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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 74 of 95)
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had issue,

1. Sir William, present bart.

2. Fanny; 3. Louisa.
4. Caroline.

Sir William d. 16 April I83I, and was suc-
ceeded by his only scm.

Sir WILLIAM, present and 2d bart.

Arms—See Plate 42. Quarterly : 1st and
4th, per fess, or, and gules, in chief, an
eagle displayed, with two heads, of the last
in base; a "bridge of three arches, double
towered, argent, for Gallwey; 2d and 3d,
Payne, gules, a fess between two lions pas-
sant, argent.

Crest of Gallwey — On a wreath of the
colours, a mountain cat, passant, guardant,
proper, gorged with a collar geniell, and
charged on the body with a cross patee, or.
Crest of Payne — A lion's gamb erased, erect,
argent, grasping a broken tilting spear,




10 Dec. 1812.

The Right Hon. Sir HENRY RUSSELL, Baronet, P.C., sometime Chief
Justice in Bengal, born 19 Aug. 1751 ; married^ 1st, 1 Aug. 1776, Anne, da.
of John Skinner, of Lydd, co. Kent, esq., who d. 25 Nov. 1780, leaving issue,
1. Henry, d. 15 Jan. 1781. Sir Henry m., 2dly, 23 July 1782, Anne-
Barbara, youngest da. of sir Charles Whitworth, of Leyborne, knt., and
sister to Charles, earl Whitworth, G.C.B., and by her (who d. Aug. 1814)

had issue, 2. HENRY, b. 27 May 1783, «i., 1st, at Madras, 20 Oct.

1808, Jane, 2d da. of John Casamajor, member of the council there (who d.
29 Dec. following) ; and 2dly', Maria-Clotilde, da. of Mons. B. Mottet, of Pon-
dicherry, and had issue, Henry ^ b. 9 June 1819 ; Anna, i. 21 Sept. 1820 ;
Mary, b. 24 Sept. 1822 ; Charles, b. 22 June 1826 ; George, b. 23 Aug.

1828 ; Priscilla, b. 19 Jan. 1830; 3. Michael, b. 10 Dec. 1784, d. an

infant ; 4. Charles, b. 22 July 1 786, M.P. for Reading ; 5. Francis-

Whitworth, b. 30 Jan. 1790, a commissioner in India for investigating
the debts of the Nabobs of Arcot, and the late Ameer Sing, rajah of Tan-
jore ; m., 10 June 1823, Jane-Anne-Catherine, 2d da. of James Brodie,
esq., (grandda. of lady 3Iargaret Brodie, da. of William, earl of Fife, and
cousin of the duchess of Gordon,) and has issue, Henry, b. 2 Sept. 1824 ;

Anne-Barbara, b. 9 SeT^t. 1825; and other issue; 6. Whitworth, 6.

17 Sept. 1795, in holy orders, m., 6 April 1824, Frances, da. of vice-
admiral Carpenter, and has issue, Fanny, b. 10 July 1825 ; Henry, b. 6 Feb.

1827; Charles-Whitworth, b. 10 Aug. 1828; j. George-Lake, b. 19

June 1802, m. \^ Feb. 1832, lady Caroline-Alicia-Diana Pery, da. of the

earl of Limerick, and has issue, Cecil, b. 7 April 1833 ; 8. Anne, b.

1788, d. tinm. 1808; 9. Caroline, b. ^ Jan. 1792, m.,2 Nov. 1824,

Henry Fortescue, esq., son of the hon. Matthew Fortescue ; 10. Kathe-

RINE, b. 17 Sept. 1795, m., 18 April 1816, Henry Jones, of Stapleton,

CO. Gloucester, esq.

■11. Henrietta, b. 7 Dec. 1797, m., Sept. 1820,

Thomas Greene, of Slyne, co. Lancaster, esq., barrister-at-law, and M.P.

for Lancaster ; 12. Rose-Aylmer, b. 19 Aug. 1800, m., 27 July 1820,

Henry Porter, esq., of Chudzoy, co. Somerset.

Michael Russell, of Dover, co. Kent,
esq., (son of Michael Russell, of the same

place, merchant,) m. Hannah, da. of

Henshaw, and d. 22 Nov. 1793, leaving issue
by her (who d. 1 Sept. 179(5) four surviving

1. Michael, living a widower, and with-
out issue, lfil2.

2. Henshaw, m. Hesther, da. of John
Skinner, of Lydd, co. Kent, and had issue,

1. Michael, of Leith, merchant ;

2. Rev. John, both«i., and have issue.
.">. Anne ; 4. Hesther.

5. Mary ; G. Henshaw.

3. Sir Henry, created a hart, as above.

4. Thomas, of Dover, merchant, m, Eliza-
beth, da. of Thomas Boyton, of Dover, and

had issue,

1. Henry, only surviving son.

2. Hannah, ni. sir Theophilus-John
Metcalf, bart., (who d. 1822,) and d. 1809.

3. Anne-Saunders, m, at Calcutta, 1808,
George Saunders, esq.

4. Susanna : 5. Frances.

Ar)7is — See Plate 42. Argent, a chevron,
sable, between three cross crosslets, fitehee,
azure ; a bordure engrailed, gules, semee of
bezants and escallops, or, alternately.

Crest — A demi-lion, ermine, holding in his
dexter paw a cross crosslet, fitehee, in bend,
sinister, sable, and charged on the shoulder
with the fasces, proper.

S&it — At Swallowfield, co. Berks.


14 Dec. 1812.

Sir RTCHARD-JOHN FLETCHER, Baronet, Jorn 3 Feb. 1805, Cap.
tain in the Army, succeeded his father, sir Richard, Aug. 1813.

The rev. Richard Fletcher, of the
city of Rochester, d. 17no, having m. Mary,
da. of John Hare, of Woolwich, co. Kent,
esq., and by licr (who f/. 8 Sept. 17IK)) left
issue a da., Mari/, and

T^e rev. Ruhahd Fletcher, who d.
1814, having m, Elizabeth, da. of

Blackestone, esq., (who d. IJuly 1799,) and
had, besides other issue,

I. Sir RICHARD, created a bart. 14 Dec.
1812, K.T.S., lieut.-col. in the royal engi-
neers, and diicf engineer with the army m
Spain and Portugal, m., 27 Oct. 1796, Eliza-
beth, da. of John Mudge, of Plymouth,



M.D., (sister of col. Mudge, of the artillery,
and capt. Mudge, R.N.,) and by her (who d,
25 May 1808) had issue,

1. Sir Richard-John, present bart.

2. Charles-Orlando, 6. 11 March 1806.

3. Elizabkth-Mallock.

4. Harriet.

5. Jaxe-Mudge, »!., 27 Oct. 1829, George
Broadrick, of Hamphall Stubbs, co. York,

Sir Richard was killed before St. Sebas-

tian, Aug. 181.3, and succeeded by his son,

II. Sir RICHARD-JOHN, present bart.

Amis— See Plate 42. Sable, on a cross
engrailed, ermine, between four plates,
each charged with a pheon erect, azure, a
sword erect, proper, on a canton, or, a
wreath of laurel, vert.

Crest — On a wreath, out of a mural crown,
or, a horse's head ermine, gorged with a
wreath of laurel, vert.

Seat—Xt Carrow, co. Cork.

-5. Samuel, b. 8 Aug. 1806, d. 17 Feb. 1834.

HUNTER, of the City of London.

15 Dec. 1812.

Sir CLAUDIUS-STEPHEN HUNTER, Baronet, D.C.L., elected 1804

Alderman of London, and Lord Mayor 1811, born 24 Feb. 1775 ; married^

15 July 1797, Penelope- Maria, only da. of John Free, of London, merchant,

and has issue, 1. JOHN, 6. 26 May 1798, m., 1820, Sarah, da. of W.

N. W. Hewett, of co. York, esq., and by her (who d. Nov. 1826) had issue,

three das.^ who d. infants, and one son, Claudius-Stephen- Paul^ b. 21 Sept.

1824; 2. Maria, b. 20 Aug. 1800, d. unm. 21 June 1825; 3.

Eleanor, b. 1802, d. an infant; 4. Thomas-Claude, b. 10 April

1804, d. Feb. 1832 ;-

The paternal ancestors of the bart. were
citizens and merchants of Loiidun, of con-
siderable eminence, in the reign of Charles
I., as appears from records m the college of
heralds, and more particularly from the
deed of settlement of estates after the fire
of London ; by which certain property in
the city of London was assigned to sir Clau-
dius's ancestors, and is now vested in Heni-y
Hunter, of Beech Hill, esq., his elder and
only brother, lineally descended from Henry
Hunter, esq., on whom the property was
settled by that deed. John Hunter, grand-
son of Henry, having made a considerable
addition to the fortune he inherited from
his father, purchased the family estate of
Beech Hill, above mentioned, where himself
and his descendants chiefly resided; and
from that period of his retirement we do not
find any of the family engaged in mercantile

Henry Hunter, of Beech Hill, co.
Berks, esq., was called to the bar, and
shortly after m, Mary, 3d da. of William
Sloane, esq., great nephew of the celebrated
sir Hans Sloane, bart., physician to queen
Anne and king George I., and by her (who
d. 19 May 1822) had issue.

1. Henry-Lannoy, of Beech Hill, h. Nov.
1774, m., 1801, Harriett, da. of Thomas Boy-
cott, of Rudge, CO. Salop, esq., and has issue,

1. Henry-Lannoy, b. 2 April 1802.

2. Charies, b. 22 Aug. 1803, d. unm. Oct.

3. Mar^'-Jane, 6. 20 April 1806, m., 10
Dec. 1828, John Forbes, esq., eldest son of
sir Charles Forbes, bart.

4. Harriett-Louisa, b. 22 May 1808*

2. Sir Claudius, 1st bart.

3. Eleanor, m., 1805, John Camming, of
Trent Park, Middlesex, esq., and d. 23 June

4. Mary, m., 1792, William Manning, of
London, merchant, and of Comb Bank,

1. Sir CLAUDIUS, the youngest son, was
created a bart. as above.

^/•»!*— See Plate 42. Quarterly : 1st and
4th, or, a lion rampant, gules, between eight
cross crosslets, patee, htchee at the foot,
sable; 2d and 3d, argent, a bear saliant,
sable, muzzled, or.

Crests — l&t, a demi-lion, holding in his
paws a cross crosslet, as in the arms ; 2d, a
demi-bear, as in the arms.

HOBHOUSE, of Chantry House, co. Wilts, and of Westbury

College, co. Gloucester.

22 Dec. 1812.

The Right Hon. Sir JOHN-CAM HOBHOUSE, Baronet, P.C, F.A.S.,
M.P. for Nottingham, and for a short period, in 1834, First Commissioner
of Woods and Forests, succeeded his father, sir Benjamin, 14 Aug. 1831 ;
married, 28 July 1828, lady Julia Hay, da. of the late marquess of Twed-
dale, and has a Da., b. Oct. 1829 ; a Da., b. 1832.

The family of Hobhouse has been long
resident in the West of England.

Benjamin Hobhouse, the ancestor of
the present bart., h. at Minehead, co. So-
merset, 1G82, m. Mary, da. and h. of

Spragge, (by the da. and h. of — SaflSn,)
by whom he had issue.

1. John.

2. Henry, of Clifton, near Bristol, h. 1714,

left issue by his 1st wife, Jane, da. of

Banister, esq., of the city of Bristol.

1. Henrj', Hi. Sarah, da. of the rev,
Richard Jenkyns, canon of Wells, and
left issue, Sarah, d. unm. ; and the right



hon. Henri/, of Hadspen House, co. So-
merset, a privy-counsellor, and sometime
under-secretary of State for the home
department, b. 12 April 177<jj ni., 7 April
liMi, Harriett, da. of John Turton, of
Sugnall, CO. Stafford, esq., and has issue,
of whom Harriet, eldest da-, m., 31
March 1834, rev. Henry Jenkyns, fellow
of Oriel College, Oxford.

2. Jane, ?n. John Freeman, of Letton
House, CO. Hereford, esq.
3. Betty, m. John Maiciman.
John, the eldest son of Benjamin and
Mary, was of Westbury College, co. Glou-
cester, b. 1712, m., 1753, Mary, da. of

Medley, of Hereford, by whom he had
issue, Isaac, b. Nov. 17.'54, and d. 29 Sept.
1810, leaving no issue ; and

I. Sir BENJAMIN, created a bart. as
above, was chief secretary of the Board of
Control for the affairs of India 1803 ; chair-
man of Ways and Means in the Imperial
Parliament 180G : and first commissioner for
investigating, under the sanction of an act
of the legislature, the debts of the Carna-
tic, b. 1757. m., 1st, Sept. 1785, Charlotte,
da. of Samuel Cam, of Chantry House, near
Bradford, co. Wilts, esq., and by her (who
d. Nov. 1794) had issue,

1. Sir John-Cam, present bart.

2. Benjamin, capt. in the 69th regiment
of foot, killed at Waterloo.

3. Henry-William, m. in Calcutta, and
has issue a son, b. 27 Dec. 1822.

4. Charlotte.

5. Mary, d. young.

.Sir Benjamin m., 2aly, April 1798, Amelia,
da. of the rev. Joshua Parry, of Cirencester,
CO. Gloucester, by whom he has issue,

6. Amelia.

7. Isaac, d.

8. Mary, d.

9. Sophia-Elizabeth, m., 17 Jan. 1828,
Boyd Alexander, esq., 3d son of Claud Alex-
ander, of Ballochmyle, co. Ayr.

10. Harriet - Theodora, m., 27 May
1823, the rev. George-Trevor Spencer, rector
of Leaden Roding, co. Essex, and perpetual
curate of Buxton, co. Derby, son of Wil-
liam-Robert Spencer, esq., youngest son of
the late lord Charles Spencer.

11. Julia, m., 31 July 1830, the rev. Cal-
vert-Fitzgerald Moore, chaplain to the king.

12. Sarah-Matilda, m. at Rome, May
1827, count Ranghiaschi Brancaleone.

1.3. Catharine, m., ,30 Nov. 1826, John
Fane, esq., eldest soti of John Fane, some-
time M.P. for Oxfordshire, and d. 6 Nov.

14. Isaac.

15. Joanna, m., 10 June 1834, rev. Fred.
A. S. Fane.

16. Thomas-Ben.tamin.

17. Elizabeth-Mary.

18. Henrietta-Amelia.

19. Frederick-Benjamin.
The last three d. young.

Sir Benjamin d. 14 Aug. 1831, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

II. Sir JOHN-CAM, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 42. Per pale, azure and
gules, three crescents, (two andone,) argent;
issuing therefrom as many estoiles radiated,

Crest — Out of a mural crown, per pale,
azure and gules, an estoile, as in the arms.

Motto — Spes vita melioris.

Seats — Westbury College, co. Gloucester;
and Chantry House, co. Wilts.

BRUCE, of Dublin.
24 Dec. 1812.

Sir STEWART BRUCE, created a Baronet as above, Gentleman-
Usher of the Castle of Dublin, and Registrar of the most illustrious Order
of St. Patrick. Sir Stewart is the younger son of James Bruce, esq., (by
Henrietta, youngest da. of the hon. rev. Henry-IIervey Aston, 4th son of
John, 1st earl of Bristol,) brother of sir Henry-Hervey-Aston Bruce, of
Down Hill, created a bart. 1804, {see that title,) and uncle of the present sir
James-Robertson Bruce, of Down Hill.

Arms — See Plate 42. Or, a chief and sal-
tire, gules; on the last, a har]), gold,
stringed argent ; on a canton of the last, a lion
rampant, azure; a crescent for difference.

Crest — A lion passant, azure, holding in
the dexter paw a trefoil, vert ; a crescent for


24 Dec. 1812.

Sir JAHLEEL BRENTON, Baronet, K.C.B. and K.S.F., Rear Ad-
miral of the Blue, and liieut.-Gov. of Greenwich Hospital, born 22 Aug.
1770 ; married, 1st, 19 April 1802, Isabella, da. of Anthony Stewart, of

Halifax, N.S., esq., by whom (who d. 1819) he had issue, 1. John-

Jervis, b. IJ) Jan. 1803, d. 27 Aug. 1817; 2. LAUNCELOT-

CHAllLES-LEE, b. IG Feb. 1807 ; 3. Frances-Isabella, b. 15 Jan.

180G, m., 2 Aug. 1831, her cousin, Edward-Brenton Stewart, esq. Sir
Jahleel w., 2dly, 9 Oct. 1822, Harriett, youngest da. of the late James



Brenton, esq., of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and has issue, -
Marf, b. lU Jan. 1024.

-4. Harriet-

Jahleel Brenton, of Newport, In
Rhode Island, N.A., d. 1766, having been
twice m. By his first wife he had issue 13
children, of whom,

1. William, of Newport, m., and left

2. Jahleel, father of the bart., of whom

3. Samuel, of Newport, m,, and had

4. James, judge of the high court of ad-
miralty at Halifax, d. 1806, twice m., and
left issue.

5. Benjamin, of Newport, m., and had

By his 2d wife he had 11 children, of
whom William, d. about 18()6, leaving 2

1. William, in the navy, d.

2. John, capt, R.N.

Jahleel Brenton, 2d son of Jahleel
above-named, entered the naval service of
Great Britain, and advanced to the rank of
rear-admiral of the blue, b, 23 Oct. 1729,
m., 1765, Henrietta, da. of Joseph Cowley,
of Wolverhampton, (by Penelope, da. and h.
of Edward Pelham,) and d, 31 Jan. 1802,

having had issue by her, (who d. Jan. 1820,)

1. Sir JAHLEEL, created a bart. as

2. Edward-Pelham, capt. R.N., b. 28
July 1774, m., 29 March 1803, Margaretta-
Dlana, da. of major-general Thomas Cox.

3. John, b. 17/6, d. 1782.

4. James-Wallace, lieut. R.N., b. 1778,
d. of his wounds, 1799.

5. Thomas-Cranstown, b. 1782, d. 1786.

6. Elizabeth, b. 1766.

7. Mary, 6. 1768.

8. Martha, b. 1/72.

9. Henrietta, b. 1783, »!., 1815, capt.
John Brenton, R.N.

10. Frances, 6. 1786, m., 27 March 1805,
her cousin, John Brenton, esq., 2d son of
James, judge of the admiralty at Halifax,

Arms — See Plate 43, Gules, a lion ram-
pant, double queued between three mart-
lets, argent ; on a canton, or, the stem of a
ship of the line, proper.

Crest — Within a naval crown, or, the cir-
cle inscribed with the word ' ' Spartan," a
swan, argent, gutte de sang.

Motto — Go thorough.

BLANE, of Blanefield, co. Ayr ; and Culverlands, co. Berks.

20 Dec. 1812.

Sir HUGH-SEYMOUR BLANE, Baronet, Lieut.-Col. in the Army,
succeeded his father, sir Gilbert, 27 June 1834; married, 23 Jan. 18.32,

Eliza, eldest da. of John Armit, of Dublin, esq., and has issue, 1. A

SON, b. 1 Feb. 1833 ; 2. A Da., b. 25 July 1834.

This family is of some antiquity in the
west of Scotland. Thomas Blane, the
baronet's immediate ancestor, m. a da. of
Andrew Ross, of Trowier, esq., and rf. be-
fore 1630, leaving several sons, of whom,

Thomas settled at Girvan, and carried on
a trade with Ireland, m. Helen Ross, of
Chappel Donan, and had two sons, Thomas,
of Brunston Poundland, co. Ayr, d. s.p.,

Andrew, m. Jane, da. of Alexander
M'Kie, and had issue,

1. Thomas, rf. s.p.

2. Gilbert.

3. William, an officer of engineers, d,
in Jamaica, 1740, s.p.

4. John, a merchant at Antigua, rf. 1759,

Gilbert, (2d but eldest surviving son of
Andrew,) m., 1st, Hannah, da. of Bin-
ning, of Dalvening and Machrimore, by
whom he had no surviving issue, and, 2dly,
Agnes Macfadzen, by whom he had,

1. Andrew, who on his father's death,
1771, succeeded to the estate of Blanefield.

2. James, a merchant in the West Indies,
d, unni,

3. Thomas, of New York, and afterwards
of London, merchant, m. Elizabeth Oli-
phant, and had issue,

1. Archibald, sometime superintendent
of police at the Mauritius.

2. Elizabeth ; .3. Agnes.

4. Sir Gilbert, 1st bart.

5. William, of Grongar, co. Ayr, and of

Wingfield Park, Berks, m. Honoria, da. of
Thomas Neevenham, esq., and had seven
sons and two das.

6. John, a merchant in the West Indies,
rf. iinm.

7. Catherine, m. Alexander Hutchin-
son, of Southfield, co. Renfrew, esq.

I. Sir GILBERT, 4th son of Gilbert
Blane, was created a bart. as above, M.D.,
F.R.S., member of the Royal College of
Physicians in London, Fellow of the Royal
Societies of London and Edinburgh, and a
member of the Imperial Academy of Sci-
ences of St. Petersburg, b. at Blanefield,
CO. Ayr, 29 Aug. 1749," (O.S.,) m. 11 July
1786, Elizabeth, only da. of Abraham Gar-
diner, merchant, and by her (who rf. 9 July
1{!32) had issue, besides'three sons and two
das. who rf. young,

1. Gilbert-Gardiner, rf. 20 Feb. 1833,
a>t. 45.

2. George-Rodney, lieut. of Engineers
on the Bengal establishment, rf. 18 May

3. Sir Hugh-Seymour, present bart.


5. Louisa, unfortunately drowned in a
piece of water on her father's estate, 24 Aug.
1813, aged 19.

Sir Gilbert rf. 27 June 1834, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest surviving son,

II. Sir HUGH-SEYMOUR, present and
2d bart.

Anns— See Plate 43. Argent, on a fess
sable, a mullet between two crescents of the



field ; in base, a rose, gules ; in the centre
chief point an anchor, erect, entwined by a
serpent, proper.
Crest — A sword erect, proper, pommel and

hilt, or.

Motto — Parittir pax hello.

Seats — At Blanefield, co. Ayr ; and Bur-
field, Reading, co. Berks.

LISTER-KA YE, of Grange, co. York.

28 Dec. 1812.

Sir JOHN-LISTER LISTER-KAYE, Baronet, horn 18 Aug. 1801,
succeeded his father, sir John, late bart., 28 Feb. 1827 ; married., 21 Oct.
1824, Matilda, only child and h. of George Arbuthnot, esq., and niece of

the right hon. Charles Arbuthnot, and has issue, 1. Emma, h. 18 July

1825; 2. LISTER, h. 3 Sept. 1827; 3. A Da., 6. 1830; 4.

Rosa, d. an infant, 19 Feb. 1833; 5, 6. A Son and Da., (twins,) h. 2

Jan. 1833 ; 7- A Son, h. 12 May 1834.

1. Sir JOHN LISTER-KAYE, of Grange,
\xi the parish of Kirkheaton, co. York, hav-
ing inherited by will the estates of his re-
puted father, sir John Lister-Kaye, of the
same place, bart., (whose ancestor had been
raised to that dignity in 1041,) took the sur-
name of Lister m addition to Kaye by royal
sign manual 18()6, and was himself created a
bart. 28 Dec. 1812 ; m., 18 Oct. 1800, lady
Amelia Grey, 6th da. of George-Harry, earl
of Stamford and Warrington, and had issue,

L Sir JoHN-LiSTER, present bart.

2. Amelia-Mary, b. 29 Dec. 1802, d. 17
Aug. 1826.

3. George-Lister, b. 14 Nov. 1803, capt.
10th dragoons.

4. Arthur-Lister, h. 14 Jan. 1805, rector
of Thornton, co. York, d. 20 Feb. 1834.

5. Sophia, 6. 23 Sept., and d. 19 Dec.

6. Sophia-Charlotte, b. 31 March 1809,
m., 18 Oct. 1831, the rev. Henry-Spencer
Mackham, of Clifton Rectory, Notts.

7. Louisa, b. 28 Sept. 1810.

8. Henrietta, b. 28 Dec. 1811.

9. Maria, 6. 17 March 1813.

10. Henry-Lister, b. 14 June 1814.

11. Georoina, b. 11 Sept. 1815.

Sir John rf. 28 Feb. 1827, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

II. Sir JOHN LISTER, present and 2d

Arm.1 — See Plate 43. Quarterly: 1st and
4th, Kaye ; argent, two bendlets, sable ;
2d and 3d, Lister : ermine, on a fess, sa-
ble, three mullets, or ; the whole within a
bordure, wavy, azure.

Crests — Kaye ; on a wreath of the co-
lours a Java sparrow, proper, charged on the
breast with a rose, gules. Lister; on a
wreath of the colours a buck's head, proper,
erased, wavy, or, attired sable, and in the
mouth a bird bolt, bendwise, of the 2d,
flighted, argent.

Motto — Kynd kynn knaume kepe.

Seat — At Grange, co. York.

LEEDS, of Croxton Park, co. Cambridge.

31 Dec. 1812.

Sir GEORGE-WILLIAM LEEDS, Baronet, Equerry to H.R.H. the
Duke of Sussex ; married^ 5 Jan. 1797, Maria, da. of the rev. William
Sanderson, of Morpeth, co. Northumberland, and by her (who d. 1 May

1817) has issue, 1. JOSEPH-EDWARD, b. 31 Oct. 1798; w., 9

Sept. 1822, Marian, da. of William-Thomas Stretton, esq. ; 2. Ed-
ward-William, b. 14 Sept. 1804 ; 3. George, b. 20 Feb. 1807 ;■

4. Samuel, b. 19 May 1809, d. 15 Sept. 1826; 5. Elizabeth, w., 29

July 1819, the rev. Robert-Elliot Graham, of Hendon, co. Middlesex ;

C. Maria; 7- Anne, w., 19 Aug. 1823, capt. William-Augustus

Montague, R.N. , C.B. ; 8. Georgiana; 9. Emily. Sir George

m., 2dly, 31 July 1819, Eleanor, 2d da. of Owsley Rowley, of the Priory,
St. Neot's, and has issue, 10. Augustus-Frederick, b. May 1820.

^rm-s— See Plate 43. Argent, a fess, gules, beaked, and legged, or; debruised by a

between three eagles displayed, sable, within bendlet, wavy, sinister, ermine,

a bordure, wavy, of the second. Motto — Vigilate.

Crest— A staff'raguly vert, thereon a cock. Seat — At Croxton, co. Cambridge,
gules, wings expanded, combed, wattled.



KNIGHTON, of Haxover Square, co. Middlesex.

1 Jan. 1813.

Sir WILLIAM KNIGHTON, G.C.H., created a Baronet as above,
Receiver-General, and a Special Commissioner for managing the Affairs of
the Duchy of Cornwall, and Receiver-General for the Duchy of Lancaster ;
married Dorothea, da. of James Hawker, esq., capt. R.N^, and has issue,

1. Dorothea, b. May 1807, w., 22 June 1829, capt. Michael Seymour,

R.N., 3d son of sir Michael Seymour, bart. ; 2. WILLIAM-WEL-

LESLEY, I). Jan. 1811.

Arms — See Plate 43. Barry of eight, per
pale, azure and argent, eounterchanged, a
bend, erminois ; on a chief, gules, a dra-
gon's head erased, between two annulets,

Ci-est — Two dragons' heads in saltire,
couped at the shoulder ; the dexter, gules ;
and sinister, or ; wreathed about the necks
by a chain of the last.

Seat — At Charlston, co. Dorset.

HOME, of M''ell-Manor Farm, co. Southampton.

2 Jan. 1813.

Sir JAMES-EVERARD HOME, Baronet, Commander R.N., lorn 25
Oct. 1798, succeeded his father, sir Everard, 31 Aug. 1832.

William Home, of Greenlaw Castle, co.
Berwick, esq., m. Anne, da. of sir Alexander
Purvis, of Purvis Hall, in the same county,
and had issue,

Robert, who m. Mary, da. of Alexander
Hutchinson, col. in the army, and d. 1786,
leaving issue 3 das., ^«He, wi. John Hunter,
esq., surgeon-general to the army ; Mmy,
TO. Robert Milne, esq., architect; and Eli-
zabeth, d. iinm. ; and 4 sons, 1. Hutchhrnm ;

2. Robert, m. Aime Paterson, and had issue ;

3. William, capt. in the military service of
the East India Company, m., and had issue ;
and 4.

I. Sir EVERARD, created a bart. 2 Jan.
1813, F.R.S., sergeant-surgeon to his Ma-
jesty; b. 6 May 1756, m.,3 Nov. 1792, Jane,
da. and co-h. of James Tunstall, D.D., (re-
lict of Stephen Thompson, esq.,) and had

1. Sir James-Everard, present bart.

2. William-Archibald, in holy orders,
b. 17 June 1800.

3. Jane, b. 23 Sept. 1793, m., 28 Sept.
1822, Henry Forbes, capt. R.N., 3d son of
general Forbes, of Ham, Surrey.

4. Mary-Elizabeth, 6. 19 June 1795,
m., 28 Oct. 1815, Charles-Powlett Rushworth,
esq., son of Edward Rushworth, of Farring-
ford Hill, Isle of Wight, esq.

5. Harriett-Catharine, b. 7 July 1796.

6. Charlotte, b. 26 Dec. 1802, m., 3 Nov.
1823, Bernard Yeoman, esq., capt. R.N., 3d
son of Bernard Yeoman, of Woodlands, co.
York, esq.

Sir Everard d. 31 Aug. 1832, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

II. Sir JAMES-EVERARD, present and
2d bart.

Arms — See Plate 43. Vert, a lion rampant,
between two piles engrailed, issuing from
the chief, argent ; all within a bordure en-

Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 74 of 95)