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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 78 of 95)
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created a bart of the United Kingdom as above, li07-)i 4 Aug. 1755 ; married,
1 May 1794, Emily-Sophia, da. of George-Paul Monke, esq., (by lady Ara-
minta Beresford, da. of JMarcus, earl of Tyrone, and sister of George,

marquess of Waterford,) and has issue, 1. Araminta-Constantia,

b. 9 April 1799, d. 4 July 1802; 2. Emily-Louisa ; 3. JAMES-
JOHN, b. 1 March 1802, in the army, m., 14 Jan. 1833, Mariauna-Au-
gusta, only child of major-gen. sir James Cockburn, of Langton, bart. ;-

4. Harriett-Georgixa, w., 29 June 1829, Sheffield Grace, esq., LL.D.,

brother of sir William Grace, bart. ;- 5. Ara3iinta-Anna, w., 17

July 1834, William-Henry Hoare, esq.; 6. Eleanor-Fraxces-Eli-


Sir John Hamilton is a lineal descend-
ant of the Abercorn branch of the ancient
and noble family of Hamilton.

James, earl of Arran in Scotland, and
duke of Chatel-herault in France, lawful
grandson to Mary, the sister of king James
III., of Scotland, had three sons, whereof
the eldest ri. without issue ; from John, the
2d, the present duke of Hamilton and Bran-
don is descended ; and Claud, lord Paisley,
the 3d son, was the lineal ancestor of the
present marquess of Abercorn, and of sir
John Hamilton. His 2d son, Claud, having
settled in Ireland about l(il8, ni. the da. and
h. of the Hamiltons of Manor Elieston, in
the CO. Tyrone, and left issue, sir William
Hamilton, of Manor-Elieston, who, by the
lady Beatrix C!ampbell, his 2d wife, was
father of Claud Hamilton, of Montaloney,
in the said county of Tyrone, who was the
grandfather of

James Hamilton, of Woodbrooke and
Strabane, esq., who m. Elinor, the sister of
Andrew - Thomas Stewart, earl of Castle-
stewart in Ireland, and by her had issue,

1. Sir John, created a bart. as above.

2. Claudk, d. utnn. 170"8.

3. Robert, d. unm. 1785.

4. Andrew, m, Mary, da. of sir Samuel

Hayes, of Drumboe Castle, co. Donegal,
bart., and d. 1825.

5. James, m. Letitia, da. of the hon. Cole
Hamilton, and has issue a son, James, and
two das.

6. Stuart, m. miss Marianne Flood.

7. Harriett, d. 1790.

8. Eleanor, m. Christopher Pemberton,

Arnus—See Plate 46. Quarterly : 1st and
4th, gules, three cinque foils pierced, ermine,
for Hamilton ; 2d and 3d, argent, a lym-
phad, sable, for Arran, a crescent for dif-
ference : and, on a chief of honourable aug-
mentation, a mount, inscribed, " Alba de
Tonnes," thereon a castle, and, flowing
from the battlements, a Spanish flag, all

Crentfi—lsi, the crest of honourable aug-
mentation, viz., on a wreath, a mount,
and thereon a castle, as in the arms, over it
in an escroll, the motto, " Alba de Tonnes."
2d, the family crest, viz., out of a ducal
coronet, or, an oak tree, penetrated trans-
versely in the main stem by a frame saw,
proper, over it the motto " Through ;" un-
der the arms, the family motto, " Sola no-
bilitat virtH~<<."

Seat — At Woodbrook, co. Tyrone.


M'MAHON, of Dublin.
6 May 1815.

The Right Hon. Sir WILLIAM M'MAHON, Baronet, Master of the
Rolls in Ireland, born 12 July 1776 ; married^ 1st, 16 May 1807, Frances,
da. of Beresford Burston, esq., one of the king's counsel, and by her (who

d 9 Feb. 1813) had issue, 1. BERESFORD-BURSTON, b. 14 Feb.

1808; 2. William-John, b. 3 July 1811. He 7n., 2dly, 9 Sept. 1814,

Charlotte, da. of Robert Shaw, of Dublin, esq., and sister of sir Robert


of Dublin, bart., and has issue.

3. Robert,

b. 13 Dec. 1815;

Charlotte-Maria, b. 15 March 1817 ; 5. Frederick, b.

15 June 1818, dec. ; 6. Augustus, b. 24 Aug. 1819 ; 7- Louisa,

b. 22 Sept. 1820 ; 8. Wilhelmina, b. 15 July 1822 ; 9. Charles,

b. 9 July 1824 ; 10. George, b. 25 May 182(>, dec.

John M'Mahon, esq., patentee comp-
troller of the port of Limerick, d. 22 Dec.
1789 ; was twice m. ; by his 1st wife he had

1. The right hon. John M'Mahon, privy
counsellor, private secretary and keeper of
the privy purse to H. R. H. the Prince Re-
gent ; created a bart. 7 Aug. 1817, (see that

By his 2d wife, Mary, da. of James Stack-
poole, of Cork, merchant, he had issue,

2. The right hon. sir William, present

3. Sir Thomas, who succeeded his half-

brother. Sir John, in the baronetcy created
in 1817.

4. Mary.

5. Catharine.

6. Anne.

I. The right hon. sir WILLIAM, created
a bart. as above.

Arms — See Plate 46. Per saltire, or, and
ermine, a lion passant, azure, between two
lions passant, regardant, gules.

Crest — An arm embowed, in armour,
holding a sword, all proper, surmounted by
a portcullis, gules, chained, or.

Motto — Sic nos, sic sacra tuemiir.

HEPBURN, (now BUCHAN-HEPBURN,) of Smeaton Hepburn,

CO. Haddington.

6 May 1815.

Sir THOMAS BUCHAN-HEPBURN, Baronet, born 30 Sept. 1804,
succeeded his father, sir John, 8 Oct. 1833.

John Buchan, of Letham, (son of George
Buchan, of Kilhead and Kello,) succeeded
his father 17G0 ; m. Elizabeth, da. of Patrick
Hepburn, of Smeaton, by Marian, da. of sir
George Suttie, of Balgone, bart., and had,
among other issue,

I. Sir GEORGE, took his mother's name
of Hepbunt, in addition to that of Buchan,
and was created a bart. as above ; m., 1st,
Jane, eldest da. of Alexander Leith, of
Glenkindy and Fairfield, co. Aberdeen, esq.,
by whom he had issue.

Sir John, 2d bart.

He m., 2dly, Margaretta-Henrietta, da. of
John-Zacharias Beck, of Saxe Gotha, esq.,
and widow of brigadier-gen. Fraser, by
whom he had no issue.

Sir George d. 3 July 1819, and was suc-
ceeded by his only son,

II. Sir JOHN, 2d bart., b. 17 June 1766,
m., 29 May 1800, Mary Turner, only da. of
Thomas Hog, of Newliston, co. Linlithgow,
esq., (by Mary-Julia, 2d da. of James Mait-
land, 7th earl of Lauderdale,) and had issue,

1. Mary-Juliana, b. 22 May 1803.

2. Sir Thom.\s, present bart.

3. John, b. 29 May 18U6.

Sir John d. 8 Oct. 1833, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

III. Sir THOMAS, present and 3d bart.

A7-nis — See Plate 46. Quarterly: lstand4th,
gules, on a chevron, argent, a rose between
two lions rampant of the 1st, for Hepburn ;
2d,argent, three lions' heads, erased gules, for
Buchan; 3d, argent, an anchor m bend,
azure, on a chief of the last, three cranes,
or, for Beck.

Crests — 1st, a horse, argent, furnished,
gules, tied to a yew-tree, proper, for Hep-
burn ; 2d, the sun in the dexter chief, with a
sun-flower, in full blow, open to it, proper,
for Buchan.

Supporters — Dexter, a lion gules ; sinister,
a heron with a snake in its beak, proper.

Motto — Domum antiqitam redintegrare.
Over the crest of Hepburn, " Keep traist " ;
and over the crest of Buchan, •' Noninferiwa

Seat— At Smeaton Hepburn, co. Hadding-


G May 1815.

Sir WILLIAM MARJORIBANKS, Baronet, born 1830, succeeded
his father, sir William, 22 Sept. 1834.



John Marjoribanks, of Hallyards, co.
Mid-Lothian, esq., m. Catherine, da. of
Ronald Campbell, of Balerno, co. Mid-Lo-
thian, esq., and had issue,

Edward, of Hallyards and Lees, co. Ber-
wick, h. 1738; m. Grizel, da. of Archibald
.Steuart, esq., sometime lord provost of
Edinburgh, and M.P. for that city 1745, and
had issue,

1. Sir John, Istbart.

2. Campbkll, a director of the East In-
dia Company, of which he has twice been

3. Stewart, of Watford, co. Herts, a
merchant in London, and M.P. for Hythe.

4. Edward, a partner in the firm of
Coutts and Co., bankers, m. and had issue.

5. James, sometime a member of the
board of revenue for the central provinces
of Bengal.

L Sir JOHN, created as above, h. 13 Jan.
1763, twice lord provost, viz. in 1814 and
1825, and M.P. for co. Berwick 1818 and
1820, m., 15 yXpril 1791, Allison, eldest da. of
William Ramsay, of Barnton, co. Mid-Lo-
thian, esq., and had issue,

1. Edward, b. 14 Jan. 1792, East India
Company's Bengal civil service, d. 1 Jan.

2. Sir William, 2d bart.

3. Charles, h. 15 July 1794, East India
Company's civil service in China, d, Dec.

4. David, h. 2 April 1797, a merchant in
London, m., 10 Sept. 1834, Marianne-Sarah,
eldest da. and co-h. of sir Thomas Hagger-

ston, bart., and thereupon took the sur-
name and arms of Robertson, of Ladykirk,
N.B., by royal license.

5. Janet, b. 8 Jan. 1796, m., 5 Nov. 1816,
Robert Shuttleworth, of Gawthorpe Hall,
CO. Lancaster, esq. ; and 2dly, 16 June 1825,
Frederick North, of Rougham, co. Norfolk,
and of Hastings, co. Sussex, esq.

6. Rachael, h, 23 Feb. 1798, m., 17 June
1823, Josiah Nesbet, esq., of the Madras
civil service.

7. Agnes, 6. 29 Oct. 1799, m., 6 Jan. 1818,
sir Edward Poore, of Rushall, bart.

8. Mary, h. 22 Aug. 1800, m., 19 May
1826, John-Murray Nasmyth, esq., eldest
son of sir James Nasmyth, of Popo, co.
Peebles, bart.

9. Susan, 6. 20 May 1803, m., 1824, Charles-
Craigie Halkett, of Hallhill, co. Fife, esq.

Sir John d.ti Feb. 1833, and was succeeded
by his eldest surviving son,

II. Sir WILLIAM, b. 15 Dec. 1792, m.
Mary, eldest da. of Henry Stone, esq., bank-
er in London, by whom (who d. 29 Sept.
1834) he had issue,

1. Sir William, present bart.

2. A Da., b. 27 Aug. 1834.

Sir William d. 22 Sept. 1834, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

III. Sir WILLIAM, present and 3d bart.
Arms — See Plate 46. Argent, on a chief,

gules, a cushion between two spur rowels, of
the field.

Crest — A lion's paw, erect and erased,
grasping a lance, in bend, proper.

Motto — Advance with courage.

CLIFFORD, (now CONSTABLE,) of Tixall, co. Stafford.

22 May 1815.

Sir THOMAS-ASTON CONSTABLE, Baronet, succeeded his father,
sir Thomas-Hugh, 25 Feb. 1823, horn ^M^y 180G; married, 27 Sept.
1827, Mary-Anne, da. of Charles-Joseph Chichester, of Calverleigh Court,

CO. Devon, esq., and has issue, FREDERICK-AUGUSTUS-TALBOT-

CLIFFORD, b. 30 June 1828.

This is a junior branch of the ancient
and noble family of Clifford, of Chudleigh.

Hugh Clifford, 4th lord Clifford, of
Chudleigh, rf. 25 March 1732, leaving issue
by Elizabeth, da. and co-h. of Edward
Blount, of Blackdown, co. Devon, (besides
other children,) Htofh, 5th lord, father of
the present lord Clifford, of Chudleigh,

Thomas Clifford, of Tixall, co. Staf-
ford, esq., 4th son, b. 22 Aug. 1732, d. 16
July 1787, having m. Barbara, da. and co-h.
of James-Aston, 5th lord Aston, of Forfar,
and by her (who rf. 2 Aug. 1786) had issue,

1. Sir Thomas-Hugh, 1st bart.

2. Edward-James, d. an infant.

.3. Henry, barrister-at-law, b. 2 March
1768, d. 22 April 1813, w., 21 Jan. 1813, Anne-
Teresa, youngest da. of Edward Ferrars, of
Baddesley Clinton, co. Warwick, esq., who
m., 2dly, Oct. 1815, Edward Hebden, esq.,
nephevv to sir Thomas Turton, bart.

4. Walter, b. 1/73, d. at Palermo, 1806.

5. James-Francis, b. 16 Aug. 17/4.

6. Arthur, twin with Lewis, 6. 5 July
1777, m., May 1809, Eliza-Matilda, da. of
Donald Macdonald, of Berwick-upon-
Tweed, and rf. 1830.

7. Lewis, d. iimn. July 1806.

8. George-Lami{krt,V>. 9 Jan. 177^> '"•
Mary, eldest da. of Walter-Hill Coyney, of
Weston-Coyney, co. Stafford, esq., and has


Charles, b. 1 Jan. 1813.

9. Barbara-Elizabeth, b. 11 Nov. 1763,
rf. unm. 1792.

10. Mary, b. 31 March 1765, m., 13 Dec.
1792, sir Charles Wolseley, bart., and d. 16
July 1811.

11. Anne, b. 28 April 1770.

12. Lucy-Bridget, b. 19 July 1771, '«•♦
14 June 179(), Thomas Weld, of LuUworth
Castle, CO. Dorset, esq., and rf. 1815.

I. Sir THOMAS-HUGH, created a bart.
as above, at the particular request of Louis
XVIII., King of France, as the testimony
of the services and attentions received by
him from that gentleman during his long
residence in this country: he took the name
of Constablk only by royal sign manual
1821 ; b. 4 Dec. 1762 ; »/., 7 June 1791, Mary-
Macdonald, 2d da. of John Chichester, of
Arlington, co. Devon, esq., (by his 2d wife,
Mary Macdonald, of Teindrish, North
Britain,) and had issue,

1. Sir Thomas-Ashton, present bart.

2. Mary-Barbara, b. 29 Oct. 1801, m.,
13 April 182(i, lieut.-col. Charles Chichester,
2d son of Charles Chichester, of Calver-
leigh Court, CO. Devon, esq.

3. Marv-Isarklla, b. 2 Sept. 1804; m.,
27 Sept. 1808, Henry Arundel, esq., eldest
son of Raymond Arundel, of Kenilworth,
cousin to lord Arundel, and rf. 2 Oct. 1828.



Sir Thomas-Hugh f?. 25 Feb. 1823, and
was succeeded by his only son,

II. Sir THOMAS-ASTON, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 46. Barry of six, or and
azure; on a canton argent, a teazle proper.

Crest — A dragon's head, barry of six, ar-

gent and gules, charged with nine lozenges
three, three, and three, or ; in the mouth a
teazle proper.

Motto — Semper paratus.

Seat— At Tixall, co. Stafford.

SIMEON, of Grazely, co. Berks.
22 May 1815.

Sir RICHARD-GODIN SIMEON, Baronet, M.P. for the Isle of
Wight, succeeded his father, sir John, Feb. 1824, born 21 May 1784 ;
married, 8 April 1813, Louisa-Edith, eldest da. and co-h. of sir Fitzwil-

liam Barrington, bart., and has issue, 1. Louisa-Mary, b. 2 Jan.

1814; 2. JOHN, b. 5 Feb. 1815; 3. Charles, b. 9 Dec. 1816;

4. Jane-Elizabeth, b. 5 Oct. 1818 ; 5. Cornwall, b. 5 Feb.


I. Sir JOHN SIMEON, bart., was ap-
pointed recorder of Reading 1779, and M.P.
for that borough 1812. He was senior mas-
ter of the court of Chancery, and in 1811
was placed at the head of the commission,
in conjunction with count Munster and
sir Herbert Taylor, for putting the real and
personal estates of king George III. in trust
during his melancholy indisposition ; m.
Rebecca, eldest da. of John Cornwall, of
Hendon House, co, Middlesex, esq., and by
her (who d. 20 Oct. 1830) had issue,

1. Sir Richard, present bart.

2. Edward, b. 1788, w., Sept. 1814, So-
phia, 2d da. of Philip-Lybbe-Powys, of
Hardwick House, co. Oxon, esq.

3. Charles, captain R.N., 6. 1791, m.
Frances, da. of T. VVoore, esq., and has
issue, 4 sons and 4 das.

4. Eleanora-Elizabeth, w. col. Web-
ber Smith, C.B., of the royal artillery.

5. Charlotte, m. Thomas - Browne
Evans, of Tuddenham, co. Norfolk, esq.

6. Harriet, m., July 1814, sir Frederick
Baker, of Loventor, co. Devon, bart.

Sir John received from his majesty, a
royal grant of supporters to be borne by
him and his successors in the title of bart.
He d. Feb. 1824, and was succeeded by his
eldest son,

II. Sir RICHARD, present bart.

A)-tns—See Plate 47. Per fess, sable, and
or, a pale, counterchanged ; three trefoils
slipped two and one, of the second, and
three ermine spots, one and two of the first.

Crest— A fox passant regardant, proper, in
the mouth a trefoil slipped, vert.

Supporters — Granted by royal warrant 1820,
dexter, a fox regardant proper, in the mouth
a trefoil slipped vert ; sinister, a lion gules
ducally crowned, or.

Motto — Serviendo — and — nee temere, nee

Seat— St. John's, and Swainton in the Isle
of Wight.

22 May 1815.

Sir GUY CAMPBELL, Baronet, C.B., Col. in the Army, and Deputy
Quarter-Master-General of the Forces in Ireland ; married, 1st, 13 Jan.
I8I7, Frances-Elizabeth, eldest da. and co-h. of Montagu Burgoyne, of
Marks Hall, co. Essex, esq., by which lady (who d. 7 May 1818) he had

issue, 1. Frances-Elizabeth. Hem., 2dly, 21 Nov. 1820, Pamela,

da. of the late lord Edward Fitzgerald, son of James, 1st duke of Leinster,

and has issue, 2. a SON, b. 25 Oct. 1822 ; 3. a Son, b. 17 April

1824 ; and other children.

John Campbell, of Edinburgh, esq.,m.
Anna-Caroline, da. of James Campbell, of
Tofts, esq., and had issue,

Colin, iieut.-gen. in the army,
of Gibraltar, and col. of the 55th regt. of
foot ; nu Mary, eldest da. and co-h. of col.
Guy Johnson, superintendent of India af-
fairs in North America, and d. 2 April 1814,
aet. 59, leaving issue,

1. Sir Guy, present bart.

2. John, major in the army.

3. William, captain in the army.

4. Colin, in holy orders. Hi. , Dec. 1820,
Beatrice, da. of admiral George viscount

5. James ; 6. Frederick.

7. Mary.

8. Caroline, tru, 20 Oct. 1812, George-
Horatio, present marquess of Cholmon-
deley, d. without issue, 12 Oct. 1815.

9. Jilia-Frances; 10. Arabella.
11. Julia.

I. Sir GUY, created a bart. as above.

^;vH.s— See Plate 46. Quarterly : 1st and
4th, girony of eight pieces, or and sable ; 2d,
argent, a lymphad, sable, with a flag and
pennants flying, gules ; 3d, or, a fess, cheeky,
argent and 'azure, all within a bordure, em-



battled, ermine.
Crest — On a wreath, a boar's head, couped,


Motto, (over the crest ,)— Follow me.

POCKLINGTON-DOMVILE, of Santry House, co. Dublin.

22 May 1815.

above ; married., 1st, Elizabeth- Frances Lindsay, da. of the hon. and rev.
Charles, lord bishop of Kildare, and niece of the earl of Balcarres, and by

her (who d. Aug. 1812) had issue an only son, 1. COMPTON-

CHARLES, b. Aug. 1812. He m., 2dly, 7 Dec. 1815, Helena-Sarah, da.
of Frederick French, of Heywood, Queen's County, esq., and has issue,
2. a Son, b. 28 Feb. 1821 ; and other issue.

Christopher Pocklington, of Stut-
low, CO. Hunts, rear-admiral R.N., m. Eli-
zabeth, only da. of sir Thomas Domvile,
of Templeoge, co. Dublin, bart. of Ireland,
(see Domville of St. Alban's, co. Herts,) by
his 2d wife, Anne, da. of sir Charles Comp-
ton, and only sister of the whole blood of
sir Compton Domvile, bart., who d. s.p. 13
March 1768, when the title became extinct.
He d. in Dublin, Oct. 17()(3> leaving issue by
the above lady, a son and heir,

Charles, who, on the death of his un-
cle, sir Compton Domvile, assumed the
surname and arms of Domvile, and had

1. Sir Compton.

2. Henry-Barry, in holy orders, rector
of Leigh, CO. Worcester, m. Mary, da. and
h. of William Russell, of Powick Court,
CO. Worcester, and has issue.

3. William, in holy orders, rector of
Winforton and Munsley, co. Hereford, m.

Abigael, da. and co-h. of John Freeman, of
Letton, CO. Hereford, esq., and has issue.

4. Christopher.

5. Elizabeth, m., 1814, rev. George Mont-

6. Margaret, m., Oct. 1812, rev. G.
Wheeler, of Steple Ashton, co. Wilts.

7. Anna-Maria, m.

S.Caroline, m., 1817j George Wade, esq.

9. Louisa, m.

10. Mary, m., 25 March 1811, D. A. P.
Wilson Philip, of Worcester, M.D.

11. Bridget, m.

I. Sir COMPTON, eldest son, was created
a bart. as above.

Arms — See Plate 47- Azure, a lion ram-
pant, argent, collared, gules.

Crest— \ man's head, affronts, wreathed
about the temples.

S<?ats — At Templeoge and Santry, CO.

JACKSON, of Arsley, co. Bedford.

22 May 1815.

Sir KEITH-ALEXANDER JACKSON, Baronet, in the Army, born
8 Jan. 1798, succeeded his father, sir John, 17 May 1820 ; married., 4 Feb.
1834, Amelia, only da. of the late George Waddell, esq., East India Com-
pany's civil service.

Robert Jackson, of Jamaica, esq., d.
1777, having m. Hannah, da. of Nathaniel
Coverley, of Jamaica, esq., and had issue by
her, (who d. 1799,)

1. Samuel-Coverley, d. 1788.

2. William, d.

3. Elizabeth.

4. Rosanna, m. Grosciard, esq.

5. Marv-Anne, d. unm.

6. Sir John, 1st bart.

7. Robert, b. April I7C5, capt. R.N.

8. Joseph.

1. Sir JOHN, created a bart. as above, h.
30 Dec. 1763, m., 13 Feb. 17<)7, Charlotte, da.
of gen. Goreham, of Gorcham Point, Nova
Scotia, and had issue by her,

L Sir Keith-Alexander, present bart.

2. John, b. 28 April 17!»'.), m., 8 March
1832, Honoria-Anna-Maria, 7 th da. of James
Daniell, esq.

3. Welby-Browne, b. 30 Dec. 1802, re-

gister of Allahabad, in the civil service of the
East India Company in Bengal.

4. CoLviLLE-CovERLEY, b. 7 May 1804,
joint magistrate and deputy-collector of
Moorshedabad, in the E. L C. service in

5. Charlotte, b. 25 June 1801, d. 8 Oct.

6. Margaretta-Anne, b. 25 Jan. 1806,
m., 24 April 1828, George Rennie, esq.

Sir John d. 17 May 1820, and was succeed-
ed by his eldest son,

l\. Sir KEITH-ALEXANDER, present

^/vK.f— See Plate 47. Argent, on a fess
between a goat's head, couped in chief, gules,
and a ship in full sail in base, proper, a
greyhound current, between two pheons,
or, within a border, gules, charged with
eight bezants.

Crest— Oa a wreath of the colours, a goat's



bead couped argent, gutte de sang, armed
and bearded, or, gorged with a collar, gules,
charged with three bezants from the collar.

a line reflexed of the third, the rings gold.
Scat — At Arsley, co. Bedford.

STEUART, of Allanton, co. Lanark.

22 May 1815.

Sir HENRY STEUART, LL.D., F.R.S., and A.S.E., born 20 Oct.
1759, created a Baronet as above, with remainder to the heirs male of the
body of his only surviving daughter, Elizabeth ; married, 1787, Lillias, da.
of Hugh Seton, of Touch, esq., (in right of his wife,) hereditary armour-
bearer to his majesty for Scotland, and has issue, 1. Elizabeth-

Seton, b. 1788, d. the same year; and 2. Elizabeth, b. 31 Oct.

1789, m., 23 Jan. 1812, Reginald-Macdonald, of Staffa, esq., by whom she
has issue, Henry -James, b. 5 Nov. 1812; Archibald, b. 18 31 ay 1814; Isa-
bella, b. 10 J'eb. 1816; John- Reginald, b. 21 Dec. 1818; Lillias-Margaret,
b. 14 April 1821.

This family is of great antiquity in co.
Lanark, and is at the head of one of the
most extensive branches of the house of
Brynkle, being lineally descended from sir
Robert Stewart, of Daldowie, Gih son of sir
Robert Stewart, of Bonkle, or Bonkhill,
son to Alexander, fith lord high steward of
Scotland, great-grandfather of king Robert
II., the first prince of the Stewart line.
About 121IU, sir John bestowed the estate of
Daldowie, on the river Clyde, part of his
extensive possessions co. Lanark and co.
Renfrew, in patrimony, on his son, sir Ro-
bert, and was himself killed at the battle of
Falkirk, anno 1298, against Edward I., with
many other of the Scotch nobility : sir Ro-
bert probably fought at Bannockbum, with
the lord high steward, and the rest of his
family, under king Robert Bruce ; and we
find that in the following year he, with
three of his brothers, sir Alan, sir Walter,
and sir Hugh, accompanied Edward Bruce
in the expedition to Ireland, 1315 ; and he
was also present at the battle of Dundalk,
1318, where that adventurous prince at
length terminated his career ; from whom

James, 10th baron of Allanton, and 13th
in descent from the lord high steward of
Scotland, b, 1715, m., 1754, his cousin Mar-
garet, da. of Henry-Steuart Barclay, of Col-

lernie, co. Fife, esq., younger brother to sir
James Steuart, of Goodtrees, bart., M.P.
for Mid-Lothian, in the 1st parliament after
the Union, and afterwards solicitor-gene-
ral in the reign of George II., and had issue,

1. James, 6. 1755, d. 17.56.

2. Sir Henry, present bart.

3. William; 4. Antonia, bothrf. 1775.
James, deceasing, was succeeded by his
eldest surviving son,

I. Sir HENRY, the 15th in descent from
the lord steward of Scotland.

Arms — See Plate 47- Or, a fess chequ^,
azure and argent, surmounted of a bend,
gules, charged v,-ith three buckles of the
field ; on a sinister canton, gules, a lion pas-
sant guardant, or, pierced with a dart pro-
per, (by special grant from king Robert II.,)
and in base, a broken spear, surmounted of
a helmet, both pro;-er.

Crest — A dexter h.aiid, grasping a thistle,
proper, issuantfrrra an earl's coronet.

Supporters — Two lions rampant, gardant,
proper, armed and langued, gules, collared
of the last, each collar charged with three
buckles, or.

Mottoes (above the crest) — Juvant aspera
fortes; (below the shield) — Virtutis in bello

Seat — Allanton House, co. Lanark.

GRIFFIES-WILLIAMS, of Llwyny-Wormwood, co. Carmarthen.

22 May 1815.

Sir GEORGE GRIFFIES-WILLIAMS, Baronet, took the surname
of Williams, in addition to his paternal name of Griffies, by royal
sign manual, 21 May 1785 ; married, 1st, Jane, only child and sole h. of
the rev. dr. John Lewis, of Tredeved, co. Pembroke, (brother to the late
sir Watkin Lewis, knt., and alderman of London,) and by her, who hdec,
had no living issue, and 2dly, Anna-Margaret, da. of Herbert Evans, of
Highmead, co. Cardigan, esq., and has issue, 1. JOHN-GEORGE-
HERBERT, m., 4 June 1816, Mary-Anne, only da. of Joseph Shawe, of
the Circus, Bath, esq., and has issue, George-Herbert, b. 26 Dec. 1817 ;

2. Erasmus-Henry, m., 1819, Caroline, only da. of Henry Griffiths,

late of Beaumont Lodge, Windsor, esq., and has issue, 1 . George-Henry, d.

Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 78 of 95)