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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 80 of 95)
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had issue,

1. Sir Hildebrand, 1st bart.

2. Sir Henry, 2d bart.

I. Sir HILDEBRAND, G.C.B., lieut.-gen.
in the army, lieut.-gen. of the ordnance,
and col, of the o2d regt. of foot, b. 19 Jan.
1754, was created a bart. 2 Nov. 1813, and 1
June 1815 a second patent was granted to
him, with remainder to his brother, sir
Henry, 2d bart., and his issue male. Sir
Hildebrand d. without issue, 9 Sept. 1822,
and was succeeded, agreeably to limitation
of the 2d patent, by his brother,

II. Sir HEXRY, lieut.-gen. in the army
in the East Indies, and colonel of infantry
in the East India Company's ser\-ice, b. 11
July 175(3, Hi., 1792, Dorothea, da. of George

Bowles, of Mount Prospect, co. Cork, esq.,
and had issue,

1. Henry, b. March 1793, d. 1794.

2. Sir Henry-Thomas, present bart.

3. Hildebrand-Gordon, b. 6 Nov. 1797,
in the military service of the East India
Company at Bombay, m., 1829, Isabella
Aston, and d. in India', s.p., 30 Oct. 1832.

4. George-William, b. 6 July 1803, a
writer in India.

5. Charles-Henry, b. 25 Nov. 1810.

6. Sarah-Lydia, b. 19 March 1801, m.,
12 March 1829, sir William Seymour, knt.,
judge of the Supreme Court at Bombay,
who d. Dec. 1829.

7. Dorothea-Maria, b. 24 March 1805,
»!., 9 April 1831, Robert-Patterson Lloyd,
esq., lieut. 2d foot, who d. 6 Aug. 1834.

8. Sophia-Harriet, b. 26 Feb. 18(^, m.,
4 Jan. 1831, the rev. Thoraas-Lagden Rams-
den, M.A.

Sir Henry d. Oct. 1827, and was suc-
ceeded bvhis son,

IIL Sir HENRY - THOMAS, present

Arms — See Plate 48. Argent, on a chev-
ron engrailed, sable, between three sprigs of
oak fructed, proper, a cross of eight points,
of the field.

Crest — Out of a mural crown, gules, a
buck's head erased at the neck, proper,
gorged with a collar, embattled, counter-
embattled, or.

Motto — Persevere.

Sea^— Mitcham HaU, Surrey.

KING, of Charles Town, co. Roscommon.

21 July 1815.

Sir GILBERT KING, Baronet, succeeded his uncle, sir Gilbert, 8
Aug. 1818; married, 1833, da. of Charles Vigone, esq.

I. Sir GILBERT KING, of Charles Town,
was created a bart. as above, v/ith remain-
der to his brother, the rev, John King,
M,A,, archdeacon of Killala ; remainder to

Robert King, esq. , son of the late Robert
King, esq., 3d brother of the aforesaid Gil-
bert King, and his issue male.
Sir Gilbert rf. 8 Aug, 1818, and (having

s 2



sunived his brother, the rev. John King)
was succeeded in his title and estates by his

II. Sir GILBERT, present bart., son of
the said rev. John King.

Arms — See Plate 48. Sable, a lion ram-
pant, double queued, or.
Crest — An escallop, gules.
Motto — A udaces furtuna javat.
Seat — At Charles Town, co. Roscommon.


9 March 1816.

Sir ROBERT-JAMES BROWNRIGG, Baronet, succeeded his grand-
father, sir Robert, 27 May 1833, and is a minor.

Henry Brownrigg, of Rockingham, co.
Wicklow, esq., (grandson of Henry Brown-
rigg, of Yerton, co. Cumberland, who set-
tled in Ireland,) «i., 5 Oct. 1753, Mary, da.
of Michael Alcock, of Norwich, esq., and d.
1793, having had issue by her, (who rf. 1819,)

1. John - Studholme, in the army, d.
1787> leaving issue,

1. Henry-Fox, killed at Monte Video,


2. William Crosbie, capt. R.N., d. unm.

3. John-Studholme, M.P. for Boston.

2. Sir Robert, present bart.

3. Thomas, gen. in the army, m. Anne,
da. of Robert Shearman, of Kilcrean, co.
Kilkenny, esq., and d. 1827, having had

1. Henry; 2. Marcus-Freeman.
3. Charles ; 4. Anne.

4. Henry-Quin, lieut.-col. d. s.p. 1810.

5. Martha, m. Edward CuUen, esq.

6. Mary-Jane.

I. Sir ROBERT, 2d son, created a bart.
as above, G.C.B., gen. in the army, col. 9th
foot, and governor of Landguard Fort : m.,
1st, 8 April 1783, Elizabeth-Catherine, 5th
da. of William Lewis, of Cornwall, in Ja-
maica, esq., by whom (who d. 14 April 1804)
he had issue,

1. Henry-Lewis, &. and d. 1784.

2. Robert - James, lieut.-col. in the
army, b. 23 Dec. 1790, m., 9 July 1816,
Emma, da. of major-gen. Colebrooke Nis-

bett, and d. 10 May 1822, leaving issue,
1. Sir Robert-James, present bart.

3. Frederick, b. 1795, d. 4 Feb. 17.99.

4. Charles, in the civil service at Ceylon.

5. John-Herbert, b. and d. 1801.

G. Katharine, 6. 6 Oct. 1789, m., 2 Oct.
1811, major-gen. sir John Ross, K.C.B.,
and d. 1 Aug. 1834.

Sir Robert m., 2dly, 27 June 1810, Sophia,
da. of the rev. - — Bisset, D.D., of Knighton
House, in the Isle of Wight, and dying 27
May 1833, was succeeded by his grandson,

II. Sir ROBERT-JAMES, present and
2d bart.

Arms — See Plate 48. Argent, a lion ram-
pant gardant, sable, between three crescents,
gules ; in the dexter fore-paw of the lion a
sword proper, hilt or, thereon a serpent en-
twined, vert, and for augmentation, on a
chief embattled vert, a representation of the
sceptre of the king of Kandy, or, and of
the banner of the said king, being gules
within a bordure, with a ray of the sun is-
suing from each angle, a lion passant hold-
ing a sword, in saltire ; the whole ensigned
with a representation of the crown of

Crest — 1st, of augmentation, a demi-Kan-
dian proper, holding in the dexter hand a
sword, and in the sinister the crown of
Kandy ; 2d, out of a mural crown, or, a
sword erect, in pale, proper, hilt, or, there-
on a serpent entwined, vert.

Motto — Virescat vulnere virtus.


12 March 1816.

Sir CHARLES OGLE, Baronet, Vice-Admiral of the Blue, succeeded
his father, sir Chaloner, 27 Aug. 1806; horn 24 May 1775; married^ 1st,
22 April 1802, Charlotte, da. of Thomas Gage, esq., general in the army,
2d son of Henry, viscount Gage, and by her (who d. Sept. 1814) had issue,
1. CHALONER, b. 18 July 1803, in the army ; 2. Charlotte-
Arabella, b. 12 Aug. 1805; 3. Sophia, w., 17 Aug. 1830, the rev.

Edward-Chaloner Ogle. Sir Charles w?., 2dly, Sept. 1820, Letitia, da. of
sir William Burrough, bart., and by her (who (/. 13 Nov. 1832) had issue,

4. William, b. 5 May 1823. Sir Charles »«., 3dly, 10 April 1834,

Mary-Anne, da. of George Cary, of Tor Abbey, co. Devon, esq., and relict,
1st, of John Dalton, jun., of Thurnham Hall, co. Lancaster, esq., and2dly,
of sir John-Hayford Thorold, bart.

This family descends from Henry Ogle,
of Kivkley, co. Northumberland, who, ac-
cording to tradition, was a lineal descendant
of William Ogle, 3d son of sir Robert Ogle,
and brother of Robert, 1st lord Ogle, who
was summoned to parliament 1401. Henry
Ogled. 1581, leaving a son and heir,

Cuthbert, of Kirklcy, m. Dorothy, da.
of Roger Fenwiek, and d. 1055, leaving a
son and heir,

John, of Kirkley, m. Elizabeth, da. and
h. of Ralph Fowler, of Sandeford Stene,
CO. Northumberland, and had issue,

1. Ralph.



2. JoHN,barrister-at-law, and judge of the
admiralty at Newcastle, m. Mary, da. of
Richard Braithwaite, of Warcop, co. West-
morland, and d. 1740, leaving a son.

Sir Chaloner, admiral of the fleet, who
was knighted 17:23, m. his cousin Isabella,
da. of Nathaniel Ogle, M.D., but d. s.p.
175(». .

Ralph, eldest son of John, m. Martha,
da. of Nathaniel Thompson, and d. May
1705, leaving, besides other issue, a younger

Nathaniel Ogle, of Kirkley, M.D.,
sometime physician to the forces under the
illustrious duke of Marlborough, d. 1739, »;.,
27 April 1708, Elizabeth, da. and co-h. of
Jonathan Newton, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne,
barrister-at-law, of the family of Newton,
of Stokesfield Hall, and had issue,

1. Nathaniel, d. ii)im. 1762.

2. Rev. Newton, D.D., dean of Win-
chester, d. 1804, leaving issue,

1. Nathaniel, d. num. 1813.

2. Rev. John-Savile, M.A., prebend of

3. Henry-Bertram.

3. Sir Chaloneb, of whom hereafter.

4. Isabella, m. her cousin sir Chaloner
Ogle, knt.

I. Sir CHALONER, admiral of the red,
1st bart., m. Hester, youngest da. and co-h.
of John Thomas, lord bishop of Winchester,
and had issue.

I. George; 2. Edward, both d.

3. Sir Charles, present bart.

4. James, M.A., rector of Bishop's Wal-
tham, and vicar of Crondall, m., 26 Dec.
1807, Elizabeth, da. of Edmund Poulter,
prebendary of Winchester, and d. 19 May
1833, having had issue,

1. James-Sayer, b. 30 Nov. 1808.

2. Graham, 6. 27 Sept. 1814.

3. Elizabeth, b. 20 July 1810.

4. Jane, b. 24 July 1812.

5. Arabella, w. Edward Bouverie, esq.,
youngest son of William, ear ^ of Radnor.

6. Esther -Jane, m. Richard- Thomas
Streatfield, of the Rocks, co. Sussex, esq.,
and d. without issue, 27 Oct. 1796, ast. 26.

7- Barbabina, tn., 1st, Valentine Wil-
mot, esq. ; and, 2dly, Dec. 1819, Thomas ,
present lord Dacre.

8. Jemima-Sophia, m., 1788, general sir
Charles Asgill, of Fawley, co. Southamp-
ton, bart.

Sir Chaloner d. 27 Aug. 1816, and was suc-
ceeded bv his eldest son,

II. Sir CHARLES, present bart.

ArniJi — See Plate 48. Argent, a fess, be-
tween three crescents, gules ; on the fess [a,
crescent, on a mullet for difference.

Crest — An heraldic antelope's head, ar-
gent, maned and horned, or, with the same
difference as in the arms.

Seat— At Worthy, co. Hants.


30 March 1816.

Sir HENRY FLOYD, Baronet, Lieut. -Colonel in the Army, succeeded
his father, general sir John, 10 Jan. 1818; bom 2 Sept. 1703; married,
30 Aug. 1821, Mary, eldest da. of William Murray, of Jamaica, esq., and

has issue, 1. a Da., b. 3 Sept. 1822 ; 2. a SON, b. 20 March 182C ;

3. a Son, b. 24 March 1828.

I. Sir JOHN, 1st bart., general in the
army, colonel of the 8th light dragoons,
and commander of the south-west district in
Ireland; m., 1 Jan. 1791, Rebecca, da. of
Charles Darke, of Madras, esq., and by her
(who d. Feb. 1801) had issue,

1. Sir Henry, present bart.

2. Miranda, b. at Madras, 4 May 1792, m.,

18 Nov. 1815, major-general Joseph Fuller.
■3. Julia, b. at Trichinopoly, in India,

19 Nov. 1795, m., 8 June 1820, the right hon.
sir Robert Peel, bart., first lord of the trea-
sury, and chancellor of the exchequer, &c.

4. Flavia, d. young.
Sir John m., 2dly, 29 July 1805, Anna, da.
of Crosbie Morgell, of Mount Morgell, co.

Limerick, esq., and widow of sir Barry
Denny, of Tralee Castle, bart., by whom
he had no issue.

Sir John rf. 10 Jan. 1818, and was succeed-
ed by his only son,

II. Sir HENRY, present bart.

Anm—See Plate 48. Sable, a lion ram-
pant, regardant, argent, on a chief embat-
tled, or, a sword erect, proper, pommel and
hilt gold, the blade passing through an east-
ern crown, gules, between two tigers' faces,
also proper.

Crest — A lion rampant, regardant, argent,
murally crowned, gules, bearing a flag (re-
presenting the standard of Tippoo Sultaun)
flowing to the sinister, proper.


25 May 1816.

Sir HOWARD ELPHINSTONE, C.B., created a Baronet as above,
Colonel-Commandant of the Royal Engineers, bor?i 4 March 1773 ; mar-
ried, 14 Feb. 1803, Frances, eldest da. of John Warburton, late of Parlia-
ment Street, esq., (nephew of John Warburton, esq., after named,) by his
wife, sister of John Aldridge, esq., late storekeeper of the ordnance, and
3I.P. for Queenborough, and has issue, 1. HOWARD, IM.P. for Hast-
ings, b. June 1804, m., 30 Sept. 1829, Elizabeth- Julia, youngest da. of



Edward-Jeremiah Curteis, of Windmill Hill, co. Sussex, esq., and has issue,

of whom, Howard- Warbur ton d. 2G July 1830 ; 2. Frances, b. 19 Nov.

1810; 3. Harriet, b. 25 April 1814 ; 4. Louisa, b. April 1815,

»n., 1 Oct. 1832, Robert Anstruther, of Thirdpart, co. Fife, major 73d

John Elphinstone, esq., captain R.N.,
lieut.-general and vice-admiral in the Rus-
sian service, and commander of the Russian
fleet in 1769, b. 1722, and d. 28 Feb. 1785,
having m., 23 Oct. 1750, Amelia, only da. of
John Warburton, esq., Somerset herald of
arms, and had issue,

1. John, capt. R.N., d. at Malta, 17 Dec.

2. Samuel-William, capt. in the Rus-
sian navy, d. 1788, m. Catherine, da. of ad-
miral Kruse, of the Russian navy, and had

Alexander, capt. R.N.

3. Thomas, post-capt. R.N., m. Isabella
Jones, and had issue,

1. Isabella; 2. Amelia.

4. Robert-Philip-Rodolph, lieut. R.N.

5. Sir Howard, present bart.

6. MoLiNEUx, in the civil service of the
East India Company at Madras.

7. Anne-Charlotte-Maria, m., 12 May
1781, sir Francis-John Hartwell, bart., and
d. 6 June 1809.

8. Amelia-Jane-Alice, m., 19 July 1799,
the rev. John Dymoke, of Scrivelsby, co.
Lincoln, esq., king's champion.

9. Catherine-Sarah, m. Roe, of

Kirkby-upon-Bane, co. Lincoln, esq.

son, was created a bart. as above.

Arms — See Plate 48. Argent, gutte de
sang, on a chevron, embattled, sable, be-
tween three boars' heads, erased, gules, two
swords proper, pommels and hilts or.

Crest — On a wreath of the colours, out of a
mural crown, gules, a demi-woman, affron-
tee, habited, and in the dexter hand a
sword, erect, proper, pommel and hilt or,
in the sinister an olive branch, also proper.

Seat — Ore Place, Sussex.

CAMERON, of Fassiefern and Collart, co. Argyll.

8 March 1817-

Sir DUNCAN CAMERON, Baronet, succeeded his father, Sir Ewen,
in Oct. 1828.

This is a younger branch of the family of
Cameron of Lochiel, one of the most an-
cient in Scotland. Sir Ewen Cameron, of
Lochiel, m. Mary, da. of sir Donald Mac-
donald, of Slate, bart., and d. 1718, aged 89,
leaving issue,

John Cameron, who was attainted in
1715, and d. in Flanders 1748, leaving issue
by Isabel, sister of sir Duncan Campbell, of
Lochnell, three sons, Donald, of Lochiel ;
John, of Fassiefern, grandfather of the pre-
sent bart. ; and Archibald.

John Cameron, of Fassiefern, m. Jean,
da. of John Campbell, of Achaladder, and
had issue by her,

1. Sir Ewen, created a bart.

2. Donald, living 1815.

3. Charles, d. in America.

4. Archibald, living 1815.

5. Isabella ; 6. Margaret ; 7- Mary.
8. Lucia ; 9. Johanna.

I. SirEWEN CAMERON, createda bart.
as above, m., 1st, Louisa, da. of Camp-
bell, of Barchaldine, by whom he had issue,

1. John, colonel of the 92d foot, who in
reward of his distinguished services in Hol-
land 1799, in Egypt 1801, and during the
whole of the late Peninsular war, but more
especially at the actions of Arroyo Moulino,
28 Oct. 1811, the pass of Maya, 25 July 1813,
the passage of the river Gave at Arriverette,
near Bayonne, 13 Dec. 1813, and the capture
of Aire, 17 Feb. 1814, obtained a royal war-
rant, granting him the crest of honourable
augmentation below described ; he was un-
fortunately slain at the battle of Quatre Bras,

16 June 1815.

2. Sir Duncan, present bart.

3. Peter, capt. in the naval service of
the East India Company.

4. Mary, m. Alexander Macdonald, of

5. Jean, m. Roderic M'Neil, of Barra,

6. Katherine, m. John Maepherson, of
Clunie, esq.

Sir Ewen m., 2dly, Katherine, da. of ma-
jor Maepherson, and widow of Bu-
chanan, by whom he had no issue, and dying
Oct. 1828, was succeeded by his eldest sur-
viving son,

II. Sir DUNCAN, present and 2d bart.

Anns — See Plate 48. Gules three bars or ;
on a bend ermine a sphinx between two
wreaths of laurel proper ; on a chief em-
battled a view of a fortified town, and there-
under the word " Acre."

Crests — 1st, (of honourable augmentation
granted to colonel John Cameron, pursuant
to a royal warrant, 20 May 1715,) a High-
lander of the 92d foot, up to the middle in
water, grasping in his right hand a broad-
sword, and in his left a banner, inscribed
•' 92d," within a wreath of laurel. 2d, out
of a mural crown, or, a dexter arm embowed
in armour, the hand grasping a sword, all

Supporters — On either side a Highlander
in the uniform of the 92d regiment, holding
in the exterior hand a musket, all proper.

Mottoes — (Over the 1st crest,) Arriverette,
(under the arms,) Maya,




7 Aug. I8I7.

Sir TH03IAS M'MAHON, Baronet, K.CB., succeeded his brother,
the right hon. sir John, agreeably to the patent of limitation, 12 Sept.
I8I7 ; Lieut. -Governor of Portsmouth, and commanding the south-western
district in England ; Major- General in the Army, sometime Lieut.-Colonel
of the 17th Foot, and Adjutant-General to the King's Forces in India.
Sir Thomas was born 27 I>ec. 1 779 ; married^ 27 Aug. ] 808, Emily- Anne,

3d da. of Michael-Roberts Westropp, esq., and has issue, 1. Jane,/.*.

30 Aug. 1809; 2. THOMAS-WESTROPP, b. 14 Feb. 1813; 3.

Emily, b. 24 Nov. 1815 ; 4. Frederick-Hisjlop, b. 27 Aug. 1817, d.

30 April 1827 ; 5. Adolphits, b. 14 Aug. 1821, d. 14 Sept. 1829 ;

6. Charlotte, b. 15 Feb. 1823 ; 7. William, b. 3 Dec. 1825 ; 8.

Frederica, b. 13 31ay 1829 ; 9. Georgiana-Mary, b. 11 Sept. 1831.

John M'Mahon, esq., patent comptroller
of the port of Limerick, d. 22 Dec. l/bt),
having ?n. first, and had issue,

1. Sir JoH.v, of whom hereafter.

John jVI'Mahon, esq., »;., 2dly, Mary, da.
of James Stackpoole, of Cork, merchant,
and had issue,

2. The right hon. sir William, master of
the rolls in Ireland, created a bart, 6 May
1815 (see that title).

3. Sir Thomas, present bart.

4. Mary ; 5. Catherine ; (j. Annk.

L The right hon. sir JOHN, having been
appointed private secretary and keeper of
the privy purse to kmg George IV., when

I'rince Regent, was sworn of the pri\'y coun-
cil, and created a bart. as above, with re-
mainder, in default of issue male, to his
brother, sir Thomas, and his issue male.

Sir John d. 12 Sept. 1817> and was suc-
ceeded by his brother,

n. Sir'THOMAS, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 49. Per saltire, or, and
ermine, a lion passant, azure, between two
lions passant, regardant, gules.

Crest — On a wreath, an arm embowed in
armour, holding a sword, all proper, sur-
mounted by a portcullis, gules, chained, or.

Motto — Sic nos, sic sacra tuemur.

MAITLAND, of Clifton, co. Mid-Lothian ; and Rose Hill,

CO. Hertford.

30 Nov. 1818.

LAND, Baronet, succeeded the hon. sir Alexander, 14 Feb. 1820, born 21
Nov. 1755; married, 30 April 1786, Helen, da. and sole h. of Alexander
GibsonWright, of Clifton Hall and Kersie, esq., and has issue, 1. ALEX-
ANDER, b. 14 Sept. 1787, m., 1819, Susan, da. of George Ramsey, of
Barnton, esq., and has issue, 1. Aleocander-Charles ; 2. George;^. Jane-
Harriet; 4. William-Ramsey; 5. Keith ; 2. James, b. 18 April 1789,

d,. 182G; 3. Thomas, b. 31 Dec. 1790, d. an infant; 4. Charles,

b. 25 Aug. 1792, heut. R.N., d. 13 April 1808; 5. Margaret, b. 24

June 1794, w., 1819, W. Iv. White, esq. Barrister-at-law ; 6. Pexe-

lope-IMadan, fi. 4 March 1796, d. 27 Sept. 1804; 7- Anxe-Char-

LOTTE, b. 23 Feb. 1798, m., 1822, Captain William Stirling, of Castle Milk,

CO. Lanark, who d. 1 Dec. 1825 ; 8. Augustus, b. 27 March 1800, a

Writer to the Signet ; 9. John, b. 27 Jan. 1803, Accountant at Edin-
burgh ; 10. Helen, b. 1 Feb. 1805, m., 7 Aug. 1827, James Maitland

Hogg, esq. ; 11. Penelope-Madan, b. 31 Oct. 1807 ; 12. Char-
lotte, b. 22 Jan. 1810; 13. Frederick-Charles, b. 7 April 1812.

I. Hon. sir ALEXANDER, 5th son of

Charles, fith earl of Lauderdale, by Eliza-
beth Ogilvy, eldest da. of James, earl of
Findlater and Seafield, lord high chancellor
of Scotland, (see Debrett's Peerage of the
Lhiited Kingdom of Great Britain and Ire-
land,) was created a bart. as above, general
in the army, and colonel of the 40th regi-
ment of infantry, »;., July 1753, Penelope-
Judith, da. of colonel Martin Madan, and
by her (who d. 22 Dec. 1805, £Et. 75) had

1. James-Martin, d. 1772, aet, 18.

2. Sir Alkxander- Charles, present


3. William, h. 18 May 1757, drowned
1781, unm,

4. AvcrsTus, h. 31 May 1761, commanded
the battalion of the guards in the action
near Egmont-op-Lee, Oct. 1799, where he
v/as mortally wounded, and d. unm. at the
Helder, 21 Oct. 1799.

5. Frederick, h. 3 Sept. 1763, lieutenant-
general, and colonel of the Ceylon regiment,
received the thanks of the House of Com-
mons, 14 April 1809, for his gallant merito-
rious services in effecting the conquest of
Martinique; m. Catharine- Worsam, da. of



John Prettyjohn, of Barbadoes, esq., and
has issue,

1. Frederick, b. 12 Oct. 1791, d. 4 Dec.

2. John-Madan, b. 12 Aug. 1793, m., 24
Oct. 1822, Elinor-Jane, da. and h. of Gil-
bert Anesley, esq., and by her (who d. 15
Oct. 1823) had an only child, ii/Jwor-SMsaw-
Jane, b. 25 Sept. 1823.

3. A son, b. and d. 27 March 1796.

4. Alexander, b. 18 June 1797, rf.28 Sept.

5. Charlotte, b. 1799, m., 18 April 1820,
Thomas Garth, of Haines Hill, co. Wilts,
capt. R.N.

6. Harriet, b. 10 May 1801.

7. Louisa, b. 8 Feb. and d. 27 Sept. 1803.

8. Frederica- Louisa, 6. 10 March 1805, d.
24 Aug. 1822.

9. Frederick-Thomas, in the army, 6.

18 Sept. 1807.

6. Penelope-Judith, m., 19 Oct. 18(t2,
the rev. Thomas-Cope Marsham, vicax of
Kew and Petersham, co. Surrey.

7. Charlotte.

Sir Alexander d. 14 Feb. 1820, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

sent bart.

Arms — See Plate 49. Or, a lion rampant,
dechausse, within a double tressure, flower-
ed, with fleur-de-lis, gules.

Crest — On a wreath, a lion sejant,guardant,
gules, crowned with a ducal crown, holding
in his dexter paw a drawn sword, pommel-
led and hilted, or, and in the sinister a fleur-
de-lis, azure.

Motto — Consilio et animis.

Seats — At Clifton Hill, co. Mid-Lothian,
and Rose Hill, co. Hertford.

JOHNSON, of Bath.

1 Dec. 1818.

Sir HENRY JOHNSON, G.C.B., created a Baronet as above, Gene-
ral in the Army, Colonel of the 5th Regiment of Foot, and Governor of
Ross Castle in Ireland; boryi 1 Jan. 1748; married^ 17 Jan. 1782, Re-
becca, da. of David Franks, esq., and sister to John Franks, of Isleworth,

esq., and by her (who d. March 1823) had issue, 1. HENRY-ALLEN,

knight of the royal military order of Wilhelm, conferred on him by his
majesty the King of the Netherlands, for his services as aide-de-camp to the

Prince of|Orange, during the Peninsular war; 2. George-Pigot,

capt. 81st foot, killed in Portugal, 1812.

Allen Johnson, of Kilterman, co. Dub-
lin, esq., m. Olivia, da. of John Walsh, esq.,
and d. 30 July 1747, leaving issue,

1. Sir John, created a baronet of Ireland,
1775, took the name of Walsh by royal sign
manual, 1809, m. Sackvilla, da. and co-h. of
Edward Brereton, of Spring Mount, Queen's
County, and had issue,

1. Sir John-Allen, his successor.

2. Edward; 3. Hunt.
4. Ralph; 5. Henry.
6. Frances ; 7- Olivia.
8. Milicent ; 9. Jane.

2. Sir Henry, present baft.

3. Anne, m., 18 Feb. 1765, sir Robert
Pigot, of PatshuU, co. Stafford, bart., and
d. July 1772.

Arms — See Plate 49. Per pale, sable and

azure, on a saltire, argent, between three
towers, or, one in chief and two in fess, and
two tilting spears, saltire-wise, in base of
the second, five cocks, sable.

Crest — On a wreath, a tower, argent, on
the battlements, a cock, gules.

Supporters — (as Grand Cross of the Bath.)
Dexter, a grenadier of the 28th or North
Gloucester regiment of foot, habited, and
accoutred, arms ordered, proper : — Sinister,
a light infantry man of the same regiment,
habited, and accoutred, and arms trailed,
proi)er, siipporting with his exterior hand a
flag staff, also proper, therefrom flowing a
banner, gules, inscribed " New Ross" in Tet-
ters of gold.

Motto — Vicisti, et vivimus.

Seat—M Bath.

FARRINGTON, of Blackheath, co. Kent.
2 Dec. 1818.

Sir HENRY-ANTHONY FARRINGTON, Baronet, succeeded his
father. Sir Henry-Maturin, 4 Oct. 1834; married^ 10 May 1833, Frances-
Elizabeth, eldest da. of the Rev. Dr. Warren, of Port View.

Charles Fakrington, col. in the royal
artillery, (son of Charles Farrington, of
Lancashire, gent.,) m. Anne, da. of Anthony
Croucher, of Greenwich, esq., and d. 22 Feb.
1782, leaving issue by her (who d. 19 Jan.
1805) a son,

I. Sir ANTHONY, a general in the army,
colonel commandant of the 1st battalion of
royal artillery, and director-general of the
artillery and field train, b, G Feb. 1741, O.S.,

created a bart. as above, »;., 9 March 17(56,
Elizabeth, da. of Alexander Colden, of New
York, and by her (who d. 12 April 1824) had

1. Charles-Colden, in the army, d. in
his father's lifetime, having m. Caroline, da.
of Philip Uoland, of Cork, and leaving an
only son.

Sir Charles-Henry, 2d bart.

2. Sir HENRY-MATtTRiN, 3d bart.



3. Harriett, m.lieut.-gen. Walter ClifFe.

4. Elizabeth-Anne, »;. James Gilbert,
capt. royal artillery.

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