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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 89 of 95)
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Sir William, 5th bart., who d. in Ireland,
June 1738, s.p., and

Sir Francis, 6th bart.^ who left an only

Sir William, 7th bart., who d. s.p. 1757)
when the title devolved upon

Sir John, 8th bart., son of col. Charles
Russell, before named (son of John, 3d son
of the 3d bart). This sir John m. Catherine,
da. of the hon. gen. Carey, son of viscount
Falkland, and d. 1783, leaving two sons,

Sir John, 9th bart., who d. s.p., June 1802,

Sir George, Ktth bart., who rf. s.p. 1804,
"when the title became extinct, but the estate
of Checquers Court devolved on the present
bart., who is the only surviving child of the
rev. John-Russell Greenhill, of Cotisford,
CO. Oxford, LL.D., rector of Fringford, co.
Oxon,and of Marsh Gibbon, co. Bucks, (who
rf. 1813,) by Elizabeth, da. and h. of Mathew
Noble, of Sunderland, which rev. John-Rus-
sell Greenhill was son and heir of Samuel
Greenhill, of Swincombe, co. Oxon, esq.,
(who rf. 1749,) by Elizabeth Russell, da. of
the 3d bart., above mentioned.

Arms — See Plate 56. Argent,a lion rampant
gules ; on a chief sable three roses argent.

Crest — A goat statant argent, murally
gorged, and charged on the shoulder with a
crescent gules.

Seat — Checquers Court, Bucks.

CHAYTOR, of Croft, co. York, and Witton Castle, co.


SO Sept. 1831.

Sir WILIJAM CHAYTOR, of Croft, co. York, and Witton Castle, co.
Durham, Baronet, so created as above; born 29 April 1771? married.,
18 Aug. 1803, Isabella, 2d and youngest da. of John Carter, of Richmond,

CO. York, esq., and has issue, 1. WILLIAM-RICHARD-CARTER,

b. 7 Feb. 1805; 2. John-Clerveaux, b. 8 Sept. 1806, m., 30 Jan.

1834, Lydia-Frances, eldest da. of Thomas Brown, esq., of New Grove ;
-3. Mathew.Hutton, b. 31 Dec. 1807; 4. Isabella, 6. 11 April

1810 ; 5. Henry, b. 14 Sept. 1812 ;

7. Harriett, b. 14 July 1815.

G.Jane, ^.. 23 Dec. 1813;

ArmsSee Plate 56. Per bend dancett^
azure and argent, four quatrefoils counter-

Crest — A stag's head couped lozengy argent

and sable, armed gold ; in the mouth a tre-
foil slipped vert.

Seats— Croit, co. York, and Witton Castle,
CO. Durham.

BECHER, of Ballygiblin, co. Cork.
30 Sept. 1831.

Sir WILLIAM-WRIXON BECHER, of Ballygiblin, co. Cork, Ba-
ronet, so created as above ; born 31 July 1780, assumed the surname of
Becher early in life, and had it confirmed to him by royal sign manual, 29
Sept. 1831 ; married., 18 Dec. 1819, Elizabeth, da. of John O'Neill, and has

issue, 1. HENRY; 2. John; 3. M'illiam ; 4. Mary;

5. Elizabeth.

Henry Wrixon, of Assolas, co. Cork,
esq., m. Anne, da. of William Mansfield,
esq., and d. 1794, leaving issue a da., Mary,
in, William, lord Ennisraore, (now earl of

Listowell,) and rf. 5 Aug. 1810, and a son and

William Wrixon, of Cecilstown, eo.
Cork, esq., m. Mary, da. of John-Townsend



Beeher, of Annisgrove, co. Cork, esq., and
sister and heir of Henry Beeher, of Creagh,
also CO. Cork, esq., and has issue,

1. Sir William, took the surname and
arms of Beeher, and was created a bart. as

2. John.

3. Nicholas.

4. Mary-Anne.

5. Jane.

6. Georgiana.

Arm.s — See Plate 57. Vairy argent and gules
on a canton or, a stag's head couped sable.

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, a demi-
lion ermine, gorged with a plain collar vaire.

Motto — Bis vivit qui bene.

Seat — Ballygiblin, co. Cork.

CAMPBELL, of Carrick-Buoy, co. Donegal.

30 Sept. 1831.

Sir ROBERT CAMPBELL, of Carrick-Buoy, co. Donegal, Baronet,
so created as above ; one of the directors of the East India Company, horn
May 1771 ; married^ 2 Aug. 1798, Eliza, da. of Dr. Gilbert Pasley, physi-
cian-general at Madras, and has issue, 1. Sir JOHN-ROBERT, charge

d' affaires for the government of India at the court of Persia, b. 25 May
1799, knighted 22 Dec. 1832, w., 25 March 1828, Grace, da. of Thomas

Bainbridge, of Queen Square and of Croydon, co. Surrey, esq. ; 2.

Edward-Alexander, major of cavalry, E.I.C.S., b. 4 Aug. 1801 ;

3. Robert-Henry-Scott, b. 2 Dec. 1810, a writer in India; 4.

James-William-Hendry, b. 16 Nov. 1811; 5. Jane-Fothering-

HAM, b. 24 June 1800, w., 4 Dec. 1823, lieut.-col. Harris Hailes, 20th

foot ; 6. Eliza-Wemyss, b. 12 Oct. 1802, w., 28 Feb. 1831, Richard

Barron, 28th foot.

Sir Robert is the only surviving son of 4th, gironny of eight or and sable, a canton,

John Campbell, of Bally shannon, esq., who azure, charged with a bear's head argent,

d. 1794, by Jane, da. of the rev. Edward muzzled gules; 2d and 3d, argent, a lymphad

Forbes, of Kilbarran Castle, co. Donegal, sable.

and grandson of John Campbell, of Tuam, Crest — An eastern crown surmounted by

esq. a boar's head couped, or.

^r»w— See Plate 57. Quarterly: 1st and Seat — Carrick-Buoy, co. Donegal.

BIRCH, of the Hazles, co. Lancaster.

30 Sept. 1831.

Sir THOMAS-BERNARD BIRCH, Baronet, born 18 March 1791,
succeeded his father, sir Joseph, 22 Aug. 1833.

Thomas Birch, of Liverpool, (son of
Caleb Birch, of Whitehaven,) mayor of that
town, 1777 ; d. Sept. 1782, act. 56, leaving
issue by Eleanor, his wife, da. of Bernard
Bushby, of Torpenhow, co. Cumberland,
gent., {who d. 1 March 1795,) an only sur-
viving child.

Sir JOSEPH BIRCH, of the Hazles, in
the county palatine of Lancaster, bart., so
created as above, b. 18 June 1755, m., 6
March 1786, Elizabeth-Mary, .3d da. of
Benjamin Heywood, of Liverpool, and by
her (who d. 18 May 1825) had issue,

1. Sir Thomas-Bernakd, second bart.

2. Horatio, b. 1799, d. 18U0.

3. Phcebe-Anne, b. 6 March 1787, m.,
10 Aug. 181G, Henry Usborne, of Branches
Park, CO. Suffolk, esq,

4. Eleanor, b. 1798, d. 1806.

5. Elizabeth.

6. Sarah.

7. Heywood, (a da.,) b. 1804, d. 1824.
Arms — See Plate 57. Azure, three fleurs-

de-lys argent ; on a chief of the second,
three mullets sable.

Crest — On a mount vert, a hare current

Motto — Libertas.

Seat — The Hazles, co. Lancaster.

LAWSON, of Brayton House, co. Cumberland.

30 Sept. 1831.

Sir WILFRID LAWSON, of Brayton House, co. Cumberland, Baro-
net, so created as above, born 5 Oct. 1795, took the surname and arms of
Lawson only, instead of his paternal name of Wybergh, by royal sign
manual, 26 Sept. 1812; married, 20 June 1821, Caroline, da. of sir James



Graham, bart., (by lady Catherine Stewart, da. of John, 7th earl of Gallo*

way,) and has issue, 1. Caroline, b. 15 Sept. 1823; 2. Maria, b.

26 April 1825; 3. Elizabeth, 6. 15 Jan. 1827; 4. WILFRID,

i. 4 Sept. 1829.

Thomas Wybehgh, of Clifton Hall, co.
Westmoreland, and of Isell, near Cocker-
mouth, CO. Cumberland, esq., (son of
William Wybergh, of Clifton Hall, who d.
1757, set. 31, and Mary his wife, da. of
Thomas Crakeplace, of Brigham, co. Cum-
berland,) was b. 17 April I7.57, m., 28 Sept.
1786, Isabella, da. of John Hartley, of
Whitehaven, co. Cumberland, (and sister of
i nne, the wife of sir Wilfrid Lawson, of
Isell, and Brayton Hall, co. Cumberland,
bart.,) and d. 10 Sept. 1827, having had
issue by her, (who d. (j Feb. preceding,)

1. William, of Isell, b. 24 July 1787.

2. Thomas, 6. 20 July 1788, took the
surname and arms of Lawson only, pur-
suant to the will of sir Wilfrid Lawson
above named, his maternal uncle-in-law, 21
July 1806, d. at sea unm. 2 May 1812.

3. John, a merchant at Liverpool, b. 22
Aug. 1789.

4. Elizabeth, b. 16 Aug. 1790.

5. Peter, commander R.N., b. 20 Feb.

1794, m., 24 Oct. 1820, Jane, da. of

Tod, of Drygrange, co. Roxburgh, and has

6. Sir Wilfrid, created a bart. as

7. Mary, b. 8 Oct. 1798.

8. Hilton, in holy orders, rector of Isell,
b. 30 Dec. 1799, m., 22 April 1826, Anna-
Maria, da. of Francis Minshull, esq., (by
a da. of the late dr. Goodenough, bishop of
Carlisle,) and has issue.

9. James, b. 29 July 1802.

10. Annabella, b. 18(»4, rf. 15 April 1822.
Ai-ms — See Plate 57. Per pale argent and

sable, a cheveron counterchanged ; on a
canton sable, two bars or.

Crest — Out of clouds proper two arms
embowed, vested erminois cuflFed sable, the
hands holding a sun in splendour, goldi.

Motto — Quod Jumestum utile.

Seat — Brayton House, co. Cumberland.

HUMBLE, of Cloncoscoran, co. Waterford.

30 Sept. 1831.

Sir JOHN-NUGENT HUMBLE, Baronet, succeeded his father, sir
John. Nugent, 13 Jan. 1834.

The rev. John Humble, rector of Do-
nagh, CO. Deny, d. Aug. 1719, leaving

1. Rev. Charles Humble, of Derry-
loran, co. Tyrone, m. Anne, da. of Charles
Crawford, of Newtown-Stewart, co. Tyrone,
and d. 1772, leaving issue by her (who d.
1796) 2 das.,

1. Catherine, m. Samuel Lawson.

2. Mary, m. John Syree.

2. Rev. John.

3. Adam, of Dublin, M.D.

4. Margaret ; 5. Elizabeth.

The rev John Humble, 2d son of John,
was also rector of Donagh, m. Elizabeth,
da. of Richard Jones, and had issue a da.
Catherine, m. rev. John Usher, D.D., of
Trinity College, Dublin, and a son and

Charles Humble, capt. in the army,
led the forlorn hope at the storming of
Quebec, m. Elizabeth, da. and h. of Edward
Nugent Shanagham, of Cloncoscoran, co.

Waterford, esq., and d. about 1790, leaving
issue by her (who d. 1795) a da., Barbara, m,
Richard Goldsbury, of Longford, esq., and
a son and heir,

I. Sir JOHN NUGENT, ceated a bart.
as above, in, Mary, da. of Richard Power, of
Clashmore, co. Waterford, and had issue,

1. Sir John Nugent, present bart.

2. Elizabeth ; 3. Mary.

4. Dorothea ; 5. Catherine.

6. Anne.
Sir John Nugent d. 13 Jan. 1834, and was
succeeded by his eldest son,

IL Sir JOHN NUGENT, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 57. Quarterly 1st and
4th. Sable, a stag trippant or ; on a chief
indented argent a trefoil slipped vert — Hum-
ble. 2d and 3d ermine, two bars gules, and
in chief a fleur-de-lis azure — Nugent.

Crest — A demi stag saliant argent armed
and ungulec- or, and charged on the shoulder
with a trefoil slipped vert.

Sear— Cloncoscoran, co. Waterford.

LLOYD, of Lancing, co. Sussex.

30 Sept. 1831.

Sir JAMES-MARTIN LLOYD, of Lancing, co. Sussex, Baronet, so
created as above, born 21 May 17t>2, many years M.P. for Steyning ; mar-
ried, 1st, 20 Jan. 1785, Rebecca, da. of the rev. WilHam Green, of Eccles
Hall, CO. Norfolk, and by her (who d. 7 Feb. 1811) had issue three das.,
of whom only one, Rebecca-Martin, survives. Sir James m., 2dly,
Nov. 1812, Elizabeth-Ann, da. of rev. Colston Carr, and sister to the pre-
sent bishop of Worcester and the late sir Henry Carr, K.C.B,, hy whom
he has no issue.



Sir JAMES is the only son of James
Lloyd, of Lancing, esq., who d. 16 March
1798, by Elizabeth, his wife, da. of the rev.
Edward Martin, and grandson of James
Lloyd, also of Lancing, esq., who d. 1754,
and of Mary, his wife, da. of Walter Barte-
lett, of Stopham, co. Sussex, esq.

Anns — See Plate 57- Per bend sinister
ermine and paean, a lion rampant or, gorged
with a wreath of oak, and holding in the
dexter paw a sword erect proper.

Crest — A lion's head erased per bend
sinister ermine and pasan, gorged with a
wreath of oak proper.

GIBSON-CRAIG, of RiccARTON, co. Midlothian.

30 Sept. 1831.

Sir JAMES GIBSON-CRAIG, of Riccarton, and Ingleston, co. Mid-
lothian, Baronet, so created as above, clerk to the signet in Scotland, and a
deputy-lieutenant of co. Midlothian, born 11 Oct. 1765, took the surname
and arms of Craig in addition to his paternal name and arms of Gibson,
pursuant to a deed of entail made by Robert Craig, of Riccarton, 1818, and
act and warrant of the lords of council in Scotland, 1823 ; married, 14 Sept.
1796, Anne, youngest da. of James Thomson, of Edinburgh, merchant, and

has issue, 1. WILLIAM, of Edinburgh, advocate, b. 2 Aug. 1797 ;

2. James-Thomson, a clerk of the signet, b. 12 March 1799 ; 3.

Mary-Cecilia, b. 14 March 1800, m. William Kaye, esq., of the Temple,

barrister-at-law ; 4. Margaret-Christian, b. l^ Aug. 1801 ; 5.

Anne, b. 1 July 1802, m. John-Hay Mackenzie, of Cromarty, esq. ;

6. Cecilia Helen, b. 17 Feb. 1804; T. Joanna, b. 5 July 1805;

8. Helen, b. 5 July 1807, m., 22 Sept. 1834, Biggs Andrews, esq., of

the Inner Temple, ban-ister-at-law ; 9. Jemima-Campbell, b. 4

Feb. 1809.

John Gibson, of Durie, co. Fife, m.
Helen, da. of the hon. William Carmichael,
and d. 18 Jan. 1767, leaving issue by her,
(whod. 2 Junel787,)

1. Alexander, of Durie aforesaid, an
advocate, m., 19 Oct. 177<*j Margaret, da. of
Thomas Dundas, of Fingask, and d. 13 May
1785, leaving issue.

2. William.

3. John, rf. young.

4. James, d. an infant.

5. Thomas, col. in the army.

6. Margaret, wi. Alexander Gibson
Wright, of Clifton Hall, co. Edinburgh, and
Kersie, co. Stirling, esq.

7. Elizabeth, m. David Hunter,of Black-
ness, CO. Forfar, esq.

Williaw Gibson, of Edinburgh, mer-
chant, 2d son of John, m. Mary-Cecilia, da.
of James Balfour, of Pilrig, co. Edinburgh,
advocate, and d. 5 May 1807j having had

1. John, b. 11 April 1765, d. s.p.

2. Sir James, created a bart. as above.

3. William, of Ceylon, m. miss Sharpe,
of Madras, and had issUe,

1. Margaret, m. William Hooper of

2. Mary, m. Robert Luxmoore, capt.
ICth foot.

4. Alexander, consul at Dantzic

5. Archibald, of Edinburgh, merchant,
d. s.p.

6. Lewis, m. Caroline, da. of Charles-
Peter Layard, D.D., dean of Bristol, and has

1. William-Charles; 2. Thomas.
3. Mary ; 4. Louisa ; 5. Charlotte.
6. Caroline.

7. Thomas, a writer in Edinburgh, d.

8. Henry, a surgeon in the East Indies,
m, and has issue.

9. Hyndford, d. young.

10. Mitchell, of Ceylon, m. Barbara, da.
of capt. Robert Thomson, and has issue,

1. Robert ; 2. Mary.

11. Cecilia, m. John Thomson, of Edin-
burgh, merchant.

12. Helen, d. unm.

Amis — See Plate 57. Quarterly : 1st and
4th, ermine on a fess sable, three crescents
argent — Craig. 2d and 3d, gules, three
keys fesswise in pale, wards downwards, or
— Gibson.

Crest — A knight on horseback in full
armour, his right hand grasping a broken
tilting spear, shivered, all proper.

Motto — Vive Deo et vives.

Heat — Riccarton, co. Midlothian.

BARRINGTON, of the City of Limerick.

30 Sept. 1831.

Sir JOSEPH BARRINGTON, of the city of Limerick, Baronet, so
created as above ; founded, in conjunction with his sons, the hospital and
infirmary in Limerick, which bears their name, and Avhich was incorpo-
rated by act of parliament, 11 Geo. IV.; born 21 Feb. 1764 ; married, 1787,
Mary, da. of Daniel Baggott, of Limerick, and has issue, 1.



MATTHEW, crown solicitor for Minister, h. 21 May 1788, m., 1 Jan.
1814, Charlotte, da. of William Hartigan, esq., of Dublin, and has issue,
1. Mary-Anne^ h. 14 Oct. 1814; 2. William-Hartigan, b. 6 Oct. 1815 ; 3.
Croker, b. 9 July 1817 ; 4. Elizabeth-Anna^ h. 5 Aug. 1818, d. 1 Feb.
1829 ; 5. Charlotte, b. 3 March 1820 ; 6. Jessey, b. 28 May 1821 ; 7- Olivia,
b. 14 March 1823; 8. Josephine, b. 10 March 182G; 9. Henrietta-Victo-

rine; 2. Michael, b. 1790, d. young ; 3. Daniel, clerk of Crown,

CO. Limerick, b. 12 Oct. 1792, m., 22 Oct. 1829, Anne, da. of Richard Wil-
liams, of Drumcondra Castle, Dublin, esq., and has issue ; 4. Honoria,

b. 31 Jan. 1795, m., 28 Jxily 1827, Thomas Lloyd, of Limerick, esq., and
rf. 1828; 5. Croker, b. 29 April 1797, lieut. R.N. ; 6. Benja-
min, b. 1799, d. young; 7- Benjamin, b. 1801, d. young; 8. Jo-
seph, b. 4 Dec. 1803, d. 1833; 9. Samuel, b. 15 Feb. 180G, a bar-
rister; 10. Jane, b. 7 May 1808; 11. Mary-Anne, b. 16 Dec.

1810, d. 10 July 1829.

This family is descended from Oydnell
Barrington, or Barentone, a Saxon, who had
the custody of the forest of Hatfield, temp.
William the Conqueror. Fourteenth in de-
scent from him was sir Thomas Barrington,
knt., who m. Unifred, 2d da. and co-h. of
Henry Pole, lord Montacute, (son of sir Ri-
chard Pole, knt., by Margaret, countess of
.Salisbury, only da. and h. of George Planta-
genet, duke of Clarence, brother of king Ed-
ward IV.,) and by her was father of sir Fran-
cis, of Barrington Hall, Essex, created a
bart. 1611, who m. a niece of sir Oliver Crom-
well, knt., and which title became extinct
upon the death of sir Fitzwilliam, 10th bart.,
26 Sept. 1833, and from a younger branch was
descended, (according to family tradition,)

SAMUKt, who settled at Limerick, as ap-
pears by a monument in the cathedral of
that city in 1691 ; he liad issue, Bsnjamin,

sheriff of Limerick in 1714, who had issue,
Benjamin, sheriff of Limerick in 1729, m.
Anne, da. of John Waltho, of Anna, by
Catharine, da. of J. Croker, of Ballyna-
guard, by whom he had issue, Matthew,
and other children.

Matthew m. Jane, da. of John Canter,
of Ballyvara, and dying in 1765, left issue
an only son,

Sir JOSEPH, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 57. Argent three cheve-
ronels gules, and a label of three points
vert ; on a canton gules a trefoil slipped or.

Crest — Out of a crown vallery or, the bust
of a man in profile vested i)aly argent and
gules ; round the temples a wreath, and on
the head a cowl of the same colours.

Motto — Vng dunint ma vie.

Residence— hmvexick.

BROADHEAD, of Burton, or Monk Bretton, co. York.

30 Sept. 1831.

so created as above, born 17 Jan. 1798 ; married, 1 Aug. 1829, Charlotte,
da. of Francis -Godolphin, lord Godolphin, and has issue, 1. THEO-
DORE-HENRY, b. 12 Sept. 1830; 2. Frederick-John, b. 17 Feb.


Theodore Brinckman, a native of Ha-
nover, came into England in the suite of
king George L, and was father of George-
Charles Brinckman, b. 3 Dec. 17<>6, (to
whom the elector of Hanover stood spon-
.sor,) d. urim. 23 June 1739 ; and of

John-Richard Brinckman, of St. Mar-
tin's, Westminster, b. 21 April 1710, m.
Anne, da. and at length sole h. of John
Bingley, of Bolton, co. York, esq., (by Mar-
garet, sister and heir of Henry Broadhead,
of Burton aforesaid, esq.,) and d. 1743,
leaving issue by her (who d. 178b) a son and

Theodore - Henry Brinckman, b. 7
Sept. 1741, took the surname of Broad-
head, by act of parliament, 27 Geo. II.,
m., 14 Feb. 1767, Mary, only child andh. of
John Bingley, of Goldthorpe, co. York,
esq., and rf. 20 March 1810, leaving issue by
her, (who d. 18 June 1817,)

1. Theodore-Henry.

2. John-Richard, col. in the army, b. 14
Jan. 1772, m., 1806, Susan, da. of gen. Ross,
but by her, who d. the same year, had
no issue.

3. Charles, 6.24 March 1776, m., 30 July

1798, Harriett-Anne, da. of rev. mr. Kcigh-

ley, and widow of Huntley, and d. 30

July 1803, s.p.

4. Mary, ?n., 29 Aug. 1789, sir John
Dash wood, bart.

Theodore- Henry Broadhead, eldest
son of Theodore-Henry, b. 5 Dec. 1767,
some time M.P. for Wareham, and Yar-
mouth, Hants, »;., 11 May 17!>7. Elizabeth,
da. of Vvilliam M'Dougal, of the island of
St. Croix, and d. 12 Dec. 1820, leaving issue,

1. Sir Theodore Henry-La vington,
created a bart. as above.

2. John-Richard, in the army, b. 24
Dec. 1798.

3. Brinckman, in the army, b. 5 May

4. Elizabeth, 6. 7 Oct. 1801, m., 25 Marili
1823, John-Henry Dash wood - King, esq.,
eldest son of sir John Dashwood-King, bart.

5. William-Augustus, b. 30 Oct. 1«<>2,
ni., 2 Aug. 1828, Louisa-Augusta, da. of the
hon. sir Charles Paget, K.C.B. and has issue,

Charles, b. 27 April 1829.

6. Bingley, in the army, 6. 28 Dec.

7. Henry, lieut. R.N., b. 25 April 1806.

u 3



8. George, h. 19 May I8O7.

9. Alfred, h. 16 Aug. 1808.

10. Mary, h. 29 Oct. 1810.

11. Fanny; 12. Charlotte; (twins;) h.
25 Jan. 1812.

Arms — See Plate 57- Ermine, in chief two

eagles displayed gules, and in base a lion
rampant proper collared and chained or.

Crest — A demi-lion as in the arms, holding
in the paws an escocheon ermine, charged
with an eagle displayed gules.

Seat — Burton, co. York.

RASHLEIGH, of Prideaux, co. Cornwall.

30 Sept. 1831.

Sir JOHN-COLMAN RASHLEIGH, of Prideaux, co. Cornwall, Ba-
I'onet, so created as above, horn 1772 ; married^ 24 May 1808, Harriett, da.
of Robert Williams, of Moore Park, co. Herts, esq., by whom (who d. 6

July 1832, set. 56) he had issue, 1. Battie, b. 1811, d. 1822 ; 2.

JOHN-COLMAN; 3. Jane, I. 1809; 4. Harriett-Anne, b.

1812. Sir John w., 2dly, 17 Oct. 1833, Martha, youngest da. of John
Gould, of Truro, co. Cornwall, esq., M.D.

The family of Rashleigh has been seated
in the county of Cornwall at least since the
early part of the 16th century, and inter-
married with many of the principal families
in that county and in Devon. Jonathan
Rashleigh, of Menabilly, co. Cornwall, who
d. 1675, m. Anne, da. of sir Robert Bassett,
of Umbersley, co. Devon, knt., and great-
granddaughter of John Bassett, of Um-
bersley and of Frances his wife, da. of Ar-
thur Plantagenet, viscount Lisle. His son
and heir apparent, John Rashleigh, of Me-
nabilly, m. Joan, da. of John Pollexfen,
esq., and d. in his father's lifetime, leaving a
son and heir,

Jonathan Rashleigh, who d. 1702,
having in. Jane, da. of sir John Carew, of
Anthony, co. Cornwall, bart., and leaving
by her, (besides other issue,) a son and

Jonathan Rashleigh, of Menabilly, 6.
1690; m., 11 June 1728, Mary, da. of sir
William Clayton, of Morden, co. Surrey,
bart., and d. 1764, leaving issue by her,

1. Philip, of Menabilly, d. s.p.

2. William, d. young.

3. Jonathan, rector of Wickham, co.
Hants, m. Catherine, da. of William Stack-
house, of Trehane, co. Cornwall, D.D.,
and had issue.

4. John, father of sir John-Colman Rash-

5. Robert; 6. Peter.

7. Charles, d. unm. 1823.

8. Thomas, m. Frances-Elizabeth-Anne,
only da. of the rev. John Lawry, rector of
Lee, CO. Kent, and prebendary of Roches-
ter, and had issue.

9. Henry-Clayton, d. an infant.

10. Martha.

11. Jane, m. Robert Duke, of Lake, co.
Wilts, esq.

12. Mary, m. William Stackhouse, of
Trehane, esq.

13. Rachel, m. John Gould, of St. Aus-
tell, M.D.

John Rashleigh, of Penquite, co. Corn-
wall, esq., first commissioner and receiver
for Greenwich Hospital, 4th son of Jona-
than, was b. 20 June 1742, m., 6 April 1771 >
Katherine, da. and co-h. (with her sister
Philadelphia, wife of sir John Call, bart.)
of William Battie, of Court Gardens, near
Marlow, co. Bucks, M.D., and rf. 17 May
1803, having had issue by her, (who d. 1800,)

1. Sir John Colman, created a baronet
as above.

2. Jonathan-Hawkins.

3. William-Battie, b. 12 May 1781, d.

4. Charles-Watson, b, 14 July 1784,
d. at sea, unm,, 1805.

5. Mary, d. an infant.

6. Charlotte, b. 13 July 1782, d. an in-

7. Anne, b. 12 April 1776, m., 30 Nov.
1797, William Williams, of Castle Hill, co.
Dorset, esq.

8. Louisa, b. .30 March 1778, m., 22 Dec.
1801, Thomas-Holt White, of Chase Lodge,
near Enfield, esq.

Arms — See Plate 57. Sable, a cross or
between, in the dexter chief quarter a
chough, in the sinister chief quarter a text
T, and in base two crescents all argent.

Crest — None.

Seat — Prideaux, co. Cornwall.

CAMPBELL, of Barcaldine, co. Argyll.

30 Sept. 1831.

Sir DUNCAN CAMPBELL, of Barcaldine and of Glenure, co. Argyll,
Baronet, so created as above; married., 22 Feb. 1815, Elizabeth, da. of James

Dennistotm, of Dennistoun, co. Dunbarton, esq., and has issue, 1.

ALEXANDER; 2. James-Robert ; 3. John-Peter-Wil-

LI am; 4. Duncan-George; 5. Frederick-Evan-Alexander;

6. Henry-Charles-Alexander, d. 1831 ; T. Margaret ;

8. Mary; 9. Isabella-Janet; 10. Emily-Lucy-Eliza-




DuxcAN Campbell, of Glenluce, co.
Argyll, m. Mary IVI'Pherson, and had issue,

1. Alexander.

2. Peter, a major in the army, m. ,

da. of Pershall, of New York, and d. in

America about 1783, leaving issue.

3. James, in the army, d. s.p.

4. Colin, in the army, m. , da. of

Hungerford, of Cork, and d. 1810, leav-
ing issue.

5. Hugh, d. s.p.

6. Lucy, m. sir Ewan Cameron, of Fas-
siefem, bart.

Alexander Campbell, eldest son of
Duncan, was a member of the college of
advocates of Scotland, m. Mary, da. of John
Campbell, of Edinburgh, and had issue,

1. Sir Duncan, created a bart. as above.

2. Peter-William, in the military ser-
vice of the hon. E. I. C, d. in Bengal 1819,


3. John, d. s.p. 1808.

4. Colin-Alexander, capt. 74th foot.

5. Caroline-Anna-Louisa.

6. Maria-Helen.

Arms — See Plate .57. Quarterly : 1st and
4th, Gironny of eight or and sable ; a can-
ton argent, charged with a bend sable, be-
tween an unicorn's head, erased in chief,

Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 89 of 95)