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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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bart. as above ; married^ 1st, 3 Nov. 1788, Anne, da. of John O'Reilly, of
Ballykilchrist, co. Longford, in Ireland, esq., and by her (who d. 5 Nov.

1798) had issue, 1. Elline-Sarah-Anne, b. 21 Aug. 1789, d. 8 Jan.

1790; 2, Maria, b. 31 Aug. 1790, d. 20 Aug. 1791; 3. John-
Alexander, b. C Feb. 1792, d. 2 Julv 1793; 4. Mary-Elizabeth,

b. 18 Feb. 1793, w., 31 Oct. 1814, Charles Tylee, esq.; 5. David-

William, b. 6 June 1794, in the R.N., killed at Quiberon, 11 May 1811 ;

6. Sarah, b. 18 July 1795;— 7. Anne, b. 25 Feb. 1797; 8.

John-O'Reilly, b. 26 March 1798, d. 5 March 1799. Sir David ot.,
2dly, 11 April 1803, Mary, youngest da. of John Tylee, of Devizes, co.
Wilts, banker, by whom he has issue, 9. Hannah, b. 29 Dec. 1803.

John Smith, sometimeof Salisbury, esq.,
lieut.-col. of the 5th foot, was appointed
commandant of the fortress of Niagara, in
Norih America, and its dependencies, where
lied. 19 Nov. 1795; he?M.,21Jan. 1794, Anne,
da. of William Waylen, of Rowde Hill, and
Devizes, co. Wilts, esq., by whom (who d. 3
Sept. 1802) he had an only child,

I. Sir DAVID-WILLIAM, created abart.
as above.

Arms — See Plate 52. Per pale, gules and

azure, on a chevron, or, between three
cinquefoils, argent, as many leopards' faces,
sable, on a chief of the third a beaver, pro-

Crest — A sinister hand, couped at the
wrist, and erect, gules, charged on the palm
with a trefoil, slippf d, argent, and wreathed
round the wrist with oak leaves, or.

Motto — Pro rege et patria : over the crest,
•' Canada."

COOPER, of Gadesbridge, CO. Hertford.
31 Aug. 1821.

Sir ASTLEY-PASTON COOPER, created a Baronet as above, (with
remainder, on failure of issue male of his own body, to his nephew, Astley-
Paston Cooper, esq.,) Surgeon to his Majesty's person, borti at Brooke, co.
Norfolk, 23 Aug. 1768, married, 12 Dec. 1791, Ann, da. of Thomas Cock,
of London, merchant, by whom (who (/. 19 June 1827) he had one Da.,
who d. young. Sir Astley married. 2dly, 5 July 1828, Catherine, da. of
John Jones, of Dery Ormond, co. Cardigan, esq.

This family has long resided in Nor-
folk, and is connected with many ancient
and respectable families, viz. Puston —
Bransby—'Lovu-k — and Rede.

The baronet's father, the rev. Samtel
Cooper, D.D., rector of Yelverton and
Morley, co. Norfolk, was son of Samuel
Cooper, of Norwich, merchant, by Mary,
da. of William Lovirk, of Norwich, alder-
man, grandson of Samuel Cooper, also of
Norwich, and elder brother of William
Cooper, esq., of London, surgeon, who d.
1810. He w., 17<il, Maria-Susannah, da. and
co-heiress of James Branshy, of Shottis-
ham, CO. Norfolk, esq., (by Anna-Maria,
his wife, da. by the 1st wife, and at length
co-heiress of James Paston, of Ilarleston,

CO. Norfolk, M.D., and d. 7 Jan. 1800,
leaving issue by her (who d, 10 July 18(!7)
four das., who d. young and iinni. : Ma-
riattne, m. rev. Christopher Spurgeon, of
Harpley, ro. Norfolk; and five sons,

1. Robert-Bransry Cooper, b. 21 Feb.
]7<)2, m., () May 1784, Anne, only child of
William Purnell, of Dursley, co. Glouces-
ter, CSC)., and by her (whorf. 20 Sept. 1804)
had issue,

1. Purnell-Bransby, b. 4 Nov. 1791, took
the name and arms of Piimell only, 1805,
»»., 13 July 18i;5, (.'harlotte-Anne, da. of
Nathaniel Clifford, of Frampton Court,
CO. Ciloucester, esq., and has issue, 1. Wil-
liam- Pastoti, b. 12 June 1814; 2. John-
Bransby, b. 5 Jan. 1820; 3. Charluttc-



Anne, b. 23 March 1816 ; 4. Frances-Mai-y,
h. 15 April 1«17.

2. Rev. Robert-Jermyn, 5. 2 Nov. 1795,
m., 8 Sept. 1817. Arabella-Harriet, only
da. of Edward-Wallington, of Dursley,
esq., and has issue, Arabella-Harriet, b.
2 Feb. 1819.

3. Charlotte-Maria-Jauetta.

4. Henrietta-Maria.

5. Anna-Magdalena, b. 1792, d. 1806.

2. Rev. Samikl-Lovick Cooper, rector
of Ingoldesthorpe and Barton, co. Norfolk,
b. 4 Feb. 1763, ?«., 29 Nov. 1787, Sarah-Le-
man, da. of Thomas Rede, of Beccles, co.
Suffolk, esq., and d. 2 June 1817j leaving

1. Bransby-Blake, b. 2 Sept. 1792, m., 21
May 1816, Mary-Anne, da. of John Keel-
ing, of Broxbounie, co. Herts, esq., and
has issue, 1. Bransby-Henry, b. 13 July
1820; 2. Maria»ne-Astley, b. 2 Feb. 1817;
and other children.

2. Rev. Robert-Rede, rector of In-
goldesthorpe, b. 10 April 1794, assumed the
name and arms of Rede, in 1822, by royal
sign manual; m. Louisa, da. of Benjamin
Henshaw, barrister, and has issue.

3. Astley-Paston, on whom the baronetcy
is entailed in case of failure of male issue
of his uncle, b. 13 Jan. 1797, »;., 29 Nov.
182J, Elizabeth-Harriet, only child and
heiress of William Rickford, esq., and has
issue a son, 6. 21 Feb. 1826, and a da. b. 16
Oct. 18:^7.

4. Rev. Thomas-Lovick, b. 3 Sept. 1801,
rector of Ingoldesthorp, co. Norfolk, »i.,
18 June 1821 , Emily-Mary-Swinfin, da. of
sir Thomas Durrant,bart., but has no issue.

5. Maria-Susanna, ;«. Henry Read, esq.,
capt. Wexford militia.

6. Marianne-Charlotte, m., 16 Aug. I8I7.
Nathan-Lewis Young, of Barbadoes, M.D.

7- Anne, m., 6 Aug. 1818, Charles-Aston
Key, of London, surgeon.

8. Fanny-Susanna, m., June 1823, Frede*
rick Tyrrell, esq.


d. unm. 6 May 1834, set. 70.

4. Beaxjchamp-Newton Cooper, b. 16
July 1774, m., 31 July 1798, Frances, only
surviving da. of the rev. James Adams, of
Jenkins, co. Essex, andrf. Nov. 1802, leaving
issue by her (who >■<;-/«., 22 April IH07, Ed-
ward Morgan, of Llangattock, co. Brecon,
esq.) a son, Charles-Beauchamp, b. 31 Jan.
1803; and a da. Frances-Matilda.

5. and youngest son, Astley-Paston,
created a bart. as above.

Arms — See Plate 52. Vert, a fess embat-
tled, or, between two pheons, in chief, and
as many thigh bones, saltirewise, in base,

Crest — On a wreath, a mural coronet ar-
gent, issuant therefrom a demi-spear, erect,
proper, fringed or, and surmounted by two
palm branches in saltire, vert;

Motto — Nil mag-niim, nisi bonum.

Seat— At Gadesbridge, co. Herts.

PHILLIPPS, of Middle Hill, co. Worcester.

1 Sept. 1821.

Sir THOMAS PHILLIPPS, Baronet, F.R. and A.S., created as above;
horn 2 July 1702 ; married^ 23 Feb. 1819, Harriett, natural da. of major-gen.

Thomas Molyneux, by whom (who d. March 1832) he had issue, 1.

Hexrietta-Elizabeth-Molyneux, 6. 21 Nov. 1819; 2. Marv-

Sophia-Bampfylde-Foster, b. 14 March 1821
Somerset, b. at Berne, in Switzerland, 26 April 1823.

3. Catherine-

Arms — See Plate 52. Sable, semee of
fleurs-de-lis, or, a lion rampant, argent, du-
cally crowned, gold, and holding in the dex-
ter fore paw a sword erect, proper, all with-
in a bordure, wavy, of the second.

Crest — On a mount, vert, a lion, rampant,
sable, semee of fleurs-de-lis, or, charged
with a bendlet, wavy, ermine, and holding
in the fore piw a sword, as in the arms.

Seat — At Middle Hill, co. Worcester.

PAUL, of RoDBOROUGH, CO. Gloucester.
3 Sept. 1821.

Sir JOHN-DEAN PAUL, Baronet, D.C.L., created as above ; lorn
Dec. 1775 ; married., 2 April 1799, Frances-Eleanor, youngest da. of John
Simpson, of Bradley Hall, Durham, by lady Anne Lyon, da. of Thomas,
8th earl of Strathmore and Kinghorn, and bv her (who d. \b April 1833)
has issue, 1. JOHN-DEAN, b. 27 May I8O2', m., 8 Oct. 182G, Georgiana-
Georgina, 3d da. of Charles-George Beauclerk, of St. Leonard's Lodge, co.

Sussex, and has issue; 2. George-Robert, h. 27 July 1803, w., 15

March 1828, Louisa, da. of Henry Bevan, esq. ; 3. William Went-

AVORTH, h. 6 Feb. 1812; 4. Anne-Frakces, h. 5 31ay 1800, ?«., 29

April 1828, Francis-George Hare, esq ; 5. Eleanor-Maria, b. 3

Oct. 1804; G. M ary-Horatia, b. 5 Dec. 1805, w., 20 Dec. 1825,

Charles Bankhead, esq., secretary of legation in America ; 7* Jane, h.



27 April 1806, m., 6 Nov. 1827, Edward-Fox Fitzgerald, esq., only son of
lord Edward Fitzgerald, and grandson of the 1st duke of Leinster.

The rev. Onesiphorus Paul, of Warn-
borough, CO. Wilts, was father of Nicho-
las, George, who d. unm,, and Elizabeth, m.
the rev. Thomas Prance.

Nicholas Paul, eldest son, m.Elizabeth,
da. of Thomas Dean, of Woodchester, co.
Gloucester, esq., and had issue,

1. Dean, grandfather of the present bart.

2. Sir Onesiphorus, of Hill House, in
the parish of Rodborough, co. Gloucester,
created a bart. 3 Sept. 1762, m., 1st, Jane,
only da, of Francis Blackburne, of St. Ni-
cholas, near Richmond, co. York, esq., and
by her (who d. 26 May 1748) had issue,

1. Sir Onesiphorus, 2d bart.

2. Jane, m. Thomas Pettat, of King's
Stanley, co. Gloucester, esq., and d. 10 Jan.
1810, without issue.

3. Elizabeth, m. George Snow, of Lang-
ton, CO. Dorset, esq., and d. 7 Jan. 1772-

Hew., 2dly, Catherine, da. and co-h. of
Francis Freeman, of Clifton, near Bristol,
by whom (who d. 20 Oct. 1766) he had issue,

4. Francis, d. young.

He m., 3dly, Sarah, da. of John Peach, of
Woodchester, and relict of John Turner,
of King's Stanley, by whom (who d. April
1801) he had no issue. He d. 21 Sept. 1774,

and was succeeded by his only son.

Sir Onesiphorus, d. 16 Dec. 1820, when
the title created in 1762 became extinct.

Dean Paul, elder brother of sir Onesi-
phorus, 1st bart., ni., 1st, Elizabeth, da. of
William Andrews, of Stonehouse, co. Glou-
cester, esq., who rf. 4 Aug. 1741 ; 2dly, Anne-
Gastrell, da. of John Self, of Cirencester,
CO. Gloucester, who rf. 7 Sept. 1746: and
3dly, Margaret, da. of Philip Hampton, of
Westbury, co. Gloucester, who d. 11 March
1764. He rf. 11 March 1764, leaving issue by
his 2d wife, an only son,

John, of Salisbury, M.D., ?n. Frances, da.
of Robert Snow, of Hendon, co. Middle-
sex, and of London, banker, and rf. 15 June
1815, having had issue by her, (who d. 19
July 1794,)

1. Sir John-Dean, present bart.

2. Robert, capt. R.N., b. 1776, d. unm.

Ar}ns — See Plate 52. Argent, on a fess,
azure, three cross croslets or, and in base
three ermine spots sable.

Crest — An ounce's head, proper, erased,

Motto — Pro rege et respublica.

Seat — At Rodborough, co. Gloucester.

TROTTER, of West Ville, co. Lincoln.

4 Sept. 1821.

Sir COUTTS TROTTER, of West Ville, co. Lincoln, Baronet, ere-
ated as above, with remainder, in default of issue male of his body, to the
issue male of his eldest da. Anne ; born 15 Feb. 1767 ; married., 12 Aug.
1802, Margaret, da. of the hon. Alexander Gordon, lord Rockville, a lord
of Session, 3d son of William, 2d earl of Aberdeen, (by Anne, da. of Alex-
ander, 2d duke of Gordon,) and of Anne, dowager countess of Dumfries

and Stair, and has issue, 1. Anne, b. 15 April 1803, m., 22 April 1823,

lieut.-col. James Lindsay, grenadier guards, son of the hon. Robert Lindsay,
younger son of James, 5th earl of Balcarres, and has issue, 1. Coutts., b. 2
Feb. 1824, to whom the baronetcy is limited in remainder ; 2. Margaret.,
h. 31 Dec. 1824; 3. Elizabeth- Alice, b. 5 May 1826; 4. Celia-Jane, b. 6
April 1828, d. 7 Sept. 1832 ; 5. Mary- Anne, b. 6 June 1829 ; 6. Robert, b.

16 April 1832; 2. Jane, b. 30 June 1804, m., 25 June 1827, Gibbs-

Crawfurd Antrobus, of Eaton Hall, co. Chester, esq., and d. \9 Nov. 1829 ;

3. Susan, m., 4 Aug. 1831, hon. George Thomas Keppel, 2d son of

the earl of Albemarle; 4. Margaret.

The name of Trotter, is of old stand-
ing in the shire of Berwick. The bart.'s
grandfather was Alexander Trotter, the third
of that name, of Castleshiels, co. Berwick ;
he m. Jane, da. of sir Robert Stuart, of
Allanbank, bart., and had issue, of whom
the 2d son,

Archibald, m. Jean, da. and h. of Ro-
bert Mowbray, of Castlelaw, and had issue,

1. Robert, of Castlelaw and the Bush,
m. Anne, da. of John Trotter, of Horton,
and d. leaving issue,

1. John ; 2. Archibald.
3. Jean ; 4. Katherine.

2. Alexander, of Dreghorn, co. Edin-
burgh, m. Lillias, da. of sir John Stuart, of
Allanbank, bart., N.S., and has issue,

L Archibald, m. Louisa, da. of James
Strange, esq.

2. Henry-Dundas, R.N.

3. Alexander ; 4. Robert ; 5. Margaret.

3. John, of Durham Park, co. Middle-
sex, esq., m. Felicity, da. of Swinton,

esq., and has issue,

1. Coutts, m. col. sir Henry de Bethune.

2. Katherine, ni, Joseph-Smyth Wynd-
ham, esq.

3. Jean.

4. Martin, m. W. J. Hamilton, esq.

5. John, 2d life-guards, m., 29 Oct. 1833,
Charlotte-Amelia, da. of Thomas-Henry,
lord Ravensworth.

4. Sir Coutts, created a bart. as above.

5. Kathkrine.

Arms— Sec Plate .'JS. Argent, a crescent,
gules, on a chief, engrailed, azure, three
mullets, pierced, of the field.

Crest — A trotting liorse, argent.

Seat — At Brandsbury House, Middlesex.



SCOTT, of Lytchett Mixster, co. Dorset.

7 Sept. 1821.

Sir SAMUEL SCOTT, Baronet, born 25 April 1772, succeeded his
father, sir Claude, 27 March 1830 ; married, 4 Feb. 179G, Anne, only sur-
viving child of John Ommaney, of Bloomsbury Square, co. ]Middlesex, esq.,
and has issue, 1. CLAUDE-EDWARD, b. 15 April 1804 ; 2. Sa-
muel; 3. Anna-Maria, /n. Charles Williams, of London, banker;

•4. Caroline.

I. Sir CLAUDE SCOTT, of Bniton
Street, and of Lytchett Minster, co. Dorset,
created a bart as above, b. 11 May 1742, jii.,
8 Sept. 1767, Martha, only child of John
Eyre, of Stepney, co. Middlesex, esq., and
had issue,

1. Sir Samuel, present bart.
Sir Claude d. April 1830, and was succeeded
by his only son.

II. Sir SAMUEL, present and 2d bart.

Arms — See Plate 53. Per pale indented,
argent and pean, a saltire, counterchanged.

Crest — Out of park pales, erminois, a cubit
arm, vested per pale indented, argent and
gules, cuff azure, in the hand an escroll,

Seat—M. Lytchett Minster, co. Dorset.

BLACKMAN, (now HARNAGE,) of Harley Street, co. Middlesex.

8 Sept. 1821.

Sir GEORGE HARNAGE, (late BLACK.MAN,) horn 5 July 1767,
created a Baronet as above ; took the surname of Harnage only, by
royal sign manual, 1821 ; married^ 19 July 1791, his cousin Mary, eldest
surviving da. of Henry Harnage, of Belleswardine, co. Salop, esq., lieut.-

col. in the army, and has issue, 1. GEORGE, h. 19 July 1792, capt.

R.N., m. Caroline-Helena, da. and co-h. of Bartlett Goodrich, of Saling
Grove, co. Essex, esq., and has issue, Henry-George^ b. 24 June 1827 ;

2. JoHN-LuciE, capt. in the Coldstream guards, b. 4 Oct. 1793, slain

at Waterloo; 3. Henry-Harnage, in holy orders, b. 7 Nov. 1794;

-4. Edward, b. 18 Oct. 1798, w., 3 June 1830, Eliza, eldest da. of

the rev. Mark Drury,

Jeremy Blackman, of the parish of St.
Andrew Undershaft, London, esq., d. Nov.
1656, leaving issue by Elizabeth, his 2d wife,
da. of John Lucie, sister and at length co-h.
of Jacob Lucie, of London, merchant,
(which Elizabeth m., 1st, Ahasuerus Re^-
mortor, of London, M.D. ; and, 2dly, Wil-
liam Armiger, of North Creak, co. Norfolk,
and d. 20 Dec. 1682,) one da., Susan, m. sir
John Rayney, of Wrotham, co. Kent, bart. ;
and one son,

Lucie, m. Anne, youngest da. of John
Thurston, of London, esq., and rf. Aug.
1696, leaving issue by her, (whorf.Aug. 1713,)
four das., Anne, m. John Longuet; Mary,
Elizabeth, and Susanna, d.tinm.; and two
sons, Lucie, d. imm., and

JOHN-LuciE, of London and Barbadoes,
merchant, h. 1676, m. Anne, sister of Thomas
Williams, and d. Oct. 1725, leaving issue,

1. Rowland, of Bath, esq., h. 26 Sept.
1705, m. Priscilla, da. of Robert Warren, of
Barbadoes, M.D., and d. 1780, leaving

1. Anna-Maria, d. unm,

2. Mary, m., 21 Oct. 1781, the hon. Wil-
liam-Henry Irby, brother of Frederick,
lord Boston, and d. Sept. 1792.

2. JoHN-LuciE, grandfather of the pre-
sent bart., of whom hereafter.

3. Samuel, 6. 11 Feb. 1710, d. unm. 1737-

4. Thurston, b. 9 Dec. 1715, d. unm., 1
March 1770.

5. Jacob-Lucie, b. 14 Feb. 1717j d- unm.

6. Joseph, b. 18 March 1720, d. unm.

7. Anna-Maria, m. George Hannay, of
Barbadoes, esq., and d. July 1790.

8. Frances; 9. Elizabeth.

10. Henrietta, all d. unm.

11. Margaret, (twin with Joseph,) m.
IVIaynard, of Barbadoes.

John-Lucie, 2d son of John-Lucie above
mentioned, b. 28 Oct. I707, '»• Anne, da. of
George Walker, of Barbadoes, esq., and d.
I78O, having had issue,

1. Frances, d. unm^

2. Dorothy, m. Joshua Gittens, of Bar-
badoes, esq.

3. Anna-Maria, ?n. Thomas Best, of
Barbadoes, esq.

And 4,,

John-Lucie, of London, merchant, b.
27 Nov. 1735, m. Mary *, da. of Henr\' Har-
nage, of London, esq., and rf. 10 Jan. 1797.
leaving issue by her (who m., 2dly, July
J 798, sir Edmund Nagle, knt., admiral
R.N.) an only son,

I. Sir GEORGE, created a bart. as above.

Arms — See Plate 53. Quarterly : 1st and

* This lady was descended in a direct line
from Richard de Harnage, who lived in the
reign of king Edward III., whose grandson,

Hugh de Harnage, was sheriff of Salop 1423:
his son Thomas purchased Belleswardine
above mentioned 1542.

T 3



4th, Harnage, argent, six torteaux, three,
two, and one; 2a and 3d, Blackman,
ermines, three lions rampant, or, within a
bordure of the second, charged with eight
crescents, azure.

Crest — A demi-griffin, argent, sem^e of
crescents, azure, and gorged with a plain
collar, gules. Blackman ; no crest being
recorded for Harnage.

Motto — Fide etfiducia.

CHICHESTER, of Greencastle, co. Donegal.

13 Sept. 1821.

Sir ARTHUR CHICHESTER, Baronet, created as above, being then
M.P. for the county of the town of Carrickfergus.

This family is one eminent in the co.
Devon for its antiquity, estate, and alli-
ances ; and derives its origin from Waleran
de Chichester, who lived towards the end of
the 12th century ; 7th in descent from Wa-
leran, was sir John Chichester, who, temp.
Hen, VI., m. Thomasin, da. and h. of sir
John Raleigh, knt., and acquired with her
the estate of Raleigh, long the residence of
the family : 6th in descent from sir John,
was Edward, of Raleigh, who m. Eliza-
beth, da. of John Bourchier, earl of Bath,
and had issue, sir John Chichester, knt.,
who, in the reign of Elizabeth, represented
CO. Devon in parliament, m. Mary, da. of
sir William Courtenay, of Powderham, knt.j
and had issue,

1. John, ancestor of sir Arthur Chiches-
ter, of Raleigh, bart. (see that title.)

2. Adrian, d. unm. in France, s.p.

3. Sir John, governor of Carrickfergus,
and serjeant-major of the army in Ireland,
slain, 4 Nov. 15!)7. in an engagement against
Macdonnell, afterwards earl of Antrim.

4. Sir Arthur, appointed lord deputy of
Ireland 16U3, created baron Belfast 23 Feb.
]()12, but d. s.p. 19 Feb. 1624-5, when the
barony became extinct.

o. Edward, who succeeded to the estates
of his brother Arthur, lord Chichester, ba-
ron of Belfast, and was created, 1 April 1625,
baron and viscount Chichester of Belfast,
and d. 8 Juiy 1648, leaving issue,

1. Arthur, b. 16 June 1606, created dur-
ing his father's lifetime (30 March 1647)
earl of Donegal, with limitation to the
issue male of nis father, d. s.p.s. 18 March

2. John, b. 22 Feb. 1609, M.P. for Dun-
gannon 1639, m. Mary, youngest da. of
Roger, 1st viscount Ranelagh, by whom
(who re-m. col. Christopher Copley) he
had issue, 1. Arthur, who succeeded his
uncle as earl of Donegal, w*. Jane, da. and
h. of John Itchingham, of Dunbrody, esq.,
and was ancestor of the present marquess
of Donegal (see that title in Debrett's Peer-
age) ; and, 2.,

John Chichester, 2d son, custos rot.
CO. Tyrone, m., 1680, Elizabeth, youngest
da. of William, 1st viscount Charlemont, by
whom (who m., 2dly, Edward Walkington,
D.D., bishop of Downe and Connor) he
had issue,

1. John, d. a minor.

2. Mary, d. unm.

3. Elizabeth, m. her cousin, the hon.
and rev. Edward Chichester.

4. Anne, m. rev. mr. Walkington, and d.
Dec. 17.36.

5. Katherine, d. an infant.

6. Rev. William Chichest'er, in holy
orders, who by Lydia his wife had issue,

John, b. in April l72l, d. s.p. ; and the
rev. Arthur Chichester, m. Mary, only child
of Henry O'Neil, of Shanes Castle, co.
Antrim, esq., uncle to John, 1st baron
and viscount O'Neil, and had issue, three
sons and seven das., of whom the only
survivors were, Catherine, m. Samuel Ball,
of Grouse Hall, co. Donegal, esq., Ciia-
ritie, m. Henry O'Hara, of CHeggin, co. An-
trim, esq., Anne, who d. unm., and the
rev. William Chichester, m., 1st, Mary-
Anne, da. of George Harvey, of Malm
Hall, CO. Donegal, esq., and had issue
an only son, 1. Sir Arthur, present bart.
He m., 2dly, Mary- Anne, da. of rev. Ed-
ward Hart, of Kilderry, co. Donegal, and
had issue, 2. Mary, d. unm. ; 3. rev. Ed-
ward, m. Catherine, da. of Robert Young,
of Culdaff, CO. Donegal, esq., and has
issue, 1. William; 2. Robert; 3. Arthur,
dec. ; 4. George Vaughan.
Arms — See Plate 53. Quarterly. 1st and
4th. Checquy, or and gules, a chief vaire.
2d and 3d. Per fess, the chief argent, and
the base representing waves of the sea, in
chief a dexter hand, couped at the wrist,
g'ules, in base a salmon naiant in fess, pro-

Crest — A stork rising with a snake in its
beak, proper.

Motto — Invitum sequitur honos.
Seat — Greencastle, co. Donegal.

KING, of CoRHARD, CO. Fei'managh, and Bloomsbury, co. Dublin.

6 Nov. 1821.

Sir ABRAHAM-BRADLEY KING, Baronet, so created as above;
born iil March 1773; elected an Alderman of Dublin 30 Jan. 1805, and
Lord Mayor of that city 1813, and again 1821, on the 17th of August, in
Avhich latter year he had the distinguished honour of receiving the king
on his solemn and public entry into the city of Dublin, and immediately
afterwards presenting that city's address of congratulation to his Majesty
on his throne in the castle ; and, on the 23d of the same month, of enter-



taining his Majesty at a splendid banquet, given in the mayoralty house,
by the corporation to the king, the lord-lieutenant, the ministers of state,
and a vast number of the nobility, clergy, gentry, and foreigners of dis-
tinction ; he married Anne, da. of Plato Oulton, of Dublin, esq., and has

issue, 1. Rev. JA MES-WALKER, b. May 1795 ; 2. Abrahaji, h.

Oct. 1810; 3. Anne, m. Simeon Boileau, esq.; 4. Mary, m.

George Columb, esq.; 5. Elizabeth, w. major Charles Pratt ;

G. Jane; 7* Sarah, w. G. Blennerhassett, esq.; 8. Harriett.

Charles, of Corrard, co. Fer-
managh, esq., the bart.'s grandfather, d. Sept.
1788, leaving issue bv Anne, sister of the
rev. dr. James Cottingham, of Cavan, a son,

James Kixg, of Dublin, m.,21 July 1763,
Elizabeth, da. and co-h. of Abraham Brad-
ley, of Dublin, esq., and d. Sept. 1798, leav-
ing issue by her, (who d. Sept. 1778,)

1. James, of Dubhn, esq., b. 1772, m.,

1793, Letitia, da. of Irvine, and has


1. James, b. 1794.

2. Arthur-Henrv', b. 1802.

3. Elizabeth; 4.' Catherine.

2. Sir Abraham-Bradley, present bart.

3. Hllton, of Dublin, esq., a commis-
sioner of the revenue in Ireland, b. 31 Dee.

1775, m., 1808, Anne-Smith Talbot, and has

1. William-Smyth; 2. James.
3. Hulton ; 4. George; 5. Anne.
6. Elizabeth ; 7. Matilda.

4. Joseph, in the army.

Anns — See Plate 53. Azure, on a fes« ar-
gent, between a lion's head, erased in chief,
and a mullet in base, or, three arming
buckles, gules ; on a chief of augmentation,
ermine, an imperial crown, surrounded by
a wreath of shamrock, proper.

Crest — A cubit arm erect, the hand grasp-
ing a dagger, also erect, proper.

Motto — Audaces fitrtuna juvat ; over the
crest, 17 Aug-iist, 1821.

Seat — At Corrard, co. Fermanagh.

FITZGERALD, of Newmarket on Fergus, co. Clare.

5 Jan. 1822.

Sir WILLIAM FITZGERALD, Baronet, succeeded his brother, Sir
Augustine, in 1834, pursuant to the exprevSs limitation in the patent.


lieut.-gen. in the army, created a bart. as
above, with remainder to his brother Wil-
liam ; m. Elizabeth, 2d da. of Thomas Bar-
ton, of Grove, co. Tipperary, esq., but
dying without issue in iy.34, he was suc-
ceeded, pursuant to the limitation of the
patent, by his brother.

II. Sir WILLIAM, present and 2d bart.

Ar>ns — See Plate 53. Ermine, a saltire,

Crest — A chevalier in complete armour, on
horseback, at fvtll speed, with his sword
drawn, and his beaver up.

Seat — At Newmarket on Fergus, co.

BROOKE, of Cole Brooke, co. Fermanagh.
7 Jan. 1822.

Sir ARTHUR-BRINSLEY BROOKE, Baronet, /ywvi 17D7, succeeded
his father, sir Henry, 24 March 1834.

Sir Basil Brooke, of Magherabeg, and
Brooke Manor, co. Donegal, knt., was one of
the undertakers for the settlement of the pro-
vince of Ulster, rf. 25 July 1633, leaving is-
sue, by Anne, his wife, da. of Thomas Lein-

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