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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 73 of 95)
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m., 18 June 1702, Anna, da. and co-h. of
John Whetham, of St. Ives, co. Hunting-
don, esq., and rf. 12 July 1027, aged TA,
having had issue.

I. John; 2. Charles-Robert.

3. Samuel-Pepys; 4. Edward-William.
5. Richard-Howe; 6. Henry.
7. Anne, ni., 14 Jan. 1815, Richard Pol-
len, esq., brother to sir John Pollen, bart.
0. Susannah ; 9. Elizabeth-Sophia.
10. Jane-Louisa.

II. Frances, m. May 1021, the rev. dr.
Goodenough, head-master of Westmin-
ster school, son of the bishop of Carlisle.
J). Sir Charles, created a bart. as above.
Arms — See Plate 41. Or, between two

flanches, gules, a leopard's face, azure,
within a wreath of laurel and between two
game-coeks, in pale, proi)er.

Crest — Within a crescent, azure, a tiger's
face, proper, crowned with an eastern

Supporters — Two angels, their vests semee
of fleurs-de-lis ; the hand next the shield
sup))orting a pennon, the dexter charged
with a sun in splendour, tlie sinister semee
of estoiles and charged with a crescent ; the
exterior hands extended and supporting a
Persian pheasant.

Sc'B^— At Seizincote, Morton-in-the-Marsh,
CO. Gloucester.

BAYNTUN-SANDYS, of Misserden Castle, co. Gloucester;
and Ciiadlington Hall, co. Oxford.

26 Se])t. 1809.

Sir EDWIN BAYNTUN-SANDYS, Baronet, born 16 July 1774;
took the surname of Bayntun, in addition to and before that of Sandys,
by royal sign manual, 1807 ; married^ 9 May 1799, Agnes-Cornish, da. of
Michael Allen, of Coleridge House, co. Devon, esq., l)y whom he has issue,

1 /iGNES, b. 10 July 1800, m., 23 Sept. 1823, Frederick Lindsay, of

Loughry, co. Tvrone, esq.; 2. sir EDWIN- WINDSOR, b. 3rOct.

1801, knighted io April 1825; 3. Catherine, b. 10 Oct. 1803, d. 2



Oct. 1827 ; 4. Bahbaua-W'ilhelmina, h. 23 Nov. 1806, w., at Paris,

Feb. 1832, rev. Edward Reed, of St. John's College, Cambridge, 31. A. ;

5. Philippa, b. 4 June 1810; 6. Miles-Allen, d. 19 June

1813 ; and 7. a Da., b. April I8I7.

Robert Sandys, of St. Bees, co. Cum-
berland, living temp, king Henry IV., had
issue two sons, John, of Rattenby, and
\Villiam, of Furnessfells, co. Lancaster,
esq. Fourth in descent from William of
Furnessfells, was

George Sandys, of London, who had,
besides other issue, Edicin, who was arch-
bishop of York, and rf. 1588 ; and

Miles, who settled at Latimer, co. Bucks,
and was father of

Sir William, of Fladbury, co. Worcester,
and Misserden, co. Gloucester, knt., who
was father of

Sir Miles, of Brimpsfield, co. Glouces-
ter, who d. about 1G3G, leaving, besides other
children, a second son,

Edward, who m. Ilesther, da. of Fulk
Walwyn, of Much Marcle, co. Hereford,
and was father of

Windsor Sandys, of Brimpsfield, »i.
Alice, da. of Matthew Loch, of Boddington,
CO. Gloucester, and d. 1729, leaving issue by
her (who rf. 17-'J4) several children," of whom

William, 2d son, b. 21 May 17"4 : he set-
tled at Rostaguein, in Ireland", 1721 ; and m.
Abigail, da. of William Gover, esq., by

whom (who d. 1735) he had a numerous
issue, of which.

Miles, 3d son, of West Lavington, co.
Devon, esq., b. 13 July 173<), d. 14 Oct. 1793,
having m., 14 Aug. 17G3, Mary, da. of Peter
Knowling, of Washboume, in Ireland, esq.,
by whom he had issue,

1. Miles, 6. 24 Aug. 17G4, d. 26 Oct. fol-

2. Miles, in the army, b. 18 July 1766, d,
26 June 1784, taint.

3. Sir Edwin, present hart.

4. Sarah, b. 5 Dec. 1767.

5. Harriot, 6. 10 Dec. 1769.

I. Sir EDWIN, 3d son, was created a
bart. as above.

Anns — See Plate 41. Quarterly : 1st and
4th, Sandys, or, a fesse, dancette, between
three cross crosslets, fitch^, gules ; 2d and
3d, Bayntun : pean, a bend, lozengy, ar-

Ct-est of Sandys — A gryphon segreant,
per fess, or, and gules. Crest of Bayntun
— A gryphon's head, erased, sable, charged
with a cross crosslet, fitche, or.

Seats — Misserden Castle, co. Gloucester;
and Chadlington Hall, co. Oxon.

HALFORD, of St. George, Hanover Square, co. Middlesex.

27 Sept. 1809.

Sir HENRY HALFORD, Baronet, 3I.D., G.C.H., F.R. and A.S.,
Physician-Extraordinary to kings George III. and IV., and Physician to her
present Majesty, and also late Physician to H.R.H. the duke of Gloucester,
and to H.R.H. the duke of York ; (for his '"' unremitting attention " to whom
during his last illness, the Augmentations and Sujjporters hereafter de-
scribed, were granted by Royal >y arrant, 1827 ;) took the surname and
arms of Halfurd, instead t>f V^aughan, by act of parliament, 181.5, pursuant
to the will of his mother's cousin, sir Charles Halford, of co. Leicester,
bart., hereafter named ; married, 31 March 1795, the hon. Elizabeth Bar-
bara St. John, 3d da. of John, 1 1th lord St. John, of Bletsoe, and l)y her (who

d. 17 June 1833, aet. 71) has issue, 1. Louisa, b. 18 March 1796*, /n.,

17 Oct. 1819, Frederick, eldest son of the hon. John Coventrv, brother of

the earl of Coventry; 2. HENRY, b. 22 April 1797, M.P. for the

southern di%'ision of Leicestershire, w., 31 July 1824, his cousin, Barbara,
da. of sir John Vaughan, one of the Barons of the Exchequer, and has is-
sue, a Da., b. 23 Aug. 1825.

John Vaughan, of Leicester, M.D., m.
Hester, 2d da. of John Smalley, of Lei-
cester, by Elizabeth, only da., who left is-
sue of sir Richard Halford, of Wiston, co.
Lincoln, bart., and aunt of sir Charles Hal-
ford, last bart. of that family, who d. s.p.
1780, leaving his estates, after the death of
his widow, Sarah, da. of Edward Farnham,
esq., (who re-m. Basil, earl of Denbigh, and
d. 1815,) to his kinsman, the present bart.
By the said Hester he had issue,

1. James, d.

2. Sir Henry Halford, present bart.

3. Sir John-Vaughan, knt., one of the
barons of the excheciuer, m., 20 Dec. 1803,
Augusta, 2d da. of Henry, 12th lord St.
John, of Bletsoe, (who d. 30 Jan. 181.3,) and
has issue ; he m., 2dly, 4 Aug. 1823, Louisa,
da. of sir Charles-SVilliam-Rouse Bough-

ton, bart., and relict of St. Andrew, 13th
lord St. John, of Bletsoe.

4. Peter, D.D., dean of Chester, and
warden of Merton College, O.xford, d. July

5. Welby, d.

6. The right hon. sir Charles-Richard,
K.C.H., envoy extraordinary to the United

7. Edward.

8. Almerina-Selina.

FORD, 2d son, was created a bart. as above.

Arms — See Plate 41. Argent, a greyhound
passant, sable, on a chief, azure, three fleurs-
de-lis, or. By royal warrant of augment-
ation, 1827, a rose argent was substituted
for the center fleur-de-lis, and, as further
augmentation, on a canton ermine, a staff



entwined with a serpent proper, and ensign-
ed with a coronet composed of crosses,
patee and fleurs-de-lis.

Crests — 1st (of augmentation) a staff en-
twined by a serpent, proper, and ensigned
by a coronet composed of crosses, patee and
fleurs-de-lis ; 2d, a greyhound's head, couped

at the neck, sable, collared, or.

Supporters — Two emews proper, each
gorged witli a coronet, composed of crosses
patee and fleurs-de-lis.

Seat — Wistow Hall, Market Harborough,
CO. Leicester.

TYRELIv, of BoREHAM House, co. Essex.

28 Sept. 1809.

Sir JOHN-TYSSEN TYRELL, Baronet, M.P. for the northern divi-
sion of Essex; bor7i 21 Dec. 1705; succeeded his father, sir John, 3 Aug.
1 832 ; married^ 10 May 1810, Eliza- Anne, eldest da. and co-h. of sir Thomas
Pilkington, of Chevet, co. York, bart. of Nova-Scotia, and by her (from
whom he was divorced by act of parliament) has issue three Das.

This family is descended from sir Wal-
ter Tyrell, who slew king William Ru-
fus, and who appears in Doomsday Book as
seised of the manor of Langham, in Essex.
He is the common ancestor of several
families of this name seated in various
parts of England, but chiefly in Essex and
Suffolk. For fifteen generations from this
sir Walter, the head of the family appears
to have been constantly knighted. Amongst
them, sir James Tyrell, 8th in descent
from sir Walter, m. Margaret, da. and h. of
sir William Heron, of Heron, knt., and
thereby acquired the manor of Heron, which
was subsequently for many generations the
seat of his descendants.

Sir John Tyrell, of Heron, great-grand-
son of sir James, was treasurer of the house-
hold to king Henry VI. Sixth in descent
from him, and Itith from sir Walter Tyrell,

Thomas Tyrell, of Heron, whose eldest
son, sir John, d, s.p. and his 2d son,

Thomas, was seated at Ramseys Tyrell,
CO. Essex, m. Margaret, da. of John Fillol,
of Old Hall, in Rayne, esq., and had issue,

1. Sir John Tyrell, knt., whose son,
sir John, was created a baronet, 1673, and
was succeeded by his son, sir Charles, 2d
bart., who d. 1714, and was succeeded by his
son, sir John, 3d bart., who d. 1729, leaving
two sons, sir Charles, 4th bart., who d.
July 1735, and sir John, 5th bart., on whose
death, s.p., in 17^0, the title became ex-

2. Thomas.

Thomas Tyrell, 2d son of Thomas, by
Margaret Fillol, was of Battlesbury, co.
Essex, esq., m. Elizabeth, da. of Thomas
Steward, of Chelmsford, esq., and had a son
and heir,

John Tyrell, of Billericay, co. Essex,
esq., and Barnard's Inn, London, m. Mary,
da. of Giles Alleyn, of Haseley Hall, co.

Essex, esq., and d. 20 Sept. 1712, leaving is-

John, of Billericay, who m. Mary, da. of
William Marlow, esq., (by Dorothy, da. of
Sulyard, and niece and co-h. of Ed-
ward Sulyard, of Flemyngs, co. Essex, esq.,)
by whom he had issue, Charles, who d. unm.,
1736; and

John, of Hatfield Peveril, co. Essex, who
m., 1st, Sarah, youngest of the two das. and
co-heiresses of John Higham, of Boreham,
esq. : Slid 2dly, Anne, eldest da. of the rev.
William Master, and d. 3 Nov. 1786, leaving
issue by his 2d wife, (who d. 3 May 1786,)

1. Sir John.

2. Mary-Anne, m. the rev. John Jenner,
D.D., rector of Buckland and Midley, co-
Kent, and d. in 1805.

I. Sir JOHN, only son, was created a bart.
as above, b. 20 July 1762, m., 20 Nov. 1791,
Sarah, only da. and h. of William Tyssen,
of Waltham House, co. Herts, esq., by whom
(who d. 19 Dec. 1825) he had issue,

1. Anna-Maria, b. 16 Nov. 1792, m., 18
June 1811, John-Roberts-Spencer Phillips,
of Riff hams Lodge, co. Essex, esq.

2. Sir John-Tyssen, 2d bart.

3. Marv, b. 20 Feb. 1802, m. John Wright,
of Hatfield Priory, co. Essex, esq.

4. Charles -Tyssen, 6. 22 Jan. 1804,
took the name and arms of Jenner in addi-
tion to and before those of Tyrell, by royal
license, 5 May 1828.

Sir John d. 3 Aug. 1832, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

II. Sir JOHN-TYSSEN, 2d bart.

Ar)ns — See Plate 41. Argent, within a
bordure engrailed, gules, two chevrons,

Crest — A peacock's tail issuing from the
mouth of a boar's head, couped, erect.

Supporters — Two tigers regardant.

Motto — Sans crainte.

Seat — Boreham House, co. Essex.

COTTON-SHEPPARD, of Thornton Hall, co. Bucks.

20 Sept. 1800.

Sir THOMAS COTTON-SHEPPARD, Baronet, horn 3 March 1785,
succeeded his father, sir Thomas Sheppard, 21 Nov. 1821. Sir Thomas,
on the death of his elder brother, took the name and arms of Cotton before
that of Sheppard, by royal sign manual, 3 April 180G ; m., 10 Dec. 1822, JMary-
Ann, only child of the rev. George Turnor, of ^^'ragby, co, Lincoln, pre-
bend of Lincoln.



JoHV Sheppard, of Lidcott, co. Bucks,
esq., (only son and h. of Thomas Sheppard,
of Maiden, co. Bedford, esq., by his first
wife,) a barrister of Lincoln's Inn, aged 55

in l(i69, »i. Ellen, da. of Heme, of

Hendon, co. Middlesex, esq., and had issue,
among other children,

JoHX, of Lidcott, aforesaid, b. 30 Jan.
I6(;3, m., 29 Oct. 1687, Hester, da. of sir Tho-
mas Tyrell, bart., and had issue, among
other children,

Thomas Sheppard, of Lidcote, or Little-
cote, CO. Bucks, w.,7 Aug. 1744, Frances, da.
of Richard Smith, of Padbury, co, Bucks,
esq., and by her (who d. 1792) had issue,
among other children, sir Tho.mas, 1st
bart., and Benjamin, fellow of King's Col-
lege, Cambridge, d. Li Aug. 1824.

L Sir THOMAS, was created a bart. 29
Sept. 1809, b. Aug. 1741, m., 1st, 27 Oct.
1774, Elizabeth, only child of William Cot-
ton, of Crakemarsh, co. Stafford, esq., (by
Hester-Maria, only child of sir Charles
Tyrell, of Thornton Hall, bart.,) and by her
(who d. Sept. 18(10) had issue,

1. WrLLiAM-THOMAs, h. 1778, took the
surname and arms of Cof^o«, by roval si^n
manual, tj Sept. 1799, agreeably to the will

of his maternal grandfather, dr. Cotton, d.
unm. 1803.

2. Sir Thomas, present bart.

3. Marfa, b. June 177<'. '"•. 14 Dec. 1795,
William Lowndes, of Whaddon Hall, co.
Bucks, esq., and d. Dec. 1798.

4. Elizabeth, b. June 1777. m., 22 July
1813, Thomas Hart, of Uttoxeter, co. Staf-
ford, esq.

Sir Thomas m., 2dly, Margaret, da. of
Thomas Beardsworth, of Enfield, co. Mid-
dlesex, esq., and by her (who d. 2f) Dec.
1813) had no issue. Sir Thomas d. 21 Nov.
1821, and was succeeded by his onlvson,

11. Sir THOMAS, present bart. '

Arms — See Plate 42. Quarterly! 1st and
4th, Sheppard, azure, on a chevron, or,
between three fleurs-de-lis, argent, as many
estoiles, gules : 2d and 3d, Cotton, argent,
a bend sable, between three pellets, two and

Crest of Sheppard — A ram, argent, horns
and feet, or, between two laurel branches,
vert. Crtst of Cottox — On a mount, vert,
a falcon, wings expanded and belled, or.

Seat — Crakemarsh Hall, Uttoxeterj co.

FLOWER, of LoBB, co. Oxford; and Woodford, co. Essex«

8 Dec. 1809.

Sir JAMES FLOWER, Baronet, born 14 Dec. 1794, succeeded his
father, sir Charles, 15 Sept. 1834 ; married,2 Jan. 1816, Mary-Jane, eldest
da. of sir Walter Stirling, bart.

Stephen Flower, of theMinories, Lon-
don, m. Mary, only da. of William Brazier,
of Chippenham, co. Wilts, and relict of
John Watts, of Bankside, gent., and d. 1773,
leaving issue by her, (who d. 10 Dec. 1811,)

1. Sir Charles, 1st bart.

2. James, m. Elizabeth, da. of James
Rowe, of Huntingdon, gent., by whom he
had issue,

1. James ; 2. Charles ; 3. John.
4. Mary; 5. Anne; 6. Elizabeth.

3. Mary.

4. Catharine, m, George Kidd, of
•Southwark, merchant, and d., his widow,
3 June 1830, aet. 77.

I. Sir CHARLES, the eldest son, was
created a bart. as above, m. Anne, eldest da.
and eventually co-h. of Joseph Squire, of
Plymouth, co. Devon, esq., by whom (who
d. 1803) he had issue,

1. A.vxe-Mary, b. 14 Jan. 1790, m. Mi-
chael-Henry Perceval, esq. collector of the
customs at Quebec, who d. 12 Oct. 1829.

2. Elizabeth, b. 30 June 1791, m., 17
Aug. 1809, Thomas-Wildman Goodwyn, of
Blackheath, co. Kent, esq., whod. 1831.

3. Charles, 6. 5 July 1793, d. young.

4. Sir James, 2d bart.

6., b. 31 Oct. 1796, m., 16 Oct.

1824, Christopher-James Magnay, esq.

6. Clarissa, b. 8 July 1799, w., 7 Feb.
1835, rev. Charles Martyn.

7. Maria, b. 26 Nov. 1801.

8. Jemima, b. 14 March 1802.

Sir Charles d. 15 Sept. 1834, ast. 72, and was
succeeded by his only surviving son,

II. Sir JAMES, present and 2d bart.

Anns — See Plate 42. Per pale, azure and
gules, an unicorn, or ; on a chief invecked,
ermine, three gillyflowers, proper ; over the
centre flower, a sword in bend dexter, also
proper, pommel and hilt of the third, and
surmounted salterwise by a key of gold.

Crest — A demi-lion per palej ermine and
erminois, gorged with a chain, within a col-
lar gemel, or ; in the dexter paw a gilliflower,

Supporters — Dexter, an unicorn, or, sinis-
ter a roebuck, proper, holding in the mouth
a gilliflower, each gorged with a plain col-
lar, azure; and pendent therefrom an es-
cocheon, ermine, that of the dexter sup-
porter charged with a key, erect, or, and
that of the sinister with a mace, representing
that of the city of London, or.

Sea^s— LobbFarm, co. Oxford, and Wood-
ford, CO. Essex.

ALEXANDER, of the City of Dublin.
11 Dec. 1809.

Sir ROBERT ALEXANDER, Baronet, born 16 Dec. 1769, succeeded
his father, sir William ; married, 17 June 1796, Eliza, da. and h. of John

Wallis. of Dublin, esq., barrister. at-law, by whom he has issue, 1.

WILLIAM-JOHN; 2. Johk-Walus ; 3. Robert-Dupre', m.,



17 Sept. 1833, Eliza, youngest da. of the late B. B. Nembhard, of Jamaica,
esq., and has issue, \. Henry- Dupre, h. 4 July 1834; 4. Thomas-
Shaw, c?(?c. ; 5. Jane-Anne, w., 6 Aug. 1833, capt. J. Nembhard

Hibbert, son of Robert Hibbert, esq., of Birtles Hall, Cheshire, and ChaU
fount House, Bucks ; G. Catherine, dec.

John Alexander, of Newtoun, Lime-
vady, esq., m. the da. of Hugh White, esq.,
by whom he had issue, 1. John ; 2. 'Na-
thaniel ; 3.

William, of Dublin, merchant, m. Mary,

da. of Porter, of co. Monaghan, esq.,

and rf. 1770, leaving issue by her,

1. Sir William, first bart.

2. Robert, m. Henrietta, da. of Henry
Quin, of Dublin, M.D., and has issue,

1. William-John; 2. Henry.

3. Robert ; 4. Charles-Richard.

5. John ; (i. Edward.

7. Anne ; 8. Isabella.

9. Mary-Henrietta ; 10. Jane.

3. Mary, m. William-Jocelyn Shaw, of
Kentstown, co. Meath, esq.

4. Anne, m. sir Richard Johnston, of
Gilford, CO. Down, bart.

I. Sir W^H.LIAM, the eldest son, was an
alderman of Dublin, and lieut.-col. of the
royal Dublin militia, created a bart. as

above ; 6. 3 March 1743, m„ 1 Aug. 1764,
Catharine, da. and h. of John-Folie Mapas,
of Dublin, barrister-at-law, by whom he
had issue,

1. Sir Robert, 2d bart.

2. William-John, sometime a lieut. 2Ist

3. Catharine, m. Robert Hamilton, of
Clonsillagh, co. Dublin, esq.

4. Eliza, m. John Hamilton, of Hackets-
town, CO. Dublin, esq.

Sir William d. , and was succeeded

by his eldest son,

H. Sir ROBERT, 2d and present bart.

Arms — See Plate 42. Per pale, argent
and sable, a chevron, and in base, a crescent
counterchanged ; on a canton, azure, a
harp, or ; in the sinister, chief point, a mul-
let, of the last.

Crest — An armed arm embowed, holding
a sword, proper, charged on the wrist with
a mullet, or.

STAMER, of the City of Dublin.

15 Dec. 1809.

Sir WILLIAM STAMER, created a Baronet, as above, an Alderman
of Dublin ; married^ 24 Sept. ly^li Martha, da. of John Rawlins, of Fin-
glass, CO. Dublin, esq., by whom he has issue, 1. LOVELACE,

in the army, wi., 25 Sept. 1828, Caroline, da. of John Tomlinson, of
Cliffe Ville, co. Stafford, esq., and has issue, Lovelace -Tomlinson., 6. 18 Oct.

1829 ; 2. William, of Ingaldsthor])e, co. Norfolk, in holy orders, B.D.,

TO., 11 Nov. 1826, Anne-Margaret, 2d da. of the late col. J. I^ock, of the
East India Company's service, by whom (who d. 13 April 1833) he has is-
sue, 1. William-Lovelace, h. 2? Jan. 1828, d. 22 May 1829 ; 2. Charlotte-
Matilda, b. 11 Aug. 1829; 3. Louisa- Henrietta, h. 4 Sept. 18.30; 3.

Maria; 4. Lucinda, w., Jan. 1819, sir William Smith, knt., capt.

royal artillery ; 5. Louisa ; G. Caroline, m., 12 Nov. 1830, F. H.

Halpin, esq.. East India Company's service ; and 7- Josephine.

Thomas Stamer, of Ennis, co. Clare,
esq., m. Catharine, da. of Paul Lovelace, of
Ballybride, co. Roscommon, esq., and d.
1783, leaving issue, 1. Henri/, of Prosperous,
CO. Kildare, esq., who was murdered during
the late rebellion in Ireland, having m. the
da. of John Vincent, of Curryhills, in the
same county. es((. ; and 2.

I. Sir WILLIAM, Cicated a bart. as

Arms — See Plate 42. Quarterly ; gules

and azure, a cross, ermine, charged with a
sword in the scabbard, in pale, proper ; in
the 1st and 4th quarters, on a fess dancett^e,
argent, a lion passant, azure ; in the 2d and
3d, the lord-mayor's cap, or, between three
castles, argent.

Crest — A stag's head erased, gorged with a
mural crown, or.

Motto — (over the crest) — Jubilee.

Motto — Virtute et valore.

CONGREVE, of Walton, co. Stafford.

7 Dec. 1812.

Sir WILLIAM-THOMAS CONGREVE, Baronet, succeeded his
father, sir William, IG May 1828.

This family is of great antiquity in Staf-
fordshire, and is said to have acquired the
estate of Stretton, where it wa? seated for

some centuries, by the marriage of Roger de
Congreve, with Isolda, granddaughter of sir
Richard dc Stretton, temp. Edw. II. The



earliest ancestor, however, who appears in
the herald's visitation of the county, is

Richard Congreve, of Stretton, temp.
Hen. VI., and 6th in lineal descent from him

Richard, of Stretton, b. ICIO, m. Anne,
da. of Anthony, and sister and co-h. of sir
John Fitzherbert, of Norbury, and had, be-
sides other issue, a younger son, William,
who was father of Congreve, the dramatic
writer, and a son and heir,

John, of Stretton, m. Mary, da. of Tho-
mas Nicholls, of Biiycott, co. Salop, by
whom he had issue eight sons, of whom
John, the eldest, was grandfather of William
Congreve, of Aldermanston, co. Berks, esq. ;
ita////i, the 5th, was lieut.-g( >vernor of Gib-
raltar, ?H. and left issue ; and

William, 6th son, was of Highgate, co.

Middlesex, b. 1670, m. Mary, da. of

Nicholls, of Pentre Heylin, co. Montgomery,
and had, besides other issue, a son and heir,

Thomas, b. 1 Nov. 1714, m., 6 May 1740,
Anne-Catherine, da. of Clifford Handasyd,
M.D., and niece of gen. Roger Handasyd,
who commanded a regiment under the duke
of Marlborough, and had, besides other
issue, a son,

I. Sir WILLIAM, 1st bart., created, in the
year 1812, lieut.-gen. in the army, comp-
troller of the royal laboratory, and super-
intendant of military machines ; b. at Wal-
ton, CO. Stafford, 4 July 1743, m. 1st, Re-
becca, da. of Fleet Elmston, R.N., by whom
(who d. 1791) he had issue,

I. Sir William, 2d bart.

2. Thomas-Ralph, lieut.-coI.,(i at Dun-
kirk, Sept. 1833.

3. Anxe -Catherine-Penelope, b. 8
Nov. 1773, m. John-Henry-Powel Schneider,
of Southgate, esq.

4. Charlotte, 6. 21 Jan. 1775, m. colonel
Joseph Maclean, of the royal artillery'.

Sir William m. 2dly, 2 Jan. 1804, Julia-
Elizabeth, da. and c6-h. of Daniel-Josias
Olivier, of Blackheath, co. Kent, esq., re-
lict of general Eyre, of the royal artillery.
Sir William rf. 3() April 1814, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

II. Sir WILLIAM, 2d bart., b. 20 May
1772, succeeded his father in his offices at the
Laboratory, Woolwich ; invented the rocket
which bears his name, and which he suc-
ceeded in establishing as a permanent wea-
pon in both the military and naval service
of Great Britain. For the essential services
rendered by a rocket brigade at the battle of
Leipsic, the emperor Alexander conferred
upon him the Order of St. Anne: m., Dec.
1824, Isabella, widow of Henry Nisbett
M'Envov, esq., and had issue,

1. Sir William-Thomas, present bart.

2. A Da., 6. Jan. 1826.

Sir William was an equerry to the king, and
K.C.H., rf. 16 May 1828, and was succeeded
by his only son,

and 3d bart.

Anns— See Plate 42. Sable, a chevron be-
tween three battle-axes, argent.
Motto — Non moritw cujiis fama vivit.


8 Dec. 1812.

Sir WILLIAM PAYNE-GALLWEY, Baronet, succeeded his father,
sir William, 16 April 1831.

The baronet's ancestor, Ralph Payne,
was distinguished for his attachment to
Charles I. : he early joined the royal stand-
ard, and was likewise present at the battle of
Worcester : he left issue,

1. Abraham.

2. Sir Charles, created a bart. 31 Oct.
1737, which title is now extinct.

3. Nathaniel, left issue an only da.,
who m. William WootUey, esq., governor of
the Leeward Islands.

Abraham, eldest son, m. Anne, da. of
Ralph Willet, esq., by whom he ha(l

Ralph, who m., 1st, Alice, da. and h. of
Francis Carlisle, of Antigua, esq., and had

1. Ralph, created (1 Oct. 17J)5) baron
Lavington, K.B., m. Lambertine, barcmess
de Kolben, and dying without issue, the
title became extinct in 1812.

2. John, d.

3. Elizabeth.

He m., 2dly, Margaret GaUwey, and had

4. Anne ; 5. George, both d.

6. Stephen, who assumed the name and
arms of Gulhcey.

7. John, rear-admiral of the red, (who was
appointed commander-in-chief of the squa-
dron sent to conduct her majesty, the late
queen Caroline, to England,) d. unm.

8. Sir William, 1st bart.

9 Martha ; 10. Lucretia.

I. Sir WILLIAM, the youngest son, was
created a bart. as above, lieut.-gen. in the
army, and col. of the 12th regt. of royal
lancers, tixjk the surname of Gallwey, in
addititm to and after that of Payne, by
roval sign manual, 1814, j)ursuant to the
will of Tobias- Wall Gallwey, of the island
of St. Christopher, esq. ; >«., 19 Nov. 1804,
lady Harriet Quin, (mly da. of Valentine-
Richard, earl of Dunraven, in Ireland, and

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