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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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between three welk shells, or.

Crests — 1st, Sidney, a porcupine azure,
quills, collar, and chain, or; 2d, Shelley,
a griffin's head, erased, argent, ducally
gorged, or.

Seat—i\.i Penshurst Place, co. Kent.

HARE, of Stow Hall, co. Norfolk.

14 Dec. 1818.

Sir THOMAS HARE, Baronet, an officer in the army, horn 18 July
1807, succeeded his father, sir Thomas, 15 Feb. 1834.

Thomas Leigh, esq., grandfather to the
1st bart., m. Mary, da. of sir Thomas, and
sister, and at length co-heiress of sir Ralph,
sir Thomas, and sir George Hare, barts., of
the ancient family of Hare, long seated at
Stowe, CO. Norfolk, which title (created
1641) became extinct on the death of sir
George, last named, in 1704. They had

Thomas Leigh, of Iver, co. Bucks, esq.,
m. Anne, da. of Robert Clavering, lord
bishop of Peterborough, and had issue two
das., Anne, in. Robert Williams; and Mary,
m. Thomas Threwern ; and an only son,

L Sir THOMAS, who assumed the name
of Hare, by act of parliament, was created

a bart. as above, m., 1st, Mary, da. of sir
Francis Geary, bart., by whom (who d.
Dec. 1801) he had no issue. He m., 2dly,
Anne-Elizabeth, da. of Thomas, 1st lord
Graves, by whom (who d. 11 Sept. 1823) he
had issue,

1. Sir Thomas, present bart.

2. Elizabeth-Anne, h. Aug. 1804.

Sir Thomas d. 15 Feb. 1834, set. 85, and was
succeeded by his only son,

II. Sir THOMAS, present and 2d bart.

Arms — See Plate 50. Gules, two bars and
a chief, indented, or.

Crest — A demi-lion, rampant, argent, du-
cally gorged, or.

Ssaf— Stow Hall, co. Norfolk.

STRACEY, of Rackheath Hall, co. Norfolk.

15 Dec. 1818.

1768, succeeded his father, sir Edward, 16 Jan. 1829; married., 17 July
1810, Anne, da. and sole heiress of William Brooksbank, of the Beech, co.
Lancaster, esq. (who. d. 3 Dec. 1832).

This family appears to have been of an-
tiquity in Essex ; and the branch from
which Edward Stracey, the grandfather of
the 1st baronet, is immediately descend-
ed, was seated at Manuden and Latton,
in the said county, in the reign of queen
Elizabeth. The said Edward m. Mary, da.
of Capel Loft, who survived him, and by
vvliom he left issue an only son.

Sir John Stracey, who was chief-judge
of the sheriffs' court, and recorder of the
city of London, 174{) : he received the ho-
nour of knighthood at St. James's by
George II., and d. KJ Dec. 1748-9, leaving,
by Mary, his wife, da. of the rev. Gideon
Hardinge, clerk and vicar of Kingston-upon-

1. Hardinge, d. 2C Sept. 1808.

2. John, d. nnm.

3. Sir Edward, 2d bart.

4. Mary, d. and was burietl at St. Al-

5. Anne, to., 1st, John Freeman, rector
of Carston and Racklicath ; and, 2dly, rev.
Robert Parr, of Norwicli.

I. Sir EDWARD, eldest surviving son,
created a bart. as above, b. 4 June 1741, w.,
1st, 17W), Elizabeth, da. of Richard Lathom,
esq., and relict of John Williamson, esq.,
and by her (who d. 1775) had issue,

1. Sir Edward- Hardinge- John, pre-
sent bart.

2. Hardinge - Charles, of Lincoln's
Inn, barrister-at-law, 6. Nov. 1709, d. iitim. 5
May UilC.

3. George, of Thorpe Hamlet, in holy



orders, rector of Rackheath, 6. Dec. 1770,
m., March 1814, Sophia-Anne, youngest da.
and co-heiress of Edmund Mapes, of Rol-
lesby-Hall, co. Norfolk, esq., and has issue,

1. Sophia, b. Dec. 1814.

2. Charlotte-Brooksbank, b. Aug. 1819.

4. Josias-Henry, b. 13 Nov. 1771, m., 23
June 1800, Diana, eldest da. of David Scott,
of Duninald, co. Montrose, esq., late M.P.
CO. Forfar, and has issue,

1. Henry-Josias, b. 31 July 1802.

2. Ed ward- John, b. 12 May 1808.

3. Hardinge, b. 29 Sept. 1814.

4. Louisa, b. 24 May 1801.

5. Emma-Louisa, b. 13 April 1804.

6. Adelaide, b. 1 March 18(i6.

7 and 8. Emelin and Julia, twins, b. 14
March 1812, the latter of whom m., 31
Jan. 1833, sir Henry Durrant, bart.

5. JoHX, of Sprouston Lodge, co. Nor-
folk, b. 26 Nov. 1772, m., 1st, 1 Feb. 1814,
Harriet, da. of Thomas Comyn, of Totten-
ham, CO. Middlesex, esq., relict of Thomas
Ainslie, of Gloucester, esq., and by her
(who d. 1817) had no issue; he m., 2dly,
3 Aug. 1819, Emma, youngest da. of Thomas

Clitherow, esq., of Bird's Place, co. Herts.

6. JiLiA, b. March 17'J7, >n. the rev. Ben-
jamin-Ker Vaughan, rector of Aveton Gif-
fard, CO. Devon.

7. Sophia, tn., 23 Aug. 1792, Jonathan
Micklethwaite, of Burton, co. Norfolk,
esq. d.

Sir Edward m., 2dly, Sept. 1777j Elizabeth,
da. of Edward Bull, of Frome, co. So-
merset, esq., and had issue,

8. Francis, b. Aug. 1782.

9. Henry, in the army, b. Aug. 1785, d.

10. Harriet, b. March 1789, d. 1820.

Sir Edward d. 16 Jan. 1829, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

present bart.

Arms— See Plate 50. Ermine, on a cross
engrailed, between four eagles displayed,
gules, five cinquefoils, or.

Crest — A lion rampant, erminois, ducally
crowned, gules, supporting a cross pattee,
fitchee, of the last.

Seof— Rackheath Hall, co. Norfolk.

SHIFFNER, of Coombe Place, co. Sussex.

16 Dec. 1818.

Sir GEORGE SHIFFNER, created a Baronet as above, M.P. for
Lewes, 1807, 1812, and 1818, boryi 1? Nov. 17G2 ; married, 31 Oct. 1787,
Mary, only da. and h. of sir John Bridger, of Coombe-Place, co. Sussex,

and of Coin St. Aldwyns, co. Gloucester, knt., and had issue, 1. John-

Bridger, b. 6 Aug. 1788, capt. 3d foot-guards, killed at the siege of

Bayonne, 14 April 1814; 2. HENRY, capt. R.N., b. 4 Nov. 1789, w.,

9 July 1825, Emily, 2d da. of the late Thomas Brooke, of Church Min-

shuU, CO. Chester, esq. ; 3. George, in holy orders, Prebendary of

Winchester, b. 17 May 1791, m., 10 July 1817, Elizabeth, eldest da. of 'the
late rev. Croxton Johnson, of Wimslow, co. Chester, and has issue, 4 so7is

and 2 das. ; 4. Mary, b. 29 June 1792 ; 5. Frances-Rebecca,

h. 28 Nov. 1793, w., 3 April 1821, the rev. Charles-Edmund Keene, rector

of Buckland, co. Surrey; 6. Henrietta-Louisa, b. 19 April 1795,

wi., 1 Jan. 1834, George Hoper, of Lewes, esq. ; 7- Thomas, b. 8 Aug.

1796, a Groom of the Privy Chamber; 8. Isabella-Philadelphia,

b. 27 Feb. 1799.

Matthew Shiffner, a native of St. Pe-
tersburg, settled in London as a merchant,
and had issue, John, of London, merchant,
who m. Elizabeth-Eleanor, eldest da. and
co-h. of Stephen-Peter Godin, esq., and d.
about 1790, leaving issue ; and

Henry Shiffner, (eldest son,) of Lin-
coln's Inn Fields, and of Pentrylas, co.
Hereford, esq., M.P. for Minehead, b. 1721,
nu, 1758, Mar^', eldest da. and co-h. of John
Jackson, esq., sometime governor of Bengal,
(by Elizabeth, his wife, eldest da. and at
length sole h. of James Bellenden, esq., 3d
son of John, lord Bellenden,) and d. June

1795, leaving issue,

1. Sir George, present bart.

2. Thomas, 6. 7 July 17<>8, m., 16 Sept.
1797, Isabella-Hannah, only da. of John
Spooner, of Grosvenor Place, esq., some-
time of Jamaica, but d. s.p. 20 Feb. 18(X).

Anns—?,ee Plate 50. Azure a bend si-
nister, in chief two estoiles, and in base the
stock and end of an anchor, or, issuant out
of waves of the sea, proper.

CVftsT— An estoile or, between the rays six
annulets azure.

Seat— At Coombe Place, co. Sussex.

CROFT, of Cowling Hall, co. York.

17 Dec. 1818.

Sir JOHN CROFT, Baronet, K.T.S., D.C.L., F.R.S., and sometime his
Britannic Majesty's Charge d'affaires at Lisbon, created a Baronet, as above,
b. at Oporto, 21 March 1778 ; married^ 1st, 17 Aug. 1816, Amelia-Elizabeth,



eldest da. of James Warre, of George-street, Hanover-square, esq., and by

her (who d. 20 Oct. 1819) had issue, 1. Henrietta-Maria-Eleanor,

h. 15 June 1817; 2. Emzabeth-Anne, b. 7 Sept. 1818. He m.,

2dly, 24 July 1827, Anne-Knox, youngest da. of the rev. John RadclifFe,
rector of St. Anne's, co. Middlesex, and has issue, 3. JOHN-FREDE-
RICK, Z». 31 Aug. 1828; 4. Marianne-Radcliffe, b. 6 April 1832.

This family is of considerable antiquity
in the co. of York. Sir Christopher
Croft was lord mayor of York 1621) and
1641, and in the latter year entertained king
Charles I. at dinner in his own house. His
grandson, Thomas Croft, was a merchant
at Hull, m. Frances, da. of sir Stephen
Thompson, knt., and had a numerous
issue. His eldest son,

Stephen Croft, m. Elizabeth, da. of sir
Edmund Anderson, of Broughton, co. Lin-
coln, bart., and d. 1733, leaving issue by her,
(who d. 1771,) three sons,

1. Stephen, of Stillington, co. York,
where his descendants are still seated,

2. Thomas, grandfather of the present

3. John, of Oporto, and afterwards of
York, merchant, m., and left issue.

Thomas Croft, grandfather of the bart.,
m., 1st, Lucy, da. and h. of Henry Thomp-
son, of Kerby Hall, and by her (who d.
1756) had issue,

L John, of whom hereafter.
He m., 2dly, Harriett, da. of Richard
Dawson, merchant of York, and d. 5 Oct.
1783, leaving issue by her, (who d. 1764,)

2. Thomas, m. Anne, only child of Wil-
liam Ansell, of Dorking, co. Surrey, esq.,
and had issue two das.,

Mary- Anne, b. 1797j and Harriet.

3. Harriet, m., 1804, rev. Francis Dods-

John Croft, eldest son of Thomas above
named, m., 14 June 1775, Henrietta-Maria,
da. and co-h. of Samuel Tunstall, D.D.,
and d, 11 Feb. 1805, leaving issue,

1. Sir JOHN, present bart.

2. Frederick, b. 3 Oct. 1781, m., Jan.
1823, Magdalene, da. of lieut.-col. Hawley,
and d. 30 June 1824.

Arni.s—See Plate 50. Quarterly, indenteil
erminois and gules, in the first quarter a
lion passant guardant of the second.

Crest — A lion passant guardant, per pale in-
dented gules, and erminois, the dexter fore
paw resting on a shield argent, charged with
the Star of the Order of the Tower and

S'tpporters (granted by royal warrant 1834).
— Dexter. A lion guardant or, gorged with
a wreath of laurel vert, therefrom pendent,
an escutcheon gules, charged with a tower
or. Sinister a bull, sable, horned, crined,
hoofed, and gorged with a wreath of laurel
or, therefrom pendent an escutcheon argent,
charged with the Star of the Order of the
Tower and Sword.

Motto — E.sae qudm videri.

Seats — Cowling Hall, co. York ; Dodding-
ton and Newnham, Kent.

BATESON, of Belvoir Park, co. Down.

18 Dec. 1818.

Sir ROBERT BATESON, Baronet, M.P. for the County of London-
derry ; born 13 IMarch 1782, Created a Baronet as above ; married, 27 April
1811, Catherine, da. of Samuel Dickson, of Ballynaguille, co. Limerick,

esq., and has issue, 1. ROBERT, b. 29 March 1816; 2. Thomas,

b. 4 June 1819; 3. Samuel-Stephen, b. 13 Oct. 1821; 4.

George-William, b. 2 April 1823; 5. Stephen, 6.20 Jan. 1827;

6. Richard, b. 18 Dec. 1828; 7- John, b. 8 July 1831; 8.

Louisa, d. 18 July 1823; 9. Maria-Catharine; 10. Eliza-

— 11. Elizabeth-Honoria ;

BETH, b. 11 March 1815, d. 1810;-

12. Catharine-Anne, b. 3 Feb. 1825, d. April 1833.

This family is descended from a Thomas
Bateson, esq., who resided near Gurstang
in Lancashire, and d. 1630, leaving issue,
Robert, Gilbert, and Margaret. Robert, the
eldest son, d. 1663, leaving issue a da., Mar-
f(a ret, a,nd a son, Robert, who was father
of Thomas, ancestor of the present bart.,
and of Richard, who settled in London-
derry, m. Elizabeth Harvey, and had issue,
Robert, who took the name aiid arms of
Harvey in addition to those of Bateson, and
was created a bart. of Ireland, 178!).

Thomas Bateson, eldest son of Robert
above named, was b. 17<»5, sold his paternal
estates in Lancashire, and settled at ('range-
field House, CO. Down, and purchased
estates in the counties of Down and Lon-
donderry, d. 17!*2, having m., 1747, Mar-
garet, da. and eo-h. of White, of White




Hall, CO. Antrim, esq., and widow of
liam Hartley, of Dublinj esq., and

1. Thomas.

2. Richard, d. tmni.

3. William, d. itnm

4. Jane, m., 1782, John Dunne,
king's counsel in Ireland.

5. Frances, m., 1805, Hans-Mark Hamill,
of CO. Down, es(i.

Thoaias Bateson, eldest son of Thomas,
above named, was b. 5 Nov. 17.52; m., April
1770, Eli7,abcth, youngest da. of George
Lloyd, of Hulme Hall, co. Lancaster, esq.,
F.R.S., (by Susanna, sister of sir William
Ilorton, of Chaderton, co. Lancaster, bart.,)
and d. IT) May 1811, leaving an only son,

I. Sir ROBERT, present bart.

Arms— See Tlate 50. Argent three bats'.



wings, two and one, sable; on a chief gules
a lion passant, or.

Crest — A bat's wing sable.
Seat — Belvoir Park, co. Down.

TIERNEY, of Brighthelmstone, co. Sussex, and Dover Street,

CO. Middlesex.

19 Dec. 1818.

TIERNEY, of Brighthelmstone, co. Sussex, and Bruton Street,


5 May 1834.

Sir MATTHEW-JOHN TIERNEY, M.D., created a Baronet as
above ; Physician in Ordinary to his Majesty, and Physician to the house-
hold at Brighthehnstone, horn 24 Nov. 1776 ; married, 8 Oct. 1808, Har-
riet-Mary, da. of Henry Jones, of Bloomsbury Square, esq. Sir Matthew
obtained a second patent, dated 5 IMay 1834, with remainder to his brother,
Edward Tierney, of Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin, esq., one of the Crown
Solicitors for Ireland.

John Tierney, of Ballyscandlend, co.
Limerick, gent., m. Mary, da. of James
Gleeson, of Rathkennan, co. Limerick, and
d, circa 1784, set. circa 30, leaving issue,

1. Sir Matthew-John, 1st bart.

2. Thomas, sometime paymaster to the
43d regiment of foot, b. Feb. 1778, m., 18(»3,
Elizabeth-Dartnell, widow of John Fitz-
gerald of Rathkeale, by whom (who d. June
1810) he has issue,

1. Matthew-John, in the civil service of
the East India Company, b. 25 May 1804,
m., 2(j June 1824, Mary-Laurence, widow
of Lestoch Davis, of the East India Com-
pany's civil service, and has issue, 1. Mat-
thew, b. 12 March 1828 ; 2. John-Fmncis, b.
19 Feb. 1830 ; 3. EJivard, b. 17 July lasi ;
4. Amelia, b. 4 May 1825, d. 20 Aug. 1826.

2. John, 6. 3 Aug. 1806, East India Com-
pany's military service, d. ii»m.

3. Edward, b. 3 Feb. 1807, East India
Company's military service.

4. Mary, b. 21 Aug. 1805.

3. Edward, of the city of Dublin, one of
the crown solicitors for Ireland, b. June
1780, »?., April 1812, Anna-Maria, youngest
da. of Henry Jones, and sister of Dame
Harriet Tierney, and has issue,

1. John-Perceval, b. 30 March 1813, d.
16 April 1817.

2. Matthew-Edward, b. 17 Jan. 1818.

3. Harriet-Mary, b. 15 June 1816.

4. Frances, m. Matthew M'Mahon, of
the city of Limerick.

5. Sarah, ?«. Henry Bowles, of the city
of Limerick.

6. Mary, d. young.

Arms — See Plate 50. Azure a sword in
pale, proper, pommel and hilt gold, sup-
ported by two lions covmtcr rampant,
double queued or, on a chief ermine, two
trefoils slipped vert.

Crest — On a mount vert, a pheasant pro-
per, ducally gorged, or.

Seat — At Brighthelmstone.

HAMILTON, of Trebinshum House, co. Brecon.

26 Jan. 1819.

Sir EDWARD HAMILTON, created a Baronet as above, Rear-Ad-
miral of the Red, K.C.B.; born 12 March 1772; knighted 3 Feb. 1800,
for his extraordinary gallantry in cutting out his Majesty's late ship, Her-
raione, then a prize to the Spaniards, from under the batteries of Porto
CavaUo ; married, 1 Nov. 1804, Frances, da. of James JMacnamara, of

Llangoed, co. Brecon, esq., and has issue, 1. JOHN-JAIMES-ED-

WARD, b. 11 July 1808; 2. Arthur, b. 14 March 1800; 3.

Fanky-Mary, b. 4 March 1813, m., 15 Aug. 1831, William-Henry, Baron

Von Donnop, of Woebbell, in Westphalia, and d. 24 Jan. 1833; 4.

Agnes-Catharine-Anna-Belia, b. 7 Nov. 1818.

Sir Edward Hamilton is the 2d son of
sir John Hamilton, of Marlborough- House,
Portsmouth, capt. R.N., created a bart. 24
Aug. 1776, for his gallant conduct during
the siege of Quebec, 1775, and is brother to
the present sir Charles Hamilton, of the
Mount, near Uxbridge, bart., admiral of the

blue. — See Sir Cliarles Hamilton, Bart.

Arms — See Plate 50. Quarterly •, 1st and
4th, gules, three cinquefoils, ermine ; 2d
and 3d, argent, a lymphad with her sails
furled, sable

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, an oak
tree proper fructed gold, and penetrated



transversely in the main stem by a frame
saw proper, the frame or, and the blade in-
scribed with the word " Through."

Motto — Through.

Sea<— Trebinshum House, co. Brecon.

MAHONj of Castlegar, co. Galway.

14 April 1819.

Sir ROSS MAHON, created a Baronet as above, horn Oct. 1763 ;
married^ 1 Aug- 1780, lady Elizabeth Browne, da. of Peter, 2d earl of Al-
tamont, and sister of John Denis, 1st marquess of Sligo, and by her (who

d. March 1795) had issue, 1. Elizabeth-Louisa, b. 8 Sept. 1787i

w., 25 Sept. 180G, John Cator, of Beckenham -Place, co. Kent, and Wood-

Bastwick, co. Norfolk, esq. ; 2. Anne-Charlotte, m. rev. Rawden-

Griffith Greene, rector of Stittorgan, co. Dublin, and of Portarlington,

Queen's County ; 3. Charlotte, m. John-Henry Blakeney, of Ab-

bert, CO. Galway, esq. ; 4. Maria-Elizabeth. Sir Ross m., 2dly, Sept.

1805, Diana, da. of Edward Baber, of Park Street, Grosvenor Square, and by

her (who d. Dec. 1807) had issue, 5. Ross, d. an infant. Sir Ross w.,

3dly, 1 Oct. 1809, Maria-Geraldine, eldest da. of the right hon. James
Fitzgerald, of Inchcronan, co. Clare, late prime serjeant-at-law, and a
privy counsellor in Ireland, (by Catherine, baroness Fitzgerald and Vesey,)
and by her has issue, 6. ROSS, h. 18 July 1811 ; 7- James-Fitz-
gerald, b. 3 June 1812 ; 8. William, b. 14 July 1813 ; 9. John-
Denis, b. 9 May 1814; 10. Henry, b. 3 Jan. 1819; 11. Cathe-

rine-Geraldine ; 12. Letitia-Anne ; 13. Emily-Jane ;

-14. Henrietta-Louisa; 15. Georgina ; 16. Jane ;-

17. Caroline.

Ross Mahon, of Castlegar, co. Galway,
esq., m. Jane, da. of Cliristopher Usher, of
Mount Usher, esq., and had issue,

Ross Mahon, of Castlegar, co. Galway,
esq., m., Oct. 1762, the hon. Anne Browne,
only da. of John, 1st earl of Altamont, and
d. March 1788, having had issue,

1. Sir Ross, created a bart. as above.

2. John; 3. Henry; 4. James.

5. Charles, d. young.

6. George.

7. Anne, m., 1790, the right hon. Denis
Browne, brother to the first marquess of

8. Harriett, m. Annesley Knox, of
Rappa Castle, co. Mayo, esq.

9. Jane.

10. Emily, m. Thomas-William Filgate,
of CO. Louth, esq., both d.

I. Sir ROSS, eldest son, was created a
bart. as above.

Amis — See Plate 50. Per fess sable and
argent an ostrich counter changed, in the
beak a horse-shoe or.

Crest — A dexter arm embowcd in armour,
the hand grasping a sword, all proper.

Seat — At Castlegar, co. Galway.

BAILLIE, (now MACKENZIE,) of Berkeley Square, co. Middlesex.

2G May 1819.

Sir ALEXANDER MACKENZIE, Baronet, Gen. in the army. Knight
Grand Cross of the Royal Hanoverian Order of the Gueli)hs, and Knight
Grand Cross of the Sicilian Order of St. Januarius, succeeded his uncle,
sir Ewen Baillie, 21 Aug. 1820, pui-suant to a special limitation in the
patent of creation.

Alexander Baillie, of Dochfour, esq.,
(grandfather of the first bart.,) was a de-
scendant of the ancient family of Baillie of
Lamington. He had issue a son,

William, who was settled at Ross Hull,
oo. Ross, m., 1st, Elizabeth, da. of Alexander
Sutherland, of Cleyn, co. Ross, by whom
he had issue,

1. Alexander, of Knockbrake, co. Ross,
m., and had issue.

2. Sir EwKN, 1st bart.

3. James, major in the army, m,, and
had issue.

Hem., 2dly, Margaret Mackay, of Biggens,
CO. Caithness, by whom he liad, amongst
other issue,

4. Catherine, m., 1769, Roderic Mack-
enzie, of Fairburn, co. Ross, by whom
(who d. 1774) she had issue,

1. Sir Alexander, present bart.

2. William, of the island of St. Vin-

3. Barbara, m. Robert Murray Mac
Gregor, col. in the East India Company's
service, brother of sir John Murray Mac
Gregor, bart



4. Mary, ?n. James Massy, of Edinburgh,


I. Sir EWEN BAILLIE, 1st bart., was a
major-gen. in the army, col. of the 23d
regt. of native infantry in Bengal, and some
time provisional commander-in-chief of the
forces there. He was created a bart. 11
Dec. 1812, and 2(j May 1819, obtained a
second patent with remainder, on failure of
his issue male, to his nephew, Alexander
Mackenzie, ofFairburn. Sir Ewen rf. with-

out issue 21 Aug. 1820, and was succeeded,
according to the terms of the second patent,
by his nephew,

11. Sir ALEXANDER, present and 2d

Arm.i — See Plate 50. Azure, a buck's
head, caboshed, or, within a bordure, em-
battled, argent.

Crest — A mountain in flames, proper.

Seat — Fairburn, co. Ross.

ROBINSON, of RoKEBY Hall, co. Louth.

14 Dec. 1819.

Sir RICHARD ROBINSON, Baronet, succeeded his father, sir John,
16 April 1832; married, 9 Feb. 1813, Helen-Eleanor, da. of Stephen, 2d
earl of Mountcashell, and has issue,-


The family of Robinson is of considerable
antiquity in the counties of Vork and West-
moreland, and about the commencement of
the seventeenth century, sir William Robin-
son purchased the estate of Rokeby, in the
former county. His descendant,

William Robinson, of Rokeby, was b.
1675, »!., 1698, Anne, da. and h. of Robert
Walters, of Cundall, co. Vork, and ri. 24
Feb.1719, leaving issue by her, (whorf. 1730,)
besides other children, sir Thomas, who
was created a bart. 10 March 1730, and d. 3
March 1777. without issue; the right hon.
and rev. Richard Robinson, archbishop of
Armagh, primate of all Ireland, who was
created, 26 Feb. 1777, baron Rokeby, (see
that title in Debrett's Peerage of Ireland ;)
Anne, m., 1st, Robert Knight, esq., father
of the earl of Catherlough, and 2dly, James
Cressett, esq., and

Grace, who was second and youngest da.,
b. 5 Jan. 1718, m., 1/39, rev. William Freind,
D.D., of Whitney, co. Oxon, dean of Can-
terbury, son and h. of Robert Freind, D.D.,
prebendary of Westminster. He d. 26 Nov.
1707, and sherf. 28 Dec. 1/76, leaving issue,

I. Sir JOHN ROBINSON, who took that
name instead of his paternal name of
Freind, by royal sign manual, in 1793, and
was created a bart., 14 Dec. 1819 ; b. 15 Feb.

1754, m., 1786, Mary- Anne, 2d da. of James
Spencer of Rathangan, esq., by whom (who
d. 19 Jan. 1834) he had issue,

1. Sir Richard, present bart.

2. William, in holy orders, m., 21 May
1824, Susanna-Sophia, da. of viscount Ash-

3. John.

4. Henry-James, E. L C. military ser-
vice, rf. 25 March 1830.

5. Charles ; 6. Robert.

7. Jane, m., 2 Aug. 1825, George Powney,

8. Louisa ; 9. Charlotte.

10. Grace-Alicia ; 11. Emily.

12. Mary-Anne; 13. Henrietta.

14. Caroline.

15. Frances, w., 7 June 1828, hon. Henry
Walker, eldest son of viscount Ashbrook.

16. Sophia; 17. Selina; 18. Isabella.
Sir John d. 16 April 1832, and was suc-
ceeded bv his eldest son,

11. SirRICHARD, present and 2d bart.
Anns — See Plate 50. Vert, on a chevron,

or, between three bucks trippant of the
last, and pellette, as many quatrefoils,

Crest — A buck, as in the arms.

Seat — Rokeby Hall, co. Louth.

SCOTT, of Abbotsford, co. Roxburgh.

22 April 1820.

Sir WALTER SCOTT, Baronet, Major loth hussars, born 28 Oct.
1801, succeeded his father, sir Walter, 21 Sept. 1832; married, Feb. 1825,
Jane, da. of Jobson, of Lochore, co. Fife, esq.

The descent of the ancient, honourable,
and powerful family of the Scotts, of
Harden, may be found in Douglas's Brfron-
age of Scotland, p. 213, and therefore is
not here recited. Sir William Scott, of
Harden, and representative of that family,
a man of great fortune and political influ-
ence, d. 1655. By his wife, Agnes Murray,
da. of the first lord Elibank, he had five
sons, to each of whom he left a considerable
landed estate, besides that which descended
to the eldest ; these were, 1. sir William,
heir of the family, whose line is now ex-
tinct; 2. sir Gideon, of Highchester, whose
great-grandson succeeded to the family es-
tate of Harden, and whose descendant,
Hugh Scott, esq., now represents that an-
cient family ; 3. Walter Scott, of Raeburn ;

4. James, of Thirlestone ; 5. John, of

Sir Walter Scott is descended from
the 3d of these sons, viz. Walter Scott, of
Raeburn, who m. Isabel Makdougal, da. of
William Makdougal, of Makerstoun, by
Margaret Scott, da. of Walter Scott, of
Harden, called Auld Watt. This Walter,
of Raeburn, was a great orientalist, but
unhappily prosecuted his studies in the
Hebrew language until he studied himself
into quakerism, with which sect his lady
also complied. The privy council of Scot-
land, upon the petition of sir William

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