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Biographical Catalogue


Lafayette College









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Copyright, 1913, by John Franki^in Stonecipher



No biographical catalogue of Lafayette College has been published
since Prof. Coffin's "Men of Lafayette" in 1891. That the records of
the men of that earlier period might be brought up to date, and that
there might be a record of the men of the subsequent period, this catalogue
has been prepared.

In the belief that the history of the College as such should be made
a separate publication, nothing has been attempted in that matter. Lists
of those who have been connected with the College as Trustees and
members of the Faculty, with the dates of their service, have been
included; also lists of those upon whom the College has conferred hono-
rary degrees and of those who have done graduate work in the College.
But biographies have been given only of those who have been regularly
enrolled as students of the College.

These biographies have been presented in the briefest form possible
on account of the limited space, and owing to lack of information some
are very meager or wholly wanting. But great pains have been taken to
secure the fullest and most accurate record possible without further delay.

The compiler desires to make thankful acknowledgment of the great
help he has received from the remarkably full and excellent record made
by Prof. Coffin in his "Men of Lafayette" concerning those who had been
connected with the College previous to 1891. But for his painstaking
labors in that former period it is probable much that we now have would
have been lost beyond recovery.

Much help has also been received from the biographical catalogues of
Union, Princeton and Western Theological Seminaries, and from the
catalogues of the various fraternities and other biographical publications.
Hundreds of kind responses to letters and circulars of inquiry have also
contributed to the make-up of the record. Special mention is gladly
made of the valuable assistance rendered by E. A. Weaver '74, Charles B.
Green '86, Registrar of the College, Rev. M. A. Filson, Assistant in the
library, and Prof. Coffin who still as always follows Lafayette Men with
greatest interest. To have compiled the record would have been impos-
sible indeed but for the help of the many who have brought the facts
within reach.



*Hon. James Madison Porter, LL,. D. 1826-52

*Rev. William Neill, D.D. 1852-53

*Rev. David McKinney, D.D. 1853-57

*Rev. Septimus Tustin, D.D. 1857-59

*Rev. George Wilson McPhail, D.D. ; LL. D. 1859-63

*Hon. James Pollock, LL. D. 1863-76

*Maj. Gen. Robert Patterson 1876-81

*Ario Pardee 1881-92

John Welles Hollenback 1892-

Vice President

Hon. William S. Kirkpatrick, LL. D. 1909-


*Col. Thomas McKeen 1826-52

*Rev. Daniel V. McLean, D.D. 1853-56

*Edward John Fox , 1856-62

*Peter F. Eilenberger 1862-63

*James Henry Coffin, LL. D. 1863-73

*Samuel L. Fisler 1873-0S

Charles B. Green 1908-


Albert Moore Lane 1910-


*Hon. Joel Jones, LL. D. 1826-35

*Jesse M . Howell 1835-37

*Hon. Hopewell Hepburn 1837-46

*William Hackett 1847-53

*Rev. Silas M. Andrews, D. D. 1853-73

^Alfred Martien 1873-74

*Samuel L. Fisler 1874-08

Charles B. Green 190S-


Rev. Selden J. Coffin, Ph. D. 18S6-04

Rev. Marcius W. Kratz 1904-05

Charles B. Green ^905-

Librarians — College Library

*Prof. Francis Andrew March, LL. D., L. H. D., D. C. L., Litt. D. 1S57-99

Walter Greenwood Forsythe, A. B. 1899-02

Rev. John Franklin Stonecipher, D.D. 1902-


Henry W. Oliver Library

Prof. Edward Hart, Ph. D. 1902-

Curator of Museum and Cabinet

Christopher L. Rehu 1866-69

Members of the Board of Trustees.

*George Barnet 1826-41

*John Bowes 1826-47

*Peter Arrell Browne, hh. D. 1826-49

*John Carey 1826-37

*Hon. George Hess 1826-45

*George G. Howell • 1 826-35

■■Jesse M. Howell 1826-37

*Col. Christian Jacob Hutter 1826-39

*Hon. Peter Ihrie 1826-37

*Hon. Joel Jones, LL .D. 1826-52

*Jacob Kern 1S26-37

*John R. Lattimore 1826-37

*'iValter C. Livingston 1826-35

*Hon. William Long 1826-43

*Anthony McCoy 1826-51

*Col. Thomas McKeen 1826-52

*Philip Henry Mattes 1826-42

*Hon. Peter Seip Michler 1826-49

*Peter Miller 1826-35

*Philip Mixsell 1S26-47

*Maj. Gen. Robert Patterson 1826-35

*Hon. James Madison Porter, LL. D. 1826-52

*John Hare Powel 1826-35

*Gen. Andrew M. Prevost 1826-49

*Thomas J. Rogers 1826-32

*Hon. John Morin Scott 1826-47

*William Shouse 1826-41

*Hon. Samuel Sitgreaves 1826-27

*Dr. Joseph Kinnersley Swift • 1826-41

^Benjamin Tilghman 1826-49

*Jacob Wagener 1826-43

*George Weber 1826-47

*Silas E. Weir 1826-33

*Jacob Weygandt 1826-45

*John Worman 1 826-42

*Hon. George Wolf 1827-40

*Hon. Hopewell Hepburn 1832-46

*Solomon Allen • 1833-46

*Enoch Green 1835-51

6 trustee;s

*John Johnson 1S35-47

*Rev. Joseph McElroy, D. D 1835-49

*James Wilson 1835-47

* Abraham Beidleman 1837-43

*Rev. Henry A Boardman, D. D 1837-43

*John J. Burke 1837-52

*Traill Green, M. D., LL. D 1837-41

*Henry Hamman 1837-44

^Alexander Symington 1837-48

*Rev. John Gray, D. D 1839-52

*Rev. John Peter Hecht 1839-45

*Rev. John Dorrance, D. D 1841-61

*Rev. Robert Steel, D. D 1841-52

*Rev. John Wm. Yeomans, D. D 1841-52

*Matthew L. Bevan 1842-50

*Rev. Wm. R. Smith 1842-47

*Hon. Robert S. Kennedy 1843-53

*Stacy Gardner Potts 1843-46

*John Maxwell Sherrerd 1843

*Hon. Chas. Sitgreaves, A. M 1843-53

*Rev. Peter Ogilvie Studdiford, D. D 1843-49

*Phineas B. Kennedy 1844-49

*Rev. Silas Milton Andrews, D. D 1845-52

*Richard Green 1845-46

*William Hackett 1845-53

*Rev. George Junkin, D. D. , LL. D 1845-49

*John Dickson 1846-50

*Hon. Wm. Augustus Porter, LL. D 1846-63

*Rev. Samuel Maxwell Gayley 1847-53

*George Whitfield Housel 1847-52

*Rev. Thos. Leiper Janeway, D. D., LL. D 1847-52

*Rev. John Michael Krebs, D. D 1847-53

*Rev. Willis Lord, D. D., LL. D 1847-52

*Hon. Washington McCartney, LL. D 1847-52

*J ames McKeen 1 847-49

*Samuel Taylor 1847-52

^Joseph Dawes i S48-52

*Hon. Ephraim Banks 1849-58

*Hon. George Chambers 1849-58

*Rev. Robert Hamill, D. D 1849-79

*Wm. C. Lawson 1849-97

*Rev. David McKinney, D. D 1849-57

*Rev. John McNair, D. D 1849-65

*Rev. Robert Desha Morris, D. D 1849-66

*Rev. Septimus Tustin, D. D 1S49-7 1

trustee:s 9

*Rev. David Jewett Waller 1849-79

*Rev. William Neill, D. D 1850-60

*Rex. John H. Townley 1850-55

*Rev. Silas Milton Andrews, D. D 1852-81

*Robert S. Clark 1852-58

*McEvers Forman 1852-72

*Michael Cooper Grier 1852-63

*Gen. James Irvin 1852-62

♦Alfred Jenks 1S52-54

*Rev. Mervin E. Johnston 1852-54

*Matthew Hale Jones 1852-79

*Hon. John Ker 1852-56

*James McKeen • 1852-71

*Rev. Daniel Veech McLean, D. D 1852-65

*Wm. Stockton Martin 1S52-61

*Rev. James L. Rodgers 1852-56

*Rev. Wm. Henry RuflFner, LL. D 1852-53

*Rev. John Boswell Spotswood, D. D 1852-66

*George Douglass 1853-56

*Chas. B. Dungan 1853-58

*W. Walton Fleming 1853-56

*Rev. Samuel Maxwell Gayley 1853-62

*Saul McCormick 1853-57

*Rev. Gardiner Spring, D. D. , LL. D 1853-61

*Rev. Hugh Nesbitt Wilson, D. D 1853-65

*Hon. James Kennedy 1854-65

*Rev. Robert McCachren 1854-62

*Rev. Joseph McElroy, D. D 1854-58

*John Beveridge 1855-61

*Rev. John Livingston Jaueway, D. D 1855-64

*Hon. James Pollock, LL. D 1855-76

*David Wilson 1855-65

*Rev. Wm. Pratt Breed, D. D 1857-65

*Rev. Samuel Fisher Colt, A. M., M. D 1857-81

*James N. Dickson 1857-59

*Rev. John Leaman, A. M. , M. D 1857-65

*Hernian J. Lombaert 1857-58

*Rev. John Squier, A. M 1857-64

*Rev. Aaron Hicks Hand, D. D 1859-80

*Rev. George Wilson McPhail, D. D i859-6r

*Rev. James Grier Ralston, D. D., LL. D 1860-65

*Rev. Wm. C. Cattell, D. D. , LL. D 1861-98

*Rev. Jonathan Edwards, D. D 1861-65

*David J. Murphey 1861-65

*Rev. Wm. C. Roberts, D. D., LL.D 1861-65


*Col. Jas. Ross Snowden, A.M., LL. D , 1861-77

*Rev. Milo Judson Hickok, D. D 1863-73

*Hon. Alexander Jordan 1863-66

*Rev. Alfred Nevin, D. D., LL. D. 1863-65

*Thomas Beaver 1865-78

*John Curwen, M. D., LL. D. 1865-01

*Col. Wm. Dorris, A. M. 1865-81

*George Wolff Fahnestock 1865-68

*Hon. Jas. Morrison Harris, A. M. 1865-72

John Welles Hollenback 1865-

*Barton H. Jenks 1865-75

*Rev. James Hall Nelson Knox, D. D., LL. D. 1865-03

♦John Fox McCoy, A.M. 1865-75

*Alfred Martien, A.M. 1865-77

*Ario Pardee 1865-72

^Morris Patterson 1865-78

*Josepli Hand Scranton 1865-72

*William Adamson 1867-79

*Thonias Dickson 1871-84

*Thomas L. McKeen 1871-91

*Benjamin Green Clarke 1874-92

*Maj. Gen. Robert Patterson 1874-81

^Cornelius Delano Wood 1874-86

*George Dawson Coleman 1875-78

*Hon. Augustus G. Richey 1876-94

Hon. Alfred Hand 1877-91

*James Alexander McKuight 1877-88

*Janies W. Long 1 879-03

Rev. Samuel Thompson Lowrie, D. D. 1879-88

■^"Rev. Nathaniel S. McFetridge, D. D 1879-85

*A. S. Patterson 1879-84

*Hon. Robert Porter Allen 1881-90

*Charles O. Baird 1881-88

*Traill Green, M. D., LL. D. 1881-97

*David Thomas 1881-82

Rev. John Fox, D. D., LL. D. 1882-87

*George Junkin 1884-99

*Alexander Ralph 1884-00

*John Grandin Reading 1885-91

*Jehiel G. Shipman 1885-92

♦Edward F. Stewart 1885-93

Rev. Wm. Alexander Holliday, D. D. 1887-91

Harold Pierce 1887-89

Andrew Cross Trippe 1887-91

Kev. Charles Wood, D. D. 1887-89

trusti;e;s i i

*Rev. John Jay Pomeroy, D. D 1S88-89

*Rev. George Edward Jones, D. D. 1889-94

*Rev. George C. Heckman, D. D. , LL. D. 1890-02

+Hon. W. S. Kirkpatrick, LL. D. 1S90-96

tRev. Geo. L. Shearer, D. D. 1890-96

Rev. E. D. Warfield, D. D., LL. D. 1891-

James Gayley, LL. D., ScD. 1892-

Isaac P. Hand 1892-

Israel Piatt Pardee 1892-

tRobert Snodgrass 1892-98

tRev. David J. Waller, Jr., Ph. D., D. D. 1892-9S

Charles B. Adamson 1893-

James Renwick Hogg ^893-

Wm. H. Keech 1893-96

tEdward J. Fox 1894-00

Hon. John W. Griggs, LL. D. 1894-00

Wni. L. Sheafer 1894-12

tRev. John R. Davies, D. D. 1896-02

Hon. W. S. Kirkpatrick, LL. D. 1896-

tMcCluney Radcliff, M. D. 1896-02

Rev. Leighton W. Eckard, D. D. 1897-

Edgar M. Green, M. D. ^897-

tRev. Wm. C. Alexander, D. U. 1898-04

tCarroU P. Bassett, Ph. D. 1898-04

Rev. Wni. A. Patton, D. D. ■ 1898-10

Robert Snodgrass 1898-

Rev. David J. Waller, Jr., Ph. D., D. D. 1898-

*Col. Henry Martyn Boies 1899-03

tHon. John Edgar Fox 1900-06

Joseph DeForest Junkin 19°°-

tjohn Markle 1900-06

Edward J. Fox 1901-

tDavid Bennett King 1902-08

tNathan Grier Moore 1902-08

McCluney Radcliflfe, M. D. 1902-

tWm. E. Baker 190410

tHenry W. Cattell, M. D. 1904-07

Horace P. Glover 1904-

Rev. John B. Laird, D. D. 1904-

Rev. J. Balcom Shaw, D. D., LL. D. 1904-

tAndrew F. Derr 1906-12

tWm. McMurtrie 1906-12

John Markle 1906-

fHon. John Edgar Fox -. 1908-

David Bennett King 1908-

12 truste;e;s

tSimon Cameron Long 1908-

Nathan Grier Moore 1908-

Wm. E. Baker 1910-

tWayne Dumont 1910-

tAbraham Carpenter Overholt 1910-

fEtnery Jacob Kerrick 1912-

tWm. Andrew May 1912-

Rev. Albert James Weisley, D. D. 1912-

jAlumni Trustees.



*Rev. George Junkin, D. D 1832-41

*Rev. John W. Yeomans, D. D 1841-44

*Rev. George Junkins, D. D. , LL,. D 1844-48

*Rev. Charles W. Nassau, D. D 1S49-50

*Rev. Daniel Veech McLean, D. D 1850-57

*Rev. George Wilson McPhail, D. D., LL. D 1857-63

*Rev. William C. Cattail, D. D., LL. D 1863-83

*Rev. James Hall Mason Knox, D. D., LL. D 1883-90

Rev. Ethelbert D. Warfield, D. D., LL. D 1891-

Vice Presidents

*Rev. Robert Cunningham 1837-39

*Rev. Charles W. Nassau, D. D 1841-49

*Prof . James H. Coffin, LL. D 1849-53

*Rev. George Burrowes, D. D 1853-55

The office discontinued in 1855


*Rev. Samuel Galloway 1834-35

*James I. Kuhn, LL. D 1835-37

*Washington McCartney, LL. D 1837-43

*David Prentice Yeomans, M. D 1843-45

*Joseph Junkin 1845

*Rev. Joseph Eastburn Nassau 1845-48

*Rev. Charles William Nassau, D. D 1848

William White Cottingham, LL. D 1848-49

*Rev. William Francis Pringle Noble 1849

*Rev. George Burrowes, D. D 1851

William White Cottingham, LL. D 1851

*Rev. Isaac Gray Odgen 1852

*Rev. Solon Albee 1852-54

*Rev. Alonzo Linn , LL. D 1854-57

Rev. Alexander Scott 1857

*Rev. William C. Cattell, D. D., LL. D 1857-60

*Charles Corss 1 860

Rev. Robert Barber Youngman. Ph. D 1860-09

Prof. William S. Hall 1909-

Dean of College

Prof. Allan Roberts 1909-

14 Faculty

Deans of the Pardee Scientific Department

*Traill Green, M. D., LL. D 1881-97

*Rev. Thomas Conrad Porter, D. D. , hL. D 1897-01

*Prof. James W. Moore, A. M., M. D 1901-09

Prof. Edward Hart, Ph. D 1909-

Dean of Law Department
Hon. William S. Kirkpatrick, A. M., LL. D 1875-77

Members of the Faculty

*Samuel D. Gross, M. D.; LL. D.; D. C. L.

Prof. General Chemistry 1832-34

*Rev. George Junkin, D. D.; LL. D.

Prof. Mental and Moral Philos 1S32-41; 1844-4S

Prof. Emeritus Metaphysics and Political Philosophy 1865-68

*James I. Kuhn, LL. D.

Prof. Latin and Greek 1832-37

*Cliarles Francis McCay, LL. D

Prof. Math., Nat'l. Philos., and Astron 1S32-33

*Rev. Frederick Augustus Rauch, Ph.D.; D. D.

Prof. German 1833

*Rev. Samuel Galloway, A. M.

Prof. Math., Nat'l. Philos., and Astron 1834-35

*Wasliington McCartney, LL. D.

Prof. Math., Nat'l. Philos., and Astron. 1835-46

Prof. Mental and Moral Philos 1849-52

*Rev. Frederick Schmidt

Prof. German 1835-40

*Rev. Alfred Ryors, D. D.

Prof. Latin and Greek • 1836-37

*Peter Arrell Browne, LL. D.

Prof. Mineralogy and Geology 1S37-47

*Rev. Robert Cunningham

Prof. Latin and Greek 1S37-39

*Traill Green, A.M.; M.D.; LL.D.

Prof. Chemistry 1837-41 ; 1853-65

Prof. General and Applied Chemistry 1865-74

Prof. General Chemistry. . 1874-91

Prof. Medical Jurisprudence 1875-77

Prof. Emeritus Chemistry 1891-97

■■Rev. David X. Junkin, D. D.

Prof. Belles Lettres, and English Lit 1837-42

*David Moore, A. M.

Adjunct Prof. Latin and Greek 1837-39


*Hon. James Madison Porter, LL. D.

Prof. Jurisprudence, and Political Econoni}- 1837-52

*Rev. Charles Elliott, D. D; LL. D.

Master of Model School, Prep. Dept. 1839-41

Prof. Hebrew 1883-92

*Rev. Samuel McCuUoh, M. D.

Adjunct Prof. Latin and Greek 1839-40

*Rev. James Clement Moffat, D. D.

Prof. Latin and Greek 1839-41

*Rev. John Peter Hecht

Prof. German 1 840-45

*Rev. William Henry Green, D. D; LL. D.

Tutor 1841-42

Adjunct Prof. Math. 1843-44

*Rev. Charles William Nassau, D. D.

Prof. Latin and Greek 1841-50

*Rev. John Vanderveer, D. D.

Rector of Academical Dept 1841-43

♦David Prentice Yeomans, M. D.

Prof. General Chemistry 1841-45

*Rev. John William Yeomans, D. D.

Prof. Mental and Moral Philos. 1841-44

*Rev. John Lloyd

Tutor 1842

*Rev. Joseph Stevens, D. D.

Tutor 1842-43

*Rev. Ninian Bannatyne, A. M.

Tutor 1843

*Robert Newton, A. M.; M. D.

Tutor 1 843-44

*Joseph Junkin, A. M.

Tutor 1844-46

*Rev. Ebenezer T. Baird, Ph. D.; D. D.

Prof, General Chemistry 1 845-46

*James Henry Coffin, LL. D.

Prof. Math., Nat'l. Philos., and Astron 1846-73

*Rev. Isidor Lowenthal, A. M.

Prof. Hebrew and German 1846-47

Tutor 1848

*Rev. Joseph E. Nassau, D. D.

Tutor 1846-48

*Rev. Oliver Starr Stjohn, A. M.

Rector Academical Dept 1846-50

*Rev. John William Richards, D. D.

Prof. German 1847-51



William White Cottingham, A.M.; LL.D.

Tutor 1848-49; 1851-52

*James T. Doran, A. M.

Tutor 1848

*Rev. William Francis Pringle Noble, A. M.

Tutor 1849-50

*Rev. George Burrowes, D. D.

Prof. Latin and Greek 1850-55

Prof. Biblical Instruction 1865-69

*Rev. Daniel Veech McLean, D. D.

Prof. Mental and Moral Philos 1850-57

*Rev. John Leaman, A.M.; M. D.

Prof. Nat'l. History 1851-65

Prof. Anatomy and Physiology 1865-86

*Rev. Solon Albee, A. and M.

Tutor 1852-54

*Rev. Isaac Gray Ogden, A. M.

Tutor 1852-53

*Rev. Joseph Alden, D.D.; LL. D.

Prof. Mental and Moral Philos 1853-57

*Rev. Arthur Mitchell, A. M.; D. D.

Tutor 1853-54

*Rev. Alonzo Linn, A.M.; LL.D.

Tutor. 1854-56

Adjunct Prof, of Math 1856-57

*Rev. William Cassady Cattell, D.D.; LL.D.

Prof. Latin and Greek 1855-60

Prof. Mental and Moral Philos 1863-83

Prof. Emeritus Moral Phillos 1883-98

*Rev. Samuel Rankin Gayley, A. M.

Tutor 1855

*Francis Andrew March, LL.D.; L.H.D.; D. C. L.; Litt. D.

Tutor 1855-56

Adj. Prof. Belles Lettres and Engl. Lit 1856-57

Prof. Engl. Lang, and Comparative Philol 1857-06

Lect. on Const'l. and Public Law and Roman Law 1875-77

Prof. Emeritus Engl. Lang, and Comparative Philol 1906-11

Rev, Alexander Scott, A. M.

Tutor 1856-57

*Rev. Edsall Ferrier, A. M.; D. D.; LL. D.

Tutor 1857-58

Prof. Hebrew 1893-98

Prof. Moral Philos. and Hebrew 1898-03

*Rev. George Wilson McPhail, D.D.; LL.D.

Prof. Mental and Moral Philos 1857-63


*Charles Corss, A. M.

Tutor 1858-60

*Rev. James Read Eckard, D. D,

Prof. Rhetoric 1858-71

*Henry Thomas Lee, A. M.

Tutor 1860-61

Adj. Prof. Rhetoric and Physical Culture 1865-67

Rev. Robert Barber Youngman, A. M.; Ph. D.

Tutor 1860-63

Adj. Prof. Latin and Greek 1863-68

Prof. Greek Lang, and Literature 1868-09

Prof. Emeritus Greek Lang, and Lit 1909-

*Rev. Lyman Coleman, D. D.

Prof. Latin and Greek 1861-68

Prof. Latin Lang, and Literature 1868-82

*Moses Norral Appleget, A. M.

Tutor 1863-64

Rev. Selden Jennings Coffin, A.M.; Ph.D.

Tutor 1864-66

Adj. Prof. Math 1866-72

Prof. Applied Math 1872-73

Prof. Math, and Astronomy 1873-86

Prof. Astronomy (Retired) 1886-

Charles Henry Hitchcock, Ph.D.; LL.D.

Prof. Mineralogy and Geology 1865-70

*Rev. George Troxell Keller, A. M.

Tutor Modern Languages 1866-69

*William Grove Meigs, A. M.

Tutor 1866-67

*James W. Moore, A, M.; M. D.

Tutor Math, and Engineering 1866-68

Adj. Prof. Mech. and Exper. Philos 1868-72

Prof. Mech. and Exper. Philos 1872-09

*Rev. Henry Stafford Osborn, LL. D.

Prof. Mining and Metallurgy 1866-70

*Rev. Thomas Conrad Porter, D. D.; LL, D.

Prof. Botany, Zoology, General Geology 1866-96

Prof. Emeritus Botany, Zool., Geol 1896-01

*Rev. Augustus Alexis Bloomberg, A.M.; Ph.D.

Prof. Modern Languages 1867-91

Prof. Mod. Continental Langs, and th^ir Literatures, and

Lecturer on European History 1891-05

Prof. Mod. Continental Langs, and their Literatures 1905-06

Prof. Emeritus Modern Languages 1906


*Henry Francis Walling, C. E.

Prof. Civil and Topographical Engineering 1867-70

"Abram Paschal Garber, A. M.; M. D.

Asst. Natural History 1868-72

Charles Mclntire, Jr., A. M.; M. D.

Asst. Chemistry 186S-72

Adj. Prof. Chemistry 1872-74

Medical Direcfor Physical Training 1884-88

Lecturer on Hygiene 1882-91

Lecturer on Sanitary Science 1891-07

*Edward Stewart Moffat, A. M.; E. M.

Adj. Prof. Mining and Metallurgy 1868-73

Benjamin Chambers Youngman, A. M.

Tutor Ancient Languages 1868-69

Rev. John Boyd Grier, A. M.; D. D.

Tutor Modern Languages 1869-72

Adj. Prof. Modern Languages 1872

Rev, Walter Quincy Scott, A. M.; D. D.

Tutor Greek and Latin 1869-73

Adj. Prof. Latin 1S73-74

*Elisha Hubbard Barlow, A. M.; Ph. D.

Prof. Rhetoric, Elocution, and Physical Culture 1870-79

Joseph Johnston Hardy, A. M. ; Ph. D.

Tutor Mathematics 1870-74

Adj. Prof. Math 1874-82

Prof. Applied Math. 18S2-86

Prof. Mathematics 1886-91

Prof. Mathematics and Astronomy 1891-

Frederick Prime, Jr., A. M.; Ph. D.

Prof. Mining and Metallurgy 1870-81

Rossiter W. Raymond, Ph. D.

Prof. Mineralogy and Geology ". 1870-81

Theodore F. Tillinghast, C. E.

Adj. Prof. Civil and Topographical Eng 1S70-72

Rev. David Jewett Waller, Jr., A. M.; Ph. D.; D. D.

Tutor Greek and Latin 1S70-71

David Bennett King, A. M.

Tutor Latin 1871-74

Adj. Prof. Latin 1874-82

Prof. Latin 1882-86

William Baxter Owen, A. M.; Ph. D.; Litt. D.

Tutor Greek 1871-74

Adj. Prof. Greek 1874-82

Prof. Christian Latin and Greek 1882-86

Prof. Latin Language and Literature 18S6-


Alexander Hamilton Sherrerd, B. S.

Asst. Chemistry 1871-72

* Justus Mitchell Silliman, E. M.

Prof. Mining Engineering and Graphics 1871-96

*Joseph G. Fox, A. M.; C. E.

Prof. Civil and Topographical Eng 1872-89

Robert Fiazer, Jr., A.M.

Adj. Prof. Civil and Topographical Eng 1872-73

*John Meigs, A.M.; Ph.D.

Tutor Latin and Greek 1872-75

Adj. Prof. Modern Languages 1875-76

Jefferson Snyder, A. B.

Tutor Modern Languages 1872-73

William Semple Sweeny, A. M.

Asst. in Chemistry 1872-73

Tutor in Chemistry 1874-77

Arthur Latham Baker, C. E.; Ph. D.

Adj . Prof. Civil and Topographical Eng 1873-80

Rev. Charles Edward Burns, A.M.; D.D.

Tutor Ancient Languages 1873-74

John George Diefenderfer, C. E; A. M.

Tutor Mathematics 1873-76

Adj. Prof. Modern Languages 1876-83

Francis Woolworth Edgar, A. M.

Tutor Rhetoric and Elocution 1873-74

Nathaniel Taylor, A. B.

Tutor Modern Langiiages 1873-74

Rev. Addison Ballard, D. D.

Prof. Greek and Latin 1874-79

Prof. Moral Philos. , and Rhetoric 1879-93

*Thomas Messinger Drown, M. D.

Prof. Analytical Chemistry 1874-81

Edward Hart, Ph. D.

Asst. in Chemistry , 1874-75

Tutor in Chemistry 1875-76

Adj. Prof. General Chemistry 1878-81

Adj. Prof. Chemistry 1881-82

Prof. Analytical Chemistry 1882-

Rev. William Henry Schuyler, A.M.; Ph. D.

Tutor Ancient Languages 1874-77

Joseph Rosenbery Shimer, E. M.

Asst. in Metallurgy 1874-75

Tutor in Metallurgy 1875-76

■Emery Shepperd Barrick, A.M.; LL. B.

Instructor in Municipal Law 1875-77


Rev. Andrew H. Caughey, A. M.; Ph. D.

Adj. Prof. Latin Lang, and Literature 1875-79

*Matthew Hale Jones, A. M.

Prof. Municipal Law 1875-77

Hon. William Sebring Kirkpatrick, A. M.; LL. D.

Prof. Elementary Law and History of Jurisprudence 1875-77

Francis C. Blake, B. S.

Tutor and Adj. Prof. Analytical Chem 1876-79

Frederick Perkins Dewey, Ph. B.

Asst. Analytical Chemistry 1876-77

William F. Worthington

Asst. Prof. Applied Mech., and Instr. in Steam Engineering. . 1879-81

Allen Peter Berlin, A.M.; C. E.

Adj. Prof. Mathematics 1880-82

Adj. Prof. Engineering and Mining Geology 1882-84

Adj. Prof. Mining Geology 1884-91

Lecturer on Mining Geology 1891-96

Addison B. Clemence, B. S.

Asst. in Chemistry 1881-82

Francis Andrew March, Jr., A. M.; Ph. D.

Tutor Mathematics 1882-84

Adj. Prof. Modern Languages 1884-92

Prof. English Literature 1892-06

Prof. English Language 1906-

*John Wesley Nute, C. E.; M. S.

Tutor Civil Engineering 1882-84

William Frederick Durand, Ph. D.

Asst. Prof. Applied Mech., and Instr. Steam Engineering 1883-85

*Rev. James Hall Mason Knox, D. D.; LL. D.

Prof. Mental and Moral Philos 1883-90

Robert W. Mahon, C.E.; Ph. D.

Adj. Prof. Analytical Chem. and Metallurgy 1883-84

William Shafer Hall, C. E.; M. S.; E. M.

Tutor Engineering and Graphics 1884-88

Instr. Civil Engineering 1888-90

Adj. Prof. Mining Eng. and Graphics 1890-93

Prof. Technical Mathematics 1893-96

Prof. Graphics 1896-98

Prof. Mining Eng. and Graphics 1S98-11

Prof. Technical Mathematics 1911-

William Newbrough, A. M.; E. M.

Instr. Civil Engineer 1884-86

Joseph Torrey, Jr., A. B.

Tutor Chemistry and Metallurgy 1S84-85


Jacob Davidheiser Updegrove, A. M.; M. D.

Adj. Director Physical Training 1884-90

Director Physical Training 1890-08

Lecturer on Hygiene 1891-10

Robins Fleming, C. E.

Instr. Civil Engineering 1885-88

Harry Forster Marx, A. M.

Tutor Mathematics 1885-87

*Elwood Alexander Schultz, B. S.

Tutor Chemistry 1885-88

>^George Daniel Gable, A. M. ; Ph. D.

Tutor Mathematics and Latin 1887-95

Stuart Croasdale, Ph. D.

Tutor Chemistry 1888-91

John Eyerman

Instr. in Blowpiping 1S88-91

Wallace McCamant, Ph. B.

Tutor Modern Langs, and Elocution 1888-89

William Justin Young, C, E.

Instr. Engineering and Graphics 1888-93

James Madison Porter, C. E.

Adj. Prof. Civil Engineering 1890-91

Prof. Civil and Topographical Eng. 1891-08

Prof. Civil Engineering 1908-

Rev. Ethelbert Dudley Warfield, D. D, ; LL. D.

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