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sable, as many trefoils slipped of the field.

Crest — A hind's head couped sable, pierced
through the neck with an arrow proper.

Seat — Bushy Park, co. Dublin.

POCOCK, of Hart, co. Durham ; and Twickenham, co. Middlesex.

18 Aug. 1821.

Sir GEORGE POCOCK, Baronet, F.R.S., created as above, M.P. in
several parliaments for Bridgewater ; 4orn 15 Oct. 1765 ; married,, 6 June
1791, Charlotte, 2d da. of Edward liong, esq., sometime judge of the ad-
miralty court, Jamaica, and had issue, 1. GEORGE-EDWARD, b.

2 April 1792, »«., 1 March 1830, Augusta-Ehnor, eldest da. of the hon.
T, W. Coventry, of North Cray Place, co. Kent, and has issue, of whom

a da. b. 20 Jan. 1835; 2. Edward-Osborne, R.N., b. 6 March 1793,

rf. at sea, 20 Jan, 1813; 3. Augustus, b. March 1799, wi., 25

Aug. 1825, Julia-Catherine, da. of the late hon. Thomas- William Co-
ventry, by which lady (who d. 9 Oct. 1826) he had a son, George;
4. Robert-Temple ; 5. Charles-Samuel ; 6. Henry-
Charles ; 7- Mary-Anne - SoriiTA, b. 17 July 1795; 8.

Charlotte-Elizabeth-CatherinEj h. 1 July 1797 ; 9. So-



phia-Louisa-Henrietta, w., 22 June 1833, Lloyd-Vaughan Watkins,

esq., of Pennoyre, M.P. for Brecknock; 10. Emma, m., 26 May 1831,

sir Francis-Charles Knowles, bart.

The name of Pocock is of considerable
antiquity in the co. of Berks. John Pocock
appears, by an ancient inscription, to have
been buried at Hampsted Norris, in that
county, as early as 1493. Edward Pocock,
rector of Childrey, co. Berks, the learned
orientalist, was the son of the rev, Edward
Pocock, vicar of Chieveley, in the same coun-
ty, who is supposed, on strong probabilities,
to have been a brother of the rev. Lawrence
Pocock, the baronet's immediate ancestor.
The said

Lawrence Pocock, D.D., rector of
Bright Walton, co. Berks, (son of Richard,
and grandson of another Richard Pocock,
who d. 1617,) h. 1587, m- Deborah, da. of the
rev. Robert Callis, rector of Letcombe Bas-
sett, and d. L657, having had issue by her,
(who survived him, andrf. 1674,) besides other
children, who d. young,

1. Robert, rector of Long Ditton, co.

2. Thomas.

3. Edward, m. and left issue.

4. Richard, m. and left issue.

5. Lawrence, m. and left issue.
Thomas, 2d son, m. Anne, da. of ,

and had issue an only son,

Thomas, D.D., F.R.S., chaplain to
Greenwich Hospital, rector of Danbury, co.
Essex, and of Long Ditton ; b. 1(J09, d. 1745,
having m. Joyce, da. of James Master, of
East Langton, co. Kent, (and sister of Mar-
garet, wife of George-Byng, 1st viscount
Torrington,) and by her had issue,

1. Sir George, K.B.

2. Richard, lieut. R.N., d. unm. 1738.

3. Shem.

4. Sarah, m. Philip Vincent, capt. R.N.

5. Beatrice, in. the rev. David Camp-
bell, LL.D., chaplain to Greenwich Hos-

6. Margaret; 7. Anne.
8. Lucy ; 9. Joyce.

Sir George Pocock, K.B., eldest son,
was 6. 21 Feb. 1706, O.S., and entered the
naval service at the age of eleven years,
under the auspices of his uncle, viscount
Torrington, and was present on board the
admiral's ship, the Barfleiir, in the memor-
able victory gained by that distinguished
commander in the year 17I8, off the coast
of Sicily, when the whole of the Spanish
fleet was either taken or destroyed. He was
made captain, 1 Aug. 1738, and in 1748
commanded on the Leeward Island station,
and blocked up the French fleet in Mar-

tinico ; in 1754 he went to the East Indies
as second in command under admiral Wat-
son ; was soon after promoted to be rear-
admiral of the blue, and on the death of
admiral Watson in 1757, succeeded him in
the chief command of the English fleet in
those parts. With an inferior force he
gained three signal victories over the French
fleet, commanded by the count D'Ache,
and before the close of 1758, had established
the sovereignty of the English in those
seas. For these services he received the
thanks of the East India Company, his
statue was erected in the India House, and
his sovereign bestowed on him the order of
the Bath, with which he was invested 6
May 1761. In the succeeding year he was
appointed to command the naval part of the
expedition against the Havannah, which,
together with nine sail of the line, sur-
rendered to the English forces on the 12th
of August. Sir George for some time held
the office of master of the Trinity House,
and was twice returned M.P. for Plymouth.
He m., 28 Nov. 1763, Sophia-Pitt, youngest
da. of admiral Francis-George Drake, some-
time governor of Madras, 2d son of sir
Francis Drake, of Buckland, co. Devon,
bart., (widow of commodore Digby Dent,
and uterine sister of Harriott, duchess of
Ancaster,) and by her (who rf. 1768) had

1. Sir George, present bart.

2. Sophia, b. 28 Oct. 1764, to., 11 June
1782, John, 4th earl Poulett, and d. 24 Jan.

Sir George d. 3 April 1792, aged 87-

I. Sir GEORGE, only son, was created a
bart. as above.

Arms — See Plate 51. Chequy argent and
gules, a lion rampant guardant or ; (and for
honourable augmentation, in allusion to
the services of his father,) a chief wavy
azure, thereon a sea-horse proper, between
two eastern crowns or, and above, the word
" Havannah."

Crest — Out of a naval crown, or, an ante-
lope's head issuant, proper, attired, gold.

Sujjporters — (Granted pursuant to a royal
warrant, dated 15 Dec. 1821,) two sea-horses,
each resting his exterior paw upon an an-
chor, being the same that were granted to
the baronet's father, on his being nominated

Seat — Twickenham House, co. Middlesex ;
Bransgore House, Ringwood, Hants.

JOLLIFFE, of Merstham, co. Surrey.

20 Aug. 1821.

as above ; born 7 Dec. 1800 ; married^ 8 Oct. 1825, Eleanor, da. of the hon.

Berkeley Paget, and has issue, 1. HYIiTON, b. 10 July 1826; 2.

Eleanor, b. 18 June 1828; 3. Hebworth-Hylton, b. 23 June

1829; 4. Allada-Harriot, b. 9 Jan. 1831; 5. Wilhelmina-

Charlotte, b. 22 April 1833; 6. Julia-Agnes, h. 20 July 1834.

This family, the name of which was
originally written Jolle;/, is of considerable
antiquity in the counties of Stafford and
Worcester; John Jolley, of Leeke, co.

Stafford, was living about the middle of
the 16th century, and was great-grandfather

JoLLBY, or JOLLIFFE, of Cof-






ton Hall, CO. Worcester, m., 1st, Margaret,
da. of Richard Skinner, of Cofton, (by
Margaret, da. of sir Edward Littleton, of
Pillaton,) and by her (who d. 6 Jan. 1647)
had issue,

1. William, d, young.

2. Thomas, d. uxm.

3. John.

4. Benjamin, of whom hereafter.

5. Anne, m. Alexander Fitton, of Gause-
worth, CO. Chester, esq-

6. Anne, m. Tilston Brayne, of Staple-
ford, CO. Chester, esq.

He m., 2dly, Mary, da. of sir Gabriel
Lowe, of Newark, co. Gloucester, knt., by
whom (who d. KKiS) he had a son,

7. William, d. uvm.

Thomas Jolliife d. 1694, and was succeeded
by his 4th son,

Benjamin Jolliffe, m. Mary, youngest
da. of John Jolliffe, of London, merchant,
and sister of sir William JollitTe, knt. ; he d.
28 Oct. 1719, having by her (who d. 18 Nov.
1699) had issue,

1. Thomas, of Cofton Hall, esq., d, num.
11 April 1758.

2. William, d. unm, at Aleppo.

3. John, of Petersiield, of wliom here-

4. Rebecca, m. Humphry Lowe, of
Bromsgrove, co. Worcester, esq.

5. Anne, m. Robert Biddulph, of Led-
bury, CO. Hereford, esq.

John Jolliffe, of Petersfield, co. Hants,
esq., above named, was M.P. for that bo-
rough, 17h'3, (I 1771 : m., 1st, Katherine, da.
of Robert Mitchell, of Petersfield, by whom
he had no issue ; and 2dly, Mary, da. and h.
of Samuel Holden, of London, esq., by
whom he had issue,

1. William, grandfather of the present
bart.,ofwhom hereafter.

2. Thomas - Samuel, of Ammerdown,
near Bath, esq., m., 1778, Mary-Anne, da.

and h. of Twyford, of Kilmersden, co.

Somerset, esq., and d. 6 June 1824, aged 7B,
leaving issue.

1. John-Twyford, of Ammerdown P^rfe,
CO. Somerset, esq.

2. Thomas - Robert, in holy orders,
chaplain in ordinary to the Prince Regent,

3. Charles, in the arm.y, killed at Wa-

4. Mary-Annk.

William Jolliffe, above named, re-
presented Petersfield in six parliaments, d.
28 Nov. 1802, leaving issue, by Eleanor,
his wife, da. and h. of sir Richard Hylton,
(formerly Musgrave,) of Hayton Castle, co.
Cumberland, bart., (who was son and heir
of sir Richard Musgrave, by Anne, sister
and co-h. of John Hilton,, called baron of

1. Hylton Jolliffe, b. Feb. 1773, m.,
7 Sept. 1804, Eleanor Rose, natural da. of
Robert Shirley, earl Ferrers, by whom (who
d. 13 Jan. 1809) he had no issue,

2. WiLLiAM-JoHN, in holy orders, m,
Julia, da. and co-h. of sir Abraham Pytches-,
of Streatham, co. Surrey, knt., and d. 31
Jan. 183o, leaving issue,

1. Sir William - George - Hylton,
present bart.

2. Gilbert-East, Ueut. 19th light dra-
goons, r.i. Margaret - Ellen, da. of sir
Edward Banks, ami d. 18 Dec. 1833, set.

3. George, lieut. R.N., killed at the
battle of the Nile.

4. Eleanor-Mary, m., 1st, sir Gilbert
East, of Hall Place, co. Berks, bart.; and
2dly, 31 March 1834, hon. lieut.-col. Johu
Craven Westenra.

5. Mary, m. major Trevor, and d. with-
out issue.

6. Eleanor - Frances, m. lieut.-col.
George-Edward Raitt.

Arms—See Plate 52. Argent, on a pile^
vert, three dexter hands, of the first. — A cubit arm, erect, vested, vert,
cuffed, and the sleeve charged with a pile
argent, the hajid grasping a sword, proper.

Seat—h.\. Merstham, co. Surrey.


THE Mauritius.

21 Aug. 1821.

2G Oct. 1809, succeeded his father, sir Robert, late bart., IG March 1830.

FARQUHAR, created as above, /). 14 Oct.
1776, 2d son of sir Walter Farqvihar, of
Cadogan House, co. Middlesex, b;;rt., (.<'ee
that title,) took the surname of Tuivtishcnd,
in addition to that of Farcpihar, by royal
sign manual, July 1824. He was sometime
Commercial Resident at Amboyna, and
appointed, at the peace of Amiens, in 1802,
commissioner for adjusting the British
claims in the Moluccas, and to deliver up
those islands to the Batavian republic. In
1812 he was appointed governor and com-
mander-in-chief of the island of Mauritius ;

m., 10 Jan. 1809, Maria, 2d da. of the late
Francis Latour, of Madras, esq., and d. IG
March 1830, leaving issue by her, (who m.
2diy, 15 Feb. 1834, Thomas Hamilton, esq.',
brother of sir William Hamilton, bart,)

1. Sir Waltkr-Minto, present bart.

And other children.

Anns — See Plate .')2. Argent, a lion ram-
pant, sable, between two sinister hands,
coupcd in chief, gules, and a crescent azure
in base.

Crest — An eagle rising, proper.

Motto — Mente muiiaqtie.



FULLER.ELIOTT-DRAKE, of Nutwell Court, Buckland
Abbey, or Monachoru3I Sherford, and Yarncombe, co. Devon.

22 Aug. 1821.

well Court, Buckland Abbey, Sherford, Sheafhayne House, and Yarn-
combe, CO. Devon, Baronet, Major in the 52d Foot, created as above, with
remainder, on failure of issue male, to his brothers, William-Stephen Fuller
and Rose-Henry Fuller, commanders in the R.N. ; took the name and arms
oi EUoit and Drake, in addition to Fuller, by royal sign manual, 1813 ;
horn 8 Feb. 1785; married^ 5 Aug. 1819, Eleanor, only da. of James Hal-
ford, of Laleham, co. Middlesex, esq.

The family of Fuller appears to have
been settled in the county of Sussex as early
as the latter end of the Kith or beginning
of the 17th century. Johx FulLer, of
Tanners-Waldron, in that county, m. Eliza-
beth, da. of John Franck, of Farley, and
was father of

Samuel, who by Joan, da. of Stephen
French, of Streame, co. Sussex, had issue,

John, of Tanners-Waldron, a captain of
the Trained Bands for the county, m., 8 Aug.
1643, Anne, da. of John, and sister of sir
Thomas Nutt, and d. 1679, having issue,

1. Samuel, rf. unyn. 16/8.

2. John, of whom hereafter.

3. Thomas.

4. Stephen, of Mayfield, co. Sussex, m.,
and left issue.

5. Anne, b. 1648, m., 24 Sept. 16/4, George
Courthope, of Tycehurst, co. Sussex, esq.,
and d. s.p. 16 Dec. 1675.

6. Joan, d. mtm. 1670.

John Fuller, 2d son of John, above
named, was a major in the Sussex Trained

Bands, ni. Elizabeth, da. of Fowle, of

Rotherfield, co. Sussex, esq., and d. May
1722, leaving issue, a son and heir,

John Fuller, of Brightling, co. Sussex,
esq., m. Elizabeth, eldest da. and co-h. of
Fulk Rose, of Jamaica, esq., and d. 1745,
having had issue,

1. John, m., but d. without issue, 1775.
• 2. Rose, M.D., also m., but d. without

3. Henry, in holy orders, m., and left

1. John, of Rosehill, co. Sussex, esq.,
cf. toim. 11 April 1834, aet. 78.

2. Elizabeth, m. sir John Palmer-Acland,
bart., father of the present sir Peregrine-
Palmer Fuller-Palmer-Acland, bart.

3. Frances, m.

4. Thomas, grandfather of the baronet,
of whom hereafter.

5. Stephen, of London, merchant, agent
for Jamaica, m., 1744, Elizabeth, da. of

Noakes, and had issue four das., his


1. Philippa, m. William Dickenson, of
King's Weston, co. Somerset, esq.

2. Elizabeth, ?». her 1st cousin, John-
Trayton Fuller, esq., but d. without

3. Sarah, m. Hans Sloane, of South
Stoneham, co. Hants, esq.

4. Anne, rf. itnm.

6. Elizabeth, m. William Sloane, of
Bloomsbury Square, esq.

7. Hans, d. young.

8. Samuel, d. young.

Thomas Fuller, grandfather of the ba-
ronet, and 4th son of John, of Brightling,
m. Elizabeth, da. of John Lidgitter, of

Lewes, co. Sussex, and d. 20 March 1773,
a?t. 61, leaving issue, i?<we Fuller, of Lon-
don, merchant, his 2d son, b. 1748, and

John-Trayton Fuller, of Ashdown
Park, CO. Sussex, esq., his eldest son, to.,
1st, his cousin, Elizabeth, above named, by
whom he had no issue ; and 2dly, 21 May
1777, Anne, only da. of George-Augustus"-
Eliot, baron Heathfield, K.B. (by Anne
Pollexfen, eldest da. of sir Francis Drake,
and sister of sir Francis-Henry Drake, of
East Buckland, co. Devon, barts.,) and by
her (who rf. 24 Feb. 1835, aet. 80) had issue,

1. Augustus-Eliott, m., 5 Sept. 1801,
Clara, eldest da. and co-h. of Owen-Putland
Meyrick, of Bodorgan, esq., and has issue,

Owen-John-Augustus, who, by license
dated 6 May 1825, took the name and arms
of Meyrick in addition to those of Fuller.

2. Francis-John, d. s.p.

3. Sir Thomas-Trayton, created a bart.
as above.

4. William-Stephen, capt. R.N., 6. 6

Feb. 1788, m. Eliza, only da. of White,

of Devonshire, esq.

5. Rose-Henry, commander R.N., b. 8
Feb. 1789, TO., 24 Nov. 1831, Margaretta-
Jane, 2d da. of sir Robert Sheffield, bart.,
and has issue,

1. Francis-Henry, b. 25 Oct. 1832, d. 1
May 1833.

2. Rose, b. 15, and d. .30 Nov. 1833.

3. A Da., 6. 3 Nov. 1834.

6. Rev. Fitzherbert, in holy orders, to.,
16 Oct. 1827, Ursula, da. of sir Robert Shef-
field, bart.

7. Elizabeth-Anne.

8. Sarah-Maria.

Arms — See Plate 52. Quarterly: 1st and
4th, Drake, sable, a fess wavy, between
two estoiles, argent; 2d, Eliott, gules, on
a bend, or, a baton, azure, on a chief the
arms of Gibraltar, viz. azure, between two
pillars, a castle, argent, from the gate a
golden key pendent, subinscribed plus ultra ;
3d, Fuller, argent, three barrulets, and a
canton, gules.

Crests— 1st, Drake, on a terrestrial globe,
a ship, proper, trained about the said globe
with'hawsers, by a hand issuing out of clouds
on the dexter, all proper, and on an escroll
the words aurilio diritio ; 2d, Eliott, a dex-
ter hand in armour, couped above the wrist,
grasping a scimitar, all proper, the wrist
charged with a key, sable ; 3d, Fuller, out
of a ducal coronet, gules, a lion's head, ar-

Mottoes— Fm-ttter et recte ; per ardua ; and
sic parvi^ magna.

Seats— pLt Nutwell Court, Buckland Ab-
bey, Sherford, Sheafhayne House, Yarn-
combe, CO. Devon, and Sendgrove, co. Sur-

T 2



EARDLEY-WILMOT, of Berkswell Hall, co. Warwick.

23 Aug. 1821.

Sir JOHN-EARDLEY EARDLEY-WILMOT, Baronet, created as
above, F.R. and A.S., M.P. for the northern division of Warwickshire;
born 21 Feb. 1783 ; married Ehzabeth-Emma, 4th da. of C. H. Parry, M.D.,
of the city of Bath, and by her (who d. March 1818) has, 1. JOHN-
EARDLEY ; 2. Frederick-Marow ; 3. Edward-Revell ;

4. Arthur-Parry; 5. Henry-Robert; 6. Augustus-

Hillier; 7- Elizabeth-Emma, tw., March 1829, George-Graham

Blackwell, of Ampney Park, co. Gloucester, esq.; 8. Selina-Ma-

tilda-Caroline. He to., 2dly, 30 Aug. 1819, Eliza, eldest da. of sir

Robert Chester, of Bush Hall, co. Hertford, and has, 9. Robert, who

d. an infant; 10. Eliza-Harriot ; 11. a Son, b. Oct. 1824.

{For the earlier part of this Pedigree, see
Wilmot, of Chaddesden, 1759.)

Sir John-Eardley Wilmot, knt., lord
chief-justice of the court of Common Pleas,
was the younger brother of sir Robert Wil-
mot, of Osmaston, co. Derby, the Istbart.,
and the grandson of sir Samuel Marow, of
Berkswell Hall, co. Warwick. He m. Sarah,
da. of Thomas Rivett, of Derby, esq., and
d. in 1792, leaving issue,

1. John, of whom hereafter.

2. Mary-Marow, m. Sampson, lord

3. Elizabeth, m., 27 July 1788, sir Tho-
mas Blomefield, bart., and d. 21 Aug. 1826.

John, only son, a master in Chancery,

and M.P. for Coventry, who, in 1812, took,
by royal sign manual, the name of Eardley
in addition to and before Wilmot. He m., 1st,
Frances, only da. of Samuel Sainthill, esq.,
and 2dly, Sarah, da. of colonel Haslam, and
d. in June 1815, leaving issue by his 1st wife,
besides four Das., a son,

I. Sir JOHN-EARDLEY, created a bart.
as above.

ArnuSee Plate 52. Sable, on a fess, or,
between three eagles' heads couped, argent,
as many escallops gules, a crescent for dif-

Crest — An eagle's head couped argent, in
his beak an escallop shell gules.

Seat — Berkswell Hall, co. Warwick,

DUNDAS, of Beechwood, co. Midlothian.

24 Aug. 1821.

Sir ROBERT DUNDAS, one of the Principal Clerks of Session, and
Deputy to the Lord Privy Seal in Scotland, horn 30 June 1761, created a
Baronet as above ; married, 20 July 1798, JMatilda, da. of the late Archi-
bald Cockburn, one of the barons of the Exchequer in Scotland, and has
issue, 1. DAVID, b. 28 Aug. 1803; 2. Jane, m. Robert Whig-
ham, of Lockpatrick, advocate; 3. Elizabeth; 4. Matilda;

5. Margaret; 6. Charlotte, m.^ 12 April 1830, Allan E.

Lockhart, esq., of Bothwic Brae and Cleghorn ; 7« Rqbina ; 8.


Sir James Dundas, common ancestor of
the present bart. and of viscount Melville,
was knighted by king Charles I., and ap-
pointed one of the senators of the college
of justice by king Charles II. He d. 1679,
leaving issue by his 1st wife, Marian, da. of
Robert, lord Boyd, Robert, of Arniston,
grandfather of Henry, 1st viscount Mel-
ville ; and by his 2d wife, Janet, da. of

Hepburne, a son,

James, merchant in Edinburgh, who, by
a da. of sir Walter Riddell, had issue,

Robert, also a merchant in Edinburgh,
m. Margaret, da. of Robert Watson, of
Muirhouse, and(/. in May 17(58, leaving issue
by her, (who d. in Dec. 17.04,)

1. James, d. umn.

2. Robert, of whoin hereafter.

3. Rt. hon. sir DAvro, a field-marshal in
the army, K.B., governor of Fort St. George
and Fort Augustus, and appointed, 25March

1809, commander-in-chief of the forces,
which office he held till 25 May 181(», m.
Charlotte, da. of lieut.-gen. Oliver de Lan-
cey, and d. 18 Feb. 1820, without issue.

4. Mary, d. unm. March 1803.

Robert Dundas, 2d son of Robert,
above named, and brother of sir David, was
a clergyman of the church of Scotland, at
Humbie, co. Haddington, m. Elizabeth, da.
of the rev. Thomas Turnbull, and d, 1769,
leaving by her, (who d. April 1770,)

1. Sir RoBKRT, created a bart. as above.

2. Margaret; S.Mary.
4. Henry.

Arms — See Plate 52. Argent, a lion ram-
pant gules, within a bordure ermine.

Crent — A lion's head affront^, gules, sur-
rounded by a holly bush, vert, fructed,

Seat— At Beechwood, co. Midlothian.



CARMICHAEL-SMYTH, of Nutwood, co. Surrey.

25 Aug. 1821.

Sir JAMES CARMICHAEL-SMYTH, of Nutwood, co. Surrey, a
Major-General in the Army, and Lieut.-Gov. of British Guiana, C.B.
K.M.T. and K.St.W. ; bom 22 Feb. 1780, created a Baronet as above;
married^ 28 Mav 1816, Harriett, only child of the late general Robert
Morse, and has issue, JAMES-ROBERT, b. 11 June I8I7.

The family of Cannichael is of great an-
tiquity in Scotland ; the name local, as-
sumed from the barony of Carmichael, co.
Lanark, Sir John Carmichael commanded
the Scotch auxiliary forces in the battle of
Bauge, in Anjou, 1422, where he eminently
distinguished himself, and more particularly
by dismounting the duke of Clarence, the
English general, which action decided the
victory in favour of the French and Scotch.
Having broken his spear in the encounter
with the duke, he in memory of that action
got added to his paternal arms (says Doug-
las) a hand holding a broken spear, which is
now the crest of the family. This sir Jchn
was father of William, ancestor of the earls
of Hyndford, extinct ; and of Robert, who
was ancestor of the Carmichaels, of Bal-
maddy, of which house the present bart. is
representative. The baronet's grandfather,

Thomas Carmichael, m,, 3 May 1740,
Margaret, eldest da. and heiress of James
Smyth, of Athemey, esq., and d. Dee.

1746, leaving issue by her (who d, 9 Aug.
1803) an only child,

James, who, in compliance with the will
of his mother's father, assumed the sur-
name and arms of Smyth, in addition to
those of Carmichael, b. 23 Feb. 1742, m., 9
Nov. 1777. Mary, da. of Thomas Holyland,
of Bromley, co. Kent, esq., and rf. 18 June
1821, leaving issue by her (who d. 24 May
1806) one son,

I. Sir JAMES, created a bart. as above.

Anns — See Plate 52. Quarterly: 1st and
4th, Carmichael, argent a fess, wreathed,
azure and gules, within a bordure of the se-
cond ; 2d and 3d, Smyth, azure, a burn-
ing cup, between two chess rooks, or, within
a bordure of the second.

Crest — A cubit arm erect, in armour, the
hand grasping a broken tilting spear, all

Motto over the crest — Toujours prest.

Residence — At Nutwood, co. Surrey.

ERSKINE, of Cambo, co. Fife.

27 Aug. 1821.

Sir DAVID ERSKINE, Baronet, created as above, born in Sweden, 16
Feb. 1792; married., 27 Aug. 1821, Jane-Silence, da. and heiress of the

late rev. Williams, of Conway, and has issue, 1. Jane-Silence,

5. 25 Sept. 1822, d. 3 .March 1826 ; 2. THOMAS, b. 23 July 1824 ;

3. Harriett, b. 1 Sept. 1826.

Arms — See Plate 52. Quarterly : 1st and
4th, gules, an imperial crown, within a
double tressure, flory, counterflory, or ; 2d
and 3d, argent, a pale sable; the whole
within a bordure, wavy, ermine.

Crest— On a garb, fesswise, or, banded

azure, a cock, wings elevated, proper,
charged with a baton, sinister, wavy, of the

Motto — Veillient et vailkmt.

Seats— Camho House, co. Fife ; and Pwller-
rochan. North Wales.

YOUNG, of Baileiborough Castle, co. Cavan.

28 Aug. 1821.

Sir WILLIAM YOUNG, Baronet, created as above, married., Sept.

1806, Lucy, youngest da. of colonel Charles Frederick, and has issue,

1. JOHN, b. I8O7, M.P. CO. Cavan ; 2. Thomas, b. 1811.

Arms — See Plate 52. Argent, on a chief,
sable, three annulets, or, issuant from the
chief three piles of the second, each charged
with a trefoil of the third.

Crest— A demi-lion, gules, charged on the

shoulder with a trefoil, or, and holding in the
dexter paw a sword erect, proper, pomel
and hilt gold.

Motto — Robori prudentia prcestat.

Seat — Baileiborough Castle, co. Cavan.



SMITH, of Pickering, in Upper Canada, and of Preston,

CO. Northumberland.

30 Aug. 1821.

Sir DAVID-WILLIAM SMITH, Baronet, born 4 Sept. 1764, entered
the army at an early age, and was appointed Ensign in the 6tli Foot, in
which regiment he subsequently attained the rank of Captain ; afterwards
settling in the province of L^pper Canada, he was called to the bar there,
with precedence as Deputy Judge Advocate, and was appointed Surveyor-
General of Lands, also one of the Trustees for the Six Nations, and one of
the Executive Council, and of the Committee for administering the govern-
ment in the Governor's absence, a JMember of the first three Canadian Par-
liaments, and Speaker of the House of Assembly in two of them ; created a

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