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P ound and Kester









First Edition






Books treating of genealogy owe their existence, as a rule,
to natural personal interest or enthusiasm. The present work,
however, had its origin in another feature which struck the
fancy of the author with singular force. This was the close
and novel union betw^een the Pound and Kester families which
was the real incentive for the compilation of this volume.
The ancestors of John Pound settled in New Jersey close to
Pennsylvania, the ancestors of William Kester settled in Penn-
sylvania close to New Jersey ; three children of John Pound
married three children of William Kester, and in her ripe old
age the widow of John Pound married the octogenarian,
William Kester.

Out of this intimate union betw-een these two families
arose a group of descendants, consisting of thirty-two children
(all brothers and sisters or double cousins) and their children
and descendants — a group not only closely united by ties of
kinship, but who can point to two common ancestors of kin-
dred fortune and circumstances ; and it was at' first the inten-
tion of the author to have this volume embrace only the rec-
ords of the above named group of descendants, but on reflec-
tion he decided to have the work include all the children and
descendants of the two common ancestors, John Pound and
AMlliam Kester. Though four of John Pound's children and
their descendants are not related to tw^o of William Kester's
children and their descendants, yet they are all related to the
three children of John Pound, who married the three children
of William Kester, or their children or descendants.



It is noteworthy to remark that members of the Pound and
Kester famiHes have been pioneer settlers from the date of
their immigration to America. The town of Piscataway, New
Jersey, was opened for settlement in 1676, and John Pound
was living there prior to 1686; the Village of Germantown,
Pennsylvania, was founded in 1685, and Paul Kuester and his
three sons located there about that date ; and in the vicinity of
these two places these two families and their descendants con-
tinued to reside until about the time of the American Revolu-
tion, when John Pound and William Kester, two of the des-
cendants, and their families, went with the advance tide of
migration towards the West — first to Virginia and Maryland,
and then in 1786 and 1790 to Kentucky, from where their chil-
dren and descendants have spread over the states of Ohio,
Indiana, Illinois and the Great West, there now being repre-
sentatives of the two families in nearly all the States of the

That part of the Pound and Kester families included in
this volume might well be called the "Kentucky Branch" of
the two families. As shown by the title page, this work con-
tains "An Account of the Ancestry of John Pound (born in
1735) and William Kester (born in 1733) and a genealogical
record of all of their descendants,'' from which it readily ap-
pears that the work does not purport to include all of the
Pound family or all of the Kester family found in America. In
fact, persons of these names in this country are quite numer-
ous, though the names cannot be said to be what are generally
known as common names. Some of the Pound family now
residing here have come direct from England, although the
greater portion of them are descendants of the John Pound
who settled in Piscataway. New Jersey, prior to 1686. But
of the Kester family, all are believed to have descended from


Johannes Kuester or Koster, who came to Germantown, Penn-
sylvania, with his parents about the year 1685. And it may be
said without fear of contradiction, that all persons, whose Pound
and Kester ancestors came from Kentucky, can say they are
descended from the "Kentucky Branch" of the Pound and
Kester families, and are descendants of either John Pound
(born in 1735) or William Kester (born in 1733) and will un-
doubtedly find their names and family records in this volume/

It is not claimed that this work is entirely complete. Works
of this character are never absolutely complete. If it were pos-
sible to collect all records of different families and bring them
down to date, some births or marriages or deaths, no doubt,
would occur before the morrow and before the work could be
published and distributed. For nearly six years the author has
had this volume in course of preparation, and all the matter and
records contained herein have been compiled during that time ;
and always with a constant purpose in view to have them as
accurate and entire as goskible. In this respect he believes
that he has succeeded, in no small measure, and that this work,
as a whole, is more complete than the usual family history.

The author is greatly indebted to a large number of persons
for their assistance in the preparation of this work. To A.
M. Shotwell, compiler of "Our Colonial Ancestors," to Chalk-
ley J. Hambleton, author of "The Hambleton Family," to
Professor J. W. INIoore, who compiled "The Kingwood Rec-
ords" in "The Jerseyman," to the Honorable Samuel W. Pen-
nepacker. Governor of Pennsylvania and author of several
historical w'orks on early Pennsylvania settlements, to Mrs,
Cynthia Dora (Kester) Webster, of West Philadelphia, Penn-
sylvania, to William C. Kester, of Normandy, Kentucky, to
Marvin B. Crist, of Indianapolis, Indiana, and to many of
the author's relatives and kinsmen ; and, last but not least, to


the thousands of persons whose family records are given
herein, the author desires to express his appreciation of their
kindly help, without which the publication of this volume
would have been well-nigh impossible.

To a public whose interest in genealogical research is con-
stantly increasing, to the numerous members of the families
whose records are herewith presented, and to their children
and grandchildren, and especially to the generations yet un-
born, this work is respectfully dedicated.

John E. Hunt.

Chicago, Illinois, February i, 1904.



Part I. page.

The Pound Ancestry and Family of John Pound.... 9

Part II.

Hezekiah Pound and Descendants 13

Part III.

Eunice Pound and Descendants 79

Part IV.

Thomas Pound and Descendants 81

Part V.

Joseph Pound and Descendants 185

Part VI.

Sarah Pound and Descendants 287

Part VII.

Rebecca Pound and Descendants 289

Part VIII.

Elizabeth Pound and Descendants 291


Part I.

The Kester Ancestry and Family of William Kester. .301

Part II.

Paul Kester and Descendants 309



Part III. page.
Elizabeth Kester and D'escendants 395

Part IV.

William Kester and Descendants 483

Part V.

Sarah Kester and Descendants 541

Part VI.

John Kester and Descendants 543

Appendix 585

Index 603






The name of Pound is of English origin, and the names of
John and Thomas Pound were common in England, as shown
on the records during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries,

I. John Pound was among the early settlers of Piscataway,
Middlesex County, New Jersey, and died there February 21,
1690. It is not known from where he came ot when he arrived
at Piscataway, but the town records show that he was residing
there as early as September 17, 1686, as the minutes of a town
meeting held on that date contain this item : ^'Hopewell Hull
and George Drake chosen to make ye bridge att John Pounds."
His first wife's name was |isther and the second Winnifred,
who survived him and married a man by the name of Rorie.
His daughter, Mary, was born December 25, 1682; his son,
WilHam, died December 4, 1694; his daughter, Vinefruct, was
married at Piscataway, October 15, 1691, to Robert Rosly;
and the record of his son, John, is as given below.

n. John Pound, a son of John and Winnifred above named,
lived in Piscataway, Middlesex County, N. J., until his death,
in 1752. He came into possession of a tract of land, as only


lO THE I'OUXD 1 \.\[1LV — PART I.

son and heir of his mother (the widow of John Pound, his
father), which he conveyed by deed March 24, 1736, to his son,
Thomas Pound. No wife was named in this deed, and he was
probably a widower at that time, but it is believed his wife's
name was Esther. His will, dated May 2, 1752, and proved
August 26, 1752, is recorded in the office of the Secretary of
State at Trenton, N. J., in Book F of Wills, page 64. By this
will, after declaring himself possessed of no real estate, he
gives to his son, Thomas, forty shillings, to his son, John, forty
shillings, to Rachael Le forge, wife of Joseph Leforge (not
stating whether she is related or not), certain personal prop-
erty, and to his son, Elijah, one-third, and to his son, Joseph,
two-thirds of all his remaining estate, and he appoints Reune
Runyon and David Fitz Randolph his executors. Of the sons
named in this will it is known that Thomas was born July 18,
1708, Elijah, July 8, 1712 (see Appendix P.). and Joseph,
June 25, 1715; and in a list of freeholders residing in Piscata-
way, N. J., "as returned by John Deare, sherifif, in 1750, or a
little earlier," are found the names of John Pound, Thomas
Pound, Elijah Pound and John Pound, Jr., evidently the John
Pound herein named, and three of his sons mentioned in this

III. T!w»ias Pound, a son of John and Esther above named,
was born at Piscataway, Middlesex County, N. J., July 18,
1708, and died there in the summer of 1758. By his will, dated
May I, 1758, proved August 11, 1758, and recorded in the
office of the Secretary of State at Trenton, N. J., September
22, 1758, in Book F of Wills, page 544, he devises to his son,
John (after the death of his wife), the plantation where he then
resided, subject to legacies to his daughters, Mary, Esther and
Johannah, of fifty pounds each, and to his son, Isaac, certain
real estate, and to his wife, Audrey, all real estate as long as she
remains his widow, and also the remainder of personal prop-
erty, and he appoints as executors his brother, Elijah Pound,
and bis friend, Havid Corriel.



JoJin Pound, a son of Thomas Poimd and Audrey, his wife,
was born at Piscataway, ^Middlesex County, N. J., about 1735.
He was married about 1759 to Rhoda Cox, by whom he had
one son, and was married again about 1764 to Sarah Martin,
by whom he had six children, two sons and four daughters.
In 1758 his father died, leaving him the home plantation (sub-
ject to a life estate in the mother and legacies to the sisters, as
mentioned in the will), and on July 12, 1770, John and his wife,
Sarah, conveyed this plantation by a deed to Andrew Smalley,
wherein it is recited that the grantor, John Pound, received the
land by will from his father, Thomas Pound, who in turn re-
ceived the land by deed, dated March 24, 1736-37, from the
grandfather, John Pound, who came by it as sole son and heir
of his mother, Winnifred, wife of the great-grandfather, John
Pound, the original Pound and early settler in Piscataway.

It is not known whether John Pound moved from Piscata-
way immediately after making this conveyance in 1770. Possi-
bly he may have located for a while in the adjoining county of
Somerset, as others of the Pound family are known to have
been living there about that time, and the records show that
his son, Hezekiah, served from that county in the Revolution
during the years 1776 and 1777. He later migrated to Mary-
land, at what date is not known, but probably about the time
of the Revolution, as some of his younger children are said to
have been born in that State. Nor is it definitely known in
what part of Maryland he resided, though subsequent to the
Revolution part of his family is known to have been living near
Cumberland, as his son, Hezekiah, took a grant of land there as
a settler in 1788, and his son, Thomas, and daughter, Eunice,
moved from that locality to Kentucky in 1786. The date of his
death is unknown, but he probably died prior to 1800 — ^perhaps
as early as 1790. His second wiie, Sarah, survived him and
married a man named Stiglar, and later, about the year 1813,


married William Kester, the common ancestor of the Kester
family, found in this volume.

John Pound's seven children, one by his first wife and six
by the second, are as follows :

1. Hezekiah Pound, born July 3, 1761, died April 23, 1839,
married Esther Morris. For his record see Part II.

2. Eunice Pound, born about 1765, died about 1815, mar-
ried William Kester. For her record see Part III.

3. Thomas Pound, born July 28, 1767, died February 2,

1848, married Sarah Kester. For his record see Part IV.

4. Joseph Pound, born November 23, 1770, died April 2.
1850, married Elizabeth Stark. For his record see Part \'.

5. Sarah Pound, born October 4, 1773, died October 14,

1849, u^arried John Kester. For her record see Part VI.

6. Rebecca Pound, born about 1776, died about 1820, mar-
ried James Stark. For her record see Part VII.

7. Elizabeth Pound, born September 8, 1780, died January
15, 1856, married Moses Drake. For her record see Part






Hezekiah Pound, a son of JoJin and Rlioda (Cox) Pound
(see page ii), was born in Middlesex County, New Jersey,
July 3, 1761, died April 23, 1839, and is buried at King's
Church, Bullitt County, Kentucky. He moved from New
Jersey to Maryland, and the records of the land office of the
latter State show that in 1788 he received a grant of land as
a settler, located on George's Creek, about fourteen miles
Southwest of Cumberland. He moved from Maryland to
Nelson County, Kentucky, in 1790, and to Jefferson County,
near Malott, Kentucky, in 1792, where he resided until his
death. The records of the Adjutant General of New Jersey
show that he enlisted as a private in Captain William Annin's
Company, Somerset County Militia, December 9, 1776, for
one month's tour of duty, and also as a private in Captain
John Collier's Company, Somerset County Militia, February 9,
1777, for one month's tour of duty, in the Revolutionary War.
He was married in 1782 to Esther Morris of Jersey City, New
Jersey, who was born March 16, 1762, and died in Kentucky.
His eight children, whose family records are given on the
subsequent pages, are as follows :



1. John Pound, born July 4. 1784, died August 26, 1851,
married Polly Boyer.

2. Samuel Pound, born June 24, 1786, died November 21,
1876, married Mary Wheeler.

3. Jonathan Pound, torn March 12, 1788, died September
19, 1841, married Mary Risley.

4. Rhoda Pound, born July 27, 1790, died March i, 1864,
married William Markwell.

5. Joseph Pound, born January 27, 1793. died in 1841,
married Nancy Risley.

6. EUzaheth Pomui, born December 25, 1795, died about
1835, married Ichabod Davis.

7. Heackiah Pound, born April 23, 1798, died July 14,
1876, married Elizabeth Norman and Elizabeth J. (White J

8. David Pound, born December 5, 1800, died August 29,
1880, married Massie Sparks.'


Joh}i Pound, son of Hesekiah and Esther (Morris) Pound
(see page 13). was born probably in Maryland. July 4, 1784,
died August 26, 1851. and is buried at Malott, Kentucky.
Resided near Malott, Kentucky, where he owned a large tract
of land. Married, November 10, 1808, Polly Boyer. daughter
of Philip Boyer, born in Pennsylvania, March it. 1783, died
June 20, i86t, whose father served in Revolutionarv War.
His seven children and their family records are as follows :

I. James Pound, son of John and Polly (Boyer) Pound,
was born in Jefferson County, Kentucky, August 17, 1809, died
December 7. 1855. and is buried in Linn County. Missouri,
where he was on a trip to purchase land at time of his death.
Resided in Jefferson County, near Jeffersontown, Kentucky.
Married. May 30. 1833, Barbara Hummel, daughter of Jacob


and Margaret Huminel. born in Germany, February 18, 18 12.
died August 20, 1894. Children:

I. Sarah Jane Pound was born in Jefferson County, Ken-
tucky, November 18, 1834. Resides near Jeft'ersontown, Ken-
tucky. Married, March 17, 1859, Henry S. Wiseheart, son of
Samuel and Catherine (Streit) Wiseheart. born in Nelson
County. Kentucky. September 25, 1830. Children:

1. John S. Wiseheart, born July 28, 1860. Eesides near Jeffer-
sontowu, Kentucky. Married, May 4, 1886, Catherine Diehl, daughter
of John and Josephine (McZeuia) Diehl, born in Jefferson County,
Kentucky, June 20, 1865. Children: (1) Henry W. Wiseheart, born

.August 13, 1887; (2) Alexander Wiseheart, born May 29, 1890; (3)
Nellie F. Wiseheart, born December 7, 1891; (4) Katie L. Wiseheart.
born April 2, 1896; (5) Sarah J. Wiseheart, born April 4, 1901, difd
July 2, 1902.

2. Emmie Wiseheart, born November 3, 1866.

3. Jtilia F. Wiseheart, born March 24, 1869, died November 17,

2. Caroline Pound was born in Jeft'erson County, Ken-
tucky, June 12. 1836, died October 20, -1887. Resided near
Jeffersontown, Kentucky. Married, February 23, 1870, Hugh
J. Razer, son of George and Nellie (Lamaster) Razer, born
July 13, 1836. Child:

' 1. Barbara Ann Baser, born October 20, 1872. Eesides at Jeffer-
sontown, Kentucky, where her husband is in hardware business. Mar-
ried, February 23, 1898, William I. Groves, son of William H. and
Panelipa (Maple) Groves, born at Fern Creek, Kentucky, February 18,
1865. Child: Willie Idel Groves, born January 13, 1901.

3. John Philip Pound was born in Jeft'erson County, Ken-
tucky, August 12, 1838. Resides near Clark, Kentucky. Mar-
ried, August 27, 1863, Mary Ellen La Master, daughter of
Lewis and Gemimia (Ritchie) La Master, born in Shelby
County, Kentucky, November 29, 1845. Children:

1. Javies Lewis Pound, born July 4, 1864. Eesides near Clark,
Kentucky. Married, November 20, 1889, Capatolia Downs, daughter of
Benjamin Wilson and Sarah Anne (Allen) Downs, born near Bloom-
field, Kentucky, July 18, 1870. Children: (1) Gertnide Mary Found,


born August :i9, -1890; (2) John Fhilip Pound, born January 1, 1893;
(3) Bessie Earl Pound, born August 19, 1894; (4) William Calvin
Pound, born April 17, 1896; (5) Katie Leona Pound, born April 2,

2. Elizabeth Gemmia Pound, born September 8, 1867.

3. Infant, born and died July 17, 1869.

4. Barbara Ellen Pound, born May 26, 1870. Eesides near Clark,
Kentucky. Married, January 14, 1897, C. Leslie Weller, son of Jacob
J. and Anne (Strainey) Weller, born near Deatsville, Kentucky, Janu-
ary 8, 1875. Child: Bay Pound Weller, born October 27, 1898.

5. Eliza La Master Po^md, born February 29, 1872. Besides near
Clark, Kentucky. Married, April 27, 1896, Alexander John Heisner,
son of Conrad and Eurith (Boyd) Heisner, born in Louisville, Ken-
tucky, May 7, 1'869. Children: (1) Mary A. Heisner, born June 2,
1897; (2) Eurith Elisabeth Heisner, born February 6, 1899; (3) John
Alexander Heisner, died three months old; (4) Buby Bowena Heisner,
born February 7, died October 19, 1902.

6. William A. Pmmd, born July 19, 1874, died July 20, 1875.

4. Jacob Alien PoH'iid was born in Jefferson County, Ken-
tucky, June 26, 1840. Resides near Fisherville, Kentucky. Has
lived in Nelson, Shelby, Oldham and Jefferson Counties, and
at Louisville, Kentucky. Married, March 7, 1867, Mollie A.
Trigg, daughter of Thomas and Annie (Tyler) Trigg, born
in Oldham County, Kentucky, in 1840. Has no children
living. Has adopted a daughter, Julia, born in 1878.

5. Frederick Pound v^as born near Jeffersontown, Ken-
tucky, April 26, 1842. Resides near Goshen, Kentucky. Mar-
ried, Ottober 16, 1870, Jennie E. Trigg, daughter of Thomas
C. and Ann (Tyler) Trigg, born near Goshen, Kentucky,
April 24, 1841. Children:

1. Lulie Irene Pound, born February 2, 1873.

2. Ida Mary Po^tnd, born January 12, 1877. Eesides near
Goslien, Kentucky. Married, September 16, 1895, Charles Wesley
Iving, son of Charles Wesley and Laura (Meng) King, born at Louis-
ville, Kentucky, July 23, 1871. Child: Herbert King, born April 21,
1 S96.

3. James Thomas Pound, born September 16, 1880.

4. Sallie Mafjnidrr Pound, born February 6. 1883.


6. Julia A. Pound was born in Jefferson County, Ken-
tucky, July 25, 1844, died August, 1887. Resided in Ken-
tucky. ]\Iarried Presly Tyler, now deceased. Child:

1. Mary Bariara Tyler. Besides at Fisherville, Kentucky. Mar-
ried Dr. Brumley.

7. William Pound was born in Jefferson County, Ken-
tucky, May 13, 1846. Resides near Worthington, Kentucky.
Married, May 13, 1877, Lou Trigg, daughter of Thomas C.
and Ann (Tyler) Trigg, born near Goshen, Kentucky, April
4, 1843, died October 20, 1892. Children:

1. Minnie TJiomas Found, born February 6, 1879.

2. Mary Annie Found, born June 19, 1880.

3. Floyd Chesly Fmmd, born March 30, 1883.

8. diaries Pound was born in Jefferson County, Ken-
tucky, October 18, 1848. Resides near Tuckers Station, Ken-
tucky. ]\Iarried, in 1872, Emma Townsend, daughter of Wil-
liam and Nancy (Brumly) Townsend, born in McClain
County, Kentucky, in 1855. Child:

1. Lillie TJwnias Foiind, born in 1873. Married Dr. Blaukenbaker.
Has one child.

9. Mary Pound was born in Jefferson County, Kentucky,
October 29, 1850. Resides at Fisherville, Kentucky. Mar-
ried, September 23. 1872, James W. Burdon, son of Ahasherus
and Mary Ann (Razer) Burdon, born in Jefferson County,
Kentucky, December 25, 1845, died November 25, 1891. Chil-
dren :

1. Edward 0. Burdon, born July 28, 1873.

2. Minnie B. Burdan, born August 27, 1875. Besides near Fisher-
ville, Kentucky. Married, November 20, 1900, Calvin Briant, son of
James and Fannie (Jones) Briant, born March 18, 1873. Child: Son,
born March 14, 1903.

3. Charles A. Burdon, born December 11, 1877.

4. William C. Burdon, born February 14, 1879.

5. James P. Burdon, born March 12, 1882.

10. Frances Pound was born July 18, 1853, died August
19, 1854.


II. Sarah Pound, daughter of John and Polly (Boyer)
Pound, was born in Jefiferson County, Kentucky, August 7,
181 1, died January 31, 1884. and is buried at Hall. Indiana.
Moved from Kentucky to Hall, Morgan County, Indiana, in
Fall of 1831, where she resided until her death. Married,
August II, 1830, Allen Rose Seaton, son of George and Sarah
(Drake) Seaton, born in Jefiferson County, Kentucky, April
28, 1808, died September 6, 1895. Children:

I. John Pound Seaton was born in Jefiferson County,
Kentucky, May 20, 1831, died March 26, 1891. Resided in
Morgan County, Indiana. Married, May 20, 1856, Ruth Maria
Carder, daughter of John and Rhoda (Smith) Carder, born
in Oldham County, Kentucky, March 30, 1838. Children :

1. Joan Seaton, boru June 10, 1858. Besides at 612 Division
Street, West Indianapolis, Indiana. Married, October 26, 1881, Marian
Frances Garrison, born in Indiana June 5, 1842, died December 29, 1896.
Children: (1) Charles C. Garrison, born October 17, 1882; (2) Eiith
Hazel Garrison, born December 19, 1888.

2. Indiana, Seaton. Eesides at Hall, Indiana. Married Mr. Staf-
ford. '

3. Gait Seaton. Eesides at Hall, Indiana. Is married.

4. Georgia Seaton, born July 26, 1869. Eesides near Hazelwood,
Indiana. Married, August 4, 1889, Franklin Shields, son of Elias and
Emily (Wheeler) Shields, born in Morgan County, Indiana, November
27, 1867. Children: (1) Kugli Shields, born October 26, 1890; (2)
Howard Shields, born July 28, 1892, died January 22, 1896; (3)
Horton Shields, born January 4, 1896, died January 14, 1896.

5. Pen-y Cecil Seaton, born January 2, 1876. Eesides at Clayton,
Indiana. Married, December 31, 1900, Harriette Wills, daughter of
James I. and Cinthia A. (Thrift) Wills, born at Plainfield, Indiana,
June 7, 1880.

6. Ella Vesta Seaton, born July 18, 1879. Eesides near Crown
Center, Indiana. Married, March 18, 1897, Luther Crews, son of
Thomas J. and M;iry (Johnson) Crews, born at Crown Center, Indiana,
July 11, 1872. Children: (1) Alma 0. Crews, born December 14, 1897;

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