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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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at Auchmedden, co. Banff.

James Baird, a 2d son of Baird, of
Auchmeddan, was a commissary of the Ec-
clesiastical Court, temp. Car. I. It is said
that a warrant was issued for creating him a
peer, by the title of lord Doveran, but that
he died before the patent passed. He had
two sons, 1. sir John, a lord of session, by
the title of lord Newbyth, whose son, sir
William, was created a bart. of N. S. 1695,
and left an only son, sir John, who d. s.p.
1746, having settled his estates on his 2d
cousin, William Baird, immediate ancestor
of the present bart. ; 2. sir Robert, of Laugh-
ton Hall, CO. Midlothian, created a bart. of
N. S. 1680, and had, besides other issue, sir
James, his successor, ancestor of the barts.
of Laughton Hall, and William, a merchant
in Edinburgh, who was father of

William Baird, esq., (heir, by settlement,
of his 2d cousin, sir John Baird, of New-
byth, bart.,) m. Alicia, 4th da. of John-
stone, of Hiltown, CO. Berwick, esq., and by
her had issue,

1. William, d. unm. 1769.

2. Robert, of Newbyth, on whom and
his issue male the baronetcy is entailed, m.

, da. of David Gavin, of Langton, by

Elizabeth, sister of James Maitland, 7th
earl of Lauderdale, and had issue,

1. Sir David, present bart.

2. William.

3. John, midshipman of the Glasgow, d.
a few days after the attack on Algiers, of
a wound on the head, Sept. 1816.

4. James; 5. Elizabeth.

3. John.

4. James, d. unm.

5. Sir David, G.C.B. and K.C., 1st bart.

6. Joseph, major-gen. in the army, d. at
the Cape of Good Hope, 4 April 1816, hav-
ing m., 27 Feb. 1802, the hon. Esther-Char-
lotte, eldest da. of William, lord Rivers-
dale, (by Rose Bernard, eldest sister of
Francis, earl of Bandon,) and has issue,

1. William, b, 5 Feb. 1803.

2. Charlotte, b. 4 June 1804.

3. Alicia ; 4. Esther.
5. Sidney; 6. David.

7. Mary, m., 2 Feb. 1770, John Erskine,
of Dunnotar, esq., by whom she was mother
of Margaret, marchioness of Ailsa.

8. Catherine, m., 30 Dee. 1776, James
Rainie, esq.

9. Janet.

10. Alicia, m., 26 Sept. 1776, capt. An-
drew Wauchope, of Niddery.

11. Sydney.

12. Susan, m. lieut.-eol. H. Cerjat, and
d. 30 April 1822.

13. Anne, m., 17 Jan. 1790, George Gor-
don, of Halhead, esq.

14. Charlotte, w!., 18 June 1782, George,
lord Haddo, son of George, 3d earl of Aber-
deen, and d. 8 Oct. 1795.

I. Sir DAVID, 5th son, was created a
bart. as above, (with remainder, in default
of issue male, to his brother Robert, of
Newbyth, co. East Lothian,) G.C.B. and
K.C., a general in the army, and colonel
24th regiment of foot; m., 4 Aug. 1810,
miss Preston Campbell, of Fernton and
Locklane, co. Perth. Sir David having
chosen the military profession at an early
period, passed througn its gradations until
he attained the rank of major-gen. 23 June
1798, being then lieut.-col. 71st foot : 2 Nov.
1805, he became a lieut.-gen. ; and in 1814
he attained the rank of a general. Sir
David distinguished himself on several im-
portant occasions. At the capture of Se-
ringapatam he headed the storming party.
As commander-in-chief he captured the
Cape of Good Hope : his services in Egypt
procured for him the order of the Bath, "(18
Aug. 1804,) and the insignia of the order of
the Crescent from the Ottoman Porte. At
the bombardment of Copenhagen he was
wounded in the shoulder and arm : and in
the battle of Corunna he lost his arm im-
mediatelv after the fall of sir John Moore,
K.B. He d. without issue 18 Aug. 1829, and
was succeeded, pursuant to the limitations
of the patent, by his nephew,



II, Sir DA VID, present and 2d bart.
Anns — See Plate 40. Gules, a boar
sant, or.


Crest — A boar's head erased, or.

Motto — Vi et v'lrtitte.
Seat — Femton, co. Perth.

SEYMOUR, of High Mount, co. Cork ; and of Fkiery Park,

CO. Devon.

31 May 1809.

Rev. Sir JOHN-HOBART SEYMOUR, Baronet, in holy orders,
M. A., Prebendary of Lincoln and Gloucester, Vicar of Horley-cum-Horn-
ton, Oxford, and Rector of North Church, Herts; ^orn 24 March 1800,
succeeded his father, sir Michael, 9 Aug. 1834, married^ 12 April 1833,
Elizabeth, eldest da. of rev. Thomas Culme, of Tothill, co. Devon.

John Seymour, rector of Palace, co.
Limerick, m. Grizzel, youngest da. and
co-h, of William Hobart, of High Mount,
CO. Cork, and had issue,

1. WiLLIAM-HOBART, d. 1797.

2. Sir Michael, 1st bart.

3. John, in holy orders, m., and had

4. Frances, m. capt. Ormsby, of the
Sligo militia, and d. 1805.

5. Richard, killed in March 180G, at the
dose of the action between the Amazon
frigate, capt. Parker (of which he was the
1st lieut.) and the Belle Puiile, French

I. Sir MICHAEL, 2d son, created a bart.
as above, rear-admiral of the blue, K.C.B.,
and commander-in-chief of the South Ame-
rican station, b. 8 Nov. 1768. He entered
the R.N. 1780, and, in earl Howe's action, 1
June 1794, was junior lieut. of the Marl-
borough, commanded by the hon. George
Berkeley. In 180(5, he was appointed to the
command of the Amethyst frigate: this
frigate had been cruizing off I'Orient 14
weeks, when, on the night of 10 Nov. 1808,
the French frigate, La Thetis, was disco-
vered, which, after a gallant resistance,
was captured; which action, for gallantry,
skill, and courage, has never been ex-
ceeded; and of which his Majesty was
pleased to signify his approbation by pre-
senting captain Seymour with a gold medal ;
the committee of the patriotic fund at
Lloyd's coffee-house voted him 100 guineas.
The next instance of naval gallantry ex-

hibited by captain Seymour, was the cap-
ture of Le Niemen French frigate of 44
guns, on the 16th of April 1809; and in
1809 he was created a bart. of Great Britain,
for his gallantry in capturing two of the
enemy's frigates of suiierior force ; m. Jane,
3d da. of capt. James Hawker, R.N., and
had issue,

1. Jank-Ward, b. 26 Oct. 1798.

2. Sir JoHN-HoBART, present bart.

3. James, b. 17 July 1801.

4. Michael, b. 5 Dec 1802, capt. R.N.,
m., 22 June 1829, Dorothea, eldest da. of
sir William Knighton, bart.

5. Edward, commander R.N., b. 6 Oct.

6. Richard, b. 2 March 1806, in holy
orders, rector of Kinwarton, co. Warwick,
m., .30 Oct. 1834, Fiances, da. of Charles
Smith, of Sutton, co. Essex, esq.

7. Frances-Anne, b. 14 Aug. 1807.

8. Dorothea, b. 4 Sept. 1809.

9. A Da.

10. Mary-Dora, m., 22 June 1830, Or-
lando Gunning, esq., capt. R.N., 4th son of
the late sir George Gunning, bart.

Arms — See Plate 40. Azure, a pair of
wings conjoined in pale, surmounted of a
naval cr(jwn, or ; on a canton, argent, an
anchor, sable.

Crest — On a naval crown, or, two brands
in saltire, inflamed at the ends, proper,
thereon an eagle rising, also proper, looking
at a sun, or.

Seats — At High Mount, co. Cork ; and
Friery Park, co. Devon.

GEORGE, of Park Place, co. Middlesex; and St. Stephen's Green,


18 Sept. 1809.

Sir RUPERT-DENNIS GEORGE, Baronet, succeeded his father sir
Rupert, 25 Jan. 1823; born Oct. 179(>. Sir Rupert is Secretary of the
province, Receiver and Clerk of the Council in the province of Nova

This family is of Irish extraction.

Joshua Gkoikjk, of Clophook, in the

Queen's County, Ireland, d. l/.'iO ; m. ,

da. of Luke Delaney, of tlie same county,
esq., and sister to the rev. the dean of
Down, by whom he had, among other

DicNNis - George, of Clophook; his

youngest son, b. 1718, m. Sarah, da. of

V'oung, esq., by whom (who d. 1783) he had

1. Delanev, b. 1743, capt. in the royal

Irish artillery, d. 177'^. having >w. , da.

of Daws(m, esq., by whom he had,

George, capt. royal artillery, d. laim.
2. Luke, in holy orders, rector of Kil-
laney and Essexford, both co. Louth, and
also of Ballyadains, Queen's County, b. in
174.5, d. 3 June 1806, having »i., 1783, Do-
rothea, da. of Maxwell, of Falkland,

archdeacon of Cloghcr, by whom he had,

Catherine, and four other das. ; and
two sons, viz.

Edward, d. an infant, and



Lucius, living 1809.

3. Sir Rupert, 1st bart.

4. Edward, in the law, d, 1/74.

5. Dexxis, 6. 21 Dec. 1752, sometime re-
corder of Dublin, and afterwards a baron
of the Exchequer in Ireland; m., about
1785, Dorah, da. of the rev. Edward Moore,
of >Ioore's Fort, co. Monaghan, and had

l'. Edward, living in 1809.

2. Rupert, rf. young.

3. William, d. young.

4. Dennis, living in 1809.

5. Ellen ; 6. Sarah.

7. Dorah, d. 29 May 1814.

6. Sarah, m. John Colles, of St. Stephen's
Green, Dublin, barriiter-at-law, and d. in

I. Sir RUPERT, 3d son, first commis-
sioner of the transport board, was created a
bart. as above, b. at St. Stephen's Green,
Dublin, 16" June 1749; ?«., at Halifax, Nova
Scotia, 3(t June 1782, Margaret, da. of
Thomas Cochren, of the province of Hali-

fax, esq., and had issue,

1. Samuel-Hood, b. in Aug. 1788, d. 10
June 1813.

2. Rupert-Dennis, present bart.

3. Thoaias-Cochren, b. 7 Oct. 1802, d.27
May 1810.

4. Louisa, b. 23 July 1786, nt., 9 Oct.
1807, T. Warre, esq., and d. 28 June 1819.

5. Charlotte, »j., 28 Feb. 1820, Richard
Verity, esq.

6. Jane-Harriett, m., Jan. 1826, J. B.
Brady, esq.

7. Frances-Wentworth; 8. Susan.
Sir Rupert d. 25 Jan. 1823, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest surviving son,

n. Sir RUPERT DENNIS, present

Arm.i—See Plate 40, Argent on a fesse
engrailed, gules, between three falcons ris-
ing, azure, beaked, legged, and belled, or,
three bezants, each charged with a lion's
head erased, sable; on a canton vert, a
harp, or, stringed, argent.

Crest — A falcon, as in the arms.

IRVING, of WooDHOusE and Robgill Tower, co. Dumfries.

19 Sept. 1809.

Sir PAULUS-^MILIUS IRVING, Baronet, Wn 17 Jan. 1792, sue-
ceeded his father, sir Paulus-^milius, 1st bart., 1028.

William Irving, of Woodhouse, co. of
Dumfries, esq., m., in 1631, Janet, da- of

Jardine, of Applegirth, esq., by whom

he had

John Irving, of Bonshaw, m. Sarah, da.
of sir William Douglas, of Kilheed, bart.,
2d son of William, 1st earl of Queensberry,
by whom he had

William Irving, of Bonshaw, m. Emi-
lia, da. of Andrew, lord Rollo, by Margaret,
da. of Balfour, lord Burleigh, and by her
(who d. 20 March 1747) left, among several
other children, Jo/i«, of Bonshaw, (who m.
and left issue, which continued the line at
Bonshaw,) and

Paulus-^^milius, of Woodhouse and
Robgill-Tower, lieut.-col. in the army, and
gov. of U})nor-Castle, m. Judith, da. of capt.
William Westfield of Dover, co. Kent, and
d. 22 April 1796, aged 82, leaving issue by
her, (who d. 1793,)

1. Sir PAULUs-yEMiLius, Ist bart.

2. Emilia- Susannah, m., Oct. 1796,
Joseph-Dacre-Appleby Gilpin, M.D., who
was knighted 1815.

3. Judith, m. lieut.-col. John Irving.

I. Sir PAULUS-.'EMILIUS, eldest son.

was created a bart. as above, a gen. in the
army, and at the time of his death 8th in
seniority, b. 30 Aug. 1751, m., 4 Feb. 1786,
Elizabeth, 2d da. of Thomas, 1st earl Howth,
and by her (who d. 5 Jan. 1799) had issue,

1. Sir Paulus-jEmilius, 2d bart.

2. Thomas-St.-Laurance, in the army.

3. Isabel-Anne, d. 1827.

4. Judith -Elizabeth, m. Eaglesfield
Smith, of Derbyshire, esq., and d. July 1828.

Sir Paulus rf. 1828, and was succeeded by
his eldest son,

II. Sir PAULUS -yEMILIUS, present

Arms— See Plate 40. Argent, three holly-
leaves, vert, a mullet for difference.

Crexts — 1st, a chapeau, gules, turned up,
ermine, wreathed round the crown with oak,
or. 2d, a dexter arm, armed and embowed,
proper, garnished, or, holding in the hand
two holly-leaves, as in the arms.

Supporters — Two savages, wreathed about
the loins and temples, vert, in the exterior
hand a club resting on the shoulder, proper.

Seats— At Woodhouse and Robgill Tower,
CO. Dumfries.

ROBERTS, of Glassenbury, co. Kent ; and of Brightfieldstown,

CO. Cork.

20 Sept. 1009.
Sir THOMAS-HOWLAND ROBERTS, Baronet, succeeded his father,
sir Walter, 1029 ; married, 30 Oct. 1034, EHza-Caroline, 2d da. of John
Maitland, of Eccles, co. Dumfries.

Thomas Roberts, of Brightfieldstown,
CO. Cork, m. Jane, sole da. of William Hod-
dard, of Bridgetown, near Cork, esq., by
whom, besides other children, he had a son

and heir,

Randall-Roberts, 6. 16 May 17<H ; m.,
2 Feb. 1734, Martha, da. of Ralph Westropp,
of Cardogan, co. Cork, esq., and had issue,




1. Sir Thomas, Istbart.

2. John.

3. Hannah, m. Nicholas-Green Evans,
of Carkir, co. Cork, esq.

4. Jane, ni. James Norcott, of Spring-
field, CO. Cork, esq.

5. Anne, m. William Anderson, of Aghe-
Cross, CO. Cork, esq.

6. Martha, m. Edward Galway, of Old
Town, CO. Cork, esq.

7. Nanny, m. Arthur Norcott, of Park,
CO. Cork, esq.

I. Sir THOMAS, the eldest son, was
created a bart. as above, m. Amey, da. and
co-h. of William Johnson, of Lizard, co. Li-
merick, esq., and had issue,

1. Sir Walter, 2d bart.

2. John, d. young.

3. Randall-Howabd, d. young.

4. AiMEY, d. 1780.

5. Martha, b. 29 Sept. 17^7. m. John
Cramer, of Sally-Mount, co. Clare, in holy

orders, who assumed the name and arms of

6. Elizabeth, 6.16 Oct. 1768.

7. Mary; and 8. Jane; both cf. wnrw.
Sir THOMAS d. 1817, and was succeeded by
his son,

IL SirWALTER, 2d bart., b. 13 Nov. 1770,
m., 1 March 1801, Catherine-Hodson, da. of
rev. Edmund Gilbert of Bodmin, co. Corn-
wall, and d. 1829, leaving issue,

1. Sir Thomas-Hovv^land, present bart.

2. Edmund-Gilbert.

3. Anne; 4. Amey.

5. Eliza; 6. Catherine.

^,vns_See Plate 41. Argent on a chevron,
azure, cottised, or; three mullets of six
points, pierced, sable.

Crest— On a mount, vert, an eagle dis-
played, azure, wreathed round the neck
with ivy, proper.

Seats — Robert's Cove and Brightfields-
town, CO. Cork ; and Courtland, co. Devon.

SHAW, of London, and of Kilmarnock, co. Ayr, North Britain.

21 Sept. 1809.

2d Patent, 14 Jan. 1813.

Sir JAMES SHAW, Baronet, Chamberlain of the City of London ;
President of the Hon. Artillery Company ; President of the London Ivying-
in Hospital ; a Director of the West-India Docks, and of the Imperial In-
surance Company ; a Visitor of the London Institution ; bo7-ji at Riccarton,
26 Aug. 1764. Sir James was elected alderman of Portsoken Ward, 1798 ;
in 1803 he served the office of sheriff, and in 1805 he was elected to the
mayoralty. On the day previous to his quitting the civic chair he was re-
turned by the livery to be one of their representatives in parliament, whicli
he continued to enjoy till created a bart. as above ; and, 14 Jan. 1813, ob-
tained a second patent, with limitation, on failure of issue male of his body,
to his nephew (ex sorore) John Shaw, of Whitehall Place, esq.

The present bart. is a cadet of a respect-
able family in the co. of Ayr, which has
been established at Mosshead, in the parish
of Riccarton, during upwards of 300 years.
His grandfather,

John Shaw, esq., m. Margaret Wood-
burn, and had issue,

1. John, whosucceeded him at Mosshead.

2. James, one of the magistrates of Ir-
vine, m. Anne Macmaster, and by her (who
survived him) had issue,

1. Robert, a capt. in the 51st foot, killed
in Corsica, unm.

2. James, of Irvine, and of London,

merchant, m. Mary, da. of Todd,

of Irvine, banker, and had by her an only
son, J rimes.

3. William, sometime a major in the
22d foot, m. in the East Indies.

4. Eleanora, m. Hamilton Robinson, of
Irvine, esq.

5. Janet, m. John Fairie, of Irvine,

3. David.

John Shaw, of Mosshead, eldest son, d.
4 Dec. 1770, m. Helen, da. of David Sillers,
of the Mains Craigie, co. of Ayr, esq., by
whom (who (/. 14 June 17!'(i) he had issue,

1. David, an army-agent in London, 6.
12 Aug. 1760.

2. Sir James, the present bart.

3. Margaret, b. 29 Aug. 1762, m. John
Macfie, of Glasgow, merchant, and of Green-
holm, in the parish of Kilmarnock, co. of
Ayr, by whom she has issue,

1. John, who, by royal sign manual,
bearing date the Gth of October, 1807, was

authorized to take the surname and arms
of Shaiv only, in compliance with the
tequest of his maternal uncle.

2. Helen, m. William Mure, junior mer-
chant, and preses of the linen trade at
Glasgow, and has issue.

3. Elizabeth, m. Gilbert Lang, also of
Glasgow, merchant, and has issue 2 sons.

4. Margaret; 5. Shaw.
6, Mary-Anne, all unm.

I. Sir JAMES, the 2d son, was created a
bart. as above.

.^;vns— See Plate 41. Azure, three covered
cups, two and one, or; on a chief argent, a
merchant's ship under sail, proper ; a can-
ton, gules, charged with the mace of the
city of London, surmounted by a sword, in
saltire, also proper, pommel and hilt of the

Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a demi-
savage, affront(^e, wreathed about the head
and waist proper; in the dexter hand a key,
or ; in the sinister a club, also proper.

Supporters — On the dexter side a savage,
wreathed about the head and waist with
laurel, his exterior hand resting on a club,
all proper (emblem.atical of Fortitude) ; his
sinister hand presenting an escroU, thereon
inscribed " The King's Warrant of Prece-
dence." On the sinister side an emblema-
tical figure of the city of London, the dex-
ter arm supporting the shield, the sinister
extended to receive the escroll presented by
the other sujiporter.

Motto — I mean well.

Seat— At Kilmarnock, co. Ayr.



BLENNERHASSETT, of Blenxerville, co. Kerry.

22 Sept. 1809.

Sir ROBERT BLENNERHASSETT, Baronet, bom 2G Jan. 1769,
succeeded his father, sir Rowland, 1st bart., 1821 ; married, 27 May 1790,
his first cousin, Rosanna, da. of Arthur Blennerhassett, esq., dec, and has

issue, 1. Catherine, b. 7 July 1791, m. the rev. Edward-Fitzgerald

Conyers, youngest son of Charles Conyers, of Castletown Conyers, esq.;

-4. William, b

b. 30 July 1794;
2 Feb. 1802.

3. Robert, b. 27 July 1797;

Thomas Blennerhassett, ancestor of
the Irish families of that name, emigrated
from Flinby, co. Cumberland, during the
reign of queen Elizabeth, and settled co.
Kerry, as an undertaker in the plantations
of the province of Munster, (then forfeited
by the earl of Desmond,) having obtained
the grant of a considerable estate there,
from that queen, which still remains in the
Blennerhassett family : his son, Robert,
m. Elizabeth, da. of Jenkin Conway, (who
obtained also a grant of lands in the same
county,) by whom he had,

1. John, his heir.

2. Edward, w.Mary Vauclier, adescendant
from lord Vauclier, of France, mentioned
by Philip de Comines in his History, by
whom he had an only da., Anne, >n. John
Baker, of Castle Eve, co. Kilkenny, esq.

3. Arthur, ?n. Mary, eldest da. of Gar-
rett Fitzgerald, of Ballynard, co. Limerick,
esq., by whom he had seven sons and three

4. Elizabeth, m. capt. George Norton,
of Meygh Castle, co. Clare.

John Blennerhassett, the eldest son,
succeeded his father, and became a knt. of
the shire co. Kerry, m. Martha Lyn, by
whom he had issue,

1. John.

2. Robert, ancestor of the present bart.

3. Thomas.

4. Mary, tn, Thomas Wren, esq.

5. Alice, w. Edmond Conway, of Cloch-
ane, esq.

6. Lucy, m. John Walker, an ofBcer in
the English army, employed in the reduc-
tion of Ireland, 1641.

Robert, 2d son, m. Alice, da. and co-h.
of Jenkin Conway, esq., by whom he ac-
quired the greater part of the estates
granted to the first-named John Conway,
and had issue,

1. John, his heir.

2. Thomas, m. Jane, da. of Darby,

of Wales, esq., and had issue.

3. Henry.

Henry, 3d son of Robert, m. Dorcas, da.
of Thom£is Crump, of Killarney, esq., and
had issue, 1. Arthur, who went' to France,
and became a doctor of the Sorbonne; and 2.

Robert, m. Frances, da. of Ri:hard

Yielding, esq., (by Belinda Bateman,) by
whom he had issue,

1. Sir Rowland, 1st bart.

2. Arthur, m. Catharine, da. of James
Hickson, of Tralee, esq., and had issue,

1. Robert.

2. Rosanna, w. her cousin, the present
sir Robert Blennerhassett, bart.

3. Belinda, m. John Hurley, of Ballin-
carrig, esq.

4. Alice, m. James Eagar, of Balliraalis
Castle, esq.

5. Mildred, m. Tallis Eagar, of CuUenee,

6. Sarah, m. John Eagar, of Ardrinam,

1. Sir ROWLAND, the eldest son, was
created a bart. 22 Sept. 1809; b. 1741, m.
Millicent-Agnes, da. of Richard Yealding,
of Bellevue, co. Limerick, esq., and had

1. Sir Robert, present bart.

2. Richard-Francis, b. 23 May 1772, m.
Agnes, da. of sir Barry Denny, of Tralee
Castle, bart., and d. s.p. Nov. 181/.

3. Arthur, 6. 27 Oct. 1776, m., Sept. 1799»
the hon. Helena-Jane Mullins, youngest da.
of Thomas, 1st lord Ventry, and had issue,

1. Millicent ; 2. Theodora.

4. Rowland, b. 26 Dec. 1780, m. Letitia,
eldest da. of John Hurley, of Tralee, esq.,
and has issue,

1. Millicent ; 2. Mary ; 3. John.
4. Letitia-Lucinda ; 5. Alice.
6. Richard ; 7- Rowland.

5. William, twin with Richard, m. Eli-
zabeth, eldest da. of Richard Blennerhas-
sett, of Ballimacprier, esq., (by the hon.
Elizabeth-MuUins, da. of the 1st lord Yen-
try,) and has issue,

1. Frederick; 2. Millicent.

3. Rowland ; 4. Charlotte.

6. Catherine, m. the rev. Edward Coa-
yers, of Knockman.

Sir Rowland d. 14 March 1821, and was
succeeded by his eldest son,

II. Sir ROBERT, present and 2d bart.

A}-ms—See Plate 41. Gules, a chevron,
ermine, between three dolphins embowed,

Crest — A wolf sejant, proper.

Sea?— At Churchtown, Killarney.

SMITH, of Eardiston, co. Worcester.
23 Sept. 1809.

Sir CHRISTOPHER-SIDNEY SMITH, Baronet, born 14 May 1798,
succeeded his father, sir William, Nov. 1821 ; married, Dec. 1822, Mary,
da. of the late rev. Robert Foley, rector of Oldswinford, by whom (who d.

1 Dec. 1833) he had issue, 1. WILLIAM, b. 5 Oct. 1823; 2. Mary-

SiDNEV, b. 7 Feb. 1825 ; 3. Edward, b. 28 Oct. 1826.



Thomas Smith, of Burwaston, co. Salop,
m. 1724, Letitia, da. of Edward Morris, of
Burford, in the same county, esq., and by
her (who d. May 175f)) left issue, sir Wil-
liam, 1st bart., and Henri/, of Burwaston,

m, Mary, da. of Hedneth, esq., and had

issue, William.

I. Sir WILLIAM, the eldest son, was
created abart. 2,3 Sept. 18()f), m., 10 Oct. lyiiO,
Mary-Green, da, of Edward Wheeler, of
Lambs wick, co. Worcester, esq., and had
issue, besides 5 others, who d. in their in-

1. William, b. 1 April 1705, d. unm. 3
May 1812.

2. Sir Christopher-Sidney, present

3. Cecilia-Maria, -h. 4 July 17^15, m.,
April 181G, Vincent W. Wheeler, of Nash
Court, CO. Salop, esq., and rf. 2 March 1821.

Sir William rf. Nov. 1821, and was suc-
ceeded by his only surviving son,

sent bart.

Anns — See Plate 41. Sable, a cross florj[,
or; on a chief engrailed, ermine, a demi-
lion issuant, between two cross crosslets,

Crest — A greyhound cou chant, sable, col-
lar and line reflexed over the back, or ; the
body charged with a cross crosslet of the
last; his dexter paw resting upon a cross
flory, as in the arms.

Seat — At Eardiston, co. Worcester.

COCKERELL, of Seizincote, co. Gloucester, and Piccadilly,

CO. Middlesex.

25 Sept. 1809.

Sir CHARLES COCKERELL, Baronet, M.P. for Evesham, created
a Bart, as above ; born 18 Feb. 1755 ; married^ 1st, at Calcutta, 11 March
1789, Maria-Tryphena, da. of sir Charles- William Blunt, Bart., and by
her (who d. 8 (let. following) had no issue ; and 2dly, 1.3 Feb. 1808, Har-
riet, 2d da. of the late, and sister of the present lord Northwick, and has

issue, 1. CHARLES-RUSHOUT, i. 14 June 1809, w., 5 Aug. 1834,

Cecilia-Olivia, da. of Thomas, 3d lord Foley; 2. Harriet-Anne, b.

1812; 3. Elizabeth-Maria, b. 1815, d. unm. 1832.

John Cockerell, of Bishop's Hull, co.
Somerset, esq., (son of John Cockerell, of
Carmarthen, M.D.,) was?;. 1714, m. Frances,
da. and co-h. of John Jackson, of Clapham,
CO. Surrey, esq., and rf. in Antigua, April
1767, and by her (who rf. April 17(jy) had

1. Paulina; 2. Anne, rf. young.

3. Paulina, rf. unm.

4. Elizabeth-Stuart, 6. May 1750, m.
1st, Boyar Glover, of Bengal, esq. ; and
2dly, John Belli, of Southampton, esq., by
whom (who rf. Feb. 1005) she had issue.

5. Francis, rf. at sea, unm.

6. Edward, h. Nov. 1756, rf. unm. Oct.

7. John, b. 10 Aug. 1/53, lieut.-col. in the
army, and (luarter-master-general in India
during the government of marquess Corn-
wallis, rf. July 17!Wi, unm.

8. SAMUEL-PEPYS.of Westbourne Lodge,
Paddington, co. Middlesex, esq., surveyor
to the East India Company, h. \5 Feb. 1754,

Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 72 of 95)