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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 79 of 95)
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an infant; 2. Caroline ; ^.Juliana; 3. Frederick-Lewis; 4.

Watkin-Elias ; 5. David-Herbert-Thackeray, in holy orders,



wi., 9 Sept. 1830, Anne-Frances-Gertrude Davies, eldest da. of tlie late

J. Davies, of Penlan, esq.

-6. Anne,


1st, 20 June 1820, Lewis

Grant, of the East India Company's service, esq., who d. 1823 ; and 2dly,

S. Kent, esq. ; 7* Anna-Margaret ta, m,, 11 June 1833, H. Har-

court Lyons, of Tenby, esq.; 8. Jane-Isabella; 9. Eliza-

Maria-Decima, w., 12 April 1831, William -Hoi well Short, esq.;

and 10. Mary-Anne-Caroline-Catherine.

John GRiFFrES, of Coed, co. Carmarthen,
esq., m. Mary, da. of George Lewis, vicar of
Aberguilly, co. Carmarthen, (sister to Eras-
mus Lewis, esq., under-secretary of state
temp, queen Anne,) and had, among other
issue, Anna, m. David Williams, of St.
Peter, co. Carmarthen, esq. ; and

John Griffies, of Croydon, in holy
orders, rector of Chipsted, co. Surrey, rn.
Anne, da. of dr. Thomas Thackeray, some-
time head-master of Harrow school, and had

1. Sir George, present hart.

2. Elias-Erasmus, in holy orders.

3. William.

4. Anne, m. Henry Griffiths, lateof Beau-
mont Lodge, near Windsor, esq.

I. Sir GEORGE, created a bart. as above.

Arms—iiee Plate 47- Quarterly : 1st and
4th, Williams, argent on a chevron, en-
grailed gules, between three bulls' heads,
caboshed sable, a rose between two fleurs-
de-lis of the field: 2d and 3d, Griffies,
azure, a fess dancette ermine, between four
griffins segreant, or.

Crest of Williams — A bull's head erased
at the neck, pean, armed or, in the mouth
a spear, the staff broken, proper. Crest
of Griffies — A griffin segreant azure,
beaked and armed, or, wings elevated er-
mine, the claws supporting a scaling ladder
of the second.

Se«(— At Llwyny-Wormwood, co. Carmar-

DUNDAS, of Richmond, co. Surrey, and Llanelly, co. Carmarthen.

22 May 1815.

Sir WILLIAM DUNDAS, Baronet, horn 10 Dec. 1777, succeeded his
father, sir David, 10 Jan. 1826.

Sir William Dundas, of Dundas, (the
14th generation of tliat family,) living 1494,
left a younger son, William, who settled at
Dudingston, in West Lothian, and his
grandson, David Dundas, of Dudingston,
left a younger son,

George, of Manour, in Perth, who was
the immediate ancestor of this family.

Ralph Dundas, of Manour, grandson of
the above George, m. Helen, da. of sir Tho-
mas Burnett, physician to Charles and
James II., king William and queen Anne,
and d. 1729, leaving issue, John Dundas, of
Manour, his son and heir, twice m. and had
issue; Thomas Dundas, M.D., m. and had
issue; and

Ralph Dundas, of Edinburgh, mer-
chant, 3d son, m. Mary, da. of William
Berry, of Edinburgh, and d. 175^9, leaving

1. Ralph, captain R.N., d. iinm.

2. James, of Edinburgh, under clerk to
the signet, m. Elizabeth, da. of William
Graham, of Airth, and had issue five sons
and five das.

3. Sir David, created a bart. as above.

4. George, rear-admiral, d. at the Cape
of Good Hope, Aug. 1814, leaving issue,
William-Boulden Dundas, major R.A., and
other children.

L Sir DAVID, created a bart. as above,
b. 7 Dec. 1749, m. Isabella, da. of William

Robertson, of Richmond, esq., and by her
(who survived him, and d. 1 March 1827)
had issue,

1. William, rf. an infant.

2. Sir William, 2d bart.

3. George ; 4. Ralph, both d. young.

5. James-Fullarton, lieut.-col. Bengal

6. John-Burnet, capt. R.N., m., 30 Dec.
1828, Caroline, 3 da. of the rev. John Jef-
freys, rector of Barnes, Surrey.

7. Edward, d. an infant.

8. Mary; 9. Elizabeth.

10. Margaret; 11. Isabella.

Sir David d. 10 Jan. 182G, and was succeeded
by his eldest surviving son,

11. Sir WILLIAM, 2d and present bart.

Arms— See Plate 47. Argent, a lion ram-
pant, holding between the paws a human
heart, gules, in the centre chief point, a
crescent azure, thereon a mullet, argent for

Crest— On a wreath, a dexter hand, hold-
ing a mullet, azure.

Supporters (as used by the baronet) — Two
lions regardant, proper, collared gules,
and pendent from each collar, a man's heart
of the last.

Motto — Essajiez.

Seats— At Richmond, co. Surrey, and
Llanelly, co. Carmarthen.

LEIGH, of Whitley, co. Lancaster.
22 May 1815.
Sir ROBERT-HOLT LEIGH, Baronet, created as above, with re-
mainder to the issue male of his father, Holt I^eigh, of Whitley, esq.,



This family has been long resident at
Bretherton, co. Lancaster.

Alexander Leigh, of Bretherton, co.
Lancaster, esq., m., as his 2d wife, Dorothy,
2d da. of Robert Holt, of Sherrington, cb,
Lancaster, esq., co-h. of her brother, Briber
Holt, of Wigan Park Hall, Ince, and Sher-
rington, esq. This Alexander Leigh began
and completed a work of great public spirit
and utility, the canal from Wigan to the
Ribble, which he completed about the year
1735. He had, among other issue, a son
and heir,

Holt Leigh, of Whitley, b. 3 Jan. 1730,
and rf. 11 March 1785, having m. Mary,
youngest of the two das. and co-heiresses of

Thomas Owen, of Up Holland Abbey, esq.,
and had issue,

1. Sir RoBERT-HoLT, present bart.


3. Alexander, of Leeds, 7inm.

4. RoGER-HoLT, d. 13 May 1831, on both
of whom the title is entailed in remainder.

L Sir ROBERT-HOLT, created a bart.
as above.

Arms — See Plate 47. Gules, a cross en-
grailed, argent, between four lozenges er-

Crest — A demi-lion, gules, holding be-
tween the paws a lozenge argent, charged
with a rose of the first.

Seat — At Whitley, co. Lancaster.


of AxTROBus, CO. Chester; and of Rutherford,
CO. Roxburgh.

22 Mav 1815.

Sir EDMUND-WILLIAM ANTROBUS, Baronet, born 17 May 1792,
succeeded his uncle, sir Edmund, 6 Feb. 1826; married, 16 Oct. 1817,
Anne, only da. of the hon. Hugh Lindsay, brother of the 6th earl of Bal-

carres, and has issue, 1. EDMUND, b. 3 Sept. 1818; 2. Jaxe, b.

20 Nov. 1819; 3. Anne, b. 30 May 1821 ; 4. Hugh-Lindsay, b.

1 Jan. 1823; 5. Harriot, b. 31 Aug. 1824, d. 27 April 1826 ; 6.

Caroline, b. 22 March 1827; and other issue.

Antrohus Hall, and its demesnes, was the
seat of the family of Antrobus from an
early period till the reign of Henry VI.,
1460, when it was sold by Henrt/ Aittrobies,
esq., (of whom hereafter,) to Thomas Ve-
nables, esq., nephew to sir WilUam Ve-
nables, of Bolyn, knt. This branch of the
Venables family resided for several genera-
tions at Antrobus, and subsequently re-
moved to Wincham. The Antrobus e'state
was purchased, in 1808, of Edward Town-
shend of Chester, esq., by sir Edmuxd An-
trobus, the first bart., who was descended
from Henry Antrobus, esq., who alienated
the family estates and demesnes as above.

William Antrobus, of Antrobus, co.

Chester, esq., m. Felix, da. of Con-

stantine, of Whitchurch, esq., and had

Thomas, of Antrobus, who m. Mary,
da. of Richard Fitz waiter, esq., and had

'Henry, who sold the manor of Antrobus
to Thomas Venables, as above stated; m.
Elizabeth, da. of John Mackelfield, esq.,
and left a numerous issue.

Edmund, or Edward Antrobus, of Od-
rode, in Astbury, co. Chester, great-grand-
son of Henry, ?h. and had issue,

Edmund, of Odrode, »?. and had issue,
1. Edmund, m. Mary, da. of Thomas Webb,
of Blackenhall, co. Stafford, esq., and had
issue, Edmund, d. itnm., 1787; Thomas;
William, both rf. imm. ; and Maria, m. Ed-
mund Sanxay, of Cheam, co. Surrey, esq. ;

Philip, of Congleton, co. Chester, m.
Anne, da. of John Vardon, of Congleton,
and had issue, 1. John- Antrohus, m. Hannah,
da. of the rev. Daniel Sanxay ; 2. Edmund,
d. itnm. ; 3.

Philip, of Congleton, co. Chester, m.,
1745, Mary, da. of Thomas Rowley, of
Overton, co. Stafford, and had issue,

1. William; 2. Mary, both d. unm.

3. Jane.

4. Sir Edmund, 1st bart.

5. Frances, rf. unm.

6. Philip.

7. Thomas, rf. at Canton, tinm.

8. John, m., 1791, Anne, only da. of Gibbs
Crawfurd, esq., M.P. for Queenborough,
and had issue,

1. Sir Edmund-William, present bart.

2. Gibbs-Crawfurd, h. 27 May 1793, of
Eaton Hall, co. Chester, esq., m., 1st, 25
June 1827, Jane, 2d da. of sir Coutts
Trotter, bart., which lady rf. 19 Nov. 1829,
in childbed, of a son, John-Coutts ; and
he re-m., 12 Jan. 1832, Charlotte, sister of
Edward, lord Croft on.

I. Sir EDMUND, 4th son, created a bart.
as above, with remainder to his nephews,
Edmund- Vv'illiam, and Gibbs-Crawfurd An-
trobus, and the heirs male of their bodies :
he rf. unm. 6 Feb. 1826, and was succeeded
bv his nephew,

'II. Sir EDMUND-WILLIAM, present
and 2d bart.

Arms—See Plate 47. Lozengy, or and
azure, on a pale, gulos, three estoiles, of
the 1st.

CreM—Oxi a wreath of the colours, issuing
out of rays proper, an unicorn's head,
couped, argent, horned and maned, or,
gorged with a wreath of laurel, vert.

Supporters — Two horses, proper, being
the supporters used and borne by the lords
Rutherford, in the county of Roxburgh,
descended from Andrew, the 1st lord, who
was created baron Rutherford, 19 Jan. 1660,
with remainder to his issue male ; and, in
default of such issue, to such person or
persons as he should nominate to be his
successor in the said barony of Rutherford.
This title having become extinct in 1730,
the supporters were granted to sir Edmund
Antrobus, 1st bart., wlio purchased the
barony and estate of Rutherford.

Motto — Dei memor, gratus amicis.

Seats — Cheam, Epsom, Surrey ; Ames-
bury, Wilts.



BRYDGES, of Denton Court, co. Kent.
27 May 1815.

Sir SAMUEL-EGERTON BRYDGES, Baronet, horn 30 Nov. 1762,
M.P. for Maidstone, 1812 ; married^ 1st, Jan. 178G, Elizabeth, sole da. and
h. of the rev. William-Dejovas Byrche, (by Elizabeth, only sister of the
late Thomas Barrett, esq., of Lee Priory, near Canterbury,) and by her

(who d. July 1796) had issue, 1. THOMAS, b. 20 June 1789, capt. in

the grenadier guards, took the name of Barrett^ in addition to and before

that of Brydges, 1803, and d.iinm. 1 June 1834; 2. John-William-

Egerton, b. Nov. 1702, late lieut. 14th dragoons ; 3. Elizabeth-
Jemima, TO., 10 July I8I7, lieut. -colonel George Holmes, C.B., 3d dragoon

guards; 4. Jemima-Anne-Deborah, m., 4 Feb. 1817, Edwai-d Quil-

linan, esq., 3d dragoon guards, d. 24 June 1822; 5. Charlotte-Ka-

therine, to., Nov. 1820, Frederick- Uashwood Swann, esq., capt. in the
grenadier guards. Sir Samuel to., 2dly, Mary, da. of the rev. Williiim Ro-
binson, rector of Burfield, co. Berks, brother to Matthew, 2d lord Rokeby,

of Ireland, by whom he has issue, 6. Grey-Matthew, b. Oct. 1797»

d, Feb. 1812, at Minorca, a midshipman R.N. ; 7- Anne-Mary ;

8. Edward-Williabi-George, b. 1800, d. 13 June 1816; 9. Eger-

ton-Anthony, ft. Jan. 1802, rector of Denton, co. Kent ; 10. An-

thony-Rokeby, b. 1803; 11. Ferdinand-Stanley-Head, b.

1804; 12. Mary-Jane, to., 28 Aug. 1827, George Todd, esq., capt.

3d dragoon guards; 13. Ellen; 14. Frances-Isabella;

15. Jane-Grey.

John Brydges (alleged in the case laid
before the house of lords in support of the
claim of his grandson, the rev. Edward
Tymewell Brydges, to be descended from
Anthony Brydges, 3d son of the 1st lord
Chandos ; but said in the counter case on
behalf of the crown to have been of a per-
fectly distinct family, and grandson of John
Bridges, of Harbledown, near Canterbury)
was h. at Canterbury, l(j80; entered a stu-
dent at Gray's Inn, 1609, and called to the
bar, 17<'4; m., 1704, Jane, da. and h. of Ed-
ward Gibbon, of Westcliffe, near Dover,
esq., by Martha, da. of sir John Roberts,
knt., and d. July 1712, aged 32, leaving

1. Deborah, m. Edward Tymewell, esq.

2. John-Brydges, b. 1710, of Wootton
Court, CO. Kent,, esq., d. unm. April 1780,
aged 70.

3. Edward.

Edward, 3d son, succeeded his brother
at Wootton-court, esq., b. Jan. 1712, and d.
1780, ni., March 1747, Jemima, da. and co-h.
of William Egerton, LL.D., prebendary of
Canterbury, chancellor of Hereford, and
rector of Penshurst, co. Kent, youngest son
of the hon. Thomas Egerton, of Tatton
Park, CO. Chester, who was 3d son of John
Egerton, 2d earl of Bridgewater, by whom
(who survived him, and d. Dec. 1809, aged
82) he had issue,

1. Edward-Tymewell, in holy orders,
b. 1749, m. Caroline, da. of Richard Fair-
field, of Streatham, and d. s.]). Oct. 1807.
He claimed the barony of Chandos, in right
of the alleged descent of his family from
Anthony, 3d son of the 1st lord Chandos,
above noticed; but after an investigation

which lastC' some years, the house of
lords decided that he had not made out his

2. Sir Samuel-Egebton, present barU

3. Sir John-William-Head, knt., b.
July 1764, captain of Sandgate Castle, m.,
14 April 1812, lady Isabella-Anne Beresford,
eldest da. of George, 1st marquess of Wa-
terford, and has issue,

John, b. 6 Sept. 1814, and two das.

4. Anne, ni. the rev. George Lefroy,
rector of Ash and Compton, and d. Dec.

5. Jane, d. tinm. 1788.

6. Deborah, m. Henry Maxwell, of
Ewshot House, co. Hants, esq., and d.
March 1789.

7. Jemtma, d. unm. 1819.

8. Charlotte, m., 1st, Champion Bran-
fill, of Upminster Hall, co. Essex, esq.
(who d. Oct. 1792); and 2dly, John Har-
rison, of Deiinehill, near Canterbury, esq.

I. Sir SAMUEL-EGERTON, 2d son, was
created a bart as above.

Arms — See Plate 47. Argent, a cross sable,
charged in the centre with a leopard's face,
between two pheons in pale, the points
towards each other, and piercing the face,
or; in the first quarter, a lion rampant,
gules, holding in the paws a pheon, the
point downwards of the second.

Cre.^ — The bust of a man, the head pro-
per, hair and beard sable, vest argent, collar
gules, cap or, band and tassel of the 3d ;
the cap and vest charged each with a pheon,
point downwards of the first.

Miitto — Mdintien le droit.

Se«te— Denton Court and Lee Priory, co.



WALLER, of Braywick Lodge, co. Berks ; and Twickenham,

CO. Middlesex.

30 May 1815.

Sir JONATHAN-WATHEN WALLER, Baronet, G.C.H., Groom of
the Bedchamber to his INIajesty, took the name and arms of Waller only,
instead of his paternal name of Phipps, by royal sign manual, 7 ^^arch 1814;
born 6 Oct. 1769 ; married, 1st, Elizabeth-Maria, da. of Thomas Slack, of
Bravwick Lodge, co. Berks, and by her (who d. 20 Jan. 1809) he had issue,

^1. THOMAS-WATHEN, sec. of legation in Greece, b. 26 June 1805 ;

2. Ernest-Adolphus, to whom their royal highnesses the dukes of

Cumberland and Cambridge, and the princesses Sophia and Mary (duchess
of Gloucester) stood sponsors, b. \\ Dec. 1807, w., 15 Jan. 1835, Louisa,

youngest da. of the rev. Henry Wise, of OiFchurch, co. Warwick ; 3.

Georgiana, b. 18 June 1799, «i., 16 July 1830, the rev, Sainsbury-

Langford Sainsbury ; 4. Akne-Eliza, b. 25 Feb. 1803, wz., 15 Julj^

1823, John Jarrett, esq., of Morelands, co. Hants, and of Camerton House,
CO. Somerset. Sir Jonathan w., 2dly, Oct. 1812, Sophia-Charlotte, baroness
Howe in her own right, eldest da. of the late admiral Richard, earl Howe,
K.G., of Langar Castle, co. Nottingham, and relict of the hon. Penn-
Assheton Curzon, eldest son of Assheton, viscount Curzon.

Joshua Phipps, of London, b. 1743, m.
Mary, da. and heir of John Allen, of Lon-
don, esq., (by Anne, da. of Thomas Waller,
and sister and eo-heiress of James Waller,
of Farriers, near High Wycombe, co. Bucks,
esq,,) and rf. 22 Jan. 1773, leaving issue by
her (who d. 1804) a da., Mai-y, m. Thomas
Blunt, of Chelsea ; and

a bart. as above.

Arms — See Plate 48. Sable, on a bend
engrailed argent cottised or, three walnut
leaves proper.

Crest — On a mount vert a walnut tree
fructed proper, pendent therefrom, by a
riband, gtiles, a shield azure, charged with a
fleur-de-lis, or.

Motto — Hie fruetKS virt litis.

Seats — Braywick Lodge, co. Berks; and
Pope's Villa, Twickenham, co. Middlesex.

PRESTON, of Beeston St. Lawrence, co. Norfolk.

30 May 1815.

Sir JACOB-HENRY PRESTON, Baronet, born 25 Jan. 1812, sue
ceeded his father, sir Thomas, 21 April 1823.

Henry Hulton, of Andover, co. Hants,
esq., commissioner of the customs at Bos-
ton, North America, from 1768 to 1775, d.
15 April 180.5, having m. Elizabeth, da. of
Isaac Preston, of Beeston, co. Norfolk, esq.,
and by her had issue,

1. Sir Thomas, 1st bart.

2. Henry, of Lincoln's Inn, barrister-at-
law, and recorder of Lynn, co. Norfolk, b.
18 May 1769, m., 1797> Sophia, da. of the
rev. Whitley Heald, and had issue.

3. Edward, in holy orders, b. Oct. 1771.
nu Pleasance Bagge, sister to Jane, wife of
his brother sir Thomas, and has issue.

4. Preston, m. Alice Leigh, of Bamfield,
CO. Hants, but d. s.p.

5. George, capt. 1st dragoons, d. in Spain,

I. Sir THOMAS, eldest son, created a
bart. as above : took the surname and arms
of Preston only by royal sim manual
1805, b. 29 Aug. 1767 ; "'•> 1st, Eliza, da. of
George Adams of Litchfield, co. Stafford,
esq., and by her had no issue ; 2dly, March
1799, Jane, youngest da. of Thomas Bagge,
of King's Lynn, co. Norfolk, esq., and had

1. Sir Jacob-Henry, present bart.

2. Thomas-Edward, b. 17 Nov. 1816

3. Jane-Mary, b. 13 Jan. 1800.

4. Eliza, b. 27 July 1801, m., 9 Dec. 1834,
William Webber, esq., son of the late Joseph
Webber, of Friston, co. Suffolk, esq.

5. Pleasance, b. 30 Oct. 1802, »«., 31 July
1828, rev. Jeremiah Burroughs, of Lingwood
Lodge, CO. Norfolk.

6. Frances, b. 31 March 1804, ?n., 11 July
1833, William Bagge, of Stradset Hall, co'.
Norfolk, esq.

7. Anne.

8. Emilia.

9. Sophia.

10. Octavia-Thomazina.

11. Louisa.

12. Ellen.

Sir Thomas d. 21 April 1823, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

II. Sir JACOB-HENRV, present bart.

Arms— See Plate 48. Ermine, on a chief,
sable, three crescents, or.

Crest — On a wreath, a crescent, or.

Motto — Pristiinint spero lumen.

Seat — At Beeston St. Lawrence, co. Nor-



PRICE, of Treiggwainton, co. Cornwall.

30 May 1815.

ceeded his father, sir Rose, 29 Sept. 1834.

7 Dec. 1800, suc-

Francis Price, of Wales, is said to have
gone out to Jamaica, a captain in the army
under Penn and Venables, which first re-
duced that island under English sovereignty
1655. He settled in Jamaica, and left a da.,
Elizabeth, m. Thomas Rose, of Rose Hall,
and three sons, Francis, Thomas, and

Charles, b. 1678, m. Sarah, da. of Philip
Edmonds, of Jamaica, and had issue,

1. Francis, d. in England, young.

2. Sir Charles, many years speaker of
the house of assembly, on his resignation of
which office, 1763, his eldest son was imme-
diately and unanimously elected in his stead.
He was created a bart. 7 Oct. 1763, tn. Maria
Sharp, and d. 26 July 1772, leaving issue,

1. Sir Charles, 2d bart., speaker of the
house of assembly, m. Elizabeth, da. of
John Guy, and widow of John Woodcock,
but d. s.]^. 1788, when the baronetcy be-
came extinct.

2. John, d. unm.

3. Rose, d. young.

4. Rose, m. Lydia Fagan, but d. s.p.

5. Sarah.

3. Thomas, m. Anne Moor, but d. s.p.

4. John.

John, 4th son of Charles Price, m., 6 Feb.
1737, Margery, da. of Henry Badcock, of
Penzance, by whom (who d. 8 Oct. 1765) he
had an only son,

John, b. 25 June 1738, m., 3 Aug. 1764,
Elizabeth, da. of John Brammer, of St.
John's, Jamaica, and d. at Penzance, 3 Jan.
1797, having had issue, Charles-Godolphin, b.
7 June 1765, d. an infant, and

I. Sir ROSE, created a bart. as above, b.

21 Nov. 1763, nu, 1798, Elizabeth, youngest
da, and co-h. of Charles Lambart, of Beau-
pare, CO. Meath, esq., (and sister of Thoma-
sine, countess Talbot,) and by her (who<?,
2 Dec. 1026) had issue,

1. Rose-Lambart, 6. 4 July 1799, m.,26
March 1324, Catharine, coimtess dowager of
Desart, and d. Jan. 1826, leaving an only

Maria, 6. 15 Jan. 1325.

2. Sir Charles-Dutton, present bart.

.3. Francis, b. 11 March 1804, heut. 19th

4. Eltzabeth-Mary, b. 9 March 1805, m.,
26 June 1830, John Bassett, esq.

5. Charlotte, b. 16 May 1806.

6. Emily, b. 14 Sept. IOO7.

7. John, b. 20 Oct. 1803.

8. Agnes, b. 20 Jan. 1810.

9. Anna, b. 20 Jan. 1811.

10. George, b. 10 April 1812.

11. Julia, &. 23 July 1813.

12. Louisa-Douglas, b. 22 Dec. 1814.

13. Thomas, b. 3 Nov. I8I7.

14. Jane-Frances, b. U March 1819.
Sir Rose d. 29 Sept. 1834, and was succeeded
by his eldest surviving son,

II. Sir CHARLES - DUTTON, present
and 2d bart.

Anns — See Plate 48. Sable, a chevron,
ermine, between three spear-heads, argent,
embrued at the points, proper.

Crest — On a wreath of the colours a dragon's
head vert, erased, gules, holding in its mouth
a sinister hand erect, couped, dropping blood
from the wrist, all proper.

Seat — At Treiggwainton, co. Cornwall.

JEPHSON, of Springvale, co. Dorset.

1 June 1815.

Sir RICHARD-MOUNTENEY JEPHSON, Baronet, succeeded his
father, sir Richard-Mounteney, 1st bart., 1825.

This family is descended from Richard
Jephson, esq.jtowhomHenry VIII. granted
the manor of Froyle, co. Hants. His grand-
son, sir JoJiii Jephson, of Froyle, and of
Mallow, CO. Cork, was father of major-gen.
WiUiarn Jephson, whose 5th son,

William Jephson, in holy orders, D.D.,
was dean of Lismore, m. Anne, da. of Red-
mond Barry, of Rathcormac, co. Cork, and
had issue,

1. .John.

2. Mary, m. thehon. James O'Bryen, and
was mother of the 1st marquess Thomond.

3. Anne, m. sir Winwood Mowet, bart.,
of Ireland.

John, only son of the dean, was also in
holy orders, and archdeacon of Cloync, he
m. and had issue,

1. John, d. young, 7mm.

2. William.

3. Robert, b, 1736, m. Anne, da. of sir
Edward and sister of sir Nathaniel Barry,
of Dublin, barts.

4. Michael.

5. Mary.

6. Anne, m. the rev. George Baker, D.D.
William, eldest surviving son and h. of

the archdeacon, was b. 1734, m. Thomasine,

youngest da. of Richard Mounteney, esq.,
and sister of Richard Mounteney, sometime
baron of the exchequer in Ireland, and had

1. John, in holy orders, m., 1st, Charlotte,
da. of Nicholas Smith, of Castle Park, co.
Limerick; and 2dly, Anna-Maria, da. of
David Burleigh, esq., and has issue by both.

2. Sir Richard-Mounteney, 1st bart.
.3. William.

4. Robert, m. Sarah Codrington, of
Drogheda, and d. 1804.

bart., so created as above, was sometimejudge
of the admiralty, and judge-advocate at Gib-
raltar, 11)., 1st, Catherine, da. of Joliffe,

of Wolvcrton, in the Isle of Wight, esq.,
and by her had issue,

1. Sir Richard - Mounteney, present

2. James-Saumarez.

.3. William; 4. Edmund; bothrf. infants.
He m., 2dly, Charlotte Rochford, eldest da.
of licut.-gen. John Smith, of the royal ar-
tillery, and by her (who survived him) had

5. William-Malone.

6. Stanhope-William.



7. JoHX, d. an infant.

8. Charlotte-Julia, m., 14 Dec. 1831,
Edward Fitzgerald, esq.

9. J ILIA.

10. Georgk.

11. Eliza.

Sir Richard d. 1825, and was succeeded by
his eldest son.


Arms — See Plate 48. Azure, a fess em-
battled, or, between three cocks' heads
erased, argent.

Motto — Veritas mag^na est.

Seat — At Springs ale, co. Dorset.

OAKES, of St. George, Hanover Square, co. Middlesex.

1 June 1815.

Sir HENRY-THOMAS OAKES, Baronet, born 4 July 1795, suc-
ceeded his father, sir Henry, Oct. 1827 ; married, I May I8I7, Frances-
Jane, oth da. of William Douglas, of Sloane Street, esq., and has issue,

1. HENRY-FREDERICK, b. 8 March 1818; 2. Frances-Char.

lotte, b. 14 May 1819; 3. Henrietta-Matilda, b. 10 Jan. 1821 ;

4. Georgia'na, b. 7 Oct. 1822; 5. Dorothea-Maria, b. 21

Nov. 1824; 6. Sophia-Louisa, b. 30 Jan. 1827; 7- Hilde-

brand-Henry, b. 26 Jan. 1829; 8. Stuart-Windsor, b. March


Abraham Oakes, LL.D., vicar of Shed-
dy Camps, co. Cambridge, and rector of
Long Melford, co. Suffolk, m. Catharine,
eldest da. of sir John Jacob, of West Wrat-
ting, CO. Cambridge, bart., and d. 22 June
I7&S, leaving, besides other issue, two sons,

1. Rev. John-Jacob, rector of Long Mel-
ford, and afterwards of Bluntisham, co.

Huntingdon, w. Dorothy, da. of

Wrangle, and d. 1796, leaving three das,,

1. Dorothy.

2. Elizabeth, m. Gamham.

.3. Catharine, m. Henry Wilson, of So-
mersham, co. Hunts.

2. Hildebrand, 2d son, lieut.-col. in the
army, d. 21 Feb. 1797, having m, Sarah, da.
of Henrj' Cornelissen, of Braxted Lodge,
CO. Essex, and by her (who d. March 1775)

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