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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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thony Langley Swimmer, esq., and by her
(who rf. 20 June 1795) had no issue. Sir
Francis, 1741, was chosen representative for
the town of Guildford, and afterwards co.
Surrey. He rf. May 1779, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

VIII. Sir FRANCIS, who was ambassador
at Venice; to., July 1779, Mary, da. of
Richard Muilman Trench Chiswell, esq.,
and by her (who rf. 8 Jan. 1826) had issue,

1. Sir Francis, 9th bart.

2. Anna-Maria, h. 1789, m., 2(3 July 1817»
captain William-Johnson CampbtU, son of
the late lieutenant-general Colin Campbell.

Sir Francis d. 1791, and was succeeded by
his son,

IX. Sir FRANCIS, l. 23 July 1780, to.,
16 Jan. 1802, Jane, da. of the late hon. Ed-
ward Bouverie, brother to William, 1st
earl of Radnor, and by her (who d. 13 April
18(»5) had issue,

1. Sir Francis, present bart.

2. Everard, rf. March 1810.

Sir Francis d. 17 Jan. 1808, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

X. Sir FRANCIS, present bart.
Anns— See Plate 2. Azure, three quatre-

foils, argent.




Cresi — Out of a ducal crown, or, a bear's
head, argent.
Motto — Vincenti dahitur.

Spat — At Stoke d'Abernon, near Cobham,
and Matlarm, co. Surrey.

TICHBORNE, of TichboRxNE House, co. Hants.

a March 1G20.

Sir HENRY-JOSEPH TICHBORNE, Baronet, 5om 5 Jan. 1779, sue
ceeded his father, sir Henry, 14 June 1821 ; married^ 23 April 1806,
Anne, 4th da. of sir Thomas Burke, of Marldehill, co. Gahvay, bart., and
sister to Eliza, countess of Clanricarde, by whom he has issue, 1. Eli-
zabeth-Anne, b 28 May 1807, ^«-, 5 May 1829, Joseph-Tliaddeus, lord

Dormer; 2. Frances-Catherine, b. 18 March 1809, m., 22 Sept.

1829, Henry-Benedict, lord Arundel, of Wardour ; 3. Julia, b. 15

July 1810, m., Feb. 1830, Charles-Thomas Talbot, esq., grandson of

George, 14th earl of Shrewsbury; 4. Mary, b. 28 INIay 1812, and rf.

29 Aug. 1827; 5. Catherine-Caroline, b. 21 April 1814; 6.

Lucy-Ellen, b. 21 Dec. 1817 ; 7- Emily-Blanch, b. 18 June 1818.

Hm Roger deTidirhnvne, knt., was pos-
sessed of the lordship of Ticheburne, in
Hampshire, ?ew/). Htnry II.; and by mar-
riage with Mabell, sole h. of the family of
Lymerston, in the Isle of Wight, had also
possession of that estate, and left issue by
her, sir Walter de Ticheburne, knt.

In the succeeding generations, this family
continued to be of great note and conse-
quence in the county of Hants, which they
frequently represented in parliament; and
intermarried with the heiresses of Rake, of
Devonshire; Martin, of Edinbridge, in
Kent; and Riche. 13th in descent from
sir Roger above named, wss,

was c eated a bart. and received other
honour- and emoluments from king James
I., to whom he had rendered himself par-
ticularly acceptable, by liis forwardness in
proclaiming his accession to the crown of
England throughout his county, withoxit
waiting for any orders from the govern-
ment ; ni. Am])hilis, da. of Richard Weston,
esq., one of the justices of the Common
Pleas, and had issue,

1. Sir Richard, 2d bart.

2. Waltkr, knighted 16 Nov, 1004, m.
Maiy, da. and co-h. of Robert White, esq.,
son of sir John White, lord mayor of Lon-
don, and from this sir Walter descended
sir Hkmiv, (ith bart.: likewise from a 2d
son of tliesaid Walter, descended sir Ben-
jamin Tichborne, of Rickmansworth, co.
Hertford, knt.

3. Bknjaaiin, knighted 29 Aug. 1018, and
elected for Pctfrsfield in two parliaments
in the reign of Charles I., d. without issue.

4. Sir llfCNKV, knt., di-tinguished himself
in Ireland during the great rebellion in that
country, in which this branch of the family
settled ; and in the first year of (icorge I.,
Henry, graiulson of the above named sir
Henry (after having been ere: ted a l)art.),
was created in 1715, baron Feirard, of Fer-
rard, co. Louth. But this peerage became
extinct in him, his only son (cxcejit two
who d. young) having been, in his father's
lifetime, cast away in his passage from Ire-
land to England.

5. Er,izAi!i;TH, jjj., 1st, William Garth,
esq.; and 2dly, William Owen, esq.

6. Annk, w., 1st, William Brock, esq.;
and, 2dly, sir Thomas 'J-imperly, knt.

7. AiMiMiiLLts, »j. William Gratwick, esq.
Sir Benjamin d. 1G24, and was succeeded
by his eldest son.

II. Sir RICHARD, eldest son and h. of
sir Benjamin, was knighted 11 May 1603.
He was sent by Charles I. as ambassador to
the Queen of Bohemia. He nu, 1st, Ellen,
da. and co-h. of the before-mentioned Ro-
bert Whyte, esq., by whom <who d. 18 May
1606) he had issue,

1. AiMPHfLLis, m. Laurence Hyde, ser-

Sir Richard m., 2dly, Susan, da. and co-h.
of William Waller, of Oldstoke, co. South-
ampton, esq., and by her had issue,

2. RrcHARD; 3. Johv, rf. infants.

4. Sir Henry, .'id bart.

5. Anne, m. C^harles Tasburgh, of Felix-
tow Hall, CO. Suffolk, esq.

6. Susan, rf. ?<»;«.

7. Elizabeth, m. sir James Phillips, of
Stoke Charity, Hants, bart.

Sir Henry d. 1657, and was succeeded by
his only surviving s in,

III. Sir HENRY, who, in defence of
Charles I., hazarded his life in several en-
terprises, which drew on him the malignity
of the usurpers, who sequestrated his es-
tate, and forced him to live in an obscure
condition till the Restoration. King Charles
made him lieutenant of the New Forest,
Hampshire, and James II. constituted him
lieutenant of the ordnance. He m. Mary,
da. of William Arundel, esq., brother to
Thomas, lord Arundel, of Wardour, and
had issue,

1. Joseph: 2. Charles, both rf. young.

3. Sir Henry-Joseph, 4th bart.

4. Sir Joseph Herminigildus, 5th bart.

5. Winfred; 6. Susanna, both d. in-

7. Mary, a nun.

8. Lettice, w., 1091, HenryWhettenhall,

1). Frances, ?»?., 10t)4, John Paston, of
Appleton, CO. Norfolk, esq.

Sir Henry rf. 161!!), and was succeeded by
his only surviving son,

IV. Sir HENRY-JOSEPH, «?., 1089,
Mary, da. of Anthony Kemp, of Slyndon,
CO. Sussex, esq., and by her had,

1. Henisy; 2. Henrv-John ; S.John,
who all rf. 7inin.

4. Mary-Aones, W.Michael Blount, esq.,
rf. 20 May 1777.

5. Kranmi's-Cickly, ?/?. George Brown-
lowe Doughty, rf. 20 Aug. 1765.

6. Mahklla, wi. sir John Webb, bart., d.
Sept. 1727.

Sir Henry-Joseph d. July 1743, without



issue male, and was succeeded by his brother,

upon whose decease, the title devolved on,

VI. Sir HENRY (son of James Tichborne,
of Aldershot, co. Hants, esq., who was son
and h. of White Tichborne, of Aldershot,
who was son andh. of Francis Tichborne, of
Aldershot, 2d son {but eldest from whom
there is any existing male issue) of sir Wal-
ter Tichborne, 2d son of the 1st bart.) ; m.
Mary, da. of Michael Blount, of Maple-
Durham, CO. Oxford, esq., by Mary, da. and
co-h. of sir Henry-Joseph Tichborne, 4th
bart., by whom (who d. 10 Feb. 1(>99) he
had issue,

i. Henry, d. young.

2. Mary-Agatha, rf. about the age of 21.

3. Sir Henry; 7th bart.

Sir Henry d. 16 July 1/85, and was suc-
ceeded by his only surviving son,

VII. Sir HENRY, b. 6 Sept. 1756, w.,
1777, Elizabeth, da. of Edmund Plowden,
of Plowden, co. Salop, esq., and by her
(who d. 24 Jan. 1829) had issue,

1. Sir Henry, present bart.

2. Benjamin-Edmund, 6. 2 Sept. 1780,
capt. in the native cavalry, Madras, d. unm.,
at Canton, 30 Oct. 1810.

.3. Edward, of Snarford Hall, co. Lin-
coln, 6. 27 March 1782, took the name of
Doughty only, by royal sign manual, 29

May 1826, m., 26 June 1827, Catherine, da.
of Everard, 9th lord Arundel, of Wardour,
and has issue,

Henry-Tichborne, 6. 8 Aug. 1829.

4. James-Francis, b. 3 Oct. 1784, to. , 1
Aug. 1827, Harriett-Felicite, da. of Henry
Seymour, of Knoyle, co. Wilts, esq.

5. John-Michael, b. 22 Feb. 1788, who
was killed by the insurgents in the mutiny
at Vellore, near Madras, unm. 1806.

6. George, 6. 15 April 1789, d. unm. Feb.

7. Mary-Barbara, b. 24 Aug. 1790, d.

8. Roger-Robert, b. 15 Sept. 1792, m., 10
July 1822, Rebecca, da. of Aaron Fernando
Nunez, of Belmont Park, co. Hants, esq.

9. Elizabeth-Charlotte, b. 14 June
1798, d. Jan. 1803.

10. Lucy-Mary, b. 22 March 1800, m., 10
April 1823, George Nangle, esq., son of
Walter Nangle, of Kildakey, co. Meath,

Sir Henry d. 14 June 1800, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

Vlll. Sir HENRY-JOSEPH, present bart.

Arms—i^ec Plate 3. Vaire, a chief, or.

Crest— On a wreath, a hind's head couped,
proper, between a pair of wings, gules.

Motto — PtiSifia pro patria.

Seat — At Tichborne, co. Hants.


29 June 1G2L

Sir CHARLES. HARCOURT PALMER, Baronet, succeeded his grand-
father, sir Charles, 8 Nov. 1773.

The Palmej-s, of Wwgham, co. Kent, are
descended from a very ancient family at
Angmerin, co. Sussex. Sir Hexry Pal-
mer, of Wingham, was governor of
Guisnes, and killed in the defence of Calais
temp. Philip and Mary. His son,

I. Sir THOMAS PALMER, was knight-
ed for his valour at the taking of Cadiz,
and afterwards advanced to the dignity of
bart.; m. Margaret, da. of Edmund Poley,
esq., and by her had, besiaes three sons and
three das., who d. young,

1. Sir Thomas, knt., m. Margaret, da. of
Herbert Pelham, d. in his father's lifetime,
leaving issue two sons,

1. Sir Thomas, 2d bart.

2. Herbert, who was president of Queen's
College, Cambridge, and d. unm.

2. Sir Roger, K.B. cup-bearer to Henry,
prince of Wales, and to his brother, Charles,
afterwards king Charles I. ; m. Catherine,
da. of sir Thomas Porter, knt., and relict of
sir Ralph Welsh, knt., but d. wi hout issue.

3. Sir James, great-grandfather of the
5th bart., of whom hereafter.

4. Jane, ni., 1st, sir William Meredith,
knt. ; and 2dly, John, earl of Carberry.

5. Margaret, m. Richard Amherst, of
Bayhall, co Kent, serjeant-at-law.

Sir Thomas d. 1625, and was succeeded by
his grandson,

II. Sir THOMAS, who was a considerable
sufferer for his loyalty to king Charles I.,
and d. in confinement. He m. Elizabeth,
da. and co-h. of sir John Shirley, knt., and
had issue,

1. Sir Henry, 3d bart.

2. Roger, d. unm.

3. Herbert, m. Dorothy, da. and co-h.
of John Pincheon, esq., and d, 1700, leaving
two sons and two das.

1. Sir Thomas, 4th bart.

2. Henry, d. unm. 1710.

3. Anne, nt. Robert Whitfield.

4. ElizalDeth, d. unm.

4. James, rf. unm.

5. Thomas, an eminent merchant, m.
Lucy, da. of James Young.

6. John, rf. unm.

7. Margaret, m. sir Arnold Bream, of
Bredy, co. Kent, knt., to whom she was
2d wife.

8. Sybilla, m., 1st, John Everard, of
Seabrights, co. Essex, esq. ; and 2dly, Wil-
liam Mildmay, esq.

9. Elizabeth, m. Samuel Argol, M.D.

10. Mary, nu, 1st, Francis Somraers,
esq. ; and 2dly, — ■ Sainthill, esq.

11. Anne, d. young.

1'2. Esther, m. George Clayton, of Lon-
don, esq.

Sir Thomas d. 1666, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

III. Sir HENRY, w. Anne, da. of sir
William Luckin, bart., but rf. without issue
in 1706, and was succeeded by his nephew,

IV. Sir THOMAS, son of his brother,
Herbert ; m., 1st, Elizabeth, one of the das.
of sir Robert Marsham, knt. and bart., and
sister of the 1st lord Romney, by whom he

1. Henry; 2. Thomas; 3. Robert ; all
died young.

4. Margaret, d. unm.

5. Anne, m., 1st sir Brook Bridges,
bart.; and, 2dly, the hon. Charles Feilding,
3d son of Basil, 4th earl of Denbigh.

6. Elizabeth, m. the hon. Edward
Finch, son of Daniel, 6th earl of Win-
chilsea, who afterwards took the name
of Hatton, grandfather of the present

c 2



7. Mary, jh. Daniel, 7th earl of "W inchil-
sea, d. 1757.

Sir Thomas nu, 2dly, Mrs. Cox; and,
3dly, Mrs. Markham, but d. in 1723, with-
out issue male, the title devolved on his
cousin, sir Charles, great-grandson of sir
James Palmer, 3d son of the 1st bart., whose
descent we proceed to state.

Sir Jamks Pai.mek, 3d son of the 1st
bart., m. twice; 1st, Martha, da. of sir Wil-
liam Garrard, of Dorney, co. Bucks; and,
2dly, Catherine, da. of William Herbert,
eari of Powys, and widow of sir Robert
Vaughan. By his 2d wife, he had a son,
Roger, who ))i. Barbara Villiers, duchess
of Cleveland, and was himself created earl
of Castlemaine, in the peerage of Ireland,
by king James II. ; by his 1st wife, sir
James had a son and h..

Sir Philip, cup-bearer to king Charles
II. ; »i. Phoebe, da. of sir Henry Palmer,
knt., and had issue, 1. Roger, m. Anne, da.
and h. of Henry Ferrers, but rf. without sur-
viving issue; 2. Henry, d. tmni.; 3. Phi-
lip, m. Catherine, da. of sir George South-
cote, bart., and relict of James Palmer, esq.;
and, 4.

Charles, who was h. of his three bro-
thers, w. Jane, da. of John Jennings, esq.,
and d. 1714, leaving issue a da., Phoebe, m.
Richard Harcourt, esq., and 2 sons; of
whom the youngest, Philip, m. miss Jane

Thompson, and left issue; and the eldest,

V. Sir CHARLES, succeeded to the title
on the death of his cousin, sir Thomas, and
became 5th bart. ; m., June 1729, Anne, da.
of Richard Harcourt, esq., by Elizabeth,
da. of sir Philip Harcourt, knt., and half-
sister to Simon, the 1st lord Harcourt, by
whom (who survived him, and d. 1774) he
had issue, besides other children, who d.

1. Charles, an officer in the East India
Company's service, who m. Sarah, da. of
Thomas Clack, of Wallingford, co. Berks,
and sister of Frances, viscountess Courtenay,
and d. in his father's lifetime, 17('4, leaving
one son, sir Charles-Harcourt, present

2. Harriott, m. Dotlyn Battin, esq.

3. Dorothy, m. Gousse Bonnin.

Sir Charles d. 8 Nov. 1773> and was suc-
ceeded by his grandson,

sent bart.

Arms— See Plate 3. — Or, two bars, gules,
each charged with three trefoils, argent, in
chief, a greyhound current, sable.

Crest — A demi -panther, rampant, in-
censed and holding a palm branch, all pro-

Motto — Pahna virtuti.

Seat — At Dorney Court, near Windsor,
CO. Bucks.

RIVERS, of Chafford, co. Kent.
19 Julv 1621.

Sir HENRY RIVERS, Baronet, in holy orders, rector of Martyr Worthy,
and vicar of St. Swithin's, Winchester, co. Hants, succeeded his brother,
sir James, 27 Sept. 1805; married^ 2 May 1812, Charlotte, da. of Samuel

Eales, of Cranbury, co. Hants, and has issue, a Da., b. 7 June 1813;

another da., '6. 6 Nov. 1815; A SON, b. 30 Dec. 1822; Le-

titia-Martha, b. 28 Jan., and d. 27 Aug. 1824 ; a Da., b. March

1830 ; a Son, b. 26 Aug. 1834.

Sir George Rivers, of Chafford, co.
Kent, knt., M.P. for East Grinstead, m.
Frances, da. and co-h. of William Bower,
esq., and had issue,

1. John, his successor.

2. George, of Hadlow, co. Kent, m. and
had issue.

3. William, of London, m. andhadissue.

4. Alice, m. sir George Courthope, of
W vleigh in Ticehurst, co. Sussex, knt., and rf.
May KJ22.

5. Elizabeth, m. Nicholas Rowe, of
Muswell Hill, co. Middlesex, esq.

I. JOHN RIVERS, created a bart. as
above, m. Dorothy, only da. and h. of Tho-
mas Potter, of Well Street, in Westerham,
CO. Kent, esq., by whom he had issue,

1. James, m. Charity, da. of sir John
Shirley, knt., rf. in his father's life-time,
1G41, leaving, besides other issue, two sons,

1. Sir Thomas, 2d bart.

2. Sir John, 3d bart.

2. John, rf. without issue.

3. Gkokge. »(. the da. of Barington,

but liad no issue.

4. NizKLL, m. the widow of Culpep-
per, es(i., and rf. without issue.

.O. Elizaheth, m. John Baker,
(j. Dorothy, m. William Newton, esq.
7. Cecilia, m. sir Robert Goodwyn, knt.
Sir John was succeeded by his grandson,

II. Sir THOMAS, whorf. unm. 1G57, and
was succeeded by his brother,

III. Sir JOIIN, m. Anne, da. of sir

Thomas Hewitt, bart., and sister of George,
viscount Hewitt, in Ireland, (which title be-
came extinct in 168f>,) by whom he had,

1. Sir George, 4th bart.

2. John, rf. without issue.

3. Thomas, D.C.L., prebendary of Win-
chester, m. Mary, da. of Richard Holbrooke,
rf. 8 Sept. 1731, leaving three sons,

1. Sir .John, 5th bart.

2. Sir Peter, 6lh bart.

3. James ; 4. Anne, rf. young.

4. James, a col. in the army, rf. without
issue at the siege of Barcelona.

.'). MAFuiAHET; (!. Anne.

IV. Sir GEORGE, eldest son and succes-
sor to his father, m. Dorothea, da. of sir
William Bevevsham, knt., by whom he had

1. Beversham, rf. unm.

2. George, m. Isabella, da. of Philip
Packer, by whom he left no issue.

3. Thomas; 4. William, both rf. infants.
.I. Dorothy, m. Thomas Goodall, esq.

f). Anne, rf. ninn.

7. Philadeli'hia, ?». George Baker, esq.

}|. 1 1 E.\ H 1 etta-Maria, m. Joseph Webb,
surgeon, rf. 17-">(>.

!). CiiAHLofTE, rf. aged 12.

1(1. Marcahet, m. John Grocmbridge,

H. Elizaketh, rf. young.
Sir George rf. without issue male, devised
his estate to his surviving das., and was suc-
ceeded in title by his nephew.



V. Sir JOHN, eldest son of dr. Thomas
Rivers ; he d. 1742, and was succeeded by
his brother,

VI. Sir PETER, in holy orders, prebend-
ary of Winchester, m., 17'if{, Martha, da. of
William Coxe, M.D.,and had issue by her,

1. Mary, rf. 11 May 1807-

2. Sir Thomas, 7th bart.

3. Sir JAIMES, 8th bart.

4. William, d. 10 April 1794.

5. Amelia - Henrietta, m., 13 Aug.
18<J<J, sir Francis Freeling, bart., secretary
to the general post-office, d. 19 Dec. 1812,
leaving issue.

6. Axne-Margaret, rf. 22 Feb. 1812.

7. Sir Henry, present bart.

8. Maria, m., April 1805, B. C. Stephen-
son, esq.

9. Louisa, m., 18 Feb. 1812, Joseph Story,

of Bingfield, co. Cavan, esq.

Sir Peter rf. 20 July 1790, was succeeded
by his eldest son,

VII. Sir THOMAS, who rf. r«im. 3 Feb.
1805, was succeeded by his brother,

VIII. Sir JAMES, a capt. in the 3d regt.
of dragoon guards, who was unfortunately
killed by the accidental discharge of his
gun, 27 Sept. 1805, and was succeeded by
his brother,

IX. Sir HENRY, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 3. Azure, two bars,
dancette, or in chief, three bezants.

Crest — On a mount vert, a bull statant,
argent; horns, hoofs, point of the tail,
collar, and chain, reflexed over the back,

Motto — Secus vivos aquarum.

PHILLIPS, of PicTON Castle, co. Pembroke.
9 Nov. 1G21.

I. Sir JOHN PHILLIPS, of Picton
Castle, was created a bart. as above, m.
Anne, da. of sir John Perrott, and had
issue 3 sons, 1. sir Richard, 2d bart.; 2.
Waiter, d. imm.; 3. Hugh, of whom here-

II. Sir RICHARD, 2d bart. left an only

III. Sir ERASMUS, rf. 1607, and was
succeeded by his eldest son (and only one
who left issue),

IV. Sir JOHN, rf. 1736, leaving 3 sons,
sir ERASMUS, 5th bart.; sir John, 6th
bart. ; and Bulkeley, who rf. without male

VI. Sir JOHN, 6th bart., rf. 1/64, leaving
an only son,

VII. Sir RICHARD, created 1776, baron
Milford, in the Peerage of Ireland, and rf.
s. p. 28 Nov. 1823, when all issue male of the
2d bart. became extinct.

Walter Philips, 2d son of the 1st bart., rf.
as above mentioned, uniyi.

Hugh, 3d son of the 1st bart., left a son

and heir, Richard, who had a numerous
family, of which the eldest son, Charles,
m., 1st, Anne, da. of William Phillips; and
2dly, Phillippa, da. of Rowland Laugharne,
of St. Bride's, esq. The issue male of this
Charles, by his 1st wife, became extinct on
the death of his great-grandson, William
Phillips, in 1799 ; but by his 2d wife he had
a son,

Rowland, who took the name of Laug-
harne, and was great-grandfather of

Rowland - Henry Phillips - Laug-
harne, esq., in whom this title appears to
have vested ; he m. Elizabeth, da. of James
Frampton, of Frome, co. Somerset, (who
rf. -Id Aug. 1834,) but dying, s.p., 23 April
1832, his pretensions to the dignity devolved
on his brother William, m., 13 Sept. 1829,
Elizabeth, da. of Geo. White, of Hants, esq.,
and has issue, Sarah Elizabeth, 6.13 Sept.1831.

Ai)m (of Phillips) — See Plate 3. Argent,
a lion rampant, sable, ducally gorged and
chained, or.

Crest — A lion, as in the arms.

WAKE, of Clevedon, co. Somerset.

5 Dec. 1G2].

Sir WILLIAM WAKE, Baronet, D.C.L., born 5 April I7C8, succeeded
his father, sir William, Oct. 17'35, married, 1790, iMary, only da. of Francis
Sitwell, of Renuishaw, co. Derby, and sister of sir Sitwell Sitwell, bart.,

by whom (who d. 22 Nov. 1791) he had issue, 1. CHARLES, b. 20

Nov. 1791, Jw., 22 Aug. 1815, ]\Iary-Alice, eldest da. of sir Sitwell Sitwell,
bart , who rf. .3 Sept. 181G ; and he ?«., 2dly, 1 June 1822, Charlotte, 2d
da. of Crawford Taitt, esq., of Harriestown, N.B., by whom he has issue,

I. William; 2. Charles; 3. Emily-Susan ; 4. Drury. Sir William m., 2dly,
22 April 1793, Jenny, da. of the late vice-admiral James Gambler, uncle

to lord Gambler, by whom he has issue, 2. Louisa, b. 4 March 1794,

d.unm. 16 Nov. 1810; 3. William, b. 5 Aug. 1796, d. 27 March

1815; 4. Drury, b. ^ Dec. 1797, d. 10 Nov. 1818; 5. Mary, b.

12 Aug. 1799, d. 3 Sept. 1825; 6. John-William, b. 19 April 1801,

in holy orders, d. 11 Feb. 1829; 7- Jane-Sophia, b. 26 Aug. 1802;

8. Emma, b. 22 July 1804, d. 16 3Iarch 1812; 9. Emily-

Georgiava, b. 24 Feb. 1806; 10. Cecilia, 6. 24 June 1807 ;

II. Charlotte- Joan, b. 14 March 1815.



This family ranks undoubtedly among
the most ancient now existing in the male
line in England: Hugh Wac, lord of Wiles-
ford, CO. Lincoln, was a baron temp. Hen.
I., and his descendants continued to enjoy
that dignity, through a series of ei<jht
generations, till 2,3 Edw. HI.; when Tho-
mas, the last lord Wake, d. leaving a sister
and heiress, Margaret, who »/. Edmond,
of Woodstock, earl of Kent, a younger son
of king Edward I., and was mother of
Jane or Joan (called the Fair Maid of
Kent), wife of Edward the Black Prince.

Hugh Wake, an uncle of the above-
named Margaret, was seated at Deeping,
CO. Lincoln, and Bljsworth, co. North-
ampton ; and 9th in descent from him

L Sir BALDWIN WAKE, of Clevedon,
created a bart. as above, m. Abigail, da. of
sir George Digby, knt., by whom he had

1. Sir John, his successor.

2. George; 3. Baldwin.

4. Abigail, m. William Pitt, esq.
Sir Baldwin was succeeded by his eldest

II. Sir JOHN, raised a troop of horse
for king Charles I., and mortgaged his
estate to serve him ; he m., 1st, Bridget, da.
and co-h. of Henry Sandys, esq., by
whom he had issue,

1. Sir William, his successor.

2. George, chancellor of the diocese of
Peterborough, who left no issue.

Sir John m., 2dly, Anne, da. and co-h. of
Gregory Brokesby, esq., by whom he had,

3. Charles, f?. without issue.
He was succeeded by his son,

III. Sir WILLIAM, ?n. Diana, da. of sir
Drue Drury, bart., by whom he had issue,

1. Sir John, his successor.

2. William, d. laim.

3. Sir Baldwin, successor to his brother.

4. Robert, in holy orders, m. Elizabeth,
da. of William Greenfield, esq., and had
issue by her,

1. Sir William, 7th bart.

2. Robert, d. unm.

3. Thomas, d. an infant.

5. Samuel, who was possessed of Wal-
tham Abbey, co. Essex, by the gift of sir
Samuel Jones, and took the surname of
Jones; m. Elizabeth, da. of sir Samuel
Sambrooke, bart., but d. 173!) without issue
by her (who re-m. sir Humphry Monnoux,
bart.), left his estate to his nephew, sir
Charles, <jth bart.

6. Isaac; 7. DhUry.
8. George, d. imm.

Sir William d. Jan. 1698, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

IV. Sir JOHN, who d. without issue
1714, whereupon the dignity fell to his


V. Sir BALDWIN, m. Mary, da. of mr.
Hart, and had issue,

1. Baldwin, m. Mary, da. and co-h. of
Edward Lane, esq., and d. 14 March 1/34-5 :
and his wiferf. 19 Feb. 173(;-7.

2. Sir Charles, 6th iDart.

3. Diana, m. the rev. mr. Tinsley.

4. Mary, m. Henry Jones, esq., and d,
17 March 1729.

Sir Baldwin d. circa 1748, and was succeed-
ed by his 2d, but eldest svirviving son,

VI. Sir CHARLES, who on the death of
his uncle, Charles-Wake Jones, took the
surname of Jones, and d. without issue
in Jan. 1755, and was succeeded by his

VH. Sir WILLIAM, only surviving son
of the rev. Robert Wake, 4th son of the 3d
bart. ; m. Sarah Walker, and had issue,

1. Sir William, 8th bart.

2. Charles.

3. Drury, m., and left issue,

1. Baldwin; 2. Charles; 3. Sarah.

4. Baldwin, in holy orders, rector of
Riddlesworth, co. Norfolk; m. Anne, da,
of gen. Schuyler, of North America, and d.
14 June 1815.

5. Mary, m. Clarke, of Brome, co.


Sir William d. Sept. 1765, and was succeed-
ed by his eldest son,

VIII. Sir WILLIAM, m. Mary, da. and
only child of Richard Fenton, esq., by whom
(who d. 10 Dec. 1823) he had issue,

1. Sir William, present bart.

2. Marianne, 6. 22 March 1770, m. col.

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