Scotland, and the principle branch seated

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