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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 90 of 95)
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and a cross crosslet fitchee gules in base;
2d, or, a fess chequy argent and azure ;
3d, argent a lymphad, sable ; the whole
within a border quarterly or and sable.

Crest — A Highlander fully armed and
equipped, having a sword in the right hand,
and on the left arm a target gironny ©f
eight, or and sable.

Motto — Paratus sum,

Sea<— Barcaldine, co. Argyll.

NUGENT, of DoNORE, co. Limerick.

30 Sept. 1831.

Sir PERCY-FITZGERALD NUGENT, of Donore, co. Limerick^
Baronet, so created as above ; took the surname and arms of Nugent, by

royal license, 1831. Sir Percy is son of Thomas Fitzgerald, esq., and

grandson of Pierce Fitzgerald, esq., and of Christiana, his wife, da. of Tho-
mas Nugent, of Donore, esq., and sister, and eventually heiress, of sir
James Nugent, of Donore, bart., of Ireland, (so created 18 July 1708, with
remainder to his brother.) and of sir Peter Nugent, of Donore, who succeeded
his said brother in 1796, but d. without issue in 1797*

Anns — See Plate57. Ermine two bars gules ;
a martlet azure for difference.
Crest — A cockatrice vert.

Motto — Decrevi.

Seat — Donore, co. Limerick.

GARBETT-WALSHAM, of Knill Court, co. Hereford.

30 Sept. 1831.

Sir JOHN-JAMES GARBETT-WALSHAM, Baronet, so created as
above, bor7i 6 June 1805, married, 25 May 182G, Frances, 2d da. of
Matthew Bell, of Woolsington House, co. Northumberland, esq., and has

issue, 1. Anna, b.20 May 1828; 2. JOHN, b. 29 Oct. 1830;

3. Francis, b. 9 April 1832; 4. Arthur, b. 16 June 1833.

The manor of Walsham, in Suffolk,
whence the surname of this ancient family
is derived, was originally granted by the
Conqueror to sir Robert de Blount, lord of
Guisnes, in France, from whom it passed in
lineal succession to William de Blount, 6th
baron of Ixworth. The baron fell at the
battle of Lewes, in 1263, unm., and this
manor then devolved, with other immense
estates, on his brother-in-law, Robert, baron
de Valoines, by whose da. and co-h. , Cicely , it
was subsequently conveyed in marriage to
Robert, 1st lord Ufford, a nobleman of high
Norman lineage. Her eldest son, Robert,
2d lord Ufford, K.G., was created earl of
Suffolk in 1337; her second son, sir Ralph
de Ufford, was justice of Ireland in the
reign of Edward III. ; and sir Edmund, her
youngest son, was lord of Col ton, in Nor-
folk, and styled himself De Walsham,
(which has been ever since the designation
adopted by his descendants,) from his mo-
ther's above-mentioned lordship of that

name. His grandson,

Thomas Walsham, of Colton, who is
mentioned in ancient records as one of the
principal gentry of Norfolk in the reign of
Henry V., was grandfather of

John Walsham, of Presteigne, in the
county of Radnor, who was there settled
about the middle of the fifteenth century,
in consequence of his marriage with IVIary,
grandda. and co-h. of sir Jenkin Hervey,
knt., of Llanvair, co. Montgomery. From
him lineally descended, in the fiftii degree,

John Walsham, of Presteign, who m., in
loiXi, Barbara, da. and h. of Francis Knill,
of Knill Court, in the co. of Hereford, esq.,
(the last male representative of a family
which had been possessed of the lordship of
Knill since the reign of king John,) and by
her had, with other children,

John, of Knill Court, his heir, who had
summons, in 1642, to attend the king in his
wars, and to do personal service for hi«



manor of Knill. He m., in 1617, Margaret,
da. of Roger Lyde, of Lyde's Court, co.
Hereford, esq., and his eldest son,

John, of Knill Court, succeeded him in
1646, was sheriff of Radnorshire in 1653,
and rf. 16(38, leaving issue by his wife,
Joanna, da. of John Jones, of Llandetty
Court, CO. Brecon, esq., one son and three

John, of Knill Court, the only son, was
sheriff of Radnorshire in 1670, and ranked,
according to Blome's Britannia, amongst
the chief gentry of Herefordshire in the
reign of Charles II. He m., 1st, Elizabeth,
da. of sir William Lygon, of Madresfield,
knt., ancestor of the earls Beauchamp;
2dly, Elizabeth, da. of sir William Child,
knt., of Kinlet Hall, in Shropshire, and by
her had an only surviving child,

John, of Knill Court, his heir, who m.,
in 1706, Hester, eldest da. and co-h. of sir
John Morgan, of Kinnersley Castle, bart.,
M.P. CO. Hereford, and d. in 1734, leaving

1. John, of whom hereafter.

2. Thomas, of MahoUam, co. Hereford,
d, unm. 1754.

John, of Knill Court, the eldest son, m.
Elizabeth, da. and co-h. of alderman Ford,
of Hereford, and d. in 1752, without heirs
male, when his ancient inheritance, and the
representation of his family, devolved on
Elizabeth, his only child and heir. She m.,
1767, Francis Garbett, of Huntington Park,
CO. Hereford, esq., (sheriff of Radnorshire,
1790,) and d. 1779, leaving issue.

1. John, who assumed, in 1800, his ma-
ternal name of Walsham.

2. Anne, m. sir Samuel Romilly, knt.,
M.P. for Westminster.

3. Mary, m. John Whittaker, of New-
castle Court, CO. Radnor, esq.

4. Sophia, m. William Davies, of Ca-
balra, co. Radnor, esq.

John Garbett - Walsham, of Knill
Court, the grandson and heir of the last-
named John Walsham, was b. 1771, and was
for many years col. of the royal Radnor
militia. He ni., 1804, Anna-Maria, da. and
at length sole heir of Hugh Hughes, of Bod-
wryn, coi Anglesey, esq., andd. 1819, leaving

I. Sir JOHN-JAMES, created a bart. as

Anns — See Plate 58. Quarterly : 1st and
4th, per pale, azure and gules, agriphon,
segreant, wings elevated or supporting on a
tilting spear, a banner flowing to the dexter,
argent, charged with a cross couped sable ;
2d and 3d, sable, on a cross voided or, five
crosslets patee fitchee, of the last.

Crest— Out of a ducal coronet or, a demi-
eagle with two heads displayed sable, each
wing charged with a cross patee fitchee be-
tween two ermine spots, or, having sus-
pended from the neck by a gold cham, an
escocheon argent, and thereon a Saracen's
head, erased at the neck, proper, round the
temples a wreath argent and azure.

Motto — Sub libertate quietem.

Seat — Knill Court, co. Hereford.

HEYGATE, of Southend, Essex.

30 Sept. 1831.

Sir WILLtAM HEYGATE, of Southend, co. Essex, Baronet, so
created as above, born 24 June 1782, elected alderman of Coleman Street
ward, in the city of London, 1812, of which he served the office of liOrd
Mayor 1823; married^ 19 May 1821, Isabella, da. of Edward-Longdou
Mackmurdo, of Upper Clapton, esq., and has issue, 1. FREDERICK-
WILLIAM, b. 4 Sept. 1822, to whom H. R. H. the late duke of York
stood sponsor; 2. William-Unwin, b. 12 March 1825; 3. Ed-

ward-Nicholas, b. 23 June 1827 ;-
March 1830.

Sir William Heygate is descended from
a Thomas Heygate, whose grandson, Ralph
Heygate, recorded his pedigree and arms at
the Visitation of London in 1634, and d. in
1665, leaving (besides other issue) a son,

Nicholas Heygate, of Paternoster Row,
who d. I6f)7, and whose great grandson,

James Heygate, of Roccliffe, co. Leices-
ter, and Southend, co. Essex, esq., b. 1 Jan.
1747, m., 11 Jan. 1781, Sarah, da. of Samuel
Unwin, of Sutton, co. Notts, and d. 13 April
1.833, act, 87, leaving issue by her, (who rf.

4. Robert-Henry-John, i. 28


1. Sir William, created a bart. as above.

2. James, of Hampstead, co. Middlesex,
m., and has issue.

3. Elizabeth-Anne, 6. 17 May 1788.

Arn^s — See Plate 58. Gules, two bars ar-
gent; over all on a bend or, a torteaux
between two leopards' faces azure.

Crest — A wolf's head erased gules.

Seate^Southend, Essex ; North Mimms
Place, Barnet; and Roccliffe, Leicester-

M'KENNEY, of Ullard and Ballyshanboy, co. Kilkenny.

30 Sept. 1831.

Sir THOMAS M'KENNEY, Baronet, so created as above, an alder-
man of the city of Dublin, and of Ullard and Ballishanboy, co. Tipperary ;
horn 24 July 1770 ; married^ Jan. 17^0, Susannah, eldest da. of Timothy
Harty, of Kilkenny, and sister of sir Robert-Way Harty, bart., and by her



(who d. Jan. 1803) had issue, 1. James, h. 1793, d. 1794;

b. 1796, TWi, April 1831, James Gordon, esq., capt. 4th foot ;

LIAM, b. 1799; 4. Margaret, b. 1802, m., 1821,

esq., capt. 91st foot, who d. April 1829.

-2. Jane,
; 3. M^IL-

William Gun,

James M'Kenney, of the city of Dub-
lin, m. Jane M'Vitty, and rf. 23 June 171^2,
leaving issue by her, (who d. 3 Sept. 1813,)

1. George, d. xmm.

2. Sir Thomas, created a bart. as above.

3. John, of Dublin, m., 1st, in Aug. 18()5,
Isabella, da. of James Lecky, (which lady
d. 12 July 1814,) and 2dly, 15 April 1820,

Jane, da." of Vance, and widow of

rev. dr. Miller, (which lady d. 15 July 1829,)
and has issue by both wives.

4. Ann, m. William Davis, of Bellfield,
CO. Dublin.

5. Mary, m. Luke Poyntz, of Kilkenny.

Anns — See Plate 58. Or a fleur-de-lys be-
tween three crescents two and one azure;
on a chief vert, a greyhound pursuing a stag,
both at full speed, argent.

Crest — A cubit arm erect in armour, the
gauntlet grasping a roll of paper proper.
Motto — Vinvit Veritas.
Seat — UUard, co. Kilkenny.

MEUX, of Theobald's Park, Herts.
30 Sept. 1831.

Sir HENRY MEUX, of Theobald's Park, co. Herts, Baronet, sd
created as above, born 8 May 1770, married^ Nov. 1814, Elizabeth-Mary,

da. of Thomas Smith, of Castlebar House, co. Middlesex, and has issue,

1. HENRY, b. 28 Dec. 1817 ; 2. Elizabeth, b. 7 July 1819 ; 3.

Marianna-Frances, b. 20 May 1821 ; 4. E^, b. 20

Dec. 1822.

The family of Meux is of great an-
tiquity in the Isle of Wight, where its chief
branch was settled for several centuries, Sir
John Meux, knt., who was living, and en-
tered his pedigree at the visitation of Hants
in 1622, had, besides other issue, two sons,
William, his son and heir, (whose son, sir
John Meux, of Kingston, in the Isle of
Wight, was created a baronet 1(341,) and
Bartholomew, immediate ancestor of the
present baronet.

Sir John Meux, created a baronet in
1041, d. 165", and was succeeded by his son,
sir William Meux, who d. 1697. leaving an
only surviving son, sir William, who d.
without issue, March 1705, when the title,
created in 1641, became extinct.

Bartholomew Meux above named, was
of Buxton, in the Isle of Wight, and d. Dec.
1650, leaving, besides other issue, a son,
Henry, of Nortonbury, co. Herts, and
afterwards of Clerkenwell, co. Middlesex,
where he d. Dec. 1692, leaving, besides other
issue, a son,

Thomas, of London, merchant, m. Eliza-
beth, da. of sir William, and sister and co-h.
of sir William Massingberd, of Braytoft
Hall, CO. Lincoln, bart., and d. Jan. 1720,
leaving issue by her, (who rf. 1737-8,)

1. William, of Braytoft, who took the
surname of Massingberd, by act of parlia-
ment, and rf. 1781, leaving issue.

2. Richard, grandfather of the present

3. Thomas, of Fritwell, Oxon, d. unm.

4. Elizabeth; 5. Anne, both rf. unm.
Richard Meux, 2d son of Thomas, was

in holy orders, and rector of Widdington,
CO. Essex, m. Hannah Bradshaw, and rf.
1751, leaving issue by her, (who rf. Dec. 1775,)

1. Richard.

2. Thomas, rector of Swafield, co. Nor-
folk, m., but rf. s.p. 18()6.

3. Edmond, rf. unm.

4. Anne, m. William West, of Brentwood.
Richard Meux, eldest son of Richard,

was b. 4 Oct. 1734, m., 31 July 1767, Marv,
da. of Henry Brougham, of Brougham Hall,
CO. Westmoreland, esq., (and aunt of lord
Brougham,) and rf. 2 July 1813, leaving is-
sue by her, (who rf. 1812,)

1. Richard, h. 1703, m., 28 June 1792,
Eliza, da. of Henry Roxby, of Clapham
Rise, esq., and rf. 1824, leaving an only sur-
viving da. and h., Elizabeth, m. to Thomas
Starling Benson, of North Cray Place, Kent,

2. Sir Henry, created abart. as above.

3. Thomas, b. 1772.

4. Mary, ;/(. William-Saint-Julian Ara-
bin, serjeant-at-law.

5. Fanny, m. Vicesimus Knox, esq.
Arms — See Plate 58. Paly of six or and

azure ; on a chief gules, three crosses patee

Crest — Two wings inverted and endorsed
argent, conjoined by a cord with tassels or.

Seaf— Theobald's Park, Herts.

CLARKE, of Dunham Lodge, co. Norfolk.

30 Sept. 1831.

Sir CHARLES-MANSFIELD CLARKE, of Dunham Lodge, co. Nor-
folk, Baronet, so created as above. Physician in Ordinary to her Majesty ;
born 28 May 1782 ; married, I7 Jan. 1805, Mary.Anna, da. of Wright-



Thomas Squire, of Peterborough, esq., and has issue, — — L CHARLES ;

2. John ; 3. Mary-Anna, m, Thomas F. Chilvers, esq., of New

BurHngton Street ; 4. Lucy, m. rev. George Coldham, rector of Gay-

tonthorpe, and vicar of East Watton, Norfolk ; 5. Catherine ; —

6. Elizabeth ; 7' Maria-Agnes.

Sir Charles is the only surviving son of
John Clarke, of London, surgeon, who d.
1784, and grandson of the rev. John Clarke,
of Beverley, co. York. Sir Charles had two
brothers, John, of New Burlington Street,
M.D., whorf. s.p.s.3l Aug. 1815, and Thomas,
a lieut. R.N. , whorf. unm., and six sisters;
Biddy, m. Daniel Stone, of the Charter House,
M.D. ; Patty, w. James Wilson, surgeon;
Mary and Elizabeth, who both d. lauu. ; Ca-

therine, m. Christopher Jeffrey, of Peterbo-
rough, merchant; and Chairlotte.

AniKs — See Plate 58. Ermine, on a bend
cottised gules, between three annulets sable,
as many swans close argent.

Crem — On a mount vert a dove, wings ele-
vated proper, holding in the beak an ear of
wheat, and resting the dexter foot on an
annulet sable.

Seat — Dunham Lodge, Norfolk.

RUSSELL, of York Street, Portman Square, co. Middlesex.

9 April 1832.

Sir WILLIAM RUSSELL, of York Place, co. Middlesex, Baronet,
M.D., so created as above ; horn in Edinburgh 29 ]May 1773 ; married^ 1st,
July 1805, his first cousin, Sophia, da. of Claude Russell, of Binfield
Manor-house, co- Berks, esq., and by her (who d. at Calcutta, Nov. 1813)

had issue, 1. Bet hi a, m. Russell Eliott, son of sir William Eliott, of

Stobbs, N.B., bart. ; 2. Leonora, w., 10 Dec. 1833, Charles-Henry

Pigot, esq., nephew of sir George Pigot, bart. Sir William tw., 2dly, at
Calcutta, Dec. 1814, Jane-Eliza, da. and co-h. of James-Doddington Sher-
wood, col. of artillery, E.I.C.S., and has issue, 3. WILLIAM, b. 5 April

1822 ; 4. Mary -Anne ; 5. Sophia ; 6. Emma; 7* Jane ;

8. Adelaide.

John Russell, of Braidshaw, N.B.,
clerk to the signet, h. Dec. 1672, and d. Jan.

1759, having m., 1st, 1098-9, , da. of

Andrew Russell, of Rotterdam, by whom
(who d. 17O8) he had no surviving issue;
2dly, 17<16, Ursilla, da. of Claude Alexander,
of Newton, co. Renfrew, by whom (who d.
1717)) he had issue, John, father of sir Wil-
liam, and other children, who d. young, or
s.p. He m., 3dly, 1720, Mary, da. of rev.

Anderson, of West Calder, by whom

he had Claude Russell, of Binfield, above
named, who m. and had issue, and three
other sons, David, Patrick, and Balfour,
who all d. unm.

John Russell, eldest son of John, was of
Roseburne, near Edinburgh, writer to the
signet, ?»., 1751, Bethia,da. and h. of Daniel
Campbell, of Wester Green Yard, near Stir-
ling, and d. May 1796, having had issue by
her, (who d. Dec. 1810, a?t. 82,) besides three
sons and a da., who d. infants,

1. John, writer to the signet, d. 1792, m.,
1778, Eleanor, da. of William Robertson,
D.D., principal of the University of Edin-
burgh, and had issue.

1. John ; 2. Mary.

3. Bethia, b. 1781, d. 1792 ; 4. Eleanor.

2. Daniel, E. I. C. civil service at Ma-
dras, d. 1787, m. Elizabeth, natural da. of
Claude Russell, above named, and had issue,

Eliza, b. 1786.

3. Alexander, E. L C. service, b. 1706,
d. unm. 1826.

4. Claud, an accountant in Edinburgh, b.
1769, m., 1801, Euphemia, da. of Gil-
lespie, principal of St. Andrew's University.

5. Patrick, writer to the signet, b. 1771,
m., 1799, Rebecca-Thomas, da. of Michael
Carmichael, of Hazlehead, and has issue,

John, b. 1803.

6. Sir William, created a bart. as above.

7. Elizabeth, b. 1754, m., 1788, Andrew
Wood, of Edinburgh, surgeon.

8. Mary, b. 1767, m., 1790, sir William
Eliott, of Stobbs, bart.

Arms— See Plate 58. Argent a chevron
between three gouttes reversed sable; the
whole within a border gironny of eight in
eight divisions, or and sable.

Crest — A fountain.

Motto— Agitatiwie purgatur.

BAYLEY, of Bedford Square, co. Middlesex.

15 March 1834.

The Right Hon. Sir JOHN BAYLEY, Knight and Baronet, P.C,
created as above, sometime one of the Justices of the court of King's Bench,
and late one of the Barons of the Exchequer ; born 3 Aug. 17G3 ; knighted
11 May 1808; married, 20 JMay 1790, Elizabeth, youngest da. of John

Markett, of Meopham Court Lodge, co. Kent, esq., and has issue, 1.

JOHN.EDWARD-GEORGE, of Updown House, co. Kent, Special



Pleader, h. 23 Dec. 1794, wi., 27 June 1822, Charlotte-Mary, 2(1 da. of
John-Minett Fector, of Dover, co. Kent, esq., and has issue, 1. John-Ro-

bert-Emilius. b. 16 May 1823; 2. Lyttelton-Holyoake, b. 6 ]May 1827;

2. Kennett-Champain, clerk, rector of Acrise, Kent, b, 13 Oct. 1798,
»i,, 23 June 1831, Charlotte, eldest da. of James Brockman, of Beach-
borough, CO. Kent, and has issue, 1. John; 2. Charlotte^ b. 24 June 1832;
3. Francis, barrister-at-law, b. 6 Feb. 1803, m., 31 Aug. 1830, Eliza-
beth, eldest da. of Alexander Macdonald, of Westminster, esq., and has
issue, 1. John-Arthur^ b. 13 July 1831 ; 2. Lo7iisa-F ranees^ i. 11 Oct.
1832; — — 4. INIarianne, w., 22 June 1826, rev. Henry Clissold, clerk,
rector of Cbelmondiston, co. Suffolk ; 5. Lucy, d. unm. July 1820 ;

-6. Elizabeth-Magdalen.

Isaac Bayley, sometime of Oxney,
near Peterborough, and afterwards of Ches-
terton, CO. Huntingdon, i7u, 4 April 1732,
Orme, eldest da. of Henry Biglancl, of Long
Whatton, and of Frolesworth, co. Leicester,
and d. Aug. 1751, leaving issue by her, (who
re-m. Cooper Thornhill, of Stilton, co.
Huntingdon, and d. 27 March 176(J,)

1. Edward, D.D., rector of Quinton
and of Courtenhall, co. Northampton, d.
Jan. 1813, leaving issue.

2. John, of whom hereafter.

3. Charles, of Peterborough, merchant,
m. Cordelia, da. of Samuel Taylor of Peter-
borough, and had issue.

4. Henry, of Uppingham, co. Rutland,
m. Elizabeth, da. of John Sly, of Stand-
ground, CO. Huntingdon, and had issue.

5. Isaac, of Market Harborough, w.,
1st, Mary, only child of George Widdowson,
clerk, rector of Dallington, co. Sussex,
and, 2dly, Mary, da. of Edward Bigland,
of Long Whatton aforesaid, and had issue
by both.

John Bayley, of Elton, co. Hunting-

don, 2d son, m. Sarah, da. and h. of White
Kennett, prebend of Peterborough, and
grandda. of White Kennett, bishop of the
same, and d. circa 1790, leaving issue by
her, (who rf. 1802,)

1. Daniel, b. i) April 1762, d. unm. 1806.

2. Sir John, created a bart.

3. Saul, 6. 3 Dec. 17C8, d. unm., in the
East Indies.

4. Edward, b. 4 April 1769, d. unm.,
in America.

5. Basil-Kennett, b. 19 Dec. 1774, d.
unm. circa 1792.

fi. Lucy, b. 1 April 1758, rf. unm. Sept.

7. Mary, b. 12 Feb. 1759, m. rev.

Williams, of Alconbury, co. Hunts, clerk.

8. Elizabeth, b. 24 April 1773, d. xmm.
circa 1786.

Arms—See Plate 58. Quarterly, gules and,
erminois, on a fess azure, three martlets or,
between, in the 1st and 4th quarters, a
lion rampant, argent.

Crest — On a mount vert, behind a wall
argent, a lion rampant, as in the arms.

TIERNEY, of Biiighthelmstone, Sussex, and Bruton Street,


5 May 1834. Second Patent.
(See Tierney, 19 Dec. 1818.)

HAWKINS-WHITSHED, of Killincarrick, co. Wicklow,
and JoBSTOWN, co. Mayo.

16 May 1834.

Sir JAMES HAWKINS-WHITSHED, Baronet, G.C.B., Admiral of
the Red, so created as above ; took the surname and arms of Whitshed by
act of parliament, 1791 ; married Sophia-Henrietta, da. of John-Albert
Bentinck, esq., capt. R.N., of co. Norfolk, and has issue, an only son, ST.-
VINCENT-KEENE, m., 1 May 1832, Elizabeth, da. of David-Montagu,
lord Erkine, and has issue, a Son^ b, 3 March 1834.

William Hawkins, esq., Ulster king of
arms, (son of William Hawkins, of Dublin,
alderman, who d. 22 Oct. 1G80, by his 3d
wife, Grace, da. of sir William Thwaites,)
m. Elizabeth, da. of James ^lutlow, of
Woodtown, CO. Waterford, and had issue,
of whom John, the elder, was likewise
Ulster king of arms, and d. 14 Aug. 1758,
set. 57, leaving issue by his wife, Catherine,

da. of dr. William Smith, of Dublin, (who
d. 19 April 1768,)

1. James, of whom hereafter.

2. John, b. 17 Feb. 1727, a lieut. R.M.,
d. unm. 1745.

3. Sir William, Ulster king of arms, b.
10 March 1730, m., 2G May 1768, Anne, da.
and co-h. of James Stevenson, of Killileagh,
CO. Down, esq., and d. 26 March 1787-



4. Elizabeth, w. rev. Thomas Paul.

James Hawkins, eldest son, D.D., lord

bishop of Raphoe, m. Catharine, da, of

Keane, (by Whitshed, his wife,) and

d. 18(>7j leaving issue,

1. John, in holy orders, rector of Killy-
begs, CO. Donegal, m. Anne, da. of Alexan-
der Montgomery, of the Hall, co. Donegal.

2. William, "m. Constantia, da. of


3. Sir James, created a bart.

4. Thomas, in holy orders, dean of Clon-

5. Francis, m. Helen, da. of col. Bar-

G. Elizabeth, m. Benjamin Ball, of
Dublin, esq.

7- Catherine, m. John Puget, of Lon-
don, esq.

Arms— See Plate 58. Quarterly, 1st and
4th. Per pale indented argent and vert,

three demi-lions, those in chiefj the dejeter,
gules, the sinis^ter, or, and that in base per
pale, indented gules and or: Whitshed:
2d and 3d, argent a chevron between three
heads sable.

Crest — A demi-lion, per pale, indented
argent and gules, holding in the dexter paw,
a trefoil slipped vert.

Supporters — (Granted by royal warrant, 2
July 1834,) dexter, a lion per pale, indented,
gules and argent, gorged with a riband of
the last, fimbriated azure, therefrom pend-
ent, a representation of the gold medal
presented to the admiral for his distinguish-
ed services in the battle off Cape St. Vin-
cent, 1797, the dexter fore paw resting on
an anchor proper : sinister, a hind proper,
gorged as the dexter, in the mouth a trefoil
slipped vert.

Sea?s— Killincarrick, co. Wicklow ; and
Jobstown, CO. Dublin.

HAMMICK, of Cavendish Square, co. Middlesex.

25 July 1834.

Sir STEPHExX-LOVE HAMMICK, Baronet, so created as above;
a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, and Surgeon of the Royal
Naval Hospital at Plymouth; born 28 Feb. 1777; married^ 7 Feb. 1800,
Frances, only da. of Peter Turquand, of London, merchant, by whom (who

d. 16 Dec. 1829) he has issue, 1. STEPHEN-LOVE, M.D., Fellow

of Christ Church College, Oxon, b. 9 Nov. 1804 ; 2. St. Vincent-
Love, in holy orders. Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford, minister of Bruns-
wick chapel, St. Marv-le-bone, b. 9 July 1800; 3. Frances, b. 16

Sept. 1801 ; 4. Louisa-Love, b. 11 March 1811, d. 16 Feb. 1815.

Stephen Hammick, of Plymouth, sur-
geon, alderman of that borough, (only son
of Stephen Hammick, of Plymouth, com-
mander, R.N.,) m., 19 Feb. 1776, Margaret,
da. of John Love, of Plvmouth Dock, sur-
geon, by whom (who d. 1 May 1803) he had

1. Sir Stephen-Love, created a bart.

2. John-Love, lieut. R.N., d. unm. at

3. Frederick -Love, d. unm. at Se-
miestsk in Poland.

4. Elizabeth, m. William-Henry Doug-
las, capt. R.N.

5. Charlotte; 6. Jane, d. young.
Arms — See Plate 58. Paly of four, or and

vert, a bordure ermine, charged with seven
hurts, on a cliief azure, a lion passant argent.
Crest — A demi-lion per pale, or and vert,
holding an escarbuncle, gold.

BRODIE, of BoxFORD, co. Suffolk, and Saville Row, Westminster.

30 Aug. 1834.

Sir BENJAMIN-COLLINS BRODIE, Baronet, one of his Majesty's
Serjeant-Surgeons, so created as above; born 9 June 1783; married., 21
May 1816, Anncj 3d da. of Baker-John Sellon, esq.. Serjeant-at-law, and

has issue, 1. BENJAMIN-COLLINS, ^<. 5 Feb. 1817; 2. Alex-

ander, b. June 1818, d. April 1819; 3. William, b. 8 Oct. 1821 ;

4. Maria-Eliza, i. 31 May 1820.

Alexander Brodie, of St. James's,
Westminster, h. 17II, m. Margaret, da. of
Peter Shaw, M.D., and d. Jan. 1772, leaving

1. Peter-Bellinger, of whom here-

2. Samuel, rf. at Calcutta, unm. 27 Sept.

3. Anne, W.John Holloway.

4. Margaret, d. unm. 181(J.

5. Janb, m. John Squire, M.D.

6. Elizabeth, wi. Thomas Denman, of
Mount Street, Grosvenor Square, M.D., and
had issue,

Thomas, lord Denman.

Rev. Peter-Bellinger Brodie, clerk,
M. A., rector of Winterslow, co. Wilts, b. 17
Nov. 1742, m., \ Nov. 1775, Sarah, da. of
Benjamin Collins, of Milford, near Salis-

Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 90 of 95)