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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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ster, of Toft, co. Chester, esq., a son and

Sir Henry Brooke, of Brookesborough,
CO. Fermanagh, who was thrice married, 1st,
to Elizabeth, da. of capt. John Winter,
2dly, to Anne, da. of sir George St. George,
of Ca^rickdrumrusk, co. Leitrnn, bart., and,
3dly, to Elizabeth, da. and h. of Henry,
lord Docwra, andd. Sept. 1671, leaving issue
by all three.

Thomas Brooke, of Donegal, eldest son
of sir Henry, by his 2d wife, was a major in
the army ; m. Catherine, da. of sir J. Cole,
bart., arid d. Feb. Ki.O.J, leaving a son,

Hexry Brooke, of Colebrooke, M.P.
for, and governor of the co. of Fermanagh,

?)?., 1711, Lettice, da. of Benjamin Burton,
alderman of Dublin, and d. 14 July 1761,
leaving ksue by her, (who d. 17<i3,)

1. Sir Arthtr, M.P. for Fermanagh,
created a bart. of Ireland, 3 Jan. 1764, yn., 6
Aug. 1751, iSIargaret, only da. of Thomas
Fovtescue, of Reynoldstbwn, co. Louth,
and d-, 7 March 1785, without male issue,
leaving two das. his co-h.; 1. Selina, >u.
Thomas, 1st viscount de Vesri ; 2. Letitia-
Charlotte, m. sir John Parnell- bart.

2. Fravcis, an officer in the army, nu,
24 June 1765, Hannah, da. of Henry P'rittie,
of Dunalley, and sister of the 1st lord Du-
nalley, by whom he had issue, 1. sir He.vry,
created a bart. as above; 2. Francis, lieut.-
col. 4th foot, and C.B., d. ; 3. sir Arthur,
K.C.B., major-gen. in the amiy, and go-
vernor of North Yarmouth, wi.'M irianne,
da. of rev. William Sneyd, of New-hurch,
in the Isle of Wight, and has issue, 4. rev



Thomas, rector of Uglin, co. Carlow; 5.
Richard, m. Elizabeth Call ; (i. George-
Frederick, m. Jane, da. of Richard Grace,
esq., brother of sir William Grace, bart. ;
7. Letitia-Deborah, m. Robert Howard, of
Castle Howard, co. Wicklow, esq., cousin
of the earl of Wicklow; 8. Maria, m. rev.
John Webster, of co. Longford; 9. Eliza-
beth, m. Henry Carter, of Castle Martin,
CO. Kildare; 10. Selina; 11. Caroline, m.
John Fitzgibbon, esq., cousin of the 1st earl
of Clare ; 12. Harriett.
3. 4. 5. 6. Four Das.

1. Sir HENRY BROOKE, bart., created
as above, b. 30 May 1770, m., 1792, Harriett,
da. of the hon. John Butler, son of Brinsley,
1st viscount Lanesborough, and had issue,

1. Francis, b. 1794, lieut. 7th dragoon-
guards, slain at Waterloo.

2. Henry, d.

3. Maria, b. 1796, m., April 1817, Wil-
liam-Darcy Irwine, of Castle Irwine, co.
Fermanagh, esq.

4. Sir Arthur-Brinsley, present bart.

5. Butler, b. 1798.

6. Edward-Basil, 6. 1799, in the army.

7. Richard, 6. 1801, of Castle Howard,
CO. Wicklow and Roskelton, Queen's co.,
barrister-at-law, took the surname of How-
ard in addition to and before that of Brooke,
and the arms of Howard quarterly with
those of Brooke, by royal license, 3 Jan.

8. Thomas, 6. 1803, in the army.

9. George- Augustus- Frederick, b.
1805, m., 25 April 1833, Arabella-Georgiana,
da. of Hans-Francis, 11th earl of Hunting-

10. Harriett-Elizabeth, b. 1807»

11. Selina, b. 1809, d.

Sir Henry d. 24 March 1834, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest surviving son,

and 2d bart.

Arms— See Plate 53. Or, a cross engrailed ,
per pale, gules and sable, a crescent for

Crest — A brock or badger, proper.

Seat — At Cole Brooke, co. Fermanagh.

JAMES, of Dublin.
19 March 1823.

Sir JOHN-KINGSTON JAMES, Baronet, created as above; 60m 28
April 1784, was High Sheriff of the city of Dublin 1812, elected Alder-
man, 25 June 1817, and served the office of Lord Mayor, 1821-2 ; received
the honour of knighthood from the marquess Wellesley, 29 Dec. 1821 ;
married, 13 April 1812, Charlotte-Rebecca, eldest da. of John Cash, esq.,
of Belleville, co. Dublin, alderman, and sometime lord mayor of Dublin,

and has issue, 1. JOHN-KINGSTON, b. 26 Feb. 1815 ; 2. Fran-

CIS-Edward, b. II ]Mayl816; 3. Benjamix-Robert, 6. 20 July

1820; 4. Joseph-Reginald, b. 15 July 1824, d. 3 Sept. 1825;

5. George-Frederick, b. 18 and d. 19 July 1825; G.Isabella.

-7. Alicia, b. 3 March

Maria, b. 1 March, and d. 20 June 1814;
1818; 8. Charles-Henry, b. 1 April 1828.

This family came originally from Somer-
setshire. Thomas James, (who, according
to family tradition, was son of a captain
Thomas James, who undertook, by com-
mand of King Charles I., a voyage to dis-
cover the north-eastern passage,) sold his
possessions in Somersetshire, went into Ire-
land as an officer in Cromwell's army, and
settling in King's County, d. 1G94: from
him descended

John James, of Rathbeg, in King's
County, esq., b. 1696, and d, about 1729,
leaving issue by Isabella, his wife, da. of
William Russell, of Ballydavid, co. Tippe-
rary, 1. John, of Rathbeg, b. 1727, d. 10
Jan. 1797, leaving issue by Margaret, da. of
William Spunner, of Leughkeen, esq.,
which Margaret d. 25 Dec. 1804; 2. Joseph;
3. Thomas, both d, without issue ; and 4.

Francis, b. 1742, d. 19 April 1792, m.,

1st, Margaret, da. of Richardson, by

whom he had a da., Margaret ; and, 2dly,
Alicia, da. of Paul Kingston, of King's
County, esq., by whom he had issue,

I. Sir JOHN-KINGSTON, created a
bart. as above.

Arms — See Plate 53. Quarterly : vert and
gules, a cross argent, charged with a ship
under sail, between four anchors; in the
1st and 4th quarters, a dolphin naiant, ar-
gent, between three cross crosslets, or; 2d
and 3d, a lion passant, guardant or, between
three trefoils, argent.

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, a demi-
swan, wings elevated, argent, holding in its
beak an arrow, point downwards, proper.

Mottoes — Over the crest, " a jamais" — Un-
der the arms, "pro Deo, patrid, et rege."

3 April 1823.

Sir ROBERT-KEITH ARBUTHNOT, Baronet, b. 9 Sept. 1801, suc-
ceeded his father,sir William, in Sept. 1829, m., at Poonah, 20 March 1828,
Anne, 2d da. of major-general Fitzgerald, and has a Da., b. 1829.



RoBERTARBUTHNOT.of Haddo, m. Mary,
da. of John Urquhart, of Cromarty, and
had issue,

1. Sir William, created a bart.

2. George, b. 4 Dec. 17/2, m. ,

da. of Donald Eraser, of co. Inverness, esq.,
and had issue, 4 sons and 4 das.

3. Elizabeth-Barbara, 6. 2 June I'Go,
m. sir John Hunter, knt., consul-general in

created as above, served the office of lord
provost of Edinburgh in the year 1822, in
which capacity he had the honour of receiv-
ing and entertaining his Majesty on his visit
to that capital, h. 24 Dec. 1766, m., 13 Sept.
1800, Ann, da. of John Alves, of Shipland,
CO. Inverness, esq., M.D., and has issue,

1. Robert-Keith, 2d bart.

2. John-Alves, b. 7 Oct. 1802, m., 2
June 1832, Mary, eldest da. of George Ar-
buthnot, of Elderslie Lodge, co. Surrey,









George-Clerk, b. 3 Oct. 1803.
Archibald-Francis, b. 8 Jan. 1805.
William-Urquhart, b. 24 March

Edward-James, h. 12 Jan. 1809.
Henry-Dundas, h. 24 Sept. 1811.
Mary, b. 25 April 1814.
An.v, b. 18 Jan. 1822.
Sir Wiliiam d. Sept. 1829, and was succeed-
ed bv his eldest son,

II." Sir ROBERT-KEITH, 2d and pre-
sent bart.

Arms — See Plate 53. Azure, a crescent
between three mullets, two and one, argent ;
the whole within abordure or, charged with
three boars' heads couped, gules.
Crest — A peacock's head, proper.
Supporters — Dexter, a wy vern vert ; sinis-
ter, a greyhound argent, collar and line re-
flexed over the back, gules.


25 April 1823.

Right Hon. Sir EDWARD-HYDE EAST, Baronet, P.C, F.R.S.,

sometime Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Judicature at Calcutta,
knighted at Carlton House, 26 Feb. 1813, created a Baronet as above ; barn
in Jamaica, 9 Sept. 1764; married^ 23 Dec. 1786, Jane-Isabella, 2d da. of
Joseph. Chaplin Hankey, of East Bergholt, co. Suffolk, esq., and has issue,
1. JAMES-BULLER, of Adlestrop House, co. Oxon, M.P. for Win-
chester ; b. 1 Feb. 1789, m., 27 June 1822, Caroline-Eliza, 2d da. of James-
Henry Leigh, of Stoneleigh, co. Warwick, esq. ; 2. Anne-Eliza, /«.,

April 1813, James-William Croft, esq., 2d son of James Croft, of Greenham
Lodge, CO. Berks, esq.

Francis East, of the parish of St. An-
drew in Jamaica, grandfather of the bart.,
was b. 1678, Hi., 3 May 1722, Sarah, da. of

Hinton, and by her {who d. 1783) had


1. Samuel, 7?;., and had an only son,
David-Browne, who d. tnun. 1800.

2. Edward, of whom hereafter.

3. Hinton, m. Martha Good, and rf. with-
out issue, 1 Jan. 1799.

4. Anne ; 5. Mary, both d. unni.
Edward East, of Jamaica, 2d son of

Francis, b. 1732, m., 1st, 10 Oct. 1761,
Amy, da. of James Hall, of Jamaica, esq.,
and by her (who d. March 1773) had issue,

1. Sir Edward-Hyde.

2. Susanna, d. 1783, set. 15, unm.

3. Amie-Anne, 6. 9 March 1773, m.. May

1789, Patrick Lynch, of St. Mary's, Jamaica,
esq., who d. Sept. 1817.

He »!., 2dly, 9 April 1774, Mary, da. of
James Wilkins, and by her (who survived
him, and re-yn. John-James-Digges La-
touche, of Jamaica, esq.) had i-sue,

4. Hinton, in the army, 6. 20 Oct. 1783.

5. Martha.

6. Mary, m. lieut.-col. John-Daniel-Ed-
ward East, d. 1784.

Arms — See Plate 53. Sable, on a chevron
or, between three horses' heads erased ar-
gent, two crosses, calvary, chevronwise, of
the field.

Crest — A horse, ermine, the dexter fore
leg supporting a cross, calvary, in bend,
sinister, sable.

Motto — JEqtio pede propera.

FORBES, of New and Edinglassie, co. Aberdeen.

4 Nov. 1823.

Sir CHARIiES FORBES, created a Baronet as above, many years a
senior merchant on the Bombay establishment ; born 3 April 1773 ; married^
at Bombay, 28 Feb. 1800, Elizabeth, da. of John Cotgrave, esq., major in

the East India Company's sen'ice at Madras, and has issue, 1. JOHN,

6. 15 Dec. 1801, »i., 10 Dec. 1828, Mary- Jane, eldest da. of Henry-Lannoy
Hunter, esq., of Beech Hall, Berks, and niece of sir Claudius-Stephen Hun-
ter, bart. ; 2. Charles, capt. 17th lancers, b. 21 Sept. 1803, vi., 21

Aug. 1830, Caroline, 2d da. of George Battye, of Camden Hill, esq.;

3. George, merchant in London, 6. 13 Sept. 1805 ; 4. Katharine-



Stewart, b. 24 Jan. 1808 ;

-5. James-Steavart, h.

16 Feb. 1813

■6. Elizabeth, h. 2, and d. 30 July 1810.

The baronet claims to represent the eldest
remaining male branch of the family of
Fo7-b:'s of Pitsligo.

Sir Alexander Forbes, of Pitsligo,
living 1476, had two sons, sir John, who
continued the line of Pitsligo; and William,
of Dauch and New, ancestor of the pre-
sent family. Sir Alexander Forbes, of the
elder line, ((5th in descent from sir Alexan-
der above named,) was created lord Pitsligo,
1633, and the title descended, from father
to son, to his great grandson, Alexander,
4th lord, who, being engaged in the rebel-
lions both of 1715 and 1745, was attainted,
and left an only son, John, master of Pit-
sligo, who f1. s.p. 178I, when that line of
the family became extinct.

The direct male line of descent from V/il-
liam Forbes, of New, above named, ended
in major John Forbes, of New, whorf. 1 Feb.
1792, leaving an only da., Mary, m. sir Archi-
bald Grant, of Monymusk, hart., and the
male representation is now claimed by sir
Charles Forbes, as heir of the next branch.

George Forbes, of Bellabeg, (of the
house of New,) m., 1st, Isabel, da. of Wil-

liam Forbes, of Aslown ; and, 2dly, Isabel,
da. of William Meldrum, of Hatton, by
whom he had issue,

John Forbes, of Bellabeg, b. 1707, nt.
Christian, da. of the rev. John Shepherd,
of Logie Coldstone, and had, besides other
children, a son and heir.

The rev. George Forbes, of Lochell,
m. Katherine, only da. of Gordon Stewart,
of Irmeroury, (descended from the royal
house of Stewart,) and had, besides four
other sons and five das., John, lost in his
majesty's ship Hastings, in the China seas ;

I. Sir CHARLES, created a bart. as

Anns—^ee Plate 54. Quarterly : 1st and
4th, azure, three bears' heads couped, ar-
gent, muzzled, gules; 2d and 3d, azure,
three cinquefoils argent.

Crest — A dexter arm embowed in armour,
the hand grasping a broad-sword, all proper.

SupiJiirters— Two bears argent.

Motto — Non temere.

Seat — At Edinglassie, co. Aberdeen.

REID, of EwELL Grove, co. Surrey.
10 Nov. 1823.

Sir JOHN-RAE REID, Baronet, M.P. for Dover, one of the Directors
of the Bank of England, succeeded his father, sir Thomas, 29 Feb. 1824 ;
born 2 Dec. 1791.

James Retd, of Dunnfries, merchant,
(son of John Reid, of Kirkmahoe, co. Dum-
fries,) m., Oct. 1761, Helen, da. of John
Davidson, of Woodside, co. Dumfries, esq.,
and d. 20 May 1775, leaving issue by her,
(whorf. 1788,)

1. Sir Thomas, 1st bart.

2. Joseph, of London, merchant, and of
Thornton Heath, near Croydon, co. Surrey,
b. 24 Aug. 1772, m., 2(i July 1804, Marv-
Anne, da. of Alexander Calcleugh, of
Broad Green House, Croydon, esq., and has
issue, 1. Thomas, b. 21 May 1805; 2. Alex-
ander, b. 8 June 1806; 3. Joseph, b. 24 Aug.
1810; 4. Edward-Maitland, b. Ui Jan. 1815;
.5. Henry-Mountford, b. 22 Aug. 1!117; 6.
George-James-Graystone, b. 30 July 1H23;
7. Agnes-Margaret, b. 3 Jan. 180!); 8. Mary-
Ann, 6. 7 Nov. 1811 ; 9. Helen, b. 2f) July
1813; 10. Emma-Maria, b. 8 May 1816; 11.
Elizabeth-Beatson, b. 18 Dec. 1818; and
12. Louisa, b. 1 Feb. 1822.

3. Agnes, ni. Edward Archbold, of Gar-
rets Banstead, co. Surrey, es().

I. Sir THOMAS REID, of Ewell Grove,

CO. Surrey, and of Graystone Park, co.
Dumfries, esq., was a director, and some-
time chairman of the East India Company,
b. 26 Oct. 1762, created a bart. as above;
m., 21 Feb. 1791, Elizabeth, da. and h. of
John-Looker Goodfellow, of Newbury, co.
Berks, esq., and by her (whod. 26 Jan. 182!))
had issue,

1. Sir John-Rae, present bart.

2. George, b. 17 Oct. 1800.

3. Helen, b. 13 Oct. \7'M, jn., 15 May
1813, the rev. Benjamin Sandford, of Farn-
ingham, co. Kent, and d. 8 Aug. 1817, leav-
ing issue.

4. Harriet, m. William-Charles Lem-
priere, esq., of the royal artillery.

Sir Thomas d. 2!) Feb. 1824, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

II. Sir JOHN-RAE, present and 2d bart.

Arms — See Plate 53. Per saltire ermine
and erminois, an eagle displayed sable,
charged on the breast with an escutcheon or.

Crest — In front of a castle argent, two
spears in saltire jiroper.

Seat — Ewell Grove.

ROBINSON, of Batt's House, co. Somerset.
II Nov. 1823.

Sir GEORGE^BEST ROBINSON, Baronet, born 14 Nov. 1797, suc-
ceeded his father, sir George-Abercrombie, 13 Feb. 1832; married, 25
Dec. 1825, Louisa, youngest da. of major-general Robert Douglas, and has



John Robinson, of Calcutta, d. at the
Cape of Good Hope, 1/79; m., 1st, Mar-
garet, da. of George Leslie, of Kimrawgie,
N.B., by whom he had issue, sir George-
Abercrombie, created a bart.; and, 2dly,

, da. of Walters, by whom he

had a son, John-Gouin, d. unm.; and a da.,
Rebecca, m. Benjamin Jervis, of Bombay.

Batts House, co. Somerset, Streatham, co.
Surrey, and Nottingham Place, co. Middle-
sex, created a bart. as above; a director of
the East India Company, and sometime
military auditor-gen. in 'Bengal; m., 2/
March 1794, Margaret, natural da. of Tho-
mas Howard, earl of Suffolk and Berkshire,
and by her (who rf. 31 May 1824) had issue,

1. George-Best, b. 3 Jan. 1795, d. young.

2. Sir George-Best, present bart.

3. Francis-Horsley, 6. 16 Julv 1801.

4. WiLi^iAM-ScoTT, in holy orders, 6. 9
Jan. 1803.

5. Charles-Cornwallis, b. 14 June
1805, d. young.

6. Henry-Stirling, 6. 27 July 1807.

7. Edward-Inxes, ?). 13 0ct. 1811.

8. Frances-Matilda, b. 25 Sept. 1796,
d. young.

Sir George-Abercrombie d. 13 Feb. 1832,
and was succeeded by his eldest son,

n. Sir GEORGE-BEST, present and 2d

Arms — See Plate 54. Per fess embattled
azure and gules, two chevronells or, between
three bucks trippant argent, attired and
hoofed, of the third.

Ciest — In front of park paling proper, a
buck, as in the arms.

Seat — Batts House, co. Somerset.

BATLLIE, of PoLKEMMET, CO. Liiilitbgow.
14 Nov. 1823.

Sir WILI 1AM BAILLIE, of Polkemmet, h. 1784, created a Baronet
as above ; niarried^ 25 April 1815, Mary-Lyon, da. of James Dennistown^

of Colgrain, co. Dumbarton, esq., and has issue, 1. "WILLIAM, b. 2

Feb. 1810; 2. James-Dennistowx ; 3. Robert; 4. Tho-
mas ; 5. John-Hope ; 6. Margaret-Dreghorn ; 7« Mar-

GARET-CoLQUHOUK ; 8. Janet-Sixclair ; 9. &c. other children.

Thomas Baillie, of Polkemmet, esq..
m. Anne, da. of Thomas Inglis, of Murdis-
town, and by her had issue, Thomas, who
was father of another

Thomas, writer to the signet, m., and had

1. William.

2. Robert, lieut. -colonel in the East In-
dia Company's service, dec.

3. Mary, "w. sir Stair Agnew, bart.

William Baillie, eldest son of the last-
mentioned Thomas, was an advocate, and
appointed one of the lords of session, 1/93,
when he took the title of lord Polkemmet.
He m. Margaret, da. of sir James Colquhoun,
of Luss, bart. of N. S. and had issue,

1. Sir WiLLiAiM, created a bart. as above.

2. James, b. 1782, in the civil service of
the East India Company, d. unm.

3. Robert, b. 1790, d. a midshipman in
his majesty's ship Atlas.

4. Isabella.

5. Mary, »i. James Johnston, of Straiton,

6. Helen, d. unm.

7. Janet, m. D.J. Campbell, of Skerring-
ton, esq.

8. Eliza, m. James Campbell, of Dun-
more, esq.

9. Penuel-Jane, nu Farquhar Campbell,
of Ormsary, esq.

Arms — See Plate 54. Azure nine estoiles
or, within a bordure eounter-nebuly, argent
and sable.

Crest— Out of clouds proper, an estoile of
eight points, or.

Supporters — Two lions guardant argent.

Motto (over the crest) — In calig^inelucet.


8 Dec. 1823.

Delhi, 21 Dec. 1817, succeeded, on the death of sir David Ochterlony, 1st
bart., 15 July 1825. Sir Charles is the only son of Roderick-Peregrine
Ochterlony, of Delhi, gent., by Sarah, da. of John Nelley, esq., lieut.-coL
of engineers in the East India Company's service.

I. Sir David Ochterlony, descended
from an ancient family of that name, seated
at Petforthy, co. Angus, b. 12 Aug. 1758, en-
tered early in life into the military service
of the East India Company, in which he at-
tained the rank of major-gen. and col. of
the 28th regt. of native infantry, on the Ben-
gal establishment. He received the thanks
of both houses of parliament for his ser-
vices in the Nepaulese war, and in 1810" was
nominated G.C.B. He was created a bart.

7 March 1816, and Dec. 1823 had a second
patent of the same honour, with limitation
to Charles-Metcalfe Ochterlony, esq., son of
Roderick Ochterlony, esq., deceased. Sir
David d. it)im. 15 July 1825, and was suc-
ceeded, according to the limitation of the 2d
patent, bv

present bart.

Arms — See Plate 54. Azure, a lion ram-
pant argent, charged on the shoulder with a



key erect, wards upwards, of the field, and
holding in the fore paws a trident or, all
within a border, wavy, of the second, charged
with four buckles gules.
Crest— A swan, wings elevated, argent.

ducally collared and chained or, the breast
charged with a buckle, gules, and the wings
and body debruised by a bendlet sinister
wavy, azure.
Motto — Spe labor levis.


3 Nov. 1824.

Sir JOHN LOWTHER, of Swillington, Baronet, so created as above,
born April 1759; married^ 4 Sept. 1790, lady Elizabeth Fane, 2d da. of

John, 9th earl of Westmorland, and has issue, 1. JOHN-HENRY,

M.P. for York, h. 23 March 1793; 2. George-William, 6. 17 Oct.

1795. 3. Charles-Hugh, b. 26 Sept. 1803, m., 10 May 1834,

Isabella, eldest da. of rev. Robert Morehead, D.D., rector of Easington

CO. York

4. Elizabeth, b. 4



5. Frederica, b. 8

April 1799, d. 31 May 1812 ; 6. a Da., b. 26 Dec. 1800, d. young.

Sir JOHN is the only brother of the
right hon. William, earl of Lonsdale, K.G.,
&C., (see that title in Debrett's Peerage.)

Artns—See Plate 54. Or, six annulets

sable, a crescent for difference.
Crest — A dragon passant argent.
Motto — Mag'istratxis indicat virunu
Seat — At Swillington, co. York,

6 Aug. 1825.
Sir THOMAS MUNRO, Baronet, born 30 IMay 1819, succeeded his

father, sir Thomas, 6 July 1827.

Alexander Munro, of Glasgow, mer-
chant, (son of Daniel Munro, of the same
city,) m. Margaret, da. of Thomas Stark, of
Glasgow, and d. April 1809, leaving issue by
her, (whorf. 1807,)

1. Daniel, d. 1800, leaving an only son,
John, a writer at Madras.

2. Sir Thomas, 1st bart.

3. Alexander, of Edinburgh, m. Anne,
da. of capt. Patrick Brown, of Edinburgh,
aad has issue,

1. Alexander; 2. Patrick.
X Elizabeth; 4. Margaret.

4. William, d. unm.

5. James, a surgeon at Madras, d. unm.
fi. Erskine, m., 1st, sir James Turnbull,

of Edinburgh, W. S. ; and 2dly, the hon.
Henry Erskine, brother to the earl of

7. Margaret, jw. George-Harley Drum-
mond, esq.

L Sir THOMAS, 2d son, was created a
bart. as above. He entered early in life into
the military service of the East India Com-
pany on the Madras establishment, in which
he attained the rank of major-gen., and was
nominated C.B. 1815, and K.C.B. 181!). In
1820 he was appointed governor of Madras,
and took his seat 10 June in that year. He

m., 1814, Jane, da. of Richard Campbell, of
Craigie, co. Ayr, esq., and by her (who sur-
vives him) had issue,

1. Sir Thomas, present bart.

2. Campbell.

Sir Thomas d. at Madras 6 July 1827, and
was succeeded by his eldest son,

n. Sir THOMAS, 2d and present bart.

Arms — See Plate 54. Or, an eagle's head
erased gules, encircled by a branch of laurel
on the dexter, and of oak on the sinister
side ; on a chief argent, the representation
of an Indian hill-fort, and underneath in
letters of gold the word Bad amy, {being one
of the strmigest hill-forts in India, tvhieh tvas
stormed in 1818 bi/ a division of the army of the
Deccan, then coinnmnded by sir Thomas Mun-
ro;) on a canton gules, a representation' of
the silver medal presented by the East India
Company to the 1st bart. for his ser\ ices at
the assault and capture of Seringapatam,

Crest — An eagle close proper, having a re-
presentation of tlie above mentioned medal
pendent round its neck by a red riband, the
dexter claw resting on an escocheon gules
charged with a representation of the Fort of
Badamy as in the arms, and in the beak a
sprig of laurel.


Eltuinstone, CO. Aberdeen.

16 Jan. 1828.

and Logie Elphinstone, co. Aberdeen, Baronet, so created as above;
married, 1800, Graeme, da. of col. David Hepburn, and has issue, 1.



Elizabeth-Magdalexe, h. 10 Mav 1801 ;

h. 14 Feb. 1804; 3. JaxMES, b. 20 Nov.

»I0KD, b. 29 July 1807; 5


Mary-Frances, b.


4. Hew-Drum-

19 Dec. 1808, m., 1?

Aug. 1829, Patrick Boyle, esq., eldest son of the right honourable David

Boyle, lord justice clerk ; 6. Louisa-Sarah, b. 9 Feb. 1812 ; 7'

Fr'ancis-Anstruther, b. 18 Aug. 1813; 8. Stair, b. 29 3Iay

1815; 9. Charles, b. 23 March 1817; 10. Johx-Hamilton, b.

5 Jan. 1819; 11. Ernest-George, b. 27 Aug. 1820; 12. Hen-

RIETTA-MaRIA, b. 21 Oct. 1824; 13. GEORGE-AuGfJSTUS-FREDE-

RICK, b.

6 May 182G.

This is a younger branch of the ancient
family of Dalrymple, the elder branch of
which is represented by the earl of Stair.

Sir Hew Dalrymple, 3d son of James,
1st viscount Stair, (by Margaret, da. and h.
of James Ross, of Balneil, co. Wigton,) was
created a bart. of Nova Scotia 29 April 1698,
and the same year appointed lord-president
of the court of session. He m. Marion Ha-
milton, and d. 1 Feb. 1737, aged 85, having
had, besides other issue, a son and heir-ap-
parent, sir Robei-t Dalrymple, (who d. in his
lifetime, and from whom the present sir
John Dalr>'mple-Hamilton, of North Ber-
wick, bart., is descended,) a son, John, an-
cestor of sir Hew-Whitefoord Dalrymple,
bart., and a 3d son,

Hugh, of Drummore, b. 3(» Dec. 1690, ap-
pointed a lord of session 1726, and a lord of
justiciar^' 1745; m. Anne, da. and h. of John
Horn, of Horn Castle and Westhall, co.
Aberdeen, esq., and d. 18 June 1755, having
had issue,

1. AxxE, b. 6 June 1712.

2. Marion', b. 23 Oct. 1713, m. Archibald
Hamilton, of Dalziel, esq.

3. John, 6. 4 Dec. 1714, d, unm. 1737.

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