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began learning tlie carpenter's trade and this has
been his life work. In 1866 he was married to Miss
Christiana R. Gotwalt, daughter of Jacob Gotwalt,
of York. To this marriage have been born four
children, viz.: William H., Charles A., Annie C.
and Mary E. He is a Republican and a member of
the Lutheran Church, of which his wife is also a
member. Mr. Fisher, though in the humble walks
of life, is an influential and highly respected citizen.

F. F. FLINCHBAUGHis a son of F. F. and
Mary (Kindig) Flinchbaugh of Hopewell Township,
where our subject was born February 18, 1818, and
was reared on a farm. He received a limited edu-
cation, as school advantages were very poor when
he was a boy. His first regular work was for the

firm of P. A. & S. Small, and it is worthy of men-
tion here that Mr. Flinchbaugh remained in the
service of this firm forty-eight j^ears, nine months
and sixteen days, and as an evidence of their appre-
ciation of his long and faithful service they pre-
sented him with an elegant gold watch. Some of
the newspapers of York gave full account of the
event at the time it occurred. Mr. F. was married
three times. Hisflrst wife was Sarah Corpman, of
York, who bore him one child, Catherine (de-
ceased); his second wife was Mary Morthland. Five
children were born to this union: Annie M. E.,
Emma E., Lyddie, William R. (deceased), Freder-
ick M. (deceased). His third wife was Louisa Fei-
ser, and to this marriage were born Frederick L.,
EUsie R. and an infant boy (deceased). Mr. Flinch-
baugh is a prominent member of the First United
Brethren Church. He was the first member of the
First United Brethren Church as well as the oldest.

S. S. FLINCHBAUGH, a native of Hopewell
Township, is a son of Samuel D. and Lydia (Strayer)
Flinchbaugh, and was born in 1848. The father was
a farmer of Hopewell until 1868, and died in York
Township, in 1876 ; his widow is still living. S. S.
Flinchbaugh, the eighth of ten children, remained
on the farm until twenty-one years old, and then
for six years taught school in different localities.
He next farmed a year or more, and then, in 1877,
commenced the manufacture and sale of cigars in
York Township ; in 1878, he manufactured for six
months in Dallastown, and then returned to York
Township and employed five or six hands in his
business. In 1881, he moved his headquarters to
York Borough, and for one year was located on
George Street. In 1883, he built his present factory
at 126 and 128 Maple Street, where, and at his branch
in York Township, he employs from thirty to forty
hands. In addition to manufacturing cigars, he
deals largely in leaf tobacco, and has been alto-
gether successful in his business transactions. He
was married in 1881, to Miss Alice Scratz, from
Lower Windsor. Mr. and Mrs. Flinchbaugh are
members of the United Brethren Church, and Mr.
Flinchbaugh has served as Assessor of York Town-

SILAS H. FORRY was born in York, Penn., on
September 26, 1838. He is the son of Abraham
Forry, who was a prominent citizen of York, and
five times elected to the office of chief burgess. He
died in October, 1872, leaving to survive him Silas
H. Forry and Elizebeth A. Forry, who was after-
ward married to Col. William L. Peiper, of Lancas-
ter City, now deceased. The subject of this sketch
passed his earlier life in the common schools and
subsequently, for several years, was a pupil of the
York County Academy, where he graduated at the
age of eighteen. Having selected the practice of
law as his profession he entered the office of V. K.
Keesey, Esq., a prominent and well-known lawyer
of York, under whose instructions he was qualified
for admission to the bar. On May 28, 1861, having
passed a creditable examination, he was admitted t«
the bar, and immediately thereafter commenced the
practice of law in York, and has continued therein
up to the present time. Being a Republican he has
never held any political office in Democratic York
County, although in 1866 he received the nomina-
tion, by his party, as district attorney for the
county. He was one of the organizers of the West-
ern National Bank, of York, in which he served as
director for several years. He subsequently became
a director in the Farmers' National Bank, of York,
in which capacity he still is serving. In 1865 he was
elected secretary of the'York County Mutual Insur-
ance Company, and has filled that office ever since;
he is also the legal solicitor of this company. Mr.
Forry was united in marriage with Miss Lucy A.,
daughter of William and Susan Hoke, of York



County. From this union have been born five
children, three of whom are living, viz. : Mary Sue,
Bessie and Lucy A. Forry. Mr. Forry has alway sta-
keu an active interest in St. Paul's Lutheran Church,
of which he is a member. He has served as deacon
of this church and has taken a leading part in the
Sunday-school work.

DAYID p. frank was born in Hanover,
Pennsylvania, and is a son of Peter and Eliza-
beth (Graybill) Prank. He received his educa-
tion in the schools of Hanover; was apprenticed
and learned the blacksmith trade with his father,
and after becoming a proficient and skillful work-
man, engaged at his trade in Hanover until 183L
when he removed to York. Here he has established
a blacksmith and agricultural implement repair
shop, and is widely known and doing a thriving
business in his line. Mr. Frank was united in mar-
riage April 37, 1882, with Miss Emma H., daughter
of Henry M^ers. of York.

ALEXA-NDER J. PREY (deceased), was a na-
tive of York, born in 1818 to Jacob and Catherine
(Hoover) Prey. He was the fifth in a family of six
children, and was of German extraction. He at-
tended the early schools of York and received a
good common school education. In early life he
served an apprenticeship at the hatter's trade, and
subsequently began the manufacture of hats upon
bis own responsibility, and this he successfully con-
tinued for many years. He was for more than
twenty years a director of the York National Bank.
He was a man of excellent business qualifications,
and one of tlie most successful business representa-
tives of this section of Pennsylvania. Politically
he was a Democrat until 1850, and during the latter
portion of his life, he was identified with the Re-
publican party and took a prominent part in all
questions of State and national issue. He was post-
at York during Lincoln's administration.

and managed the affairs of that position success-
fully. The marriage of Mr. Frey was solemnized
in 1845 to Miss Sophia Schall, of York, a daughter
of Joseph and Mary Schall, and born in 1819. To
Mr. and Mrs. Frey were born seven children, viz. :
Isabel, Joseph, Emma, Mary, Benton, John and
Anna. Mr. Frey died in 1883, a leading member of
St. Paul's Church. Mrs. Frey is also a member of
that denomination.

WILLIAM FRYSINGER, manufacturer and
dealer in carpets, is a native of Hanover, York
County, born in 1831 and is a son of George and
Elizabeth Frysinger, also natives of the county.
The father was in the iron trade and manufacturer
of carriages. William learned the printer's trade
which he followed only a short time in Hanover.
Came to York in 1840, where he has since resided.
First engaged at merchandising with John Stine
until 1854. He then continued the business with
John F. Stine until 1868. He then commenced the
carpet trade; he commenced the manufacture in 1873,
and has increased since. He sold out the retail
trade in 1883, and is now devoting his entire time to
manufacturing. He has in employ about 100 skilled
hands, and has in all about 800 hands manufactur-
ing rag and jute carpets. His works are the largest
in the world in this line. He ships all over the
United States, using 300 tons of new rags per an-
num and 150,000 pounds of cotton and woolen
yarns; sales amounting to |150,000 per annum.
Mr. Frysinger married, in 1842, Henrietta Stine, of
York. They have five children; Francis, Horatio,
Elizabeth, Hettie and Alice. Mr. Frysinger and
wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal
Church, Mr. Frysinger having been a member over
forty years.

ELI F. GROVE, agent of Singer Sewing Machine
Company, was born in Hopewell Township, York
County, in 1853. He is the son of Henry and Mary

(Strayer) Grove, natives Of the county. He came
to York in 1873 and engaged in the sewing machine
business (Howe agency), and has been for the past
nine years agent for the Singer Machine Company
for York and Adams Counties. They have a branch
at Gettysburg. Mr. Grove was married in 1877 to
Lucy Peeling, of York. Has always done a large
trade and is an enterprising young man. He has
devoted his entire time to his business, and estab-
lished a large trade, having eight wagons, and has
sold up to the present time over 8,000 machines.

S. M. GABLE, wholesale and retail druggist, was
born in Windsor Township, York County, March
31, 1847, to Valentine and Mary (Miller) Gable.
Subject's father was born in Hopewell Township in
1809, and his mother the same year in Windsor
Township. This family has been prominently con-
nected with the history of York County for more
than a century. The early life of our subject was
spent in his native township. At eirfiteen years of
age he began teaching school in Spring Garden
Township. There he remained two years and then
went to Lancaster County, and continued teaching
for a number of years, and in the meantime he
attended the State Normal School at Millersville.
In 1873 he came to York and taught one year, and
then went to New Albany, Ind., remained two
years and then returned to York and in 1879 began
the drug business. He has one of the choicest lines
of drugs to be found in York, and his store is a
credit to the town. In 1883 he graduated from the
Maryland College of Pharmacy, at Baltimore. He
was married Centennial year to Miss Alice Peeling,
a native of York Township, and daughter of John
Peeling. Mr. Gable was for many years one of the
leading teachers of Pennsylvania. He still mani-
fests great interest in the cause of education. Mr.
and Mrs. Gable are members of the Methodist Epis-

j copal Church.

{ I. C. GABLE, M. D., whose portrait, as one of
the leading representative physicians of York, ap-
pears in this work, is a native "of York County and
was born in Windsor Township June 36, 1849. His-
ancestors, who. were of German and Swiss descent,
immigrated to America about the middle of the
seventeentli century; his paternal grandfather was
a soldier in the American Revolution and fought
under Gen. Anthony Wayne in the war against the
Indians. The subject of our sketch received his
preliminary education in his native county and in
the State Normal School at Millersville, Lancaster
County. In 1867 he began teaching in the schools
of Spring Garden Township, and subsequently be-
came the principal of the schools of Port Royal,
Juniata County, Penn., and Murray, Ind. On July
4, 1871, Dr. Gable began a tour through the Western
States and the Indian Territory, acting a portion of
the time as a newspaper correspondent. After
three years' travel, visiting the leading cities and
towns and gathering much useful information, he
determined to return to York and engaged in the
profession of medicine. With Dr. J. W. Kerr, of
York, he finished a course of preliminary reading,
and in September, 1875, he went to Philadelphia and
under the preceptorship of Dr. Charles T. Hunter,
late chemical surgeon in the University of Pennsyl-
vania, continued his studies in that city until he
was graduated from the university March 13, 1877,
subsequently taking a post graduate course in his
alma mater, devoting most of his time to the special
study of general surgery in that institution and in
the surgical dispensary _of the Pennsylvania
Hospital. Dr. Gable located for practice in York
in November, 1877, where he has since been actively
engaged and has established a most successful gen-
eral practice. His special professional taste, how-
ever, apparently inclines in favor of surgery. He
is a young man of untiring energy and a devoted


student to his chosen profession. In person Dr.
Gable is a genial gentleman and thorouglilj' pro-
gressive; is "a meniber of the National State and
County Medical Association, and a member of the
Presbyterian Church of York.

A. F. GEESEY, ex-treasurer of York County,
was born in York Township, this county, November
31, 1841, son of Jonathan and Sarah (Flinchbaugh)
Geesey. He is one of a family of ten children and
is of Swiss extraction. His parents were also born
in York County, Penn. The father was born in
1809 and died in 1877, and the mother was born in
1807. The paternal grandfather of our subject was
born in this county. The Geesey family came to
York County in 1732 and made settlement about
eight miles southeast of York. A. F. Geesey
worked on the farm until seventeen years of age,
and then in a store for two years, after which he
began teaching school. In 1864 he enlisted in Com-
pany K, One Hundred and Third Pennsylvania
Veterans, and served one year. Upon remrning
home he taught school one year and then engaged
in general merchandising at Dallastown, "York
Co., Penn., which he continued nine years. In
1876 he came to York, Penn., where he has since
resided. Mr. Geesey has always been a Democrat,
and for several years has been one of the leaders of
that party in York County. In 1878 he was elected
treasurer of York County. In 1866 he married B.
Ellen Howis, a native of this county, and they have
one child, Clarence A. Mr. Geesey is a Mason.
He and his wife are members of the Lutheran

DANIEL L. GLATFELTER, son of Elijah and
Mary (Lefever)Glatfelter, was born in York County,
April ,18, 1846, was educated at the public schools,
and until the age of fifteen years assisted on the
home farm. He then began life on his own account,
and is now one of the most successful farmers in the
township. In 1881 he formed a co-partnership with
.lohn Waltz and William Miller, erected a building
at York, procured the proper machinery and engaged
in the manufacture of paint; he still retains his
interest in this business in conjunction with his
extensive farming interests. In November, 1870,
Mr. Glatfelter married Miss Annie, daughter of
George Pfaltzgraff.

GEORGE GRAYBILL is a native of York
County, born in 1846, and son of Samuel and Chris-
tianna(Zeigler)Graybill, both natives of the county.
His father was a farmer and horticulturist of West
Manchester. He died August, 1882. Mother died
about 1856; four children were born to them, our
subject being the youngest. He was reared on a
farm and nursery until fourteen years of age. He
received a good education in the common schools
and the Y'ork County Academy, At the age of fif-
teen, he commenced to learn the milling trade, at,
which he was employed until 1862, when he enlisted
in Company A, One Hundred and Sixty-sixth Reg-
iment,Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, as corporal,
and was with regiment until it was mustered out
•July, 1863. He was a participant in the following
engagements; siege of Suffolk, Carrsville, Frank-
lin, Black Water River and several minor engage-
ments. He then went to a military school for a tew
months in Philadelphia, and in August, 1864, he re-
enlisted in the Two Hundredth Pennsylvania Volun-
teer Infantry as private, and was promoted to first
sergeant, serving with this regiment until May 1865,
taking part in various engagements, Petersburg,
Fort Steadman, Hatches Run, Jerusalem Plank
Road, Fort Hell, capture of Petersburg and the sur-
render of Gen. Lee. In April 18, 186.5, he was com-
missioned second lieutenant of the Third United
States colored troops, and served until November,
1865. Upon his return he went to Reading and grad-
uated from the People's Business College. Return-

ing to York, he was engaged as a clerk, until 1870,
when he engaged in the fire and life insurance busi-
ness, at which he has since been engaged. He rep-
resents nine fire, two life, and one-plate glass com-
pany — all good companies representing $28,000,-
UOO capital. Mr. Graybill is an active business man
and does large business. He has served on the town
council. He has been an oflicer in various militia
organizations and is now State treasurer and member
of the executive committee of the State Volunteer
Fire Association, and president of the Fircman's-
Union of York.

D.K.GOTWALD,M.D., is a son of Rev. L.A.Got-
wald, D. D., and Mary A. (King) Gotwald, of York,
and was born in Cumberland County, Penn., Id
1860. He received his education in Y'ork, attending:
the academy and college, subsequently entering:
the drugstore of H. C. Blair's Sons of Philadelphia,
where he remained two years. Deciding upon the
profession of medicine, he entered the office of Dr.
Jacob Hay, remained under his instructions until he
graduated from the University of Pennsylvania,
receiving the first prize, in 1882. He then entered
the Philadelphia Hospital, where he remained one
year. In 1883 he commenced the practice of his
chosen profession in York,where he is still engaged.
Dr. Gotwald is a member of the York County Med-
ical Society, and a young man of promise. He was
united in marriage September 6, 1883, with Miss
Julia Kurtz, daughter of William H.Kurtz of York.
They have one child.

H. J. GRESLY', greengrocer and provision
dealer, was born in York in 1834, son of Andrew
and Rosanna (Schrum) Gresly, and is of Geiman
origin. He is the eldest in a family of eight chil-
dren. His father was born in Baden, Germany, iu
1801. and his mother in Wurtemburg, in 1803. The
Gresly family came to America in 1832, and settled
in western Pennsylvania for a time and subse-
quently came to York County. By occupation iLe
father of Mr. Gresly was a butcher. He died iu
York, in 1882. The mother died in 1853. The sub-
ject of this biography was reared in York, and here
he attended the common schools. He learned the
butcher's trade with his father. In 1853 he entered
the United States Navy and for three years and
four months was on the United States Frigate
"Savannah," on the coast of Brazil. In 1856 became
to America and in 18.'i7 went to Decorah, Iowa, and
there engaged in the butchering business, and there
remained until 1859, when he returned to York.
In 1862 he again joined the United States Navy,
and was on the United States steamship "New Iron-
sides." Serving fourteen months he returned to
York and engaged in hispresent business, which he
has since continued. He has also been, and is en-
gaged in the cattle business. The marriage of Mr.
Gre.'-ly was solemnized in 1857, to Miss Anna M.
Jamison, of York, Penn. To this union were born
four children, as follows: David A., Bertha L.,
Nellie G. and R. J. Mrs. Gresly died in 1874. and
in 1880 Mr. Gresly was married to Miss Mary H.
Snyder, of Hanover, Penn. Politically Mr. Gresly
is a Republican. In 1879 he was elected chief
burgess of York and re-elected in 1882. He is the
only Republican elected to this office in York since
1862. He is a member of the G. A. R., and
of the Lutheran Church. He is a successful
and leading citizen. Mr. Gresly had a brother
killed in the Mountain Meadow massacre in Uiali.
in 1857, and another brother died in the famous
prison at Andersonville in 1864.

JOHN K. GROSS, passenger and freight agent
for the Pennsylvania and Northern Central Bail-
ways, was born in Harrisburg. Penn., in 1845, son of
D. W. and Elizabeth (Kunkel) Gross and is of
French- Swiss extraction. His father was born
nearHarrisburg,Penn.,in ISlO.and^his mother in the


aameviciaity in 1833, and died in 1883. The Gross
and Kunkel families have long been recognized as
early settlers of this part of the Pennsylvania com-
monwealth. John K. Gross was educated at Frank-
lin and Marshall College, from which he graduated
with honors in 1867, and then began the study of
law in Harrisburg under the guidance of John C.
Kunkle, who died soon afterward. Mr. Gross then
continued his studies under Judge Simonton. In
1873 he came to York and the following year was
appointed agent for the Pennsylvania and Northern
Central Railway Companies at this place and has
since held that position. In Mr. Gross the railway
companies have a most faithful and trusted employe
and under his administration their business Las been
greatly increased at this place. Mr. Gross was mar-
ried in 1874 to AunieMesick, daughter of Rev. John
F. Mesick, who for many years was pastor of the
Reformed Church of Harrisburg, Penn. Thev have
four childi-en: Elsie K., Janet P., John M. and
Margaret Perrine. Mr. Gross is a Republican and
for many years has taken much interest in State
and national politics and has always been an
earnest Cameron advocate. He is a Mason. Mr.
and Mrs. Gross ar; members of the Presbyterian

PROF. GEORGE W. GROSS, A. M., principal
■of the York County Academy, was born in Jackson
Township, York County, Penn., January 17, 1856,
son of Israel F. and Malinda (Hantz) Gross, and is
of German descent. His parents were both born in
this county, the father in 1833, and the mother in
1833. Our subject, at eight years of age. removed
with his parents from Jackson Township to the
town of York. He was educated at the public
schools of York, the York County Academy and the
Pennsylvania College at Gettysburg. He graduated
from the last-named institution in 1877, and the
same year began the study of the law in York un-
der the direction of Henry L. Fisher. He was ad-
mitted to the York County Bar in 1879. In 1880 he
was elected principal of the York County Academy
to succeed Prof. G. W. Ruby. As an educator Prof.
Gross, takes rank among the most prominent in
York County. He is a Republican and is a mem-
ber of the Lutheran Church.

JOHN" H. H A.MME, son of Jonas and Catherine
(Bisenhart) Hamme, was born in Dover Township,
March 6, 1833. He is the fifth of ten children:
Annie, Eliza, Adam, Ellen, John H., George H.
(deceased), William (deceased), Amanda, Martin
and R^'becca. Mr. Hamme's mother was the daugh-
ter of Dr. George H. Eisenhart, of West Manchester
Township, and she still lives, at the advanced age of
eighty years, in the village of Dover, York County.
Novemlier, 1871, Mr. Hamme married Sarah Bent-
zel, and this marriage was blessed with six chil-
dren: Carrie C, William (deceased), Annie V., Shu-
man F., Harry L. and Minnie May. Mr. Hamme's
occupation has always been farming, to which he
was reared. He recently leased the Motler House
in York.

HANTZ BROS. (B. Franklin and Charles P.
Hanix), hardware merchants of York, are sons of
Jacob Hantz, who, in 1843, was elected the first
Whig slieriff of York county, and are of Swiss-
German ancestry. John Nicholas Hantz married
Anna Barbara Burghart in the province of Starken-
burg, Sponheim County, Germany, in 1737. He
died in the Fatherland, date unknown, and left
four children, viz.: John Andreas. Maria Catrine,
Mary Margaretta and Catrina Elizabeth. On June
22,1751,the widow of John Nicholas Hantz was mar-
ried to John Peter Streher, and three years later the
entire family set sail from Rotterdam, Holland, for
America, and located in Dover Township among
the first settlers. In 17.58 John Peter Streher
became one of the founders of the Dover Church,

and at times, during the absence of ministers, was
empowered by the Lutheran synod to ofBeiate at cer-
tain religious services. He taught the first parochial
school at the Dover Church. John Andreas Hantz,
who accompanied the emigrant party in 17.54,
became the ancester of the Hantz family in Amer-
ica. One of his sons, Andrew Hantz, born in
Dover Township, was married to Mary Sharp.
They had children as follows: John, Jacob, Philip.
Daniel, Joseph, Catharine, Susan and Mary Ann.
Jacob Hantz, the second son, was born 1797, mar-
ried Magdalena Hershey in 1821, and the same year
began keeping Hantz's Hotel in York, now known
as the Motler House, which, under him, was a very
popular and well-kept house of public |entertain-
ment. He continued the business at the same
stand until his election as sheriff of York County,
which office he filled with signal ability. After-
ward engaged in the hardware business, under the
firm of Hantz, Frick & Co., at the stand now occu-
pied by his sons. He died in 1868, and his sons then
succeeded him. He left three sons: Henry A., B.
Frank and Charles F. Henry A. Hantz married
Henrietta L. Beeler. They have three daughters,
viz. : Annie M. (married ,to Ivan Glossbrenner),

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