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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 75 of 95)
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grailed of the last, charged with six pepin-
goes of the 1st, beaked and membered,

Crest — A lion's head, erased, proper,
charged with a label of three points, argent,
the middle charged with a fleur-de-lis,
azure ; and each of the other points with
St. George's cross.

Sea^— Well-Manor Farm, co. Southamp-

NAGLE, of James' Town House, and Donower Castle, co.


4 Jan. 1813.

Sir RICHARD NAGLE, Baronet, M.P. co. Westmeath, horn 12 Aug.
1800, succeeded his father, sir Richard, 1st bart., about 1827.

Richard Nagle, of Nagle, co. Cork,
esq., d. about 1764, having m. Bridget, da.

of M'Mahon, co. Clare, esq., and had


Thomas, who w. Mary, da. of , and

h. of Kedah Geoghegan, co. Westmeath,
esq., and had issue, Anne, who m. sir Piercy
Gethin, bart. ; and

I. Sir RICHARD, created a bart. as
above ; m., 1st, 1792, Catharine, da. and co-
h. of Maurice Fitzgerald, of Punchead, co.

Kildare, esq., and had issue by her, an only
surviving da.,

1. Franc KS, m. at Bath, 3 Sept. 1819,
Oliver-Dowell Grace, of Mantua-House, co.
Roscommon, and rf. 1 June 1828.

Sir Richard nu, 2dly, in 1798, Mary-
Bridget, da. and sole h. of Owen Geoghegan,
of Rosemount, and Ballybrickoque, esq.,
and had issue,

2. Sir Richard, present bart.

3. Joseph, b. 12 Nov. 1808.



Sir Richard d. about 1827, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

II. Sir RICHARD, present and 2d bart.

Arms— See Plate 43. Ermine on a fess,
azure, three fusils, or.

Crest — A nightingale proper.
Motto — Non vox sed votum.
Seats — James'-Town House and Castle
Donower, co. Westmeath.

OWEN, of Orielton, co. Pembroke.

12 Jan. 1813.

Sir JOHN OWEN, Baronet, M.P. co. Pembroke, from 1812 to the
present time, Lord-Lieutenant of Pembroke, and Governor of IMilford Ha-
ven ; married Charlotte, da. of the rev. John-L. PhiUips, and l)y her (who

d. 1 Sept. 1829) had issue, 1. HUGH, M.P. for the town of Pembroke ;

wi., 12 April 1825, Angelina-Maria-Cecilia, da. of sir Charles Gould-Mor-
gan, of Tredegar, bart., and has issue, 1. Hugh-Charles ; 2. John; 3.
Arthur; 4. Angelina; 5. William; a Da., b. T Nov. 1834; 2. Char-
lotte, m., 2 Aug. 1819, John Meares, escj., of Eastington, co. Pem-
broke ; 3. Alice-Maria, m., 20 May 1830, Edward Marcus Why te,

of Hotham, co. York, esq. ; 4. Ellen, w., 31 July 1831, George-Bowen-

Jordan Price, of Pigeonsford, co. Cardigan, esq. ; 5. Eliza, w., 29

Oct. 1831, Charles- Porch er Lang, of Sand Rock, co. Surrey, esq. Sir
John w., 2dly, 21 Oct. 1830, Mary-Frances, 3d da. of Edward Stephenson,

of Farley Hill, co. Berks, esq., and has, 6. John, b. 19 Sept. 1831 ;

7. a Son, b. 4 Sept. 1834.

Joseph Lord, of Orielt(^n, co. Pembroke,
esq. m. Corbetta, da. of lieut.-gen. John
Owen, (son of sir Arthur Owen, 3d bart.,)
and by her had issue, sir John, the present
bart., who, in compliance with the will of
sir Hugh Owen, hart., (who d. 1 Aug. 1W9,)
assumed the name and arms of Owen only ;
and Mai-y-Anne, who m., 1st, Charles Mor-

gan, esq., and2dly, 19 Nov. 1822, the rev.
William Seaton, of Wandsworth.

Arms— See Plate 43. Gules, a chevron,
between three lions rampant, or.

Cre*^— A lion rampant, or.

Motto — Honestas optima politia.

Seats— At Orielton and Lanstinan, co.

SHAW, of Kilmarnock, co. Ayr, and Polmadie, co. Kirkcudbright.

2d Patent, 14 Jan. 1813.
{See Shaw, of London and Kilmarnock, 21 Sept. 1809.)


16 Jan. 1813.

Sir ROGER-HALE SHEAFFE, Baronet, a lieut.-general in the army,
and colonel of the 3Cth foot ; born at Boston, North America, 15 July 1763 ;
married, 31 Jan. 1810, Margaret, da. of John Coffin, of Quebec, esq., uncle

of admiral sir Isaac Coffin, bart., and has issue, 1. Frances-Julia,

b. 17 Nov. 1811, d. unm., 2 April 1834 ; 2- a Da., b. and d. Aug. 1814 ;

3. Percy, i. 6 Aug. 1815, d. 20 May 1834; 4. Agnes-Emily,

b. 13 Jan. 1817, d. 20 31ay 1832 ; 5. a Da., b. and d. Dec. 1817 ;

,6. William-Percy, b. 15 Feb. 1819, d. 14 Jan. 1820.

William Sheaffe, esq., deputy-collec-
tor of the customs at Boston, as above, d.
1772, having m. Susannah, eldest da. of
Thomas Child, of Bostcm ; d, Aug. 1810,
and left issue, besides two sons and a da.,
who d. young,

1. Nathaniel, a merchant in Jamaica,
d. unm. 1775.

2. Thomas, a merchant at Boston, also d.

3. Sir Roger, present bart.

4. William, sometime a surveyor of the
excise at Mallow, in Ireland, m. Mary
Wright, and left issue,

1. Roger- Hale, b. 31 March 1797, capt.
55th regt., d. 3 Aug. 1!!34.

2. William, 6. 11 Sept. 17O8.

3. Susannah, b. 27 l^ec. IW?.

4. John-Livingston, b. 25 Jan. 1803.

5. Susannah, m. Pon«onl>y Molesworth,
esq., ca))t. in the army, 5tli son of the hon.
Bysshe Molesworth, and (/. 7 Aug. Iil34,

(I. Margaret, m. John R. Livingston,
of New York, esq.

7. Mary, m. Benjamin- Clarke Cutler,
esq., merchant, of Boston.

};. Anne, m. John Erving, of Boston,


1). Helen, m. James Lovell, of Boston,


I. Sir ROGER-HALE, 3dson,wascreated
a bart. as above.

Amis— See Plate 43. Azure in chief, two
lions' heads erased, erminois, in base, a
mullet argent, and in fess, three garbs, or,
between two barrulets of the third.



Crest — Issuant out of a mural crown, a
cubit arm vested, gules, cufFvert, the hand
grasping a sword in bend, sinister, proper.

pommel and hilt, or, between a branch of
laurel and a branch of oak, also proper.

ANDERSON, of Fermot, co. Cork.

22 March 1813.

Sir JAMES-CALEB ANDERSON, Baronet, so created as above, horn
21 July 1792 ; married^ 20 April 1815, Caroline, da. of Robert Shaw, of
Dublin, esq., and half sister to sir Robert Shaw, of Bushy Park, co. Dub-
lin, bart., and has issue, 1. Elizabeth-Cecilia, b. March 1816;

2. Maria, ^. I8I7 ; 3. Georgixa; 4. Axxe-Caroline ;

5. CHARLES-GRANT, 6. 1823; 6. Frederica-Yoek; 7- John-

Willia3i-Maxwell, b. I827.

David Anderson, of Portland, in North
Britain, esq., m. Isabella Mackay, of Blank-
head, and had issue,

JoH.x, of Fermoy, co. Cork, esq., who m.
Elizabeth Semple, and had issue,

1. Sir James-Caleb, the present bart.

2. JoHN-WiLLiAM, b. 21 Feb. 1796, m.,

1823, Cornelia, eldest da. of the late Bernard
Shaw, of Monkstoun, near Cork, esq., and
widow of Henry Maquire, of Sundy's Well,
near Cork, esq., and has issue, Elizabeth, b.

1824, and Peter-John, b. 1826.

3. Isabella, b. 15 April 1784.

4. Anna-Maria, b. 21 May 1794, m., 7

Sept. 1814, Richard England, esq., lieut.-
col. 75th foot, eldest son of the late gen.

I. Sir JAMES-CALEB, the eldest son,
was created a bart. as above.

Arms — See Plate 43. Quarterly, or, and
argent, a saltire ingrailed, per saltire, gules,
and sable, between two boars' heads erased,
and respecting each other, in fess ; a mullet,
in chief, sable; and a trefoil, slipped, in

Crest — In front of a tree, proper, a saltire

Seat — Cove, co. Cork.

JACKSQN, of Fork Hill, co. Armagh, and of Beach Hill,

CO. Surrey.

21 April 1813.

Sir GEORGE JACKSON, created a Baronet, as above, horn 19 Jan.
1776; married^ 10 Sept. 1814, Anne Day, da. of "William Woodville, of
Edgehill, co. Lancaster, esq.

Thomas Jackso ^, of Kirkby Lonsdale, co.
Westmoreland, and of Coleraine, co. Lon-
donderry, esq., m. Susanna Beresford, sister
to the ancestor of the marquess of Water-
ford, and had issue,

William, m., 1690, miss Gorges, of Kel-
brew, CO. Meath, by whom he had issue,

William, m., 1729, Frances, da. of
George Eyre, of Eyre Court, co. Galway,
esq., (by Barbara, 2d da. of Thomas, earl of
Coningsby, and sister of John, lord Eyre,)
and had issue, a da., Mar//, m. the rev. Ed-
ward Goulding, of Coleraine, archdeacon of
Derry, and a son,

Richard, M.P. in 7 parliaments for Cole-
raine, and in one for the borough of Orford,
CO. Suffolk, and secretary to the marquess
Townshend, and earl of Harcourt, when
lords-lieut. of Ireland, m., 1st, Lydia, niece

of William Richardson, esq., M.P., for
Augher ; 2dly, Nicola, 2d da. and co-h. of
Arthur CecilHamilton, of Castle Hamilton,
CO. Cavan, esq., by neither of whom he
had issue; and Sdly, 16 Dec. 1768, Anne, da.
of Charles O'Niel, of Shanes Castle, co. An-
trim, esq., and sister of John, viscount
O'Niel, by whom he had issue,

1. Sir George, the present bart.

2. Richard, a lieu t. in the 69th regt. of
foot, d. 1797.

Arms — See Plate 43. Gules, a fess between
three shovellers, tufted at the head and
breast, argent, each charged with a trefoil
slipped, vert.

Crest — On a wreath of the colours a shov-
eller, as in the arms.

Seats — At Fork Hill, co. Armagh, and
Beach Hill, co. Surrey.


2 Nov. 1813.

March 1809, succeeded his father, Admiral sir John-Thomas, G.C.B., 31
Aug. I8I7.




Henry Duck%;'orth, A.M., vicar of
Stoke Poges, co. Bucks, and one of the
minor canons of Windsor, 6. 22 Jan. 1711-12,

w., 1744, Sarah, da. of Johnson, of

Ickenham, co. Middlesex, esq., and had,
among other issue,

I. Sir JOHN-THOMAS, created a bart.
2 Nov. 1813, admiral of the white, G.C.B.
Sir John was commander-in-chief jointly
with the hon. sir Charles Stewart, K.B., at
the taking of the island of Minorca, Nov.
1798; commander-in-chief at Barbadoes, at
the Leeward Islands, and at Jamaica, from
1800 to 1805; b. Feb. 1747, m., 1st, Anne,
only child and h. of John Wallis, of Fenton-
woon, in the parish of Lanteglos, co. Corn-
wall, esq., and by her (who d. 21 Aug. 1797)
had issue,

T. George-Henry, 6. 25 June 1782, col.
48th foot, killed at the battle of Albuera, 16
May 1811, at the head of his regiment, hav-
ing m. Penelope, da. of Robert Fanshawe,
esq., commissioner R.N., and had issue,

1. George-Wallis, d. an infant.

2. Penelope-Fanshaw, also rf. young.

3. Anne, his only surviving child and

2. Anne-Sarah, m., Nov. 1803, sir Richard
King, bart., G.C.B., and d. 20 March 1819.

Sir John-Thomas nu, 2dly, 14 May 1808,
Susannah-Catharine,da. of the right rev. Wil-
liam BuUer, bishop of Exeter, and had issue,

3. Sir John-Thomas-Buller, present

4. William, d. an infant.

Sir John-Thomas d. 31 Aug. 181 7> and

was succeeded by his 2d and only surviving

sent bart.

Arms — See Plate 44. Argent on a chevron,
azure, between two ducks, proper, in chief,
and a naval crown of the second, in base, a
bomb fired between two estoiles, or ; on a
chief wavy, of the second, the words " St.
Domingo," within a branch of laurel en-
twined with another of oak, gold.

C'j-est — A tower, the battlements partly de-
molished, from the top flames issuant,
proper; on the sinister side, a sea-lion,
erect, azure, the paws pressing against the

Supporters — (Granted to be borne by the
1st bart. and his successors in the title, by
royal warrant, 1814.) On the dexter side, a
human figure, holding in the exterior hand
a sword erect, proper, pommel and hilt, or,
around behind the head a halo composed of
seventeen estoiles of the last; across the
dexter shoulder a belt, azure, fimbriated,
and charged with three estoiles, gold, the
waist invested by a vest, argent, pendent
under the feet, the hide of an ox, also
proper : on the sinister side, a British sailor
habited, proper, the exterior hand support-
ing a fiag-statf, thereon hoisted the flag of a
rear-admiral of the white squadron, also
proper, with the word " Minorca" in-
scribed thereon in letters of gold.

Motto — Disciplind, fide, perseverantid.

Seat — At Wear House, near Exeter, co.


2 Nov. 1813.

Sir THOMAS HISLOP, Baronet, G.C.B., Lieut.-Gen. in the Army,
Col. of the 48th Regt. of Infantry, and Equerry to H.R.H. the Duke of
Cambridge, horn 5 July 1764 ; married^ 30 Oct. 1823, Emma, da. of the

right hon. Hugh ElKot, governor of Madras, and has Emma-Eleanor-

Elizabeth, b. 2G Nov. 1824.

William Hislop, of Dunisdier, North

Britain, by Jane, da. of Stott, had

issue a da., Catherine, nu William Maitland,
of Dunnotar, esq., and 2 sons, of whom,
Joseph, the youngest, d. about 1787, leaving
2 das. since deceased, and the eldest,

William, lieut.-col. royal artillery, d. 28

Dec. 1779, having m. Sarah, da. of •

Mercantry, and had issue,

1. James, b. 1752, aid-de-camp to sir
Eyre Coote, K.B., killed at the battle of
Pblilore, 27 Aug. 1781, tinm.

2. William, b. 1754, capt. royal artil-
lery, killed in the East Indies, 2 Feb.

3. Anne, b. 1751, m. gen. William
Stewart, both d.

4. Sir Thomas, created a bart.

I. Sir THOMAS, the youngest son,
created a bart. 2 Nov, 1813.

Arms — See Plate 43. Argent, on a mount,
a stag couchant under a tree, all proper;
and for augmentation (granted by royal
sign manual, 1822) on a chief, azure, a
mount, vert, thereon a lion in the act of
tearing the standard of the Mahratta prince
Holkar, and beneath the word, " Madhi-


Crests — 1st, (of augmentation granted as
above,) a soldier of the 22d light dragoons
mounted and in the position of attack,
proper ; 2d, on a wreath, a mural coronet,
or, issuant therefrom a stag's head proper,
attired gold.

Mo«o— Over the 1st crest, " Deckan."

Seat— At Charlton, Kent.


2 Nov. 1813.
Sir JOSIAS ROWLEY, Baronet, K.C.B., Vice-Admiral of the White.

(For descent, see Rowley, of Tendriner,
Clotvvorthy Rowley, esq., brother of

sir Joshua Rowley, of Tendring, and 3d
son of admiral sir William Rowley, K.B.,
was a barrister and M.P. for Downpatrick,



in Ireland, b. 1731, m. Letitia, da. and co-h.
of Samuel Campbell, of Bath, and of
Mount Campbell, co. Leitrim, and d. 1805,
lea%ing issue by her, (who d. 177C,)

1. William, commissioner of customs,
and recorder of Kinsale, in Ireland, d. unni.

2. Sir JosiAS, present bart.

3. Samuel-Campbell, capt. R.N., m.

Mary, da. of Thompson, of White

Park, CO. Fermanagh ; and, 2dly, 4 Nov.
1830, Mary, only da. of Edmund Cronyn,

of Newtown, co. Kilkenny, esq., dec.

4. JoHX, in holy orders, prebendary of
Christ Church, Dublin.

5. Mary, m. Charles Vigogne, of Wick-
low, esq.

Sir JOSIAS, 2d son, was created a b.irt.
as above.

Arms — See Plate 44. Argent, on a bend
engrailed, between two Cornish choughs,
sable, three escallops of the field.

Crest — A mullet voided, or.


2 Nov. 1813.

Sir PHILIP-BO WES-VERE BROKE, K.C.B., Rear-Admiral of the
Blue, bo7-n 8 Sept. 1776, created a Baronet as above in consideration of the
distinguished zeal, courage, and intrepidity in his brilliant engagement,
when capt. of his 3Iajesty's ship, Shannon, with the United States' frigate,
the Chesapeake, off Boston, 1 June 1813 ; married., 25 Nov. 1802, Sarah-
Louisa, da. of sir Wiiliara-Fowle 31iddleton, bart., and has issue, 1.

PHILIP, commander R.N., b. 15 Jan. 1804 ; 2. Louisa, b. 16 Dec*

1804, d. an infant; 3. liOuiSA, b. 22 Dec. 1805; 4. AYilliam-

Henry, b. 20 Dec. 1807, d. 1823 ;

set. 2; 6. Charles, d. an infant. May 1811;

5. Harriot-Elizabeth, d 1811^

-7- George-Na-

THAXiEL, R.N., b. 26 April 1812; 8. Harriot-Elizabeth, d. ?ai

infant; 9. Harriot-Axne, rf. an infant ; 10. Charles-Acton",

h. 30 June 1818;-

■11. Edmund-Turnor, b. 8 April 1821, d. 12 July

William de Doyto del Broke was
lord of Laughton, co. Chester, about the
time of king John. The 11th in lineal de-
scent from him was

Thomas Broke, of Leighton, who m.
the h. of John Parker, of Copenhall, esq.,
and had issue, 1. John, of Leighton, an-
cestor of the Brookes of Leighton, the
Brookes of Norton, created barts. I(j02, the
Brookes of Meire, &c. ; 2. Ralph Broke, of
Namptwich, who had issue ; 3, Robert, m.
Jane Scudamore, of Herefordshire ; 4. Sir
Richard Brooke, of London, knt., chief
baron of the exchequer in the reign of
Henry VIII., immediate ancestor of the
present family.

Robert Brooke, son and heir of the
chief baron, settled at Nacton, co. Suffolk,
and by Elizabeth, h. of the family of Hol-
grave, of Sussex, had issue, Richard,
also of Nacton, who (by Elizabeth, da. of
sir John Jermy, of BrightweU, co. Suffolk,
knt.) was father of Robert Brooke, of
Nacton, who m., about 1602, Elizabeth
Waters, of Wimbledon, co. Surrey, and
had issue, sir Richard, of Nacton, who, by
Mary, da. of sir John Packington, knt.,
had, besides other issue, sir Robert
Brooke, of Nacton, who was created a
bart. 21 May 1(J61, m. Anne, da. of sir
Lionel Tollemache, bart., ancestor of the
earls of Dysart, but dying in 1693-4, with-
out male issue, the title became extinct:
he left issue three das. and co-heirs.

William Brooke, of Dartford, co.
Kent, the 3d son of sir Richard Brooke,
of Nacton, and miss Packington, was
father of

Robert Brooke, who succeeded his
uncle, sir Robert, at Nacton, and m., 1st,
his cousin, Anne, youngest da. and co-h. of
the said sir Robert Brooke, bart., by whom
he had no surviving male issue;" he m..

2dly, Elizabeth, 6th da. of sir John Hewvtt,
of ^yaresley, co, Huntingdon, bart., and
had issue,

1. Robert, d. unm.

2. Philip, of Nacton, grandfather to sir
Philip, present bart.

3. John, who was rector of Hintleham,
and from whom there are descendants in

Philip Broke, of Nacton, 2d, but eldest
surviving son of Robert Brooke and Eli-
zabeth Hewytt, d. 1762, having m., 1732,
Anne, da. and co-h. of Martin Bov/se, of
St. Edraundsbury, esq., and by her (who d.
1754) had issue,

1. Philip.

2. Anne, m. Edward Jermy, esq., of Dud-
field House, Suffolk, and d. 1821.

3. Elizabeth, m. the rev. John Free-
man, rector of Creeting, co. Suffolk.

4. Sarah, b. 28 Oct. 1741, d. unm. Pet. 38.

5. Isabella, b. 27 Nov. 1742, w. Thomas
Kerrick, of Gelston, co. Norfolk, esq.

6. Thurland, 6. 3 Dec. 1746, m. T. May,

7. Priscilla, b. 28 April 1748, m. the rev.
Orbell Ray, of Tostock, co. Suffolk.

Philip Broke, of Nacton, esq., only
son of the last-named Philip, b. 18 May
1749, ni. Elizabeth, da. and at length h. of
the rev. Charles Beaumont, of Witnesham,
CO. Suffolk, and d. 22 Aug. 1801, leaving
issue by her, (who d. 25 June 1822,)

1. Sir Philip-Bow'ES-Vebe, created a
bart as above.

2. Sir Charles, col. in the army, K.C.B.
K.T.S., M.P. for the eastern division of
Suffolk, b. 21 Feb. 1779 : took the name of
Vere in addition to that of Broke, by royal
sign manual, 1822.

3. Horatio-George, major in the army,
b. 4 June 1790, m., 13 Dec. 1825, Frederica-
Sophia, da. of Samuel Mure, esq.




4 Elizabeth, b. 30 March 1773, m., 7
May 1795, Edmund Tumor, of Stoke Roch-
ford, esq., and d. 1801.

5. Isabella-Mary, h. 6 Aug. 177.'', «*•>
27 Dec. 17^0, general John Leveson-Gower,
andrf. 28 May 1817-

6. Thurland, a da., b. 178.0, d. unm. 1805.

7. Anna, b. 24 April 1780.

a bart. as above.

Amis—See Plate 44. Or, a cross engrailed,
party per pale, sable, and gules.

Crest of honourable augmentation — Out
of a naval crown, or, a dexter arm em-
bowed, encircled with a wreath of laurel,
proper, and grasping a trident of the first.

Crest — A brock or badger passant, proper.

Motto — Scemimque tridentem servamns.

Seat — Nacton, Ipswich, Suffolk.

PULESTON, of Emral, co. Flint.

2 Nov. 1813.

Sir RICHARD PULESTON, Baronet, born 3 Sept. 17G5, took the
name and arms of Puleston, pursuant to the will of his maternal uncle,
John Puleston, of Emral, co. Flint, esq., by royal sign manual, 1812;

married, 1st, Ellen, da. of John Boats, esq., and has issue, 1. RICHARD,

b. 20 June 1789, m. Anne, da. of lieut.-gen. England, and has one son,

Richard- Price^b. 27 Dec. 1813 ; 2. Charlotte-Anne, b. 16 Jan. 1791,

m. John-George Norbury, of Fulmer, co. Bucks, esq. Hewi., 2dly, 1796,
Emma-Elizabeth, da. of John Corbet, of Sund<?rn, co. Salop, esq., by his

1st wife, Emma-Elizabeth, da. of sir Charleton Leighton, bart. Sir

RICHARD is the only son and h. of Richard-Parry Price, of Bryn-y-pys,
CO. Flint, and Castle Lions in Ireland, by Anne, da. of John Puleston, of
Peckhill, and sister and h. of John Puleston, esq., above named. In 1806
sir Richard had the honour of receiving his late majesty, George IV., then
prince of Wales, into the principality, in commemoration of which he had
a grant of the crest below described.

Arms — See Plate 44. Sable, three mul-
lets, two and one, argent.

Crests — 1st, (of augmentation granted
1815,) a mount, vert, thereon an oak proper,
fructed, or, therefrom pendent by a band,
azure, an escocheon gules, charged with three

ostrich feathers, issuant from a prince's co-
ronet ; 2d, on a chapeau, gules, a buck
statant proper, attired, or.

Motto — C/ariwes e tenebris.

Seat — At Emral, co. Flint.

RADCLIFFE, of Milnes Bridge House, co. York.

2 Nov. 1813.

Sir JOSEPH RADCLIFFE, Baronet, born 5 June 1799, succeeded his
grandfather, sir Joseph, 19 Feb. 1819 ; married, 29 Oct. 1819, Jacobina-
Maria, youngest da. of the late capt. John Macdonnell, of Leagh, co. In-
verness, and has issue, 1. Jacobina-Maria-Sophia ; 2. Eliza-
Ma ttlda-Mary ; 3. Amelia-Frances; 4. JOSEPH-PER-

CIVAL PICKFORD, b. 4 Oct. 1824; 5. Flora-BIacdonnell ;

6. Alpina-Isarella ; and other issue, of whom a Son, b.

1829; — -a Da., ^'. 1834.

Joseph Pickford, of Althill, in the
parish of Ashton-undcr-line, co. Lancaster,
m. Mary, da. of WilHam RadcUffe, of
Mihies Bridge, esq., (and sister of William
RadcUffe, also of Milnes Bridge, esq., who
d. s.p. 2G Sept. 1795,) and by her had issue,

1. Sir Joseph, created a bart.

2. William, in the army, b. 1746, d. unm.

:i. Mary, b. 1740^ rf. 1754.

I. Sir JOSEPH, eldest son, b. 8 May 1744,
took the surname and arms of Radcliffe,
by royal sign manual 1795, i)ursuant to the
will of his maternal uncle above named,
and was created a bart. as above; >»., 1st, .'5
March 1763, Catharine, da. of Thomas Per-
cival, of Royston, co. Lancaster, esq., and

by her (who d. 15 May 1765) he had an only

1. William-Percival, d. s.p. 1816.

He m., 2dly, 16 Nov. 1765, Elizabeth, da.
and sole h. of Richard Sunderland, esq., and
by her (who d. 26 March 1796) had issue,

2. The rev. Joseph-Pickford, M.A., b.
.31 Aug. 1766, d. 17 May 1804, having m,
Mary, sole da. of sir John-Archibald Grant,
of Money Musk, co. Aberdeen, bart., by
whom (who d. his widow, 1834) he left an
only child.

Sir Joseph, 2d bart.
.3. Elizabeth, d. unm., 9 Jan. 1810.

4. Charles-Pickford, capt. R.N., b. 21
July 1769.

5. Maky, 6. 9 Aug. 1771, 7n,, 1st, 1796,



Joseph Starkie, of Redivals, eo. Lancaster,
esq., whorf. without issue, 8 July 1803; and,
2dlv, 19 July 1805, John-David Macbride,
D.C.L., F.S.A., principal of Magdalen Hall,
and professor of Arabic in the university of
Oxford, only son and h. of the late gallant
admiral Macbride, and has issue.

6. Catharine, d. itnm. 6 Nov. 1800.

7. Harriet, b. 20 Jan. 1773, m., 5 July
1803, William Alexander, of Halifax, M.D.,
d. without issue, 17 March 1808.

8. Hanxah, b. 13 Jan. 1776, m. William
Wilcock, and has issue.

9. Fraxces.

Sir Joseph m., 3dly, 8 April 1807, Elizabeth,
youngest da. of Richard Creswick, of Shef-

field, CO. York, merchant, and by her had
no issue. Sir Joseph d. 19 Feb. 1819, and
was succeeded bv his grandson,

II. Sir JOSEPH, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 44. Argent, a bend en-
grailed, sable, charged with a crescent of
the field for difference.

Crest — A bull's head sable, the horns ar-
gent, tipped, or, gorged with a ducal coro-
net, argent, and charged with a crescent for
difference of the 2d.

Motto — Vb-tus propter se.

Seats — Milnes Bridge House, near Hudders-
field, eo. York; and Royston, near Oldham,
CO. Lancaster.

BECKETT, of Leeds, co. York, and Somerby Park, co. Lincoln.

2 Nov. 1813.

The Right Hon. Sir JOHN BECKETT, Baronet, P. C, Judge Ad-
vocate General to the Army, F.R.S., M.P. for Leeds ; succeeded his father,
sir John, 18 Sept. 1826 ; married., 20 Jan. 1817, lady Anne Lowther, 3d da.
of William, earl of Lonsdale, K.G.

Gervase Beckett, of Barnsley, co.
York, esq., »?., 30 Dec. 17W, Eleanor," da. of
Jonas Clarke, of the same place, andrf. 17I8,
leaving issue by her (who d. 1756) four sur-
viving sons,

1. Gervase, who left two das. his co-

2. John, father of the 1st bart.

3. David; 4. Joseph, both m., but d.
without issue.

John Beckett, 2d son of Gervase, was
of Bamsley, merchant, b. 4 Dec. 1704, m.,
Ist^ Mary, da. of William Crookes, of Monk

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